Farz ya Pyar

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Aug 12, 2012

Farz ya Pyar (By someone)

Hey guyz, this is 1st time im writing a view on this site plz support me..

1st of all i would like to introduce myself .....i do have a name but for now i am someone and i am 13 yrs old . i am 4m UK and im a british pakistani. This story just came out of my head as i was thinking that Khushi is beggining to fall for our laad governor aka Arnav again after the marriage incident. This is why the title as you can see is farz meaning her responsibility of being a wife is being the reason of the love or pyar meaning the love that just happened to khushi without her knowing herself ....because of Arnav and the way he now behaves with her because he loves her too! The characters will be the same in this story like they are in the serial.

Guyz if you like this idea please tell me i will surely carry on and you are most welcome to write comments and if u have any other ideas please do share them.

Khushi: (walking up the stairs thinking of Arnav) Arnav ji mere liye itna kuch se rahe hai aur maine itna bura socha tha un ke bare mein. Kyu khushi tum itni kachi soch ki kaise ho saketi ho.

NK bumps into khushi

NK: Khushi ji aap aaj bohut buria lag rahi hai.Very nice!

Khushi: Nanhe ji (laughs) buria nahi baria.

NK: Oh sorry ha wahi badia.

Arnav coming down the stairs and bumps in to NK

Arnav: What the! NK tumhe kisne kaha yaha idol ki tara kare ho kisi ko lag jati toh.

NK: nanav shanti rako mere bhai. Tumhari hi pati se baat kar raha tha.

Arnav: pati nahi patni. Aur ab tum jao aur hari prakash se tum di ke liye juice leke ao.

NK: Ok nanav too romantic yaar

khushi blushes and NK leaves

Arnav: Khushi suhaag raat yaad he na tumhe

Khushi: (to herself) Iss laad governor ki soch mein hum yeh baat toh bhul gaye.

Arnav: Tum ne kuch kaha

Khushi: Kyu aap ke kaan saaf nahi he kya ...shyad aap ke kaan awaz de rahe hai

Arnav: Woh toh raat ko de ge

Arnav leaves smirking

Khushi: hamari raat aaj paki iss Arnav Singh Raizada ne paki ki hogi, pirte julte joh hai logo ki kismat likne ....devi maya raksha karna

this is it so far im really sory ill try to upd8 as soon as possible do comme nt

Aug 12, 2012

Farz ya Pyar (By Arshi_Someone) (Thanked: 29 times)

Guyz im sory i will transalate in english from now on

It was night as Arnav and Khushi stared at each other at the dining table. Dadi glared at the 2 in anger!

Dadi: Chote aap kuch ka nahi rahe baat kya hai (you are not eating anything chote whats the matter) She asked in an angry mood

Arnav: dadi mein jaisa bhi ka raha hoon tik hoon Arnav Singh Raizada ko kisse explanation ki zarorat nahi hai ( the way im eating im okay dadi Arnav Singh Raizada doesnt need to give any explanation to anyone

Nani: dekho sumi (dadi) tum kripa kar ke chup chap kana ka lo....Hum nahi chate aaj koi lariye ho (look sumi you eat quietly please ...i dont want any fights 2day)

Anjali: Kya hua dadi sab tik hai na (wat happened dadi is evrythink fine

Mami: Hello hi bye bye ... pleaz no disturrrrrrbing when eating ......

mami quietened down by the luks of dadi as khushi looked worried even more after the incident that just happened

NK: khushi ji sab ne line mar li woh joh filmy type aap reh gayi hai (khushi ji evry1 has said a filmy line your the only one left

Khushi looked at NK and then at arnav as her heart began to beat

Dhak Dhak .........

Ever1 finished eating as dadi angrily went .....as evry1 went into there room to go to sleep Arnav was decorating the room . As the door opened.....

Khushi: What the.....aap kya kar rahe hai Laad Gover....(what the what are you doing laad gover..)

Arnav: Laad Gover........ your sentance is left .....

Khushi: dekiye hum koi bes mein nahi parna chate hai .....seede seede humare sawal ka jawab dijiye (look i dont want any argument just answer my question)

Arnav: ohhhh........seeda jawab chaye toh sawal toh pucho tum ne sirf wat the kaha hai (if u want a straight answer ask the Q first u only said wat the )

Khushi: hehe Laad Governor kahi ka

Arnav: acha hua tum ne keh diya kyu ki ab sirf tumari dhadkan sunai de ghi (good that you said it because now only your heart will be heard)

there was silence as 'rabba ve ' tune was played in the background

Arnav got closer to khushi and khushi walked backwards ...

she bumps into the bed and falls down, Arnav lay on top of her.....as Arnavs words came true her heart beating was the only noise heard ......He gt closer and khushi closed her eyes.

PRECAP: Khushi sees Anjali packing a gift, she asks whos it for Anjali says it is chote's birthday the day after 2mrow so im giving him a surprise gift khushi smiles but is worried if Arnav will celebrate it or not

Sory for the mistakes guyz and i will update in evening and thank you for pple who commented especially sarun di and adi di and swap di but thanx the rest 2

Aug 13, 2012

Farz ya Pyar (By Arshi_Someone) (Thanked: 20 times)

Im going to continue ....thanx for all comments and people who commented please tell others to read this and comment so i can see my progress thanx guyz luv u all xx

Arnav: Kya hua pati patni hum ade hai na toh ab tum ne rasame bata di hai toh phir ab apni yaad se toh tumne suhaag raat bhi kaha tha.......ussi se hi baag rahi ho (what happened we are half husband and wife right so you said all the ceromonies and from where i remember you said suhaag raat too ...your running away from that)

Arnav walks away from khuhsi as silence spreads in the room. He goes to the pool side as khuhsi thinks of what she is doing and what she is running away from.

Khushi: (to herself) Arnav ji ki baat sahi toh hai...maine khud suhaag raat bhi kaha tha. Yeh sach hai ki hum aisa kuch nahi karna chate jo Arnav ji ko gusa yah dukh de lekin humari shaadi contract hai aur usse kaise main bhul sakti hoon.(arnav ji is right though i myself mentioned suhaag raat it is right that i dont want arnav ji angry or sad but i cant forget our marriage is a contract)

khushi begins to think of there marriage day and tears roll down her face when arnav comes

Arnav: Khushi kya hua tum roh kyu rahi ho im sorry mein ais......(khuhsi y are u crying im sory i ju...)

Khushi hugs arnav as arnav hugs back ......... they share a moment as khushi ttries to 4get for the few moments that she is on a marriage contract........

khushi: Arnav ji hum aap se contra.......(arnav ji i want to tlk bout the contr....)

Arnav: Khushi mein yeh contract hamesha ke liye thor dena chata hoon. I luv u khushi (khuhsi i want this contract to end foreva i luv u khushi)

Khushi is shocked wen Arnav says i luv u ......he slowly moves closer as khushi closes her eyes ......KNOCK KNOCK!

Anjali: chote hum he tume kuch yaad dilana chate hai (chote it is me i want to remind you something )

Arnav goes to open the door as he brings his sister in and sits her down

Anjali; Khushi ji aap se bhi baat karni thi (khushi ji i want 2 tlk to you to )

Mami: Hello hi bye bye pati sari cum heres wanting helpz pleashz

Khushi: Di aap arnav ji se baat ki jiye mein aati hoon( you tlk to arnav ji ill cum back)

Anjali nods

Arnav: kya hua di (what happened di0

Anjali: chote tum phir se bhu; gaye tumahara janamdin hai woh bhi do dino baad (smiles happily) (chote you forgot again its your birthday tommorrow)

Arnav: di please hamesha aap yahi kehti hai mei bhula nahi hoon.(di please you say the same thing everytime i havent forgotten)

Anjali:lekin mein sirf iss liye kehti hoon tha ke tum ek bar toh khush ho sako na tum kisi se kuch kehte ho na apna janamdin manate ho (but i only say it because i want you to be atleast one time happy on your b'day nor you tell any1 nor u make your b'day)

Arnav: di please ap mujhe akala chor dijiye hamesha ki tara aaj bhi mera koi b'day nahi hai iss liye aaj bhi mujhe kisi bhi chees batana se pehle ap ja ke room meh rest ki jiye(di please leave me alone for some time like always i wont make my b'day thats why today aswell b4 you say anything go to ur room and hav a rest)

Anjali: tike chote mein chalti hoon(ok chote leaving)

The sccene oves to where khushi is makin jalebi's with mami

Khushi: mami ji aap aaj jalebi banana kyu sikh rahi hai (mami y are you learning how to make jalebi's)

mami: shut up pati sari and only madats (helps) me okay pleashz and by the way not 1sht times......jab se arnav bitwa (since arnav son) was born i 2 day b4 make jalebi'sh

Khushi: Lekin kyu (but why) kaun se afsar par aap yeh karti hai (which occasion do you do this on)

b4 mami could speak Hp entered saying that Anjali bitia needs her medincines....khushi says she will go as mami carries on with her jalebi making

As khuhsi nters she sees anjali making a large b'day card with her and arnav's chilhood.......khushi asks anjali about it

Khushi: di aap yeh kya kar rahi hai (what are you doing di)

Anjali: arre khushi ji aap aye andar (khushi ji you come inside)

Khushi: Yeh kya hai (what is this)

Anjali: yeh chote ka thofa hai janamdin ka parso unka janamdin hai (this is chote's gift for his b'day the day after 2morow is his b'day)

Khushi: Kya lekin hume toh nahi pata humara bhi farz ban ta hai( WHAT i never new i have a responsibilty aswell)

Anjali : koi baat nahi khushi ji wase bhi farz se upar pyar hota hai(dont matter khushi ji anywayz love is more than responsibility)

Anjali: baat yahi parishani ki hai ki chote apna janamdin nahi mante yaha kisi see share bhi nahi karte(the matter of worriedness is that chote doesnt share or make his b'day)

Khushi di aap chinta mat ki jiye iss bar hum arnav ji ko apna janamdin mana ke hi chor ge ( dw di i will make sure arnav celebrates his b'day happily)

khushi is worried if arnav will celebrate or nt

Precap: lights are off as arnav enters and every1 sings happy b'day khushi hugs arnav .

thank you guyz luv u comment and i will continue soon

Aug 14, 2012

Farz ya Pyar (By Arshi_Someone) (Thanked: 19 times)

Guyz thank you for commenting i really appreciate it and the way u supprt me thanx

khushi walks out of Anjali's room worried about what to do .........as on the other hand arnav was thinking of his pareents and his childhood!

......she then goes in her bedroom thinking of an idea.

Khushi: uss laad governor ko toh mein...... (that laad governor ...)

Arnav: (turns around) khushi tum yaha (khushi you here)

Khushi: kyu sirf aap ka kamara hai kya (why is it only your room)

Arnav: haan hai kyu ki hum sirf ade pati patni hai (yeh it is because we are only half husband and wife)

Khushi: kal raat di aap se kya keh rahi thi (what was di sayng to you last night)

Arnav: khushi stop changing the topic

Khushi: kal ke bad aap ka janamdin hai na (the day after 2mrow is ur b'day right

Arnav is shocked and he is compeeled to say yes but he acts as if he doesnt care

Arnav: haan toh(so what)

khushi: toh yeh khushi ka din hai (so this is a happy day)

Arnav: Watever

Khushi: Arnav ji toh is baat ka zikar bhi nahi kar rahe (arnav ji is not even mentioning anything)

Arnav walks out the room as khuhsi follows and goes in the kitchen thinking what to do......shes making jalebis

Khushi: kuch soch khushi .......jaldi kar (think khuhsi....hurry up)

Suddenly the clock ticks 12 aand there a new day starts. khushi gets worried because she only has 1 day left b4 12 strikes again.

NK: yo khushi ji yeh jalebi ka jung acha hai (yo khushi ji the war of the jalebi is good)

Khushi : jung nahi rang (not war, colour)

NK: so nanaav ka b'day hai kal kuch suprise party sochi hai aapne(so tommorrow is nanaav b'day havae you thought of a surprise party or something

Khushi stops .......and smiles

khushi: nanhe ji aap meri madat kare ge na ........(nanhe ji will you help me)

Nk: of course but for surprise party

khushi: haan nahe ji surprise party(yes nahe ji surprise party)

NK: so meh kya karo (so what shall i do)

khushi: aap ko sirf sab ko ja kar yeh kehna hai ki kal hum surprise party thayaar kare ge aur aapp pura din arnav ji ko ghar me aane mat dijiye ga(all u need to do is tell every1 we are goign to have a surprise party and you cant let arnav ji enter the house all day)

NK: lekin khushi ji nanav ghar pura din nahi aaya toh surprise kaise deke ga(if nanav doesnt come in the house all day how will he see the surprise)

Khushi: nanhe ji yeh mazak ka waqt nahi hai mera matlab tha ki aap arnav ji ko raat ko ghar mein laye ga(nanhe ji this is not time for jokes i meant to say that dont bring arnav ji here until night)

It was 4am in the morning when khushi and NK finished the preperations. they both went to sleep in there rooms.The scene moves when Arnav wakes up and looks at khushi ....he wanted to wake her up butthen he leaves her...

Nani: chte khuhsi bitia kaha hai(chote wheres khuhsi dear)

Arnav: nani woh so rahi hai(nani she is sleeping)

Nani: ooooooo

Arnav: kyu nani me usse utao (why nani shall i wake her up)

Nani: nahi koi baat nahi (no dont matter)

NK: hey nani whats up aap thayarria kar chuki hai(hey nani wats up have you done the decoration and preperations)

Arnav: what

nani signals NK to be quiet

Nani: kuch nahi chote aap unne choria(nothing chote leave him)

Nk: oh my god nani we have to go out and buy more medincine for di

Anjali: Nk bhaiya aap ne dawa le li (NK brother have you brought the medicines)

Arnav: di lekin kal raat tho aap ke paas bohut sari dawa thi(di but last night you had loads of medicine left)

NK: nanaav toh finish finish(nanaav so now it finished)

Arnav: di im going to get it

Anjali: chote tum chale jao ge na (chote you will go right)

Arnav: im fine di ill go

Anjali: tikke(ok)

Arnav leaves as NK goes behind him and he winks at nani and di regarding the surprise......dadi sees this and is angry

Dadi: yeh sab kya hai sube se dekh rahi hoon ki sajawat ho rahi hai (what is all this ive been noticing since morning decorations are going on)

Nani: sumi hum jante hai ki aap chote ka janamdin nahi bhool skati aap natak mat kijye .......humara khuhsi bitia ne aaj bari samajdari se chote ka janamdin mana ne ka rasta doonda hai(sumi i know you know its chote's b'day stop acting ........our khushi bitia 2day has worked very smartly and maturely and found a way to celebrate chote's b'day)

dadi looks angry on the name khushi but she keeps quiet .....she asks where arnav is

Nani: chote ko humne bahana kar ke NK ke saath bej diya(we have sent chte out with NK with an excuse)

Dadi: tike (ok)

dadi leaves to rest for sometime.....scene moves to arnav driving with NK.

Arnav: NK its nearly 9pm lets go home

NK: nanav tum kaise ghar ja sakte ho di ki dawa bohut mahoor hai(nanaav how can we go home di's medincine is really famous)

Arnav: mahhor nahi door(not famous ,far)

Nk: yeh that 1 sory

Arnav: NK tum mere saath aana chate ho toh chup chap ao (NK if you want to come with me come quietly)

Nk: your so sad nanav


In shanti van dadi is angry that khushi is still in bed

Dadi: woh ladki abhi tak so rahi hai yeh kaisa mazak hai(that girl is still sleeping what kind of joke is this)

Nani: sumi tum janti nahi ho usne puri raat jag kar yeh sab thayarya ki hai(sumi you sont know that khushi has worked all night to get everything ready)

Dadi: (makes a face and leaves)

Khushi wakes up and she looks around her ......she feels unusual as she looks at the time ...it ticks 11pm ......

Nani: khushi bitia aap ki neend acchi ho gai (khushi dear did u sleep well)

Khushi: maaf ki ji ye nani ji hume pata nahi tha ki waqt itni der hogai......aap ne mujhe jaga liya hota hum bhi aap ki madat kar lete aap ki (sory nani ji i dint know the time that its this late you shud have woke me up i could have helped u all)

Nani: koi baat nahi aa thayaar ho jaye thodi der mein NK chote ko lekar aate hoge(dont wory get ready, NK must be bringing arnav back)

Khushi: ji nani ji aur sajawat bohut achi hui hai (ji nani hi and the decoration is really nice)

Nani smiles and then leaves as khushi runs upstairs to get ready

Arnav: sube nikle the tumari bakwaas ki wajase hum 9-10hrs late hai (we got out in the morning because of you we are 9-10hrs late)

NK: nanaav shopping maal chalo khushi ji ke liye gifts aur tum kurta lena(nanav lets go to the shopping mall to buy khushi ji gifts and you a kurta) di will like it

Arnav: no we are late

NK: please nanaav for the sake of di

Arnav: what the okay

In shanti van every1 is ready and khushi is looking superb

Anjali: Khushi ji aap bohut sundar lag rahi hai(khushi ji ur looking really nice

Khushi: sukria di(thanx di)

the rest compliment khushi as there are only 2 minutes till 12pm

NK; look hum ghar aa gai(look we have reached home)

Arnav: Shut up NK hurry up

NK:OK nanav u sad boy

Khushi: Hari praksh ji light

Anjali: cake

Hari prakash : sab hogaya hai bitia (everything is done dear)

all sigh

Arnav enters the house as he sees the light closed

NK: light toh of hai

Arnav: lagta hai sab so gai tumhara waja se di ne dawa nahi kahi(i think every1 has gone sleep because of you di didnt eat her medicines


Arnav: what the

Khushi runs to Arnav and hugs him...................

Every1 smiles except for dadi

Anjali: janamdin mubarak ho chote aaj hamre liye yeh kurta penlo(happy b'day chote for me please wear this kurta)

Arnav: di lekin.......(but di)

Arnav has tears in his eye as he remembers his childhood and that incident

Precap~ arnav comes in kurta and every1 is shocked

Thanx guyz for all your comments and ideas .....xx

Aug 15, 2012

Farz ya Pyar (By Arshi_Someone) (Thanked: 22 times)

Thank you so much guyz for your comments......

Arnav: Thank you khushi i know you did this

Khuhsi smiled and says koi baat nahi (it doesnt matter)

Anjali remembers something and quickly walks to get it

Anjali:Chote Kurta

Arnav: makes a face and leaves

every1 laughs and they get the cake well Arnav gets ready

NK:Nanaav murde(chicken) laga kar aa gaya (nanaav wore the chicken and came

Every1 was staring at Arnav like OMG, NK interrupts

NK: OMG! aaj maine(today i) first time hindi line say bhola(i said the hindi line right first time)

Akaash: no NK tumne murda kaha woh kurta hota hai( NO NK you said chicken its meant to be kurta)

Anjali: CAKE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

every1 tells khushi to go by Arnav and cut the cake with him ....she slowly walks and put her hand on Arnav's .......she blushes.

EVERY1: happy b'day to you happy b'day to you happy b'day dear (arnav) NANAAV!

NK's big shout shuts up every1 when.............

NK: aap sab juk Q ge(why did you all bend down) sing sing

EVERYY1: juk nahi ruk(not bend stop)

Khushi: janamdin mubar..............(happy b'da............)

Arnav: tumm ruk Q gai(why did u stop)

Khushi: humare janmadin par toh aap keh nahi sake aur nahi hamara cake ka sakte the bimare he na toh hum bhi vese kare ge (you couldnt wish me on my b'day nor you could eat the cake because of your illness i will do the same)

Arnav: Tum nahi kao gi (you wont eat)

Khushi: nahi nahi nahi(no no no!!!!!)

Arnav: ab.......(now............)

khushi was just about to say something where she notices all of the others were looking at them giggling of course except 2 people ~nani~mami

Khushi: aap sab haas kyu rahe hai(y are u all laughing)

Nani: yeh jaagra zaroor aap dono ka pyaar barai ga(your fi8 will surely increase your love)

Khushi: (mutters under her breathe) Kaunsa pyaar(which love)

Arnav: tumne kuch kaha (did you say something)

khushi runs off angry with arnav

After every1 has eat the cake......every1 feels the days long and they want fun

NK: lets dance with music

Anjali: NK tum tik keh rahe ho(NK u are right)

Arnav: but di you know i dont like this

Anjali: please chote aaj mana mat karna(Chote please dont say no today)

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

Precap: Anjali phone rings and Arrnav hears the name of Shyam

Guyz im really sorry for a short upd8 i will do a long 1 in the next upd8

than for the support luv u all

Aug 16, 2012

Farz ya Pyar (By Arshi_Someone) (Thanked: 19 times)

hey guyz thanx for commenting luv u allxx

After the dance Arnav stared at khushi.......

Arnav: tum dance bohut accha karti ho(you dance really good)

Khushi: woh hum jante hain(i know that)

NK: nanaav see mein bhi dance bohut lacha karta hoon(nanaav see i dance boy too)

Arnav: lacha nahi acha (not boy good)

Nani: khushi bitia aur NK aap dona humaran saath chalia(Khushi and NK please come with me)

Khushi: Nani ji aap ko maadat chaiye(nani do you need help)

Nani: ji hume jalebi baan na ni thi(yes i needed to make jalebi's)

NK: okay lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nani. NK. Khushi went and Arnva too was going to leave when he saw Anjali talking to someone

Arnav: yeh di kise baat kar rahi hai(who di di talking to)

Anjali: shyam ji kaise hai(hows shyam)

Arnav: shyam??????

Arnav get furious and pulls anjali cutting her phone of.

Anjali: chote

Arnav: di aap ne uss .......shyam ka naam kyu liya(di y did u say................shyam)

Anjali: maine nahi (i never............)

Arnav: di stop lying to me i heard you say it


Mami and Dadi: Anjali bitai pleash cum and sleep after medincines doctors orrrder

Anjali: haan mami chalia(yes mami come on)

Arnav: no i want to talk to you

Dadi: Arnav abhi tumhari di ko sone do(arnav let your sister sleep now)

Arnav: i said i want to talk now

Nani: kya hua chote(what happened chote)

khushi and Nk come and khushi tells arnav to let anjali go sleep and he can talk to her tomorow.

Arnav: tike lekin kal me aapse dining table par baat karna chata hoon(okay but tomorow on the dining table i want to talk to you and everyone)

everyone leaves as NK follows too. Arnav and Khushi are alone.

Khushi: Arnav ji aap tik toh hain na (arnav ji are u ok)

Arnav: i'm fine

Khushi: OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arnav catches Khushi as she wass about to fall there was a rabba ve moment

Khushi lets go and notices her bindi is not onn her head she looks for it and finds it on Arnav's neck

Khushi: hamari bindi(my bindi)....aap ke gale mein hain(is on ur neck)

Arnav: acha toh le lo(really come and take it)

Khushi: wat the

Arnav smirks as she slowly moves closer to get it. Arnav holds her hand.

Khushi: hamra haath choriye(leave my hand)

Arnav: oh tum kaho gi aur mein chor doon ga itna wishwas(oh so your gna say leave it and i will so much trust)

khushi pulls her hand of arnav and says

Khushi: laad governor

PRECAP: Shyam comes back to the house and Anjali is happy. everyone is shocked.

Thanx for comments guyz i tried to avoid the talk of shyam today but tommorrow will be a suspenceful update. Keep commenting and enjoying luv u all xxxxx

sory if this was a short update

Aug 18, 2012

Farz ya Pyar (By Arshi_Someone) (Thanked: 21 times)

Hey guyz hope u enjoying sorry for no update yesterday....! Today i have a good news for you......the good news is that in my story i have another person in myeduniya helping me out and giving me ideas and her name is Alinaaa for 2day most of the credit goes to her as she has given me fabulous ideas and will do in future. I will be elaborating on those ideas. THANX FOR COMMENTING

After khushi runs upstairs Arnav follows her and close the room door without khushi noticing its him. When she hears the door getting locked she gulps and walks back.

Arnav: maine abhi tak kuch shuru nahi kiya hai aur tum already piche ja rahi ho( i havent even started anything yet and you are already walking back)

Khushi: WAT THE! aap kya kehn chate hai ki hum dar the he(what are you trying to say im scared)

Arnav: haan toh tum kya karlo gi (yeh so what u gona do)

Khushi: hum nani ji seaap ki shiqayat kare ge(i will complain to nani)

Khushi was walking back when she was about to slip Arnav catches her and there is a rabba ve moment

The scene moves to when it is morning and every1 is eating breakfast Arnav asks wheres Anjali which to nani replies by the front door getting milk. Arnav walks towards the front door! and to his amazement he saw something shocking.

Arnav: di yeh yaha kya kar raha hai(DI WAT IS HE DOING HERE)

Anjali: chote tum yeh yaha ...woh ..meh(chote u here him here...i .....that

Every1 is shocked to see shyam as they come running to Arnav's voice. Khushi opens her eyes wide speechless ...........EVERYONE WAS.

Anjali: chote tum aise kyu chila rahe ho(chote y are u shouting like this)

Dadi: chote tum aise kaise apni di par chala saakte ho baro ki isat karna tumare liya he hi mushkil kya ab apni sagi behen ke liye bhi kam ho gai hai (chote hw can u shout at your di like this u already find it difficult to respect others has the respect for ur real sister also gone difficult)


Anjali: dadi chote bilkul tik ke rahe hai iss bar aap galat hai muche in se milna nahi chaye ...aur mami haan mein karti thi kise se baat ...acele nahi in se (dadi i think this time chote is ryt i shudnt have been meeting him secretly ...and yes mami ur suspicion was correct i was meeting sum1 and tat was him)

Mami: dekha (See) i tolds all u tat bitia is meeting sum1

Arnav: nani isse abhi ke abhi bar nikalo(nani take him out ryt NOWWWWWWW!)

Nani: damad ji aap yaha se chale jaye (damad ji go from here)

Shyam: jab wapas ao ga tume bhi dekh loo ga arnav singh raizada(Wen i come back i willl also see u arnav singh raizada)

Shyam leaves and Arnav vents his anger out at Anjali

Arnav: di aap ki har baat mani maine aap ke bale ke liye hi maine usse nikala aur aap... (di ive listened to everything u told me i took him out the house beause of ur benifit and u.......)

Anjali: chote meri baat toh suno(chote listen to me)

Arnav: khushi chlo mein nahi chata ki koi bhi parivar ka member jo shyam ke saath kisi bhi tara contact kare toh woh tumare samna nah aay kyu ki mujhe tumhari chinta hai (khushi come 0on lets go because i dont want any family member who tlks to shyam in anyway to tlk to u because i worry about u )

Anjali feels guilty! and so every1 is upset on anjali's deed

PRECAP: Anjali talks to Arnav on shes sorry he ignores her and walks to stand by khushi anjali crying.

thanx guyz so much for the support remember to also say a thanx to Alinaaa

Aug 22, 2012

Farz ya Pyar (By Arshi_Someone) (Thanked: 16 times)

Guyz hey hope u all r ok thank u 4 the people who commented and read this story..

Today i wanted to tell u this will be a short update and im really sorry for that i promise you my next update will be longerxx

The scene starts with Anjali trying to talk to arnav she asks him why he is doing this to her and she is eady to do anything.

Arnav: di stop it

Anjali: lekin chote tu mujhe kuch kehne toh do mujhe hume baat karni hai(but chote i want to talk to you)

Arnav: but mujhe nahi karni(but i dnt want to)

Arnav rushes down followed by Anjali as the other family memebrs watch from downstairs Arnav says to every1 that Anjali wants to say something to them. Anjali gries to tell Arnav that she wants to talk to him alone but he doesnt listen and sits by khushi as anjali is still crying ......

Khushi: Arnav ji aap ko di ki baat man leni chaye(arnav ji u shud listen to what di wants to say)

Arnav: but ...

Nani: Chote hume bhi esan hi tik lagta hai(chote even i think the same)

Arnav is ready to hear want Anjali wants to say, He goes to her room with her.

Anjali: chote hume aap ko ek sach batana hai(chote i want to tell you a truth )

Arnav: kaisa sach(what truth)

Anjali: shyam ji ki bare me(about shyam)

Arnav: shyam ke bare me?(about shyam?)

Anjali: woh .....woh(that ........that)

Arnav thinks that thy are wasting his time so he leaves. Dadi signals anjali to not say anything to arnav.

Anjali: dadi par ..( but dadi)

Dadi: abhi nahi say waqt ane par aap bataye un ko (not yet when the right times come then you can tell him)

Anjali looks worried.

Guyz thats all.....and theres no precap cuz 4 this part i dont want to give out any hints later on the secret will reveal till then keep thinking !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 24, 2012

Ideas!! - Sorry if anyone thought this was part of the story! (By Alinaaa) (Thanked: 16 times)

Hi Sunny,

First of all a big sorry to anyone who thought this was a part of Farz ya Pyaar which is an awesoome story by Sunny!! Okays so im here posting my ideas for Farz ya Pyaar which Sunny has included me in and im really excited!! yaaay!!!

Here are my ideas Sunny!

It could be like Anjali is really mad all of a sudden and could do her signiture interuption of Arshi romance and could just storm in their room d she could just be like its enough!! (anjali aaa aaa tune) She could say i am pregnant i am carrying my child! I am the mother but what about the father of my child! Dont you get it?? I need love and affection!! I am just a women and all that drama...

Arnav could be dumbfounded as you know no-one expects their sis to storm in their room!! ASR tune comes up and Anjali could be like Baas!! (enough!) And the whole family comes in and the effects... Then she could say i also live in RM and i have a right to what goes on in this house and whether you Mr Arnav Singh Raizada like it or not i am bringing my husband back!! Ive always supported you Chote but this decision.... Arnav could be like Stop it di you cant take this decision by yourself its wrong what about Khushi and....

Anjali interupts hime by going EXACTLY!! You took the decision of chucking my hubby out but i cant take a decision of bringing him back!! I may be naive but im not blind!! I know what he has been doing!!!!


Sooo thats an idea of mine Sunny (plz delete this myview after)

Once again sooryy if i interupted and Thanx for including me Sunny!!

Alinaaa xxx

Aug 26, 2012

Farz ya Pyar (By Arshi_Someone) (Thanked: 16 times)

Hey guyz hope u are all ok plz plz plz keep on commenting and after LONG of course i will continue with alinaaa's surperb idea thank u sarun di and guyz luv u

The scenes starts with Arnav and Khushi in the bedroom...

Arnav: aaj tum bohut khubsurat lag rahi ho(today you are looking beautiful)

Khushi: sukriya(thanx)

Arnav: khushi aaj meh tumse ek baat kehna chata hoon(khushi today i want to say something to you)

Khushi: haan kahiye(yeh what)

Arnav takes Khushi to the bed and sits her down and talks to her about how he mistakened her and shyam together.

Arnav: im sorry khushi(tears fall out of eyes:

Khushi: Arnav ji aap mafi kyu mang rahe hai aap tik he na(arnav ji y are u apoligizing are u okay)

Arnav: khushi i mistakened you and shyam even though you told me again and again

Khushi: Arnav ji purani baato ko yaad kar ke kya fyda(arnav ji theres no point to talk about the past)

Arnav: khushi I .....I

Khushi: I .....


Khushi: khushi blushes) gaalat(wrong)

Arnav:gaalat matlab(what do you mean wrong)

Khushi..i love you nahi(its not i love you) i love you dammit!

Arnav smiles and says ..I LOVE YOU DAMMIT!

khushi smiles and leaves

The next morning NK comes at the breakfast table as alwayz making a mistake he drops dadi's milk and says ....

NK: sorry dadi ji

Dadi: aap chote baache hai kya(are u a small child)

NK: huh...dadi meh chote nahi hoon aur chote bacha nahi hai aap har bar aisa kehti hai (huh.....dadi im not chote and chote isnt a kid yy alwayz make this mistake)

Dadi: ab aap mujhe sikay ge(now will you teach me)

NK: no no meh aap ko sika nahi raha meh aap ko aapki memory loss ki help kar raha hoon(no no im not trying to teach you im trying to help you with your memory loss)

Dadi leaves the table as khushi says she will go and console Dadi.

Khushi: dadi ji aap(dadi ji you)

Dadi: aap yaha se chali jaye( go away from here)

Khushi: par aap hamera baat toh suneye( but just listen to me)

Dadi: humne aap se kaha na aab jaye( well i said go so GO!)

khushi leaves ............and thinks of what happened because dadi looks worried.

PRECAP: Anjali is shouting at arnav shes pregnant and she needs her husband at this time every1 is shocked

Guyz i will be slowly reaching to a fight between the brother and sister as khushi and arnav face shyam when hes back in the house thanx alinaaa for the idea

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