Arnav Khushi (My story!)

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Jul 14, 2012

Arnav Khushi (My story!) (By Khushi98) (Thanked: 67 times)

Hey guys writing my own story here of arshi. Never written before so pleeeease tell me if I should continue!!

My story starts off when arnav starts off just after their marriage. Like approx afeww weeks! Here it goes!

Arnav sat in his glass office thinking of everything that happened in the past few weeks. His heart ached as he remembered how he made precious tears drop out of Khushi's eyes. His mind went towards the pain khushi was feeling. She was in a new home in a forced marriage. He remembered how she used to tell him stories about her marriage and how she would love her partner. Then he reflected on his marriage. He admired her for how in just a couple of days she'd made everyone happy. Even though they were angry with her she'd made all of them happy. All of them... Di,Nani,Mammi ji,Mamma ji, Akash ..Payal.. and ...

And him. Shyam the evil snake who'd in one sweep pushed him away from his new amazing happy cheerful life. His head began to hurt. He started to recall the night he saw khushi hug him. He remembered her awkwardness near shyam.


A little delicate hand tapped away at the glass window. Without looking he knew it was the witch herself. Khushi Kumari Gupta!

Khushi: Before you start shouting at me, I am going to explain my self. Di told me to deliver your home cooked food here.

Arnav: Astonished at her calm attitude. He thought to himself how can she be so calm and happy when she is hurting my di. Suddenly an idea popped into his head. The reason I married her was for her to Pay. Now I will see the tears in her eyes.

ARNAV: Leave the food their. By the way can you do me a small favour?

Khushi: She shifted nervously. She'd witnessed his favours before. Memories flashed into her head. Good memories.

Khushi: OK

Arnav: Call sneha chaudary up for me.

Sneha was a girl with a beautiful body. She was exactly like Lavanya except more attitude!

Khushi couldn't stand the idea of him being with another women. But she calmed herself. He won't do anything.

Khushi: Why? *She couldn't control her questions

Arnav: She asked me for something and I am helping her. Why am I, Arnav Singh Raizada, telling you? Who are you?

Khushi's voice urged to correct him. She was now Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. But she left the idea. She hated the way he made them sound Miles apart. But that's what they were. Before another argument she quietly made her way down the stairs and stood. She called out the name 'Sneha'.

A young women with flowy curled hair looked at her up and down.

Khushi: Aaap sneha he?

Sneha: Ha, Why? She responded looking disgusted at Khushi

Khushi: Vo, Arnav ji is calling you

Sneha's face brightened up.

Sneha: Why? She sounded more excited.

Khushi: He says you asked him a question earlier and he wants to help you understand the answer.

Sneha's mind recollected her meetings with ASR. The only thing she'd asked him was ..

Sneha: Oh! Vo swal! She looked cheeky as if she was up to something.

Sneha made her way up the stairs trying her hardest to make her posture seem more beautiful than it was.

Khushi stood their.

After five minutes she made her way up the stairs. She couldn't help herself. Sneha's look determined the fact that something was going on.

As she reached up the stairs arnav caught her gaze but khushi didn't know this. She watched senseless as her contract husband, the love of her life welcomed on another women onto his body.

Khushi was senseless she walked out of the office not angry not jealous just dead.

Arnav made sure Khushi was out of the way and pushed sneha of him. Get off he said as poor sneha realised she was being used. Before she lost her job she quickly made her way down the stairs and got back to work depressed.

Arnav was ASR at the moment. He couldn't wait to get home and see the look on Khushi's face. He wanted to see how she felt when she was cheated on.



Nani: Welcome Arnav!

Arnav eyes avoided Nani and looked for Khushi.

Anjali: Chote were's khushi didn't she come home with you?

Arnav: Di she left my office 3 hours ago, she's not home?!

Anjali: Were is she?!!!

Jul 15, 2012

Arnav Khushi (My story!) (By Khushi98)

Heya Guys! Thanks for all the epic feedback ;) Now I shall continue...

Arnav didn't leave a second to start thinking. Straight away he put his hand in his pocket and tryed to find his phone. He dialled the number of his beloved. The call was going through.. But she wasn't answering.

Arnav: Damn! She ain't picking the phone up

Anjali: Chote what happened did you have a fight she seemed very happy when going to your office

Arnav thought back to what happened at his office. He remembered the pain in her eyes. Once again he'd hurt her. He should be happy? That's how he felt when he finally saw Khushi's real face. But he was worried. It was all his fault. In anger arnav threw a table on the floor. Everybody stared at him in shock. Then a thought occurred to him. She's probably gone to get some sympathy from shyam. Before his mind could conjure up more thoughts of Khushi and Shyam he heard small flip flops tapping on the floor.

Without thinking he turned around and without looking started speaking.

Arnav: Where have you been? We all were so worried?!

Suddenly arnav looked at what was before him. Khushi. Khushi's head was loosing alot of blood as if she has banged it repeatedly somewhere and her leg was heavily fractured and injured from walking through what seemed to be an area full of tree branches.

Arnav was quicker than any of the other Raizada family members.

Arnav: Khushi are you alright? What happened to you? Talk to me?

Khushi brushed arnav's hand aside.

Khushi: Leave Me ALONE.

Arnav: Khushi, looks be quite I'll take you to our room. Come

Khushi: Leave me alone. I don't want to talk. She didn't say it with stregnth but with tears.

Saying that she sadly and with great difficulty she went into here room. Or rather HIS room.

Arnav didn't care what Khushi thought. He was her Husband. He was Arnav Singh Raizada. But HE was also the one that caused her pain. I have to make it up to her. No! He quickly thought. When my heart was broken when di's heart would've broken she wouldn't have cared and now she comes home with some injury's requesting sympathy. Arnav angrily walked to his room and stared at Khushi who in pain was sitting on the bed crying her eyes out. Arnav came and sat next to her.

Arnav: I'm sorry Khushi, I hurt you.

Khushi at once got up as she realised who the warm friendly voice belonged to.

Khushi: Leave me alone.

Arnav began to walk towards her and Khushi began to walk back.

Arnav: And what if I don't.

Khushi: I hate you. Leave me alone. You said outside we were husband and wife in the room we were enemies so stop trying to console me.

Arnav: Oh your referring to the 6 month marriage? (Arnav got a bit angry) Well what did you just show downstairs that we're happily married?

Khushi wasn't in the mood. She couldn't face him. She would break down completely in-front of him and she knew he would walk over her like dirt.

Khushi went into the bathroom and closed the door. Her movements were so quick that arnav was left gazing.

Arnav: Khushi! Fine do your drama.

Inside bathroom*

Khushi repeatedly bangs her head onto the bathroom wall and slowly slides down the wall. She does this to try and get rid of the pain her poor hear is feeling. But that's all she can handle. Slowly she slides onto the floor and lays there unconscious.


It is now dinner time and has been over 2 hours since he left Khushi upstairs.

Anjali: Chote, Is khushi fine now? Won't she join us for Dinner?

Arnav: Di She is now fine, Don't worry and take stress your pregnant. And Khushi is asleep she does not wan to eat I'll feed her later.

Arnav was worried but was hiding it from himself as well.

After Dinner the rest of the family made their way into the living room for some family entertainment and arnav made his way to his room. He went slowly to see what khushi was doing all this time.

Arnav was shocked. He started to worry. It has now been 4 hours and still she sat in his bathroom. Maybe she came out he thought to himself. He took his laptop and fast forwarded the footage from the last five hours. She hadn't come out.

Now he was seriously worried. He put his head against the door to try and hear what was happening inside but to his avail he heard nothing. He then looked downwards as he called Khushi's name worriedly.

Arnav: Khushi.. Khushi.. Answer me !!

Arnav eyes gazed downwards showing his depression.

Arnav: What?!!!! Blood.

Arnav knelt downwards to see what he was looking at in a clearer perspective. He knew Khushi was bleeding but this blood was fresh. It looked as if head been on the floor for 3-4 hours.

What if Khushi's injured hereself? Khushi! Khushi!

He called all the family members. Akash and arnav gathered around the door and attempted to break it open.

Finally their attempts were successful.

Their on the floor lay Khushi.

Fresh blood poring out of her.

As everyone started at in disbelief they heard her mouth say something.

Khushi: He doesn't love me. He hates me. I don't want to live.

Arnav picked her up but angrily because he thought she was talking about shyam.

In arnav's arms khushi again started whispering.

Khushi: Arnav hates me. He thinks I'm cheap. He's right. He doesn't love me. I don't want to live.

Arnav: Khushi...

Khushi woke up to the sound of arnav's voice.

Khushi: Put me down! I don't want to live.. I want to dye.. Leave me!

Arnav put her onto the bed and started down at her.

Khushi slowly sat up. Arnav tried to make her sit but she didn't. Seeing arnav's eyes and caring half she lost it. With all the strength left in her body she pushed arnav off her and ran to the kitchen.

Maami: Hello Hi bye bye .. Were is Phatti Sari runz too?

Everyone ran behind khushi, into the kitchen.

Khushi saw all of them. Arnav approached her.

Khushi picked up a kitchen knife and held it pointing to her heart.

Khushi: He broke my heart mentally I am doing the same physically.

Arnav: Khushi for god damn sake calm down and put the knife down!

Khushi: (speaking like a mental person) I don't want to live.... I don't want to live.. Leave me.. I want to dye

Arnav: Khushi! Stop

Khushi: Leave me, I'm cheap I don't deserve love. I don't want to live .. I don't.. She kept saying 'I want to dye'. Saying this each time she got more out of breath. And eventually fainted.

The only noise heard in the Raizada mansion was the sound of the silver cold knife drop to the marble floor.

SO... How do you guys like this update?xx

Jul 15, 2012

Arnav Khushi (My story!) (By Khushi98)

Everyone was left shocked. Everyone but arnav just stood thinking... Yesterday this very girl had bring happiness to their lives made them forgive her and even fit into her family. She was the girl who brang happiness wherever she went. Khushi. But today all of a sudden she was the girl who was afraid of the word love. She was the girl who didn't want to live for tommorow. She'd NEVER acted like this before. Even though nothing was said everybody knew she had a broken heart. The all looked at arnav who had no answers. As he realised everyone was staring at him, he knew he had to get away from the situation. Other than this Khushi was still lying on the floor.

After a few minutes Khushi was lying in bed after being given aesthetic by the family doctor. The whole family had left the room and headed towards their duties downstairs or in their own rooms. Arnav sat beside Khushi remembering the events of today.It started of with her jealousy and ended with nearly a life. Arnav looked at Khushi. Her delicate face, her eyes. How could she? Is this really the girl that cheated on him. That cheated on his di? Arnav started remembering some of what Khushi said.

'He doesen't love me'

'I'm Cheap'

These were all things that he called her cheap and he often told her that he didn't love her. But did it mean that she was talking about arnav? Was it a coincidence that she questioned someone after the incident at the office. Maybe the someone she question about love was arnav. He was more confused than ever.

Just then Arnav heard a voice.

'Arnav ji, How could you do this, I loved you!'

It was Khushi sleep talking. Did she just say that she loved him. .....But she loved shyam.

Arnav began thinking of what happened the night he found about Khushi and shyam.

He remembered the Hug. But it was as if he was hugging her. Her arms weren't around shyam?

Arnav began to fall apart. What if I've made a mistake. Maybe this is the reason she looks innocent! Because she is! Arnav got out his laptop and watched all the clips of when shyam had come to his room. He heard the conversations. He realised.. He was wrong.

He looked at Khushi lying on the bed. Her innocent pure soul that stuck by him even though what he had put her through. Of course she has to stick by me. She's in a 6 month contract. Oh Damn! What have I done!!!

*****Next morning

Khushi woke up. Her body was sour but warm. She looked across the bed to arnav whom was lying right next to her with his arm on her waste.

She looked at him then remembered the past incidents. She remembered what she saw. She started crying. Heavily crying.

Arnav woke up with a shock.

Arnav: Khushi, are you alright, why are you crying?

Khushi: (Gets up)I'm sorry I slept on your bed a cheap girl like me deserves to sleep near the pool right?

Arnav: Khushi, I AM SORRY! I know the truth now and I love you! I'm sorry for what I put you through. About sneha she was fake as soon as you left I told her to get off me. I just wanted to make you jealous.

Khushi: You wanted to play with my feelings? Of course I forgot, your ASR. You can do anything. And what truth?

Arnav: Khushi, The truth of our marriage. I'm sorry he told me.. He said stuff. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't lose you to him. And I didn't want to hurt di. I had to make you mine.

Khushi slowly realised what Arnav was talking about.

Khushi: Shyam....You saw me and and shyam and thought that we were together. Why?

Arnav: I heard you say that he should leave anjali

Khushi: Is that all you heard.. Did you hear the part I said he is lucky he is with anjali ji beacuse of her love or the part I told him not come near me.

Arnav: No but I saw you hugging so..

Khushi: He hugged me .... I pushed him away! I thought.. I thought.... Why didn't you ask anyone?

Arnav: I asked shyam..

Khushi: So go tell shyam.. If you couldn't ask me then why are you here now. I though you had changed. I... I.. Looo..Never mind... What's important is I hate you now.

Arnav stood shook by the words she'd said. She'd said them before but never with this much seriousness.

Arnav: I'm Sorry. I love you and I'll make it up to you.

Khushi: Hahaaa! You don't even know what love is! And now neither do I.. And Mr ASR love is the one thing you can't buy. You can't just break it and make it.

Saying that she left the room and limped her way downstairs....

Arnav: How am I going to win her back? I hate myself right now. I finally got love and I pushed it away.

Jul 17, 2012

Arnav Khushi (My story!) (By Khushi98)

Everyone was at the long dining table downstairs ready to be served break feast. After yesterday's events everybody tried extremely hard to make a conversation going. Today it was only payal serving the break feast due to Khushi's injuries. Khushi sat on the table thinking about how she let her emotions get the better of her yesterday. She was unaware of everybody consistently staring at her and she was also unaware that Shyam was questioning her. After shyam's consent calling she was brang back to the real world.

Khushi: Sorry yes shyam ji?

Shyam: Vo Khushi , How did you get those injuries

Khushi: Well...ummm... I fell down

Although everybody on the table knew that there was no way Khushi's injuries both Physical and mental were not from 'Falling down' they all kept their mouths shut and avoided Khushi's gaze. They didn't want her to feel uncomfortable. Arnav however stared right at Khushi. How could I have gotten this so wrong? She is disgusted in even making conversation with shyam and I thought .. I though .. Once again he remembered the disgusting thoughts he judged Khushi on. He wasn't going to lose her he thought. Suddenly an Idea came to his mind!

Arnav: Nanni vo...

Naani: Chote what are you trying to say why are you SO red

Arnav: Well Khushi she hurt her hands yesterday and she asked me upstairs to feed her but she didn't want to say it here beacuse she was embarced.

Everybody looked surprised. But they knew that Khushi hadn't asked this. Deep down they knew Khushi's heart was broken by arnav and that he was trying to make it up to her.

Anjali: Chote when have I ever stopped you from doing Romance eh?

Khushi was literally Tomato red. However, Khushi did not want to make her husband arnav look stupid plus deep down she wanted him to feed her.

Anjali: Chote move to my seat that way you'll be closer to her and who knows when we're not looking khushi can even give you a kiss like last time

Shyam filled with Rage at the memory. But arnav smiled remembering their little dare games.

Arnav went and sat next to his beloved Khushi. He slowly broke a piece of chappati of for her. He made sure it was not too big or too small so that it would easily fit in her mouth. As arnav took the piece and put into her mouth they began an internal eye stare. It was as if no one else was there and it was just each other. Khushi and Arnav Singh Raizada trying to read each other.

Without Khushi's permission the love in heart for arnav took over and quickly without breaking eye contact she took a small piece of Chapatti and fed it to Arnav. Arnav was shocked but happy that there was love for him somewhere inside of her. Khushi shocked at what she done scanned the room quickly to see if anyone had noticed her action. Everybody looked away trying to act as if they hadn't seen but the small giggles from Payal, Anjali and Nanni proved that she had been caught.

Everybody was giggeling. Everybody apart from shyam of course.

Shyam: (speaking in joky tone but really trying to question Khushi) Khushi ji, Please do your romance somewhere else anyway I'm sure you can eat why are you making saale saab your slave for?

Khushi didn't know what to say. Arnav had enough. He'd not protected Khushi against this snake for long enough.

Arnav: When your in love you become like this.... The same you are for my di right?

Shyam: Haaahaa Yehh...

He was angry at the thought. Me a slave. I control everyone he thought.

It was now time for Office for the boys.

Jul 18, 2012

Arnav Khushi (My story!) (By Khushi98)

Arnav and Akash return after their boring old office work and come home to find their average family. Soon enough it is time to sleep in the Raizada mansion. Arnav had been waiting for this time of day since break-feast. He had thought of an idea which may bring back his smiley Khushi.

Khushi: Naani, can I sleep with you tonight?

Naani could still sense there was trouble between arnav and khushi and wanted them to sort their problems out tonight. However she did not want to force Khushi or hurt her feelings so she agreed to her request.

Arnav was standing in his room waiting for Khushi to come in. Khushi eventually came in to get her pillow.

Arnav: Where are you going?

Khushi: I don't want you , ASR, to sleep with a cheap girl like me.

Arnav: Enough Khushi, drop the drama and tell me where you are going.

Khushi: I am going to sleep with Naani.

Saying that she left the room with her pillow. Arnav was still registering what she said so could not stop her in time like he usually does.

Arnav: I can't wait another day to test out my plan! That's it ASR man up. She is sleeping with you. Wether she likes it or not.

*Naani's Room

Khushi and Naani chatted away before going to sleep. Whilst chatting Naani noticed arnav at the door. He looked confused. 'Should I, or maybe not' He thought to himself. He didn't notice Naani staring at him.

Naani: Arre Arnav bitwa come , why are you standing there. Do you need something?

Arnav: Vo...Voo. Yes umm Khushi you placed my file somewhere can you come and help me find it.

Khushi: It's in the drawer in the wardrobe.

Arnav didn't expect that. Arnav turned into ASR beacuse of Khushi's lack of cooperation. Didn't she want to sleep with him? Uhhh!

Khushi saw him change and thought to herself what he was going to do next. Arnav had a twinkle in his deep brown eyes. It showed that what he wanted he was just going to get it. Naani couldn't stop him. Neither could Khushi. Khushi didn't care. She was going to try her hardest. She was going to sleep with Naani.

Arnav: Naani, if you don't mind can I sleep with my wife tonight?

Khushi was shocked, she didn't think he'd use the straight forward plan.

Naani: Of course Chote!

Khushi: No Naani! I want to sleep with you.

Arnav had had enough. He slowly approached Khushi and without a care of Naani's presence he picked her up. They both looked deeply into eachotheres eyes as he carried her away into his room. He carired her cupping her way from any danger. Showing her how protective he was. Khushi looked into his eyes and saw the love. That's what she wanted to see the whole time. Ever since she met him. But he had to pay for his accusations she thought.

Only in Arnav's room did she realise his action.

Khushi: Why did you bring me your room?

Arnav: I brang you to our room because your my wife and wives sleep next to husbands. I want to see you every day when I wake up and when I go to sleep I want you to be the one I close my eyes thinking about.

Khushi: She had to admit she softened up a bit but she couldn't be too soft as she remembered. He couldn't just hurt her and be romantic with her afterwards. He had to learn she wasn't a toy.

Khushi: How Dare you bring me here!

Arnav: He thinks his plan is finally falling into place.

Arnav: I can do anything I want to do beacuse I'm ASR.

Khushi: Then I can do anything I want to do beacuse I'm KKGSR!

Arnav: Your so sure you can do anything! You think you are more better than me?

Khushi: Yess!

Arnav: You think you can do anything I can do! In a joky but serious tone..

Khushi: I can do anything you can do and better! And unlike you I don't just say it I can prove it!

Arnav was expecting this answer.

Arnav: Prove it then in fact why don't we make this fun!

Khushi: I'm ready to prove to you how pathetic and all words you are!

Arnav: Both of us will dare each other.. The person who refuses to do the dare loses.

Khushi: Okay and loser has to do one thing that the winner says!

Arnav: I know what I'm going to make you do already..

Khushi: Keep dreaming of that.. I'm going to win!

Arnav: The game starts tomorrow morning!

Khushi: Your on..

With that they both start thinking of their dares and get comfy in their beds/recliners.

How was the update guys?x

Jul 19, 2012

Arnav Khushi (My story!) (By Khushi98)

The sun dawned upon the Raizada Mansion. Khushi and Arnav were very excited for their Little Dare Game. Khushi thought that finally she'd be able to prove to Arnav how much better she is than him and Arnav thought this was the time to get Khushi to do what he wants. Both parties thought they had already won.

Both had thought of several dares last night and had waited for the sun to shine so they could see the Loser's face. After Khushi and Arnav both had a shower and gotten dressed they started to argue over whom gets to dare who first.

Khushi: I'll dare you first! Ladies First!

Arnav: Khushi, I thought of it so I do the dare first.

Khushi: You know what there's no point in arguing. Heads or Tails.

Arnav: Heads

Khushi smiled.

Khushi: Tails never fails!

Khushi dropped a coin and both Arnav and Khushi despreatly zoomed in to see whom was the looser in this challange. Khushi got to the coin first and pulled a sad but innocent puppy dog face. Arnav understood. He was the winner of this challange.

Arnav smiled.

Arnav: Like always things went my way.

Khushi looked down scared of what his dare may be. She'd witnessed the wrath of his previous dares.

Khushi: Just Shut up and tell me my dare.

Khushi was very aggregated.

Arnav smiled.

Arnav: Arnav you dare is too...Flirt with me infront of the whole family at the beak-feast table. And it has too be full on flirting.

Khushi's mouth dropped open in surprise. She'd expected him to ask for something like a kiss in private but infront of everyone?!

Khushi and Arnav slowly made their way down the stairs as the whole family stared up at the remaining adults needed on the dining table.

Arnav: (Whispering) Remember your Dare

Khushi's face saddened. Shyam saw this.

Khushi and Arnav had now reached the table.

Shyam: What happened Khushi ji, why are you so sad?

Arnav and Khushi both stared at shyam angrily.

Anjali: Did chote say something?

Khushi: (Thinking to herself) Well might as well finish the dare of..

Khushi: Ha di...

Arnav looked surprised was she going to tell the whole family about their challange?

Khushi: I have to live another day without my Handsome husband. I told him to stay back but he simply said he HAS to go to office.

Everyone was lost.. They were still hearing the word 'Handsome'. The shy girl had just complemented her husband!

Arnav smirked and Shyam's nostrils flared.

Anjali then told Arnav to stay at home for today.

Anjali: Chote stay at home , Khushi ji needs her Handsome Husband!

Khushi blushed.

Arnav turned to Khushi and said he would stay.

Khushi didn't know herself what her next moves were.

She quickly grabbed arnav's hand and placed hers in it.

Khushi: I knew you wouldn't leave me!

With that she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

No one in the family commented this time.

Khushi: Hey devi Maya what am I doing?

Khushi then remembered the dare and 'flirted' with arnav.

She grabbed his hand and led him to the table.

Khushi: Arnav ji I wish that if we have a boy in the future he looks exactly like you. All the girls would go crazy for him. Arnav ji! What are you doing! Let me feed you..

Khushi broke of food and romantically placed it in his mouth without breaking eye contact with him.

Naani: Khushi ji, today you are very romantic with chote?

Anjali: Something must have happened last night, that's why she's talking about kids!

Khushi blushed Tomato Red. Finally breakfast was over. Her dare was over....

She thought to herself..

Arnav ji is going to pay. He's going to regret playing this game. Khushi smiled to herself as she thought of an excellent dare to put Arnav in his place. She has to charge her camera. This is going to be Hysterical she thought to hereself......

Jul 20, 2012

Arnav Khushi (My story!) (By Khushi98)

Arnav was feeling a variety of emotions during the Day. He was happy that Khushi had acted like she did with him but at the same time worried. Khushi had a thing for making people do the stupidest things. However, he thought she was his wife. And she should know that ASR is a very important person in the industry of fashion so he has to look good at all times. But he was ready. He was the one who started of this dare game and he was going to finish it. He needed his Khushi back and winning was the only route he could see at the moment. Apart from that, He deserved it. What he done with her...was....Stupid and Bad. He couldn't believe himself. For once he felt that he wanted to do the stupidest thing on Earth just to make his girl laugh!

Arnav watched as Khushi came into his bedroom holding a box. It looked like a Sari box. Had someone (MALE!) given it to her? It was NK! It was Shyam! Was there another who was hypnotised by her beauty? Suddenly, he slapped back to reality. He needed to start trusting her. He knew deep down she loved him as much as he did. He quiet literally slapped himself into Reality.

Khushi stared at her crazy husband. He always looks good she thought to herself. She then realised she was becoming week. He'd hurt her and He had to realise his mistake. She was not a doll. She was a human being. His wife...

Khushi decided to make conversation to make the atmosphere less awkward.

Khushi: You wanted to go Office right?

Arnav was stunned that she made conversation. Usually she resulted to the silent treatment. He tried turning into his usual confident self but became shy again due to her beauty. What had she done to him?

Arnav: Yes! But it's okay if you want to stay with your Handsome Husband!

Khushi blushed.

Khushi: That was just a dare. Anyway can I come office with you today. I want to see some of the old office workers.

Arnav wondered to himself. Something fishy is going on. She's never asked this before. He stared at her trying to see her through. Khushi realised this and toughened up.

Khushi: Am I allowed or not?

Arnav: Yeh lets go....

Khushi: You go into the car.. I need to get something.

Arnav half followed her instruction. He went out their bedroom doors and stood peeking into the room from behind the door. A place where she wouldn't have been able to see him. Slowly Khushi took out the box that he thought was for a sari.

Arnav: Why is she taking a sari? Maybe she wants to gift it to someone?

Khushi then made her way out. A she was halfway out Arnav quickly ran to the car acting like he had been there the whole time.

*****AR Designs Office

As arnav and Khushi entered they saw as usual everyone was busy with their work. They must have heard Arnav was coming and quickly sat into their usual working conditions. Khushi held Arnav's hand.

Now Arnav was suspicious. Her dare was over. So why this, and now?

Khushi lead him into the photo shoot room. He could hardly see but from what he could see there was going to be a photo shoot.

Arnav desperately tried to remember the timetable for the room. As far as he could remember there was no photo shoot at this time. Anyway how did Khushi know even if there was going to be one?

Arnav: Who's shooting?

Khushi: Arnav ji, are you ready for your dare?

Arnav watched as Khushi looked straight onto the sari box and smirked.

Arnav: What is it? (Now more confused than ever)

Khushi: I dare you to wear a sari and do a photo shoot in it. By the way the best photo shoot picture will be framed and hanged in our room.

Arnav: What the? I am not doing this?

Khushi: So you admit defeat.. The mighty ASR?

Arnav snatched the sari out of Khushi's hand and goes to the changing room.

Khushi (Laughing): Don't worry it is your size!

After a few minutes Khushi walked over to Arnav's changing room.

Khushi: It doesen't take this long!

Khushi: Arnav ji?

Arnav: Khushi.. This damn sari it's not getting on.

Khushi was irritated. She wanted him to do this dare.

Arnav: Can you help me?

Khushi: What?! How can I ....?

Arnav: Look you want me to wear the damn thing right? So help me get it on!

Khushi slowly entered the changing room. Embarced from the task she was going to do. As she entered she avoided arnav's gaze. But due to her embarrassment and lack of concentration she slipped.

Before she could fall Arnav grabbed her from the waste. *Rabba ve!

They stared at each other like this was the last time they would meet. Like time had frozen on them and they were the only ones in existence. Then as their eyes moved away form each other's daze Arnav tightened his grip on Khushi's waste and slowly pulled her to a standing position. They were now a nose's length away from each other now as Arnav was still holding onto her waist mesmerized by her beauty.

As Khushi usually does she looked side ways to save herself from embarrassment. Arnav understood.

Arnav: Will you help me now?

Khushi slowly grabbed one end of the sari and made him wear it trying to stop herself from looking at his muscular body.

Arnav couldn't help but laughing at how she looked whilst doing the sari. Khushi could hear his laughing.

Khushi: Why are you laughing? Oh can you see yourself too?

She said this whilst taking a step backwards.

Arnav simply straightened his face at the remark.

*Photo shoot

The photo shoot put Arnav off. Continusoly the photographer told him too look like different moods and turn this way or that.

Whilst doing the Photo shoot Arnav wondered to think if Khushi felt this way in the photo shoot he made her do.

The though of her in that red sari made him smile/smirk. As he wondered of he couldn't hear the photographer exclaiming 'That's the One, Perfect'

At last Arnav's photo shoot was over.

After taking off the sari and wearing his normal attire he escorted khushi into his black Mercedes.

*At home

As arnav and khushi came in the whole atmosphere was filled with laughter.

Arnav wondered what they were laughing at, So did Khushi...

As they got closer to the chairs and the family they could see a large photo frame being held and pointed at. With ever point was a few hysterical laughs.

Khushi: Oh it's arrived. I wanted to hang it in my room. Do you lot like it! Dosen't he look handsome..!

Everybody laughed even more.

Anjali: I don't know about handsome but Arnav sure does look pretty!

*Further laughter!

Manorma: Arnav bitwa what is this! (She moaned)

Arnav didn't understand her question. Neither did anyone else. They expected a reply from Arnav. But Manorma didn't need a reply. She wasn't asking for one!

Manorma: You've stolen Miss world title from me bitwa!

Again the Raizada Mansion filled with loud laughter.

Arnav couldn't help but feel happy. Before Khushi came laughing was more like whispering. Now there really was Khushi every where.

Arnav was happy because of that reason. But at the same time he knew she had to pay. Khushi could almost smell him cooking up a dare for her....!

Okay Guys... How did you like it! Please be honest! Annd if anyone has any ideas for what Arnav should dare Khushi please email in at

Really Hoped youss' enjoyed it!!! Comment if you liked/hated it!

Jul 21, 2012

Arnav Khushi (My story!) (By Khushi98)

After a while, night dawned on the Raizada family members. Everyone was tired from the hilarious events that had happened recently in the day. All the family members were quickly falling asleep apart from Arnav and Khushi. Both could not eagerly welcome the night, as they knew what awaited them after it. The look on Arnav's face when he was being made fun of worried Khushi. The look he gave her determined the fact that the fact that the war was no longer between an unhappy husband and wife but was now between Khushi and competitive Arnav Singh Raizada. In other words, the ASR that hurt her broke her and fought her.

She just wished that the Dare would not be something that would make them rethink their relationship.

On the other hand, Arnav knew exactly what was going through her mind. He knew he had to make this dare the last. He had to make sure that Khushi refused this dare so that he would win the challenge. Only by winning the challenge could he get Khushi to do what he wanted her to do. He started to remember what Khushi dared him to do yesterday. It hit him! He'd found an Idea. He understood that this idea could make Khushi angry at him but too gain her he was willing to be hated for a couple of hours.


As the morning rose at the Raizada mansion slowly couples and other family members began to wake up.

Arnav slowly got up from his recliner and headed toward Khushi's side of the bed. He looked at her innocent face and started hating on himself for doubting her. The wind from outside slowly blew into Khushi and Arnav's room. *Rabba Ve.

One of Khushi's hair strands blew onto her face. Arnav slowly walked over to the other side of the bed. He got onto the huge couples bed and lay on it. He then slowly removed the strand of silky hair of her face. He then slowly tried to move away and get off the massive bed. However, Khushi had other plans. She grabbed the hand he removed the hair strand with and holded it tightly like a child holding a cuddly toy. Arnav without trying gave up and lay on the bed. He placed his free hand onto her waist. This was how he always wanted to wake up to the morning. He wished that time would freeze on them right now...

A bright sun ray shone in Khushi's closed eyes somehow making her wince. This gradually woke her up.

Khushi: Good morning Arnav ji (She said this with a tired and sleepy smile)

Khushi slowly got up and gave Arnav a kiss on the cheek. It was a tired kiss. It was not a passionate one. Nevertheless, it was enough to send a warm tingly sensation through Arnav's body.

Khushi slowly came back to her senses as her lips had also sent a tingly feeling through her.

Khushi: What are you doing in the bed....I just...Huh?!!

Arnav: Don't worry Khushi... We haven't done anything

Khushi let out a sigh of relief...

Arnav: Yet!....

Khushi blushed and tried to pretend she hadn't heard his little added comment.

Khushi: Good...Morning

Arnav: Again, you already said good morning to me before you kissed me..

Khushi blushed even more.

Arnav: Anyway, Can you come office with me today..

Khushi: Why?

Arnav: Well you didn't meet everyone yesterday..

The thought of Yesterday made Khushi laugh.

Khushi: Yehh.. Sure.. I'm going to get changed!

As Khushi got dressed her mind couldn't help but wonder why Arnav ji was taking her to the office. Oh Devi mayya! Help me.. What if he wants to embarrass me or worse yet dress me up as a clown and do a photo shoot. She thought to herself.

It was not long after that Khushi and Arnav had arrived at his office. After being greeted, they walked over to the photo shoot room.

Arnav: So...Khushi... You are going to be a model for our photo shoot!

Khushi: No way!

Memories flooded back to her about how last time they stared at each other when Arnav made her do a photo shoot. Arnav sensed this. He smirked remembering her in a sari.

Arnav: You have to... I dare you! Here are you clothes for this shoot...

Khushi slowly took out the clothes that were placed in a nicely wrapped box.

Khushi thought to herself.. How can he make me do this?

She then realized that this was a dare. He's trying to get me too lose.

Khushi: Fine!

Arnav looked at her stunned... was she actually going to do this? He thought...

Khushi then made her way to the changing room. After a few minutes, Arnav went to see why she hadn't come out.

He heard crys from inside.

Arnav: Khushi?

Khushi wiped her tears opened the door and tried to give a snappy short response.

Khushi: You win...

Saying that she could not hold back her tears.

Arnav cursed himself as she walked off to hide away in some corner of his office.

Arnav: Don't worry Khushi.. I know I have made you cry. Nevertheless, I have only done this to gain you. I'm sorry. I promise I will make it up to you...

Jul 21, 2012

Arnav Khushi (My story!) (By Khushi98)

I would like to say a huge massive thanks to Radha333 beacuse of helping me out with the competition. And evryone else who is commenting many nice comments. I really happy that nearly everyone is enjoying the story so far

Now I shall continue with the story.... And arshicrazey I have read your story and it is really amazing! Please continue!!!

After a few minutes Arnav went out to find Khushi. He looked everywhere but still he couldn't catch even a glimpse of her. He had looked in every corner of the office and asked everyone whom worked ther but no one had seen his wife. He began to worry.

Just then a call came. Arnav was just about to cancel it when the saw the caller ID. It was a phone call from his wife. His Khushi.

Arnav quickly without wasting no time answers the call.

Arnav: Khushi...were are you.. I'm sorry.. are you in danger?

Khushi: Listen to me.....Tell everyone in the office that they have a day off. Please do it quickly. Even the photographer


Khushi: Just please do it otherwise I am not coming out.

Saying this Khushi hangs up the call. Arnav thought of no other option therefore without wasting too much time gave everyone a days holiday. The staff did not ask questions beacuse they knew ASR could change any minute.

After everyone was gone and there was no sign of them he called Khushi.

Arnav: Khushi, I've done what you said now please come out!

Khushi: I'm coming just go to your office. Oh yeh! and face the other way towards the wall.

Arnav is confused but again does as she says.

Slowly he hears footsteps on the stairs but does not look. He then hears his office door open but does not look.

Khushi: (In a quite voice) You can look now....

Arnav: You did it.. How could you... But.. Huh?.. You look... beautiful

Khushi stood there in a short dark blue dress. Arnav recognized the dress.. It was the dress he'd told her to wear when she ruined his photo shoot. Khushi was standing straight trying to use her bear hands to cover the her legs. At the same time she was looking downwards attempting to avoid Arnav's powerful gaze.

Arnav was just shocked.

Khushi: I wore the dress but I am not doing any photo shoot.

Arnav: But you.....But.. You wore a dress......

Khushi: I realised how important this challange is for me. Not only will I get something but I will also prove to you that I am just as big as you. Anyway, I also realised you husband I don't care if you see me like this but I will never let anyone else see me like this. This is why I asked you to send everyone out.

Arnav thought he was on cloud nine. The same thing he'd thought for years was what she just admitted. Only he could see her body.. She could only be his...This was something that no one else except him had rights to.

Khushi realised in what ways Arnav was taking it.

Khushi: I mean..

She tried coming up with a way to make him think that the was thinking wrong.

Arnav came towards her. As usual she started to step back. She then hit the glass walls. He looked behind her gulped and looked downwards in Arnav's direction. Arnav slowly moved his hand towards her face. With his hand he moved her hair out of the way and brang his face even closer. He then used the same hand to hold Khushi's neck upwards to look him in the eyes. Khushi's eyes stared sideways trying to find a way out. Arnav then slowly whispered to her.

Arnav: Exactly.. I am the only one whom can see your body.. The only one who can sleep next to you.. The only one who can touch you.. The only one who can kiss you... I am the only one who has the rights to your body and you total mesmerising beauty.

Khushi stood in stunned. She didn't know what to say. What could she say. She wanted to say he was telling the truth and he had it all right but she couldn't become week at least not before she wins the competition.

Arnav smirked at his embarced and shy Khushi.

Arnav: Come no beautiful.. I'll do your photo shoot.. Don't worry It will not be published but you have to do a photo shoot it was a dare...

Khushi just about managed to utter some words.

Khushi: It's not going!

Arnav: Don't worry like I said only I have the rights to see your full beauty.

Khushi blushed really hard as Arnav put his arm around her bare shoulders and led her out of the room. Khushi removed Arnav's arm. He again placed it on her. After several little wars about this Arnav got irritated. He simply picked her up and looked deep into her eyes as he went down the stairs.

Finally they reached the photo shoot room. After a couple of Arnav's pose suggestions the photo shoot had also be finished. Khushi was just about to go upstairs and change when she heard Arnav.

Arnav came closer to her like upstairs. He cornered her into a wall and whispered to her yet again.

Arnav: After you've taken the dress of give it to me to pack. You could wear it at home for me some night.

He smirked and Khushi blushed.

Khushi: umm....I'm going to change...

Arnav looked at her as she descended up the stairs. When she reached the top she turned around and blushed even more beacuse Arnav had been looking at her walk up the stairs the whole time. Arnav saw that she was looking at him. So quickly did a sign with his fingers that people do when the food is tasty or the wife/husband looks beautiful/handsome. Khushi quickly closed the door to the changing room and began to change.

Meanwhile downstairs Arnav began to wonder.

Arnav: I'm happy that my dare allowed us to have some romantic time together but shouldn't I be worried? I mean khushi wore a dress. This means that she really wants to win that prize. What is she going to ask if she wins? Or more importantly....What is her next dare going to be? she's going to take revenge for this one that's for sure.....

So GUYS! How was it! Honest comments! And like I said having a comp with my mate to see if I can get 70 comments! So please comments!!!!!!!!!! Hope all of you like the story! I'm only 14 so I can't write really good and describe everything in great details! Hope you guys liked it though!!!

Jul 22, 2012

Arnav Khushi (My story!) (By Khushi98)

After only a few minutes Khushi and Arnav were ready to go.

Khushi(thinking to herself): This is the right time,we are alone.. He's going to get upset and I'd rather him get upset now and here than scream at home.. It'll be easier here..

Arnav: Khushi, what are you thinking?

Khushi: Arnav ji.. Can we stay here a little bit longer.. It's just I think it's time I dare you....

Arnav was a little shocked at her response. Usually it took him and here almost a day to think of a dare and now she was willing to say ir after what 20minutes?

Arnav: Yes...

Khushi: Arnav ji.. I dare you to divorce me.

Arnav stood there shocked. His body and eyes seemed on fire. It was as if there was a ocean inside his neck. His tears were urging to come out.

As a tear slowly fell from his eyes onto his delicate face he began to speak.

Arnav: After everything... After what just happened you want to leave me?

Khushi looked down. Today she wasn't scared of Arnav but of herself. She couldn't believe what she was doing. But she knew why she had to do this. She knew she had to...

Khushi: Arnav ji... Please just do the dare..

Arnav: Khushi, This is one dare I won't do. If I do this dare it would mean committing suicide. You have won Khushi. I don't care. I can't lose you.

With saying that Arnav went and got into the car. Once in the car he completely broke down. He started to cry. He'd never cryed this much before. Not even on his mothers death.

Inside Khushi was doing the same.

**Raizada Mansion

After a long quiet but heavy drive Arnav and Khushi ha reached home. Without saying anything Arnav went upstairs. This time he didn't storm up the stairs. He slowly walked on them as if he was a dead soul heading into the underworld. Khushi followed him.

Khushi slowly went towards Arnav and faced his back.

Khushi: Arnav ji... I've won the challange...I want... my prize now..

Arnav: *Sniffeles ....What do you want?

Khushi: I want a promise...

Arnav turns around. He his heartbroken and shows it. His eyes are deep red but the warm brown pupils still show love. Khushi looks in his eyes with admiration.

Arnav: What? What is the promise?

Khushi: I want you to promise me.... Promise me...

Arnav: Promise you what?

Khushi: That no matter what happens you will be on my side. That you will always trust me and never break my heart again.

Arnav's face lightens up!

Arnav: That goes without saying. I promise you Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada that I will never hurt you again and I will always trust you. I will always shower my love upon you.

Khushi: That is what I wanted to know Arnav ji.. Now I can truly forgive you.

Saying that she gives him a kiss on the forehead.

Arnav: So this was a test?

Khushi: yes.... I wanted to see which one mattered more to you winning or me..

Arnav: Both.. winning you.. My prize was going to be the same thing...

*Khushi smiled.

Khushi: I know arnav ji but even if I promised that to you I would not have known if I could forgive you.. This way I do.

Arnav: Khushi... Can you promise me something..

Khushi: Depends...

Arnav: That you will do something I say...

Khushi: What?

Arnav: *Smirks....Don't worry you won't regret it...

Khushi: I promise..

Khushi didn't know what the promise was about. She was just happy that she had forgiven Arnav and that now they could live happily.

After dinner Khushi went into her room but Arnav went to discuss something with Nanni and Anjali.

Hey guys! I know some of you will be upset beacuse Arnav lost. But Khushi needed to frogive him beacuse I literally hate drag. So this story would be dragging for like 4 extra weeks cuzz of some forgiving issue. Maybe some of you dislike the fact that it is in a way .. A happy ending. But guys ... This story is going to end up boring if they keep on fighting. Plus... like I said I hate drag. I'm nearly done with the story beacuse I don't want it to be one with tons of pages it's just a mini story of Arshi.

The story presently is still going no beacuse ..... Khushi has to find out her promise (it's not what she expects ) and shyaam has to be put an end too.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are member's views and this website does not comply with it. The views expressed may not be factually correct. Incase of any issue please contact us/report it to us.