ArShi OS: Misery

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Sep 20, 2012

ArShi OS: Misery (By Arshi_Addiction) (Thanked: 45 times)

Arnav say in his room thinking when the door opened. Light from outside came in his rrom but still, it was narrow space. He liked it in his room alone and dark. It was safe, He could think, not yell at anyone and better then facing anyone.

"I love you Khushi. I love Khushi. I love you jaan and sorry for what happen" these few lines kept coming into his mind. All he could say was this.It was all the time in his mind, and when he have enough, she said it out loud. Screaming almost. Well, it helps him. He was feeling much better when he did that, he didn't have to think.

"I love you Khushi. I love Khushi. I love you jaan and sorry for what happen" he knew it was pointless saying it now but that's all he could say. It doesn't make sense at all why now he was saying this when he should of have had said this way before.

"I love you Khushi... "

"Khushi we have became so close, at least that is what I am saying, all the time since I have lost you. You were such a good wife. I know you did so much for me that I can't even pay you back no matter what I do for you.. How it is possible that you never said a word to anyone about your pain? Some times you were such a moody and those times you were used to do I asked you to. But whenever I was in pain you were always there for me. You were the first one to make me laugh when I stopped smiling. And now I have lost you because of my stupidity. "Now when I Think of you. I am so wet I can barely stand it." or, "The sun makes me feel so good. I wish you would be here with me". You make me so happy. Always positive, always giving, so kind. How come it is possible you never complain? Yes. How come? Some times you used to say that we some connection, something that is deeply rooted in our spirits, and that I am giving you something that nobody can, that I can touch your soul which no one else can" Arnav said slowly ,crying in pain for losing his Khushi. Yes his and ONLY HIS.

Honestly both of them didn't talk much about Love only when sometimes they were used to say " I love you"Well, Arnav remembered once, when they were together sitting in their room while Arnav was working on his laptop Khushi asked him if he really loved her.

"I love you Khushi. I love Khushi. I love you jaan and sorry for what happen"

What he should say, especially after when they had such a wonderful moment, after they made love. Arnav said "sure, of course."

"I love you Khushi..."

"Hmm.. she used to say she loves me. I was perfect great guy for her. She said you love me dearly and wants to give birth to my child.I am her husband and I provides everything for her." But that wasn't the truth or was it? Even Arnav didn't had the answer to himself. Whatever Khushi said was to make Arnav not feel guitly. The truth was He wasn't the perfect for her, He didn't provide her anything that a husband gives his wife except "S*x"." Khushi wasn't happy with that she need him not only physically but mentally and emotionally. And what could Arnav do now? He was never be able to give her such a life. Life with him and her together in simple road which leads to nowhere then and now. He has destroyed her. He said he won't allow myself to fall for he and destroy myself but he did. He torchered her,fell for her and now lost her. There is no future for both of them together and if their is it will be full of pain. Their lifestyle simply doesn't match... but she say money doesn't matter to her but it did to him.

"I love you Khushi I love you Khushi"

Whenever he made love with her he felt himself all over her. Her hot body underneath her. when Arnav was with her he reached his reached his climax and he felt it.

Yes. Whenever she asked him if he really love her, he said, "yes", but he didn't he wanted her physically with him and everytime when he said "Yes" she always ignored the memory of him torchering her while he lusted her and put her through the pain. After having s*x with Khushi Arnav used to get mad at her and hurted her. Even then she thought he is like this because of the work presher on him.

Arnav remembered the last words he told Khushi was " It was just a l**t, I never loved you and never will the way you want me to. I did what I had to do. Marry you and fullfil my l**t toward you. Now since I have had you enough if you want to leave I have no problem with that" He opened his eyes and trying to control the anger which was inside him for saying something like that to you. How could he? He was idiotic.

Arnav really didn't think in his lives what kind of loose he was in.Nobody knews what he was doing anyways. And that second he didn't think that it will get so complicated. He didn't knew the guilt he will have and now he could sense that. He thought about it EVERY SINGEL SECOND OF HIS LIFE.

Ah, no more. He couldn't leave his thinking chair at all. Again, he didn't understand and figure out what should and will happen next. Will his pain get worse or will it relief. He didn't knew the pain of their while hurting them but now he could feel it since he have hurt not only Khushi but more likely himself. Will he ever get to meet her? Apologize from her? Live with her again? Will he gave Khushi all the wife rights? Will she have his child? No one knew except his destiny .

Please don't ask me what it was or you got confused while reading because even I don't know what I wrote this time. I was just sitting down in my class after the taking the test. I got bored so I started writing.This is a one shot meaning I won't continue it but please leave your comments below and forgive me if you didn't like it.

Sep 23, 2012

OS: Husband or Lover ? Who is better? (By Arshi_Addiction) (Thanked: 31 times)

OS: Husband or Lover ? Who is better?

She was expecting to hook up with Rahul at one of the Holiday parties and he stood her up. Oh but the next day he said he got sick and couldn't make it but that didn't make the night any easier for her. She was really looking forward to see Rahul and her spending tonight together. She took that afternoon off from her work and pampered herself. She bathe, she shaved, she brought a new s*xy red dress for make her look more gorgeous

She was hanging out at the party with some work friends waiting for Rahul dancing every now and then. After dinner and waiting for over two hours she came to the conclusion he wasn't going to show up. She was getting a lot of attention in her red dress so she just went with the flow and danced and acted flirty.

But there was one guy who didn't even noticed her. He looked at her and acted like he was least affected with her. He was good looking, dashing but his eyes were the thing that she noticed at most. Those Carmel chocolate brown eyes. Well, who wouldn't notice them? Can't say she didn't mind it when he ignored her, In fact she was a bit frustrated. She walked to him and sat by him at the bar table. He didn't mind at all. They both slowly and shyly are talking and when they were getting free she even started flirting with him. Then there was a slow songs playing. Without asking her he held her close and she could feel him pressing into her.

When it was time to leave he was so sweet that he offered to walk me to her car. They talked for a bit and then he move forward her and kissed her goodnight on her cheek. When he backed off he looked at her lips and moved forward. He didn't stop, neither did she. He kept kissing her and she kept responding. He unbuttoned her coat but before he could do anything he moved his hands on her waist. It felt so good she just kept on kissing him. His hands was roaming behind her back not knowing where they should stop.

This continued for a good ten minutes in the parking lot and when again his other hand worked its way under her dress and started to explore, She pulled away and told him to stop, she didn't want him to know she was losing herself and she was nervous what it would lead to. After a bit of pleading he did stop. We kissed goodnight again and went on our way. Both had some pleasure feelings do feel that again what happened with them just a a while ago.

She skip the in between parts but a few weeks later they both met in a parking a lot where there was no one. The same thing happened again.

It didn't take much longer and she knew in her mind what was coming next. It wasn't entirely her fault that she was the first one who started flirting with him, He was neglecting me and she was horny and needed affection. One night when they were the last two to leave the bar. He didn't know why but he pulled her hand and drove to some place. When they reached there she noticed it was a hotel. She never questioned him asking what they were doing here because she knew the answer. He took her hand and walked to one of the room which was on the 6 floor.

Her relationship with him was really different than the one with Rahul. It seems whenever she was with Rahul, she wasn't going out of her way to be with him. But as it would usually happen, she would not see Rahul for a few weeks and it seemed she was using ARNAV during those times.

It almost became a ritual for a while, they would look at each other and if we both walked into the bar or leaving toward the parking lot they would make love where ever they could. At first she would give him a kiss and when she told him she needed relief. He would be with her all night to give her that comfort.

Pretty soon they became bolder. It was a bit awkward and tricky at first but they became quite good at it. After much kissing or caressing they made love. It felt so wrong but at the same time so right.

One unforgettable night was when Arnav didn't meet her all day. She went to the bar but no signs. She was on her way to home she got a text from Arnav "402 tonight". That was her signal that what was coming up ahead tonight. So here she was on her way home with stuff in her hands and here Arnav wanting to meet her in an hour.

She rushed into her house, told Rahul and told him that she is going out with her friends for dinner. Rahul didn't like it he going out at this hour but he knew if she says something they will end up having a fight. She would say to him that if he can go out then she can also. Deep inside he knew she was seeing "ARNAV" that's why when she came out all dressed he told her not to go today while kissing her shoulder. She closed her eyes not knowing what to do. Leave or be with her husband. Rahul kissed her all over her face. Telling her how much he loves her. That's when he pulled her toward the bed closing her lip with his she even forgot about Arnav. She was so lost with Rahul remembering after such a long time they were together. Remembering all the nicer memories of Rahul and her she even forgot about Arnav.

It was the first time when she didn't see him. Not that she didn't wanted to see hum but her husband was with her spending time night father such a long time and she didn't wanted to miss that chance.

She had to pick one. Her husband or lover and she only could pick "Rahul" remembering she gave him all the rights on her when she married him. She thought she took the right decision but she didn't know one day it will cost her. But when Rahul left her for another girl she was all alone. She tried to find Arnav but looked like he disappeared the night she ignored him and stopped picking up his phone.

One day when she was sitting on the bench with her hands on her baby bump she felt someone came and sit by her. She looked to the right and saw Arnav smiling at her. Without thinking of anything he pulled at and hugged her. "I know what happen and I am really sorry for that. So what if he left you I am always beside you and always will be. I will support you through this tough time. You have to be strong for OUR CHILD. I love you KHUSHI" Hearing this she closed her eyes. Thinking how much Arnav loves her. She picked that animal (Rahul) over this person who was willing to give Rahul child his name?

She opened her eyes and looked into his eyes. They had the same desire as they did when she met him for the first time.

This OS is not related to the top one. I have decided to post all my OS in one place.This is the only reason I am posting it with the old one so my work is all together and almost neat.

Sep 23, 2012

OS: Khushi Pregnancy Pleasure (By Arshi_Addiction) (Thanked: 28 times)

Khushi miscarried in August, so her doctor was checking her progesterone levels'when he noticed they were high enough to indicate a pregnancy. She bought a test home, but her extended family was in the house when she arrived, so she snuck upstairs to take it. It was positive! Once everyone left, she told me husband, the news. We were both elated, but because of our miscarriage she had before, we knew anything could happen.

Khushi and I decided to announce her pregnancy to our family on the day of Payal daugther Pari birthday . We wanted to tell them in a special way, so we involved Khushi friend NK . We planned it so NK was taking a family photo of us, when instead of saying "Say 'cheese!'" he yelled, "Saying, 'Khushi pregnant!'" At first my family thought it was a joke, but once it sunk in, they hugged and kissed us.

Khushi can't even begin to describe the butterflies she felt on the day of her first ultrasound! She wanted to hear our baby's heartbeat and be assured that our little one was healthy. After a few seconds the image appeared on the screen: a beautiful flicker and our baby's heartbeat! We were beyond our excitement

After knowing we were despartly waiting to know what will the gender be.After 16 week pass by we decided to go to the doctor and find out what were we going to have and finally we got our answer.We were going to have a girl.

At her last prenatal appointment, when she was 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant, her doctor predicted that my baby would be born within 36 hours. Later that night, her contractions were measuring three minutes apart, so Khushi and I drove to the hospital. Once we got there, a midwife suggested she walk around to speed up the contractions. Walking did the trick! Almost immediately, her contractions became stronger. By 8:56 p.m., she was 6 centimeters dilated and 100 percent effaced. she was taken to Labor & Delivery'coincidentally, to the same room where Di and Payal had given birth to Pari and Varun.

Her birth experience was very noisy. The room was dimly lit, and she was laid on her side to make her contractions more efficient. Once she started pushing, our daughter was born within 23 minutes! Logan arrived at 3:42 a.m. and weighed 6 pounds, 14 ounces, and was 18 inches long. She was like a PRINCESS.

I know I have Updated this OS long time ago but I want to keep my OS in one place. This is why I have added this OS to my old ones.

Sep 24, 2012

OS: Nightmare (By Arshi_Addiction) (Thanked: 26 times)

The separation was his idea, but even so, he consumed with sadness. She spent years trying to fix their marriage. She wanted affection, she needed to feel loved.

She had cried herself to sleep nearly every night. She tried talking; telling him what she was feeling until he was tired of hearing her. He eventually stopped listening; now they hardly talk at all. She felt like he stopped loving her years ago. But she also knew he was tensed over something but wheneever she tried to ask him he told her "It's nothing". It's felt like she was losing her husband and her best friend.

A few months ago, she hit her breaking point. She lost her Babu ji. Who was everything for her. She knew she couldn't bear that pain, she saw her life with perfect clarity. She had become miserable. No longer being worthy of her own husband's affection, losing her own self-worth.

Months passed but still she kept the distance between her. She was still confused why he was doing that to her? Why wasn't he there for her when her Babu ji died? Why he kept coming late at night in the house and leaving before she even got up? Why he lied to her that he was going somewhere for his meeting but when she contacted Aman he told her either Arnav wasn't didn't came to the office or there was no meeting today?

But one day when he almost raised his hand on her, like a switch, she quit caring what he thought of her or whether or not he loved her. She needed to learn to love herself.

She have been focusing more on him, finding his happiness but nothing worked out the way she wanted. But now she was going to care about her happiness and to do that, she needed to emotionally separate from him. They still live under the same roof, took care of the princess "Arushi". Both of them didn't want their relationship to effect on their child but slowly no one could help it. It was affecting their 3 years old daughter. After another month it was enough for Khushi. She decided to talk to him about their separation when he comes back from his office today.

They talked about divorce, or taking time apart in hopes of falling in love again. Up until now, he's just been stubborn. He won't leave, not even for a weekend. He said he doesn't want to divorce but at the same time won't put any energy into the relationship either. This was making Khushi even angrier. Why? Why? But never got any answer from him. He just told her he needed more time. But how long or how much time could she give him? Their daughter was growing and she could since the different between her parents. She knew they were not normal. In fact the day he raised his hand on Khushi Arushi even saw it but still didn't say anything to her parents. She ran to her room and started crying. When Khushi came to give Arushi milk at night time. That's when she saw tears full in Arushi eyes. She tried her best to get answer from Arushi but Arushi was stubborn like her father and that's when Khushi noticed she might of have seen Arnav raising her hand on her.

Lately, she stopped pushing for solutions.She quit blaming her husband for not loving her. She took credit for her part in the demise of their marriage and that whatever they do next; take time apart, move out, move on, divorce...Now it was up to him.

He told her tonight that he plans to move to the guest house, she was so happy to hear him talk to her. She asked him when so she can start packing and that's when he said he was going alone. A tear roll downs her cheek and she stood where she was. Not even turning around to look at him in his eyes and ask him for answer. She ran down to the guest room.

He came to the guest room. She was still sobbing. She opened her mouth to object (But what about her and Arushi) but before she could make any sound she remembered when she asked him for divorce and he didn't said anything. Now he is leaving her and Arushi in RM so they won't have any problems if they leave the RM. He had made his decision to leave them but not giving her the divorce. He was moving to guest house and her in RM.

She wasn't even sure how many emotions she feeling all at once. She wanted to fight with him. Yell, scream and cry for doing this.

He went back to his room and started packing. While she ran to his room and held his feets not leave Arushi and her alone. He didn't even bother to look at her. Instead he pushed her back and left while she ran behind her. While running she hit her leg on the glass table. She started bleeding but didn't care at all. Right now she needed to stop him. But before she could reach to him the RM door got closed. Khushi started feeling dizzy and fell on the floor.

She opened her eyes and looked around. It was all dark and turned to his side and their he was sleeping peacefully. Still caressing Arushi hair while his left arm was on Khushi waist. She couldn't believe it was just a dream. It felt so real but she was also glad he was with her and Arushi.

Khushi moved toward him and kissed him on his lips.

Sep 27, 2012

OS: Someone New (By Arshi_Addiction) (Thanked: 27 times)

They both lost their mother when they were a child but when she found out that she is pregnant with his child she was nervous. What kind of mother would she be? Will she be alive to see her child grow up in front of her or will she also leave her child in this world all alone like her mother.

It's been tough for both of them but they never shared these feeling with another because they knew they will make the other person more nervous and scared.

He sometimes prayed that she doesn’t become a mother. He didn’t want her to go through all the pain. In fact he didn’t care about the child more than her. He wanted her safe with him.

Months passed by and he was getting more scared and careful with his wife. Seeing him so protective about her made Khushi even happier. She knew what was making him do all that and his pain. All the time seeing him becoming a father reminded him of his and her of his mother. She knew he never want to be a father like his was. He will do anything for his princess and not only his child he will do anything for MOTHER and Daughter. He can give up all his happiness for his wife and child just to bring a smile on their face.

When Khushi was in her 9 month of pregnancy she remembered how Arnav was all the time asking her whether she have decided any name for the child and she always nodded in “yes” wanting to see if Arnav was going to say something. She very will know that Arnav has decided the name but wasn’t telling her because he thought Khushi has already decided the name and didn’t want to break her heart.

But when there child was born Khushi told him to decide name. She always wanted him to name their child and now was the time. Arnav first was surprised but also happy to hear this from his wife.

He named his princess “Arushi”. When Arushi was born she still remembered he was the first on to hold her. He was really nervous to hold his princess and when he did held her he let a tear roll down his cheeks.

When Khushi and Arushi came back from the hospital she still remembered how Arnav told Aasksh and Aman to take care of all the work until he is staying home with his new born baby.

Arnav wanted to spend all his time with his princess. He didn’t want to miss anything that was related to her. In fact later on after a month or so he mostly worked from home. Which father would want to miss their first child, crawling, tooth coming out and most importantly the FIRST WORD that comes out of their mouth? Off course Mr. Raizada didn’t wanted to miss anything.

He told Khushi that Arushi first word will be “Jalebi” but Khushi always declined saying it will be “Laad Governor”

Oct 1, 2012

OS: Strong For Her (By Arshi_Addiction) (Thanked: 26 times)

He have been a handsome and ruthless person for a while, things have happened in his life that made it difficult for him to truly let people get close.

Someone has to have something special for him to let them in. He didn’t like this trait about himself much, that he was so overly guarded about his thoughts and emotions. He didn’t let the walls down, as he feels he needs to keep some of himself for him. He went through a bad period of time in his life where he felt he had lost himself, so holding onto something helps him feel safe.

The people he has let in have truly made a difference to his life. Hewas surprised they have stuck with it, as he know he can be a last person know. However, they are here, and they aren't going anywhere. Some people just have the ability to impact his life in ways he never thought were possible. He had amazing person in his life who made him laugh, sat with him when he cry, are there through the ups and downs of life and he would never change them.

When he met her he knew in a blink of eyes that she was the one who will help him get over with his bad past. She truly knew him and then taught him something new. He became strong when he saw he weak. He knew he have to be strong for her if not for himself. How could he let her get hurt? He knew what it felt like losing someone from your family and he didn’t want her to feel the same pain he felt.

He could never name all the things that she has done for him. She was the girl who was always in his mind no matter what happen. If he was happy he saw her happy. If he was sad he saw her sad and seeing her sad it was more hurt for Arnav Sigh Raizada.

Yes he never cared for another girl until Khushi Kumari Gupta came into his life.

His life was like a dead flower and ever since Khushi has come, those flowers have started to grow back.

Today Arnav Sigh Raizada was living his life not for himself but for Khushi Kumari Gupta. He knew he can never let himself him weak for her. He has to be with her for his ENTIRE LIFE no matter what happen.

The man who only cared about riches and deal forgot them. He knew they don’t matter anymore to him. The only thing matter to him was Khushi and whatever mattered to her mattered to him.

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