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Aug 23, 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1 (By Haripriyajagan) (Thanked: 24 times)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1

Hi guys. I am back with a new story. Sorry for ending that story nowhere..

This is a love story between two different classes. Arnav Singh raizada from a rich family and Khushi Kumari Gupta from a middle class family


Arnav Singh Raizada 27yr old a big business man who always stands on his own decision. He has numerous companies and staffs. He doesn't believe in God. "Work hard for your welfare instead of praying. Work in the time of praying. You will get profit". This is his ideology. He is called ASR by his staffs and colleagues. He does anything for his Di's happiness

Khushi Kumari Gupta is 24 yr old beautiful and intelligent girl who is rooted to family values. She believes that God is the one who decides everything. "If you work hard and have God's blessings then you can clench success". This is her ideology. Her parents often call her Sanaka Devi as she sometimes do naughty things. She jumps into anything without looking forward or backward in order to keep anyone happy.

They accidently meet each other and become friends. Their friendship ends in turning into love. How does that happen?

This is the situation my new story deals with. Hope you would like this.

Aug 23, 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1 (By Haripriyajagan) (Thanked: 21 times)

The Story...

Khushi and Arnav live in Delhi. Khushi lives with Buaji, Garima, Payal, Shashi in a rented house.

The house owner is a client of Arnav Singh Raizada. I would like to call the house owner as HO..

Khushi and her family members are planning to celebrate Payal's birthday grandly this time. Khushi was about to talk about decoration suddenly Ho rings the bell. Khushi opens the door and is shocked to see HO there.

Khushi: please come in.

Ho: I dont want to be welcomed. I want my rent now itself.

Khushi: Rent? Now itself ? But sir you have given us some more time right? We will pay the rent...

HO: I dont want to hear anything . i am going to sell this house to someone. I need you to vacate this home.

Khushi: But.....

HO: Give me the rent and vacate this house in next 24 hours.

Khushi: Sir let me..

Before she could finish Ho leaves from there. Khushi is upset. She inform this matter to all of them. All are upset. Khushi is worried because all of them are worried.

Khushi: Dont worry. We can meet whatever happens.

She cheers up everyone. They continue their talk about Payal's birthday celebration while Khushi is slipped into deep thoughts..

Aug 23, 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1 (By Haripriyajagan) (Thanked: 26 times)

HO calls someone in phone," Sir you can arrange your fashion show in my home, I will give you my house"

The other person in the phone was our beloved Arnav Singh Raizada.

ASR: Ok. I am coming to your home tomorrow. I want everything clean there. Ok?

HO: Already it is fine there sir. You can go there anytime.

ASR: Fine then. I will bring the monet tomorrow when i come to meet you.

HO: Thank you sir.

ASR cuts the phone. HO ordered his fellows to throw Khushi and her family members out of the house forcefully. His henchmen leave. Meanwhile Buaji, Garima, Shashi and Payal leave home for shopping. Khushi is left behind to look after the house. HO's fellows reach her home by that time. They forcefully open the door and enter the home. They try to misbehave with her. Tears start to roll down on her cheeks because of fear. When they were about to hurt Khushi someone hits that guy from back. The fellows were taken aback by that attack by that person. That was ASR. Khushi couldn't see him properly. He fights with them and saves Khushi. The fellows of HO runs away.

ASR: Are you ok?

Khushi (now with a sigh of relief): Now i am fine.

She stands up with the help of our ASR.

Khushi: Thanks a lot for saving me from the goons.

ASR: No mention. That idiot HO told me that i could purchase his house as no one lives here. But... Anyway nice to meet you. I am Arnav Singh Raizada

Khushi: I am Khushi Kumari Gupta.

ASR: I have to go. Take care of yourself.

Khushi: Thanks. Take care of yourself too. Bye!!!! They shake hands. Trembling hands of Khushi gets a relief from that. ASR leaves. Khushi is totally moved by ASR's presence there. She strongly wanted to meet him again.

Hope you guys are liking. Post your comments please

Aug 23, 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1 (By Haripriyajagan) (Thanked: 18 times)

Acutually Jiya sis told me to write my name before starting my new story.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1 posted by Haripriyajagan Or Old story's Haripriya.J

Thakx for reading

Let me continue....

ASr directly goes to meet HO at his place.

HO: ASR? How are you? I wanted to..

ASR slaps him

HO calls the God because of pain.

ASR yells at him.

"How dare you lie to me? You can never fool Arnav Singh Raizada.

You are dismissed from my company for trying to misbehave with an innocent girl.

Ho: Sir give me one more chance. I will not do it once more.

ASR: Arnav Singh Raizada never gives second chance even to closest one

ASR leaves. HO is stunned.

Khushi( in home) thanks God for saving her. Meanwhile Buaji,Payal,Garima and Shashi return.They witness a shabby floor. They ask Khushi what happened there. Khushi runs and hugs Payal and narrates the whole scene which happened a while ago.

Shashi was fuming with anger.

Payal: Khushi. come. Let us meet Arnav Singh Raizada now. We should thank him for saving you.

Khushi: Yes jiji. You are right. If i thank him it will mean a gratitude for saving me. If you all thank him it means much more right?

Buaji: Ha Sanka Devi

Garima: You have a little maturity now Khushi.

Khushi: Thanks. But where do we find him?

Shashi: You didnt ask his number or address?

Khushi: No Bapuji. He was in a hurry.

Shashi: Ok. Anyways Devi Mayya thanks a lot. Everyone pray to God for saving their beloved Khushi.

Khushi is happy with tears flowing out from her eyes..

Aug 23, 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1 (By Haripriyajagan) (Thanked: 17 times)

Next day Morning...

Raizada Mansion(RM)

Anjali: Good morning Chote.

ASR: Good morning Di. Why you woke so early Di?

Anjali: Because today is my dear brother's birthday.

ASR: Akash's birthday?

Anjali(stroke him gently on face): no. Your birthday chote.

ASR: My birthday!! I forgot that.

Anjali: Happy birthday Chote.

ASR(gets up from the bed): Oh come on Di. I am not a small kid to wish me birthday.

Anjali: Chote, you are like my son. You are always a small one to me..

ASr: Oh Di....

ASR's phone rings. He moves to poolside and starts talking.


Aug 23, 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1 (By Haripriyajagan) (Thanked: 22 times)

In Khushi's home.

Payal: Wake up Khushi.

Khushi jumps from the bed in hurry and rushes to bathroom. Payal shocked to see that. When Khushi returned Payal asked her what happened.

Khushi: Jiji I have to go to my college today.

Payal: But you took leave for 6 days right? Then..

Khushi: My mind is asking me to go there. I have to go jiji.

Khushi urges and gets ready. She takes her breakfast box with her and runs to bus stand.Meanwhile ASR leaves home. He stops near the bus stop where Khushi was standing. He actually stopped there because his new client would come there. He sees Khushi standing there. Khushi notices Arnav's presence. She walk towards him. He get down from the car.

Khushi: Hi!

ASR : Hi.Sorry that day i couldnt talk to you.

Khushi: Its okay. My parents want to meet you Arnavji.

ASR: For what?

Khushi: I dont know about that. Arnavji can you please come to my home today evening?

ASR: I will try to.

Khushi: Thanks. Can you give me your phone number?

ASR: Why not?

He dials Khushi's number and rings her.

Khushi: Thanks a lot Arnavji.

ASR: No mention. By the way where are you going?

Khushi: To college.

ASR: So you are a student?

Khushi: Not only that. I part time work in Tec office.

ASR: Great. His phone rings.

ASR: Excuse me. I have to go.

Khushi: See you then. Bye..

ASR leaves to meet the client..Khushi happy. She goes to college. Khushi does not have much friends as she dont like much friends. But she is now interested to make new friend. Of course she wanted ASR as her friend.

Aug 23, 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1 (By Haripriyajagan) (Thanked: 22 times)


Khushi returned home.

Payal: Khushi go and wash your face and legs.

Khushi: yes jiji.(after a while) Jiji I got Arnavji's number.

Payal: Really? Mobile number?

Khushi: yes Jiji.

Payal calls Amma, Shashi and Buaji. Khushi dials the number.

ASR's phone rings..he takes the phone.

ASR:Who is there?

Khushi: Good evening Arnavji.

ASR: Ya Khushi. What is the matter?

Khushi: My parents want to talk to you.

ASR: For what?

Shashi: Arnav beta I am Shashi Khushi's father..

ASR: Good evening Uncle.

Shashi: Thanks for saving my daughter from those goons.

ASR: No mention Uncle.

Shashi: I know your help cannot be repaid by simply saying thank you thats why i wanted to talk to you.

ASR: What is the matter Uncle?

Shashi: Tomorrow is my first daughter Payal's birthday. I would be greatly thankful if you and your family members come here for the party.

ASR: i want to think about it uncle. Khushi snatches the phone and asks everyone to leave. They smile leave from there.

Khushi: Hello Arnavji.

ASR: Khushi what the hell was that for?

Khushi: Hell?

ASR: I dont like parties and celebration.

Khushi (smiles): Arnavji celebration is a synonym for happiness. happiness never sustain. It is just like a bubble. Haven't you heard that"However big the bubble may be it withers away with faintest touch?"

ASR: No I haven't.

Khushi: Well no one knows that. I made that exclusively for you.

ASR: Thanks a lot.

Khushi: Utilize the opportunity Arnavji. Enjoy the fragrance of happiness. Because all time we cannot feel it.If you haven't celebrated the birthday till now then celebrate this time. I am sure it is going to be a new turn in your life.

ASR: Thanks for your advise Khushi. You are just like my Di. I will try to come.

Khushi: No try Arnavji. You have to.

ASR: Ok.

Khushi: Great. Arnavji can we be friends?

ASR: Why not? Are we not friends now?

Khushi: Not like that Arnavji. A true friend should be just like you. You know one thing. How close I am to everyone. But I couldn't share my feelings with them like what I have done now.

ASR: Really Khushi. I want to be your friend too. I haven't talked with anyone like this too.

Khushi: Then ok. When is your birthday Arnavji?

ASR: Today.

Khushi: OMG!! Happy Birthday Arnavji

ASR(smiles): Thanks.

Khushi: See you tomorrow.

ASR: Ok then. Bye.

Aug 24, 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1 (By Haripriyajagan) (Thanked: 23 times)

Meanwhile Anjali comes there.

Anjali: Can we celebrate your birthday Chote?

ASR: Sure Di.

Anjali surprised and has a tearful smile. She was extremely happy that moment. ASR is so happy to see his Di smiling because of him again.

ASR: But Di I dont want anyone other than RM members.

Anjali: Sure Chote.

Mami, Nani, Akash,Shyam,Mama,Anjali and Hp along with ASR celebrate ASR's birthday. ASR cut the cake and fed everyone including our Hp. Nani, Shyam,Anjali and Akash gives present to Arnav. Mami gifts him a costly watch.

ASR: What is the need of this?

Anjali: After that 14years for the first time we all are celebrating the birthday. So we thought let it be more memorable.

Shyam Rani Sahiba you are not going to cry. Are you?

Anjali holds Shyam's hand. Shyam takes Anjali to their room and console her. ASR also help her to overcome the stress which she felt by thinking the past.

ASR: Past is always past Di. Dont let past get by you. This may spoil your future.

Anjali recalls that she told this to ASR when he was sad after their parents were dead.She smiles and pats him on his head. Suddenly ASR's phone rings. He goes away,

Anjali: See Shyamji He will never change.

Shyam: Sale Shahab is one unique person. Leave him in his way.

They both smile.

Aug 24, 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1 (By Haripriyajagan) (Thanked: 19 times)

Rsnow told me to write long update. So here is that.

In Khushi's Home party decorations have started. Khushi was busily engaged in the decoration.

Garima: Eventhough Payal is not her own sister she is doing all work.

Buaji: We haven't shown any difference between them while growing them. Khushi is our own daughter no matter what.

Garima: You are correct. But one day if she ask us who is her real parents what can I tell?

Buaji: Pray to God that that moment should not come in our life..

garima: Yes Jiji..

Meanwhile Khushi sees Garima upset. She comes there and says..

Khushi: Amma dont worry. All decorations will be over by tomorrow evening.

Garima hugs Khushi. Khushi is confused.

Khushi: What happened Amma?

Garima: Nothing. We haven't celebrated your birthday like this. This birthday we will celebrate.

Khushi: No need of that. If Jiji's birthday is celebrated that is enough for me. No need to spend money unnecessarily for me.

Garima: Spending money for my daughter is a right for their parents Khushi.

Khushi: Oh Amma. Its night. Go and sleep.

She push her to her room and make her lie on bed. She wishes good night and leaves. Garima is bit tearful. Khushi sends all of them to bed and also asks the decorators to come next morning. She goes to bed but couldn't sleep. She wanted to talk to Arnav. She starts to call him but stops as it was too late to call. In RM ASR is also unable to sleep. He also wished to talk to Khushi. Khushi messages Arnav. ASR reads the message and gets happy. The message was,

"Good Night Arnavji. Miss you till you come here for party. Sweet dreams"

Khushi receives Arnav's reply.

"Miss you too.Good night Khushi". Khushi is happy and she prays.

"Devi Mayya thank you for giving me friend like Arnavji. Good night to you too"

Then she sleeps..

Next morning in Rm:

ASR: Di today evening we have to go for a party.

Everyone was stunned to hear that.

Anjali: Akash pinch me. I wnt to know whether it is dream or not.

ASR: Its not dream. I have to go to office now. I will be back in the evening. By that time you all should be ready..

Nani: But Chote which party? And whose?

ASR: My friend's sister's birthday party. She invited me.

Anjali: Wait a minute...She? Is that a girl your friend Chote?

ASR: Ya whats the problem?

Anjali: Nothing nothing. The Great Arnav Singh Raizada has a girl friend...

All laugh.

ASR: Not girl friend Di(a bit angry)

Anjali: I didnt mean that chote. A girl is a friend of you. A boy is a friend with girl. A girl is a frien with boy means that boy with the girl can name the girl with the boy as girl friend right?

ASR: What the? I have to go. ASR leaves from there. All laugh after hearing Di's twist.

In Khushi's House. All decorations are finished. Khushi was main in-charge of that.


Payal: Thank you Khushi..

Time passed. Guests started coming to her House. Arnav returned to RM and picked up everyone in their house and came to Khushi's house. Khushi was waiting for our ASR and his family. She calls him.ASR picks the phone and talks in Bluetooth

ASR: Ha Khushi..

Khushi: Are you coming today? How long I am waiting for you.

ASR looks at Di and answer her:

"On the way to your home."

Khushi: Great. Come fast.

ASR: Ok. Bye.

Khushi: Bye. She runs to Payal and informs that Arnav and his family members are coming. Payal notices Khushi's excitement and just smiles. Khushi rushes to her room and gets ready.

ASR reaches there. RM members are welcomed by Buaji and Shashi. Arnav was searching for Khushi. Khushi comes there.

She greets everyone. Anjali was very happy to see Khushi.Nk was also there for party. he meets Khushi and make her his friend. She wanted ASR to marry her that instant itself.

But she didnt spoke a letter. She just smiled at her. Everyone move to their places in party hall. Khushi and Arnav was left alone.

Khushi: Hi Arnavji!!!

ASR: Hi. Great to see you again.

Khushi: Its great to meet you too Arnavji. By the way how is this decoration?

ASR looks at the decoration and smiles.

"This is my taste. I love these kinds of decorations".

Khushi: You love red colour. Right?

ASR: How do you know that?

Khushi: I can see you staring at that colour.

ASR: you are a keen observer.

Khushi: Not at all. I can understand you fast.

ASR: How?

Khushi: Because Arnavji you are my friend.

They both smile. Party begins. They move to the hall. Everyone enjoy the party. Khushi finds this party a little gloomy. So she moves away from ASR and stands on the stage. Desi girls song plays...

Khushi and Nk dance. Arnav enjoys seeing Khushi dancing but is bit jealous seeing Khushi dancing with Nk. Party mood bumps up. Meanwhile Akash stares at Payal.

He fell in love with Payal at first sight.

ASr notices Akash and goes to him.

ASR: Aksh close your mouth. Go and talk to her..

Akash: No Bhai. I cant.

Khushi also notice their talk and get suspicious. She walks to Akash .

Khushi: Akashji What happened/

Aksh: Vo,,

ASR: Khushi..

Khushi: What Arnavji? Whats the matter?

ASR: Actually Akash is in love with Payal. And he is not going to tell.

Khushi:m What? How can you do this Akash ji? She will not accept.

ASR: Khushi let...

Khushi: Stop Arnavji. Akashji try to meet her first. Ask her name and mingle with her. Gradually confess your love. Straight away you cant speak to her.

Arnav shocked to hear that.

ASR: You are actually trying to make them one?

Khushi: Excuse me Arnavji. She is my sis. I will do anything to make her happy. I think Akashji is good for her.

ASR: How can you asses his character this fast.

Akash: Bhai I am good.

Khushi(smiles): If we look into anyone's face we can read his whole character Arnavji. thats how I know your character.

ASr. Oh. Ok then. Akash try to speak to her..

Akash leaves to talk with Payal.

ASR: By the way what do you know about my character?

Khushi: I dont want to tell you.

ASR: I have the right to know what my friend think about me.

Khushi: Ok. I will tell.

ASR: good Start.

Khushi: You are a little harsh sometimes. You are a happy person inside but never show your feelings to anyone. You dont like Pampering but you love to take care of others. You hide your feelings from everyone and make you more tough in order to forget that. I am right Arnavji?

ASR: (stunned): how can you tell all these?

Khushi: I can know my best friend's feelings. You are my only friend. So I can tell you all these.

ASR now fall for that words. He just smiles...He start to feel more feelings for Khushi that time.

Their bond grew stronger. Khushi smiles at staring Arnav.

Khushi: Ok then.

ASR: Ok. See you later.

Party gets over. Payal is happy to talk with Akash . ASR bids farewell. All RM members leave.While driving back home.

Mamiji: That party was good. Arnav beta's style of party. Right Sasuma?

Nani: Yes right.

Only Anjali notices Arnav lost in thoughts.

Aug 25, 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1 (By Haripriyajagan) (Thanked: 15 times)

First of all thank you for reading my story.

Next update will be only tomorrow. .

I will continue story after getting your comments guyzz

So please write your opinion and give some suggestion for the story line.

Please do comment.....

I am waiting for that. After getting your suggestions I will surely write story according to it.

it would be more satisfying, long and clean update right?

So please......

Thanking you.

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