Jul 20, 2012


What an EPISODE enjoyed to the maximum! Loving it till the end. Barun, Sanaya, Naniji all were SUPERB! Loved Nani SUPPORTING GUPTA SISTERS FINALLY and OPENLY. As an ELDER of the FAMILY she has to PLAY HER ROLE in MAINTAINING the PEACE in the house and SAVING it from CRUMBLING. All these TENSIONS lead to BREAK-UP within the FAMILY STRUCTURE. As Nani is OLD and WISE and has seen the WORLD having more EXPERIENCE at her hands can really be the SUPPORT SYSTEM for keeping the FAMILY TIED TOGETHER. Liked her DECISION from not letting the FAMILY FALL APART. It is always the ELDERS ROLE that comes forward to BIND the FAMILY. Well we EXPECTED her to do the same and SHE DID IT.

Last two EPISODES have been FAST TEMPO and we love that as it is not DRAGGING. Now would like to talk about Barun (Arnav) who has FALLEN HEAD OVER HEELS in LOVE with Khushi. Quite a CONTRAST as far as his CHARACTER was concerned who never YIELDED to such things as called as EMOTIONS. Who has REMAINED STEADFAST in his GOALS though being provided with every OPPORTUNITY to SATISFY his WORLDLY PLEASURES. Now DROLLING over a girl and doing ALL SILLY ACTS to LURE her to him which he knows is the BIGGEST CHALLENGE for him. He has been TRYING to do whatever he could on the ADVISES followed by NK the LOVE GURU. But DID NOT SUCCEED. Being STEADFAST and OBSTINATE he will make SURE WHAT HE CHALLENGES will be his. NO LOSING for him. How Sanaya (Khushi) CONTROLS herself from MELTING in his ARMS is yet to be seen. Both have this HEADSTRONG STREAK in them. Who WINS and for sure Arnav will CAST HIS MAGIC on her. Arnav is a HOT HUNK whom Khushi would not be able to RESIST for long. The GAME IS ON for us to enjoy.

Opening scene when Khushi goes to Akash for APOLOGISING for all what she she said to him regarding how Akash and Payal should LEAD THEIR LIVES. Though she wanted to CLEAR THE AIR regarding the DISCLOSURE of Shyam's DUPLICITY but Payal did not allow. She started off with him saying that what she said might have HURT Akash and he said OK. Not interested to talk further but Khushi when SHE STARTS THERE IS NO BRAKE TO HER. Besides seeing Akash was not interested even then she started off. Khushi telling to Akash that she knows you are not happy with Khushi and Mad at her but listen JIJAJI Payal did not tell about Shyamji earlier because when we came to know about it and we wanted to tell everyone but Amma............Payal comes and looks at Khushi in DISGUST. Payal in her STERN LOOK saying to Khushi "When I told you not to GET IN BETWEEN Akash and ME even then you came over". Khushi told Payal "I was just making JIJAJI understand the situation" but Payal CUTS her SHORT saying "Let me HANDLE THIS SITUATION and you don't INTERFERE in our lives not a WORD ANYMORE from you". Akash calls out Payal but she was OUTRAGEOUS on Khushi and gave her ULTIMATUM. This time Akash was interested to LISTEN to Khushi to know some of the TRUTH at least. But Payal SNUBBED Khushi. This was a WRONG ACT by Payal this time as Akash and Payal are not on TALKING TERMS so a THIRD PERSON could throw more LIGHT on the ISSUE at hand. But Payal being the ELDER SISTER USED HER AUTHORITY to SILENT Khushi.

Mami along with Nani coming along and sees all the three standing in the corridor discussing important stuff. Mami just JUMPED IN the situation as always and started BICKERING at the GUPTA SISTERS. Mami tells the sisters "AP KI NAUTANKY KA KYA FAIDA JUB CHIRYA CHUK GAI KHAAIT". Nani tells her to stop but she continued "why should I stop when these both sisters will not stop from their MISDEMEANOURS and look how they ENTERED our house to RUIN Anjali's LIFE. And this is all DUE TO PHATTI SARI". Nani then STOPS her saying 'YOU JUST STOP MANORAMA AND I KNOW WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ANJALI IS NOT THE RIGHT THING BUT KHUSHI BITYA IS NOT AT FAULT AND TO BE BLAMED" Nani PATS her SHOULDER to GIVE KHUSHI THE ASSURANCE THAT SHE IS WITH HER". The only one to be BLAMED IS DAMADJI who has created the MESS. But again Mami interrupts but Nani made her SILENT saying 'IF THESE TWO REMAINED SILENT THEY HAD A VALID REASON AND I UNDERSTAND IT IS VERY EASY TO RAISE FINGERS ON ANYONE". "They remained SILENT only to MAINTAIN the FAMILY INTACT". And "I would not PERMIT ANYONE to BREAK THIS FAMILY APART AND SPECIALLY WHEN WE ALL ARE NEEDED FOR ANJALI BITYA". Mami turned her face and left and Akash went after her calling her name.

Then PONDERING UPON all the events Khushi sat outside her room SIPPING TEA when Anjali comes out of her room and sees her. Immediately Khushi gets up and goes to her room as she is aware not to show her face to Anjali. At least in this CASE KHUSHI HAS LEARNT HER LESSON AND AVOIDS DI. Khushi lost in her thoughts kept the TEA on the table and goes to her wardrobe and opens it. To her UTTER AMAZEMENT she found Arnav SITTING IN THE CUPBOARD AND SHE WAS SHOCKED TO SEE THAT SCENE. Khushi remembered how once she HID HERSELF IN HIS CUPBOARD and he was SHOCKED TO SEE HER. Same happened and there was SMILE ON HER LIPS and Arnav was enjoying to see that smile which he had been MISSING. He jumped out just like her BEAST and STARTLED her. But soon she remembered she has to be FURIOUS with him. He told her just TRYING TO REMIND YOU WHATEVER WE DID TOGETHER AND ASKS HER DO YOU REMEMBER"? He has such a CUTE LOOK on his face in the cupboard. She said NO. He was not PLEASED to hear that as he knew she is FAKING IT and becoming DIFFICULT for him. Arnav is trying to RECREATE THOSE MOMENTS WHICH IGINTED THE SPARK BETWEEN THE TWO.

Then within a second his SHATIR DIMAGH in action and he picks up the COFFEE MUG which he was having and threw it at her face. He was HAPPY playing these PRANKS on her just like she used to do with him. He asked her now when she COUGHED and he became WORRIED but then it was fine. She remembered how once she THREW HOT TEA AT HIS FACE and he was BURNT and he did not say a single thing to her. She turned to leave when he GRABBED her hand from the back and said gritting his teeth 'AGAIN WHEN I AM TALKING TO YOU" and remembered NK's words to RELAX and BREATHE IN AND BREATHE OUT. He SOFTENS and told her I am talking to you and you are turning your BACK on me. She released her hand from HIS GRIP and said yes "I am TURNING BACK ON YOUR FACE WHAT CAN YOU DO MR. ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA? And turns away and he GRABS her HAND AGAIN telling her "WHAT HE CAN DO SHE CAN IMAGINE IT VERY WELL". Her mind FLASHES at their FIRST ENCOUNTER of SHEESH MAHAL when he GRABBED HER and BROKE HER BLOUSE PEARL STRING which tied the blouse.

He brought her hair to one side while still holding her from her neck but not for long. She JUMPED INTO ACTION BY RELEASING FROM HIS GRIP AND THREW THE TEA ON HIS FACE. He was INFURIATED and said WHAT THE and wanted to take her in his arms. His PASSION was evident from his looks. He had KILLING LOOKS and wanted to make her SURRENDER in his arms. He immediately GRABBED HER BY THE NECK AND HIS FACE WAS SO CLOSE TO HERS. She looked at him and then lowered her gaze as she became AFRAID of his INTENSE LOOKS. She said you are MISBEHAVING with me. And he RETORTED "MISBEHAVING I HAVE NOT STARTED YET KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA". She said "YOU CANNOT DO THIS". He after being CHALLENGED wont let her go said "WHY CANNOT I DO YOU ARE MY WIFE MY LEGALLY MARRIED WIFE. SEDUCTIVELYand SOFTLY HE SAID NOT ONLY THIS I CAN DO MUCH MORE". He was ENJOYING her being SCARED LIKE A MOUSE but putting up her face to not let him know. He started PLAYING THE GAME and HE LOVES TO PLAY SUCH GAMES WITH KHUSHI. She seeing his PASSION in his EYES said 'YOU HAVE MARRIED ME FORCEFULLY SO I DON'T CONSIDER YOU AS MY HUSBAND". ENTICINGLY he said 'ab Manva laitay hain tumhara husband'. He thoroughly ENJOYING all and with a SMIRK playing around.


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The more she was EXERCISING SELF-CONTROL the more he was LOSING his PATIENCE with her and wanted to TAKE HER IN HIS STRONG ARMS. His BURNING DESIRE and PASSION for her was EVIDENT from his EYES and Khushi felt that and got SCARED. His URGE FOR HER was STRONG now. He comes over SO CLOSE to her to KISS her PASSIONATELY and she closes her eyes almost MELTING in his arms. When the door knocks as it was OPEN and HP just saw all this and asked them to come downstairs as Nani was calling them. Khushi just HUGGED him not knowing who was there and Arnav hold her POSSESIVELY not to leave her. He got the OPPORTUNITY to be PHYSICALLY CLOSE TO HER. Arnav told him they will be there shortly. As soon as HP left Khushi came out of the EMBRACE by PUSHING him. Looked at him while Arnav had a SMILE on his face. She knew she was about to LOSE ALL HER CONTROL if HP did not come. She runs away downstairs followed by Arnav.

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Jul 20, 2012


Nani checks both of them SUSPICIOUSLY as she knew they have been to some MISCHIEF. Both had wet faces and were drenched and asked them what has happened to you both? And asked Khushi bitya "WHAT IS THERE ON YOUR FACE"? She said "HAAN WO COFFEE. Haan Naniji hum COFFEE per gir gaye matlab COFFEE hum par gir gaye aur CHAI.......Nani jumped in saying "CHAI per CHOTTE gir gaye and Nani laughs saying hamara matlab hay CHAI CHOTTE per gir gai". Khushi said Haan. She touches her hand to EASE THE PAIN which was caused by Arnav while GRIPPING them. The marks were left on her hand. He looks at her FEELING GUILTY. Nani continued since you both have had your TEA and COFFEE so will remind you that we are LEAVING for Satsang right now. Arnav OBEDIENTLY told Nani "WE WILL GET READY" not knowing that Khushi was not going. He wanted to GO BECAUSE OF Khushi and since everyone would be there no one will notice that he came for Khushi. Nani asked Arnav so you are ACCOMPANYING us that is very good. But let me tell you from there Anjali bitya wants to visit another temple. Arnav fine no problem and Nani wondering as he never used to go to these places and now FULLY READY. She saw that CHANGE in him after Khushi's ARRIVAL in his life. And then she addressed Khushi and she said she is FINE WITH STAYING HOME and Nani said YES I CAN UNDERSTAND. Nani leaves.

Arnav grabs her hand now on the PRETEXT of asking about her HURT in a HUSKY VOICE. She said yes it is HURTING and she is USED TO ALL HURTS by him but still she does NOT CONSIDER ARNAV HER HUSBAND and loosened her hand from his grip and rushes to go upstairs. He runs back at her. The more she WILL INSIST ON NOT CONSIDERING HIM TO BE HER HUSBAND THE MORE HE WILL TRHUST HIMSELF AS HE CANNOT LOSE. On the stairs he got hold of her saying YOU WILL ACCEPT ME. Looking at him she said NO NOT AT ALL. Again he said YOU WILL. Coming CLOSE to her he said 'I WILL MAKE YOU ACCEPT". And blocks her from both sides. "YOU WILL COME RUNNING TO MY ARMS KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA SINGH RAIZADA". She kept quiet and then said "ME RUNNING IN YOUR ARMS". He nods with his head and a CONSTANT SMILE PLAYING AROUND. She said "WHEN THIS WILL HAPPEN THAT DAY I WILL CONSIDER YOU AS MY HUSBAND". Loved Arnav's EXPRESSIONS so CUTE and FULLY IN LOVE. He CHALLENGED her saying DEAL and she agreed to it. He unblocked her and folded his arms saying WILL SEE. Khushi told him back when NOTHING WILL HAPPEN in this Janam then WHAT WILL YOU SEE? Loved Arnav THE FLIRT MUCH MORE THAN Arnav THE ROMEO. How he MANAGES TO CHANGE his EXPRESSIONS its marvelous. NK was observing from his room and said to himself OH my GOD what name should I give thisWAR? Help me Please.

Dedicating to RAJESH KHANA


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Jul 21, 2012


Anjali was getting ready when Arnav knocks at her door, FIRST KNOCK seen as in the Raizada Mansion they are used to BARGE in every bedroom without knocking. Anjali was glad to see Chotte in her room and Arnav asked her whether she has taken her medicines or not? She nods and then tells her he has asked HP to PACK JUICES for her so that she can have them. Then he tells her that Nani was telling him that you WISH to go to ANOTHER TEMPLE on your RETURN from there. So he asks her is it fine TRAVELLING that much. Then she CUPS HIS FACE in her hands and says that YOU ARE COMING WITH ME CHOTTE. Then he asked her I hope you are not FASTING today as it is not right for her. His CONCERN and CARE MELTED Anjali and she was LOOKING BETTER now. She was seeing his CHOTTE as he used to be CARING and LOVING for her. There was TENSION VISIBLE on Arnav's face as he does not seem to be COMFORTABLE with DI like he used to be. There is some HIDDEN RIFT in the relationship.

A phone call comes and Arnav receives it and it is Aman on the other end. He tells him I am GOING OUT WITH MY FAMILY and who told you to KEEP THE MEETING IN AGRA? No I would not come. Those CLIENTS can WAIT but MY FAMILY cannot. Just cancel it and keep it after 3 months. Anjali cups his face saying "YOU THOUGHT OF GOING WITH ME TO THE TEMPLE AND THAT IS MORE IMPORTANT FOR ME". You go to your work as I DON'T WANT YOU TO LEAVE YOUR WORK AND IGNORE IT". We will go and you carry on with your work. Just DRIVE CAREFULLY and take care. Arnav asks Anjali to take care as well.

Now Mami comes over saying Anjali bitya and Arnav "come on LETS GOES getting late" Arnav told her he cannot go. Akash was already sitting in the car waiting for the rest of the family when Payal comes and asks him that the WATER BOTTLE she has brought can be kept in the front seat and Akash in a SOLEMN VOICE said "IT IS UPTO YOU". Always Arnav used to DRIVE the FAMILY anywhere and this time Akash GOT THE HONOURS TO DRIVE THEMMami with Anjali comes along and PUSHES Payal to give way to Anjali as she being Pregnant will seat in the front seat. Payal said I just opened the door for..........well Anjali sits there and then Nani comes and sits with Mami on the REAR SEAT when Payal comes over to sit Mami straightaway tells her she cannot sit with them because she has PAYAL PHOBIA RATHER CLAUSTROPHOBIA and cannot sit in CRAMMED PLACES and asks Payal to get in the DIGGY. Nani asks Payal to come and sit with her but Payal said FOR HER IT DOES NOT MATTER and she will sit at the back. Payal goes to stand there and Akash sees her standing there and gets at the back to open and let Payal in just as KIDS get in due to LACK OF SPACE. Just hated Payal's EXPRESSION still SMILING though being RIDICULED. Cannot understand why she LETS EVERYONE TREAT HER AS A DOORMAT. One of the writers said


So true about herself. She has NO SELF-RESPECT and DIGNITY and allows them to be used like a TISSUE PAPER. Come on Payal You need BUAJI then she will HIT ALL OF THEM RIGHT AND LEFT. Learn something from her.

Arnav in his room taking out his things to go to Agra and Khushi reaches the room with CLOTHES and keeps them on the Recliner to fold them. He gets ready and knots his tie and then told her 'I AM GOING TO AGRA" to which she said SO WHAT? He further continued "everyone going to the temple, I will not be around and HP is on leave now and will you STAY ALL ALONE in the house as everyone will be coming late". DOES NOT MATTER. Then he said "COME WITH ME and SEE TAJ MAHAL". She said I have ALREADY SEEN THAT and I have to do the CLEANING. To which he said "APNAY DIMAGH KI SAFAI". It was such a FUNNY remark made by Arnav and Khushi said "WO TO AAP K JATAY HE HO JAAY GI". He takes his things and leaves the room. She went to shut the door saying "NA TU HAMAIN AAP KO PATTI MANNA HAY, NA HE AAP KI BAAHON MEIN SAMANA HAY AUR NA HE TAJ MAHAL DAIKHNA HAY". From far Arnav replied "SUNNA MEIN NAY". She said "IF YOU HEARD THEN DO REMEMBER ALSO".

He was shown driving the car and on the phone saying HAAN BOLO. That's it but for sure IT WAS A PLAN MADE BY NK AND ARNAV to let Arnav stay with Khushi in the house UNDISTURBED. Arnav went away so that everyone knows he went for a MEETING and then he will COME BACK HOME. So NK would be the MASTER PLANNER of this ROMANTIC ESCAPADE.. Now wish NK GUARD THEIR BEDROOM ALSO SO THAT NOBODY IS ABLE TO HAVE A PEEPING SESSION.

Khushi on her own in the house working in her room when she heard noises and thunder and Splashing of Rain and her area was WITHOUT LIGHT and the rest of the house was having light. That means soon DARK TIMES would INVADE in the lives of Arshi's with the COMEBACK OF Shyam

Khushi enjoying in her room and talking to herself saying "THIS IS WHAT I WANTED WITHOUT LAAD GOVERNOR PAGAL PATTI KI DHAMKI". She was putting her clothes when she heard all sorts of sounds and she said "NO NEED TO WORRY as it is just WIND BLOWING and LIGHTNING and nothing more. She COMFORTED HERSELF saying there is nothing to worry just take the name of DM and go and check what is it? She said I know how to PLUG IN THE FUSE as it seemed ONE PHASE is out. Then she saw the image of a person and shouted who is there but nobody was visible. She was getting AFRAID and AFRAID when she said "IT WAS MUCH BETTER TO GO AND SEE TAJ MAHAL THAN STAYING HOME AND GETTING AFRAID". She took one Planter in her hand for her SAFEGUARD to throw at the enemy.

No PRECAP so waiting anxiously to see how it turns out.

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Jul 21, 2012


Just wanted to add a few lines to my view. Well I am not good at writing ROMANCE, so please guys bear it with me. Neither have the vocabulary. Here at the FORUM there are GREAT WRITERS who can EXPRESS themselves ELOQUENTLY for these EMOTIONS. Not a GOOD WRITER but Arnav is so good in his EXPRESSIONS that I was not able to do JUSTICE with his Expressions. Would like to mention a few of the writers which write quite well







Thank you for bearing with tme and I would be writing small reviews or at times skipping them because of the HOLY MONTH Of RAMAZAN. Would be coming to the FORUM for reading the updates but you would not be able to expect much from me.

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