Badmaash Dil [It's gotta be you!]

Sep 9, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part-17 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 27 times)

Khushi is still standing in the corridor. Someone keeps his hand on Khushi's shoulder.

Khushi: Virat!

Khushi turns and finds Vivek.

Vivek: Hi Khushi.

Khushi: Vivek?

Arnav is out on rounds studying a file.He sees them. Virat and Maanvi are on the opposite side. As soon as Virat sees Vivek with Khushi, he gets angry.

Vivek catches Khushi all from her back.

Khushi: Vivek! Leave me. How dare you?

Arnav gets angry. He closes his hand tightly. He is about to go to them but before he does so Virat comes and moves away Khushi from him. He gives a punch to Vivek on his face. Arnav stops and doesn't move forward.

Virat: Khushi, you're okay?

Khushi shakes her head in approval.

Maanvi comes and keeps her hands on khushi's shoulder giving comfort.

Vivek: Virat? Who are you? What do you think you are, huh? Why do you always come in between of us? Do you love her or what?

Virat (shouts) : Yes I love her!

Khushi looks at Virat, not surprisingly, in a soft way. Maanvi is stunned. And the most flabbergasted is ASR. He drops his file there, turns and goes back.

Virat: I love her very very much but as the most best friend in my life. She is very close and a real friend is always close to the heart.

Vivek: A boy and girl can never be friends.

Virat: If only you knew what friendship is.

Vivek: I'll see you!

Vivek moves out!

Jeevika comes in.

Jeevika: Why was Vivek here?

She sees all their faces and understands.

Jeevika: Ohh! A dog's tail will never be straight!

Khushi looks down.

Jeevika: Khushi, you are fine?

Khushi: Not feeling well.

Jeevika: It's okay.

Maanvi: I think we should get back to classes.

Virat: Yes!

Khushi: All of you go. I'll just go to the wash-room and come back.

Jeevika: I'll come with you.

Khushi: No Jeevi. I am good.

Maanvi: Sure?

Khushi: Yea.

Virat, Jeevika and Maanvi leave. Khushi goes from the other side. As she walks, she finds a file lying down. Arnav's file. She picks it up. Khushi's eyes close and open. She doesn't feel well.

Khushi: Who's must it be? I'll take it with me and give it to the "lost and found property" department.

Khushi goes to the washroom. Arnav comes back in search of his file. He keeps walking.

Arnav: Khushi loves Virat. Virat loves her too.

Arnav closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and stops thinking about it. He keeps moving.

Arnav: Where is my file? I had dropped it here. Pssp!

He moves more forward. Khushi comes out of the washroom. Arnav is behind her. Khushi doesn't feel well and falls down. But before she actually touches the floor Arnav catches her and sits down.

Arnav: Hey, what happened?

Khushi gets up.

Khushi: I am not feeling well. Sorry. Thank you.

Arnav: Go to the "medical room".

Khushi: No. I have to get back to class.

Khushi stands and starts moving. Arnav also stands, he looks at her. Suddenly he notices his file in her hand.

Arnav: Khushi.

Khushi turns.

Khushi: How do you know my name?

Arnav: Don't you know mine?

Khushi: I know. Virat told me.

Arnav: Same as with me.

Khushi smiles.

Khushi: ohh!

Arnav: Actually, that file is mine.

Khushi looks at the file.

Khushi: This is yours? You are so irresponsible. How can you drop it in the way?

Arnav: Can I have it?

Khushi: Sure.

Khushi gives his file back. He takes it and turns and starts moving. Khushi still looks at him. Arnav turns.

Arnav: Take Care.

Khushi: Thanks.

Both of them go in their own ways.

Khushi gets back to the tent and now it's going time.


Jeevika and Maanvi had hired a taxi already and they leave soon as the classes finish. Vijay also leaves. Khushi is in her car. Virat is standing right next to her.

Virat: Kya hua?

Khushi: It's still not starting.

Virat: You won't get a taxi also. This place is private. You will have to walk long. What will you do?

Khushi comes out.

Khushi: I don't know.

Virat: I didn't come with my bike today so I can't even drop you. I came with Bhaiya today.

Khushi: Huh!

Arnav comes to Virat.

Arnav: Let's go.

He sees Khushi.

Khushi: Hi.

Arnav: What're you waiting for?

Virat: Umm Bhaiya, Khushi's car has less petrol and it's not working.

Arnav: So?

Virat: Can we drop her?

Arnav: No, the time..

Virat: Bhaiya, the weather is also not good. Please.

Arnav sees both of them. A kind of angriness in his eyes with Virat and a bit of jealousy.

Arnav: Fine. Move it!

Khushi: Thank you so much.

Arnav ignores and sits on the driving seat. Virat sits beside him and Khushi at the back.

To be continued...

Sep 12, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part-18 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 29 times)


The car is moving.

Arnav: How was your day?

Virat: It was good.

Arnav: Anything interesting?

Virat: Umm..

Virat looks at Khushi through the rear view mirror. Khushi puts her index finger on her lips directing Virat not to say anything. Arnav sees it, gets angry and drives the car a bit faster. Suddenly, the thunder and lightning display their show and water starts pouring down.

Arnav: It's okay if you don't want to share.

Virat: No Bhaiya, nothing much happened today.

Khushi: It's raining quite heavily.

Arnav presses the horns.

Arnav: Move Damn It!

Virat: Bhaiya Khushi's Home is a bit far. Our house is near, let's stay there for a while and drop Khushi after the rain stops. What say Khushi?

Khushi: But It's already late.

Virat: Khushi... c'mon.

Khushi: Acha okay I'll call my dad.

Khushi picks her phone.

Khushi: Damn! No Battery!

Virat: Hey, same pinch! Haha!

Khushi: Pop.. uhh.. Virat It's no funny. I have to make a call. Dad would be worrying.

Virat: Uhh, Bhai?

Arnav takes his phone out and gives it to Khushi. Khushi takes it. Both their hands touch. Arnav looks at Khushi.

Khushi: Thank you.

Virat: Call quickly. Your dad would be worrying.

Khushi: Shut up Virat!

Virat: Okay Okay.

Khushi unlocks the phone to dial the number and sees Anjali's photo as Arnav's wallpaper. She then dials the number.

Khushi: Hello Dad.

Dad: Yes princess, where are you?

Khushi: Dad, the petrol was over in the car. So I am coming with Virat. But due to this unwanted rain, I will be waiting at his home and will be back as soon as the rain gets over.

Dad: Okay, Alright. Take care.

Khushi: Bye dad.

Khushi keeps the call and returns Arnav's cell phone.

Khushi doesn't feel well. She faints. Her head is on the door.

Arnav droves home. Both Arnav and Virat come out of the car. Virat takes a turn comes to the door Khushi's sitting beside. Arnav is there itself.

Virat: I think she slept.

Arnav opens the door. Khushi falls down. Virat catches her.

Virat: What are you doing Bhaiya?

Arnav: Carefully!

Virat: Khushi. Khushi. Get up. She has fainted.

Arnav: Yea, she was not feeling well.

Virat: How do you know?

Arnav: That's not important right now. Let's take her to the hospital.

Virat makes Khushi sit inside. Arnav gets a call.

Arnav: Yea Abhay. Now? Okay.

Virat: What now?

Arnav: Virat I'll take her to the hospital alone, you please go to my room, and fax the papers I kept on my table to Abhay. It's very important.

Virat: Bhaiya, Khushi.

Arnav: I'll handle. You go.

Virat: Okay.

Arnav sits in the car and takes a route to the hospital. But there is a lot of traffic. Arnav's car is not able to move.

Arnav: Shit!

He comes out of his car with his umbrella. Khushi comes into consciousness. Arnav turns to see her and finds her opening eyes. He opens the door, gets inside, cups Khushi's face.

Arnav: You're okay?

Khushi: Yeah I am. ..... Please let me move.

Concerned Arnav realizes his position and gets out of the car. The rain is almost over. Khushi also comes out.

Khushi: What happened?

Arnav: You fainted because you were worked up very much I believe.

Khushi: Can we go home?

Arnav: Can't you see the traffic?

Khushi asks a man.

Khushi: Excuse me, when will the road open?

Man: Well, the rain was pouring heavily and so there is so much of inconvenience. So the police has stopped cars from proceeding to prevent accidents. The road will open in the morning now.

Khushi: What? No! What now?

Arnav: There is a hotel nearby. Let's walk.

Khushi: Hotel?

Arnav: We'll have to spend the night there and then we can get back as soon as the road unblocks.

Khushi: Dad!

Arnav locks the car starts walking.

Khushi: Arey wait. I'm coming.

Arnav: Walk quickly.

To be continued...

Sep 13, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part-19 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 40 times)

Arnav and Khushi walk through the road.

Khushi is shivering and feeling cold. Arnav turns and sees her.

Rabba Ve

He takes off his coat and gives it to Khushi. Khushi looks at him and takes it.

Khushi: Thank you.

Arnav: Wear it and walk fast.

Both then rush towards the hotel.

Trinight Hotel

Arnav gets inside the hotel. Khushi follows him.

It's a very big and grand hotel. Up to ASR's mark.

Arnav: Good.

Khushi: I'm shivering. Can we please move faster.

Arnav: You wait here, I'll go and get the keys.

Arnav goes to the manager.

Arnav: Hello This is Arnav Singh Raizada. And I need two rooms urgently.

Manager: Ohh Hi Sir. But we have only one room available right now.

Arnav: What?

Manager: Sir you know about the traffic, so everybody has come here. I urge you to book the room as fast as you can or else even this will be gone.

Arnav: I am ready to pay whatever the amount is.

The manager looks at Khushi who is wearing Arnav's coat.

Manager: Sir, just because you've fought with your wife you need another room at this kind of situation too?

Arnav: What the..f? She's not my wife! She's my.. uhh my friend. And I can't stay in one room with her.

Manager: Umm, sir. There is one room which was not use for months and we are cleaning it right now. But you will have to wait for an hour.

Arnav: Okay Fine. Keep it reserved. For time being, we'll adjust.

Arnav takes out his credit card and pays the money. Then, he goes to Khushi.

Khushi: Keys?

Arnav: There was only one room.

Khushi: What? No way! I can't stay..

Arnav: After an hour we can get the other room. Till then, we have to adjust.

Khushi: But.

Arnav: it's okay you wait here and I'll go.

Khushi: Arey, what kind of a person are you?

Arnav: So, then move.

Both Arnav and Khushi get into their room. Arnav opens the door. Khushi gets in first. She goes and sits on the bed. Arnav closes the door.

Khushi takes off the coat. Arnav sits on a couch.

Khushi is not really comfortable.

Khushi: I need to call somebody. He must be caring.

Arnav: I know who you're talking about. I'll call him.

Arnav dials Virat's number and talks to him.

Arnav: Hello Virat.

Khushi: Virat?

Arnav: ..... and we are in this hotel.

Virat: Okay Bhai. You take care. Bye.

Khushi: You called Virat?

Arnav: Yeah.

Khushi pats her head.

Khushi: Arey, why did you call him? I was talking about my dad.

Arnav: Dad?

Khushi: Then what?

Arnav is confused.

Arnav: Okay. Call him.

Arnav gives his cell phone to Khushi.

Khushi calls her dad and tells him the whole thing. Till then Arnav orders coffee.

Dad: Okay Princess. But please take good care of yourself.

Khushi: Yes dad. Bye.

A waiter knocks the door. Arnav gets up and opens it. Khushi also comes to Arnav. Te waiter keeps a tray on the table. Khushi looks at Arnav in a questioned manner.

Arnav: Coffee.

The waiter leaves. Arnav closes the door. Suddenly, there is a power failure and Khushi sticks to Arnav tightly holding his shirt. Khushi is afraid of dark. Rabba Ve. The light comes back in a second. Arnav looks at Khushi who is quite frightened and her eyes are closed. Arnav is about to keep his hand on Khushi's shoulder but doesn't keep. Khushi then slowly opens her eyes. And moves away quickly.

Khushi: Sorry. Actually, I am afraid of darkness.

Arnav goes to the table.

Arnav: A little while ago you were fighting to stay in the room alone and if you would be, when the light would have gone, what would you do? I wouldn't have been there.

Khushi: What do you mean? It doesn't happen all the time. Only when I'm too scared.

Arnav mixes the coffee.

Arnav: Too scared?

Arnav smirks.

Khushi: Obviously, if I'll be with you.. then..

Arnav: Sugar?

Khushi: Huh! 2 tsp.

The manager knocks the door.

Khushi opens it.

Manager: Hello Ma'am. The other room is ready.

Arnav picks his coffee and goes near the door.

Arnav: Great! So Khushi, I will not be there. You won't be scared now. Will you?

The manager gives the keys to Arnav and leaves.

Arnav: Your coffee is there. Drink it and have a good sleep.

Arnav gets out of the room.

Khushi: Arnav ji.

Arnav turns.

Arnav: Hmm.

Khushi: Sorry. I didn't mean to say that.

Arnav stares.

Khushi: Will you please stay back?

Arnav: Excuse me?

Khushi: At least till we drink our coffee and I sleep. I have never been in such a place and I'm scared. Please.

Arnav sees Khushi scared and agrees to stay with her.

To be continued...

Sep 14, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part-20 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 35 times)

Arnav and Khushi both are sitting on the couch opposite to each other drinking their coffee.

Khushi: Thank you.

Arnav is in attitude.

Khushi: I hope you don't mind me talking to you. I hate silence.

Arnav: But I love it.

Khushi: Ohh!

Khushi stays silent.

Arnav: When you keep silent it feels abnormal.

Khushi smiles.

Khushi: Well, I am cheerful I know.

Arnav: I didn't say that.

Khushi: Forget it. Yo talk something, what's your opinion about love?

Arnav: Love?

Khushi: Yes.. Pyaar, Ishq, Mohabbat, Junoon..

Arnav: Stop it! It's all nonsense.

Khushi: As if you don't believe in it.

Arnav: I don't.

Khushi: Really? What about Saadia Shah?

Arnav: Saadia?

Arnav seizes the opportunity.

Arnav: Umm..

Khushi: Now don't tell me you both are just friends.

Arnav:You are in love with Virat, it's not me who...

Khushi: Virat? Excuse me. When did I say I love Virat? Why do you always begin and end up things with "Virat"?

Arnav is now confused. He keeps the cup on the table.

Arnav: What? You don't love Virat?

Khushi: No. Who told you?

Arnav: In the evening, somebody chased you and Virat said he loves you.. ?

Khushi pats her head and laughs.

Arnav: Why're you laughing?

Khushi: Because I guess you heard the conversation half. And that file.. was dropped then!

Arnav: Half conversation.

Some hope for something!

Khushi: Yes. Virat said to Vivek he loves me.

Arnav sighs.

Khushi: And then he continued " a friend". Haha.

Arnav feels like a fool to have misunderstood everything.

Arnav: Oh, I was in a hurry so I left earlier.

Khushi: Dropping your file?

Arnav: It was by mistake.

Khushi: Arnav Singh Raizada making a mistake.

Arnav gets up.

Arnav: Enough! It's late. I'm off to sleep.

Khushi: I will sleep too.

Arnav gets out of the room. Khushi closes it and hurries to bed, takes her blanket and sleeps.

Arnav is in his room, lying on his bed with his one hand around his head.

-Flashbacks of Virat saying "I love her" and Khushi saying " a friend" and Virat-Khushi's eye to eye talk in the car-

Arnav: I misunderstood it. Damn!

Vadhera Mansion

Viren is in the hall. Saadia is with him. Both are talking.

Viren: So, any plans of Rohan to visit?

Saadia: Not really! By the way, how much did your love track proceed?

Viren: I didn't meet her today. I can't every time go in front of her just like that.

Saadia: I can help.

Viren: But how?

Saadia: I can talk to her and then you can join me. Then, I'll leave and you can talk.

Viren: You can do it?

Saadia: Yeeeaa.. I can but.. what will I get?

Viren: Saadia, please.

Saadia: Okay Okay.

Saadia smiles.

Viren: Thank you. Can't wait for tomorrow.

Saadia: Wish me luck.

Viren: Ha! All my best wishes to you.

Saadia: So desperate?

Viren gets shy.

Saadia: It's getting late. I'll better get back to my hotel and sleep.

Saadia gets up.

Viren's mom "Vanshika" enters the room.

Vanshika: Arey beta, where are you going at this time?

Saadia: To my suite.

Vanshika: Where will you go now? The guest room is empty. You can stay there.

Viren: Yeah. You're family.

Saadia: Okay Aunty, if you insist.

To be continued...

Sep 15, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part-21 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 30 times)

Morning 7:30

A bright sunny day.

Trinight Hotel

Arnav is giving the keys back to the manager.

Manager: Thank you for staying sir.

Arnav: Have you brought my car here?

Manager: Yes, it is there outside.

Arnav: Okay Thanks.

Arnav goes to Khushi who is waiting near the door.

Arnav: Let's go.

Khushi gives Arnav his coat back.

Khushi: Your coat. Thank you.

Arnav takes it and gets outside.

He goes and sits on the drivers seat and Khushi sits beside him.

Arnav wears his seat belt and orders Khushi to do the same.

Arnav: Seat belt.

Khushi wears it. Arnav starts the car and they move.


Jeevika and Virat are sitting in the canteen.

Jeevika: So will Khushi come today?

Virat: I don't think so. Bhaiya will drop her to her house and she'll rest I believe.

Jeevika: Yeah, so possible.

Virat: Do you know today Bhaiya's friend Saadia is going to come to JULO for a lecture.

Jeevika: Really?

Virat: Yes.

Jeevika: Nice.

Trrrnnnggg... goes the bell.

Jeevika: Let's go to the classes.

Jeevika and Virat resume their classes.

Gupta Villa

Khushi's dad is waiting for her desperately. His eyes are stuck on the door.

Dad: Where is she?

Anuj: Don't worry. She'll be coming soon. She gave a call in the morning right?

Dad: Yea Anuj but I'm worried.

The doorbell rings.

Anuj: It must be Didi.

Both Anuj and Khushi's dad get to the door. Anuj opens it.

Khushi and Arnav both are on the door.

Khushi seeing her dad hugs him.

Dad: Thank go you're home. I was so worried.

Then Khushi's dad turns to Arnav.

Dad: Thank you so much for dropping her. I am so thankful to you.

Arnav: It's okay. She's home safely and now I need to get back.

Dad: Thank you so much.

Khushi gives a smile to Arnav. Arnav turns and goes away.

Khushi: Dad now I need to get ready for the university.

Dad: You must be so tired. Take a leave.

Khushi: No Dad I was in a good hotel and I was comfortable. I am so tired of doing nothing. I'll go.

Dad: Okay princess as you wish.


Jeevika and Virat are in the class. Maanvi is in too but is not near to them.

Professor: Okay that is all for today.

Virat: World record Jeevi, first time.. we are finished before the bell.

Jeevika: That too 15 minutes! Amazing!

Professor: Now a psychologist will attend you all for a short lecture.

Virat: Poof!

Jeevika: And what were we thinking?

Saadia comes inside the class.

Saadia: Hi students.

Students: Hello.

Professor: You carry on, I'll leave.

Saadia: Thank you.

Virat waves to Saadia. She waves him back and waves Jeevika too. Jeevika smiles.

Saadia: So basically you've been told that I'm here for a lecture but luckily no. I very well know how much you people hate lecture and I hate them too.

Maanvi: Interesting!

Saadia: I'm here just to interact with you buddies. Any doubts, questions or simply a light conversation.. ask me anything.

RS- Random Student.

RS: Do you already know Virat.. I mean you waved him?

Saadia: Yea.. he's my friends brother but when I'm here I'm nobody's relative or friend.. I'm here as an adviser, a counselor.

The interaction goes on.

Maanvi: What was your IQ level compared to other students of your age when you were in your university?

Saadia: Well, I was an average student at first but I left my school being the first topper in the whole city.

Maanvi: So you must be in demand then?

Saadia: Yes, JULO wanted me as their student adviser but I had other plans.

Maanvi: Ohh.. so have you joined it back today?

Saadia: Not really... I live in Dubai.. I'm here for my friend's survey campaign .. so thought of passing by.

More student talk and discuss stuff with her.

Khushi knocks the door.

Khushi: Miss, may I come in?

Saadia: Sure. Where have you been?

Khushi: I'm late.

Saadia: No problem. Get in.

Khushi finds a seat beside Maanvi and she sits there.

Maanvi: 15 minutes lecturing.. only 3 minutes are left.

Khushi: I almost missed it.

Saadia: Anything else?

Khushi: Umm.. personal question.. can I?

Saadia: Go on!

Khushi: What's your take on relationships?

Saadia: Interesting question! I like it. Where were you before?

Khushi smiles. Saadia answers the question addressing to Jeevika.

Saadia: Well, if somebody tells you that they love you, give them a chance to prove it. You always should. Don't turn away the first time. Only if you know if the person is not good, then you might ignore. Personally, I'm in a relationship too. He was just my colleague and one fine day he proposed to me.

Jeevika: What if you want to tell them?

Saadia: Go and say it. Don't wait for anything. B'cause nobody knows what happens next.

Khushi is in a slight misconception that Saadia is in love with ASR.

Viren comes to the class. He is standing outside the door. Saadia sees him.

Saadia: So times up. It was really good talking to all of you.

Many students start to leave. Saadia comes to Jeevika.

Jeevika: Hi.. can I have your autograph please?

Saadia: Aww... so sweet. There you go.

Viren enters the room.

Virat: Bhai.. aap?

Jeevika: Hey.

Viren blushes. Saadia giggles.

Viren: Hi.

Khushi and Maanvi come to them.

Khushi: Hi everyone.

Virat: Hi Khushi. I thought you won't come today.

Maanvi: Khushi, I needed some notes from you. Can we go to the canteen.

Khushi: Okay. Virat you also come.

Virat messes his hair from back, blushing.

Saadia: Khushi.. hi.. remember me?

Khushi: yea I do.. canteen!

Saadia: Yes.

Khushi: I have a little work. See you.

Saadia: Bye.

Jeevika: I'll go too.

Khushi, Virat and Maanvi leave.

Saadia: Stay na.. I wanted to roam in the whole university.. will you accompany me?

Jeevika: Okay Sure.

All three of them head out to the corridor.

Saadia asks Viren in actions on how to escape.

Viren: Uhh..Saadia I have a surprise for you.

Saadia: For me?

Viren: Yep.

Jeevika: oho. what is it?

Viren makes a call.

Viren: yea.. come in.

A handsome guy walks in.

Saadia: Rohan?

Saadia is excited to see her fiancee Rohan in India. She goes and hugs him.

Viren: It's Rohan, Saadia's fiancee.

Jeevika: I see.

Rohan: How are you, my kishmish?

Saadia: It's so good to see you.

Jeevika: I think we should go.

Saadia: Jeevika, sorry. Next time. Till then, why don't you show Viren the university. And Viren Thank you. How did you call him here?

Viren: Last night, I got hold of your cell phone and got the number.

Saadia: Smart! Thank you!

Rohan: And what about me? How I managed to come in those 12 hours. Short Notice Viren.

Viren: Ha.. Now I have your number. Next time, I'll call you 12 days before.

Rohan: That's better.

Viren: Let's move Jeevika. My last to last visit to JULO was awful. Hope it doesn't happen this time.

Jeevika laughs.

Jeevika: I hope so too.

Both of them walk away.

To be continued...

Sep 16, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part-22 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 31 times)



Viren and Jeevika are walking.

Jeevika: ..and this is the basketball ground you're too familiar with.

Viren: Yes.

Jeevika: So moonh-dikhai of JULO session over!

Viren laughs.

Viren: You're so incredible!

Jeevika: I know.

Viren: haha. By the way, thanks.

Jeevika: For?

Viren: For showing me the campus and things around. And for your blabbering all way.

Jeevika: Did that annoy you?

Viren: Not at all. I loved it.

Jeevika: Great!

Viren: You are so cheerful!

Jeevika: I take that as a compliment.

Viren: It really was.

Jeevika: Well and good.

Viren: Umm.. Friends?

Jeevika: So were you a stranger till yet?

Viren: Haha.. probably!

Jeevika shakes hands with Viren

Jeevika: Friends forever.

Viren: What's your birth date?

Jeevika: Why?

Viren: So that I remember and can wish you.

Jeevika: You are now my friend. So I give you a task to find that out yourself.

Viren: Challenge?

Jeevika: Yes!

Khushi comes to Jeevika.

Khushi: Jeevika, where were you? I'm trying to find you since so much of time.

Viren: She was showing me the whole university.

Khushi: oh I see.

Jeevika: Any work?

Khushi: Not really. Just a plan. We were thinking of taking popcorn to the ice-cream parlor after university and grab a treat from him.

Viren: Treat?

Jeevika: For making Maanvi laugh yesterday?

Khushi: Yes, that was near to impossible. And look now she has started interacting much with all of us.

Jeevika: So true!

Viren: Okay then, I'll leave.

Khushi: Why don't you come with us?

Viren: Me? You people are friends and me..

Jeevika: Khushi do you know Viren ji is my new friend.

Khushi: Really? Then me too. Friends?

Viren: Sure.

Khushi: So let's go.

Viren: Where?

Khushi: Ice-cream parlor.

Viren: But what will I do? You people are friends..

Khushi: Then what was this just now?

Viren: What?

Jeevika: You are friends with me and Khushi, Right?

Viren: Yes, but..

Khushi: No if's and but's. You are coming!

Viren: Okay.. if you insist.


Virat and Maanvi are sitting on a table. Maanvi is completing some work and Virat is staring at her, smiling. Maanvi sees him.

Maanvi: What?

Virat doesn't respond.

Maanvi: Virat?

Jeevika, Khushi and Viren come from the other side. Khushi keeps her finger on her lips directing Maanvi to stay quiet.

She then waves her hand in front of Virat. Virat suddenly gets up.

Virat: Khushi?

He turns to Maanvi, then sees Viren.

Virat: Maanvi. Bhai?

All of them start laughing.

Virat shuffles his hair from back.

Khushi: Popcorn, day-dreaming hunh?

Virat: Noo.. I was thinking about something.

Jeevika: What?

Virat: Stop pulling my leg now. Bhai you are still here?

Viren: Yes, these folks pulled me back for an ice-cream.

Virat: Ice-cream? Who is giving the treat.

Jeevika&Khushi: You!

Virat: What?

Jeevika: Yes "Popcorn".. as in Khushi's words.

Khushi: Jeevi?! Popcorn, that too we need Baskin Robbins.

Jeevika giggles.

Virat: No way! I have already spent my pocket-money for good this month. And I have really less of it.

Jeevika: Not fair yaar!

Viren: Okay Virat, I'll buy it for you.

Virat: That's like my brother!

Virat makes a fist bash up with Viren.

Jeevika: Oho.. wait.

Khushi: That's not fair either.

Virat: You people eat mangoes and please don't count the trees. You're getting the ice-cream is what's important.

Maanvi: True! But what's the occasion?

Khushi raises her eye-brows.

Khushi: Occasion? Virat?

Virat shakes his head side ways directing not to tell.

Jeevika: Just like that!

Maanvi: Just like that?

Khushi: Just like that!

Virat: Yes, Just like that!

Maanvi: Just.. like that?

Viren: Mm, hmm.. just like that!

Maanvi: Fine.. just like that!

All of them laugh. (lol)

To be continued...

Oct 7, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part-23 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 22 times)

I have discontinued the story for you all. I have no concern if you're reading it or not. I'm continuing the story here for myself for I want to see where the end will take me. Also, after reading crazy4arshi's comment I think I should continue for those who are eager to read. But please do not expect any regularity from me. I'm just continuing it for myself.

Ruble Edutainment Camp

Virat: So basically we are done with Mind Game Tent. That was tough, for a week to go. Another week!

Khushi: Yeah.. heeding towards the lecture and guidance tent, I wonder how pissed we are going to be.

Jeevika: Think Positive!

Vijay: Optimism is always better.

Virat: Ji Guru Ji!

Khushi: hehe popcorn, nice nick name for Viju!

Vijay adjust his spectacles.

Vijay: Whatever.

Lecture and Guidance Tent

All the students are seated.

The classes are in session. All of them learn and interact.

Soon later the classes get over and they are way back home.

Khushi, Virat Jeevika, and Maanvi are all walking. Viren comes running to them.

Virat: Bhai you?

Viren: Umm, Virat .. sorry guys.. just a minute.

Virat: What happened?

Viren: Virat, me and Arnav are going to Anjali di's house. You wanna come?

Virat: Yeah okay. Guys, I'll leave. Bye.

All: Bye.

Viren gives a smile to Jeevika, turns and moves forward and then turns back again and waves her. Khushi watches him doubtfully. Viren then waves to khushi and Maanvi also.

Virat: Bhai, I'll come with Bhaiya in his car and you travel in your car. if we use one car, there will be problems when we return.

Viren: Alright. So, My car is here only I was going to Arnav. You go to him and I'll leave from my car.

Virat: Fine Bhai. See you there.

Khushi has already left while Manvi and Jeevika are waiting for their cab. Viren while entering into his car sees Jeevika. Her hair is flying and her eyes blinking due to wind. Viren comes out and goes to them.

Viren: Hi, shall I drop you.

Jeevika: Uh..

Maanvi: No, thank you. Our cab must be arriving.

Viren: No Problem. But your house is in my way today. So I'll drop you.

Maanvi: How do you know our house?

Viren: Once Virat had told me.

Jeevika: Why?

Viren: Because I asked him.

Maanvi: Ohh! Why?

Viren: Uhh.. why are you people being detectives now?

Jeevika and Manvi laugh.

Maanvi: Okay Sorry Sorry. Since our cab is taking time today and you are offering us we'll go with you.

Jeevika: Mannu?

Viren: Please.

Jeevika: Okay let's go.

Maanvi: Di, you go and sit I'll just call the driver and ask him not to come.

Viren takes Jeevika to his car and opens the front door. Jeevika sits in. Maanvi then comes and sits behind. Viren starts the car.

Jeevika: How come you're on our way today?

Viren: I'm going to meet my sister.

Maanvi: Yeah. Where is Virat and his brother then?

Viren: They're coming in another car.

The windows of the car are open and a race car is in front of them.

Viren: Oh Shit!

Viren moves his car aside in a hurry and the race car passes from beside them. Maanvi gets aside due to the force and Jeevika falls on Viren. Her head hits Viren's shoulder.

Jeevika: Aah!

Viren catches her.

Maanvi: Di Are you fine?

Jeevika gets up. Both Viren and Jeevika are looking at each other. (Eye-lock)

Maanvi looks out of the window.

Maanvi: Hey you, idiot dumb, if you can't drive properly why are you driving? Rich parents gift their kids such cars and they take full advantage.

Jeevika and Viren notice Maanvi bashing.

Jeevika: Mannu, Mannu I'm fine. Leave itt.

Maanvi: Arey aise kaise? Di, note down the number.

Jeevika: Forget it Mannu.

Jeevika catches Maanvi's hand and pulls her back.

Jeevika: Sorry.

Viren: No, it's okay.Your sister loves you so much.

Maanvi: If anyone tries to hurt my sister I'm not going to leave him.

Viren: I'm impressed.

Jeevika: Take a right from here. There you go.

Maanvi: Finally we're home. Thank you so much.

Viren: You're welcome.

Maanvi gets out of the car.

Viren takes off a pair of bangles from the front desk.

Jeevika: What is this?

Viren: It's for you.

Jeevika: For me?

Viren: You wanted these right?


While eating ice-cream, jeevika stares at the bangles from the store beside the ice-cream parlour.


Jeevika takes it.

Jeevika: They are beautiful. I loved it. Thank you very much.

Viren: My pleasure.

Maanvi: Di!

Jeevika: Okay I'll leave. Bye. See you tomorrow.

Viren: Bye.

To be continued...

Oct 11, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part-24 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 28 times)

Chaudhary House

Jeevika gets into her house and wears her bangles.

Jeevika: Cute.

Bhatnagar crestRock Cottage

Anjali and everyone else are seated in the hall drinking juice.

Anjali: Chhote take some more.

Arnav: No, thank you di.

Viren enters.

Viren: Hi everyone.

Anjali: Viren? Where were you? I thought you aren't going to come.

Viren: Sorry di.

Virat: Bhai, you left before us right?

Viren: Yeah but somebody needed a lift.

Abhay: Who? Oho!

Viren: C'mon Abhay.

Anjali: It was a boy or a girl?

Viren: Girl.

Abhay: Uff!

Viren: Actually girls.

Arnav: Viren?

Arnav raises his eye brow.

Viren: Guys, chill. They were Jeevika and Manvi. Virat's friends.

Virat: Jeevi and sunshine? Kya baat hai?

Viren: Their cab was taking time so I thought I'd give 'em a lift.

Anjali: Hmm! So thoughtful of you. If you think I would say that, then you're completely wrong. Giving lifts to strangers?

Viren: Not strangers na di. Jeevika is my friend.

Anjali: Jeevika?

Abhay: What's up dude?

Viren: Areyy...

Arnav: So boring!

Abhay: Please Arnav. Chup kar.

Arnav: Stop being so shy Viren.

Virat: Bhaiya shy? Why?

Viren goes and sits beside Arnav and whispers into his ears.

Viren: No Arnav!

Arnav: The other day Viren called me saying he's in love with that girl.

Viren pats his head.

Anjali: What? OMG

Abhay: Okay.. so this it.

Virat: That is why you asked me her address and stuff.

Anjali: So why haven't you confessed it to her?

Viren: Di! How can I?

Abhay: If you think she's gonna make the first step then you're wrong. Now, Anjali and me..

Anjali pokes her elbow into Abhay to stop him.

Abhay: I mean..

He signals Viren so that Arnav doesn't see.

Viren: But.

Anjali: No ifs and buts. You'll have to confess. Okay?

Viren: What do you think Virat?

Virat: Well, never heard anything from Jeevika about you. But you should give it a try.

Abhay: Why don't you call her now?

Viren: Abey pagal ho gaya kya?

Anjali: Ahem Ahem.

Viren: I mean, now? Have you seen the time?

Virat: No problem bhai. She usually sleeps till 11.

Viren: And everyone else?

Virat: Lucky you! All sleep early while Jeevika and Manvi study.

Anjali: Oho Inquiring Shinquiring hunh?

Viren blushes and takes off his phone.

Virat: I have the number.

Viren: Virat I already have it.

Abhay: Uff!

Arnav: Can you people get serious? Viren, cut the phone. you ain't calling her now.

Anjali: Arey, what's wrong?

Arnav: Will you confess on the phone? Girls mostly prefer flowers and chocolates and a romantic proposal.

Anjali: Aaahaa As in?

Abhay: You know very much about girls?

Arnav: I meant, call her in a restaurant or somewhere else and propose to her properly like how Abhay did.

Abhay and Anjali look suprisingly at Arnav.

Abhay: What?

Arnav: Like how you proposed to my di.

Anjali looks at Abhay.

Anjali: You knew it?

Virat: Still you agreed for the marriage?

Arnav: Anything in which my sister is happy. In fact, I was overwhelmed by her choice.

Anjali smiles and hugs Arnav.

Anjali: Aww! My shweet chhote.

Arnav smiles.

Abhay: Arnav how and when did you exactly come to know about it? Before your proposal to me or later?

Arnav: Before.

Viren brushes off his air.

Viren: Aaj toh marvaega.

Arnav: Abhay, I'm Arnav Singh Raizada. I know what's happening around.

Abhay: How?

Viren(to himself) : No, no.

Arnav: Viren.

Anjali opens her mouth.

Anjali: Haww! Viren?

Abhay: Yaar Viren?

Viren: Sorry yaar actually I did it for you.

Virat: Exactly, if bhai wouldn't have told him, bhaiya wouldn't have kept this proposal Jiju!

Abhay: So true! Thanks yaar!

Viren raises his collar.

Viren: Tum bhi kya yaad rakhoge?

Arnav: But you still deserve an apology because you hided it from me.

Anjali: He's right.

Abhay: okay sorry yaar! Arnav... shweet chhote! Sorry.

Everybody laugh.

Arnav: Very Funny! It's okay.

Virat: Can we get to the point?

Abhay: Yeah! Viren!

Viren: Arnav I'll call her to a restaurant tomorrow.

Arnav: Great!

Anjali: Vireeen.

Abhay: Arey let him keep some decency. ASR's chamcha!

Virat: Bus Bus let him call.

Viren calls Jeevika.

Jeevika picks up.

Jeevika: Hello. Viren ji you?

Viren: Hi Jee-vika.

Jeevika: All okay?

Viren: Yeah. Everything fine.

Anjali looks at her watch.

Jeevika: The bangles are really cute. Thanks again.

Viren: Aah. My pleasure.

Jeevika: Why did you call me?

Viren: Why did I call?

Anjali: Tell na.

Viren: Uhh.. to invite you for dinner tomorrow.

Jeevika: Me? Why?

Viren: No. Not you. Everyone. You, Manvi, Virat everyone.

Anjali and Virat pat their head. Abhay keeps his hand on his waist and smiles. Arnav feels it all boring.

Virat: Bhai, not everyone only she.

Jeevika: Ohh! It will be fun. We'll come.

Viren: Okay thanks. Bye.

Jeevika: Bye.

Viren: Good night.

Jeevika: G'night.

Jeevika keeps the phone.

Abhay: What did you do Viren?

Viren: Arey yaar how could I tell her to come alone?

Virat: I'll make some arrangement. Don't worry.

Arnav: Di, I'm sleepy. I'll leave now. It's already so..!

Anjali: Huh!

To be continued...

Mar 25, 2013

Badmaash Dil ~ Part-25 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 23 times)

Next Day- Evening

Viren & Virat at the venue. 

The hotel is empty with some waiters moving around doing the arrangements. Viren himself has looked after the arrangements.

Virat: Vaah Bhai.. you booked the whole hotel.

Viren: Let the hotel know that it's Viren going to propose to his love.

Virat: Proposing with so many friends together? Hahaha.

Viren gives a peculiar look.

Virat: Sorry.

Waiter: Sir, all the arrangements are done. 

Viren: Thank you.

Arnav enters. 

Arnav: Nice!

Viren: Hi Arnav.

Virat gets a call.

Virat: Khushi?

Arnav: Pssp! Let's checkout the buffet Viren.

Viren: Yeah.

Virat: Yes Khushi. Where are you guys?

Khushi: We're almost there.

Virat: Okay.

Virat keeps the phone. 

Virat: Viren Bhai, they're coming.

Viren adjusts his coat. 

Arnav: Good Luck!

Viren: Thanks!

Khushi, Jeevika & Maanvi all reach the restaurant.

Khushi: Wow. Nice place.

Jeevika: Yeah.

Viren & Virat both come out.

Viren: Hi guys. Chalo, lets go in.

Maanvi: There seems to be no one except us.

Virat: That's right! Yaha koi nahi hai.

Maanvi: Why?

Viren: Uhh, I have booked the whole restaurant.

Maanvi: Amazing! But why?

Viren: Uhh..

Jeevika: Mannu, why do you ask so many questions? Let's go.

Virat: Yeah move move.

Khushi (thinking): Thank god, "ASR" is not here.

All enter the restaurant and sit on the table. 

Khushi whispers into Virat's here. 

Khushi: Popcorn, If your bro had to propose, couldn't he call Jeevi alone?

Virat: Khushi, Viren bhai is very shy.

Viren hears this as he is sitting beside Virat. He stamps Virat's foot.

Virat: Ow!!

Maanvi: Kya Hua?

Khushi: Popcorn?

Viren: What happened Virat?

Virat looks at Viren.

Virat: Nothing! I just.. uhh.. Nothing Nothing!

Maanvi: Nobody would shout just like that Virat. What is it?

Jeevika: Mannu!

Arnav comes over there.

Arnav: Hi people.

Khushi looks at him in astonishment.

Khushi: Why are you here?

Arnav: Excuse me?

Khushi: No. I mean. Join us. 

Arnav raises his eye-brows. 

Arnav: Well. Let's go to the buffet and serve ourselves.

Everyone gets up.

Viren takes Virat aside.

Viren: Abbey yaar, kaise karun?

Virat: Bhai I feel like laughing so loud right now. I know how I'm controlling. 

Viren: You laugh and you leave.

Virat: Bhai, wait I'll do something. First let's go and serve our tummy's.

Viren: Okay.

Both of them reach the buffet corner and find Arnav & Khushi fighting.

Arnav: But I was first.

Khushi: Arey, haven't you heard the idiom- Ladies First.

Arnav: But how can you expect me to pour half and then wait for you. 

Khushi: No, you go on.

Arnav: No I don't need it anymore. You take it.

Khushi: Oh god! You please take it.

Arnav; But..

Viren goes to Arnav & Jeevika to Khushi.

Viren: Arnav, come with me.

Jeevika: Khushi, what're you doing. Let's take that.

Khushi: Jeevi, I'm not fighting. We're just talking.

Arnav: Viren? 

Viren: Come na Arnav. 

Both send Arnav & Khushi to other sides. And then come to each other.

Jeevika: Khushi is crazy sometimes.

Viren: No Arnav is angry all the time.

Jeevika: These people always fight. God knows what will happen to them.

Viren: Seriously. 

Both smile.

Virat: Jeevi come here.

Virat takes Jeevika the other side.

Viren (thinking): uhh! This Virat! 

All of them seated on the dinner table.

Virat: Tasty food.

Arnav: The chefs are all well-trained.

Khushi: Umm.. let's take the desert now. Maanvi come with me.

Maanvi: Okay.

Virat: I'm coming too.

Jeevika: I'll also come.

Virat: No No Jeevi. You wait. Let us take, then you come.

Jeevika: Alright.

Virat gives an eye wink to Viren. 

All go except Arnav.

Viren: (coughs)

Arnav: Water?

Viren signals him to go.

Viren: No thanks.

Arnav: Excuse me.

Jeevika & Viren are on the table alone.

Arnav comes to Virat and others.

Khushi: Yaay Popcorn!

Maanvi: What happened Khushi?

The lights goes off and the spot light comes onto Viren & Jeevika.

Jeeevika: What's happening?

Viren: Jeevika.

Maanvi: What is all this?

Virat: Shh. 

Khushi: Maanvi, Viren wants to marry your sister.

Maanvi: What? This is insane. Let me go stop this.

Virat stops Maanvi.

Virat: What are you doing?

Maanvi: Di will never agree. Leave me.

Khushi: Maanvi please wait.

Viren sits down in proposing manner.

Jeevika: Viren ji.

Viren takes off a ring from his pocket.

Viren: Jeevika, I fell in love with you since the day I first saw you. I love how you speak, walk, do things, meet people. I have never met anyone like you. You make me feel that the world is beautiful. Your heart is so pure that I couldn't stop myself from loving you. It took me time to say this. But.. Truly, Madly, Deeply I'm in love with you. 

All are waiting for Jeevika to reply.

To be continued...

Mar 26, 2013

Badmaash Dil ~ Part-26 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 16 times)

Jeevika is blank.

Maanvi (softly): No.

Jeevika gets up. 

She looks at Viren. His eyes spoke. She thinks for a while.

Jeevika: I.. don't think you know what you're telling.

Viren: I'm telling the truth. My heart beats for you hard. Will you marry me?

Jeevika: .... No... I don't.. love you. You're a nice person but I can't marry you.... I will marry the man my family chooses for me. 

Maanvi: Leave me.

Virat: Damn it.

Khushi: Oh no! God please, please please please.

Arnav: God is going to do nothing.

Arnav goes to Jeevika.

Arnav: Why can't you marry him? He's successful. He's rich. And he loves you.

Khushi: What is this person doing? *facepalm*

Maanvi: Can't you understand once? I should have known. You people are rich and so you think you can control our lives?

Arnav: What the!

Viren: It's not like that.

Maanvi: Then, like what?

Jeevika: Maanvi.

Maanvi: Please Di. It's enough. Let's go. Lets go from here.

Viren stands up.

Viren: Listen to me. Please.

Maanvi catches Jeevika's hand and starts leaving. Jeevika looks at Viren but turns back and leaves.

Khushi: Jeevika!

Both of them leave. The lights are on.

Viren sits on the chair with his head down.

Virat goes to Viren.

Virat: Bhai. Don't give up. I'm sure one day she'll realize.

Viren: No. 

Viren's tears drop out.

Viren: I should have never told her. It's all my fault. At least, we could have been friends. 

Khushi: Viren ji, Is your love so weak to give up this easily?

Viren: She told me she doesn't love me. How can I think more about it?

Khushi: Try to make her realize what she's losing. She will come back. I know.

Virat: Bhai don't lose hope.

Viren: I don't know. I am going back. 

Viren leaves.

Virat: Areyy Yaar! 

Khushi: I'll leave too. Take care Virat.

Khushi leaves too.

Arnav: Lets go home Virat.

Virat: Why did you do thus Bhaiya?

Arnav: What did I do?

Virat: In Love, these wordly things don't matter. Your words provoked her to leave.

Arnav: I don't think I told anything wrong.

Virat: Yes. How can I forget. You're always right. Huh.

Virat leaves.

Chaudhari House

Jeevika and Maanvi are in their room. Jeevika is sitting in front of the dressing table. She's removing her bangles and stuff. Maanvi is roaming from one corner to the other.

Maanvi (softly): How can he even tell that? I'm not getting it.

Jeevika: Mannu, let's sleep. I'm tired.

Maanvi: Yes Di. Let's just forget this as a bad dream.

Jeevika: Hmm.


Both of go and lie down on the bed. Both turned to each other backside. 

None of the two are able to sleep. 

Jeevika thinks about everything that happened. All the meetings of her with Viren.

Tears run down. 

Vadhera Mansion

Viren reaches home. His mother was waiting for him.

Vanshika: Viren, you're back. How was the dinner?

Viren says nothing and goes to his room. 

Vanshika: Viren beta. What happened? Lord, please keep things good.

He closes the door, removes his coat and sits on his bed. He thinks about everything that happened. Wipes his tears. Switches on the radio. The radio talks about love. He furiously throws the machine on the ground. 

He sits down on the ground on his knees and weeps.

Viren: Why god? Why? Is my love going to be incomplete? 

He takes support of his bed. 

Viren: I love you. I love you with all my heart. I wish you'd understand. I wish you would. You may not love me. But I will continue to love you. 

He utters out these words and gulps in; his misery. 

Vanshika knocks the door. 

Vanshika: Beta, open the door.

Viren wipes all his tears and gets up. He opens the door.

Vanshika: Viren. You were crying?

Viren goes and sits on his bed. Vanshika sits beside him. Viren keeps his head on her laps.

Viren: Maa.

Vanshika: What happened Viren?

Viren: *sobs* I love someone.

Vanshika: I know. Anjali told me. And I was waiting for you to come and tell me what happened.

Viren: But she doesn't love me Maa. She doesn't love me.

Vanshika: Viren, love will find it's way. You are very tired now. Sleep beta.

Vanshika slides her hand on Viren's hair kindly.

Viren tries to sleep.


Virat reaches his house and enters his room. He starts playing a video game but throws it as he is not able to play it. Tensed.

Bhatnagar crestRock Cottage.

Anjali: I guess the dinner must be over by now. Shall I call Viren?

Abhay: No. I think you should wait.

The door-bell rings.

Abhay: Who would it be at this time?

Abhay opens the door. It's Arnav.

Abhay: Arnav. Get in.

Arnav sits on the couch.

Anjali: What happened Arnav, tell us.

Arnav: Can I get a glass of water?

Anjali & Abhay look at each other.

Anjali: 1 minute.

She gives him a glass of water. 

Abhay: Is everything fine? Did Viren propose Jeevika? 

Arnav after drinking the water, narrates everything to both of them.

Anjali: How is Viren now?

Arnav: He's totally broken. Virat thinks I'm responsible for this.

Abhay: No. It's not like that. 

Anjali: Let's talk to Viren tomorrow. You don't take it on yourself Arnav.

Arnav: Di, I don't want to go home today. Can I stay here?

Abhay: Sure Arnav. You don't need to ask.

Anjali: I'll open the guest room now.

Arnav: Thanks.

Arnav spends the night at Anjali's house.

To be continued...

This update had to be touching! 

Thank you so much for the love guys. This update made me cry myself while I was writing it. But trust me, it needs to be this way now.

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