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Sep 9, 2012


I have not watched the show ,but from what I have read here in the last couple of days, I think the story can be restored to its previous glory if something like this is shown, Please go ahead and leave your comments, and let me know if I should continue :-)

Anjali overhears Arnav and Khushi Arguing about bringing Shyam into the house and Arnav scolding Khushi for suggesting that and reminding her how Shyam had left her tied in the middle of the road and how he would have run her over if he had not turned the jeep in time,she is asking him to bring the scum who had kicked him in the face while his face was covered back in the house?

Khuhsi: Arnavji,I know what evil he has done to us, but dont you see Di's condition, do you know why she is so happy sometimes, its because shyam comes to see her and feed her...I saw him leave the house today...Di was happy she came downstairs bcoz she didnt want us to know he was here, Please for her sake.

Arnav: WHy did you not tell me before? I would have kill..

khushi,places her hand onhis mouth and says: DO you wnat to see Di healthy?

Arnav: with tears in his eyes nods

Khuhsi: then we have to bring her husband back..

Arnav: You know that we may be seperated becoz of this..

Khuhsi: If it means restoring her happiness, I am willing to accept that...I know your happiness lies in Di's happiness...

Arnav: and what about your happiness...

Khushi: Arnavji, I am happy when you both are happy, I will be fine dont worry....I will live with Buaji...and you can come see me from time to time..

Arnav: I wish we could make Di see the truth.. Khushi, Buaji can tell Di how he tricked you all and stayed as a PG and forcefully got engaged to you!!

Khushi: Arnavji, this is not the time, she is mentally disturbed, please dont tell her anything...

Anjali had been listening to this convo and suddenly has flashbacks of all the times that Shyan was not arounf since Khushi started coming to the RM...First teej, anniversay, diwali, when she found the ring, the jewelers comment, how shashi had reacted on seeing her when they GO FOR payash proposal, khushi stunned when she is introduced to shyam, shyam blaming khushi for making him fall for her....etc etc..

Anjali's demeanor suddenly changes from the whiny baby to that of goddess Durga she is raging with ringing of the temple bells, blwoing of the winds dry leaves flying in midst of the FB, Arnav and Khushi convo is haunting her, Here was her brther willing to give up his life for her, he had told her he married only to make sure her marriage was secure,but what does she do? she stabbed her loving and caring brother in the back, she was so obsessed with her lying and cheating scumbag husband that, she had resorted to lying, she had misunderstood khushi, she had cheated her brother, who doted her!!what could she do for him in return? She wiped her eyes dry...She knew that she wanted her husband back, she wanted him badly than before.

SHyam enters into the RM and Anjali is even more clingy and needy than before...She tells him how much she loves and trusts him. Shyam tells her he knows that and he loves her too and he will do anything to prove it to her..

Anjali: I know you will do anything.

Shyam: RS, that Khushi is a very cunning person, she is out to get ARdesigns, I suggest that you tell Saale sahab to put everything in your name and you can make me the trustee and I will make sure that you will not be on the streets bcoz of that clever fox Khushi..

ANjali: Shyam, you have just entered the house, please relax for sometime, lets worry about that later..

Shyam: There is no time like the present, please before she takes all his wealth..

Anjali: Accha baba, I will do as you say,but tommorow, atleast for now rest..and places her head on his chest.

shyam is smirking,thinking; Rani sahiba, once I get the papers in my hand, I am going to suck you and your brother dry, he slapped me and threw me out, I will teach him a lesson and then I will have you all killed in an accident, the RM will blow one will suspect me..I have everything planned out...

Anjali: Shyam, We lost my baby, I miss my baby

Shyam annoyed: RS, the baby was not meant to be born, now stop thinking about it, you will not get your baby back..

Anjali: it was your baby too..

Shyam taken aback: Yes, yes...but I am being practical... now go to sleep it is really late...

Anajli : I want to go downstairs for a while and leaves him in the room..

Downstairs Khushi brings her bags and says bye to everyone, Nani and Payal are in tears while Dadi says,there was no place for her in this house and today she is happy that Khushi is leaving on her own and hopes she will not be seen there again..

Arnav is standing there speechless, Khushi had made him promise that he would not utter a word to Dadi or anyone else...She was doing this for his family , for his Di..He notices Anjali coming downstairs and goes to help her...

Anjali: why is Khushi leaving?

Dadi: because she has no business being here, she is the root of problems in this house,but your brother doesn't seem to understand that...but I am glad, today I have succeeded in getting that problem out of our lives and she closes the door shut as soon as Khushi steps out of the house..

Anjali: Chotey atleast you should have dropped her home..

Nani: Khuhsi did not want to bother him, even akash offered but she refused.

Anjali: Chotey are you OK..

Arnav: Di Are you happy?

Anjali: Yes very happy, thank you for bringing him back..

Arnav: come let me drop you to the room..

Anjali: I want to be down for sometime, you go I will ask Akash to take me later..

Arnav goes to his room and locks himself: he has fb of khushi from the time he first met her to how he had doubted her she had risked her life to save his,today was the ultimate sacrifice...she left him so his sister could be happy..

Suddenly he has a brain cell light up....And he says Di!!!

He has FB of Khushi telling him earlier that she had seen Shyam leave the RM...He is angry that Anjali was secretly seeing shyam..he throws something in the air in anger, but it hits the hidden camera on the poolside and when he investigates finds the camera, he follows the wiring and sees that the RM has been bugged, Arnav's rage knows no bounds,but his promise to his brainless wife holds him back( well, I have read that there are hidden camera's in the Rm, I am sorry if this is not true)

The next day, Anjali approaches Arnav and tells him she wants the property on her name..

Arnav: Aww Di, I am so sorry, but I dont any property.

Anajli: what do you mean?

Arnav: I have given away all my property...

Anjali: TO who and why?

Arnav; I earned it with my effort, I toiled for it day and night, who I give it to and who i dont shouldnt be your concern Di..

Anjali: Ok fine atleast,I want this property in my name.

Arnav: sorry Di, it is not gonna hppen as this now beongs to Akash...

ANjali: Chotey how can you do this to me? what do I have then?

Arnav: You have your pati that you have been longing for so long....what more do you need?

Anjali: How can you do this to me chotey?

Arnav: Di, I have always loved and respected you, worshipped you and still do>>but how could you do this to me..

Dadi interuppts: She has not done anything, that home wreccker has done everything...

Arnav: Enough Dadi, You have done your share of talking, if you want to stay in this house, you will learn to respect my wife, even though she is not with me..I will not hear a word against her, do you understand...

Dadi: this is the magic she has done on you.....she has taken the wealth from you too..

Arnav: so you came back for my wealth...?

Dadi: Arnav, you know I dont mean earned it..

Arnav: yes exactly, I earned it, whats it to you or anyone else as to what I did with it?

Anjali: Dont talk to her in such a rude way....she is our dadi?

Arnav; I have learned to talk from her...and I know she is our Dadi, so just tell her to live here in peace and not interfere in my affairs..

Anjali: Fine Chotey, I will not interfere...I will not tell you anything..

Arnav: Di that is no longer gonna work...waise bhi of late you have not told me everything, so I will get used to that too..

Anjali: what Have I not told you? dont you lay accusations on me..

Arnav: when I asked you about the audio/video charge on the credit card ? you lied to me

still had the card..I have never asked you for the expalnation of what you spend on??but you lied to me....and you know it so please dont you dare say anything...I am getting late if you will excuse me...he leaves the RM.

SHyam had been evesdropping on the conversation..comes out and tells Dadi and Anjali that Khushi has brainwashed him and they need to put sense into him and show her true colors.

Dadi: We have nothing to do with that lady anymore...Arnav is just being stubborn we will find out what he has done to the wealth..

Shyam: dadi, i am only saying this to protect RS and salesahab..

Dadi: I know that, we are so blessed to have you as our SIL.

Later that day a heavy hearted Anjali goes to the storeroom to find old photos of her and Arnav; they had never argued or fought, today her chotey had said such harshful things to her....she wanted to go and remember the old times with him, as she opened the store room she saw the baby cot and began to tear up she went and sat beside it and remembered the sweet moment when Shyam had decorated it for her..she began to run her hand around the crib absentmindedly and came across the will papers....she opens and is shocked to see that it was trnsferred in Shyam's name...She has FB of Khushi and Arnav conversation the day before...

Sep 10, 2012

Chapter no#2 (By MISTAKEWA)

Chp #2;

ASR spent much of the day buried in work, he had not been able to concentrate or do anything in peace, he had FB of Khushi telling him that they would still see each other,but she would live with Buaji because that was best for his family..

In rage he bangs is fist on the table and says: Damn it! Damn you Khushi, How can you be so selfless? Do you even know what I am going through ?? Hope you like what you are putting us through Khsuhi? He is so mad he takes the glass vase and hurls it across the floor...

IN GH Khushi had spent most of the day, trying to cheer up babuji and Amma, Buaji had stepped out of the house as she had some work, Khushi had offered to do it for her but buaji told her to stay with her parents as Garima too was disturbed lately.

Shashi: Kh-kh-khshi....W-h-e-re is D-a-m-a-d-j-i?

Khuhsi: Arrey wah Babuji, you can talk, I am so happy...Amma did you hear him talk?

Garima: He has been trying Khushi! Since he has started he only keeps asking about you.

Khushi;why did you not tell me before Amma, I would have come in a jiffy/

Garima: with all the drama being played out in your family it skipped my you can talk all you want..

And she steps out of the room..

Khushi: Babuji, I am the happiest person today knowing you are able to speak again, you will soon be able to even walk I have full faith in Devi maiyya and my babuji's ability..

Shashi smiles and puts his hand on her head, and slowly askes: What is wrong? Tell me the truth..

Khushi: Nothing is wrong babuji. Nothing at all...and anyways, you should talk something nice instead of having that serious look and and asking questions like a detective...chaliye babuji, lets celebrate you being able to speak, I will make Jalebi...

Shashi smiles and says Pagli ladki.

Khuhsi comes out into the kitchen and begins preparing for the jalebis...

Someone was watching her from afar, keeping a track of her every move and reporting it further...this person saw Khushi laughing playfully with her father, running around after garima,dancing with one point he comments that she was hot and sexy, the person on the other end of the phone gets extremely angry and says if he hears it again he will personally come and bash him up for saying such things about the love of his life...he has been asked to keep an eye on her, she is his bhabi and he should just do that and not let dirty thoughts cross his mind and hangs up the phone.

Khushi spends the rest of the day doing chores in the house and as it begins to get dark retires to her room. She checks her phone ,but there are no messages or missed calls from her laad governor.....she knows he would not call her, but should she call him and find out what he was doing?how he was holding up? Then to herself; No khushi, you know what his condition is right now, you have not done justice to him, you forced him to bring that scum in his house, what are you going to tell him?Its better if you don't call...looks at his picture she had picked up before leaving hugs it and says: Arnavji, Please forgive me,but I didn't see any other way out, I cant see Di int his state, I love you very much, Maybe I will never be able to show how much, I know my actions and words have hurt you to the core, but I also Know DI means a lot to you.I just want you both to be happy...So what if I am not there, You will find 100 other girls, but Di is the only one that you have...I hope you understand and a lonely tear escapes her eye..

She is brought out of her thoughts with Buaji calling out for her: Khushi-O- khushi, Sankadevi, have you gone to sleep?

Khuhsi: No Buaji, I was just offering prayers, Give me a minute, I will be right out.

She heads out after wiping her tears and fixing herself up.and says: what happened bauji, did you need anything?

BUaji: HRNK, what is all this Sankadevi? Do you intend to feed the entire neighbourhood? Who is going to eat the kitchen full of jalebis?

Khushi looks around: Oh, I didn't realize I made so much, I was so happy to hear babuji speak,I ended up making all this,trying to give a forced smile..I will distribute this to the neighbours...otherwise they will go waste.

Buaji: Leavet aht for now and come with me...she grabs her hand and takes her to the terrace.

On the Terrace Buaji holds Khushi by her shoulders and says: Khushi, What is going on? Why did you not tell us ?

Khuhsi: I don't understand Buaji...tell you what? Everything is fine...

Buaji: You leaving RM is fine?

Khuhsi: who told you that? Jiji!!! I had told her not to worry you all with all this, but she is such a emotional fool,she had to tell you...buaji, don't worry...I will find a job and will support us..

Buaji: Khushi, Just answer me, why did you hide so much from us? About what Shyam did? First to you and then to Arnav babua...why did you not tell us about the kidnapping, you don't think of us as your family right...

Khushi: cupping buaji's face: Please don't say this buaji, you are my reason to live, if I don't have you and amma, babuji I will not live...I just did not want you all to get worried...and at the time the situation was such that I could not tell anyone anything or else Arnavji would have lost his life..

Buaji: Ye Khushi, Hamri sankadevi, I want you to tell me why you married him in such a hurry? Why have you come back now? And I want you to swear on your dead parents that all is well and you are not making any excuses or lying to me....and if you really love and respect me than I want to know everything...

Khushi: Buaji, Aisi koi baat nahi hai...

Buaji: then swear on your parents life, on my shashi babua..

Khuhsi: Icant do that..

Buaji: then tell me the truth, today I am not going to let you go without the truth...out with it...I demand it now..

Khushi: begins with the night ofPayal's wedding, what happened on the terrace...Arnav threatening to stop Payash wedding, her marriage, all the hardhsips she endured, shyam's advances, Arnav's kidnapping,how she found out he was behind kidnapping, how she rescued arnav, NK's help, how she did not have the proof, Anjali's depression...and what ever else happened until now...buaji is in shock as she hears all this, she feels she has been hit a high speed train, her head was reeling hearing what all Khushi had endured silently and even she had hurled insults at khushi, when she needed the support and understanding the most.

Buaji: Sankadevi, what are you made of? All this happened and yet we were worried about payaliya all the time..She gives Khushi a hug and continues: I swear by nandkishore, I am going to teach that bad ass Shyam a lesson, I had warned him to stay away from you, he has taken my silence as my weakness, I was quiet out of respect for the Riazada's but when he has tried to destroy your life, I cant let him live in peace.

Khushi: Buaji, you will not do anything of that sort, you will see my dead face if you try to do anything to him, you want me to see at peace right, then please lets move on..

Buaji: Aye Khushi, I don't understand why are you being so stubborn for the scumbag, leech of a human..

KHushi: Because Buaji, Di needs him, she is very weak right now, he is the anchor for her, if he is not with her, she is depressed, if he is not around her she doesn't smile, he is her life buaji, he is her life and breaks down..

Buaji: and what about Arnav bitwa, and what about you Khushi?

Khuhsi: Buaji, Arnavji's happiness lies with Di's happiness and mine with his, if he is happy to see his Di happy then I am happy..

Buaji: do you actually believe what you are saying?

Khushi: I know what I am saying Buaji, there is nothing more to say or do, my only request to you is not to ponder over this any longer...we all have to move on Buaji...come on lets go..

BUaji: lifts her hands in air looking up in exasperation: HRNK, Is this girl even human, What kind of conditions she lays, she doesn't want us to interfere....she says her happiness lies in Arnav and Anjali's happiness, God knows what goes on in her mind....and she walks down along with Khushi..

Khushi Does not eat dinner that night , she distributes the Jalebis to the neighbours including the guy who is keeping an eye on her for someone..she thinks that he is the new employee at the garage and even exchanges a few pleasantaries with him.

She comes back in the house changes and is sitting on her chair talking to Devi maiyya..praying for her Anravji and Di..She talks about moving away from Delhi with Amma, babuji and Buaji.

Little does she know someone else is watching her too on the CCTV.she goes to lie down but finds it hard to sleep...she goes in the kitchen and makes a cup of tea and brings out the jalebis and sits on the steps and looks up at the clear night sky....the stars shone brightly...

Khushi to herself: I wish I was there with you too amma, babuji!! My life is become a mess, I don't know what to do anymore, I just want to rest and not think about anything, I miss Arnavji, I have spent this day with great difficulty not seeing him, not talking to will I spend the rest of my life...tears flow down her cheek, she was unaware someone was watching her and hearing her talk to her parents...she wiped her tears and when the cool breeze blows her tresses around she looks ravishing.She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath and slightly bends to her side and finds herself being embraced by someone, she opens her eyes frightened and stunned by the hug.

Sep 10, 2012



Khushi looks up and says You this hour? Let go of me...

Arnav: Buaji has gone to sleep, Amma and babuji are in their one I will see us.

Khushi: But what are you doing here so late at night?

Arnav: Did you not tell me we could see each other anytime, and I wanted to see you so I am here.

Khuhsi: You should go home...DI needs you, if dadiji finds out she will not be happy..

Arnav: Khushi, Di's needs, Dadi's happiness you can think of all that?but what about yours...and mine?

He stands up and takes a few steps back from her; I know what you will say so please spare me and don't say it..

Khuhsi: Arnavji,Tell me aren't you happy to see Di smile, and eat and talk...

Arnav comes to her and holds her by the shoulders and angrily says: KKGSR, stop, I don't want to here about her happiness anymore, come on lets go in your room We have to talk..

Khuhsi: You cant come in, we have not done the saath pheras..

Arnav: Khushi, stop with this drama, We both know we are married, I wanted to do the pheras,but look what happened.........he holds her hand and forcefully takes her in..

Khushi: wait a minute Arnavji ,my jalebis and tea..

Arnav taking the stuff and says: chalo, you can have them in theroom...

Khushi reluctantly follows him making a sullen face..

Once in her room;

khushi bursts into a angry rant; How can you do this Arnavji, coming like this late at night, what will Di, think what will Dadi..

Before she can carry on further Arnav closes her mouth with his hand and angrily holds her and leaves her: Enough, Kabhi Di, Kabhi dadi....I am just sick of hearing both those names.... I love Di and would give up my life because she is my sister...but why you Khushi, why are you hell bent on destroying yours?

Khushi: looking in his eyes and cupping his face: I love you and you are my life...and Di is a integral part of it, I want to see her happy,and that is the only way,my life will be better.

Arnav: Khushi, but Di, doesn't think of it that way Khuhsi, She doesn't understand the sacrifices you have done for her happiness, what was the point of hiding the truth from her from the start..

Khushi: Its not like that Arnavji, Di is the sweetest person I know, She is so loving and caring..

Arnav: Yes loving and caring for that Ass?$%* Shyam, She doesn't love me or care for me, you know she has been seeing shyam secretly all this while, inspite of knowing he kidnapped me and tried to kill me and take my wealth! And I found out that some one had ordered Equipment using her card,when I had asked her about that,she said she had lost the card..

Khushi: Some may have taken it and bought the stuff, what has Di got to do with it?

Arnav: Bcoz, I found that the house has been wired!

Khushi: What?but why would Di do that/

Arnav: SO that bast%$^ would have acess to what was going on with us..

Khushi: The entire house Arnavji..

Arnav; Pretty much yes....

Khushi very nervously: Our bedroom and bathroom too with horried look on her face..

Arnav with a slight smile: No don't worry, He was not able to put the camera there...If he had, I would have killed the b&*(^% before coming here. Turning serious he continues, now tell me Khushi, is all your sacrifice worth it...You want my Di to live with a scum, who will manipulate her and take my wealth too and leave us on the streets.Is that what you want? Will you be happy if this happens..

Khuhsi: Arnavji, I don't want any harm coming to you or Di, I will not let Di be unhappy, you have more business sense then me....I have moved out of your house like Dadi wanted, I told you to bring Di's husband back to see her happy...I don't know what more I should do..

Arnav: For a change forget Me, forget Di and begin to think about yourself....Do you even know DI asked me to transfer all the property in her name today....And I know that this is not my Di speaking, but the influence of Shyam...She is afraid that you will take all the wealth from me..

Khushi: I will be fine Arnavji.. don't worry about me, and if DI wants the wealth, give it to her, after all she has a share in it too, she is the rightful owner. She was there to support you when you were building it up..she has been your pillar of strength when you were unsure and a rock in all those turbulent times you went through and she indeed has the right over your wealth.

Arnav and what about you?

Khushi: Arnavji, I was just a passing phase of your life, DI and Dadi have been there since you were born...

Arnav: Enough lies Khushi, I saw and heard what you were saying outside..

Khushi:what was I saying? Nothing at all..

Arnav: Stop lying for god sake.. at least now tell the truth..Were you not saying, spending a day without me was difficult, you don't know how you will spend the rest of the day without me..

Khushi turned around facing away from him to hide her tears, but Arnav had had enough of this self-sacrificing lady act, he wanted her to start thinking about her, but she was a stubborn and adamant person.

Arnav walked on the other side and was about to say something in anger,but he saw the tears trickle down her cheeks and his expressions softened, her tears broke his heart, it cried with her and for her....

He cupped her face and said: Dekha, I was right, you cant live without me, You said yourself I am your life, just like you are mine...Don't make it difficult for everyone...Don't hide behind the faade that Di needs Shyam, the truth is I need you more than she needs him, I need you to join hands with me in exposing Shyam and making Di realize that we are indeed doing this in her best interest...

Khushi cant resist but goes in his open arms and hugs him tight like holding on to dear life..

Arnav too smiles and says: Khushi, are you intending on suffocating me...I cant breathe..Jaan keh kar jaan lene ka irada hai kya?

Khuhsi: Loosening her grip, I am sorry Arnavji, are you alright?

Arnav: With you hanging on me, I think I am perfectly fine....Do you even know how hard it was to even spend the day today, each second felt like an hour,each hour like a day....I was going crazy not being able to talk to you or see you Khushi..

Khushi: Arnavji, Maafkijiye, but Dadi will not be happy, she blames me for what happened to your parents, she says I remind her of the woman that destroyed your family..

Arnav: Khushi, I am telling you this once and only once; It doesn't matter what happened in the past, I want to live in the present and my present is with you...I don't want to worry about the future....thinking of the past and dwelling on it only will cause pain and depression, worrying about the future will only cause anxiety,but living for here and now will give contentment which is the greatest gift of all...I am not saying this, I read it, some scholar said it..And before you bring Dadi in this,let me tell you Dadi is part of my family and my life, I have accepted that, now she has to accept that you are now my life and my wife. I will not let anyone disrespect you are show you the door...if she cant accept that, I am sorry she will have to go back to the Ashram...She is the one who wants to dig into the past.whoever was responsible for my parents death makes no difference to me, becoz being upset with that person is not going to bring my parents back..Infact, I should be thanking this person for the way my life turned out...through tragedy, I was able to step out of the shade and see the light and learn through hardship and emerge out strong and successful....

Khushi: If Di objects, I will never step in RM again..

Arnav: Khushi, In a week I am going to take you back home, your home and no one can ask you to leave because you are the rightful owner..

Khushi: Ji, I don't understand?

Arnav: Don't pressure your brain so much, some things are beyond your understanding?because,you don't have..

Khushi annoyed cuts him off: Haan haan kahiye...Ki hamare paas dimag nahi hai( yes say I don't have brains?)

Arnav: I was going to say you don't have to worry about understanding, but when you have said it, who am I to deny? You are right...

Smiles at her as he lifts her chin up...I was joking Khushi...come on give me a smile..

Khushi: It is really late you should leave...

Arnav: I am not going anywhere, I am spending the night here..

Khushi: but buaji.Amma...

Arnav making himself comfortable on the bed: What were you saying? Does it look like I care, and buaji knows that you are my wife and why will she object? I am tired having to deal with your shenanigans so please let me sleep...come on you too hop in....otherwise you will have to sleep on the flour and as I remember, there are humungous rats here, as he pulls her onto the bed with him.

Khushi lies down next to him and he takes her hand and kisses it and falls asleep.

The next morning when Khushi wakes up she sees that Arnav is no where to be seen, she stepped out of her room into the kitchen but does not find any tea cup or plate she had used last night...She steps outside see the tyre marks of his car...She goes back in her room confused, Was Arnavji really there with her last night or was this the figment of her imagination?

Sep 11, 2012



Anjali was in her room when Arnav got home. Arnav asked Mami if she had eaten anything, Mami said that damadji had fed her and she had not come down yet.

Arnav: Mamiji, I will freshen up and come,please can you have breakfast ready.

Mami: ofcourse Arnav bitwa, Should I send it to your room?

Arnav: No Mami I will come down and have it with everyone. Hope you all haven't had it.

Mami:HHBB no one is down yet,Khoon bha....When Arnav looks at her ...she says I mean payal is preparing you want anything in particular?

Arnav: No Mami, what ever is there I will eat and begins going to his room,but he stops with dadi calling out for him.

Dadi: Arnav wait!! where were you all night long? Why did you not come home, were you with that lowly woman?

Arnav takes a deep breath makes a fist and grinds his teeth trying to control his anger, he turns around looks her in the eyes and says: Dadi, this is the last and final warning, the woman you are referring to is my wife and I would expect you show some respect for her,and if you continue hurling insults at her, I will forget that you are my elder and get you out of this house and back to your Ashram.Just understand one thing, where I go,what I do is none of your business, hope you understand that.

Dadi: Arnav, That woman has been filling your head with poison, first against Damadji,now against me and I am sorry that an intelligent person like you has fallen for her charming ways.

Arnav: yelling ENOUGH....Its not me, but you that is blind. This house belongs to that woman, she could have taken it and thrown you out of here, but she will never do anything like that because she is a woman of honor.And your damadji, why is he here, cant he live in his own place? Why does he want to be a ghar jamai? Just because I agreed to have him in the house doesn't mean that you have won Dadi, if I did this it was only because of Khushi, If she had not made me promise, that scum would be rotting in jail for what he did to her and me.

Dadi tries to lift her hand up but Arnav does the stop sign before her and continues as he extends his hand toward her face: Not another word Dadi, or I will forget what our relationship is and will do something that will be an embarrassment for everyone....and yes, one more thing, you want to live here,go ahead but don't you ever interfere in anyone's business.You lost that right when you left us and went at a time when we needed you the most.I hope I have made myself clear and walks toward his room.

Shyam had been eveasdropping on their conversation,is upset that even Dadi is not going to be useful in helping him anymore, she was able to get him into the house, but now he will have to think of something to get to the wealth. Rani sahiba is useless too, she is so clingy and whiny, I should get rid of both these women.But one person can help him and he knows who it is.

He tells Anjali that he has some work and return back soon.

Meanwhile Khuhsi is still dazed and confused at how real her dream was? She had touched her lad governor,he had held her hand all night long.she looks up and absentmindedly says, Arnavji, I will have to call you and find out whether you were really here last night!Otherwise I will go crazy thinking about it all day long.But you know if it was a dream it was a beautiful one becoz you were in it.Lad governor, as she looks at the picture she had taken from his room and places it next to Devi maiyya.someone had been watching her everymove knows what is to be done next.

Khushi gets ready to leave for the temple, the phone rings and Buaji picks up the phone.

BUaji: HRNK, who do you want to speak to? And holds the phone for a min without saying another word and hangs up.

KHushi: Who was it Buaji?

Buaji:some silly salesman,trying to sell me Airconditioner...Sankadevi, wait I will go with you too.

Khushi: Ok Buaji, I will wait.

They both head to the temple, Little do they know they are being followed.At the temple Buaji meets a old neighbor she had not seen in a long time and begins chatting with her and tells Khushi to offer prayers in the meanwhile.

As Khushi is passing she hears afamiliar voice crying and begging infront of god: please god, don't let anything happen to my Ranisahiba, I am sad because she lost the baby because of me, If she had not been so careless and worried about me, she would not have stepped on the glass or got the electric shock and fallen down the stairs...Now she is not eating and wants to protect her brother's wealth but he is not willing to transfer the property in her name.Onnly you can do some miracle and help my wife get better.

Khushi is shocked to hear this; Di is not getting better even after SHyamji is back in the house and now she is spoiling her health because she wants the property?I must talk to Arnavji, I have to tell him how much Shyam has changed? He cares about Di and I must help him make Di happy.Should I go and talk to him? Then to herself, no khushi, after what he did to Arnavji,you cant talk to can help DI by convincing Arnavji..

She goes into the the temple where puja is being performed and prays to god to help Anjali and bring peace to the disturbed Arnav.She closes her eyes and after the prayers are done,when she opens them she finds someone standing next to her and she turns to look.

Khushi: Aap phirse?then to herself, Khushi this is not possible, you are dreaming again..

Arnav: shaking her, what happened? Why have you turned pale? Are you not happy seeing me?

Khushi: Ji woh, Kal raat?

Arnav: What happened last nite?

Khushi: Forget it, if I tell you, you will just laugh at me.

Arnav: Why have you come alone?

Khushi: Buaji is with me...and what are you doing here/

Arnav: I have come to offer my prayers.

Khushi: But the sun hasn't started rising from the west? And you are coming to offer prayers this early in the morning?

Arnav; Very funny....I came to see you and warn you to be careful about SHyam Monahar Jha as he is following her.

Khushi: NO Arnavji, I think you are mistaken, SHyamji is a changed Man.

Arnav annoyed: Did he talk to you and tell you that?

Khushi: NO Arnavji, I don't think he even saw me, He was praying to God and I heard him, he was offering prayers and requesting God to make DI better, she tells him about the broken glass and elevtric shock.

Arnav: What there was broken Glass? Di was hurt on the feet too and none if us worried about it. Did she get an electric shock before she fell?

Khushi: that is what he was saying and begging God to help Di get better.

Arnav: Khushi, don't pay heed to that ba&&** he is trying to manipulate you again. I will handle him.

Khushi: But Arnavji, he is..

Arnav: Stop it, what is wrong with you?I don't want to hear about DI shyam or Dadi from you ever or else you will never see me again. I swear on my love, I will go far away and never return. You get that...he leaves from there with Khushi tearful..

Meanwhile SHyam reaches RM andhas bloodied face and a black eye. He comes in the house and Mami and Nani see him and Mami comments HHBB, what is this Damadji, you left chotey left and now you are back with the world map imprinted on your face,Is chotey close behind..

Dadi: Manorama, You are thinking this is funny? Damadji is in such a bad shape and you are in the mood of joking?

Nani: What happened?

Shyam: Nothing Nani, There was a brawl and I tried to intervene and in the process got a few punches.

Dadi: what was the need to interfere? Look at how badly they have beaten you...come let me get you cleaned up if Anjali sees you int his state she will panic and takes him in.

Nani: Manorama, Where is chotey?

Mami: Sasuma, he left after getting ready, did not even have breakfast..

Nani: Tell HP to take it to his work, I will call him.

She goes and calls Arnav and asks him why he left without meeting her?

Arnav: there was some urgent work.

Nani tells him what happened with Shyam?

Arnav: What else can you expect from a sleazy ball like him? I am sure he must have teased someone.

Nani: Chotey, you were not involed in this right?

Arnav: NAni, You think I would be involved...though I would have loved to do it,but he is my Jijaji.

Nani: OK don't get mad, I am sending brkfast,please eat and hangs up.

Arnav hangs up and has a flashback....and smiles.

Sep 11, 2012



Arnav has a flashback of when he went to the temple and saw that Shyam was looking out for Khushi, he had seen her and Buaji and had got scared because his Sidekick had not mentioned that someone else was going with her too,he had taken a step back to hide from view and bumped into a young lady and got slapped by her...but when he saw Buaji talking and Khushi coming up the stairs, he had just moved away and gone to the shrine where Khuhsi would pass from and started praying...

Arnav initially thought of going and pulling Khushi away but thought better of it, as he did not want Shyam to know that he was close by too. He decided to return back to his car and meet Khushi later, but as he was coming down the stairs, the young lady who Shyam had bumped into was complaining to a man who look like he was a goon..

The Man said: If I find that b&*?%, I will break his bones.

At that moment Arnav had an idea he went up to the man and said: You must be careful around here with your mother, wife and sisters, there is a pervert that likes to tease women and touch them acting as if he has bumped accidently...It happened with my wife too and had taught him a lesson, but some people are like a dog`s tail, how much ever you try they are always crooked..

Man: I will teach that ass such a lesson, that he will forget even touching his wife,Just point him out to me.

Arnav; You see that guy there pretending to pray, that`s him...

Man: I will knock the daylights out of him..and rolls up his sleeves to go to him,

Arnav pulls him back: I don't think you should go now, wait for him to come out and then show him what it means to mess with women of your house and turns and goes back up the stairs, and stands behind a pillar watching over Khushi.

After he is done, he smirks and leaves from there, and Arnav notices him glancing at Khushi and is enraged.

As Shyam begins to walk away the Man approaches him and calmly asks: So I noticed that you have scored today. You seem like a smooth talker and women may be falling for your charms..

SHyam: Excuse me do I know you..

Man: Guru, teach me a couple of tricks too..and winks at Shyam.

Shyam: SO you noticed, Bhai, now what is the point of hiding from you, there is a thrill in doing it and especially when the other person plays hard to get, we have to come up with tricks, you seem to be my type of person, come I will teach you how to entice a woman...

As soon as he said this a fist came flying his way, he lost his balance and slipped down a couple of stairs...

The man had called a couple of his buddies as he waited for Shyam to come out..Shyam was dazed and surprised as to what had hit him,He tried to ask why are you ...hittin....

Man: To dust all the tricks off of scum bag, don't you have shame? You eye others wives and sisters, you Ass&*^%.

Shyam: Hey you, talk with some respect, don't you know who I am?

Man: Abbey, Do you know who I am and who you tried to mess with just now?

Shyam: You keep your eyes off her, don't you understand, she has been my desire for a long time...

Man: Your desire, you A%&&&**, I have waited such a long time and you want to come and Whisk her away, not in a million years..he and his buddies had bashed Shyam up pretty bad,and he had no clue who the guy was talking about.

Arnav then went into the temple and stood behind khushi...He stood there beside her looking at her...she looked so beautiful...her lips....he is brought back into reality by a knock on the door..It was Hariprakash with his breakfast..

Arnav tells him to leave it on the table and send Akash up as Akash too had left without eating..

Akash comes up to his cabin and says: Bhai, Mom had called Jijaji has been roughed up...

Arnav: yes I heard too, Naniasked if I had to do anything with it...

Akash: Bhai...Dadi didn't?

Arnav: yes she did...but I know it was not nani asking, she must have been forced by dadi...

Akash: What do we do now bhai...

Arnav: Call Nani and tell her to call the police, and let shyam file an FIR, he is a lawyer he will know what to do..Call DI, she will convince her husband to go to the police and get justice for himself...

Akash: That is a good idea I will talk to Dadi...and he calls home, Mami picks up the phone and Aksh tells her to give the phone to Nani.

Nani: What is wrong Akash bitwa? No we are sitting with him, yes his face and arm is pretty bad...Dadi is applying medicine, no Anjali bitiya is fine...Police...Ok ...I will call..No here talk to Damadji...and hands the phone to Shyam...

SHyam: NO Akash, I am was just a misunderstanding...I just intervened between 2 people who were fighting, but ended up getting hurt...I don't think we need to call the police..

Akash: No Jijaji, Bhai has strictly instructed that we have to call the police...and Now that I know that you were doing such a noble deed and they beat you up, I too feel the police should catch the culprits..

Shyam: Suddenly winces in pain and says Saale sahib, I think I should rest now, I don't have the strength to go to the police and give my statement.

Akash: No you don't have to go, Bhai is calling the DIG, who is a good friend and he will send someone to take your statement...and you know Bhai, what he says he does and he wants to get to the bottom of this, Di has gone through a lot and he cant afford to have her stressed out....

SHyam thinking what the hell did he get himself into, Until now Arnav had been acting dumb, he had not informed the police when he was kidnapped even after Khsuhi had convinced suddenly he wanted police involvement... because his dumb sister was not well, Shyam could not let that happen....He could not risk police involvement...He had to get his plan to be successful and he had to keep the police at bay...

After Hanging up with Akash he told Dadi,nani and Anjali that he is apprehensive of police involvement as he had helped save a girl from being molested by the goons and being a lawyer he knew what police involvement meant for the girl and her family's honor and how difficult it would be for the poor female to live in our society..Looking at dadi he continued...Dadi, would you want a daughter or granddaughter to be put through such a test for no fault of hers...

Daadi: you are such a noble person Damadji, You got beat up trying to save a girls honor, you make me so proud , we are blessed to have you as our son in law.

Nani cringes at that statement, but does not say anything.

Khushi comes back home with Buaji and wonders how come Arnavji came to the temple? How did he know that I was going to be in the temple..

She comes out of her room and asks Amma and buaji, if arnav had called .

Buaji: HRNK why will he call? And why do you ask..

Khushi; just like that..Buaji, I am going to go and see him at work..

Buaji: HRNK, why do you want to go Sanka devi?

Khushi: I will come back and tell you, it is very important that I see him and she leaves..

She arrives at the office and Arnav was in a conference, as she opens the entrance he feels that she is around, he tells the staff to continue without him and asks Akash to take over while he goes to his cabin..

Khuhsi asks the secretary where Arnav is and is told he is in a conference and she can wait in his cabin..

Khushi goes up to his cabin and sees the chair facing towards the wall, she does not check to see if anyone is there...she goes and sits on the chair in front of Arnav's...then starts to mumble to herself: Khushi, Be prepared to sit here for a long time, god knows how long his conference will go on..and he doesn't even know you are here...Its weird I feel he is somewhere close by..has he felt that I am around too...again speaks to herself: even if he has felt it, he is lad governor...he will not leave is work and come running for you, and you stupid girl, you have hurt him so much by bringing Shyam back....but you did that for Di, he is upset now, but he will soon see that I did the right thing....But I miss him so much, she stands up and goes to the shelf which has Arnav and Anjali's picture from previous year;s Rakhi...She has a flashback of the time, he had said the laddos were good and Anjali had told him Khushi had made them.. she holds the picture and kisses Arnav and says: I love you so much, Do you know I have begun to imagine you with me at night...I know you are going through the same pain as I am, but our lives are meant to be spent without each other so that Di can be happy...Arnavji, I love you very much damnit.....Every second I spend away from you is excruciatingly and painfully long... I may not be able to say it in front of you but I have decided to move back to Lucknow with Amma, babuji and Buaji because if I am close to you, I will always want to come and see you, and may not be able to resist coming in your arms and being in your embrace, I don't want to cause you further pain, so I think it is best that I go really far away so that you can start fresh and get married to someone nice...

Arnav turned around from the chair and Angrily said : what the? What the hell are you talking KKGSR? Seriously you don't have the brains..Who the hell are you to decide everything on your own..

Khushi: Arnavji, You... I thought you were in the conference...

Arnav: Yes I was, but when I felt you come in, I came out to see to you...but you don't seem like you even want to give our relationship a there is nothing left to say....Please leave..

Khushi: Arnavji, please don't get upset... I was just talking to myself...I did not know you were here...

Arnav: Its good that I was here, atleast I know what is going on in that pea sized brain of yours...otherwise you would not even have told me what you were up if you will excuse me, I have a lot of work to can leave now..

Khushi: keeps his picture back, looks at him with longing, but sees his rage and slowly walks towards the door....She has a instant desire to run and hug him...she cannot walk away from him...his heart is calling out to hers, they have been through a lot and been there for each other, she cannot walk away now...She turns around and runs to him and hugs him...

Arnav; Is this the goodbye hug? If it is I am not interested...spare me the drama...and leave please...I will not stop you..anyways there was nothing special between was always about others...

Khushi: Nahi, nahi, nahi....I am not going anywhere......I am dying inside Arnavji, I am dying....I cant live without you, my heart beats for you....I thought I am brave enough to leave you and go, but all I see is you.........I am so lost, I just want all this to end, I want to die, Please relieve me of my misery...I am not able to comprehend life is out of control........

Arnav: You are the reason for your think you can handle everything on your own, and you know you cant....I am tired of telling you this...but you will not improve...what makes you think that my life will be meanful without you in it....You want a married man to get married to someone else...

Khushi: What should I do? I am the reason all this mess happened?

Sep 12, 2012


Khushi: What should I do? I am the reason all this mess happened?

Arnav: why do you think so?

Khuhsi: Arnavji, I should have told Di about Shyam when I found out that inspite of being married he forcefully got engaged to me....He tried to convince me that he was only married to DI out of force, that Di was controlling his life....he tried to talk to me numerous times....I should have told you...but I did not...I shouod have told Buaji the truth but I did not...all that led to a misunderstanding between us, then aftr we got married he tried to get close to me..I hate him...he hurt you and he got away with it...and now to see Di happy I have brought him back so that you don't have to see her suffer,but in the process I have caused you so much pain...

Arnav softening up: Khushi, when you know that you cant handle things on your own, why don't you seek help. Agreed that I was un approachable before,but now? Khushi I am with you, I know that you love me and Di a lot and will do anything....but Khushi, Just because you can do it doesn't mean that you do the wrong thing...If you go away now and push me away from your life, you are making the same mistake in a different way...Khushi if you want to do anything, then do justice to Di....You know Shyam has cheated her, he kidnapped me, he tried to kill you and me....he is obsessed with you, he had himself told me that Di was the only hurdle to overcome to get to you...He is a wolf in a sheep's clothing..

Khuhsi:But he is so remorseful..

Arnav: If he is so remorseful then why does he have a guy keeping an eye on you outside your house...

Khushi: wide eyed, What??how do you know this?

Arnav holding her hand brings her to the chair and sits her down and he sits on the table and bends forward and says: Because I have my men protecting you too...

KHushi: Arnavji have set up security for me...why?

Arnav: Don't you know the answer Khushi....that you are asking me?

Khuhsi: But...I am fine...why do I need security..

Arnav: Because Shyam knows that the only way he can get to me is through you...he wants my property and my business...he knows Di was not successful in getting it for him and the only person that can gice it to him on a platter is you...


Arnav: yes you....You already got him in the house,becoz DI needed him, she couldn't live without was so easy for you to forget all that he did to us.....and you know you hold the key to the entire AR empire....Even I am at your service..

Khushi:I don't understand!!!

Arnav: Khushi, I have transferred all this wealth and whatever I have earned in your name...You are the sole proprietor of AR... the RM is for Akash..but I have told Dadi even that belongs to you...

KHushi: But why? This is your hard have earned this..

Arnav: what is the point of having all the wealth when I don't have my love to share it will not buy me peace of mind, it will not buy me happiness, it cant mend relationships and bring back what I have lost.

Khushi: You shouldn't have done that Arnavji...

Arnav: Its not for you to tell what I should do and what I shouldn't.

Khuhsi: But how do you know that it is Shyam's men?

Arnav: Because I heard Shyam on the Phone one day asking someone to follow you, so I immediately stepped up security for you...Remember the guy who is new at the garage, he is I mean was Shyam's spy?

Khuhsi: was?

Arnav: Yes I bought him out, he will only tell Shyam what he wants to here....I am going to show you and Di that what sort of a scum he is...

Khuhsi: Arnavji, Please forgive me, for bringing him back...I thought he had changed..

Arnav: that is your problem Khushi!!! You believe everything very easily, it is not a light switch that today you are bad and with turn of a switch you become good..

Khushi: but Di, how will we handle her?

Arnav: Do You have faith in me?

Khuhsi nods, he continues; we have to make di realise that he is a scoundrel and will always remain one and he needs to be punished for his misdeeds..

Khushi: I am with you Arnavji, Please forgive me....I acted irrationally...

Arnav: Khushi, now stop feeling guilty, I know it was irrational,but this has given us an excellent chance to end the Shyam faade once and for all....He has tricked us for a long time but his time is up and he is going to go out with a bang...

Khushi: what do you have in mind...

Arnav: I will tell you when the time comes,but right now I want you to know something....there is a camera in your room..

Khushi: what?? Did he put it in our house too looking uneasy..

Arnav: relax, I have had it installed..

Khushi: You,but why?

Arnav: because I want to see you whenever I want...I want to keep tabs of your every moment, I want to know that you are safe...I want to see you with your open hair standing by the look so beautiful last was breathtaking.

Khushi: You know I felt you with me...I sat with you , you put me to sleep we had held hands...and when I woke up I realised it was a dream...

Arnav: You fool, I was there with you last night...

Khuhsi: But when I woke up you were gone....

Arnav: bcoz I had some work and had to leave early..KKGSR, you really are a crazy woman...smiles at her..

Khushi: arnavji,I love you damn it...

Arnav just smiles at her...

Khushi: Arnavji, I want to help you too....tell me what I should do..

Arnav: No please no!!Khushi, The best help you can do it stay out of this, please let me handle it...promise me you will not interfere..

Khushi:But Arnavji..

Arnav: showing her the hand, I want you to promise....that will be the biggest help..

Khushi: I agree that I have caused a mess, but...I can help you in exposing shaym... when she sees his nose flaring...she keeps her hand in his and says Ok fine, I promise... and makes a face at him..

Arnav: Khushi I want you to be vigilant, don't go by yourself, I want you to inform me wherever you go...Thanks to you he is in the house and now I have to be worried about Di's safety too, so I have had the CCTVs installed around RM too..

Khuhsi: What???

Arnav: Its my house! Why are you so surprised and Di are the most important people in my life...I know Shyam is up to no good, he has had his way until now, but not anymore....He has taken my silence as my weakness,I will show him what it means to mess with ASR..

Khushi: Please be are scaring me now..

Just then Akash enters and tells Arnav that Shyam has refused to press charges and Dadi called to say that Shyam sustained those injuries trying to save a woman from being molested...

Khushi: Dekha Arnavji, maybe he is a changed man..

Arnav: Khushi, I know that shyam is not a lawyer but a pathological lier....I was there when he got beat up..

Khushi: What???Did you hire someone to beat him...I did not this expect this kind of behaviour from you..

Arnav irritated: what the...Why the hell do you feel that I would get him beaten up.. he teased someone's fianc at the temple and payed for it..

Akash: Bhai, how do you know this.

Arnav: Bcoz I had been to the temple this mornig.

Akash surprised: Bhai, you went to the temple, by yourself,without anyone telling you?

Arnav: relax Akash, I had just gone to meet Khushi as I had nto spoken to her..

Khushi: But Shyamji was so remorseful at the temple..

Arnav: That was all an act, he wanted you to see how he has changed..

Akash: Bhai, what is going on? Please...You know Jijaji is the reason DI is feeling better...then why are you so worried..

Arnav: Akash, You know I will do anything for my family...I went against mami when you said you want to marry payal, you did not question me helping you then?then why are you trying to act as an obstacle when it comes to Di's life..

Akash: BHai , I am sorry that I am saying this, Unless you tell me what has happened and what you know about Jijaji that I don't, I am sorry but I cant support you..

Arnav for the first time screams at Akash: So you will support that scum bag...he was the one that hugged khushi on the day of your marriage...I have seen it with my own eyes, when I confronted him he told me that Khushi was having an affair with him and Di was the only obstacle in his way....I did not want Di's life to be destroyed so I blackmailed Khushi into marrying me, I had threatened that I would stop your marriage.Khushi, refused to tell me anything about him...I should have talked to Buaji and Her mom but I did not, I was suffering inside, I loved Khushi,but shyam had said she loved him, I was afraid of being rejected by her...even when she told the truth I did not believe her that was my biggest mistake...After that I got kidnapped...He had tricked Khushi into making me sign the will, where I had transferred everything in his name...but I had made changes with Mr. Roy afterwards..

After Kidnapping me Shyam found out about the will and he could not kill me as it was of no use and on the other Hand Khushi was trying to get me rescued...and she succeeded,but lost the evidence in the process...Shyam had tied her up and put her in the middle of the road, if I had not swevered the jeep, I would have run her over...then the goons beat me up, one of them had a gun to her head, she slipped and fell, I thought she was dead...I revived her..when we got home you saw the drama unfold until I kicked him out....So Akash tell me, if someone tried to do this to Payal, would you forgive him and let the atrocities go....Do you know Di's shoes were missing on the day she had a miscarriage and her feet had glass shards..none of us knew but Shyam...Khushi heard him this morning...he said Di got an electric shock before slipping down the does he know that? Unless he was the mastermind behind this..

Akash: Bhai, Please forgive me, I had no clue....I will go right now and have him thrown out...I will tell your Dadi about his shameful act..

Arnav: NO Akash, Dadi is totally in awe of him and Shyam will not accept anything, We have to get him in his own requires patience,but I am willing to be patient so he is out of our lives for good.. And please Akash behave as normal as possible, I don't want him to have an inkling of anything, and please don't tell anyone anything including Payal...

Akash: Don't worry bhai I will not...but please tell him how I can help..

Arnav:I want you to keep an eye on SHyam ...and be careful when you talk with others,he has cctv installed in our house..

Akash: What??

Arnav: I don't know when he did that,I am sure he had Di's and Dadi's help in it...he has been watching us very closely..

Akash: Now Bhai..

Khushi: Jijaji, RM has become like Big brother with Cameras everywhere,bcoz his Jija did it, your brother too has installed his own CCTV to keep an eye on him..

Akash: Bhai Aap bhi..

Arnav turns his laptop on and shows it to Akash...

Shyam was entering Arnav's room..he went to his cupboard and went through the contents..

Akash: that is him in your he in there right now..

Arnav: yes...and just wait...Shyam reaches for Khushi's clothes and before he can touch them there is a scream...he freaks out and runs out of Arnav's room..

Khushi: This is my voice....

Arnav: yes I had recorded it...

Akash: Bhai but how did you know he would be in your room..

Arnav: He has been sneaking around for a long time, he got his hands on the will that way..but this time around, I am going to make him pay for every single transgression..

Khushi: but my voice..

Arnav: Your scream like a girl so it worked well smiling at her..

Akash: Bhai, you are right we should be careful around him..

Arnav: No Akash, He has to watch his step now...

He then tells Khhushi that he will drop her home and they leave..

Sep 13, 2012


Back at RM;

Anjali is happy to see that Shyam has made the special Lucknow Chaat..he is entertaining the family and Payal seems to be very uncomfortable around him...Mami had been giving her the evil looks having FBs of the time payal and Khushi had accused him of being a cheat...

Mami: Khoon bhari taang, sit and eat now....did you see, you tried to get rid of damadji,but your and Phati saadi's plan could not succeed..see Damadji is in and Phati saadi is bowled over and outs of this house...Maybe next is your turn...then Raizada Mansion will be cleansed of filth..

Nani: you are right we need to clean this of the filth, so I think it's a good idea to kick you out have been nothing but a nuisance since you have come in this house..then turning to Payal...Bitiya if you are not in the mood, you don't have to eat...I don't want this either, please come to my room I have some work for you..

NK too gets up and says: thanks Jijaji, but I don't care much for this stuff...but Maasiji, Dadiji will enjoy this and also your company, you carry on...and walks behind nani..

Anjali notices Nani's displeasure,

on the other hand Dadi's joy knows no bounds: She tells Manorama that she is beginning to like her...she is the only smart person in this family who knows how good Shyam is and how evil Khsuhi is...

Shyam waits for them to finish their chaat and tea and tells them that he has to meet a someone, as he is making arrangements to move in his own place so Arnav will be convinced that he is a changed man...Dadi is very proud of him and tells him to go and he has her blessings....

Shyam arrives in Laxmi Nagar in a guise and meets his sidekick and asks him about Khushi's whereabouts, the guy tells him she is in the house...

SHyam goes to the door and does not hear anyone, he goes to the side door close to Shashi's room he stands by the window as he is hearing voices..he can make out it is Buaji and Garima...he smiles and says...Shashi Gupta...If you had not interfered, today you would not be a vegetable,listening to these silly women yacking away all the time...Dekha apne kaarnamo ka natija....only if you had let me marry would not be at the mercy of these women...he becomes quiet when he hears Buaji's voice.

Buaji: Hai hai Garima, Why are you hell bent on ruining a perfectly happy life for your daughter.....Now how were we to know that stubborn and arrongant woman is the grandmother...

Garima: But jiji, What happened with Arnav's parents was because of me, His Dadi thinks I am the other woman in his father's life...I shouldn't have done what I did...I am responsible for Anjali and Arnav becoming orphans..

Buaji: Garima, look at Shashi babua, just look at you think he will be able to live if Payal too is kicked out of the house...I agree that you shouldn't have done certain things, but at that time you didn't have any other did it to save your family and if I was in your place I would do the same..

Shyam Smirking, Wah SMJ wah...What luck you have? You have got one sister out, now the path to get the other one out is become easier too...Now the destruction of ASR is within arm's reach....but first he had to save himself from the 2 policemen that were about to teach him a lesson for stealing..

Shyam: I did not steal anything..

Police: Every criminal says that..

Shyam: Talk with respect, I am a lawyer..

PC : Laughing, you mean lier...

They search Shyam and find a wallet, which belongs to Shyam,but since he has disguised himself as a sardar, they accuse him of stealing and say that they have an eyewitness who saw him..

Shyam: I want to talk to him, where did he see me...he is lying..

PC; you look like a theif,talk like a theif and you have an attitude like as if you are someone great..Come let me take you to the Police station..

Shyam:does not want to get into any trouble...tells the constable that he will give him anything he wants...just to let him go..the constable takes his watch, his wedding ring all the money form his wallet and lets him go..

Shyam to himself: I was saved today....God is not being kind to me...SMJ, you have to be careful...he comes back to the RM elated and decides to plan a Dadi Garima faceoff.

When he comes in his room Anjali is reading a book...she sees that Shyam has become pale and gets concerned..

Anjali: What happened?

SHyam stammering nothing Rani sahiba, I was robbed...

Anjali: I am so sorry...but I have something that will make up for what happened to you...

Shyam: what is it RS?

Anjali Close your eyes and come with me...

She holds his hand and leads the way..once there she tells him to open his eyes;SHyam looks at the new car and is thrilled..

SHyam: Rani Sahiba, you shouldn't have...but this is amazing a brand new car..

Anjali: Yes, I knew you would love it, so I got it for you..

SHyam: But saale sahib..

Anjali: Hwy are you worried about him..I am your wife, I have the right to gift my husband what ever I am I getting a ride or not..

Shyam; Of course Rani Sahiba, please come , he helps her in the car..they go out for a drinve and stop for ice cream, they have a good time...Shyam sees one of his men and tells them to wait..

He turns to Anjali and tells her that he has somework and if she is ok to take a taxi home...Anjali smiles and says: I know how hard you work...please go ahead, I will take the taxi...Shyam helps her out of the car and hails a cab for her....and she leaves for home..

SHyam and his sidekick get in the car and head towards the outskirtsof the city..the sidelkick tells him that police are asking him a lot of questions about their illegal activities and he is afraid they will be caught and the others do not want to deal with SHyam anymore as they are afraid of getting caught..

SHayam: each of you is a bloody coward..I should not have associated with you....fine I will deal with whatever comes myself, I don't need you guys..he stops the car and starts beating up his sidekick,when he sees that they were being followed and the other goons are not going to spare him he gets in the car and drives off...As he comes down the bend, he tries to put his breaks but the breaks don't work...Shyam has a panic attack..they were working fine when Anjali was with him, what happened to his brand new car....He is changing lanes and going in and out of traffic to avoid collision, but the car is speeding up downhill...he sees a truck coming from the opposite direction and says a prayer thinking this is his last few seconds on earth,but he was one lucky SOB...he swirled and went on the dirt road in the nick of time...there was a gaint anthill that acted as a break for his speeding went and rested on top of the ant hill..he let out a prayer..and thanked god for saving him..

When he got home, he tried to remain calm,but when he entered his room Anjali saw the bruise on his head and insisted on knowing what happened...she was panicky and upset..

Anjali: why are strange things are happening to you... it must be an evil eye, I will ask Nani to arrange for an havan for you and pray for your safety.... Before he can protest she leaves the room..

Shyam is exasperated at Anjali's concerns...he can't stand her loving and caring attitude towards him..but he has to deal with her as he was the one that wanted to come back in the RM..he has to be patient until he gets what he wants..and smirks to himself..

He heads to the washroom to freshen up..he cant find his slippers and goes in without his slippers..

He does not look down and steps on something and winces when a sharp pain hits is a shard of glass..but how the hell did it get there...he wants to call out for Anjali, but her OTT behaviour and care is too much, he prefers to handle the pain then her affection, he takes the mug and puts his hand in the water filled bucket gets an electric shock...he screams in pain as he is thrown across the bathroom...

Akash had just returned home hears the scream and the entire house went into darkness runs to Anjali's room thinking something happened to her....but he is somewhat relieved to see that Shyam is at the receiving end for a change...

He helps him out of the bathroom and the ladies of the house come there too.. Anjali is very worried and asks him what happened and he should have been careful...

Shyam; Rani sahiba, did something break in the bathroom...

Anjali; Oh god, I am so sorry....I had taken the glass to wish it and it dropped by mistake...I tried to clean up and thought I had picked up all the pieces..

Nani: Anjali bitiya, why did you clean it yourself you should have called HP..

Anajli: No nani, it was just a small glass and you are preparing for Khushi and chotey's marriage too...I know how busy HP/JP?OP are..

SHyam: I don't know how I got the electric shock...

Akash goes in the washroom and looks around with the flashlight...He tells that the hair dryer had fallen intothe bucket and caused the short circuit and SHyam got the shock..

Akash: How did the hair dryer fall in the bucket..

Anjali: Oh, I had forgotten the dryer on the sink..but how did it fall into the bucket...

Shyam remembers how it fell he had taken the mug and the dryer fell as his hand it itjust as he was putting his hand in the water, he is extremely angry at Anjali, but he controls it as he has to get in good books with everyone and says: RS, I am glad it was me and not you...if something had happened to you....I would not forgive myself..

Anjali suddenly becomes sad and has a FB of the day when she had stpped on the glass and late fell off the stairs as she was electrocuted : With tears in his eyes says, then why did you not come even though you were in the house on that our baby would have been alive..

Nani: you were in the house?

Anjali: yes, and I went looking for him becoz I was afraid chotey may see him...

Nani: Anjali bitiya, I did not expect this from were meeting him right here as if he was a theif?

Dadi: what else could he do Divyani? Arnav had laid so much restriction on him..

Shyam winces in pain...Dadi looks at his foot and says, there is a glass piece inside you should go see a doctor...

Akash: yes I will take you come lets go...

Anjali: even I want to go with you please ...reluctantly Shyam agrees and they head out to see the doctor..

At the doctors office, Shyam is fixed up he has to get a tetanus shot and gets sticthes in the foot....the Doctor give him a shoulder sling as he had injured his shoulder..

When they return, the power is back on and Nani announces that she was able to get panditji to come in the morning for Havan..

Shyam is not happy about it but he has no say in it...Dadi fusses over her Damadji...she is sorry that he has to suffer so much in one day..

Arnav comes home and heads straight to his room...Anjali hears him call for HP, and goes out of her room, she takes the juice from HP and says she will give it to Arnav..

Sep 14, 2012


Anjali knocks on his door, Arnav tells to keep the glass on the table..

Anjali: CHotey it is me..

Arnav; Oh DI you...Did you need something?

Anjali: Why do you think I need anything? Cant I come to talk to you just like that..

Arnav: Of course you can, but lately it has always been only if you need something..

Anjali: Chotey, I know you are very upset with me..but try and understand...I am married to him, he is part of my life....

Arnav: DI, please I don't need any got him back, please go and tend to him...I have had a long day and I am very tired...

Anjali: But you haven't eaten...Let me bring something for you..

Arnav: no di, I am not hungry...I ate at the caf....before coming home..

Anjali: I can tell when you lie Arnav? You know going hungry is not good for your diabetes....

Arnav: Di, I amnot in the mood to talk to you or anyone for that matter, please, I have lot of work to do..

Anjali: I know you are not in the mood, if you don't eat, even I will not eat....

Arnav: fine di, you want to have your way, fine...I will leave this house and go..and picks up his jacket..

Anjali: Becoming tearful, You have so much anger towards me? Fine, Don't eat....I will eat...don't worry..i will not tell you anything again..I thought we had a special bond..

Arnav: yes Di even I had thought that,but it was broken the day you started lying to me..

Anjali: Chotey, please forgive me....I know that I have put you through is not pardonable...but you have to understand my POV..

but Arnav does not want to hear any of it..he calmly directs her out of his room and closes the door behind him..

The next day Panditji comes home and starts the prayers; Shyam reluctantly agrees and picks a kurta to wear he puts on the perfume and comes down to the puja...Arnav is leaving for work and Dadi calls out to him to join the havan( as if she is mocking him and touting her victory) Arnav gives her a disgusted look and leaves without a word...

As the pandit is reciting the shloks and putting the ghee in the pyre,one of the sparks flies and falls on shyams kurta instantly catching fire..Payal has the presence of mind to throw the pail of dirty water that was sitting in the corner...and wraps him in the wet mop...

Anjali is flabbergasted and begins to cry...what happened and how come did this happen?

SHyam: I am fine Anjali, don't get so emotional...I don't think we should carry on with this anymore, please forgive me and he walks to his room..Anjali follows him..

Dadi gets mad at payal for throwing dirty water at him and then covering him with the dirty mop..

NK intervenes: Dadiji, if Payal bhabi had not acted as the fireman, right now Jijaji would have been tandoori chicken...instead of commending her you are screaming..

Dadi: She could have used something else......

NK: Really Dadi, I am sorry, but with age you are losing your brain cells...what could she have used...the ghee that was next to her...or the polyester would only have fuelled the fire..and if she went to get clean water, it would have taken please spare your lecture.....and walks away leaving Dadi stunned...

Mami follows Dadi to check on Anjali and Shyam...Nani comes to Payal and says: bitiya, great job, I am showed him his place...maybe you are not aware, but he is trash and he needs to be mopped like you did....and gives a naughty smile and hugs payal..

In Anjali's room:

Anjali: I am calling the police, something is going on here..

Shyam: nothing is going on RS...don't worry.. it is just that I sprayed the an inflammable substance instead of the perfume by mistake....

Anjali: Inflammable substance, she smells the perfume..and says, but this is the one that you had put on me before Akash's wedding..she had a FB...and remembers that Shyam had insisted that she sit for the havan before Akash and Payal...and before that he had taken her room to spray the perfume on her..( She is in deep thought....Did a bulb light up in her miniscule to be seen)

Dadi too insists on calling the police as there have been strange things happening to him since he came home....she wonders if it is khushi who is doing something to him...

Anjali brushes off that thought and says:I know Khushi very well, Khushi is someone who will sacrifice herself to give others happiness.and besides Dadi, she is not even around to do something to harm him> Why would she bring him in the house? She is staying away from Arnav so I can be happy...

Dadi: you are too innocent Anjali people take advantage of don't know cunning women like Khushi...and that woman who destroyed your I suggest you don't blindly trust her.

Anjali; Walks out of the room with Dadi close behind her as she is not done with her suspicions that it is Khushi, who is trying to destroy their family...

Back to Shyam:

Inspite of these life changing incidents, Shyam was more worried about getting Garima and Dadi face to face.

Shyam paces up and down his room with the convo of garima and buaji playing in his head....There is something about Khushi's mother,that can be my ticket to destroying the Arnav Khushi relationship once and forever...I just wish I knew what it is, then he has a thought, why am I working my head overtime, the best thing is to get them in one room and let the sparks fly...who knows, I may get to see the whole house being burned down instead of just fireworks and he flashes is trademark evil smile..

Anjali comes back in the room and sees him lost in thought and smiling...

Anjali: Are you alright? There was an untoward incident averted downstairs and here you are smiling away? What is so funny, tell me too...

SHyam: Rani sahiba, you should not worry so much, you know why? Because worrying makes your brain confused and you cant think with a straight look at him, though it would have been disastrous down there, I am still smiling you know why? Because I look at the positive side of things.....Why are you so shocked? I am fine, even that spark did not harm me...Arrey RS, smile a bit...Your shyam is a tough cookie...

Anjali smiles and says: I know that, that is why I love you so much.....and I will prove to everyone soon what it means to love....

Shyam: RS, with Saale sahib being so edgy lately, I am thinking you should call Buaji and Khushi's mom and see if we can set up a surprise for him before the Mehendi..

Anjali: You know CHotey does not like surprises..

Shyam: He will like them RS,bcoz they involve his beloved Khushi..

Anjali: You think so? But what are we going to do...

He whispers something in her ear and Anjali is very deligted,she says Oh yes, I remember, that day Khushi had kissed him in front of us and she was so embarrassed...Shyam you really care so much about us...I will go tell Nani and Mami...Decorating the pool area is fantastic..

NK had been very suspicious when Anjali comes and tells him that Shyam is going to make the pool area a romantic spot for Arnav and Khushi...

NK to himself: Di, you may have trusted him,but he is a no do gooder, I know there is something sinister going on in his mind, I am nto going to let Nanav or Khushi be hurt again, I have seen Khushi in the worst of situation, she is indeed a very sweet I will keep an eye on him like a hawk and record his move...he had recently pruschased a phone with excellent features and he was looking forward to putting it in good use..

Arnav goes to the Gupta house and sees babuji, who is very happy to see him there,Buaji tells him to have patience as the wedding is just a couple of days away and there is nothing that can stop them after that, not even his Dadi...

Arnav: Buaji, I know that,but sometimes I feel that Khushi is the biggest hurdle....she has to tell me things and not try to take care of them by herself as she ends up in a mess...

Buaji: You have rightly said it babua, Sanka devi has an affinity for going round in circles, I guess because she eats so much jalebis so her brain too has become like that..

Arnav: Buaji, Can I talk to Khushi for a minute, I know I shouldn't be seeing her....

Amma: Damadji, You are already married we are just doing the rituals, go ahead she is your wife..

Arnav comes in the room and finds khushi napping, he comes to her and gently moves the hair from her face and says:When you sleep you look like an angel and when you are awake....

Khushi interrupts: I look like a witch..and opens her eyes..

Arnav: wow khushi, you took my words away? How did you know I was going to say that?

Khushi: so you were going to say that!! Making a face, why are you here?

Arnav: Khushi, we have not seen each other all day long, please don't waste time sulking...I was just kidding, I was going to say when you are awake you take my breath away,with the way you look at me, the way you talk to me, the way you hug me...and your jalebi brain can only think of witches and god knows what else..

Khushi: Jalebi brain?

Arnav: this is not me, it is buaji who said that... leave that, I have come to tell you something

Khushi: is everything alright?

Arnav: yes everything is fine...

Khushi then what is it?

Arnav: I love you khushi...

Khushi: you came all the way to say this..

Arnav: Ok then I will leave..

Khushi: No I didn't mean it that way...

Arnav: I would have come across the 7 seas if I had to...

Khushi: Arrey wah, my lad being a romantic..

Arnav: Well what can I say, my wife loves romance, so I thought of giving it a try..

Khushi: Not bad, for a business tycoon..

Arnav: KHushi, Shyam is upto something, and I know it he is going to try and sabotage the wedding ceremony...

Khushi:Arnavji, If Devimaiyya wants us to be together and if my faith and devotion are true than Nothing will happen how much ever he try....But promise me, whatever he tries to do, you will not lose your will handle it in a mature way..

Arnav: Nothing can stop me from smacking that ass if he does anything....I have to open Di's eyes...she is blinded by infatuation and obsession....and Khushi, don't try to please Dadi, she has made up her mind about you and she will not change...I don't want her snubbing you again...stay away and don't talk to her if she doesn't..

Khushi nods and says: I want her to be happy with our marriage, I know she has some misunderstanding,but I want it to clear..

Arnav: You don't have to worry about it, I am there with it not enough...she has been brainwashed by stop worrying about her and get some sleep, I want my beloved to look beautiful tomorrow, I will see you tomorrow, kisses her and leaves...

The next day, Anjali calls the GUptas and tells buaji to come to RM as she needs their help....She tells buaji of the plan for Arnav and Khushi and how they would make it special for them..

Shyam sees Anjali on the phone and hears her say buaji, seizing the opportunity, loudly asks do you know where Dadi is?

Anjali while still on the Phone: She has gone to the temple and said she would be back after attending satsang, it will be evening before she comes back..Did you have any work with her..

Shyam:thinking to himself, my work is done...and then looks at Anjali: Nothing, I didn't see her at the breakfast table...

Anjali gets back to chatting on the phone: Buaji had to attend to the bill payments so she had handed the phone at the tie Anjali SHyam conversation was going on...

She tells Anjali they would be there soon..and hangs up...she is relieved that Dadi is not home, she can go and come back before Dadi returns home...

Sep 15, 2012


Shyam has a huge smile as he can feel victory around the corner...he will be able to destroy ASR and Khushi...they both will never be able to stand in the same room ever again, as their so called love would turn into hate....Shyam Manohar jha....succcess is your middle one is as smart as you...

Garima and Buaji arrive at the RM, Shyam tries to wish them but Buaji ignores him....He excuses himself and goes to the pool area and makes a phone call and asks Dadi to come home immediately if she wants to get rid of Khushi once and forever as he thinks there is something that may interest her and that will make Arnav to reject Khushi..

Garima has let her guard down and working happily around the RM helping anjli with the preparations.. Buaji is caught up with Nani and NK, Anjali and garima head to the pool area to get started on decorating it...

Shyam tells Anjali that Akash was looking for her to discuss the menu and the caterers have come downstairs...Anjali tells Garima she will be right back and leaves, Shyam too leaves from there and goes out to receive Dadi, instead of the main door he tells her to go through the pool area if she wants to see the surprise he has for her...

He follows close behind her and then tells her he would wait there for her to see if he made her happy or not..

Dadi comes down the stairs and Garima has her back to her...She takes the flowers and turns around and is stunned to see Dadi right behind her....

Dadi too is shocked to see her......

They both stand there staring at each other,garima is barely able to speak to her...

FLASH BACK to the time 14 years ago....Dadi is accusing Garima of being a home wrecker.....

Dadi: How dare you come in this house at such an auspicious occasion and try to destroy our happiness.

Garima: I would not have come if the little girl was not in dire need of help...Please tell your son he has a responsibility towards her and he has to to fullfil it.(Arnav's mom Hears part of it and goes away not thinking much about it)

Dadi: Does this home look like a charitable institution to you, go away from here,otherwise I will have to kicked out...

Just then garima sees Arnav's Dad and runs to him leaving Dadi stunned..

Garima: Listen please listen, If you are really a human being than you will take responsibility of the girl, you put her in this situation....She is yours( Arnav's mother overhears this and is outraged and runs away from there before Garima completes her sentence) and your brother's responsibility.

Arnav's Dad: But, I hardly know you? Who are you and what are you talking about?

Garima: your scum bag brother is responsible for putting my neice in the hospital, She has lost a lot of blood and the medcicines are expensive, her parents are dead because of your brother...please help...breaks down.

Arnav's Dad: Calm down and tell me what happened?

Garima: My poor baby is in the hospital, If we don't get the medicine on time she will lose her life, if I had that kind of money, I would never have come here, But your brother's car caused an accident of the taxi in which my sister brother inlaw and their child was in,they both died,but my niece....., I am not here to destroy your happiness, please just help me and I will never show my face again, I will take my family and go far away from here..( In the midst of the hustle bustle of the festive atmosphere at home Dadi too hears stuff in bits and pieces, she had been brain washed by her younger son about Anrav's dad having an extramarital affair which was false,but seeing Garima Dadi thought it was with her...)

Dadi comes there and chides garima for being a golddigger...and tells her she can go to hell,but her son will not give a single dime.

Arnav's Dad: Mom, you please stay out of this, whether it is my child or not, a grave sin has been commited and I will not back out without rectifying it...He tells Garima to wait while he brings the money and leaves with Dadi trying to reason with him..

Outside his room Dadi says: Whatever mistake has happened, it was the will of God but why are you hell bent on destroying your you think if you give her the money now she will shut up and go away, I know woman like her like to blackmail....what will your wife think?

Arnav's Dad: Mom I have made up my mind, I am going to tell my wife everything, I know her she is a very understanding woman...She will know what a mother's pain is....and he enters his room..

Arnav's Mom is fuming in rage after overhearing the conversation first between Dadi-Garima, then Her husband_Garima and now Her husband and her mother in law, she had enough proof that her husband was cheating on her and he chose the worst possible day to tell her, she did not have the guts to hear anything more, Her protected life was suddenly going to be laid open, her husband of almost 22 years was going to announce that there was another woman in his was too much for her to handle, She was betrayed by the only man who she had devoted her life to, she would not hear anything more...She was going to take care of it...

As Arnavs Dad approached her she unleashed her fury, she accused him, belittled him, called him a coward,much to the astonishment of her husband, he tried but could not get a word in, he wanted to reason with her, explain the situation,he needed her to support him in giving new life to a little girl who was left an orphan becoz of his brother's actions,but she was so blinded by her hatred and false information that she chose to put a bullet through her head than to listen to what he wanted to say...

He was stunned that the love of his life was gone in a matter of seconds, she had misunderstood him, she had not even given him a chance to ask why her behaviour had become so erratic....he is brought out of his thoughts with people rushing to his room...But he remembers that there is a little girl that needs to be saved, he takes the money from the safe and heads out of the room to give Garima...he was as pale and stunned,but he managed to hand Garima the money and told her to take care of the child...


Arnav had seen his Mom run and later heard the gunshot...he had also seen him taking money and handing it to a woman but had not seen her face.He blamed his father for killing his mom.

As Garima was leaving she heard the commotion and people beginning to cry, she hears people saying that Arnav's Mom died because his father had an affair with a lady and he was paying the other woman off when she caught them red handed, being a pativrata woman, she was unable to bear the humiliation and she shot herself...Garima is shocked to hear this, she wanted to clarify this, so she runs towards the place where Arnav's Dad had disappeared as she comes close she finds that he has a gun to his head too, as he can't stand the accusations that he was unfaithful to the only woman whom he had given his heart and soul to.She runs to take the gun from his hand but is too late...he had pulled the trigger..GArima is frightened not knowing what she can do she runs from there,without being seen by anyone...

She deposits the money in the hospital and is tld that there is more than enough to save her neice Khushi.....She looks at her husband Shashi and her little one Payal and hugs them both...She later heads to the temple and breaks down...Shashi asks her what the matter is and GArima tells him how Khshi lost her parents to a rich drunk guy and today how another family was destroyed by her..

SHashi Gupta: What do you mean Garima?

GArima tells him what happened....

Shashi; Garima, this is too bad, you should not have run away like that, you should have stayed and told them the truth..

GArima: I tried to but his mother is a difficult woman, she does not want to hear anything and especially from someone who is not as rich as her, and the only person that would listen and that helped us today, even he is no more..I don't know how all this misunderstanding started..

Shashi: I think we should go and see them...and tell them the truth..

Garima: but we cant go there together! One of us has to stay with khuhsi her...I will go see them...

Shashi: will you be ok?

Garima: Of course I will take care, I have to tell the truth....

She goes to the big mandhir and offers prayers and begs god for strength, she hears someone tell the panditji to come to the Seesh Mahal to offer prayers for the parents of Arnav and Anjali...She decides to go and be part of the funeral and also beg for forgiveness..

When she comes to the seesh mahal she sees that Anjali and Arnav are distraught, she begins to cry...just a few days ago she was happy in her life and they were happy in theirs and today, bcoz of their Uncle they both were orphans, she was dragged into the mess due to some misunderstanding..

Dadi spots her from afar, gets up in anger and goes to her, Arnav notices this,but he cant leave as he has to part of the last rites, Dadi pulls Garima into an empty room and unleashes her poison accusing her of destroying her family for killing her son and daughter in law, for leaving making her grandkids Orphans...Garima tries to talk,but Dadi orders the servants to kick her out, on the way out Garima says, just ask your younger son, just ask him, if he is really your son, tell him to speak the truth...he is responsible for all this, he destroyed not only your family but mine too..

Dadi thinks that she is talking about Arnav's dad's death being distruction of her family, she yells at Garima: That child will never be accepted in this family ever...I will see who will accept that manhoos kid in this family, it is not possible as long as I am alive, hope you get that home wrecker...Again Arnav hears part of the conversation( Well, THE RAIZADA'S HAVE A TENDENCY TO COME TO CONCLUSIONS WITHOUT KNOW THE ENTRIE TRUTH)

After the funerals everyone leaves including Nani and Mamaji, Nani had asked to let the kids come to stay in Delhi for sometime, but Dadi had put her foot down and said she would care for them...

A few days later Dadi had confronted Arnav`s chacha about the mismanagement of the estate and asked him to show her the accounts..His Chacha had manipulated her and used the opportunity to tell her that her elder son who she thought was so capable had squandered a lot of money and they were in dire need of paying off the loans or risk losing their home...He had convinced Dadi that the property that was in Arnav and Anjali`s name and of which she was the trusty until they both turned 25, she could sign that in his name( Sorry Making it up, don't know if in reality it is that easy, but this is IPKKND anything is possible ;-)) she reluctantly agrees....After have the deed signed in his name he had become the trusty and now he had full reins of ruling over the Malik business without any hindrance from anyone....After this had happened , he had told Dadi that if she wanted to live there,s he should live without interfering in his life, he would do whatever he wanted...

Dadi began to see that Arnav and Anjali were being illtreated by their Uncle, if she tried to interfere, he would beat them up even more for complaining to her......Arnav would cry himself to sleep, as he was the one who got the most trashing.....One day unable to bear the torture Arnav had held his Uncle`s collar and told him that one day he would pay dearly for beating him up....He was a scum who had taken away their wealth and one day he would get all that back....

Sep 15, 2012


CHacha: Oh so now the little rat can speak, You will kick me out one day...and starts laughing...and telling his sidekicks that Arnav Malik is going to kick me out when he grows up then suddenly becomes serious and says;but wait, why should I wait till he grows up, when I can fulfill his wish right now.... But the difference is Instead of him kicking me out, I will kick him out....along with his handicapped sister, who no one wants to marry....and gives an evil laugh and drags Arnav and Anjali and pushes them out on the driveway....

Dadi had been in a pooja and though she had heard the commotion had not come to intervene...after she was done she peeked from the window and saw the sobbing kids, she tried to reprimand her son but he told the servants to lock her up in her room...

The kids called Nani and she had taken them away...

After they were kicked out Dadi had flashbacks of how her once happy family was destroyed by a money hungry woman, who came like a tornado and turned their family upside down, she did not reason with her son or question him, though she had flashbacks of Garima telling her to ask him the truth..



Dadi coming back to the present and holding GArima`s hand and looking at her in rage....SO you are back after 14 years and were planning on destroying my family again?

GArima: You are mistaken? There has been a huge misunderstanding? I had tried to clear it then but your didn't listen and had me thrown out...Please hear me out..

Dadi: Hear you out, you imbecile? What makes you think that after all these years I will hear you out? I heard that you are Khushi's aunt? Then where is that bastard child that you had with my son?

Garima: What are you saying? I never had a child with him..

Dadi: Oh now the being innocent drama, come you slut, I will expose your family in fornt of everyone today....I will see how this marriage happens now, Arnav is going to kick you and your neice out in no time..

Shyam had been enjoying this , he was shocked to know that Garima had an affair with Arnav's father.he had his evil smile knowing today would be the end of Arnav and Khsuhi love story..then he would get rid of his beloved the ever clingy Rani sahiba and he would be free to get Khushi to himself...looks up at the sky and thanks his stars, and winks !!!he has a broad smile on his face, he will do everything today to show how happy he is....and walks out from the pool area and heads to the front door.

He rings the bell and HP opens the door...Anjali sees him come in and asks him where he was and she had been looking for him as there is so much work.

Shyam: Sorry Anjali, I know there is a lot of work to be done...I have already set the stage, now we just need some action...and that will happen anytime soon..

Anjali: I did not get you? What do you mean?

Shyam: Rani sahiba, I mean the haldi and mehendi, we need the bride and groom right, see I have everything set the way where are they?

Anjali: you are just too much, what would I have done without you...

Shyam: That's the advantage I have rani sahiba? Without me you cant do anything..I always look like a hero when I rescue you from sticky situations...and smiles at her and embraces her and smirks...

NK is dancing with Akash and Payal; and suddenly they hear Dadi yelling to stop all the noise...She scold Nani for getting a daughter in law from this family and she was making another she is convinced that Khushi is not and will never be a bahu of this family....shocking buaji, payal garima and everyone else in the family..

Anajli comes forward: Dadi, why are you always after Khushi, She is the reason for my happiness today, she has sacrificed so much for this family, and now you are back to objecting to this union.

Dadi: Arnav, Arnav....where are you? Come down here at this instant....I will tell you why you cant marry such a lowly girl...she has taken after her Aunt, Anjali, did you not see how she had tried to separate you from your husband? She did the drama of bringing him back in the house just to get a soft spot in your hearts...You see this great lady Garima...she did something 14 years ago that destroyed you and turned your world upside down...Where is Arnav? I want to tell this in front of him, let me see how he will react when he knows that he is related to the woman who destroyed our happy family...

Arnav had been working on his laptop hears Dadi yelling and exasperated shuts his laptop and comes down...Shyam looks at him with a slight smirk but gets serious when he sees him glancing at him.

Garima is in tears, Buaji stunned, Nani is in a state of shock...Anjali is tearful, but Arnav is very calm..

Arnav; Dadi, Now what new drama have you come up with, what will convince you that I am married to Khushi and I am just completeing the formalities so that I put everyone's concerns at rest, then why the hell are you determined to not let that happen! It doesn't make any difference to me, you are the ones that were worried about society and rituals.....I will be more than happy if all this is stopped now..

Dadi: Arnav, You are speaking so arrogantly with me, you own blood....and that too for that skimming low life girl Khushi...Arnav is raging in anger tries to shut her off but she puts her hand in the front and says, wait I am not done yet, hear me out and if you still feel you want to marry her after knowing the truth then by all means....Arnav keeps quiet as Dadi continues, Shyam had hit the jackpot again, Arnav's brain stopped working when he was angry and today he was so mad that if he had a gun in his hand he would shoot the entire family and whoever came in-between..

Shyam smiled at his brilliant planning, he was invincible, the Harvard Educated Shrewd businessman was no match for the cunning and conniving Shyam Manohar Jha, All the Raizadas were dimwits who never used their brains...SHyam had flashbacks of the time when Anjali first saw him in Khushi's neighbourhood when she had gone to the Mandhir with Arnav,he was almost caught but god saved him, and the dimwit wife of his never suspected him, then it was on his anniversary, Khushi almost saw him but god saved him, then he had to paralyse her stupid father to shut him up, no one suspected anything, even the smart buaji was smitten by him, Khushi saw him outside the RM and believed him when he said he came to get her, he remembered her slap after she threw the engagement ring and absent mindedly touched his cheek, then the night he had hugged her,how he had created a misunderstanding between ARNAV AND KHUSHI,how he had held her hand after the visit to the pharmacy, He went to shower in her washroom, how he succeeded in the kidnapping and getting all of Arnav's wealth,but stupidity of Khushi caused all the hard work to go waste....he is brought back to reality byArnav's yelling ENOUGH DADi...

Shyam cant stop his joy, ASR now was charged with fury, Shyam could get rid of his clingy wife, he remembered how his plans to get rid of Anjali had been unsuccessful, but today was a perfect day for thing to go the right direction...and so far things were going smoothly.....he noticed the expressions of Arnav's face go from disbelief to sadness to intense anger.

Dadi: Arnav, Do you know what this lady here has done to your family?

Arnav: Dadi, are you going to just stand there repeating that over and over again or will you move forward with why you are creating a scene..

Dadi: so you think I am creating a scene, When I tell you the true nature of this woman and her niece you will know that I am saving you from destroying your future like your parents did...

Arnav: Out with it already..

Dadi:This woman, Garima Gupta, is responsible for the death of your parents, she is the one that drove them to suicide, she is the home wrecker....

As Dadi began to say this Arnav's world begun to spin around....He was stunned as Nani was to hear this, the sweet and innocent Garima was the one responsible for ruining his childhood, for taking away his happiness, for leaving him orphaned and thrown on the streets and he loved Khushi....

Dadi continued; She had an illegitimate child with your father.....and now she wants her niece to be your wife, she is a very clever woman...

Mami: HHBB, Is khoon bhari taang Arnav's sister...hello hi?

Nani: Manorama, Don't talk can it be? If it was 14 years ago the child should be around that age?but where is the kid...

Dadi: Maybe dead or hidden somewhere so that after she gets her niece to marry in this house she can bring that bas'''d out...

Arnav: Khushi is the daughter of my parents killer....she was raised by her?how could I have been so stupid, Of all girls in the world, I had to fall for her.....So all this was planned by you Aunty? Was Buaji in on it too and I am sure Khushi must have known? I was right always, but I got blinded and began trusting her.....She had tried to wreck my Di's house....she tried to break my Di;s Marriage and I believed her and suspected my Brother in law who is so much in love with my Di...I am not going to leave that KKG....

Garima: Please Arnav Bitwa, listen to me, please hear me out...

Arnav: don't utter another word from that filthy poor people are scums who are always waiting for the perfect opportunity to entry rich households...That Khushi, I have hated her so much,but I loved her as much too, I was looking forward to spending my life with her, but I am glad that the truth is out...I will destroy her, I will make sure she cannot face the world..

NK; Nanav, what are you talking about, did you forget how she saved you from the kidnappers? She almost got killed herself, if she was scheming against you, why would she be putting herself in danger..

Anrav: NK you stay out of this, she has mesmerised you too...that golddigger, She had all of this vry well planned out....she has been the brains behind all this......she must have sweet talked jijaji into setting the trap and then framed him too...

Bechare jijaji, I was so mean to him....goes to shyam and says Jijaji please forgive me, I have committed a grave sin, I lifted my hand on are like my elder brother, have always guided me in the right direction, I have decided that I will make you the executor of my will if something happens to me....I should never have doubted you....he tries to touch his feet but Shyam hugs him and says: Saale sahib, let bygones be bygones, I am happy that we cleared our misunderstandings and I am happy that you have realized how big a blunder you were going to make...

Dadi: Arnav, if you consider me your Dadi, throw these people out and don't ever talk to Khushi she doesn't need any explanation as to why you are doing this......she may try to talk and reason with you, and you will not be able to resist her charm...

Arnav: Dadi, what do you think, I am that weak a person? I know what to hate her means, and today I have realized she is not worthy even of my hate, I am going to call the police and have her taken away....I will file a complaint saying that she kidnapped me held me hostage for a long time..

Nani: Arnav, what are you talking? This is our Khushi bitiya, I may not have a Harvard degree like you but I have a good understanding of recognising people...and I know the Gupta family is a respected one and there must be some misunderstanding...

Arnav: Nani; Enough,you are not seeing that this woman is responsible for losing your daughter.....and you are supporting her? You want me to give her niece a chance why Nani?


( Did that shock anyone!)

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