Short Filler after Today’s Episode –08.09.12 – Janmaashtami and Arnav’s Birthday-(Completed)d)

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Aug 10, 2012

Short Filler after Today’s Episode –08.09.12 – Janmaashtami and Arnav’s Birthday (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 73 times)

Arnav tells Khushi today is our Suhag raat…Khushi is all worked up about it…Payal and her having conversation about what kind of things happens in Suhag raat…Payal tells her she should know about it, then why is she asking questions.

Khushi mumbles underneath her breath softly that never happened…Payal hears her inspite she said softly…ask her why and what happened on her Suhag raat as everything was arranged after their wedding.

Khushi try to hide things from her and try to change the subject…Payal corner her and try to ask her…Khushi about to say something…NK arrives and the whole conversation doesn’t take place.

NK ask what they were talking about and they both tell him nothing…just talking normal stuff…but NK does not leave the conversation as he hear the last part of their conversation…he said I hear something about Shub raat…what’s that…Payal giggles and Khushi is all nervous. Khushi leaves the kitchen and leave behind NK and Payal.

NK try to ask Payal about it again…Payal bhabhi tell me what it means I am dying to know what was Khushiji talking about…Payal tells him Shub raat means Good night…just to avoid the subject. NK scratch his head and leaves the kitchen.

Arnav hear the conversation between NK and Payal as he was passing by…he knew exactly what was they talking about and after hearing Khushi’s name, he was sure of it…he decides to tease Khushi, but he gets a phone call so decide to implement on his plan later on.

Dadi on the other hand was trying and dying to find out what happened to Damadji and his where about. None in the family members are telling her anything. Nani too avoiding the subject.

After the phone call Arnav goes to his room as he has seen Khushi going upstairs…he wanted to tease her, but to his surprise found NK in his room talking to Khushi…he overhears their conversation…NK spoke Khushiji aren’t you forgetting something…Khushi confused and looks at him and ask what…NK said you know today’s who’s Birthday is…Khushi still doesn’t get it and shrug her shoulder and say I don’t know.

NK says areee Khushi, you didn’t even know today Krishna God birthday you know, but also someone else too…Khushi still trying to figure out who else might be…she knew today is bal gopal’s birthday but then…she pace around in the room for few seconds…still perplex who might be…NK sees her pacing back and forth and gets tired of it.

NK said “Uffooo” Khushiji you know someone’s passport…trying to give her some clues to figure out. Poor Khushi still doesn’t get it…NK is now frustrated and said when they were looking for Nanav’s passport in Shyam’s briefcase, did you not see the day Nanav was born. A light bulb lite up in Khushi’s brain…she remember seeing the date on Arnav’s passport. She hit her head with her left hand and spoke I am really dumb and crazy, how can I forget today is Arnavji’s birthday. NK ask her, have she decided how she was going to celebrate Nanav’s birthday and have she decided what is she going to do.

Khushi makes some faces and tells him she hasn’t thought about it. NK now agitated tells her how can she forget Nanav’s birthday…she tells him the same way he forget her birthday…if it was not for her Buwaji he wouldn’t have found out about it. She remember in flashback how she was going to celebrate his birthday and what she told him about…she has mischievous smile. NK ask her what is she planning…she tells him leave it to her.

Arnav who was outside hiding listening to their conversation, thinking now he has one more reason to tease Khushi…he is about to enter the room, but Mamiji calls him…NK and Khushi jumps and look outside to see if Arnav heard their conversation…they didn’t see him and thinking he must haven’t hear the conversation.

Mamiji is scared and had worried look…Arnav seeing Mamiji’s frighten face walk towards her. He asked what happened…she tells him she overheard the conversation between Sasuma and Dadiji asking about Damadji…Sasuma was looking tense and worried so come please with me. Arnav ask where they were…Mamiji tells him they were in Puja room downstairs…he climbs down the stairs followed by Mamiji.

Arnav over hears the conversation Nani and Dadi are having…Dadi asking where is Damadji and why he hasn’t come to meet her. Arnav tells her he is not there and wouldn’t be allowed back into the house. Dadi ask the reason and Arnav tells her she shouldn’t be worried about the reason…it is his decision after what he has done…Dadi is furious at Arnav for his behavior…she tells him it is her right to know what did Damadji do that was so spiteful that he is not allowed in this house.

Dadi once again trying to dominate the house and talking about respect she should be getting and what not…Arnav once again tells her he respects her, but at the same token why is she so concern about his where about after all these years. They have their heated arguments.

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Aug 10, 2012

Short Filler – Janmaashtami and Arnav’s Birthday - Part 2 (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 61 times)

Dadi mumbles underneath the breath and fuming with rage…Arnav hears her and asks her if she needs to say something she should speak loud. Dadi tells him how could he defy her and drop Malik surname from his name…doesn’t even keep his father’s last name. And on top of it how come he kicks out Damadji…she hears he is lovable and caring person. Arnav’s flabbergast and infuriated at the same time…Dadi where have you hear Shyam is lovable and caring person…who told you about that…and for your earlier question I am not entitle to give my reason.

This made Dadi more angry…flames coming out of her ears…she demands and tells him she has right to know. Arnav speak if that’s the case then he tells her he cheated on Di and has kidnapped him for his wealth and tries to kill him. Dadi still doesn’t believe him at all…she tells him she doesn’t believe him and it must be his wife’s fault…like mother like daughter she makes a comment.

Arnav has perplexed face and says “what the”…Dadi is amused and looks at him funny by his statement…she never heard him before. How could she hear him she was gone 15 years…she never contacted them nor try to meet them as several attempts were made. Arnav ask her why is she so adamant about blaming Khushi and how did she know it was his wife. And are you referring to…about like mother like daughter.

Dadi try to avoid the question and thinking she has spoken too much. Arnav wouldn’t tell go this topic and demand to know more…why she accused Khushi and why she made a statement like mother like daughter.

By this time everyone is gathered around the area…Akash, Payal, NK, Anjali, and last but not least Khushi. Everyone has the baffled look…trying to figure out what happened between Arnav and Dadi.

Arnav spoke to Dadi tell me know how you knew…Dadi tells him she doesn’t want to talk about it after Khushi being present. He tells few minute ago you were dying to know then why she is trying to avoid the question… Arnav notice she refuse to talk and tells Dadi to speak up as she has brought the subject and he wants to know why his wife is blamed.

Dadi with frustration tells him she received a letter…in which it was all explained how his wife seduced other man of this house hold and you just to get into this house…for money and to take revenge. Everyone is astonished by this revelation…looking at each other...letter…what Dadi is talking about revenge…Khushi and revenge.

Payal comes to Khushi’s side to give her support as she is crying…she is blame for the reasons she try to protect others for their welfare. Arnav too come by and takes her hand in his…tells her she shouldn’t blame herself and he knows it was not her fault.

Dadi is furious…Nani is puzzled…asking Dadi Sumi what are you talking about…Khushi bitiya…money…revenge…this doesn’t make sense. She doesn’t know Khushi bitiya and why all these cruelty and hatred towards her. Dadi keeps mum.

Arnav ask her who sent the letter…Dadi still keep mum…Arnav in ASR mode (music playing in the background)…demands his Dadi to answer his questions…Dadi has that dumb folded look (after she is made has seen it today and yesterday).

Arnav demands again to answer his question…what letter and who sent you…Dadi tells him she received a letter which was sent by unknown person…no name or return address was specified on the letter.

Dadi further tells him Arnav Bitwa she is a trickster...she is after your money...her intensions are not good...I am looking after your wellbeing...Anjali feels bad about it how Dadi was blaming Khushi...Dadi tells him I know more than you as she has seen how duniya dari works...l have seen more Diwali than you. Anjali Bitiya also told me...Arnav looks at his Di what she must have told their Dadi. Anjali has poker face.

[In flashback it is shown Anjali was talking to her Dadi.]

To be continued...

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Aug 10, 2012

Short Filler – Janmaashtami and Arnav’s Birthday - Part 3 (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 86 times)

Khushi now crying profoundly...Arnav couldn't take it any more of his wife’s insult...tells Dadi before blaming other folks she need to check her story first and not to believe what she wanted to believe as she has done in past. Dadi tells him she knows and is right…she will believe what she wants to and no one can challenge her.

Arnav speak to his Dadi, haven't you heard Shyam try to kill me and you have no remorse or concern over say you are my Dadi then you act like you don't care about me. Dadi looks away...Anjali come over towards Dadi...try to explain her, but Dadi is unwilling to hear her out...she stops her by placing her hand in the air (like we have seen since has appeared in the show).

Dadi spoke so Damadji's name is the grace of God and having his name Shyam, he can't be all wrong...his name is the same as bal gopal so he can't do anything bad and conniving. It must be your wife's faults that must have lure him. I know what kind of person she is...she is the master mind after your well-wisher wouldn't lie to is in her blood.

Arnav is furious by now...tells his Dadi to shut her mouth...everyone is stun...Dadi is ire by now on satve aasman (seventh heaven/sky) dare her grandson insult her like this. He tells her how she can trust some outsider person over her own grandson.

Arnav tells her Khushi is the one who try to save his life not once but twice...she was the one who gamble with her life in order to save him. He almost lost her when she fells from the hill trying to save him...again everyone is one knew how much sacrifices Khushi has made in order to save her hubby…Payal support Khushi...hug her by placing her shoulder around her.

And you blame and accused her she is after my money...if she is she wouldn't be the one saving my life…she would have left me rotten in hell in the hands of Shyam and let him kill me. Dadi still not believing him...she again insult is her aukalt...she knows she can get more money the other way so that's what she did before she can get caught and trying to blame Damadji.

Anjali is crying too...seeing Dadi and her Chote going at each other. After hearing Shyam's name she is sad and depressed. She doesn’t know who to believe and who not to…no one has told her the whole story…so far she has heard blame games.

Khushi couldn't take it any more so leave the area and goes to her room. NK leaves the room too and goes after her. Payal try to go behind Khushi, but Aakash stops her.

Arnav wants to go after Khushi but doesn't want to leave behind his Di and unfinished conversation…he thinks he needs to put his Dadi in check...he is torn between two people who are dear to him…Di and Khushi.

Arnav walks towards his Di and hugs her...tells her not to cry. He address to his Dadi he doesn't want to hear single word against his wife...he knows how Shyam is and have seen him in real action...he remember the confrontation between Shyam and him where Shyam admits his illicit relationship between him and Khushi and the hurdle is Rani Sahiba, but decide not to say anything right now as it would hurt his Di more.

He try to console his Di and assuring her to trust him...he was only looking after her interest and her well-being...reminding their conversation they had. Anjali knows her Chote wouldn't lie to her, but remember recent events were Khushi and him both lied to him…trust becomes an issue for her.

Arnav try to take his Di to her room as he saw her pale face...she tells him not to be concern with...she tries to walk, but wobbles and Arnav holds her before she drop dead. Nani tells Arnav to take her to her room…so he carries his Di back to her room.

Dadi is concern for her granddaughter but decide to go to her room. Everyone dispersed and start the preparation for Janmaashtami.

NK sees Khushi crying sitting on the bed. He try to console her and try to cheer her by saying ek kan se suno doosre kan se fakdo...both remember same conversation they had during haldi/haven day…she smiles tad bit.

Khushi has sad face...sobbing away...NK couldn't take it any more...he wants to see her happy face. To lighten the moment he ask her he had seen her mischievous smile on her face before and he wants to know what she has a plan for her Laad Governor's birthday. What was she thinking about?

She has a smile on her face hearing “Laad Governor” words which reminds him about her hubby Arnav...she tells him what she was planning to do with his birthday as he had force her to cut the cake as well as force her to eat the cake. NK has surprise look on his Khushiji you are telling me Nanav force you to cut the cake and feed you the rude...what can one except from Nanav Singh Raizada.

She wanted to feed him sweet, light up the mosquito incense so that his voice will go away like last time, but decided not to do…she couldn’t abide to do so after all he has done…she thinks someone has to speak up and stand against his Dadi…who could be a better person that him…she shakes her head and ask forgiveness from her Devi Maiya for thinking about it.

Khushi couldn't bear to hear ill-will words about Arnav. She saw him how he has supported her, backed her up in last couple of days since Dadi's arrival. She tells NK not to talk bad about him...tells him how Arnav has supported him and he is very nice person.

NK says sorry to her…she smile meekly...he pressure her she has to do something for her “Laad Governor”. She tells him she wants to do but seeing the atmosphere in the house and also celebrating Janmaashtami this evening…people are coming to the house…she doubts if it was possible.

NK tells her to leave it for him. For now he wants to see the smile on her face. Arnav who was outside standing listening to the conversation…he came at the last part of their conversation. Khushi ask NK what he plans to do…he tells her in her ears about his plans….she laughs at his plan.

Arnav now wondered what they must be planning.

To be continued...

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Aug 10, 2012

Short Filler – Janmaashtami and Arnav’s Birthday - Part 4 (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 76 times)

Arnav walks in the room…both jumps a little sitting on the bed…unexpected visit from the “Laad Governor” himself.

Looking at both of them jump…ask what are they talking about…his eyes on Khushi’s face….he sees hint of smile on her face…concern for her…both acted innocently and told him nothing. NK leaves the room…he at the door…Arnav calls him…NK stops at the door…Arnav thank him for making Khushi smile…he said softly so it was not audible to Khushi’s ears.

NK nods at Arnav…no problem Nanav…he was glad to do so and no need to say thank you as Khushiji was his friend…Arnav acknowledge it and tells him he was glad to see she has a friend like you. NK leaves Arnav’s room.

Arnav close the door…walks and sit beside Khushi on the bed. He wipes her tears…console her…says sorry to her for his Dadi’s rudeness and ask her not to be concerned and worry about it…as he told her before Dadi is like this from day one he has realized her behavior and her misconception…ask her not to blame herself.

Khushi tells him in some way she is true…it is due to her Di’s life is ruin…Arnav sees she starts blaming her…tells her Khushi don’t blame yourself and like I said before it is not your fault…the fault is Shyam’s only…he is the soul person to be blame for all these misfortune. He hugs her and says sorry to her.

Khushi ask him why he was saying sorry to her…he tells her he wanted to come after her, but had to stay behind for Di…she tells him not to be sorry about it he should always take care of Di first…she come first before her…Arnav gets out of the hug hold look at her with beady eyes…seeing her selfless nature, caring for others especially his Di…he is amaze by her…he tells her he is glad to have her in his life and kiss her forehead.

Khushi gets up from the bed to go and wash her face in washroom…Arnav calls her…to lighten her mood… she turns around…he tells her don’t forget today is our Suhag raat…her eyes are widen (same as we saw her face when he reminds her in the morning).

Her heart started beating…dhak…dhak…dhak…Arnav who also was standing…turns around as he gets a call…smiling at her facial expression. He likes teasing her and always happy to see her red nose when she is all blushes.

She enters the washroom…close the door…dhak…dhak…dhak…still going on. She holds her chest…thinking what this Laad Governor thinking about. She doesn’t know what they do on Suhag raat…she has heard little about it…but knowing Arnavji no telling what he might do. She thinks their marriage is incomplete without their pharas and her jiji has told her pharas has to be done before Suhag raat…she thinks it’s paap (guilt)…she prays to her Devi Maiya what she needs to do to convince Arnavji as he as adamant about it.

She washes her face…wipe with the towel.

Before she walks out of the washroom she says “hey Devi Maiya meri raksha karna ish Laad Governor se”. She presses both hands in the prayer formation…lifts up and down (you have seen it how she does in previous episodes).

She opens the door…her face is little outside the door to see where Arnav is…she sees him talking on the phone…he notice she came out, but his face still towards the pool side…he tells Aman to arrange for flowers…what type of flowers is asked by Aman on the other side of the phone…Arnav tells him the type needed on Suhag raat…to decorate the bed…he tells Aman just do it dame it…he tells him he should know and understand…if not figure out…but he needs the flowers as soon as possible.

Khushi was listening to their conversation…takes a big gulp. She thinks hey Devi Maiya ab kya kere…ish Laad Governor ne jo thanli hai (what shall I do…this Laad Governor has decided to do). Arnav had mischievous smile on his face. He disconnects the call.

He turn around…Khushi is dumbstruck at place she was standing…he walks up to him…naughtiness in his eyes, face can be seen…Khushi once again takes a huge swallow…seeing Arnav walking towards her…hey Devi Maiya hum kya kere (hey Devi Maiya what shall I do)…he is coming towards me. She sees here and there trying to avoid his gaze.

Arnav sees her reaction…he likes it a lot…want to tease her more…Khushi kya soch rahi ho (Khushi what are you thinking about)

She stammers and says hum kuch nahi soch rahe hai (I am not thinking about anything)

Arnav is close standing opposite to her, may be 1 foot distance…kuch toh soch rahe ho tum Khushi (you are thinking about something Khushi)…her response nahi toh (not at all).

Arnav spoke teasingly Khushi if you aren’t thinking then you should be thinking…she looks at him, little confused what he meant by it…from her looks Arnav figure out she didn’t understood him so he tells her…but first holds her hand…she is nervous and scared…thinking what he might do to her…he lean towards her…whisper in her ears and says she needs to think about what he might do with her on their Suhag raat.

Her eyes are wide open like an owl at the night fall…he smirks and has his head down so that she can’t see his face smiling…she felt butterflies floating in her stomach…takes a deep breath and says “nahiiii” (no)…she says kind of loud…Arnav tells her to keep her voice down.

Arnav tells her what no…they should do it as they are husband and wife…she tells him they can’t do it…he ask the reason still holding her hand…he has creating patterns on her palm…she is getting more anxious and panicking…tells him they can’t do it, her jiji told her phera comes first before Suh…suhag…she stutters…he takes a small step…2 or 3 inches away from each other…she feels Arnav’s closeness.

He tells her as they have done everything in their life opposite…so one more thing will do no such harm…eshe tume koi farak padna nahi chahiye (with this you should not bother by).

She gets out of his grip…with daring she speaks…hume kyu farak nahi panda chahiye (why should I not be bothered by)

He shows his fake anger…she steps back…what did you say Khushi...she takes one more steps backward…he comes forward…she take step back…the game continues till Khushi hits the wall.

To be continued...

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Aug 10, 2012

Short Filler – Janmaashtami and Arnav’s Birthday - Part 5 (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 69 times)

He barricades her by placing his hands on either side of the wall…nowhere to run; she closed her eyes afraid to gaze in his brown eyes which were inviting her to look. He has a grin on his face…leans forward and said, “Khushi look at me?”

Her response, “nahi” (no)…Khushi look at me, he said with hoarse voice…she still doesn’t open her eyes…shakes her head.

He is frustrated and said little in a loud voice, Khushi open your eyes or I will…he doesn’t say anything…leans forward towards her…she can feel his breath on her…fear sunk in her body and she opens her eyes reluctantly…didn’t knew what he might do…her eyes open widely in shock, with an “O” shape of the mouth….he kissed her on her cheek.

She was dumbstruck, her face, her chin, her cheeks…whole face was redden like red rose…red is the favorite color of Arnav…he likes that color blushed out on her chin…she could still feel in warm breathe on her face. He couldn’t hold his laughter any longer and smiles which touches to his eyes.

She is profound seeing his smile, which reminded her she, had seen it before. The first time, she saw when she had applied batter of Jalebi all around her face unknowingly and during the Sangeet night when she made a fool out of him during one of her song and today was the out of this world…he laughed so hard…after the bed was broken.

She saw him still laughing away; she closed her mouth and said, “Dekhiye…”

Arnav interrupted her, laughter is gone, serious face took over, what Khushi…he lean little closer towards her looking at her trembling lips which parted a little…inviting him.

She swallowed hard…praying to Devi Maiya to save her from him…thinking hope someone would come and interrupt them…wished Nanaji or Hari Prakashji comes…she shake the thought away thinking and asking herself what was she thinking.

Arnav tells her with mischievous in his choclately eyes what the use of him buying this new bed frame…at least they have to utilize it now…to see if it holds their weight and test it out…what if it breaks…he winks at her.

She was flabbergasted…smile at his teasing…now she is all flush in red not only on her face but around her neck and shoulder area. Arnav tells her Khushi look at you…Khushi get self-conscious of herself…what happen Arnavji…looks down but sees nothing…Arnav lightly shake his head, thinking how innocent she is…he lift his hand off the wall runs with his finger from the temple of her face through her cheeks…down her chin…towards her neck and around her shoulder area…shivers run throughout her body…he notice it.

“Arnavji” she says…”humm” he says…looking at her trembling-parted lips…dying to touch it with his lips…”Arnavji” she says again…yes Khushi…you said I need to look at me…but I see nothing. Arnav had to smile at that…he pulls her and take her in front of the mirror.

She is standing in front of the mirror and he is standing behind her.

Khushi looks at herself in the mirror…still doesn’t understand…she spoke “kya hume kuch nahi dikhai deta” (what…I can’t see nothing)…. aap kya kehna chahte hai (what are you trying to tell me).

Arnav commenting on her words…if the lights are turn on you still can’t see…but in this sunlight you still can’t see Khushi…you are unbelievable.

Khushi said “kya…aap kahena kya chahte hai…hum andhe hai (what…what are you trying to tell me…am I blind)

Arnav yes Khushi you are really blind…can’t you not see yourself…he point with his finger rotating around her face area…you are red like a tomato.

Khushi is irritated by his remark…doesn’t comprehend he compliment her…only thing register in her mind…tomato…Arnavji kya hum aap ko tamatar lagte hai (Arnavji, what…am I looking tomato to you)

Arnav’s mouth comes out “what the”…you are really pagal (crazy)…can’t you not notice I am complimenting you. Khushi turn around facing him…you may be complementing me but you are comparing me with tomato…you needs your eyes checked.

Kya kaha Khushi tume (what did you say Khushi)…Arnav spoke with croaky voice…you want me eyes checked…instead of me you need to have your eyes checked. Few minutes ago you can’t even see yourself and talking about me.

Khushi little annoyed…charged at him like a wild cat who act like a lioness…steps forward and Arnav is stepping backward…she takes two steps forward…he takes two steps backwards…game continues…but this time tables have turn around.

“Ring…ring…ring…ring”, Arnav is save by the phone call before he hits the wall. Khushi says “what the”…he points his finger to his Bluetooth…addressing her he is talking on the phone, but hasn’t turn on his Bluetooth. She tells him talk all you want she was leaving…he tells her before she leaves…Khushi don’t forget tonight…dress up beautiful…winks at her as she turns around.

She stumbles on her way out…Arnav yells at her watch it Khushi…she steady herself and walks out of their room…Arnav smiles away…says pagal and turn on his Bluetooth.

To be continued...

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Aug 11, 2012

Short Filler – Janmaashtami and Arnav’s Birthday - Part 6 (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 62 times)

Arnav finished his conversation over the phone with Aman after providing some details about tonight’s event. He was glad Khushi was not there so he could surprise her. He remembers the rambling of Khushi’s on her Birthday on what she was going to do. He knew she talk about stuffing him with sweet, turn off AC and light up Mosquito incense so that his voice go away. He was not concerned about the first two but the third one thinking about it he got scared. He checks around in the room…relief not to find incense.

Khushi was walking to go downstairs and NK calls her. He asks her to come along with him. She was breathing heavily…haven’t able to subsides her urges and nervousness after what just happened. NK explained his plan…Khushi was rejoice after hearing his plan…she wants to make sure the cake is sugar free. NK assured her it would be.

She thinks to herself… ab aayega maza mein kese badla lati hun eshi Laad Governor ka (it would be fun; how will I take revenge of this Laad Governor)…samej the kya hai apne aap ko (what does he think of himself)

She gets concerned…she ask how will they keep him out of the room…they need to make arrangements for his birthday party. On the other hand Arnav was thinking same thing how he is going keep Khushi out of the room while he makes the arrangement…definitely soul mates…think alike.

Akash sees both of them having their conversation… walks up to them…Akash is being nice to Khushi as she risk her life to save his bhai…he can’t deny this fact…Akash asks what they were discussing…at the same token he thanks Khushi…she asks for what…he tells her for saving bhai’s life…she tells him there is no need to thank her as it was her duty and responsibility to save her husband’s life…but still he insisted to accept his thanks.

She nodded and says thank you Jijaji…he ask why…she tells him for talking to her and recognizing her intention behind all this things that happened. He tells her not to discuss today.

NK is frustrated and asks Khushi how they will keep Nanav out of the room. She is thinking…perplex…confused…what they should do. Seeing their dilemma Akash ask why they want bhai out of the room. They explain to him today is Arnav’s birthday and they are planning to do something for him. Akash explain to them bhai wouldn’t agree to this and in his 15 years he hasn’t celebrated his birthday.

Khushi with confidence says Jijaji you don’t know me…hum bhi Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada hai (I am also Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada)… hume aata hai kaise uut ko kaise pahad ke neeche lana hai (I also know how to bring camel underneath the hill)

NK getting confused with uut and pahad ke neeche…I don’t understand this Khushiji…what are you trying to say…he makes funny faces (which you may have seen when he don’t understand)…Khushi explains it is muhavaras (quotes)..What does that mean, he says…Khushi say what is it called in your language…quotes....idioms. NK says “Oh!” I got it now.

Akash ask both of them plan kya hai (what is the plan)…both looks at each other…weather to tell him or not…what if he blabbers his mouth to Arnav…after all he is his brother…both decide not to tell him…hum nahi bata sekte hai (I wouldn’t be able to tell you)…both speaks at same time…one in English…one in Hindi language.

Akash is surprise by their behavior…ask the reason behind it…not telling him…NK speaks Kya hai na Akash…mere bhai agar tume Nanav ko bata diya toh (what is it Akash…my dear brother what if you tell Nanav about it)…Akash tells them why he would tell bhai…NK explain because you are his brother…Akash looks funny at him and say you are too…NK tells him its different for him as he is with Khushiji.

Akash insisted them to tell their plans…after sometime they only tell him if he really wants to help and want to be in their plan make sure he is out of the room. He nods at leave both of them…making statement both of them are pagal…what a great combination.

After Akash leaves Khushi has an idea…tells NK that he needs to order Chocolate Cake where Arnavji hears him…he is confused and ask why…she tells him they will fool him…for what and why NK ask her…she would ask her Jiji to make sugar free Chocolate Cake for him on the side and when you ordering Chocolate Cake…when they feed him would think they are feeding him Chocolate Cake with sugar in it…just want to see Laad Governor’s face.

NK scratch his head and tells her it is a great idea…both decides to leave…NK takes few steps and stop on his route…wait…he shouts…Khushi stops but has her eyes wide open (you have seen when it when someone shout she has on her face)…turns around and ask what is it Nanaji…he tells her in order to make sugar free Chocolate Cake Payal bhabhi needs more time and wouldn’t be ready by that time and on top of it Janmaashtami preparation…she might have time to bake a cake…what should they do…both haven’t thought about it.

Khushi says I haven’t thought about it…hum kitne paglat hai…so toh hai Khusi, you are definitely crazy voice came behind from her…she knew it was Arnav’s voice…hoping he hasn’t heard their conversation…hey Devi Maiya hum kya kare ish Laad Governor ka…kahi bhi aake tapak te hai (hey devi maiya what shall I do with this Laad Governor…he comes wherever I am there)…she is biting her nails…she has funny expression on her face (you must have seen when she get caught)

NK says Hey Nanav mere bhai…tum yaha kya ker rehe ho (Hey Nanav my brother…what are you doing here)…that’s funny NK I shall ask you the same, he says…what are you doing with my wife, he says in crock voice…NK little scared and intimated by Arnav’s fuzzy eyes Nanav what do you think of me…I know Khushiji is your wife, but she is also my friend and I am having conversation with me friend…can’t I not at least have it.

Arnav twitch his lips…so you and Khushi are friends…pointing his finger at both of them one after the other…kab se (since when)…he has innocent look.

Khushi makes “O” shape mouth…turn around…little angry by his comment…as if you don’t know Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada…she stumps her feet and walks away. Arnav is dumbstruck watches his beauty…his princess walks away from him. She turns around after taking few steps…looks at him…still angry…turn around and walks away. Arnav smiles and says “pagal” and he walks away…leaving NK behind…what should I do with this two…God save me…he looks up in the sky.

To be continued...

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Aug 11, 2012

Short Filler – Janmaashtami and Arnav’s Birthday - Part 7 (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 56 times)

Khushi goes to kitchen to help Payal with the preparation with the breakfast. Things happened in the today’s show during breakfast time took place (CV’s done a great job…imagine that…don’t want to ruin that moment)

Things happened with Arnav today with Khushi cornering her behind the pillars and reminding about their Suhag raat took place (once again CV’s done a great job…imagine that…don’t want to ruin that moment with some exception). Before they walk away from each other he tells her to meet him in their room. She ask the reason…he tells her just meet me there…starts to walk away from her…she tells him if she doesn’t…he turns around (ASR music plays)…tells her you know Khushi what will happened if you don’t…he threatens her and walk away…she take another big gulp.

Things happens in the kitchen when Nani ask her to make the kheer (once again doesn’t want to ruin that moment)…Khushi makes Jalebi but she wants to…she is making sugar free Jalebi instead of cake for Arnav and some regular. Payal walks in sees Khushi making Jalebi…asking her if she was okay…she says she is…Payal ask the reason for it…Khushi ask her to promise her not to say anything…Payal obeys her…Khushi whisper in her ears telling her today is Arnavji’s birthday and she is making Jalebi for him as she didn’t have time to bake the cake…Payal tells her why did she not tell her before she could have made one…Khushi tells her she forget it was today was Arnavji’s birthday.

Payal scolds her for forgetting Arnavji’s B’Day…she tells her why she is scolding her…as if he didn’t forget my B’Day…Payal hits her lightly and says pagal kahi ki…jiji I am not pagal. Arnav walks in once again he hears the end of the conversation between the sisters…hears pagal word…decide to tease her more…pagal nahi toh kya hai Khushi (if you are not crazy then what are you then Khushi)…she knew it was Arnav.

She turns around…still angry at him for teasing her earlier…and kind a yells at him what was he doing here and why he always interrupts and comes in the middle of the conversation…she stress on the issue she is not crazy…he tells her if I can’t call you crazy then what…he reminds her first of all you wear inside/out dress and then come to the breakfast table looking like that…then what should he think…his expression was worth looking…smirk on his face…twitching lips etc.

Khushi is annoyed by his smart comments…tells him to leave. Payal listen to their conversation or should she says their silly confrontations…a little by stander…feeling awkward…out of place between husband and wife…tells Khushi not to say like this and try to walk away.

Arnav stops her and ask her a question…Payal turns around…Payal can you tell me something was Khushi knock her head when she was young…Payal looks funny at him…understood him as he gesture her as he was trying to tease her…Payal was in the game with Arnav…Arnavji why do you ask, she says…just because if she was then he wants to schedule an appointment with a specialist, he is concerns…before he could speak Payal asks him concern for Khushi…he nods his head and say “no” not for her but concern for my future kids….just worried if they are born like her pagal.

Khushi is now fuming with rage…looking at her, both Arnav and Payal cover their mouth with their hands to hide their smile. Khushi hit Payal on the shoulder lightly and tells her why she is taking side of Arnavji…Payal didn’t want to get in the middle of husband and wife nock-jook and leaves the kitchen…before she goes out…Khushi yells at her not to leave…she didn’t want to be alone with Arnav she thought…Payal tells her she doesn’t want to be in middle of you two…smiles and walks out of the kitchen.

Khushi turns towards him and says where the kids came between them…he comes closer to her…she swallows hard…timidly afraid of him…didn’t know what he might do…he reminds her, twitching his lips…today is their Suhag raat…and after the suhag raat she should know what happens….looking at her stomach…she understood what he meant after looking in the direction where he was looking at…nahiiiiii she screamed…Arnav covers her mouth to shut her up…tells her don’t need to scream…people might hear her.

People definitely heard her…Nani, Payal, and NK comes rushing to the kitchen wondering what happened.

Nanji says kya hoi gawa Khushi bitiya (what happened Khushi bitiya) aap kya chilla rahi ho (why are you screaming)…Arnav took his hand of her mouth by this time…Khushi straighten herself…speaks nothing Naniji…she try to act innocent…but her face gives away.

Naniji tells her definitely something is wrong with her…wearing dress inside/out earlier and now making Jalebi…Naniji didn’t knew she was making for Arnav…she tells Khushi she ask her to make Kheer and she is making Jalebi…Naniji is concerned for Khushi and asks her again if she was okay…Khushi stutters and say Naniji…hum….hai…na…

Arnav speaks that’s what I was asking her too Nani…I was asking her if anything was wrong with her and she yells “no” so I had to close her mouth…and on top of it she is making Jalebi…looking at the heap of Jalebi…definitely something is wrong with her…he asked concern to Khushi if she was okay or if not he should call a doctor for her…she looks at him side way with her eyes…ignoring him completely…still facing at Naniji.

Payal and NK looks are her with their beady eyes thinking what has got into Khushi again…Arnav acting innocently watching everyone’s expression on their faces especially Khushi’s…smirking away…crocked smile can be seen on his face…Khushi sees it and throw a dagger stare at him as if she had knife in her hand she have used it…definitely she would have…Arnav looks avoid her eye contact by looking here and there.

Naniji shakes her head and leave the kitchen…so as Payal and NK…before Arnav leaves he reminds her to come to their room…she tells him in anger tone she has to make Kheer…he tells after she is finish…meet him there…walks smiling away…leaving Khushi at her state.

To be continued...

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Aug 11, 2012

Short Filler – Janmaashtami and Arnav’s Birthday - Part 8 (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 60 times)

Khushi makes Kheer…Payal comes after few minutes in the kitchen. She wants to finish their conversation before interrupted by NK.

Payal corners Khushi and ask her what happened on her Suhag raat…as they were unable to finish their conversation due to interruption by NK. Khushi thinking…looking around trying to figure out how to avoid this question. She turns the table around and ask her winking at her what happened to her on her suhag raat with Akash Jijaji…as they haven’t discuss it…after all they were sisters.

Payal shy away and tells her it is not open for discussion…Khushi urges her to say something, but Payal tap on her shoulder, blushing away, pagal kahi kye…tume itna bhi nahi pata…Khushi innocently ask what she doesn’t know…Payal tells her nobody discuss this type of matter.

Khushi insisted to find out about it, speak loudly talking about suhag raat…once again both sister were interrupted again no other than NK…once again he misunderstand the word…both sister sigh. In meantime Aakash comes to the kitchen asking what was going on…innocently NK blabbers his mouth saying this two sisters were talking about Shub raat. Aakash now flabbergasted…not quite understanding what he meant…Khushi shy away and leave the kitchen before more damage is done.

Aakash knew NK has a tendency to jumbles in words and phrases…he thinks away…Payal gesture Aakash by rubbing underneath her nose with his finger…this was their secret sign… (when they do you all know what)…Aakash was not looking at her…tube light lite up in Aakash’s mind figure out what NK meant…trying to correct him, when he noticed Payal gesturing out…he understood…she signal him not to correct NK.

NK sees Aakash was about to say something…asks him…Aakash tells him nothing…both Payal and Aakash walks out. NK too leave the kitchen.

Khushi wants to know what to expect in case Arnav decide to go through with this…but unfortunately she was unable to get more information from her Jiji. She is really worried how she would be able to find out about it…what to do and what not to do…chewing her nails away.

NK sees Khushi and tells her it would be best idea for them to arrange for Nanav’s Birthday in his room…away from any interruptions and not have to worry about Nanav finding out it. Khushi agrees with his plan…she ask him if she can use his laptop. He wants to know the reason why…she gives him some weird reason…which NK doesn’t care about.

Instead of going to their room, Khushi goes with NK’s room. Both enters NK’s room…laptop is turn on…NK leaves Khushi in his room telling her he needs to make arraignments for Nanav’s Birthday. Khushi was glad to know he wouldn’t be present when she does her research. She doesn’t want anyone to find out about it.

As soon as NK leaves Khushi shut the door and locked it. Khushi does her research on the catch phrase “suhag raat”. She makes faces sometimes “O” shape mouth can be seen…sometimes weird faces as if she feels disgusted by what she has seen or read about…sometime aweee word comes out of her mouth…sometime comes out hey Devi Maiya is this what happen and how can people do such a thing.

After few minutes surfing on Internet she is astonished by what she had seen and read…worried more than before…she got some idea what to expect…that is forth coming tonight…her breathing to continue heavily.

She hears a knock on the door…to her surprise Arnav was standing…he looked around all over the house to find her…unable to find…saw NK’s room close…upon asking HP he found NK had left the RM…wondered who could be in there.

To his amaze finding Khushi there…he asked her what was she doing in NK’s room…she is too taken back seeing Arnav standing in front of her. She try to shut the door on him…not wanting him to find out the reason her being there…Arnav was too strong for her…blast the door and walked inside the room. She lost the balance but Arnav steady her.

He demand to know what was she doing and seeing the laptop…he has some doubt…in anger tone tells her he was waiting for her in their room and why she didn’t come by after her Kheer was done…she stutter and stammers trying to find and tell him some kind of response that would be convincing to his ears…but to her luck…she wasn’t able to convince him.

He tries to walk towards where laptop was placed…she out runs him…trying to hide the pages that were pulled up…to her bad luck somehow Arnav sees partial information what was displaying on the screen during their struggle snatching the laptop.

Somehow Khushi was able to manage to get the laptop from Arnav’s hand…and hit the power button…the laptop screen went off…she sigh in relief…too late…Arnav had already seen what was displayed on the screen.

Arnav thinks this girl is so crazy…doing research on it…feels pity for Khushi she is so naïve about “suhag raat”…decide to tease her more when they were in their room.

He tells her to come along with him…she tells him she is coming…he has that look (you have seen recently after Khushi finds Anjali and Arnav came looking for her)…she tells him you go first and I will follow you. He starts walking first followed by his pagal lady…both reached their room. He steps aside, let her enter the room…he enters and close and locked the door.

Khushi’s hearts start beating faster like unstoppable train…swallowing hard…unknown to her what mystery holds for her.

To be continued...

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Aug 11, 2012

Short Filler – Janmaashtami and Arnav’s Birthday - Part 9 (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 58 times)

Khushi is standing by the Loveseat chair/futon (whatever it is in green color) facing towards door…few feet away from the chair. Arnav come to her…she is all panicky and feel uneasiness in case if Arnav saw what was she looking at.

She trying to subside her fear, ask Arnav why she was called in here…and what work he has with her. She needed to go as she has a lot of work to do. Arnav now standing in front of her just a foot away from…ask her why is she in so much hurry…can’t she not wait to for tonight to come as it is there suhag raat.

Khushi is now really freaking out…mumbling away not audible to human ears…her mouth was moving but Arnav couldn’t hear what was she talking about…he ask her to speak loud. She has her head down...not able to meet his eyes.

Arnav ask her where was his present…she raise her head…her eyes asking him what he meant…he tells her his birthday present…at least on her birthday he got her present as she forgot to tell him. She tells him he should have remembered her birthday…what kind of husband he is that forget his wife’s birthday…she make a face, and say by now I should have realized what not to expect from Arnav Singh Raizada.

He concurs with her yea she should not expect from him…by now she should have realized…she has a astound look…after all this they have gone through this is how he is going to treat her. He said “yup”. She boot herself telling him at least she remembered his birthday…he looked amused at her…yea you remember my birthday, but still haven’t got any present for me…he had overhead NK and her conversation earlier where NK reminded her…he wasn’t going to bring it up as she was upset and sad at that time, but wasn’t going to let her go without giving him present.

He asks her again where his present was. She tells him she hasn’t got one for him…he wants to know the reason...she tells she isn’t rich like him who will be able to afford to buy him a gift.

He tells her that’s not fair…at least she should have got him something…she thinks how she could forget his birthday…if Nanaji hadn’t reminded her she would have not known…what shall she do get him a present…she completely forgot to tell Nanaji to get her a present for Arnavji…when he went out…in trueness she is really pagal…she thinks to herself.

Arnav sees her babbled and confused look…thinking about something…he ask what was she thinking about…she tells him kuch bhi toh nahi (nothing at all)…he tells her Khushi don’t lie to me…as your eyes can’t lie at all. She ignore him and say she is not lying and not thinking at all…he tells her she needs to think…and think hard. She looks at him puzzled about what…he tells her you know what…she stammers and says about su...suhag…suhag raat…yes Khushi suhag raat…she should really need to. She is freaking out by now…hey Devi maiya raksha karna…save me.

To divert her mind again he tells Khushi as you can’t afford to buy me a present and I can’t let you leave this room without getting one…what can she do for him. She asks him what he wants her to do…stupid girl ask silly questions and fall into the trap of mighty ASR…he thinks.

He lightly space back and forth…let me see what can you do for me…he ponders for a moment and stand in front of her…let me see Khushi as we are already going to do you know what tonight so can’t be fair to ask you now as I haven’t decorated flowers or anything…Khushi is now nervous rack…praying her Devi Maiya to save her from this Laad Governor...he notice her facial expression changes from pink to red to pale white…in one instances…he loves it.

So Khushi I have decided, he say…she ask what…you know as I have already told you before and so far you haven’t said anything to me…so I want you to say it…she is confused what did he said to her and what she hasn’t told him.

He reminds her…phone call…he said 3 words to her…she remembers in flashback what did he told her…I LOVE YOU KHUSHI…she looks at him dumbfounded…he tells her she just have to say those words to him and he would let her go. Khushi is now stuck between hard rock and a hard place…nowhere to go.

He tells her if she wants they can have their bet on uttering those 3 words…Khushi thinks why is he always had to have some kind of deal or bet with her…about everything….can’t he not have a normal conversation with me.

She states firmly if she wouldn’t then…he threaten her she knows what can he do to her…he take a step forward…whereas she takes two steps back…he sees it…he takes again forward…she takes two backwards…lands on the futon…he tries to save her…but both fell on it…luckily he holds her head in time…as it was about to hit the floor.

Both trying to get up at the same time…fumbles back on the futon…after few fumbles both manage to stand up…he ask if she was okay and her response yes she is.

He ask her decision what have she decided…she ask about what…Arnav spoke, Khushi you are unbelievable…we just had our conversation and you forgot about our deal…what deal she says…she hasn’t made any deal with him. Khushi you can’t go back on your word he spoke…she gets mad, Arnavji I haven’t made a deal with you…you ask me to utter those three words and I haven’t made a deal with you.

He smirks at her…he was able to make her say about their conversation they just had…she was just not want to say about it so that she can excuse herself for not uttering those words…he tricked her in saying…she realized and became self-conscious.

She tries to get away from him…but he caught her in time. He tells her he can’t let her leave…she tells him she would be needed downstairs so she needs to go…he tells her if anyone need her they would come looking for her as he came looking for her.

By the way Khushi which reminds me what were you doing in NK’s room…is something going on between you too or should I need to know something about some certain thing…trying to see and gage what her reaction would be or what rubbish stuff comes out of her mouth…just waiting for her to say something.

She quickly respond and says there is nothing going on between her and Nanaji…they are just friends…he tells her if she says then he believe her. She take a deep sigh…he want to tease her more and ask…Khushi what were you doing with the laptop…where you looking gift for me or where you looking something…he winks at her…trying to see if she gets it.

Khushi blushes and smiles…then try to put on poker face, but can’t…he ask again what was she looking at…she tells him she wasn’t looking at anything…Khushi don’t lie to me, you know I can read your eyes…she tells him if he could read and he should find out…she challenged him hoping he would haven’t see anything.

Poor child got sucker in her own game…he says then it’s a bet…if he tells and figure out what was she looking at then she need to say those three words…if he can’t then she doesn’t have to say those words…she thought about it and they do their hand shack…it’s a deal.

Arnav looks with his piercing eyes into her sparking eyes for some moment…he keeps on looking…she gets worried… what is he thinking…has he figured it out…losing patience…she ask have he figured out…he keeps on looking…he tells her she was looking at some page and getting information about…she ask about what…he pause for a moment…watches her reactions…he says about suhag raat…her eyes are totally wide open…how does he know that…how can he figured out…did he seen the page while they are trying to snatch laptop from each other’s end.

She tries to deny it…Arnav tells her don’t lie to him…he talks about it make it she blushes…tease her about it….instead of reading about it…he can do it in action…then she will know all about it. She tries to run away from him…in the process somehow they stumble and fells on the bed.

At least this time the bed doesn’t break…he compliments the durability of the bed…both laughs…she tries to get up…he wouldn’t let her…he tells her Khushi you are the one brought the subject of…what was it, he say…yup now I remember and speaks "jo ek pati patni karte hain woh sab to humne kuch bhi nahi kiya"…now he wants to do and she is the one running like a chicken away from it…are you afraid of Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.

She tells him she wasn’t afraid of anything…she brought the subject just to let him know their marriage was incomplete without the pheras…he is the one going on a different route…he tells her no Khushi it was not him…she is the one who had mentioned of all the ceremonies and rituals one should have performed during the wedding time…and suhag raat is one of the ritual they need to perform so now why she was back downing from it.

He is half top on to her…his one hand rest of her one side and with other supporting his body by lifting up...while she lay down under his hold…Khushi is sweating away trying to figure out how she can get out of this one…to her luck…her stars were looking out for her…there is a knock on the door.

Arnav ask who was it…this time it was neither NK nor HP…this time it was Manorama Mamiji. He reluctantly had to get up…it was a good opportunity for Khushi to slip away…both got up…Arnav open the door…Mamiji comes in…sees Khushi there…wondered what they were doing…sees the bed making sure this one hasn’t broken. Arnav sees what she was looking at…he knew what was going in Mami’s head…smiles and ask why she was there.

Mami tells him Anjali bitiya hasn’t arrived since she has gone to mandir…she called the driver and he has been waiting for her outside the mandir for almost two hours.

Khushi look this opportunity and quickly slip out of the room before danger waits for her if she stayed behind.

To be continued...

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Thank you everyone who has been following and reading this story. Thank you everyone who has clicked thank you button after each update. Comments good or bad are welcome with open hearts.

Aug 12, 2012

Short Filler – Janmaashtami and Arnav’s Birthday - Part 10 (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 71 times)

Mami informs Arnav Anjali bitiya hasn’t arrived since she has gone to mandir…she called the driver and he has been waiting for her outside the mandir for almost two hours. She gets a call from Anjali… (Shown in Friday’s episode).

Anjali meeting someone at some fancy hotel…don’t know who is talking to her (mystery man)…show in Friday’s episode.

Everyone is relieved Anjali is coming back…no worries.

Mami leaves Arnav’s room…entry of Dadi in Arnav’s room (things happen shown in Friday’s episode)…Nani leaving Arnav’s room…wants to comfort him, but decided not to…arrival of Anjali at the house.

Arnav standing…tears in his eyes.

Khushi sees Dadi leaving their room first and then Naniji…decides to check it out….concern for Arnav.

Khushi enter the room…sees Arnav standing his eyes gazing at the poolside…she walks towards him…notice his teary eyes inspite he was looking at the poolside…placed her hand on his shoulder as concern for him…Arnav had noticed she has entered their room…but doesn’t turn around.

He turns around after Khushi placed her hand on his shoulder…Khushi sees tears have formed in his eyes…waiting to come out…through her eyes ask him why he was sad and what happened…few minutes ago he was happy and was in the mood of lovey…dovey.

He doesn’t say anything to her, but watches her…she can’t see tears in his eyes…can’t bear the pain…wants to share his pain…make everything okay for him…take away his pain, but how she was trying to figure out.

With her antics she tries to bring a smile on his face…but unsuccessful in a process…he tries to get away from her…she stops him…she goes and stand in front of him.

She holds his hand…kiss it…she has seen Dadi and Nani leaving…tells him not to be saddened by Dadi’s words…after all she is his Dadi…she loves him dearly…he tells her she don’t know anything in anger tone…takes his hand from hers…try to walk away from her.

She blurt out to him if he doesn’t want to talk about it, than it is okay…she was just trying to make him smile and take away his pain…he feels bad…turn around…sees tears in her eyes…he can’t see tears in her eyes…walks towards her…wipes her tear from her eyes which were rolling towards her cheeks.

He apologize her for raising his voice…by saying sorry Khushi and he didn’t mean it at all…she knows it he didn’t mean it but it hurt her heart seeing his pain…his grief…his sorrow…she want to kiss him and take his pain away…but she tells him she understands it and he doesn’t need to apologize to her.

She just wants to see his happy face and was trying to…he knew that…deep in his heart…her intensions…always care for others…others happiness comes first before hers…her selfless.

He place his finger on her lips…chup (silence)…bilkul chup (silence only)…she nod lightly…barely a nod…he tells her she doesn’t know his Dadi…and her bringing his past…talking ill-will about his mother…he can’t take it any more...he wants to forget about his past…but she on the other hand is trying to make him remember his past…he doesn’t want to remember his painful memories. He misses her mom too much and holds her strongly.

Khushi felt sorry for him…hug him tightly…tears that were formed in her and his eyes…were rolling down each other’s cheeks…both trying to console each other…Khushi want to take all his pain away and give it to her…assuring him she is there for him…whenever he needs her she is there…he will find her when he needs her…standing by his side always.

If he wants to talk about and share his sorrow…she is there…he will find her standing waiting by his side. Whenever he want to share his pain and painful memories she will listen to him…without any judgment…without any resentment…without any interruption…without any hindrance…she is not there to question his motives…she wants to share his pain and sorrows only.

On the other side of RM…Dadi is fuming with rage and anger…she didn’t like Arnav’s behavior towards her…his resentment…his standing up against her…his back talking at her…not respecting her…she wasn’t able to convince him to bring Shyam back in the house…for the sake of Anjali…for the sake of her son.

She is annoyed by the fact he is taking side who should be punished and not the one who has no fault…she was not going to let this go by…not again…not this time…she is not going to allow to carry on the same mistake he had made long time ago. This angered her…him making same mistake…that happened 15 years ago…she is not going to have the history repeat itself again…not with Anjali’s life…she wasn’t able to save her son…but want to save her granddaughter…she doesn’t want the same fate as her son endure…not for that woman…the bad seed.

She headed towards the door…want to talk to him…want to make him realize his mistake…let him know she wouldn’t allow history repeat itself in her presence…not on her watch….not again…not this time…her mind was made up to talk to Arnav.

Not concern about Anjali’s health…her well-being…asks and requested by Deviyani to hatch the conversation…let go their confrontation…for the sake of Anjali…but she was not going to let go that easily…she is going to bring Shyam…Damadji in this house…by hook or by crock…she believes Damadji should be by Anjali’s side…in this house with her…and the guilty one outside this house…there was no stopping her…but fate has something defined for her… Deviyani (Naniji) was at the door.

Nani enters the room and spoke summy what’s going on…why are you bring things that happened in the past…try to forget it…what’s done is done…bring past is not only ruin the peace in this house but the lives of Arnav and Anjali…they barely try to forget their horrible past…survive and try to pick up (samate) their broken lives and you here trying to ruin don’t know what I had to go through since they came to stay with me…you didn’t have to face their difficulties as you on the other hand left to go to ashram…leaving those kids on their own.

Have you not even once think about their well-being…left for ashram…after that…that horrible incident.

Dadi couldn’t take it any more…she raise her hand in gesture of stop speaking to her…she told her she don’t want to listen to her…ask her to leave…with regret Nani leaves the room.

Mamiji asking Anjali where she was…why it took her two hours to return home…were she was for the past 2 hours…she told her she would be back in an hour…then what happened…tellz me Anjali bitiya…Mamiji was non-stop with her rambling of questions…concern for the safety of Anjali…her health…her state of mind.

Anjali trying to avoid all her questions…scared and afraid…what if her secret be caught by someone…not wanting to tell her where she was…Uffooo Mamiji, what’s with you line of questioning…I was just…I was just…someone calls for Mamiji…Mamiji turns around to see who was calling her…Anjali takes a big deep breathe…it was Naniji calling her…she asks Anjali to wait there and she would be right back.

Anjali breath-in slowly…got relief…places the puja dish in the kitchen and walk back to the living room.

Payal and Akash helping with the preparation…NK still out…Mami and Nani having their conversation.

While they were in hold…in each other’s arms…consoling each other…try to take away their sorrow…Khushi out of love…concern…whatever her reason’s may be…she mutter something in his ears…shocked hearing those words…trying to get her out of his hold to see her facial expression…unable to get out the hold…Khushi had a bear hug…holding him tightly…she didn’t want to meet the eyes of Arnav…was smiling and feeling bashful at the same time.

Someone knocked on their door. HP was standing by at Arnav and Khushi’s room…both got out of their hug…Arnav holds Khushi’s hand so that she wouldn’t run away like last time.

HP spoke Arnav bhai someone came by and drop this stuff for you…Arnav nod to HP to come in and ask him to place the bags in his room…HP leaves the room.

Mami seeing Anjali sitting on the couch…smiling and texting away…she sat beside her asking her some questions…Anjali quickly hide her phone…Mami asking who she was texting…trying to avoid her question…nobody…some solicitor texting her for no reason…Mami is not convince with her response…makes a mental note to investigate odd behavior of Anjali.

Seeing what are in the bags Khushi’s eyes are enlarged…seeing her face Arnav is in teasing mood. Khushi you know what he nods at her…is today reminding their big day…she takes a big gulp….saying “no” this wouldn’t happen…as they haven’t taken pheras during their marriage…so their marriage is incomplete.

Unaware both of them…someone was listening to their conversation.

Somehow Khushi was able to get out of Arnav’s grip and ran towards the door…he ask her to stop…she stops…turns around…he tells her thank you…through her eyes ask for what…he say for uttering those words he was dying to hear it...she nods...turn to go out...look back again...both smiles at each other...she turn around and out the door.

To be continued…

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