OS: Finding Your Love

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Oct 9, 2012

OS: Finding Your Love (By Jal00) (Thanked: 29 times)

She always went back to her hometown in summer. It was her heaven. She glanced out of the thick glassed window, and saw the clouds hovering next to her. It was bliss.

She was crazy about three things summer, mangoes, and her family. Make that four as her new found addiction ticked in. Jilebies. She smiled thinking about it helplessly.


It was her first summer holidays, as she started school that very year. Unlike other children, her mother had thought that she was different. She didnt want school to end, she didn't want to leave the friends that she had made.

She was very smart for a 6 year old. She counted the days until the school started.

" Amma it's 47 days!" she screamed out to her mum, who was busy on the phone. Holding the line she had said,

"beta yun hi chale jaayengen itne din bhi, sweety the days will go by quickly and you won't even feel as if." her mum smiled at her.

"but it is sho many days Amma!"

"you could spent those days with me. We can do all the things you would like to do," her jiji Payal said, brightly.

"can we go pick mangoes from Malik uncles farm?" little Khushi asked brightly, her brain too small to think about anything else than food.

"yes we can come-on now, we will make a schedule and figure out what days we can go to dadi's house," payal had said.

Over the weekend they had reached the outbacks of Lucknow, at their grand parents house. The girls were evidently very excited to check out the mango farms and other masterpieces of Lucknow.

Malik uncle had welcomed them warmly at when they rocked up at their mansion randomly on the sunny day.

"app toh bahut bade ho Gaye dono," he said affectionately picking up the seven year old Khushi in his arms.

"aur nahi toh..." she chirped merrily, "chacha can we please go to the farms?" she asked eager to swallow down the mango.

"sure thing sweetheart, let's go," Malik uncle replied back, responding the gesture."Chote, do you want to come down to the farms too?"

"no. You guys carry on." came the voice of the 12 year old.


"would you like any beverages ma'm?" the air host's voice beamed bringing her out of her trance.

"mango juice, thanks," she said, looking at him. Her eyes went to the person she was sitting next to her.

The un-gelled hair sat perfectly on his forehead. She looked at him. His eyes were closed, and his lips, oh those so full kissable lips, she thought. Blushing, she closed her own eyes, thinking of the many times she had kissed those. Soon enough she tilted her head towards the neighbour's shoulder.


She had shifted to Mumbai, her and Payal, with her buaji. Buaji was a kind hearted woman, who let her nieces live with her, and supported these two after the tragic car accident, which snatched away her life, out of these two innocent souls almost two years later.

While at the funeral of her parents, Khushi hadn't cried a single tear. She was a stone. Waiting for her Amma bauji to return back with her birthday gift. She didn't want her doll anymore, she didn't want any birthday gifts. She just wanted them.

Looking up at that time, she had seen the caramel eyes looking at her. She sat there lowering her eyes back and stared at the two corspes now being taken out. She sat there, looking into empty space. A warm hand cupped her face, and had said, everything is going to be alright. He will make it alright. The young lad, knew somewhat this was the last time he would see her; unless some divine intervention was willing to compromise this angel to him.

She was a beauty now, the twenty year old. Her kohl black eyes were complimenting the milky white skin tone. She had chains of restaurants in Mumbai, being the master chef that she was. In between the hundred thousand faces, she was still looking out for the one with those caramel eyes, but it still seemed like a mystery. Until the day Payal said they should go back to Lucknow.

"Khushi, hum kya bol rage the; iss baar garmi mein Lucknow, chale? Bohot vakht ho Gaya hain, Lucknow Gaye. Hain na?! Aur phir lucknowi aam khaye bhi. Toh kya kehti hain tu?"

Khushi had smiled thinking about the mangoes, she agreed. Over the fortnight they had reached Lucknow, those streets, the galliyan, the house they spent their childhood in. It all seemed so magical so good. After the death of their nanaji and naniji, the mansion was named after both girls.

Keeping the luggage in their rooms the girls went for a stroll in the neighbourhood area, and buying some groceries for their stay.

Khushi had been the quiet one ever since that fatefull night. Payal had somehow coped with the loss, finding the solace in her writing. The naive Khushi however was pulled into paintings. She had begun painting like anything, it was more of an addiction now. It was no wonder she painted for a living. It had become her passion. Her hope. Her saviour.

And the first thing that Khushi did after getting to lucknow was taken her camera out and took as many photos as she could to be able to get through the haunting sleepless nights. The bright summer colors were flaunting everywhere. The reason why she loved summer so much wasn't afterall that much of a mystery.

Payal and Khushi had next visited the mango farms at Malik uncles'. When they couldn't see anyone at the gates, Payal pushed them open, and entered the 23 acres of land.

"Malik Chacha ko surprise denge, kya kehti hain tu Khushi?" said Payal, with the everlasting grin, remembering the times when her and Akash did it back in time, while Khushi was busy with her best friend.

"whatever you say jiji," replied Khushi, smiling faintly, at the distant memory, when her Jiji, would return home with bucket loads of mangoes.

"so let's split up, and give him the shock of his life," payal winked at her.

Walking through the farms, bought back many fond memories, the tree house that the two had built, in the deep ends of the farms, their names engraved with each-others on the fat trunk of the mango trees. She walked through the trees more and came across a massive mango tree, sporting hundreds of green mangoes. Khushi looked around her underneath, and soon enough found a stone, and projected it towards the biggest mango.

"What the?! What the hell do you think you are doing?" came a husky steel voice. With words like those for greetings, she recognised the voice, and smiled a smile, that reached her eyes, for the first time in years.

"Planning a murder!" She replied with the same arrogance, added a bit of sarcasm.

"Better make sure to use something that cannot be identified in the autopsy, Miss Mango," replied the voice, smirking at the reaction he was about to get.

She turned around and found the same, deepest brown eyes. Dropping the other stones from her hands, not caring a single bit about the mango, she sprinted through the thin lanes between the trees, and launched herself at him. Capturing him, forever, never to let go, ever again. She felt the warm hands going up her back, and closed the eyes, let her mind sleep, and her heart beat at 140km/h speed.



Both took the names at the same moment, smiled through their tears.

"who else would help you in plucking mangoes, you idiot?" and followed the questioners, at her. While she just looked on at him, absorbing the warm, and feeling content.

"I love you Arnav." She spoke in between his outburst, taking him into their first kiss. Soft, though passionate. And he didn't disappoint her, she felt him smile, while biting her lower lip, while she was on the cloud nine. May be greater than that!

The trance to be broken by the mangoes that hit them. Laughing their heads off, they continued their captured moment, after being away from themselves for too long.


"I love you Arnav," Khusi mumbled in her sleep.

"I love you too, meri khatti aam!" responded a smiling Arnav, with kissing her forehead. And comforting her in her sleep.


Well, that's how they found their love, and may be someone else will too..

Haven't proof read, so please ignore the mistakes... xx

Oct 10, 2012

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