OS: ..Truth..

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Sep 24, 2012

OS: ..Truth.. (By Anjalirao) (Thanked: 63 times)

I felt as though the only organ still working in my body was my heart which was pouding against my heaving chest as I crept up the stairs. If someone had caught me, I would've landed into a big problem. I was just about to enter Arnav ji's bedroom when-

''Will you still marry that girl after knowing that it was her Aunt who is the reason for your parent's death?''

I forgot to breath. I leaned against the wall for support as my eyes widened and my jaw dropped.

''Tell me, Arnav. Will you?''


A large teardrop slid down my cheek and I stifled a sob. I clutched my veil and began to run, tears flowing down my cheeks. I heard something tear and gasped but I continued running, unable to control myself.


''Khushi ji!''

''Khushi Bitiya!''

''Phatti Sari!''



I heard the everyone call after me but I still rushed out hastily, dropping my phone as I did so. I could hear someone behind me, their shoes splashing in the wet puddles of rain on the ground.

''Khushi! Please stop!''

I recognised Jiji's consoling voice and stopped, sobbing loudly. I was drenched by now and there was a mixture of rain and salt tears on my face.

''Khushi, what a-'' I didn't let her complete her sentence and pulled her into a crushing hug, almost screaming out the pain in my heart.

''Khushi.. Shhh.. What happened.. Shhh.. Why are you.. I think we sho-'' She squinted back at Shantivan.

''Nahin, Jiji! I can't! He wont.. He doesn't want to.. I.. He told Dadi ji.. He..'' I tried to explain but today words failed me. Khushi Kumari Gupta Sin- No.. No 'Singh Raizada'. Just as I'd feared, the right to attach 'Singh Raizada' to the end of my name had been snatched from me and I knew I'd never get it again. Khushi Kumari Gupta was speechless.

''Khushi, I don't understand.. Come inside and we'll-''

''I can't come inside, Jiji! And that it what you don't understand!''

''But we are soaked! We will fall ill-''

''I don't care!'' I pushed her back, furious because she wouldn't understand what I was going through.

''Khushi..'' She looked at me in shock.

''Everything was a lie! I thought he really loved me.. He said he couldn't live without me.. He even.. That night.. He.. I really love him, Jiji..'' I sobbed into her shoulder, pulling her into another tight embrace.

''Khushi.. I don't underst-''

''You wouldn't! You have never been the sister you should have been! You never saw my pain.. my tears.. You only saw the problems that were created.. And you felt that I was the reason.. But I always tried to be the sister everyone should have..'' I exhaled. ''I married Arnav ji to save your wedding.. To save your happiness.. And you? You misunderstood. You never understand do you?''


''Our marriage was only a six months contract.. He said that if I didn't marry him, he'd stop your wedding..''

''What!?'' Jiji gasped.

''And soon I found out that he had only married me because he thought I was having an affair with Shyam ji.. He thought I wanted to ruin his sister's life!''

''Khushi, what are you saying.. Khushi, you-''

''I slept at the poolside for weeks.. Maybe even months.. And you all were cold with me in the day..''

''Khushi.. I am so sorry.. We will not-''

But I couldn't hear anymore. It was too much for me.

Our words were being repeated in my head.

'I love you, Khushi..'

'That I love you, damn it!'

'Before I left I wanted to tell you this.. Hum Bhi Aapse I love you, damn it..'

'I'm sorry..'

'I can't live without you..'

'Trust me..'

'A compromise.'

'Six months.'

'So what about girls like you? Lose one, get another.'

'Something sweet..'

'What the!'

'I would've took her life but before that I would have pulled her hair..'

'I let you come so close to me..'


I shut my eyes and felt the cold rain soak me.

''Nahin!'' I shrieked, looking up at the sky.

''I can't live without him..''

~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~## ~##~##~##~

''Arnav.'' I turned around to find Dadi at my door, wearing a large frown as usual.

''Dadi.. You want something?'' I asked, half-heartedly. I was sure that she'd want something I wouldn't want to give.

''Garima is that 'other lady'.''

''What?'' I raised an eyebrow, confused.

''Khushi's Mausi was that woman who tried to trap my son. She compelled Ratna Bahu to commi-''

''I don't.. Look, Dadi.. That is the past.. All this doesn't matter to me anymore. Now please.. Everyone must be waiting for me downstairs.. I'm going to get married.''

''Will you still marry that girl after knowing that it was her Aunt who is the reason for your parent's death?''


I heard a gasp outside but ignored it.

I saw a Dadi's lips twist into a smile. ''That's all I needed to hear.''

She was turning to leave.

''Let me finish.''

I saw the smile fade and frowned again, confused.

''Aunty is not the reason M-Maa..'' I swallowed. ''I knew the truth long back.. And everyone who was involved.. And I trust Aun-''


''Khushi ji!''

''Khushi Bitiya!''

''Phatti Sari!''



My eyes widened. So SHE was the one who had gasped. No.. No..

I hurried out of my room and down the stairs.

''Di.. Nani.. Wh-''

''Chhote! She.. I don't understand..''

''She must have only heard half the conversation.. Just like I had done when I saw her on the terrace..''

''Arnav Bitwa, I can't fathom what you ar-''

''I have to go..'' I rumaged through my pockets and withdrew my car keys. I quickly got into my car and began to drive.

That was when I spotted Khushi. She was crying, screaming and getting soaked.

I couldn't think straight. Seeing her like this drove me insane.. I couldn't bare it.

I pushed the door open and climbed out rushing to Khushi.

''I can't live without him..'' I heard her yell.

~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~##~# #~##~##~

Khushi could feel his presence. She opened her eyes and looked in his direction.

''Khushi..'' He whispered.

She felt betrayed. ''No.. No.. You said you wouldn't..'' She tried to pull away.

''I wouldn't marry you?'' He raised an eyebrow. ''When did I say that?''

''You said.. You told Dadi ji that..''

''No, I didn't.''

''Enough!'' Payal hollered.

''Jiji, let me handle him! Please..'' Khushi nodded to ressure her. ''I know the truth, Arnav ji.''

''I love you, Khushi.. I can't live without you.. This is the truth.'' He held her hand but she pulled it away.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small gold tin. He opened it and reached into it with two of his fingers. He got a pinch of vermillion and placed it in her maang.

''And if you love me too.. You will come with me now.'' He took her hand and pulled her with him. She was following reluctantly.

They had walked about a mile when they reached a big mandir. Grand but empty, it was.

He helped her up the stairs as she was struggling to walk up in her lengha.

''Pandit ji, we would like to get married.''

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