Pyaar Ke Bina.. Zindagi Adhuri Hoti Hai

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Aug 7, 2012

Pyaar Ke Bina.. Zindagi Adhuri Hoti Hai (By Shazia Virman) (Thanked: 39 times)

In the fields of Punjab, where I was born and raised, I wished to live there all my life, but destiny had something else in store for me. 3 years back, I had just turned 18 and my parents were ready to get me married, unlike many I was ready to be off to my sasuraal, I had dreamed of getting married ever since I was 7 and hoped that it would be grand and everyone's focus would be on me.

The day had come, not of my marriage but for the larkewale to come and meet me, everyone was preparing for this day; papa, bade papa, chachu aur bhaiya were decorating the entire house while mama(mom), badi ma and chachi were preparing the food. But how could I forget my jijo, Duniya ke sabsi achi jiji, meri Payal jiji, she was already married to the Best Jiju; Akash Singh Raizada. Well, jiji she was helping me dress and apply light makeup to my face, I was ready, wearing a simple but beautiful pink anarkali, jiji said I looked stunning but she obviously looked the best in a white and blue saree.

They had arrived(larkewale),I had butterflies in my stomach, di brought me downstairs and it was love at first sight! He was the most handsome guy I had ever seen, except for my Jiju of course. His name was Arjun Juneja, an engineer who lived in Dubai. It was a yes from his side and it was a yes from us as well and before I knew it the day of the wedding was here and I was the happiest girl on Earth!

I was wearing a gorgeous red lehenga choli and he was wearing a beige sherwani with red embroidery looking like a prince and it felt like a dream that I was going to be his princess and we were finally married. His family had left to Dubai as soon as we were married and we would stay for our nuptial night and leave the next day.

The next morning I woke up feeling so happy but Arjun wasn't anywhere in sight, I called him several times but his phone was switched off, I didn't know what to do so I ran home, hoping that my parents would know what was wrong. But they didn't know anything, many weeks passed by but there was no news about Arjun. I stayed in my room and shed tears hoping that he would come back for me one day until I realized that would never happen and I decided to move on.

3 months later, I had moved to London to continue my education and leave everything behind; my memories, my married life, my family, just everything. I vowed to never fall in love, knowing that it would just give me tears and pain. I was a new person now.

To be continued.....

Hey everyone, this is my first story on the IPKKND page,hope you guys like it, please feel free to comment and criticize and click Thank you if you like my story. This is the first time I ever wrote a story so Im not so good but hopefully you guys will enjoy it but if you dont I will not continue. Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes :) BTW this is written as Khushi's point of view and Arnav's entry will probably be in the next update but only if you guys want me to continue. Its totally different from the show. (the characters and story)

Aug 8, 2012

Pyaar Ke Bina.. Zindagi Adhuri Hoti Hai Part 2 (By Shazia Virman) (Thanked: 36 times)

I was walking on the streets of London, where the rain was pouring as if there was no tomorrow. I had become used to the rain after living here for awhile but today was different, I felt as if the cold London rain would bring me warmth and happiness but how could that be, my life was full of pain, tears and grief.

Just a few minutes away from home, the rain started pouring harder and I just wanted to open up my arms and just enjoy myself but that would just cause a fever afterwards, so I was rushing home when I bumped into someone and slipped backwards so I closed my eyes, ready to fall any moment onto the muddy street but much to my surprise I felt someone's tight grip on me and I opened my eyes to see a pair of chocolate brown eyes staring at me, I fell into a trance, but suddenly we heard the thunder struck and I immediately regained my balance and he let go of me.

I quickly said thank you and ran up the stairs to get into my apartment, leaving him dumbstruck in the rain. That night I couldn't sleep, his thoughts came to me every time I closed my eyes, I wondered who he could be, what his name was, I didn't recognize him so he must have been new to the neighbourhood, I felt an urge to meet him again but that was wrong, why would I want to see him again? Who was he to me?

I woke up very early in the morning, looking forward to this new day for some odd reason. I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, dressed in a knee length white dress with red polka dots, pulled my hair into a ponytail to the side and headed out with my purse to class. I sat at my seat with my friend Virika who told me there was a new student in our class. I automatically thought of him, the guy who had saved me from falling, what was I thinking, it was surely not him.

I saw someone enter the room but his back faced the class, he was wearing a white shirt with a black vest, and as he turned to find a seat I was shocked to see it was him and he recognized me right away, winking at me as he walked through the aisle to sit in the back, sending shivers down my spine.

Mrs. Chowdhury, our teacher, rose from her seat to announce that we had a new student and asked him to introduce himself. He walked to the front of class and said "Hey, I'm Arnav Singh Raizada..... and he went on as I watched him with close attention, his luscious hair, his muscular body, his perfect skin, he was dazzling. He couldn't be human, it was impossible.

He was already done speaking and the teacher started to say something but I was so focused on him that I didn't notice until Mrs Chowdhury shouted at me.

Mrs. Chowdhury: "Are you okay with that, Khushi? Khushi!

Khushi: Huh? Um.. pardon me?

Mrs. Chowdhury: Would you be Arnav' s partner?

Khushi: WHAT? I mean for what?

Mrs:Chowdhury: Seems like you weren't paying attention.

I heard him chuckle and my cheeks turned pink in embarrassment, hoping he didn't realize I was lost in his thoughts.

Mrs. Chowdhury: I was speaking about the new project we will be starting and I would like you to partner with Arnav.

Khushi: Sure!

I said a little too excitedly. Then I just realized what I had gotten myself into. I was going to be his partner!

Hey, so this is the next part hope you guys enjoyed it, I personally like the first part way better but I tried my best and hopefully it was nice but thats for you guys to decide. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments please keep commenting and tell me how it was and click Thank you if you liked it. Love you all and I just wanted to know if you guys like that Im writing it as Khushi's point of view? I would like to mention that this is the same story I have written in the EHMMBH page of MyeDuniya but with the characters of IPKKND.Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes <3

Aug 9, 2012

Pyaar Ke Bina.. Zindagi Adhuri Hoti Hai Part 3 (By Shazia Virman) (Thanked: 26 times)

Arnav walked towards me with his beautiful crystal like eyes on me and I didn't understand why I just couldn't meet his gaze. I looked away, blushing until I heard his voice just inches away from me, sending my heart beat over 300 beats per second.

Arnav: Hi, so partners?

Khushi: Partners. I agreed.

We worked on our project, Arnav and I decided that our project would consist of writing three songs and we would perform them as a duet. Weeks passed by like minutes with Arnav, we became best friends, more like partners, we just did absolutely everything together we went to university together, we came home together, some days he would come over, some days I would go to his house, we shared everything but we never dared to talk about our pasts or families, we just knew that he was my jiju's bhai and I was his bhabhi's behna.

But one day he told me that he wanted to confess something to me and I just laughed and said go ahead. He looked at me with serious eyes and I knew that this was something important. He told me about his girlfriend Lavanya, how he loved her so much but she betrayed him and he vowed to never fall in love again. He said that he doesn't want to be anything other than friends with me. I was so hurt that it felt as if someone stabbed me, but I didn't understand why, I knew from the start that we were just friends, nothing more but why did it hurt so much to hear that our relationship couldn't be anything more than friendship. I felt my eyes fill up with tears, I immediately turned around to wipe them away. Before he could notice, I faced him and I was about to tell him about Arjun, until someone ringed the doorbell at his house and he told me to wait a second. As I waited for him to come back, I wondered who it could be at this odd time.

It was taking Arnav forever to come back, so I decided to go check it out myself. I walked into the hall and I heard Arnav making something in the kitchen, so I knew someone was over so as I went to see what Arnav was doing, I felt someone standing behind me and I turned around to see who it was. I was just about to greet the person, but all of a sudden the lights went out.

Hey guys this is a little bit of a shorter update than usual but I wanted to keep some suspense. I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far and I just wanted to say that this story won't be a very long one but I will try my best to update at least 4 times a week if not more until September because thats when school starts and I will become very busy with schoolwork. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments please keep commenting and Click "Thank you" if you liked the update ? If you guys would like to chat or email me you can contact me at Love you all <3

Aug 10, 2012

Pyaar Ke Bina.. Zindagi Adhuri Hoti Hai Part 4 (By Shazia Virman) (Thanked: 22 times)

I couldn't see anything in the dark, right when I was about to call Arnav, he was behind me with a candle in his hand and as the light from the candle hit the stranger's face, I recognized him right away. Arjun Juneja! He once again was back in my life to take away that little bit of happiness that Arnav had given me. I quickly looked at Arnav trying to tell him that this man was the one who took away my joy and gave me tears, but before I could say anything the lights were back on, but I would never let Arjun see me, so I told ArnavI had to leave. Arnav stopped me and asked me if I was leaving because of what he had mentioned earlier, I could see the pain in his eyes when he spoke to me but I had to lie to him and I said I wasn't feeling well and I left.

5 weeks had passed by but after that night, Arnav never spoke to me ever again. I didn't know why, I tried to talk to him so many times, I called him every day, I sent him emails, texts, letters but nothing worked it seemed as if he sworn that he would never speak to me again. He never looked at my direction and whenever I wanted to confront him he just walked away, he would leave in anger, his eyes full of hatred, I didn't know what I did wrong. As the days passed, the day of the presentation of our project came closer but how would we present if we didn't even look at each other.

It was the end of the day and I was in a rush to reach home because I wanted to book a flight back to Punjab as quick as possible, I couldn't take the pain anymore, Arnav ignoring me felt a thousand times worse than when Arjun left me. I was crying my way home and thinking about all the moments Arnav and I spent together, everything started to become blurry I was running across the road as the cars were coming and suddenly I couldn't see anything but the bright lights that were flashing at me from the cars and I could see the cars coming closer and closer and for some reason I didn't feel the need to walk away, I wanted to give up on life, I didn't have anyone to live for so I just stood there waiting for the car to come hit me and then..BOOM!........

Hey :) I hope you guys enjoyed this update. I'm very sorry to update so late and that too with a very short update, I will try to make the next update longer. I have been very busy these past few days but I will try my best to post as much as possible. Please comment and state your opinion, suggestions are welcome and if you like the update please click Thank you and feel free to email me at

Aug 11, 2012

Pyaar Ke Bina.. Zindagi Adhuri Hoti Hai Part 5 (By Shazia Virman) (Thanked: 29 times)

I heard a loud noise and I was expecting to be badly hurt but I couldn't feel anything, as if there was no pain in the first place but then I realized that the car probably crashed into me so hard that I was dead so all the pain had vanished. I heard someone calling me "Khushi, Khushi!!". It didn't sound like an angel calling me but something even better. The voice was magical, I felt as if I was listening to sweet music but suddenly the voice became harsh and I could feel my eyes struggling to open. And there he was, the man of my dreams, wait what did I just say "THE MAN OF MY DREAMS!". I couldn't stop myself anymore, I couldn't lie to myself anymore, he was the one, I was irrevocably in love with him and as I was going to express my true feelings for him. I looked at his perfect face and inhaled his sweet scent and I came back to reality. He hated me, he was ignoring me and most importantly we were lying in the middle of the road.

He was under me, which was why I didn't feel any pain, his hands wrapped around me so I was safe and secure but I immediately got up trying to free myself from his grip, but his hands were too strong, I couldn't move, he didn't let go until I told him that he would get hit by a car. We both got up at the same time and as I was about to leave, he caught my arm and pulled me towards him.

Arnav: Why do you care if I get hit or not? What were you trying to do? What would I do if anything happened to you?

Khushi: Arnav, I care for you because you're my friend, my best friend. I lied. What difference would it make if I was in your life or not? You don't ever talk to me, so I rather just kill myself!

Arnav: Khushi, how dare you think I don't care about you, you mean everything to me.

Khushi: Please don't lie to me, why didn't you just leave me on the road to die???

Arnav: Because I... just because!

Khushi: I knew it! You dont have anything to say. I started walking away but I heard something.

Arnav: Because I love you Khushi!! I love you!

I turned around and ran into his arms, I hugged him so tight, hoping this moment would never end and I would always feel this happiness. I felt his arms tighten around me. My heart beat started racing and I let all my feelings out.

Khushi: I love you too Arnav! You're my heartbeat, my soul, my life, my breath, everything, just everything.

As I spoke I felt my tears rolling down my cheeks but these weren't tears of sorrow but tears of joy, happiness and love. He loosened his hug on me and let me go abruptly and pushed me away, I looked at him with shock and he left me saying, that this is wrong, that we could never be one.

I broke down, I was shattered, I felt as if there was a hole in my heart that could never be healed. The rain started pouring again and I didn't have the energy to move so I sat there crying in the rain, having a tiny bit of hope that he would come back for me.

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Aug 12, 2012

Pyaar Ke Bina.. Zindagi Adhuri Hoti Hai Part 6 (By Shazia Virman) (Thanked: 30 times)

I stood in the rain for hours, waiting for him to come for me, I didn't have the strength to get home so I sat on the ground of the park close to the road where he left me weeping. I felt my eyes closing, my body feeling numb from the rain and cold wind, I felt myself drifting off into land of wonder, where there was only happiness, I dreamt of Arnav and me together.

To my surprise, I woke up in my bedroom, the sun shining as bright as ever. I was lying in my bed wearing my pajamas, covered with a blanket. I looked to the side of my bed and saw a bowl of warm water and a wet cloth that looked as if it was there from last night, beside it was a glass of water and two pills.

I sat up in bed to eat the pills and I forced the entire glass of water down my throat, to not be able to feel the bitter taste of the medicine. I looked up to see what time it was but as I lifted my head, Arnav was sitting on the chair, facing me, I just knew that it was my imagination, it had to be the medicines fault, I hit my head lightly but I wanted to make sure it was my imagination, so I walked towards him with a little bit of hope that it would really be him and he had done all these sweet gestures for me. I slapped him really hard and he got up from the chair in anger.

Arnav: Khushi, yeh kya tha? Maine tumhare liye itna kuch kiya aur tumne mujhe mara.

I giggled like a little girl and I looked up to see his eyes on me, admiring my laughter, I blushed and he smiled my favorite smile, the kind of smile that really touched his heart. I didn't see that smile for days and I felt as if I was on cloud nine. I spoke to break the silence.

Khushi: Sorry. But you deserved it, you broke my heart and left me in the cold rain.

Arnav's smile broke into a frown and I could see a tear escaping his eye, I wiped it away and hugged him with all my strength. This time he hugged me back and he didn't let go.

Arnav: I'm sorry, Khushi. I didn't mean to hurt you but I couldn't trust you after what Arjun told me, I knew he was wrong but I didn't understand why he would say such a thing so I believed him.

I shushed Arnav, signaling him to let us enjoy the moment and discuss this later. Now, I knew that we would always be together and nothing could take us apart.

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Aug 13, 2012

Pyaar Ke Bina.. Zindagi Adhuri Hoti Hai Part 7 (By Shazia Virman) (Thanked: 24 times)

Arnav and I spent the entire day together, in the morning Arnav barely let me do anything, he made me go back to sleep, while he sat there watching me, at first I felt self conscious but I finally fell asleep but not for long, I was way too eager to spend time with him. Some of my hair fell to my face, which distracted my sleep, I twitched my eyes, but then I felt my his warm hand on my face, carefully placing my hair behind my ear and caressing my cheek. I couldn't take it any longer, I had to wake up.

I wanted to explore the city with him, at first he didn't agree because he wanted me to rest but he finally agreed. He said I had to eat first and then we would head out. I went to freshen up and I changed into a pair of jeans and a light pink top. I quickly picked up my favorite white cardigan just in case it got chilly, but it was soaked from last night so I headed downstairs and I realized that we matched, he was wearing his light pink long sleeve shirt and a pair of baggy jeans.

First, we went to the mall and we shopped a little bit for our families because I had mentioned that I wanted to go back home after we graduate and he had decided to do the same. I bought a purple saree for Jiji and a shirt for Jiju along with a couple of things for papa, bade papa, chachu, bhaiya mama(mom), badi ma and chachi. Arnav helped me pick out a few things and he shopped as well. At one point Arnav said he had to go to the washroom, so I sneaked into his favorite store and quickly bought him a watch that he would always look at whenever we came to this mall but he would never buy it because he thought it was too expensive and I thought today would be the perfect day to buy it for him.

Arnav came back with a shopping bag in his hand, which he hid behind him so I couldn't see what was in it. He dropped the bag to his side and held one of his ears and said....

Arnav: Sorry.

Khushi: Kyun? (Why)I said in a confused tone.

Arnav: Voh mein tumse jhoot kaha.( I lied to you.)

Khushi: Kis bare mein?(About what?)

Arnav: Actually, I didn't go to the bathroom, mein tumhare liye kuch lane gaya tha.(I went to buy something for you)

I turned away from him, faking to be angry at him and he hugged me from behind with one hand holding my waist and the other in front of me with two ice creams. I couldn't control my smile so I took the ice cream and kissed his cheek in excitement. He stood there in shock and almost dropped his ice cream.

Arnav: If I knew an ice cream would give me this kind of a reward then I would buy you one every day.

I blushed and then I remembered the bag he had in his hand, so I asked him and he said it was a surprise he would give me at the end of the day.

It was almost evening now and he brought me to River Thames, the closest thing to a beach in London, the weather started to get chilly and the wind started to blow. I shivered a little and before I could say anything, he grabbed his sweater from the car and wrapped it around me. I smiled at him and we both stared into space, not really focusing on our surroundings and Arnav broke the silence. His voice sounded cold and harsh and I knew that this had to be about Arjun, I didn't want to spoil the day but I knew that we eventually would have to talk about this so I listened.

Arnav: Khushi, I know that this isn't true but I want to tell you what he told me and I want to hear the truth from you. He told me that you and him had a love marriage and he truly loved you but you only loved him for his money and property. After the marriage, you took it all and left him to come to London and he said that you would do that to me as well.

Khushi: Arjun ne mere bare mein yeh sab kaha aur tumne maanliya?( Arjun said all of this about me and you believed him?)

Arnav: I didn't want to believe him but I know him since my childhood and he never lied to me before. He was like a brother to me.

Khushi: I understand Arnav, but you could have asked me once, I would tell you everything, infact when you told me about Lavanya, I wanted to tell you about Arjun but I was too late.

Arnav: Khushi, tell me the truth now.

Khushi: It was an arranged marriage, but I fell in love with him as I saw him. We got married quickly, on the day of the marriage, his parents left quickly and he stayed. When I woke up the next day he wasn't there and I waited for him but he never came back. He was the one who left with our money and property.

I could see Arnav's face full of different emotions, jealousy, anger, pain but before he would let all his anger out, I calmed him down, I reassured him that nothing had happened between us that night and I didn't love Arjun, I don't even hate him, I pretend that he doesn't exist and that way I forgot him and the memories are replaced as nightmares.

Arnav cupped my face in his hands and told me he trusted me. We didn't want to talk about this anymore. Therefore, we both took our gifts we bought for each other and exchanged them. Arnav bought me a very beautiful red anarkali which I adored and Arnav was so happy with the watch that he picked me up in his arms and spinned me until we both fell to the floor lightly. We layed in each other's arms till it was pitch black outside. He drove me home and I went right to bed, before I fell asleep I received a text from Arnav "Goodnight, Love you <3" and I texted him saying " Goodnight, Love you too :)" and I knew that tonight I would sleep peacefully.

Hey, so how did you guys like this part? It was more on the romantic side and I found it way too cheesy but I wanted to add a little bit of romance before I add a twist in the story. I will post the next part tomorrow. Please comment and click Thank You if you enjoyed this post and feel free to email me at

Aug 14, 2012

Pyaar Ke Bina.. Zindagi Adhuri Hoti Hai Part 8 (By Shazia Virman) (Thanked: 25 times)

The next day I woke up to a phone call from Arnav saying that he had to go somewhere urgently and he would come back this afternoon. It was Sunday, so I thought I would sleep in. I woke up at 2pm, and still no sign of Arnav. I started to get worried, hours had passed since Arnav left I waited till 3 until I went for a walk.

I didn't know what to do but I stopped when I saw a little house in between the trees of a park that I had never been to. I never came to this part of the city, I walked towards the house that seemed very old, I stood under the porch, protecting myself from the rain. I stared at the house, something about it made me want to go inside as if it was a mystery and I was the detective. I knocked on the door but there was no reply, I was about to leave, but as I walked away I heard the door creak open. I walked in and took a look inside. It looked as nobody had visited this place for years, the paint on the walls were peeling off, the furniture was full of dust, but the place was beautiful. The walls of the living room was painted in a blue-green color that reminded of the sea, the kitchen was painted a pale peach color, the bathroom painted lavender and there were two bedrooms. One, which was painted in pink looked as if it belonged to a young girl and another that was painted in dark blue. This room was different from the others, it looked as if someone had been staying here recently, the floors had no dust, and there were clothes that belonged to a man spread on the bed that smelled a day or two old.

I heard the door open, I panicked, I didn't know what to expect, what would the person think of me? I could hear the footsteps coming closer, it sounded as if it belonged to a man. I quickly hid behind the long dusty curtains. He came into the room and I heard him drop his bag to the floor and leave the room. I came out from the curtains and I sneezed a few times, I walked my way across the room and as I was about to walk out, until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I was so scared, I could feel my legs shaking and my teeth chattering. I turned around to see a tall man with a knife in his hand!!

It was Arjun! He pushed me into the wall and he brought the knife closer and closer to me. I yelled for help but I was sure nobody could hear me. I screamed for Arnav but I knew that he wouldn't come because he was away. As I said Arnav, Arjun clenched his fist and quickly covered my mouth and said...

Arjun: Arnav will never come for you, because he is with my people and as I say this, Arnav is being killed. How sad isn't it? Two lovebirds that could never be one, but at least both of you will die together!

He held the knife to my neck and slid it back and forth. My tears started rolling one by one down my cheeks and I could feel the sweat on my forehead trickling down my face and he wiped my tears with his finger and I moved away in disgust but he held me even tighter. I now knew that today was my last day and I wished that I could see Arnav one time before I left him forever.

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Aug 15, 2012

Pyaar Ke Bina.. Zindagi Adhuri Hoti Hai Part 9 (By Shazia Virman) (Thanked: 22 times)

I knew that the pain was soon to come and I would be no more in a matter of seconds. I knew that Arnav wouldn’t be here, so the only thing I could do is re-live every moment I spent with him. I hoped that I would be able to bare the pain if I thought about Arnav, I remembered the time we first met in the rain when I was about to slip and he caught me at the perfect time, when he walked into class for the first time and winked at me as he walked past me, the times we worked on the project at home, and just yesterday was the most beautiful day of my life.

I was so caught up in our memories that I forgot where I was and who I was with. I kept my eyes closed because I didn’t want to look at Arjun’s face, I didn’t want to see his face and remember what he had done to me.

I started to feel weak, I hadn’t eaten since last night, I could feel my head spinning, I couldn’t keep my balance and before I knew it I landed on the floor. Though the hard floor seemed exceptionally comfortable, that was all I felt until I was lying there unconscious.

The story is written as Khushi's point of view but now that she’s unconscious this part will be written as Arnav's point of view and will be switched back in the next update.

2 hours ago

I finally escaped from the place I had been locked up since this morning. Arjun threatened to kill Khushi when I went to confront him for lying to me about his and Khushi's past, the only choice I had was to let him kill me so I had to lie to Khushi about going somewhere urgently. I have to find Khushi and save her before he does anything to her. He promised me that he wouldn’t do anything to her if his people killed me, but he lied! I heard him telling his gang that he would go ahead and kill her himself.

I didn’t know where to find Khushi, but I decided to go where Arjun had been living for these past few weeks, I didn’t know why but I had a strong feeling that I would find Khushi here. I ran as fast as I could not daring to stop until I found her.

Once I reached the house, I could hear Khushi calling my name and I was so happy that I was about to barge into the room but if I did that then he would threaten to hurt her if I tried to do anything so instead I found a rolling pin in the kitchen and I slowly walked into the room, not making a sound and I was behind Arjun and I held the rolling pin up high and I hit the back of his head as hard as I could to make him unconscious for awhile so I can call the police. He fell to the ground and the police were here in no time. To my surprise, Arjun Juneja was someone the police had been looking for the past 4 years because of the several crimes he committed.

I felt relieved that he was gone from our lives for good. The police left with him and I saw that Khushi was about to fall to the ground but with me here, I would never let her fall. I caught her and she landed in my arms. She was unconscious so I carried her to another room and placed her on the bed.

She looked as innocent as an angel, as beautiful as a rose, I didn’t deserve her but I was madly in love with her, I couldn’t live without her, she meant everything to me. I covered her with the blanket and I went to the kitchen to fill a bowl with water. I came back and took a little bit of water in my hand and sprinkled it on her face, waiting for her to regain consciousness. She wouldn’t wake up, I was getting really worried so I was about to call the doctor, but before I could, I felt her hand around mine.

Khushi: Where are you going? Please don’t leave me.

Arnav: Khushi, mein tumhe chod ke kabhi nahi jaoungi, tum bas aram karo. (I will never leave you, just rest now.)

Khushi: Arnav, humein ab ghar jaana chahiye, kal school bhi jaana hai. (We should go home now, we also have to go to school tomorrow.)

We both went to Khushi's house and I put her to bed and I sat beside her, not having the strength to leave her ever again after what happened today. I woke to Khushi by my side, it was still early so I went home changed, took my backpack and came back to pick Khushi up for University.

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Aug 16, 2012

Pyaar Ke Bina.. Zindagi Adhuri Hoti Hai Part 10 (By Shazia Virman) (Thanked: 20 times)

From now on the updates will be as Khushi's point of view, as it always has been since the beginning except for the last update.

Arjun was officially out of our lives and I was relived as ever, I didn’t want any more pain in my life. The year was going by really quickly, in just a few days we would present our project and in two weeks, Arnav and I would graduate from University.

The day had come, Arnav and I have been working as hard as ever for the past few days to catch up on all the time we wasted when we weren’t speaking to each other, our project was complete, we wrote the lyrics to our three songs, practiced in front of friends and bought our clothes for the big day.

Everyone in class had chosen to do different projects, they were all unique, but I was sure that ours was the best! We were first up to perform, I was so nervous, my heart was beating at an uncontrollable pace and I was shaking but once the teacher had called our name and Arnav held my hand in his, everything was perfectly fine and I was ready to begin.

First Song: Phir Mohabbat (Arnav wore a white shirt and blue jeans and I wore a long yellow dress.)

Second Song: Teri Meri (Arnav wore a black kurta and I wore a pink anarkali.)

Third Song: Piya O Re Piya (Arnav wore a white sherwani and I wore a red saree which was simple yet beautiful.)

The songs represented the stages of our love (Phir Mohabbat) when I fell in love for the second time but this time it was true love, I started the song, Arnav joined in and we finished it off together. We danced in a slow but steady pace. Then (Teri Meri), which indicated when Arnav couldn’t trust me and our love story had become complicated. Arnav sang most of this song and we finished off together once again. And finally our third and last song (Piya O Re Piya) which indicated, when we had finally become one, Arnav and I sang this one together swaying in each other’s arms in happiness.

We finished off our performance with a bow, while our teachers were amazed with our talent, students applauding in awe and we were smiling at our accomplishment. That day went as fast as a second. Our classmates presented their projects, we all had lots of fun and enjoyed the day as much as we could because after all, there well only a few days left till graduation and after that we would all go in our own paths and god knows if we would ever meet again.

Graduation day had arrived! Everyone was excited as ever, the girls were busy choosing their dresses, applying their makeup, doing their hair and the boys had picked out there dates and chosen their suits. Whereas I was sitting at home, totally unprepared, I didn’t know what to wear, who to go with, how to do my hair, I was just totally confused. I was insanely looking through my wardrobe to find something to wear but everything was either too simple, too gorgeous or just not right. I thought that maybe I just wouldn’t go because I clearly didn’t have any time to go shopping now with only 2 hours left till grad so I thought to call Arnav and tell him I wasn’t coming but as I was dialing his number, someone ringed the doorbell, I wondered who it could be at this time of day.

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