ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan

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Aug 25, 2012

ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan (By falak)

hey guys, this is falak. i live in canada and i am writing this very first time. plz forgive my mistake. comments on it. tell me if u like it not.

a beautiful girl about 20 yrs old was dancing and holding a little girl about 4 yrs old in raning. a handsome guy stopped his car and yell at her, can't u see, i am driving. move. the girl turmed. what is your problem. suddenly everything just stopped. they felt like whole world is stopped. their heart was beating really fast. they didn't know what is happening.

arnav: khushi, his heart just melted. he didn't believe it was her, his khushi.who he tried to find for a long time.

khushi: arnav ji, u? she started cring. she didn't in her eyes.

a little girl start calling her: mommy mommy, who is this? u know him? how u know him? say something.

arnav start walking towards her. khushi was standing was there. she didn't move a bit. her tears were not stopping.

arnav: hug her. khushi, shh it's ok. i found u.

khushi: hug him back but then she pushed him back.

arnav: what the..

khushi starts walking to her car. arnav hold her wrist.

arnav: not anymore. u can't leave me again. i have been waiting for u for last 5 yrs and finally i found u. i can't let u go anywhere.

khushi: leave me.. arnav ji.

arnav: is she my daughter.

khushi was quiet. she didn't know what to say.

arnav: hey little girl. u wanna choclate.

little girl: no uncle, i have diabetic.

arnav: khushi, she is my daughter, she exacctly look like me. i can't believe it. arnav holds her.

khushi: leave her, she is only my daughter.

arnav holds khushi's hand. her bangles broke. arnav realized something wet. when he sees it. it was blood.

arnav: khushi u r bleeding, come with me. is it really hurting.

khushi: khushi was staring at his eyes, she saw pain in his eyes.she wanted to confess something but she stopped having flash backs

Aug 25, 2012

ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan (By falak)


arnav: i don't know who should i trust, u or shym?

khushi: i got ur answer arnavji. well six months r over too tomorrow.

arnav: khushi, i didn't mean that. i mean we could start a new life.

khushi was quiet and thinking: seriously, he doesn't trust me and want me to start new life.


khushi: i have to go.

arnav: please khushi stop.

khushi didn't listen to him and went into her car.

arnav:(thinking) not this time khushi kumari gupta singh raizada. arnav follow her car into his car.

khushi stopped her car by her house. arnav was watching the whole scene.

khushi:(rang bell)

payal(open the door): khushi come inside u r totally wet. change your clothes otherwise u will get sick.

the house was beautiful. it was by the lake. the rain just stopped. khushi came into terrace and looking at the lake.

payal: what happen. is something wrong

khushi: no jiji

payal: look into my eyes

khushi didn't look

payal: u can't lie to me. tell me what happen?

khushi: jiji. khushi started crying. i saw.. i saw

payal: what u saw? khushi omg what happen to your hand. who did that? tell me. i will beat the shit outta him. just tell me his name.

khushi: i saw arnav ji

payal was quiet. there was silence.

payal went to the kitchen. khushi was crying. payal thought it's good for her to cry now. she didn't cry for a long time.

payal: i am going to work khushi.

khushi: now? y its late

payal: Dr laila gave me a night shifting.

khushi: bye jiji and say hi to Dr khizar.

khushi was alone in the home with her daughter. she thought she should wear something because the party is coming next weak in hospital. she started trying dress and her daughter giving her comment and somebody came from the window. khushi start screaming. arnav put his hand on khushi's lips"shh"

khushi: arnav ji

arnav was totally lost in her beauty. he never saw khushi wearing short dresses. khushi ran to kitchen because her coffee was ready. arnav followed her.

khushi: y r u here? what do u want? everything was finished that day. she was trying to hide her legs.

arnav was totally lost in her beauty. he wanted to say a lot of things but the words were not coming out from his mouth.

arnav: khushi u r looking gorgeous

khushi: is that u want to say. r u done now. u should leave.

by accidently her daughter drop the plate on khushi leg. khushi's leg start bleeding. the glass was inside her toes.

little girl: sorry mommy.

khushi: wasn't able to walk. it's ok muskaan.

arnav: muskaan, that's a nice name.

muskaan: thx uncle

khusi tried to walk but she fell on arnav's arm. arnav was staring at her. they were lost into each other eyes. he hold khushi in his arms and put her in her bed.

khushi: leave me

arnav: if i would leave u, u would fall. if u would fall, then who will take care of my daughter.

khushi smile a little. arnav brought first aid box and start bandaging it.

muskaan: this dress is way nice than the one u are wearing. i think u should wear this one.

arnav: may be sweety i think ur mommy should wear that golden and black one. that one is beautiful.

khushi: y u came here.

arnav: i came here to give u ur cell phone. u dropped it in street.

khushi: thx is that it?

arnav: khushi i am sorry. i am sorry from bottom of my heart. come back please. i can't live without u. i love u khushi.

muskaan: hey Mr whoever u r. u can't love my mommy. i only love my mommy. u get it

arnav looked at her and smile. he loved how she have a same anger that he have.

khushi: it's too late. everything is gone. move on.

arnav: move on? no khushi i can't just move on. i want u. i love u khushi and i know u love me too.

khushi: love? what do u know about love. when i needed u, u weren't there. arnav ji, may be u forget i saved ur life that day by changing the oil into water, otherwise u have been dead. i was almost died. i didn't care anything i just came there for u and ur maami i was the one who told everything to her and she thought it was my plan. the tears was coming out her eyes. if i had kidnap u i wouldn't tell to ur maami. what a small brain she got. she destroyed my jiji's life. i can't forgive u, i can't forgive her. arnav ji i told u hundred times, that i have no affair with ur jeeja ji but u never trust me. u know when there is no trust in relatioship, there is no mean for relationship and in our relationship u never trust me. what did my jeeji do, y she got punished ? answer me dammit. well there is nothing to talk i think u should go. khushi stand up so did arnav too.

khushi again wan't able to walk. the tears were coming out from both their eyes. khushi again fall into arnav's arm and arnav was totally lost so did khushi too. they were staring into eachother's eyes. muskaan was busy finding dresses.

precap: arnav kisses on khushi's neck.

guys plz comment. tell me if u like or not. plz plz guys forgive my mistakes

Aug 25, 2012

ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan (By falak)

sorry guys for the age. I am glad that u guys tell me. I admit it that khushi should not be 20 yrs old. sorry for that. so khushi is 25 yrs old now. again sorry for that.

back to story

khushi: Arnav ji, the words wasn't coming out. she was totally lost in his choclaty eyes.

Arnav: shh khushi and finally Arnav lose his control and start pulling her. they could even feel their breathe. Arnav closed his eyes and kiss her neck. khushi was quiet. she didn't know what to say. she was waiting for this day for a long time. Arnav then kiss her checks

Arnav: (kiss on her forehead) I know khushi u miss me in these years but just for the records. I miss u more than u miss u.

khushi: no! I didn't miss u

Arnav:( kiss on her right check) lier

khushi: no! I am not lieing.

Arnav: khushi( kiss on her left check) u l

Aug 25, 2012

ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan (By falak)

sorry guys I accidently click the post button

armav; ( kiss her on her left check) liar khushi u can't lie to me. u know u look so beautiful when u turn into red.

khushi:( pushed Arnav) u should leave

Arnav: but I don't want to jaane man

khushi: I am not asking u that u should leave I am telling u that u should leave. this is my house and it is my order

Arnav: ok ok relax I am going. but don't worry I will make u mine forever and just let u know " u will have to stay with me forever) he kissed her on her chin.

Arnav left

scene in rm

akash: is something special? u seem so happy.

Arnav: nothing really speacial. just a good day

akash: good day? I am glad u r having good days. he then thinks after Payal left my good days turned into bad days.

Arnav: I know wht r u thinking? don't worry in some days ur good days will be back.

precap: Arnav and khushi meet in cafe

Aug 26, 2012

ishq leta hai hai kaise imtehaan (By Falakanand) (Thanked: 100 times)

arnav: khushi in half an hour meet me in the cafe

khushi: what? look Mr raizada. i don't know you and don't distrub me. i am working.

arnav: i will wait for u there otherwise i will come to the hospital and make a huge scene. u know me very well. he disconnects it.

khushi: what is going on this laad governor's mind.

khushi went to the cafe and they met up.

khushi: u have only 15 mins.

arnav: so i came here to tell u that. hey what happen. y u hidding under the table.

arnav went down because khushi was hiding under the table.

arnav: oye what happen

khushi: u laad governor, couldn't u find another cafe. y u call me on this cafe

arnav: what?

khushi: jeeji

arnav: wot the

khushi: what the nahi, jeeji is sitting on the next table. if she will see me with u here. she will kill me.

arnav: (looked up) khushi u r my wife. i can go where ever i want with u.

khushi: (liked it, when he call her 'wife") i am not ur wife any more. the six months r over. i am going back khushi stood up. arnav hold her wrist and pulled her. khushi crashed on his chest. her heart was beating really fast. she closed her eyes.

arnav: look at me. ok fine i am taking u another cafe.

khushi looked at him and nodded her head.

arnav and khushi in the car.

arnav: who was that guy?

khushi: jeeji is dating with that guy. they both like each other. don't they look cute together?

arnav: ur jeeji is married to my brother. how can she date with another guy?

khushi: Mr raizada may be u forget ur brother was the one who didn't want my jeeji to stay with him. their relationship is broke. she can go out whoever she want to and u drop me back to hospital. i will meet u in the restaurent.

arnav: ok then. he dropped her to the hospital.

in the night

anjali: r u going somewhere?

arnav: yes just a little work

anjali: ok, don't come late.

arnav and khushi met in the restaurent

khushi: y u call me here. don't confess ur love because it won't affect me.

arnav: well y should i confess? if i know that u love me too.

khushi shook her head (thinking) how does he know?

khushi: then y did u call me?

arnav: because i want payal to come back. akash is so sad without payal and i know payal also loves him.

khushi: hello, my jeeji doesn't love him anymore. ur brother betray my sister. when we were there u guys never care about us. when we r gone u guys start wishing to get us back. what kinda people u r.

arnav: khushi kumar gupta singh raizada, i am telling u that i can do anything to my brother. i want payal back and u gonna help me. don't u wanna see ur jeeji's happiness. what kinda sister u r. can't u see ur sister also loves him back.

khushi: she doesn't love him anymore but u aren't gonna get this nahh. fine i will prove u that she doesn't love him. i will bring my jeeji, u bring akash ji. when they burst out what they really think about each other. u will realize that i was right.

arnav: fine. u know i never lose. tomorrow. same restaurent in the night.

khushi: whatever.

arnav went to drop khushi at home. they reach at khushi's home. arnav open the door for khushi.

khushi: goodnight. arnav was lost in khushi's eyes.

arnav: he didn't say anything.

khushi: shall i leave?

arnav: no! i mean yes

arnav gave a space to khushi to walk but her duppatta stuck on arnav's shirt.

khushi: my duppatta

arnav:(looked) come near otherwise it won't come out.

khushi come near

arnav: little more

khushi come more near

arnav: little bit more

khushi come more near. they could feel each other's breathe

arnav touched khushi's face. khushi was enjoying this but then she heard a voice

falak: mommy mommy mommy

khushi come back to reality. she moved back and pulled her duppata. arnav was thinking (what is wrong with this girl. sometimes i see happines in her eyes but at the same momment i see fear in her eyes) khushi ran to her home. arnav also left.

precap: arshi and payash meet in restaurent and then fight.

Aug 26, 2012

ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan (By falak)

arnav: i have breaking news for u akash.

akash: what is it? bhai

arnav: i know what happen in past between u and payal, that really hurts u.

akash: why r u saying this to me?

arnav: i saw khushi

akash: what bhai? how is she? how is payal?(excited tone) say something.

arnav: relax. they r perfectly fine. khushi has a daughter name muskaan. she is so cute and bubbly. her personality is totally like khushi but she looks like me and i don't think payal has any child.

akash: really? that's nice. can v go meet them?

arnav: tomorrow. khushi told me payal hates u but i know that payal loves u more than u love her and tomorrow u r going to meet her.

akash: khushi ji probably right. what i did to her anyone would hate me. it wasn't even her fault but she got punished.

arnav: forget what happen, just make her own again. at least try.

akash: u r right bhai. i should at least apologize her.

arnav: don't tell anyone about this meeting. tomorrow be ready at 8:00

arnav: di is something happen between u and jeeja ji?

anjali: no, y chote

arnav: just asking, u seem so sad today.

anjali: chote just like every mom, i want kids and i know ur jeeja ji wants a same thing but he doesn't tell anything but i could feel like pain.

arnav: don't worry everything will be fine.(thinking) pain? he deserves it. what he did to khushi. he deserves more pain


khushi: jeeji i was thinking may be tomorrow we should go eat dinner. we didn't spend time for a long time and after that we go to buaji's house.

payal: not bad idea. did u meet arnav ji again?

khushi:(thinking, did she see me and arnavji in the cafe) no, y?

payal: nothing just asking.

khushi: don't u miss jeeja ji?

payal: i don't (sad voice) what he did to me i hate him more.

khushi: then y i see the pain in ur eyes

payal: i am sleepy, good night khushi

khushi: goodnight jeeji. khushi start thinking( i told u naah jeeji hates him. this time i will win). she was about to go to sleep. she gotta text. it was arnav.

khushi: wot the.. where did u get my number from?

arnav: don't forget, u dropped ur phone on the street.

khushi: what do u want now?

arnav: just telling u don't get too excited that u r going to date with huge designer. it's just a deal.

khushi: ofcourse, i am not dying to meet u ASR, even if u don't like this deal. we could break it.

arnav: y, r u scared that u will lose

khushi: lose? don't have that word in khushi kumari gupta's dictionary

arnav: singh raizada

khushi(blushed)singh raizada was dead the day i left.

arnav: khushi i am sorry. what i did to u

khushi: don't waste ur time to apologizing. i am not going to forgive u.

arnav: just let u know, no matter what khushi, u will have to come back to me

khushi: stop dreaming.

arnav: this dream will come true. wait and watch :)

khushi didn't reply to him.

it was tomorrow akash, arnav and khushi were eagerly waiting for the dinner.

payal and khushi come to restaurent.

khushi: sit on this table, so what do u want to eat. khushi was looking beautiful. she was wearing the blue jeans with gota shirt.

payal: sure khushi, it was so much fun today in the hospital, u know. Dr arjun ask me out but i rejected him and his face turned into baby face. he looked so cute. they both giggle.

the entry of raizadas

akash: here they are, payal look so cute na when she smiles.

arnav gave a weird look to akash and thinking(is he looking at payal or khushi)

akash: lets go bhai

arnav: yup

khushi saw them: jeeji i am going to restroom.

payal: r u ok?

khushi: yes jeeji. khushi was scared that what will happen now.

arnav: akash go head. be brave like a man

akash: ofcourse bhai. akash went to payal's table and sit next to her

akash: payal

payal:( looked) then she slowly start crying. what r u doing here?

akash: i want to talk to u

payal: there is nothing to talk about. plz leave.

akash: u wanna dance? akash didn't know what to say. he was really nervous.

payal:what?dance? no i don't want to.

akash: so u don't want to dance with me. fine. akash stood up and tell everyone" hey people, my wife just tell me that she is pregnant. can u please tell her to dance with me"

people: contraz and ofcourse u guys should dance.

payal: what r u doing? i am not pregnant. y u lie to them?

akash: u gave me no choice

arnav was thinking what kind a person is his bhai. he doesn't even have confidence to apologize to her.

khushi came and stand next to arnav. payal and akash were dancing.

khushi: u know what, i made the biggest mistake to come here to meet u.

arnav: what the. khushi shut up. i am enjoying this music.

payal: akash leave me. i am going

akash hold her wrist: please, don't i am sorry what i did to u. i am really sorry. please come back.

payal: (shouted) come back? hell no. i am not a paper towel. when ur hands r dirty u used me. when u r done. u throw me in the garbage.

akash: payal

payal: no Mr raizada. today i will speak and u will listen

khushi stand next to payal: jeeji r u ok

payal: hold on khushi. who u think u r akash? huh. u can't just come back to me and apologize. that day everything was finish. what did i do to u. y u throw me out from ur life. that day u didn't need me. now i don't need u. so move on

akash: i can't just move on. i love u and wanna stay whole life with u.

payal: hmm i heard these words from ur mouth before too and i got the result too.

khushi come forward: u heard this. leave us now.

arnav come: y u always wanna intrupt when two people r talking

khushi: its not intrupting it calls supporting. first u ruin our lives and now u r ruining our dinner.

arnav: our dinner?(smirk)

khushi: i mean, my and jeeji's dinner.

arnav: u always think about food.

payal: i am not hungry anymore. lets go

khushi: but u didn't even do the lunch.

akash: i know u r really mad at me but don't take out ur anger on food plz. eat something or may be i could feed u.u r pregnant payal atleast think bout our baby

khushi and arnav(together): pregnant?

akash gave a wink to them

payal: r u done with ur joke.

akash pull her close. khushi's mouth got open. akash kiss her on her check.

arnav: close ur mouth.

payal get frustrated and she left alone. akash smiled.

akash: she isn't that mad. i will make her. no worries bhai.

arnav: y u telling me this.

akash followed her.

khushi: told u nahh jeeji hates him

arnav: she didn't admit that she hates him.

khushi: well then she will.

arnav: we will see.

they both exist. there cars were not there.

khushi: jeeji left me. how can she? how will i go then

arnav: wot the akash took my car

khushi: (laughing) u deserve it. well im gonna go on walk.

arnav: r u crazy. at this time u will go on walk.

khushi: y do u care that how im going? its none of ur business.

arnav: well khushi i do care about u because i love u (smile) it's still my business because u r still my wife and i will walk with u. i hope u won't have any problem.

khushi: wot ever

arnav: chill it's a free country. i can walk where ever i want too.

precap: arnav fights with goons. khushi hugs him

thx guys for the comments. plz forgive my mistakes.

Aug 27, 2012

ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan (By falak)

khushi: (thinking) wahh devi maiya what a miracle. arnav singh raizada first time in good mood.

arnav: start singing the song" ajj mausam hai suhana, khushi k ghar jaane ka hai bahaan.

it was really dark. the huge jeep stop infront of them. there were 7 men and all were wearing some weird kinda jewelry.

khushi: what the then she puts her in the mouth. arnav ji who r they?

arnav: i don't know. don't be scared i am with u

khushi: this is y i am scared that u r with me.

arnav: what? ok ignore them. just walk.

khushi: i wish salma khan was here.

arnav: stop dream.

the goons came infront of them.

first man: bhai she is hot.

arnav closed his hand. khushi tries to go but the goons were not letting her.

2nd man: what is ur name?

khushi: u? whoever u r just move from my way. otherwise?

3 man: otherwise what huh? will u beat me. i am so scared mom

khushi: what u looking at arnav ji? do something.

arnav: kkgsr u really want me to do something

khushi: ofcourse, when i say things i mean it.

arnav: not every words.

goonswere coming close.

arnav: khushi, they are too many. i think we should run.

khushi: what? u want me to run.

arnav: no option.

and finally one goon touch her hand. arnav got angry. he hit him in his hand. he start fighting to them. khushi gets scared and yelling at him"stop arnav ji, they will die"

arnav: how dare he touch u.

khushi: stop and cry really hard.

finally stop. goons were left.

arnav: r u ok?

khushi didn't say anything. she cries more harder.

arnav: (comes near) it's ok khushi.

khushi puts her hand around his should and hug him so tight.

khushi: i am fine. r u ok?

arnav puts his hand on her back: hmm i am perfect

arnav was enjoying this moments. khushi break the hug

khushi: leave me

arnav: y

khushi: i have to go home, muskaan is wwaiting for me.

arnav: itni jaldee(smirk) don't worry payal is there.

khushi: arnav ji let me go, her heart start beating fast.

arnav: ur heart

khushi: my...heart

arnav: ur heart is beating fast.

khushi puts her hand on her heart and close the eyes. arnav left her hand and hide behind the trees. khushi opens her eyes and arnav wasn't there. khushi gets scares and start yelling

khushi: arnav ji, tears start coming out from her eyes.

arnav came behind of her.

arnav:(husky voice) khu..shi

khushi ran to him and hug him to tight: where did u go? i got so so scred. she start hitting him in his chest.

arnav: raised his eye brow, i thought u want me to go

khushi: when did i say that i want u to go.

arnav: y do u care where i really go

khushi: i do care because i.. and she stopped

arnav come towards her. khushi goes back

arnav: u do care because u what khushi kumari gupta singh raizada.

khushi: stop calling me singh raizada. i am not ur wife anymore. the six months were over. i am only khushi kumari gupta.

arnav: u still are my wife. u didn't take a divorce from me.

khushi kept quiet. they reach khushi's house.

arnav: stop staring at me and go to ur house.

khushi: ur hand is bleeding. come, i will bandage u.

they both enter the home, the lights were off. khushi got scared and hold arnav's hand.

arnav: relax i am here.

khushi come to reality and leave his hand: so? i am not scared.

arnav: really khushi? then y u are sweating.

khushi checked her face.

arnav: where is everything?

khushi: Mr arnav singh raigh it's 12:35 am, ofcourse everyone is sleeping. wait here i will bring the first aid box.

khushi left. arnav looked at the photo album and he smiled. khushi came and grabbed the photos.

khushi: what

arnav: ouch my hand

khushi: hold on here it is. is it really hurting.

arnav was staring at khushi worried face.

arnav(thinking) she is looking beautiful.

khushi bandage her and told him that she will drop him.

arnav: it's late i will call driver.

khushi nodded and went to the kitchen to make coffee.

arnav was staring at the lake.

precap: arnav cries and khushi visits to his office.

thank you guys for comments.

Aug 28, 2012

ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan (By Falakanand) (Thanked: 82 times)

khushi came with coffee and give to arnav. he was staring at the lake.

khushi: ur coffee

arnav: hmm

khushi: r u ok?

arnav didn't say anything. khushi was about to go that arnav hold her wrist.

arnav: khushi i'm

khushi: arnav ji, plz don't ask for forgiveness because i can't forgive u. what u did to me and to my jeeji. i can't able to forgive u. my jeeji's tears r really mean to me just like ur di's tears. if someone hurt ur di, u would never forgive them. just like that u and ur family really hurt my jeeji and i can't forgive u that.

arnav start crying really bad. khushi was shocked to see him like that. khushi didn't know what to do so she left to her room. later arnav's driver came but before he goes in the car, he wen to the khushi's bedroom and saw that khushi has tears in her eyes.

arnav: khushi

khushi wiped her tears: ji arnav ji

arnav: woh khushi i am leaving, just came here to say goodbye.

khushi didn't say anything and arnav left. khushi came in the terrace to see arnav. arnav was about to go but he turned and saw khushi in terrace. arnav smiled. he knew it that khushi still have feelings for him. he has an hope that she will forgive him one day if he tries really hard. at that night they both were thinking about each other.


arnav called khushi: khushi come to my office

khushi: y

arnav: because i said so

khushi: too bad i am not coming.

Aug 28, 2012

ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan (By Falakanand) (Thanked: 84 times)

arnav: khushi ia m warning u. if u won't come. something bad will happen to ur jeeji. i am giving u only 20 mins. he disconnects the call.

khushi: wot the. y he always use my jeeji. imma kill him today.

it was almost 18 mins. arnav was about to go and khushi was running. they bump into each other.

khushi: can't u see. r u blind. then she looked. it was arnav

arnav: did u say something?

khushi: y u called me?

arnav: di wants to meet u and muskaan

khushi: what?

arnav: i don't like repeating but i am reapeating again for u sweet heart. di wants to meet u and my daughter and u know i can't say no my di. u have to come today to meet her.

khushi: i won't come

arnav: and... and if u won't come i will rape ur sister and u know whatever i say i mean it.

khushi: what? how can u say that?

arnav: u have no option khushi kumari gupta singh raizada. ur choice. today night i will wait for u in my home. i could pick u up if u want me to.

khushi: raised her eye brow. fine i will come.

arnav: good. wanna coffee?

khushi didn't say anything and left,start having flash back


akash: payal i can't believe this from u. y didn't u tell me that khushi ji and jeeja ji were engaged.

payal: because because

akash: because what. u didn't even trust me. i can't believe this from u.

maami: akash bitwa drop khoon bari taang at home. she doesn't deserve to live this house and in ur heart. she betrays u bitwa.


precap: khushi and muskaan at rm and everyone shocked. di is happy to see her

Aug 28, 2012

ishq leta hai kaise imtehaan (By Falakanand) (Thanked: 108 times)

armav: do I am going to pick up and tell Maami to behave with her.

Anjali: khushi ji is coming to meet us. that's a great news. I am going to tell this news to every one

Shym: finally salee sahab after long time something good happen.

Arnav greeted his teeth and left to pick khushi and muskaan.

muskaan: can I sit in a driving seat with u? plz

khushi: jaani if u want to alive then sit in a back.

Arnav: I am thinking to make a bet

khushi: what bet?

Arnav: that today muskaan will call me papa. even I won't tell her to call me that but still she will call me that.

khushi: stop dreaming that would never happen.

Arnav: if u r really confident then deal

khushi: if she won't call u papa today u will do what I tell u to do for 24 hrs.

Arnav: deal

they reach at rm. Arnav hold muskaan's hand.

anjali: khushi ji. Anjali hug her really tight but khushi didn't hug her back

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