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Oct 11, 2012


Another FABULOUS episode where it was Anjali and Shyam’s show supported by Arnav and Khushi. Today she was able to COME to TERMS with the REALITY of Shyam which Anjali has been IGNORING it PURPOSELY not to SHATTER her DREAMS of a PERFECT WORLD and her MARRIAGE. She has SACRIFICED many things just to KEEP her MARRIAGE intact. She is a person for whom MARRIAGE meant a lot and she did NOT WANT her MARRIAGE to BREAK like her PARENTS case where her MOM had to SUICIDE knowing the BETRAYAL of her DAD. Anjali became BLIND to every move by Shyam just to remain in her PERFECT FAIRY WORLD. She WORSHIPED Shyam and was INDEBTED to him for ACCEPTING her as his WIFE as she felt she was NOT NORMAL and was DEPRIVED PHYSICALLY. Shyam was the WORLD to her and the whole FAÇADE in which she was LIVING COLLAPSED today leaving her SHATTERED and LONELY. A very PAINFUL sight to see where her brothers were HAPPILY MARRIED and she had NO LIFE LEFT after the CURTAIN was RAISED and she had to BEAR the SCORCHING HEAT all alone.

Well done Diljeet, Abhaas, Barun, Sanaya, Karan and Akshay. They all PERFORMED very well showing their ACTING PROWESS and CALIBRE. The story has MOVED in the RIGHT DIRECTION where Shyam was HANDED over to the POLICE after his CONFESSIONS before the family. What Arnav believed would have not been CORRECT to hand Shyam over to the POLICE without his CONFESSING to his MISDEEDS before the family. Khushi’s PLAN was PERFECT to BRING the RESULTS. Khushi WEAVED the WEB of FEAR around Shyam which made him CONFESS to his SINS and which became the REASON to RAISE the BLINDFOLD of Anjali and her TRUST on Shyam was LOOSENED. Unless she saw it with her own eyes she would have NEVER BELIEVED anyone. Her TRUST in Shyam was UNSHAKABLE.

The episode started from Shyam saying that he is such a BAD PERSON who has KILLED his RAJKUMARI with his own hands. And Nani and Mami were SHOCKED to hear all that. Then HYSTERICALLY shouting Shyam moved towards Arnav saying you KNOW ME very well as you have EXPERIENCED that and YOU were LUCKY ENOUGH to be SAVED from my CLUTCHES otherwise I PLANNED to TAKE YOU to your PARENTS by MURDERING you. And then SHOUTED I AM SO EVIL that to GET ALL THIS WEALTH AND PROPERTY I CAN KILL ANYBODY UNDERSTOOD? Then he LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY, he acted so well as a MANIAC and everyone was SHOCKED that how RUTHLESS can he be and they have been LIVING with him and RESPECTING him as a SON-IN-LAW for all these years who never deserved Anjali’s LOVE.

Anjali in a SHOCKED STATE reaches for her Mangal Suttar which Shyam has GIFTED her today and slowly grabs it in her hand and rips it off her neck remembering how Shyam TEMPERED her MEDICINES, the GLASS SHARDS and the SHORT CIRCUIT and she FELLING from the STAIRS. And with FULL FORCE throws it on the ground and Khushi was the FIRST ONE to NOTICE and understood Anjali’s TRUST in Shyam has BROKEN now which was Khushi’s PLAN. Anjali PANICKED once her Mangal Suttar was about to FALL before Khushi’s Marriage and now since her TRUST in Shyam BROKE she herself threw that Mangal Suttar as she did NOT INTEND to KEEP any RELATIONS with Shyam who has KILLED her BABY and SHATTERED her DREAMS to be a MOM. Then Anjali COLLAPSES on the sofa and Khushi holds her from falling and calls out DI and Shyam who was still MANIACLY laughing was STUNNED to see Anjali collapsing and the Mangal Suttar scattered on the ground. He REALIZED what he has done in his FIT as he FEARED Anjali will NOT FORGIVE him this time. Anjali who was SUPERSTITIOUS about all these things has BROKEN the Mangal Suttar indicating that she has BROKEN her MARRIAGE TIES with Shyam. And is NOT READY to ACCEPT him.


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(Ek bewafa se pyaar kiya

Usse nazar ko chaar kiya

Haai re humne yeh kya kiya, haai kya kiya)

(Bholi surat waala nikla lutera

Raat chhupaaye dil mein munh pe savera)

Oye humne dil nisaar kiya

Usko beqaraar kiya

Haai re humne yeh kya kiya, haai kya kiya

Ek bewafa se pyaar kiya

Usse nazar ko chaar kiya

Haai re humne yeh kya kiya, haai kya kiya

(De gayi dhoka hamein neeli neeli aankhen

Neeli neeli aankhen)

Sooni hai dil ki mehfil, bheegi bheegi aankhen

O bheegi bheegi aankhen

Oye humne aitbaar kiya

Ulfat ka ikraar kiya

Haai re humne yeh kya kiya, haai kya kiya

Ek bewafa se pyaar kiya

Usse nazar ko chaar kiya

Haai re humne yeh kya kiya, haai kya kiya

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Oct 11, 2012


Arnav rushes to Anjali and asks her if she is alright and asks her to SPEAK UP as Anjali was in a STATE of SHOCK. All her POOJAS and FASTS FAILED. She was BROKEN as her LIFE came to a STANDSTILL. Arnav tried to BRING Anjali back from the SHOCKED STATE but she was NOT RESPONDING. Seeing that Khushi asked for PENANCE from Anjali saying that she had to tell her the REALITY by showing all this and making Shyam CONFESS to his CRIMES otherwise you would have NOT ACCEPTED as your TRUST in him was STRONG. Taking that CUE Shyam shouted saying RANI SAHEBA this is all their PLAN as they wanted ME TO BE TRAPPED and OUST ME FROM THE HOUSE. They have intoxicated me with such a drink that I am saying ALL WHAT I HAVE NOT DONE. Arnav was NOT FURIOUS at Shyam but was FEELING Anjali’s PAIN and KEPT his COOL. He gave Anjali all the SPACE to MAKE her OWN DECISION without ANY INFLUENCE. He SUPPORTED Khushi throughout in her PLAN but did NOT INTERFERE in Anjali’s DECISION. Very BALANCED APPROACH by a BROTHER who used to be ENRAGED at SMALL THINGS now is LETTING his COOL take place.

Nani, Mami and NK just moved their heads in DISGUST as how EVIL he is. Then Shyam said RANI SAHEBA all this is a MASTER PLAN of Khushi and Arnav. Nani looked at Shyam STERNLY and Khushi had TEARS in her eyes and Arnav just gave him a slight look but NOT UTTERED a SINGLE WORD. Shyam still continued with APPOLOGISING and telling Anjali that they want him to be OUT of the HOUSE since DAY ONE. Khushi politely called DI and then Anjali got to her SENSES and SHRUGGED Arnav’s hand and started to move away. Arnav did NOT STOP her as he left her on her own to DECIDE. This time Arnav was NOT FURIOUS like the last time and had FEARS how Anjali will REACT. Akash tried to STOP her but she did NOT and Shyam was still folding his hands in front of her saying you know me as I have been ALL ALONG WITH YOU in your every step, I gave you the MEDICINES, FEEDED you and CLIMBED the WALL to MEET you. And hearing that Nani and Mami were SHOCKED when did this all happen? Khushi looked at Arnav for taking SOME ACTION but he was UNMOVED and LET Anjali go. Shyam still followed Anjali through the stairs to the STUDY saying all of them ONCE OUSTED ME and I RETURNED ONLY FOR YOU as you have SEEN MY LOVE.

Then he said PLEASE TRUST ME as I AM NOT LYING to you and all this PLAN is of Khushi who had set BAD EYES and INTENTIONS on me since day one and that was the reason she brought me home. Khushi could NOT TOLERATE anymore and ran up to Anjali leaving behind Arnav. Khushi CUPPED her face and said NOT TO TRUST Shyam as he is a LIAR and whatever she did today and shown her was all the TRUTH. And says DI but Anjali is still UNMOVED and then Shyam further says Khushi is telling LIES. He tells her how could I EVER DO THIS and HURT YOU. As soon as Shyam uttered the words how COULD HE KILL HIS OWN CHILD HIS RAJKUMARI? Anjali came back to her SENSES and LOOKED at Shyam and Nani and Akash just nodded their heads that Anjali should NOT BE TRAPPED AGAIN by Shyam. They were FEARING for Anjali to be FOOLED again by him. Anjali remembered the flashbacks when she declared him that he will be PAPA and then the decorated CRADLE he brought for the baby and then how he ELECTROCUTED Anjali to have her MISCARRIAGE. She SLAPPED him TIGHT as Shyam was NOT EXPECTING that from Anjali. This SLAP by Anjali was MUCH AWAITED as unless she SLAPPED him he would NOT LEAVE the house. Arnav was waiting for this ACTION by Anjali. Both siblings Arnav and Anjali have become EXTREMISTS in their LOVE and HATE after the death of their PARENTS. If they LOVE they shower their BELOVED with all the LOVE and if there is HATE then it is with FULL RAGE. Akash had the MOST SATISFIED SMILE seeing that and Nani and Mami were SHOCKED initially and then were PLEASED. Arnav and NK finally felt it to be the RIGHT THING. She tells him she was her DAUGHTER HER RAJ KUMARI and don’t EVER TAKE HER NAME. You were never her FATHER as you have KILLED HER and you are a MURDERER. She further said why should I NOT TRUST THEM so that you can BEFOOL me again? Each time they have been WARNING ME but still I DID NOT LISTEN to them as all the PROOFS were AGAINST YOU even then I STOOD WITH YOU. Because I BELIEVED you and had FULL FAITH in you and what I DEMANDED in RETURN was just a SMALL SHARE of LOVE.


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Agar bewafa tujhko pehchaan jaate

khuda ki kasam hum mohabbat na karte

Jo maloom hota yeh anjaame ulfat to

dil ko lagaane ki jurrat na karte

agar bewafa tujhko pehchaan jaate

khuda ki kasam hum mohabbat na karte

Jinhe tumne samjha meri bewafai

meri jindagi ki vo majbooriyaan thi

jinhe tumne samjha

Hamari mohabbat ka ik inthaan tha

yeh do din ki thodi jo dooriyan thi

jo dooriyan thi

agar sacchi hoti mohabbat tumhari to

ghabra ke tum yoon shikayat na karte

agar bewafa tujhko pehchaan jaate

khuda ki kasam hum mohabbat na karte

Jo hum pe hai guzri hami jaante hain

sitam kaunsa hai nahi jo uthaya

jo hum pe hai guzri

nigaahon main phir bhi rahe teri soorat

har ik saans main tera paigaam aaya

paigaam aaya

Agar jaante tum hi ilzaam doge to

bhoole se bhi tumko ulfat na karte

agar bewafa tujhko pehchaan jaate

khuda ki kasam hum mohabbat na karte

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Oct 12, 2012


Anjali still admonishing him that you are the WORST KIND of persons she knows of who could STOOP so LOW to KILL the BABY. I HATE YOU and just GET LOST from my SIGHT as you only wanted MONEY and I wanted LOVE. Never SHOW your FACE to me again and as soon as Arnav HEARD it from Anjali he CAME TO ACTION and RAN upstairs and GRABBED Shyam with his COLLAR and DRAGGED him all the way crossing everyone till the DOOR. Shyam kept shouting to LEAVE him but Arnav had not to listen. The POLICE was WAITING and Arnav threw Shyam on the POLICE and they got hold of Shyam who was still shouting to let him go. The POLICE OFFICER told Arnav NOT TO WORRY as NK has BRIEFED them about Shyam. So it was GOOD at least Shyam will NOT BE LEFT SCOT FREE to ROAM around Shantivan and would be taken care of by the police. GOOD NK for doing the JOB WELL as just throwing him out of the house would do NO GOOD which Arnav was doing. Shyam will remain in LOCK UP at least for sometime to CONFESS his MORE CRIMES which is a LONG LIST. Only CONFESSIONS about MISCARRIAGE and Arnav's KIDNAPPING have been done. The rest are still left open. Which means Shyam's case has NOT BEEN CLOSED.

Khushi was NOT SUPPORTED when Shyam was MUDSLINGING her by saying that she had EVIL EYES on him since day one. At least Arnav should have come up to SUPPORT Khushi and SHOWED him the MIRROR saying you were the ONE TO COMMIT infront of him that Khushi is his MADNESS and he LOVES her and the only BARRIER is RANI SAHEBA but it seems Arnav after all the ORDEAL has COMPLETELY forgotten. And Khushi remained UNSUPPORTED by all, being a daughter-in-law. She herself had to come up to Anjali to tell that whatever Shyam is saying is NOT the TRUTH.

Then after ousting Shyam Arnav RUNS to Anjali who was there in the STUDY standing with Khushi and HUGGED her and she CRIED and CRIED and Arnav CONSOLED her saying the WORSE TIMES are OVER NOW. Then Anjali BROKEN at HEART enters her room alone remembering all her PAST with Shyam. All the MEMORIES were RELIVING seeing each and everything in the room. It was NOT a GOOD SIGHT seeing the PORTRAIT of Shyam and Anjali hanging right above her bed. Then the rest of the things in the room ALL REMINDED Anjali of Shyam and she wanted to RUN AWAY from those MEMORIES which were HAUNTING her.


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teree yaad dil se bhoolaane chalaa hoo

ke khud apanee hastee mitaane chalaa hoo

ghataao tumhe saath denaa padegaa

mai fir aaj aansoo bahaane chalaa hoo

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kabhee jis jagah khwaab dekhe the maine

wahee khaank apanee udaane chalaa hoo

gama-ye-ishk le, fook de meraa daaman

mai apanee lagee yoo, buzaane chalaa hoo

She could NOT TAKE it anymore and SHOUTS and Arnav and the rest of the family HEAR her CRIES and RUSHED to her room. By then Anjali had taken out Shyam's SHIRTS, BOOKS, and other BELONGINGS and the CARDS that he GIFTED on various occasions and her WEDDING RING and then took out a SUITCASE from the wardrobe and PUT all the stuff in it. Nani asks Anjali what are you trying to do? But Arnav understands her well and tells Nani to LET HER DO WHAT SHE WANTS. Then in her ZOMBIE state Anjali brought a CAN OF KEROSENE OIL and SPRINKLED it on the SUIT CASE and LIGHT a MATCHSTICK. Again Nani was SHOCKED to see and tried to STOP Anjali but Arnav LET HER DO it. And then she PUTS the SUITCASE on FIRE on the CARPET which was too FILMY though.

One thing how she got hold of KEROSINE OIL in her room and that too a FULL CAN and PUT the SUITCASE on FIRE in the room. Will the ROOM not be BURNT along with that. The Director needed to be wise in this case. As some people who watch the show will RESORT to such an ACT seeing it on TV. Just a LITTLE FIRE BURNS the WHOLE HOUSE. Well Anjali DID her CATHARSIS by PUTTING her INNER FIRE OUT and BURNING his BELONGINGS so that he is ERASED from her MEMORIES. Arnav and Anjali always resort to EXTREME MEASURES INSTANTLY and BURNING his STUFF was to PUSH him out of her MIND COMPLETELY and see the ASHES. While the things were BURNING Anjali was NOT REACTING and was in TOTAL SHOCK state.


Arnav and Khushi are sitting with Anjali and Anjali seems to CARRY ON and TRYING to FORGET Shyam tells them to FORGET about him and all his MEMORIES and MOVE FORWARD in life.

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