One Mistake Lasts Forever

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Aug 1, 2012

One Mistake Lasts Forever (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 21 times)

Hey I'm back with a short one shot. It's sad and some of you might hate me for it but it just came to me and I thought of posting it here. No rude comments please.


Arnav watched Khushi walk out of the house and he knew that once more he had lost the most beloved person in his life. The only difference was that Khushi would still be there. She would haunt his dreams, his house, his every movement and every moment.


Arnav Singh Raizada was getting hitched to society sweetheart, Lavanya. For outsiders, he was living up to expectations. But for family members, he was trying to mend a broken heart. What he didn't know was that by doing this, his heart was going from broken to beyond repairable. Lavanya wanted a church wedding and a church wedding was what she got. Nani disapproved but Arnav drifted through it, showing no emotion. For that was what Arnav did not have anymore, emotions. Anjali hugged her brother and whispered little nothings into his ear. But no matter what she said, he just shook it off. Dressed in a white gown with a diamond tiara and a short veil, Lavanya met Arnav at the alter. Lavanya said a quick I do, not even letting the poor priest finish his sentence. In the end the priest raised his voice and said, "By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Lavanya turned towards Arnav but saw that his eyes were not on her. He was looking at a figure that was dressed in a white sari. His eyes were just about to well up in tears when Lavanya cleared her throat. Arnav looked back and impatiently hissed, "We have enough time for that later. Let's go."

Lavanya didn't understand the urgency in his voice for if he stood there any longer, he would do something he would regret. Lavanya smiled the sweetest smile and nodded. The walked down from the alter and suddenly Lavanya stopped Arnav, "Wait I haven't thrown my bouquet yet."

"Well then hurry up." Arnav growled.

Lavanya nodded and threw the bouquet. She turned around to see where it landed and nearly stopped breathing when she saw the flowers land at Khushi's feet. Khushi looked at Lavanya with wide eyes and Lavanya looked at her groom, who's eyes betrayed him and his eyes teared up. It took all of Khushi's willpower to stop her own tears as she gripped a small boy's hand and pulled him towards the exit. A small boy who's eyes were so much like Arnav's.


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