L0&slh;/e n Tru$T (my ArShi story) <3

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Jul 21, 2012

L0&slh;/e n Tru$T (my ArShi story) <3 (By chhavi)

pls bear wid d sms language :P

Shyam walked out of the raizada mansion, turning around once in a while to look at it. He couldn't believe wat jus happened. He had known arnav, his anger n his harsh ways, but never had he imagined dat he would throw him out of the house like that, that too in anjali's presence. He was trying to figure out things in mind n reached d gate, when he saw d security guard staring at him, as if he knew wat all happened inside the house minutes ago. He wandered on the streets of delhi. Thoughts were running at lightning speed in his mind.

Khushiji......i'll never forgive u for wat u've done to me. u played wid my feelings. I believed u wen u said u were wid me.... wen u said u hated arnav n wanted revenge. It was d biggest mistake of my life. U can never love me.....bt i can't stop loving you khushiji.....never in dis life!! I shall make u mine...yes i would! But many things need to b attended to before dat!

He had a dangerous look on his face. People on d street stared at dis man who looked as if he was about to destroy the world....


(3 days later)

He stood inside d telephone booth n dialled a number. The weather was bad n der ws lightening n thunder in d dark sky. She picked up d call. He was waiting just for that. He silently thanked god dat no1 else received d call. He dint speak. she said "hello" over n over again. He didn't reply. He hanged up.

This would be enuf for today i suppose.

He grinned wickedly.


Khushi returned to her room. She recalled wat had happened minutes ago. How could she be so silly. How could she??

devi maiyya....wats happening to me dese days. How could i be such a fool? I hav known arnavji since so long. I shud've realised dat he can do anything to win a bet. He arranged a horror nite plan n der i was.....running like a fool into his arms. N wat was about those rose petals n all? I shud now consider him my......how can i?? After all he has done, he thinks he can win me back so easily?? N wat must all hav thought about us wen they arrived? Mamiji deifinitely thinks arnavji lied to dem so dat he can spend some time wid me...o god y r things becoming so complicated?? I must make myself clear.....it was no fault of mine, neither his actually....i must go n tell evrythng about arnavji n his bet to jiji.....i'm sure she'll understand n try to convince mamiji n others if possible. Yes i must speak about dis to her....

she rushed out of the room n headed towards payal's. She saw her coming out with a tray full of uneaten food. She took away the tray from her n kept it aside on a table. payal eyed her sister. payal's face was tear-stained after her encounter wid mami wen she tried to sort out things between her n akash. Khushi said, "jiji, whatever u ppl saw wen u entered d house today isn't actually as u ppl r thinking.....arnavji's meetin got cancelled n he came here cos i was alone. Actually jiji....." she was cut short by payal, "stop it khushi. Wat r u sayin? It is ok....y r u fussing over dis now?"

"wat happened jiji? Is evrythng alrite? Did jijaji say something?? One second.....hav u been cryin? Y wat happened tell na....is it mamiji??"

"pls khushi" yelled payal. "please for god's sake leave me alone. I don't want to say anything. Dis is my personal matter. Even if akash or sasu ma has said something its my problem. I know how to bear with dis. Y do u always poke ur nose into others matters??" with dat, she walked away, takin d tray along wid her. Khushi stood still, not able to take in wat her dear sister had just said to her. tears formed in her eyes n began rolling down. She wiped dem, n slowly walked toward her room.

In d kitchen payal regretted her words. She thought of apologising to khushi d next morning wen evrythng was alrite.

Anjali's room door was open n arnav sat by his di on her bed, talkin to her. khushi cheered up a bit wen she saw dis. She knew how much di meant to arnav, n she was elated to c dem talkin after all d shyam drama. She was about to walk away wen she heard anjali say her name. She stopped in her tracks....n listened.


It was late night wen everybody had returned from their failed plan of going to satsang. Evry1 tried but in vain to convince anjali to take her medicines. Finally arnav went to her room, desperate to try one last time. He succeeded in d task, after blackmailing her emotionally. She unwillingly took d medicine.

she said, " times hav changed chote. N u hav changed. U've fallen in love. Everything has changed since ur marriage. It is since den dat u hav started hiding things from me....u hav stopped answering my questions. U don't consider telling me d problems between u n khushi. V weren't lik dis, wer v? U always used to speak ur heart out to me. since d day maa died, v've been supporting each other in every aspect of life.....v've discussed d smallest of issues wid each other.....but now.....now.....wen i'm in such a state, u r concerned about things dat make khushiji happy???" she looked hurt.

"i am not blaming u for this chote....never would i do dat! Love changes people. N i'm pretty sure u luv n respect me as much as u used to do....but priorities in life change.....it happens! I understand.....completely....i just envy those old happy days i spent wid shyamji...." she stared into nowher for a few moments.

Arnav looked at her wid surprise. She still believes in him? after all dat he did to her??

"di u don mean u still love him, do u?"

"i donno chote.....i really donno! My heart isn't just accepting this fact. May be i need a little more time.....but i pinch myself sometimes just to see if dis is a nightmare....to c if i wake up to c his face n hear him callin me 'raani saahiba'....." she could say no more.

Arnav didn't say a word. Der was more to come, n he didn't want her to stop talking. He clearly wanted to know wat was in her mind, n wat she thought about the present situation of d house.

She continued after a while, "v hav made memories together chote. I agree he wasn't der wid me always durin d past year or so, but v hav spent quality time together. I love him.....more than my life. Its very difficult for me to accept all this so suddenly. Just imagine my situation.....i'm living a happily married life, n expecting his child wen i suddenly come to know one day dat he is cheatin on me, kidnapped my brother, lusting for my bhabhi n wat not. I just don't want dese days chote.....i don't need dem! Life was beautiful.....me, my chote, my loving husband n family.....n my little unborn princess.....evrythng was just perfect. Now....i don't hav him wid me..." she sobs.

"now....wen i need him d most. N d worst part is i hav to everyday face d woman who is responsible for this situation of mine. I hav to stay wid her under one roof for d rest of my life......dont take me wrong chote.....i'm not sayin khushiji is at fault. But d truth cannot b denied na, dat it is because of her dat i'm lik dis today.....pls try n understand my feelings chote......u always hav done so, so y not now?? Chote i need ur moral support.....ur soothing words......i need u!" she buried her face in her palms n cried. He hugged her....an assuring hug! He remembered his promises made to her on d day of rakshabandhan, which included supporting her durin bad times. She dozed of to sleep.....tired n worn out.

Only one feeling dominated him as he covered her with d blanket n walked away from her bed........guilt! He walked out of d room lik a corpse. He didn't even notice khushi standin motionless beside d door wid tears in her eyes.

Jul 21, 2012

love n trust (By chhavi)

late at nite, khuhsi entered her room......their room. Not findin him anywhere, she glanced out into d poolside n saw a shadow sitting alone in d dark. She went near him slowly.


He half-turned towards her, "khushi its already 1 o clock.....go sleep now!"

"arnavji u r upset about di rite?"

He didn't speak. she was now watchin d cloudy sky. no stars today.

"arnavji pls say something...."

"khushi pls go away. We can talk some other time."

"all i wanted to say is...."

"khushi pls leave!!!" he shouted in d typical asr style. His voice echoed a little n died away soon.

She shivered at d sudden outburst. She certainly hadn't expected it. She maintained calm, n stood der lik a statue.

He turned to face her, a dangerously calm look on his face n apologising eyes.

"khushi pls go n sleep. V'll talk t'row! If u stay here for long, i srsly don't know wat all i'll say pls just go .I can't upset u again." His voice had softened n khushi wondered if it was d same person who had yelled seconds ago. She turned n went into d room. She slid quietly into d bed n pulled d blanket close to her. she knew she couldn't sleep.

Seven days.....a week more.....

It was d 1st thing dat occurred 2 her as she lay awake on d bed, tightly snuggled up in d cosy blanket.

A week, n their contract would end. Her marriage would end. after all dat happened in dese almost-six-months, dis relationship was nearing an end. she thought about all arnav had did for her since her birthday to convince her n cancel d contract. He'd even managed to fit his long self into dat wardrobe. He had won d bet at last. What am i supposed to do now? Accept him as my husband forever? Forgive him? hey devi maiyya! Wats happening? Will things between di n arnavji ever be d same again? Will they ever b able to maintain their unbreakable bond?? No they couldn't......until she lived in dat house. Yes.....di wasn't happy wid her presence. Even arnavji jad indirectly meant dat wen he shouted out at me dat nite. N i heard di sat dis today from di itself.....accept it khushi kumari gupta singh raizada, u r not wanted here. I know arnavji loves me a lot n wud go to any extent to stop me from going away. But he loves his di more, n i am witnessing his condition now. He cant stand his di's unhappiness. He just can't....

i know arnavji dat dis decision of mine wud disappoint u......but one day, u vil realise i was rite in leavin u. D day wen happiness wud spread in shantivan n evrythng vil get back to normal. Di vil cum over d shock, n der vil b no me, to constantly remind her of her past. N not to forget di's nanhi pari.....everythng vil b alrite! Soon.....(sigh)

Jul 22, 2012

love n trust (By chhavi)

She prayed to devi maiyya to make her last few days in shantivan perfect. To b kept in memory for ever n ever...for d rest of her life!

(next morning)

Arnav couldnt sleep dat nite.....di's words played in his mind over n over again. It was 6 in d morning wen he came into d warmth of his room n saw her sound asleep. He kept looking at her for long. He spoke in his mind:

I'm sorry khushi. I'm so so sorry. I guess i cant b same with u after what di said yest. But i promise.....i wont let anybody in d house say anything against u. I still love u frm d bottom of my heart....the only difference vil b dat i can't show it to you....atleast for d next 3 months. Until di has her baby by her side to divert her attention from us n shyam. Forgive me khushi......but i just hav 2 avoid u for d next few days! Not dat i want to....bt i have to! N after yesterday's incident, i guess u hav accepted my love.....n i'm darn sure d contract means nothing now.......but i promise khushi.....after v get through all dis, i vil c to it dat v get to spend time together wid each other! Only u n me.....dat's arnav singh raizada's promise to u mrs.raizada!


Khushi walked into d dinig area at RM, her eyes searching for arnav. He wasn't to b seen anywhere. She walked into d kitchen to help payal wid breakfast preparations. "sorry khushi i said all those things to you yest nite" said payal wid a sad face. "i din mean any of it. I was just stressed out n tired of d long hours of travelling in d car. N di wasn't takin her medicines n everybody was upset abt it!"

"jiji its ok....i really din take any of ur words to heart. U needn't apologise." They hugged.

"hello hi bye bye.....ee kaa drama hui raha hai guta sisters ke beech?? Band karo ee sab, aur chalo nashte paroso" (wat is all dis drama going on between u 2 sisters? Stop all dis rite away, n go serve breakfast) woth dis, mamiji walked away.

The sisters wiped away their tears n entered d dining room with the food. Arnav was missing. Khushi wondered wher he was. As if reading her mind, nani said, "arnav bitwa left home early today. N anjali bitiya is in her room. So not many ppl today....payal bitiya, khushi bitiya, both of u sit along wid us today. But pls giv anjali bitiya her breakfast n den cum."

Mamiji made faces, n payal left wid a plateful of food.

(anjali's room)

Anjali was over d fone wen payal entered.

Payal "sorry di...i shud've knocked n entered, but these plates...."

"dat's ok....." n she replaces d receiver of d fone.

"whose call di?"

"i don't know payalji...a blank call"

"ok....take care di, n care me if u need anything k?"

"ya...." she looked pale n worn out, even after a gud nite's rest.

Khushi called arnav many a times, but his fone was switched off. He den called later in d afternoon. She had nothing in particular to talk to, but she just wanted to speak to him once since she hadn't since morning. She enquired abt his lunch, medicine n stuff.

He returned late at nite. She was awake, waiting for him. bt he said he had a busy day n needed rest. He freshened up, had a silent dinner n slept. She slept, not sure of wat was going on in her mind. He stayed awake half thru d nite just to watch her sleep. "i love u khushi..."

For d next few days, dis was d daily routine for arshi. She never got to c much of him, n couldn't get to talk to him much. She tried to get used to dis.....to stay away frm him. bt her mind circled over his thoughts n words evry single moment throughout d day...,,even wen she was doin household chores to keep herself busy n avoid his thoughts. She didn't know y she had to, bt she felt it wud make her easier to leave him on d D-day. Arnav's condition was also similar at work. He couldn't stop thinking abt her, n dat too after d hug dat nite. Bt he assured himself dat all wud b alrite soon.

Anjali's condition did not get better either. She worsened day by day. She had never seen khushi face after d satsang incident, n she din want to. She nowadays seemed lost. Her cute smile had vanished ever since he was thrown out. I sat all day starin at dat picture of theirs' hung on d wall opposite to her bed, facing her....reminding her of him all day.....no1 in RM had noticed n taken it off!! She often dreamed of living a peaceful life wid him, lik d old days. She dreamed abt her princess....their princess.


August 13th.....khushi put a cross mark over d date in her calendar dat nite. It wud all end t'row....all dat began 6 months ago....dat had shaken up their lives......dat had brought waves of pain n sorrow over d once-happy raizada family. She didn't feel much about dis. Probably because she'd been thinkin abt dis for so long dat der was nothing else to think about it. All done n over!

He was late dat nite too. She wept herself to sleep dat nite. She couldn't take in d fact dat she was sleepin in d bed....in his bed for d last time!


Anjali's cellfone rang.


(no reply)

"hello?? Kaun?" she checked d number. It was a local one. Probably from some telephone booth nearby. She was about to hang up wen d familiar voice spoke:

"ra.....rani saahiba....."

Jul 22, 2012

love n trust (By chhavi)

guys i'm overwhelmed by d response i'm gettin.....thnk u so much for d encouragement. enjoy!

"ra.....rani saahiba....."

She was mum for a moment.

"rani saahiba......r u.....r u der?"

"shyam ji........" was all she could manage. She couldn't believe her ears. Her eyes were filled wid tears instantly. She felt suffocated. She couldn't speak. she clutched her fone as if she would never leave it.

"rani saahiba.....i'm innocent. Pls trust me. u r d only person i expect support from. Can u even think i cud do all dat?" he said in a pleading tone. Her heart melted away. She didn't speak a word but.

He continued, "all d accusations made on me r wrong rani sahiba....khushiji is......wat can i tell u? I knew she was behind me but...but i never thought she wud put d blame on me lik dis n drive me out of d house.....she is d 1 who always....ugh! leave it rani sahiba.......i don't want to speak anyhtng abt her now. I just wanted to know if u trust me....den i cud die in peace."

Anjali was silently sobbing all d while. Her sobs became louder wen he completed. She had no control on herself n let d tears flow down continuously. Shyam didn't miss d opportunity, "rani sahiba pls don't cry.....its not gud for d baby.....n its not gud for....u! pls rani sahiba....wat if i'm not der wid u? I'm sure saale saaheb is taking gud care of u.....n i jus hope he comes to know abt khushiji's real face soon!"

She still didn't reply...

"rani sahiba pls say something. I will b broken if u remain quiet.....i cannot tolerate ur sadness....i will die if....." he was cut short by anjali, "shyamji i love u a lot......i don't care wat others assume, i vil never commit d sin of disbelieving u.....u r my god........my evrythng!! i....i...." she said in one breath n cried n cried....

"bas.....this was wat i'd longed for all dese days. I had feared d worst.....dat u wont.....u wont....but no! U r my rani sahiba.....dont worry, i'll soon sort out things. Being a lawyer, i'm workin hard to reveal khushiji's real colors in front of evry1.....i'll soon expose her rani sahiba!"

Anjali didn't know how to react to dis. He said, "i badly want to c u rani sahiba. I know saale saheb will nt spare me if i cum to shantivan.....even u know dat! Can v please meet t'row morning?? Just want to spend a little time wid my rani sahiba n our rajkumari.....i'm sure i'll set things rite soon, but till den i cant resist dis separation frm u rani sahiba......will u come?? Please? For my sake?"

Anjali was quick to reply, "yes i will cum shyamji. After chote n akash leave to office t'row, nani n everybody in d house r going to shop things for d puja. I will stay back, n cum n meet u wen they leave. Anything for u shyamji.....anythng in d world for u!"

"ok rani sahiba....pls don tell anybody abt dis call. U know d consequences. I'll b waiting for u in a white innova car t'row outside shantivan. Pls do cum...." with dat, d line went off.

Anjali was elated. She called hariprakash n asked him to bring in dinner n her medicines. (she'd refused to eat earlier). Everybody was happy 2 c anjali lik dis, though none knew d reason for her happiness.....neither did dey ask.....dat million dollar smile had appeared back on her face after long n nobody wanted it to disappear by pressin her wid ques. However our khushi had smelt a rat.

Shyam walked out of the telephone booth n paid. He had a wicked grin on his ugly face. A look of having succeeded in somthing. He had accomplished his 1st task tonite. He thought :

t'row is going to b fun. I'd been waiting for dis very moment for sooo long rani sahiba. Three times i tried during d marriage, n each time u escaped. But dis time, der vil b no saale sahib to save u, nor vil luck b wid u. Alvida rani sahiba.....n ya! Alvida my rajkumariji.....n welcum khushiji.....khushi manohar jha! Hah! Sounds gud....n saale sahib, killing ur dearest sister indirectly implies killing u......n wid khushiji becoming mine, i'm sure u'll kill urself.........if not i'd help u in dat too...


(14th august 2012, 6:00 am)

Somebody banged the door of arshi's room. Khushi woke up wid a start. A sleepy Arnav had reached d door n opened it. It was akash. He had his fone in hand, "bhai....its an emergency. Mr.clinton has arrived to india early today morning. N his assistant called up aman n told him to arrange our meeting today itself!"

"but akash, he was to cum on Monday, n our meeting was due on Tuesday rite??"

"yes bhai, but den he was invited for d independence day function at red fort t'row n he thought since he's visiting delhi, he'd better sign n deal wid us n leave. I've told aman to get d presentation ready by 9 am today. V need to immediately leave n check arrangements in office. Pls get ready soon, v'll leave in 10 minutes...." he ran back to his room.

Khushi watched as arnav hurried to d bathroom, took a shower, dressed in his three piece suit n gathered all d necessary files n his laptop. With an "i'll b late today khushi", he left.

she sighed. She watched him walk out of sight wid pain in her eyes. "he doesn't even remember about d contract.....or may b......he does! May b he thinks dat i wont leave him after all dat happened. Hey devi maiyya....i don't know wat's on his mind......but i hav made up my mind. I can't tolerate di's sorrow. I HAVE to go away, for evry1's gud....forgiv me arnavji if possible. Chal khushi, start packing."

She'd carefully planned wat she wud tell him today while leaving, but wid him gone n wid an unexpected turn in d plan of events, she thought it'd b better if she spoke to him from buaji's house d next day thru fone n explain things to him. she freshened up, n thought of bringing back her clothes frm d terrace wher they wer left to dry. She was walking upstairs wen nani called out to her. she went towards d hall.

Naniji : "khushi bitiya.....get ready soon. V r all going today to buy things necessary for d puja today evenin"

"wat pooja naniji?"

"today, ur marriage completes half an year....remember? if things had been all right, der'd wud hav been a grand party for sure. But wid such a situation in d house, i thot it'd b best to arrange a small puja.....anjali bitiya will also cheer up, n v can all pray for our d well-being of d household."

Mamiji made faces. She didn't like d sisters n she didn't like today's puja plan.

Khushi's face fell wen she heard dis. How wud dey all react wen den get to know dat she's leaving?

"dats all ok naniji......but.....i.....i hav some important work out of d house. So i don't think i can accompany u ppl today. I'm sorry. It's something really important....otherwise i'd never say no to anythng related to devi maiyya "

Naniji "well.....ok den khushi bitiya! As u wish.....but make sure u reach d house well b4 6 today evenin"

Khushi nodded her head. She was feeling very bad about lying to naniji.

Naniji said to mami, "manorama, get anjali bitiya n payal bitiya ready..."

"ok sasu maa..."

Khushi walked towards her room. So they wer all going out. That made it easy for her to sneak out of d house, widout being seen by anybody.

"happy six months anniversary khushiji...." her train of thoughts was disrupted by nk's gaily tone.

"dint get to wish nannav n akash....wher r dey today?"

"thank u nanheji......both of dem r in office. Some urgent work came up so they had to leave early."

"oh k......k den khushiji.....u carry on. I hav a date today!!" he winked n left.

She smiled to herself. Nk always managed to make her smile. She wud miss him too....he'd been a very gud frnd for her since last few days! She entered her room, bathed, n wore d pink saree dat had been arnav's present for her birthday. She looked at her beautiful image in d mirror, n realised how well d color suited her, " wish arnavji wud c me in dis." She sighed. She started stuffing things into her bag. After d clothes, She placed in her bag her already-removed stars, d tinkling windchime n d salman poster.

RM seemed empty, n she walked thru d house silently, glancing around for one last time her sasural. She went to anjali's room n placed d letter she had ritten last nite....a few things she'd hav liked to say to di b4 leavin, bt couldn't as she wasn't supposed to talk to her. She reached d gate. D security guard had a strange expression on his face wen he saw khushi leave. Y wer all d women of d house going outside today? N dat too khushi mam wid dis large bag?? He wondered.

Khushi walked out into d street n tried to hire an auto. It was den dat the sight struck her eyes......der was anjali di, limping off in a hurry.....she watched over her shoulder evry nw n den, bt didn't identify khushi cos of d saree. She got into a white innova parked across d street, n d vehicle sped off, as khushi watched helplessly.

Jul 23, 2012

love n trust (By chhavi)

khushi stood der, not knowing wat to do. She did d first thing dat came to her mind. She hailed an auto n instructed d driver to follow d white coloured innova. Thoughts were racing in her mind. She didn't know wat was happening. "di had gone wid naniji n all rite?? Den how is she in dat car? Oh god.....wat is happening?

(in RM )

Payal frantically searched for di all over d house. She called out for hp. He came frm d terrace n said he hadn't seen anjaliji anywhere. He had been busy wid d clothes upstairs. Payal had been in d kitchen makin kheer, as anjali has asked her to make it. She had said she suddenly felt lik havin kheer today. Bt wen it was almost ready, n payal thot of checkin on di for once, she wasn't able to find her anywhere. Payal was now very tensed. What would naniji n mamiji say abt her negligence? After all, she'd been assigned d responsibility of lookin after di wen she said she didn't feel too well today n so couldn't go along wid dem for shopping. Payal was scared to death thinking abt wat di had attempted to, d last time she left Rm alone. She immediately called akash. His fone was switched off. Arnav's too. She den had no choice, n called mamiji.

Khushi sat in d auto, while d driver promptly followed d car. They stopped at a signal wen khushi cud finally peep into d car's interiors n had d shock of her life! It was shyam driving d car, while anjali sat beside him in d front seat. for a moment she couldn't think of anything to do. "they must nt c u in any case khushi" she said to herself, n draped her saree pallu over fer head like a ghooghat n dat cmpltly covered her face. He was talkin something, though khushi couldn't hear it, n anjali had a slight smile playin on her lips. She was watchin him, teary-eyed. Khushi figured out things n sensed trouble. She tried to reach arnav but his fone was switched off. She cud c dat they wer losing track of d car n d poor auto-waala tried his best to keep up d pace. They'd lost d car for a couple of mins bt den again tracked it down. Throughout d ride, khushi thought abt wat she cud do. Wat did dis man want now??

The car stopped at a desolate office building. It was clear dat it was locked n empty. Khushi alighted frm d auto at a distance, paid him n followed dem. Shyam opened d lock, n led his wife into d empty building. Probably his office....thought khushi. He was sayin something n khushi couldn't hear it. She didn't go too near, fearing to b caught. He called aman n said she wanted to speak to arnav immediately. He refused, sayin dat asr was busy in a very imp meeting.

"nothing can b more imp to him dan dis sister amanji.....pls connect me to him! its an emergency! Please understand."

Arnav was finally on d line after 5 mins dat seemed lik ages to khushi.....

"come on in rani sahiba.....i've had my office vacated today especially for u. Dis is d safest place n no1 can get here, trust me." anjali looked around, wonderin y she was brought here of all places.

Shyam was quiet. His back faced her. she too stood silently for minutes. He then spoke:

"u know wat rani sahiba.......life has thought me many things! It has thought me dat v always don get wat v crave for. But life has given me d power n determination to fight against all odds n achieve in getting d thing i lay my eyes on. I first lusted after money. I worshipped it. i hadn't had enuf of it, n it became my dream to becum successful n rich in life. But den i realised der r things in dis world beyond money. Love! Yes.....d intriguing feeling called love! i found d perfect person for me.....my girl......d one i wud always love n care for....." he paused.

She blushed.

"......khushi kumara gupta."

sorry guys for d short update....

Jul 23, 2012

love n trust (By chhavi)

"......khushi kumara gupta."

her heart skipped a beat.


"ya rani sahiba. I love khushiji. So much dat i cant live widout her. i first saw her in lucknow, n since den, i cant think about anything but her. i stayed in their house for a while n impressed her family, but i cud not win her heart after doing so much for her. all because of saale sahib.....she started havin feelings for him, n den evrythng went out of control. She den got married. I was happy wen i came to know dat it is a six-month contract marriage. I thought i cud wait till den. I tried to concentrate on d money for d time-being. N yes, it is true dat i kidnapped arnav for....." he blurted out all his misdeeds starting from how he met khuhsi,how dey got engaged, how he messed up things for arshi, how he'd manipulated d will papers, how he'd kidnapped arnav n kept him captive, n finally how arshi were saved.

"so kh.....khushiji didn't l.....lie....." anjali stared at him unbelievingly.

"oh no.......she didn't lie. How cud my khushiji lie?"

She winced at d word 'my'.

"but d only problem is rani sahiba, dat she doesn't love me. she loves arnav, n dats d saddest part abt dis. N u pose a problem for us too, cos since i'm married, she thinks i cant have a relationship wid her." he sighed.

She stood der lik a statue.

"i tried to.......get rid of u rani sahiba. 3 times during akash's wedding. Remember ur accident?? N i'd bought home a scorpion too.....n......n ya! D ether-perfume of course.....bt u din catch fire!" he talked like a psycho.

"u....u tried to wat?? Scorpion? Ether? U planned to ki....kill me? shyamji wat on earth r u speakin?"

"d truth rani sahiba.....my truth! I hid it frm u all dese yrs. Bt i don't need to hide it anymore. U r nearing ur end. u deserve to know it now atleast....dont u?"

"sh....shyamji......" tears didn't flow dis time. It was as if dey were all empty. She was shocked, n more dan that. She thought abt the moments they had shared. She thought, "has he been actin all d while? Cheated on me all dese yrs? Is he d same person who had been so sweet n gentle to me n my family?? WAT A FAKE HE IS......"

"u.......u r gonna pay for this." she said aloud, mustering up courage.

"only if u live....."

He took out a huge revolver from nowhere. Anjali's eyes widened. N so had somebody else's. Khushi had been watchin all dis frm an open window. She hadn't been caught today. Shyam didn't hav any of his men guarding dis place today. Probably he didn't hav money to pay dem. N how on earth cud he hav imagined dat khushi, of all ppl, wud follow dem lik dis n eavesdrop on their 'personal' conversation?

Shyam held out d gun upto his shoulder level. Khushi knew she had to act fast. Anjali stood lik a zombie. She didn't move. She didn't try to defend herself. She just stood der. She didn't cry. She looked lifeless.

"bye bye rani sahiba...." he said aiming at her wid a wicked smile on his face, "or shud v start wid our little rajkumari first? I obviously don't want her to live either."

He lowered his aim. Khushi ran from where she stood, unaware of wat mite happen.


Light fumes rose out of his revolver. His facial expression changed. D smile vanished, "khuhsiji !!!"

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Jul 23, 2012

love n trust (By Chhavi) (Thanked: 28 times)

Khushi didn't feel much. Der was stinging pain in her abdomen, n she clutched it. she cud hear shyam scream out her name. She cud also hear sirens....loud n approaching sound of sirens. Probably d police....she thought. Her pink saree bagan to turn red n she lay in a pool of blood. She saw a very blurred vision of shyam standin der, unmoved. She managed to turn her head to c anjali stand over her. she was looking down at her. khushi couldn't register her facial expression. Her vision wasn't clear enough. But she was relieved to c her safe.

"khushi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" dat was arnav's voice. She suddenly felt all d physical pain vanish for a moment. He had come! Di was perfectly safe now! She saw his figure run to her on d ground n hold her.

"khushi....khushi......" he patted her face.


"somebody call d ambulance god dammit!!!!!!" he screamed.

She wanted to speak. she had so much to say. She opened her mouth, bt d words didn't come out. She felt evrythng around her turning black. She barely saw men in khakhi dragging shyam away forcefully. She lastly saw his face....arnav! den evrythng went black......

Arnav reached d building , n doubted if dis was d right place. He picked up his fone to call her, wen he heard d bang. He looked at building for a moment. Reality den struck him! d 2 most important women in his life wer in dat very building wid d most wicked man on earth, shyam manohar jha! D police vans drove at d very moment, but he didn't wait for dem. He ran straight into wat looked lik d entrance n saw her.....khushi.....on d floor....wid blood all over her body. He didn't notice anjali n shyam. All he saw was her, n her condition. He ran upto her....held her in his arms. She called out his name. She den lost consciousness! He yelled for an ambulance, which came in 10 mins.....each of those minutes had killed him! he tried in vain to wake her up.....he screamed around, orderin d policemen to make it fast! He didn't care anymore abt shyam. He didn't even look at him n giv dat ASR glare wen he was being taken away. Some lady constables gav anjali a glass of water, n made her sit down on a chair. D ride in d ambulance was intolerable. D nurse n one intern der knew wat dey were supposed to do, n did their best, only to b scolded by arnav singh raizada evry minute. He was becoming uncontrollable. After a quick 10 min drive back to d hospital, he yelled over d duty doctor der to treat her immediately.

He only stood n watched helplessly as they put her lifeless fragile body into a stretcher n moved it away from him. he walked with dem till d corridor neared a dead-end, n a door opened. They took her in, n closed d door on his face. A minute later, he saw d red light right over his head blink on.

Jul 23, 2012

love n trust (By Chhavi) (Thanked: 26 times)

thnk u all......so here's d much awaited update.....enjoy reading!

"How, how did all this happen arnav bitwa??" asked naniji, wid tears in her eyes.

All d guptas n raizadas had come by den. No1 had spoken even a word, n naniji's words broke d silence. Arnav didn't reply. He stared at d floor. Anjali slowly came walkin towards dem all, supported by 2 lady constables in khakhi sarees alongside her. naniji, mamiji n akash ran to her, to c if she was ok. Arnav looked up at her n said, "y don u ask di, naniji ? how n wen did all dis happen? She obviously knows a lot more than me......isn't so di?" he sounded dangerously calm. Anjali just looked around to c evry1. She didn't utter a single word. Her face was expressionless.

"khushiji......kaisi hai?" she questioned arnav. He turned away.

"d doctors haven't come out yet anjali bitiya" said nani quickly.

Buaji , amma n payal were in tears. None of dem consoled n other 2, n they wept. Babuji sat in his wheelchair, fully aware of d happenings around him. he tried hard to blink away d tears dat were forming in his eyes.

"sab ee khoon bhari taang ke wajah se hua hai. Tumne anjali bitiya ko ghar se nikalne kaise diya?" added mamiji.

"oh just stop it ma.....di's fine na. Y does all things put payal into fault? Its khushiji who's hurt now. N she saved di's life for god's sake, do u understand?" akash didn't mean to yell, but it all just came out.

"wahi to akash bitwa......ise phati.....khushi bitiya ki bhi khayal rakhni chahiye thi na....." she stopped after seein d will-u-stop-it-mom expression on akash's face.

"i was so so wrong....." anjali had started wen d door of d OT opened n a timid nurse stepped out. All rushed to her, pressing her wid a hundred questions all together.

"d surgery isn't over yet, n i'm not assisting it or anything. I jus came to giv dis back.......she's changed into d hospital gown." She had in hand khushi's saree folded n put in a transparent polythene cover.

Arnav snatched it away from her, looked at it for long. She'd rejected it wen he gifted it to her. but she'd worn it today.....y? may be....may b cos she wanted to surprise him or something?? Oh wait...d contract ends today.....was she tryin to...?? he was puzzled. But all dat didn't matter now. All dat mattered was he now held dat saree in his hand, drenched in her blood, while she was inside, n god knows in wat condition. He felt guilty. More intensely than he'd felt dat nite after talkin to di. He remembered all those moments......

.............their 1st meet, his harsh behaviour towards her right after dat, blaming her for no mistake of hers, releasing d video footage to d media, d ways he had ill-treated her durin her days in office, dat fall from his cabin, d rainy nite n hug, d guest house incident, den her entry into RM, how she'd won lavanya's heart, n everybody else's too, how he'd insulted her numerous things n reminded her of her status n wealth.....how he'd later fallen in luv wid her.....how he was jealous wen she was wid nk.....their cute fights n pre-marriage nok-jhonks.....dat peck on her cheek by d poolside.....her wearin d bangles he'd purchased for her......n den d unfortunate MISUNDERSTANDIN n misconception he'd had on d terrace dat terrible nite......how he had forcefully pushed her into dis relationship......how he had shattered her dreams of a perfect marriage n orphaned her overnite......how they had spent their so-called 'suhaag raat' wid she shiverin in d cold by d poolside.........how she had acted perfectly-alrite in front of his family despite all d mental torture she suffered inside their room.....how she took care of everybody in d house....how she managed to convince all n won dem all on d day of holi due to her antics n apology.....n den d "confession" under d effect of bhang.......n den d heer-ranjha act......d fight dat very nite.....days they had spent in her maayka......d false assurance she'd given her mom dat he cared n luved her, only to make her mom smile......n pain n longing in her eyes wen she said all those.....den their confrontation on d bridge on their way back home, n his rude behaviour towards her......her pleading eyes, begging him to believe her words.....n d same eyes almost holding him back at d airport dat day.....how she had seen him disappear into d airport crowd, teary-eyed......n den she'd managed to find him in his captive spot......she found him n lost him.....yet wid determination found him for d second time n finally saved him.....she had risked her life all d while......she revealed shyam in front of his family.....brought things into light for anjali, to realise d truth n act accordingly.....she'd been by his side dat nite, consoling him n sharing his sorrow......jus lik an ideal wife does! N he.......he tried to avoid her, all because his di wasn't happy wid them.........

"wat hav i done to her?" he flopped down on d hospital floor, hugging her saree tightly to her heart.

Everybody was shocked to c arnav lik dis. Anjali had been narrating to evry1 events dat had happened since dat morning. she stood up frm her seat, n ran to him sittin on d hospital floor. she sat beside him n kept her palm over his shoulder.

"chote......she will b alrite. My heart says so." He looked up at her.

The door of d OT opened slowly, n dr.khurana stepped out, giving further instructions on wat to do to junior doctors behind him. Arnav n anjali stood up. Arnav spoke up:

" doctor is khushi alrite?? How is she doc? Can v go inside? Is she out of danger? Does...."

"calm down mr.raizada......v hav tried our best. She's very weak right now, n has lost lot of blood, though she was brought in at d right time. V cant guarantee u anything at d moment. V need to keep her under observation for 24 hrs.......she vil b shifted to d ICU in abt an hr. U can talk to d ICU incharge regarding ur entry n all...thnk u." He left.

Jul 24, 2012

love n trust (By Chhavi) (Thanked: 27 times)

Everybody sobbed. Arnav stood motionless, staring into nothing. Nobody talked. Der was pin-drop silence. After about 10 minutes, they wer informed dat khushi wud b shifted to d icu in a few hrs

"i hav something to confess" arnav said, facing evry1 after a long silence. Everybody looked at him.

"i......i forced khushi into dis marriage! I blackmailed her dat if she doesn't marry me, i'll break payal n akash's marriage."

Everybody was taken aback wid dis new revelation. Payal, buaji n amma shed fresh tears.

"but arnav bitwa.....y did u do dis?" asked mamaji.

"because i thought.....i thought khushi was also wid shyam in spoiling di's life. I was wrongly mistaken...." he found it utterly difficult to speak. he explained abt dat fateful nite, d contract, how shaym had lied to arnav about dem, n all dat had happened since feb 14th.

"......i'd never treated her well all dese days. Yet she suffered widout tellin a word to any1. Wen she finally knew y i married her, she tried hard to convince me wid d truth. But i.....i turned a blind eye towards it. i believed shyam over her......yet she risked her life n got to d bottom of things wen i was kidnapped by dat b*stard." he stopped n wept continuously.

Everybody was lost in their own worlds after arnav finished telling evrythng. Amma was thinking abt d slap on her wedding nite n dat fone call which she had cut on d next day. Buaji remembered her harsh words she had said, abt khushi not their blood-daughter. She also remembered d day of d pag-phere rasam wen they had drove her out of d house, refusing to perform d ceremony. Babuji's tears couldn't resist any longer n flowed down. Payal ws dumbfounded. Her sister had sacrificed her very life for d sake of her marriage. N she?? she'd stopped talkin to her. she never tried to understand d reason behind dis drastic step she had taken widout anybody's consent. As a sister, n after living wid her for so many yrs, she hadn't even realised dat khushi couldn't do anything widout reason. N she didn't even care to find out wat d reason was behing dis sudden decision. She fought her tears as she recalled her harsh words last week n how she'd asked her to stay away from her personal married life, d marriage which she had tried to save by putting her happiness at stake. She closed her eyes in despair. She was angry.....on herself as well as on arnav.

Naniji recalled d happenings of d wedding nite, how she had stood meekly behind him, nt able to answer d thousand questions being fired at her. her silence had now been justified. She had had nothing to say. Anjali was completely out of d world. She held her stomach, thinking of her unborn baby, for whose sake her brother n bhabhi had undergone so much of suffering. D baby wud hav been dead along wid her today, if khushi hadn't been der. She thought abt d happenings since shyam was thrown out. Her cold behaviour towards her, d words she said to chote......evrythng. It now dawned on her y arnav was so desperate in tryin to woo her, to b wid her. n she had cmpltly misunderstood d situation. She had accused her brother of not paying attention to her anymore, while d truth was dat khushi ws d 1 who needed to b attended to, during d last few days of their 'contract'. She cursed herself mentally n cried hard, repenting over her words n actions. Akash was standing leaning on d wall, tryin to figure out things. He remembered how khushi had asked him several times during d early days of their marriage if he would take gud care of her jiji. Mamaji sat on a chair, thinking abt d gud old days lik holi n how tense things had become now.

Mamiji's condition was no better. She remembered d words she had said to her wen dey'd entered home after d wedding that nite. She cud never imagine dat her arnav bitwa wud do anything lik dis. All those things she did wid khushi in order to track arnav n save him came into her mind one by one. She loved arnav so much. How cud she, after wat he did to her? she wondered. She was den reminded of her own words spoken few days ago dat khushi was responsible for anjali's fate. But today, d same khushi was fighting for her life, after saving anjali's life. She got restless n moved away frm der.

"how cud u even think of doing dat to her arnavji??" it was payal who spoke, bringing evry1 back to d present. She was flaring wid anger. Her eyes had turned red.

"i'm.....i'm sorry" said arnav, his gaze back on d floor again.

"she.....she did all dis for me amma" She turned to her mother. "n look wher she is now...." she said pointing to d closed OT door. Amma tried to console her.

A young intern stepped out at dat moment.

"err.....she's been shifted to d icu for observation. Pls proceed to d first floor.....third room frm d right end" he said n walked away.

Everybody hurried out to reach d lift or stairs, whichever available.

Jul 25, 2012

love n trust (By Chhavi) (Thanked: 25 times)

All d raizadas n d guptas were on d first floor in seconds. D icu incharge came up to dem n informed dat only one person was allowed into d icu today since she was in a very weak condition, n cud easily catch infection. However, all wer allowed to c her thru d circle-shaped glass on d door if d icu, 1 by 1. Arnav came forward, but payal stopped him in his tracks.

"stop!! who r u mr.raizada to go n c her??"

Arnav was shell-shocked. he tried hard to say something but couldn't.

"u wer her husband for 6 months, n today is d end of ur contract. Remember dat? So y do u care for her?" said. Wid tears flowing down.

Payal moved towards her mother n held her by hand.

"come amma, as a mother, only u hav d rights to meet her today." She led her mother to d door. Everybody watched payal in silence. She'd never been so rude to anybody ever. Something in her had changed. Nobody said anything.

Amma went into d icu. She was dressed in a hospital gown n mask. Only den, she was allowed to go near d unconscious khushi who lay on d bed. Amma had tears in her eyes, n she blinked dem away. She gently touched her bare arm, n feelings gushed thru her. memories of khushi's childhood n her smile n talks came back to her. d lifeless body which lay in front was her was not a bit lik wat khushi used to b.

The condition of others outside was no better. Everybody took turns n saw thru d glass, returned wid tears in their eyes. arnav was d last one to go. The sight he witnessed shook him cmpltly. Der she was.....d love of his life.....lying amidst tubes n beeping medical devices.....she was breathing thru d ventilator n beside her stood her mother, not able to bear d sight of her daughter.

Arnav so wished he was inside wid her. he wud hav woken her, wud hav brought her back into life. He wud hav managed to get her out of danger. He felt helpless, standing outside n peeping thru d little glass circle. Here he was, the gr8 business tycoon arnav singh raizada. He still had wealth n power, which had been his things or worship. Yet, dey wer of no use today. His money couldn't buy him his khushi. He den did d unthinkable. He walked away frm der n went straight to the idol of devi maiyya, near d entrance of d hospital n knelt down b4 d goddess. He brought his palms together in prayer, n tears trickled down his face.

"devi maiyya" he murmured. "i never believed in u. I never believed in god all my life. today, u taught me many things. This incident has taught me d most important lesson my life, dat money doesn't mean evrythgn, n dat trust in d most essential element of love. widout trust, love is meaningless. I swear on u, i hav learnt my lesson. N i promise dat i will never ever forget it all my life. But wher is khushi in all dis? Y must she b sacrificed between all dis?? Pls save her. i beg of u....please! i hav lost a lot in my life, but her loss wud b intolerable. After di, she's d only one i've craved for in dis life. Pls don't take away my khushi, my happiness frm me. i pray to u frm d bottom of my heart devi maiyya, pls save her life! Please....."

Everybody walkin around stared at d rich man on his knees in front of d idol. Anjali stood at a distance n watched dis. She was on one hand happy to c her chote pray, while on d other hand, she was deeply hurt. He luved her so much!! Fresh tears glistened in her eyes. she let him pray, while she watched him all d while.

Nk returned n saw all their fallen faces. He sensed things weren't on d right track, n was moved to tears wen akash told him about khushi's condition. They now had nothing else to do but pray.....pray for her life. Nk informed akash abt shyam's arrest, n further formalities abt lawyer, case n all which must d arranged for. No1 had d heart to return home. Naniji thought dat d situation had to b handled maturely by her. she adviced anjali to go home n sleep for a while. it was not gud for her health to stay up for so long. She refused, but nani coaxed her n she finally gave in. They all searched for arnav bt he was nowher 2 b seen, so akash offered to drop her home, while everybody, including mamiji n mamaji preferred to stay back in d hospital. It was raining heavily, n arnav had gone for a drive in his car, his usual habit, wenever he was upset. But today, he was more dan upset. He was dying within.

Anjali slowly entered her room n sat on d bed. Hp asked her for dinner but she refused. She took medicines. She turned around to adjust her pillow wen she saw something peeping out frm underneath it. It was a white sheet of paper. She took it n unfolded it. She immediately identified khushi's handwriting. It read:

My dearest di,

I'm riting in dis letter all dat i cud not say to u all dese days due to various reasons. i don't rite dis to defend myself, but surely to prove shyamji wrong. Di i know how difficult it must hav been for u to digest d fact dat shyamji hasn't been faithful to u. He cheated everybody. N dat includes me n my family as well. Di pls believe me. u hav to. Dat man is no less dan a cheat. I'm don't intend to hurt u, but comforting u wid a lie is worser dan hurting u wid d truth. Di pls accept dis, he didn't deserve an angel like u. It is his misfortune dat he left u. N as soon as u accept dis fact, life wud b easier for u. Di n pls don't blame arnavji for wat all happened over d last week. N pls never ever think dat i stand between u n him. i never in my dreams wud even attempt to do dat. Mine n arnavji's relation was meant to b for a short phase in our lives, n dat phase ends today. Our relationship as husband n wife ends today, as per d contract. N i leave this house. N never pls think dat i took arnavji away frm u. His relationship wid u as brother-sister is never-ending, unlike ours. I'm leaving today. Please take care of him. he vil b deeply hurt if u r hurt, n i can't bear to c him dat way. I'm leaving for his own good, n for ur good too. Pls make him understand it. if u r happy, he will defi b happy. Pls take care of urself n ur little one, n pls take care of arnavji too....

Urs lovingly,


She kept reading d letter over n over again. "how cud i b so rude to her? how cud i? How cud i become so shallow dat i couldn't understand her deep feelings? She loves him!! she loves him back, after all he did to her. she loves me after all i made her face durin d last few days. How can any1 b so forgiving n so compromising? N i......i cudn't realise her greatness. How different am i frm shyam?"

She pondered over things for some time. She den said to herself, in a determined tone.

"no.....no dis wont carry on any longer. I know she will live. After all she has done to everybody around her, she cant.....she cant jus die! God may b cruel sometimes, but not so much! My heart says she will be fine.....jus fine. She is a fighter, khushiji is! She will come back to us, to dis house. She will come back to arnav. If she refuses to do so, i will see 2 it dat dey get together. It was all my fault dat 2 lovers wer away frm each other for so long. Now i vil c to it dat they reunite. Yes i would!"

(15th august 2012, 7:00 am)

Nobody had slept for a second d previous nite. Sleep was far away. They all wanted d 1 asleep inside to wake up. D country celebrated india's independence, while d atmosphere inside d hospital was damn tense. Arnav had cum back late at 2 or 3 am to d hospital, n had since den, paced up n down thru d corridor continuously, occasionally lookin into d glass circle, hoping she wud wake up calling his name. 6 more hrs wer left for d deadline of 24hrs given by d doctor to finish. Interns n nurses walked in n out of d icu, to administer her her medicines. D doctor visited twice during d nite, n was due to cum once again at 8 am. Anjali came in, limping. Naniji managed a weak smile, n told her khushi's unchanged condition, wen anjali asked. She den went to arnav n gav him d letter saying, "she left dis under my pillow chote." She blinked away tears.

Arnav was hurt after reading it. so she'd planned to leave d house. She was actin accordin to d contract. N y wouldn't she? He hadn't told her to stay back, at least not in words. He had barely spoken to her since dat nite of satsang. Wat else wud she assume? She mite hav heard d conversation between him n di. He cried. Anjali comforted him. dr.khurana came n went straight into d icu, followed by his usual team of doctors. Everybody's heartbeat rate paced up.

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