Badmaash Dil [It's gotta be you!]

Jun 13, 2013

Badmaash Dil ~ Part-37 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 27 times)

Next Day, Morning

JULO, Canteen

Khushi, Virat, Jeevika & Maanvi are sitting together.

Virat: Yaar, the theme of the party is wild. We need to look goofy!

Jeevika: Naah! Wild can be anything crazy! We should look extra-ordinary, you know!

Khushi: Let's wear something simple yet mesmerizing!

Maanvi: How about wearing black, white & red straight gowns. Same type?

Jeevika: Lovely!

Virat: What about me?

Khushi: Popcorn, tu bhi gown pehenle!

All three of them giggle.

Virat: Shut up, Khushi! Umm.. I'll wear a blue suit but it will have that pinch of similarity with you guys.

Khushi: How are we going to get it done in such a less time?

Virat: Don't worry! I'll make it done but everything will be ready made except our signature style!

Maanvi: What will it be?

Jeevika: How about adding golden color to our dresses?

Virat: Superb! I'm going to look wild! 

Maanvi: Okay, I'm going to wear a white gown.

Khushi: I'll wear black.

Jeevika: And I'll wear Red!

Virat: Viren Bhai loves red color.

Maanvi: Oho! Di, you're fixed!

Khushi: Haha.. this is great! Let's resume classes now. 

All of them leave for classes.


Edutainment Camp

The students have started entering. Some are dancing. And some enjoying the drinks. 

Arnav, Viren, Saadia & Abhay are coordinating everything. They come to each other.

Arnav: Everything looks perfect!

Abhay: Ahh.. finally the last day has arrived. It's been a successful journey!

Arnav: Told you!

Viren searches for someone.

Saadia: Are you looking for someone Viren? The guests of honor will arrive after everyone has.

Viren: No. I'm not looking for them.

Abhay: He's looking for his own guest of honor!

Arnav: Who?

Saadia: Oooh! Jeevika, of course!

Viren blushes.

Arnav: The whole gang hasn't arrived yet.

Abhay: Including Virat!

Arnav: Obvio! I'm sure they are up to something.

Saadia: Well, even my sixth sense predicts so!

Viren: By the way, do you guys know about Khushi?

Saadia: No, what happened?

Viren: Arnav told me this morning that a guy kidnapped her after the camp; day before yesterday. 

Abhay: Oh my, really? 

Viren: Yeah. Thankfully, Arnav saw it and she was saved. 

Saadia: These guys, I tell you. Did you get him arrested, ASR?

Arnav: I did. 

Abhay: Where's the bravery award?

Viren: Haha! But he actually deserves it!

Arnav: You guys are talking as if I'm in Class 10. The same way, those guys are encouraged. 

Saadia: Hahaha.. Seriously, Kudos to you!

Arnav: But where is she? I want to meet her. Hope she's fine. 

Abhay: Oh Oh! In Janaab ko toh dekho!

Arnav: Uhh..

Saadia: Is there something brewing?

Viren: Yaar, tune bataya nai?

Arnav: Enough! Just for humanity's sake!

Saadia: Really?

Arnav: Yeah!! Really!!

Viren: Arnav, the way you told me everything this morning and the way you talk about her, may you agree or not, but you look very concerned about her.

Arnav: Look! Mr. Paul Atkinson has made it for the farewell party! Excuse me, guys!

Viren: Chala gaya!

Abhay: Guys! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Saadia: He actually didn't want to converse further because he was afraid to admit. 

Viren: And this is what he does whenever things he'd admit make a huge difference. It's certainly brewing, then!

Saadia: Eee.. Fingers Crossed!

Abhay: Let's wait and watch!

Viren: We can't even do anything else than that unless we're very confident about this.

Arnav talks to Paul Atkinson who is a 20 something.

Arnav: I'm so glad you could make it. 

Paul: Thank you for inviting! Oh, look at the entrants.

Arnav turns towards the door. 

Four pretty people turn up dressed in four different shades with their special golden pinch. 

Everyone gazed at them in awe for they were the most stunning people around.

Arnav keeps looking at Khushi as she looks her best in that black gown. 

Arnav: Beautiful. 

Paul: Very gorgeous indeed!

Arnav: Uhh.. who?

Paul: All three of them! Especially, the one in black. Excuse me.

All four of them step in and begin to enjoy the party. Abhay & Saadia come to Arnav. 

Paul goes to Khushi and invites her for a dance.

Arnav stares at them.

Paul: Will you dance with me?

Khushi: I'm sorry. Not in the mood to.

Arnav: Thank god.

Abhay: Hunh?

Arnav: Thank god, she didn't dance with that silly man.

Abhay & Saadia smile at Arnav.

Saadia: Why?

Arnav: Because I wanted to dance with her.

Abhay: What?

Arnav closes his eyes in sudden regret to have let his feelings out in words.

Arnav: I meant.. that.. she.. uhh.. You're not getting me. I didn't mean that.

Abhay: Go, ask her for a dance!

Arnav: Are you serious?

Saadia: Very much.

Arnav: No!

And he leaves from there.

Saadia: Oh my god.

Abhay: Arnav Singh Raizada wanted to dance?

Saadia: This looks good!

Back to Paul & Khushi.

Paul: That's fine. You can have a drink with me?

Khushi: Sure!

Viren goes to Jeevika.

Viren: You look absolutely magnificent! 

Jeevika: You're looking handsome too!

Viren: Hayyee!

Jeevika: Shh. 

Viren: All four of you look like a great team, you know. 

Jeevika: We are!

Viren: But the best among you guys is you! 

Jeevika blushes.

Jeevika: If you're over with the complimenting, have a look at your right. Your friends are watching!

Viren pulls his hair back.

Viren: Abbey yaar! 

Abhay & Saadia come to them.

Saadia: Kisi ki nazar na lage tum dono ko!

Jeevika: Hi Saadia!

Saadia: Hey doll! You're looking beautiful. 

Jeevika: Thanks! You too! 

Saadia: Oh, thank you! If you'd inform us about your theme, Viren would have dressed the same for you!

Viren: No worries. Black & Red go really well. 

Abhay: Aha! 

Arnav meets everyone and his eyes fall on Khushi who's having a drink with Paul. He turns away. But after a while, looks back. Khushi is talking to him very sweetly and enjoying his company.

Arnav: She didn't even come and meet me once. Huh!

To be continued...

Jun 16, 2013

Badmaash Dil ~ Part-38 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 49 times)

Anjali enters the hall and goes to Abhay.

Abhay: Anjali! You're finally ready?

Anjali: Hello everyone! Abhay, you know, I had to go to the temple first.

Abhay: Yeah.

Anjali: By the way, who's this pretty lady in red?

Jeevika: Hi!

Viren: Di, meet my better-half; Jeevika!

Jeevika smiles.

Anjali: Ohhh! So, this is Jeevika! Hi sweety! I'm Anjali!

Jeevika: Viren ji had told me about you. So glad to meet you!

Anjali: Same here. I was so desperate in fact. You're gorgeous..I totally understand now how Viren fell in love with you!

Jeevika: Aha! Thank you. 

Abhay: Anjali, come I'll make you meet some of my business colleagues. 

Saadia: I'll go look after all the settings.

Abhay: I'll join you in sometime too.

Maanvi & Virat are sitting exactly opposite to Khushi on the round table while the bar tender is serving them a ****tail.

Maanvi: Everyone's so busy in their own stuff. Di is busy with Jiju & Khushi with some guy she doesn't know. 

Virat: Why fear when Virat is here? Mai hoon na.. tumhare liye!

Maanvi: Yeah. Something is better than nothing. By the way, we both are complimenting each other so much.

Virat: Black & White? Yes!!

Maanvi: Areyy! Look at you, all dressed in black.. the evil, the wicked.

Virat: Eh?

Maanvi: And me.. dressed in white like how a princess is.

Virat: Hahahah.. I'm evil.. and you're a sinless, upright creature?

Maanvi: Exactly!

Virat: Stop joking! *rolls eyes*

Maanvi: Aww.. "Mr. Why fear when Virat is here" is upset?

Virat: Naah! 

Maanvi: But on a serious note, you're looking crazy with that golden combination!! Ha Ha.

Virat: You're looking beautiful!

Maanvi: Haww! Really?

Virat: Mmm Hmm..! You know.. when I'll marry.. I'll marry someone who'll look beautiful when she wears white. It's kinda royal!

Maanvi: Ooooh! And why do you think someone will marry you?

Virat: There are many who'll marry me if you don't!

Maanvi: Aha! Funny!

After a lot of wait, Arnav finally goes to the bar and stands beside Khushi ignoring her.

Arnav: One Vodka please!

Khushi hears Arnav and turns to him.

Khushi: Mr. Arnav! Hi!

Arnav: Ohh hi! 

As if he didn't knew she was right there beside her.

Khushi: You ordered a Vodka?

Arnav: Yeah. Any problem?

Khushi: You shouldn't drink alcohol. It affects your health.

Arnav: Well, Paul is drinking too. Didn't you suggest him?

Khushi: I did. But he seems used to it.

Paul: Oh yes, I am.

Khushi: And he's a very nice person. I'm glad I met him.

Arnav: Well, why can't I drink it then?

Khushi: Because you're not used to it and it may harm your health.

Arnav: Oh, you care? Leave it!

Khushi: Mr. Arnav, Why're you talking to me like this? I'm saying it for your benefit!

Abhay comes to Arnav.

Abhay: Arnav, I think we should make the announcements now.

Arnav: Oh, okay I'm coming.

Bartender: Sir, your Vodka!

Arnav looks at Khushi. Khushi shakes her head left and right in disapproval.

Arnav: Later.

Arnav & Abhay leave for the stadium dues.

Khushi: Umm.. excuse me Mr. Paul.. I have to look for my friends. 

Paul: Sure. Thank you for having a drink with me.

Khushi: My pleasure.

Khushi gets up from her seat and Virat on noticing that calls her.

Virat: Khushi! We're here. Come.

Khushi goes to Virat.

Maanvi: What were you doing with that English Man?

Khushi: He wanted to have a drink with me.

Virat: Oh Oh! Enjoyed?

Khushi: Virat, why is your brother so angry all the time?

Virat: Uhh.. what happened? Why do you always bring his complains to me?

Khushi: Where is Jeevika?

Jeevika & Viren come there.

Jeevika: You took my name.. and I'm here!

Maanvi: You'll live 100 years Di. 

Arnav & Abhay are discussing something.

Abhay: Where's Viren? Why isn't he here yet?

Arnav: He's with Jeevika, right?

Abhay: Please go and call him Arnav. I have to look after this.

Arnav: No worries. I'll bring him.

Virat continues to inquire.

Virat: What were you telling about Bhaiya, Khushi?

Khushi: Nothing much yaar! Sometimes I feel like throwing a glass of water on his face! 

Arnav who comes to call Abhay hears Khushi speaking about him. Viren notices Arnav standing right behind them.

Viren: Khushi! Why do you want to throw a glass of water on me?

Viren tries to signal Khushi that Arnav is behind her but she doesn't get it.

Khushi: Arey, not you..

Viren: Khushi! Khushi.. it's okay! I know I'm irritating at times. 

Khushi (furiously): I'm talking about that Laad Governor yaar!

Viren puts his hand on his face. 

Khushi: What happened?

Jeevika looks at Arnav.

Jeevika (slowly): Damn. Khushi.. look.

Jeevika points her finger at Arnav. Khushi turns behind and is shocked to see him.

Khushi: Aa..aaap?

Arnav: Viren, come with me.

Khushi: I'm sorry. I didn't really mean it.

Arnav pulls Viren and leaves.

Khushi pats her head.

Maanvi: Uff! He heard everything!

Khushi: Urghh!! It all happened because of you Virat!

Virat: What did I do?

Maanvi: What did he do? 

Khushi: Maanvi, there is no need to take his side. Popcorn, it was you who inquired and look what happened!

Jeevika: Khushi.. jaane do. We can't do anything now.

Abhay speaks from the mike.

Abhay: Good evening students, honorable members of the jury, respected fellow board members and business clients. Welcome to the grand celebration of the Bhatnagar Association's Ruble Edutainment Camp Survey. When I first wanted to do this survey, I was very skeptical. However, my most friendly designated partners, Arnav & Viren convinced me that it will rock big time. And they were right. It was very enjoyable working with my friends and to see young talent being discovered was a huge success in itself. But as they say, all good things come to an end and so will this survey. I would like to thank each and everyone who were a part of it. 

Arnav: The survey was highly informative for the students and for us as well for we explored newer bases of business. 

Viren: We had divided the students into four teams and now is the time to declare the results. But not so soon. Please put your hands together for our four chief guests of tonight who will be declaring the result.

Saadia: The very sincere, the very humble Mr. Robert Eric Allister, the principal of Jubilite University of Law And Order.

Virat: Eww! Humble? Why did they invite him?

Jeevika: Shh! Talk softly. What if someone hears?

Viren: The very well-known and popular Mr. & Mrs. Rishabh Kundra!

The students start hooting & clapping as soon as the bollywood superstar enters!

Khushi: Oh my god! RK is here??

Maanvi: I might faint. 

Virat: So what? Many like him and come and go in such celebrations.

Maanvi: Oh god. I love RK so much.

Virat: Hunh? Idiots.

Khushi: Ai, who're you calling idiots?

Virat (thinks): What does this guy have that I don't? Just because he's in bollywood she loves her and I have been trying to impress her since ages and uhhh!! :(

Viren: Woah! Will the applause for him ever stop? Haha. 

Arnav: And our fourth chief guest for tonight is the very beautiful and the very elegant Ms. Tania Mehta, the senior executive of one of America's leading university! 

All four of them climb onto the stage.

Saadia: I would now request Mr. Rishabh and Mrs. Madhu to announce the results and Mr. Robert and Ms. Tania to place the awards in the deserving hands.

Rishabh: Hello everyone! 

Madhu opens the chit brought to them.

Madhu: And the winning team is..

All the students anticipate the results in their favor.

Khushi: God please! Gryffindor. Gryffindor.

To be continued...

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