OS - Pure Love

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Oct 6, 2012

OS - Pure Love (By Qaynat) (Thanked: 26 times)

OS - Pure Love

''Love. How would you define it, Arnavji?'' Khushi was massaging Arnav's aching head when she had gotten lost in thought about the way she felt about her husband. She hadn't meant to blurt out the question since he hadn't seemed to be in a good mood but she didn't regret it either.

''I'm not sure.'' He frowned slightly. ''But if anyone asked I'd say...''

''What would you say, Arnav ji?'' Khushi leaned foward eagerly.

''Ah.. I dunno.'' He smirked slightly and shut his eyes again.

''Arnavji! Bataye na! You were just about to tell me.'' Khushi stuck her bottom lip out and folded her arms.

''Nahin, yaar... I was just...''

''Arnavji, please?''

He smiled. How could he ever refuse her? ''I would say... Love is Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.''

He had predicted that she'd smile brightly as she did but what she said next was unexpected. ''Arnavji, that is not 'Love' but the person that you love.'' She giggled.

''But for me, you are love. The most pure and perfect girl.. Isn't love pure and perfect too?''

Khushi nodded. ''Hhm.. I guess so.'' She shrugged and continued massaging his head as he moaned in pleasure.

''What do you think?'' He asked, all of a sudden.

''I? Well...'' She looked away as he turned to face her, her cheeks scarlet.

''Go on,'' he smiled and winked.

''You.'' She had finally turned a full shade of pink and got up, wiping her hands. ''Arnavji, I have a lot of work.. Take your medicine, okay? And take care of Arushi.'' She began to walk away but she hadn't got far when he felt his strong hand grip her wrist. ''Arnavji-''

''Khushiji! You have a lot of work, don't you? But doesn't your husband come first?''

''Achha? In what way does my dear Swami require me?'' She folded her arms again but in a challenging way this time.

''Will I get lucky tonight?''

''Swamiji, it is not in your fate to get lucky, you see.. It is your own misfortune that you were blessed with many children.''

''My children were not a blessing! I earned them.''

''You EARNED them?'' She raised an eyebrow.

''Hey! They required a LOT of hard work.. It was exhausti-''


They both gasped and looked down at the little cot beside their bed. ''Wh-what did you say?'' Khushi quickly pulled away from Arnav, embarassed. ''Did she just say..''

''Pyaar?'' Arnav was no less shocked. He scooped up baby Arushi and placed her on his lap. ''What did Papa's little angel say?''

''Puh-Pyaar!'' The baby giggled and kicked her legs.

''She's the fifth, isn't she?'' Arnav muttered.

''The fifth one to say pyaar first.. We must really stop talking about these things around our children..'' Khushi whispered.

''She was fast asleep!''


Hello, everyone!

Qaynat here and this is my first post.. I've been on several forums and love writing Fan Fictions.. I've never been on MyeDuniya until today so I'm just writing this to introduce myself..

xx Qaynat

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