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Sep 10, 2012

Iss pyar ko kya naam doon (By Babyface) (Thanked: 16 times)

Hello ladies, hope you are all doing great. Here is a small story.

The following is not a spoiler but only my imagination having fun about the probable future tracks in IPK.

So Khushi convinces Arnav and Naani that Shyam is now a changed man. Di is so happy that she has even forgotten about her rajkumari and is focused only on her rajkumar.

So now it's the whole family supporting Shyam against Arnav. Arnav has no choice than to acquiesce.

Enters Shyam in the great Raizada Mansion. First we see his blue bracelet and afterwards zoom on his face and his comical expressions. Then the camera goes down zooming on every part of his body, emphasizing the great reentry of Mr. Shyam Manohar Jha.

The whole family is smiling widely on seeing the beloved Damaad Ji. Anjali steps forward about to burst with happiness. She is smiling so much that her jaw starts aching. Then comes the tears. Before she could throw herself in his arms, Daadi stops her and thaali in hand, she proceeds to do the aarti of Damaad Ji. After the aarti she applies tilak on his forehead, a long red one. "Hum aapko dekhkar ati khush hai, pyare Damaad Ji" says Daadi smiling.

"Shyam Ji, humne khaas aapke liye mindblowing jalebi banayi hai", exclaims Khushi. And she feeds him the sweet jalebis to welcome him in the house.

"Jijaji, I am very happy to see you again," says Akaash and hugs him.

What a warm welcome!!!!

After the high voltage of emotions, the whole family retires for the night except Damaad Ji. He gets up and starts planning the death of Rani Sahiba. He starts mixing poison with milk when suddenly he feels a cool breeze blowing on his face, caressing his hair giving him a soothing sensation. 'Rabba Veeeeeee, Rabba Veeeeeee, ohhhhhh Rabba Ve'. The background score starts.

(Every Arshi moment has been repeated with Shyam; the hand grabbing, Khushi feeding Arnav/Shyam, Arnav/Shyam topless coming from the shower. So why not Rabba ve????)

Shyam starts thinking while still mixing the poison with the milk. 'This family has given me so much love, so much respect. How can I betray them like this? They consider me as their own, I have never felt like a stranger, I am blessed to have such people in my life, they truly love me. And besides I can have Rani Sahiba, my bank and Khushi, my obsession, both under one roof. Khushi is so forgiving that I am sure when I explain to her how she makes me feel, she will happily agree to my demands. Saale Sahab tho is blind. He won't notice anything. Rani Sahiba khush tho pura parivar double khush. And I am the reason for Rani Sahiba's happiness. So Khushi will have no objection in keeping me happy so that I keep Di happy which will lead to the joy of the whole family. What more can a man want!!!! I must stop this madness. This family is now my family.' And he throws away the poisoned milk and cuddles against Rani Sahiba and they both sleep happily in the arms of each other.

Shyam calls a family meeting early morning. "Hume aap sabse kuch kehna hai", starts Shyam. "Aap ko pata hai ki agar kisi ne hume ye baat ek saal pehle bata dete, tho humein yakin nahin hota lekin aaj aap sab ke pyar dekh kar, hum ek dum badal gaye.

"Baat vishwas ki hai Shyam Ji, Ek atoot vishwas ki aap badal sakte hai" says Khushi with tears in her eyes.

"Aap sab ne humein iss vishwas pe vishwas dilwaya. Kya kar diya aap sabne humaare saath. Itni koshish ki hume, itni zyaada koshish ki aap sab se nafrat kar sakoun par hume aap se nafrat kar ni nahin paya. I am so grateful to you all. I don't need anything else now. I only need you, my family. I know I have hurt you a lot. I am so, so, so, sorry. And to make it up to you and prove to you that I have changed for the better, I am going to change my name to Shyam Manohar Raizada. This is the proof of my love and dedication to you."

(The above lines have been adapted from the following : Telepathy scene : Click here to watch the video on YouTube

Everyone stared at him in shock and then ran up to him for the group hug. Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon!!!!!

If pyar arrogant, rude, ruthless ASR ko badal sakta hai, tho kyun Shyam Ji ko nahin???? Pyar kabhi bhi badal sakta hain. Bhoolna mat. Waaqe hi, ISS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON!!!!

And so the Raizada family lived happily ever after in the Raizada Mansion.

Sep 10, 2012

Iss Pyar ko kya naam doon (By Babyface) (Thanked: 15 times)

Forgot to add the serious note. Many blame Daljeet for the poor script because she wanted a more challenging role. Personally I don't blame her. Each one of us look for professional fulfillment in our jobs and when we feel that we are not given the chance to use our full potential, we either look in other directions or we negotiate for better conditions. This is what she has done and there is nothing wrong in that. We all do it one time or another when we feel dissatisfied with our jobs. Anjali still has to find out the truth about her husband and I just wish that CVs won't drag the Shyam thing for another 10 years!!! We all laugh at Shyam's failures or poorly executed moves. If Shyam is such a fool, what does this say about the mighty ASR from Harvard who cannot see anything happening right under his nose!!! What happened when he saw the bill for the cameras?

But Khushi, REALLY??? After all that has happened, she actually has the guts to believe in the guy and worst support him?????? . What is she trying to prove? How mahaan she is or how bade dilwali she is?? Excuse me but in my eyes she is just plain stupid and I do wonder whether she doesn't deserve the evilness of Shyam.

What will we see next? Khushi walking up to Shyam and telling him, "Phikar mat karna Shyam Ji. Hum aapki madat karenge. Di se milwahenge." Then she will go behind Arnav's back and help the 2 lovebirds meet!!

I am so disappointed with the picturisation of Khushi. Why are they ruining her character? . Why the same pattern of all other serials?

I think it's time for me to take a break. Or rather bidding adieu would be more appropriate.

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