Badmaash Dil [It's gotta be you!]

Jul 22, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part - 7 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 26 times)


Virat enters the house. He is damn scared. He sees the servant pass by.

Virat: HP (Hari Prakash), where is bhaiya?

HP: Sir is in his room. He is very angry.

Virat: What? How do you know?

HP: He asked me to the bring the coffee and when I brought it, hw threw it telling he doesn't want now as I'm late.

Virat: Ohh gosh! Okay where is Mom?

Gayatri comes over there.

Mom: I'm here Virat.

HP leaves.

Virat: Mom did you talk to Bhaiya after he came back?

Mom: No I didn't. Why?

Virat: Was he behaving unusual?

Mom: No. But what's the matter?

Virat: Nothing. I'll tell you later.

Virat runs upstairs to Arnav's room. Arnav is not in his room.

Virat: Where is Bhaiya now. Must be near the poolside.

Virat goes to the poolside and knocks the door. Arnav is sitting on his chair with the laptop.

Arnav: I don't want the coffee now. Didn't I say?

Virat: Ahem. Bhaiya it's me, Virat.

Arnav: Ohh! Come on in.

Arnav stops working and closes the laptop. Virat comes inside. Arnav stands up and comes to him.

Virat: I'm sorry Bhaiya, I was just..

Arnav: I never expected this from you. This is what you do in the university. No respect for the teachers, nothing. Not concerned even about your family's reputation. I don't want you to be a careless and ill-mannered guy. The way you were talking...

Virat: Bhaiya it is..

Arnav (shouts) : Do not speak when I'm speaking. Do you understand?

Virat: Sorry.

Arnav: Firstly, you aren't respecting the teachers. How can you even talk about them this way? And your friends... Superb! Especially that girl, who was leaning on your back, how ill-mannered!

Virat: Bhaiya she's my friend.

Arnav: A girl? Friend? Wake up Virat. Friends are of no profit to us.

Virat: They make us laugh, make us happy.

Arnav: Everything works for money. If you hadn't been my brother, and if you hadn't been rich. You would have never got those friends. I'm sure that girl who was so friendly with you must be looking for some profit with you!

Virat: Bhaiya, do you remember, when we were young, you used to bring us some extra-awesome pastries from the Bindya Chocolate Cake Company.

Arnav: So what?

Virat: Khushi is the heir of that company.

Arnav: Wow! Interesting! What is that company in front of me?

Virat: So basically she is not my friend for any profit.

Arnav: I don't care. I'm not going to punish you this time. Just warning you. Start behaving and do not tryna act smart.

Virat: Huff! How can you control me?

Arnav: I still can.

Virat: I need a shower.

Arnav: I'll give you one.

Arnav pushes Virat inside the pool.

Virat: Bhaiya.

Arnav smiles.

Arnav: Kabhi Kabhi Bhai pe trust kar lena chahiye. Don't worry I'm not doing anything. Enjoy! Remember- Be in your limits.

Virat laughs. Arnav walks out.

Virat: Woohoo. Love you Bhaiya.

Arnav: Love you too.

Chaudhri House

Jeevika is on her study table. Maanvi comes to her.

Maanvi: Di, where were you today in the university. I couldn't find you.

Jeevika is lost in some thoughts.

Maanvi: Di...

Jeevika: Viren is such a nice name right?

Maanvi: Viren.. yeah kind of. Di?

Maanvi shakes Jeevika.

Jeevika: hunh? Yea Maanvi. What is it?

Maanvi: Di, what happened to you?

Jeevika: Nothing.

Maanvi: I was asking where were you in the university today when we were free.

Jeevika: There are some better things other than the library.

Maanvi: I know. But right now, study is important.

Jeevika: Hmm. Maanvi you know what happened at JULO today?

Maanvi: What?

Jeevika tells everything to Maanvi.

Maanvi: Ohh di. Why did you get in the mess? If the big man does something then?

Jeevika: I was helping Virat.

Maanvi: Please don't take that stupid name in front of me.

Jeevika gives a smirk.

Jeevika: Yeah, right.

Maanvi: Okay Dabbu was calling me to play badminton and I am bored. So I'm going. You also come.

Jeevika: Alright. Let's go.

To be continued...

Aug 25, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part 8 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 27 times)

I am sorry. I really am.

Vadhera Mansion

Viren is lying on the right of his bed. The radio is on.

Viren: She was so pretty. Beautiful and elegant! I wonder what her name is.

Viren turns rights.

Viren: Why am I thinking so much about her? Abbey! But I can't deny she was so sweet. Lovely!

Viren gets up.

Viren: uhh! What the hell am I thinking? I am gone crazy.

Viren gets up from the bed and picks up the jug and pours water in the glass which is kept on the side table.

Radio: Hello lovely ladies and graceful men. This is DJ Raj from Fm 6.99. Today's hot topic is love.

Viren takes a sip of water.

Viren: Love? Interesting!

Radio: Love is an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment. Love is also a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection -"the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another". Love may describe actions towards others or oneself based on compassion or affection.

(Thanks to wikipedia :D)

Viren sits on the bed.

Radio: Do you always think about only one person? All the time?

Viren shakes his head in approval.

Radio: Is the person's face stuck in your mind?

Viren: Yea.

Radio: Does the person make you feel better every time you see her?

Viren blinks his eyes in affirmation.

Radio: Do you find the person the most beautiful or prettiest in the world?

Viren: Yes, Yes, Yes!

Radio: If yes, then you are in love!

Viren: What? No! Really?

Radio: Still confused? Not sure? To find out more contact our Love Guru Sameer at 9873465977. Simple and easy.

Viren notes down the number in his mobile.

Viren: No way!

He keeps the cell phone on the table and gets up and goes to his study table. He takes a novel.

Radio: Never underestimate yourself. Don't overlook your feelings. Call Love Guru Sameer on 9873465977.

Viren: Try kar hi leta hoon!

He leaves the book, turns off the radio, takes his cell phone and calls Sameer.

Sameer: Hey, Love Guru Sameer here.

Viren: Hi.

Sameer: So love boy, may I know your name?

Viren: I prefer not to tell.

Sameer: That's completely fine. Tell me, your problem?

Viren: I met a girl today...


Virat is having the joystick in his hand and is playing the play station. The analogues moving irresistibly till the big brother arrives. Arnav enters in.

He looks around. Everything is messed up and dirty. The CD's lying on the bed. Pens and books lying on the study table. Wardrobe open. Virat is busy playing.

Arnav: What the..? Virat!

Virat pauses the game and looks at him. He stands up.

Virat: Bhaiya? Why did you come? You could have called me.

Arnav: What is this Virat? The whole room messed up like anything!

Virat rolls his eyes.

Virat: Umm.. I was searching for a game. It was lost. This one.. which I'm playing right now.

Arnav: Not interested! Clean it up later.

Virat: Sure. Why are you here Bhaiya?

Arnav stares him.

Virat: I mean.. you.. once in a blue moon.

Arnav: yeah. Listen up! There is this Educational Camp for 3 weeks. It is a survey conducted by Abhay's company. I and Viren will also be with him for support and good publicity.

Virat: Wow. Jiju's company? So I should congratulate him right?

Arnav: You do that later but listen, I want you to participate in this camp. It's really interesting and informational. You'll have lots of IQ quizzed and games. Lots of interactions. Psychologists from Canada, UK and Dubai will be here. They will also conduct career guidance programs. It will be running all the week leaving sundays. Saturday is like half of the day and you have some non-constructional activities like singing, dancing and music. You can skip that, I won't mind.

Virat (thinking): What I don't want is interesting and what I want is non-constructional, eh?

Arnav: So what say?

Virat: Bhaiya it will be boring for me since I don't know anyone. You will be busy and..

Arnav: You can take a few friends of yours too. That's fine.

Virat: What about my university? How will I cope up?

Arnav: Don't worry about that. This will be conducted in the evening 5:30 to 8. Saturdays- 6-7. You have to tell me quick as we have to buy tickets online and today is the last day as the survey starts from tomorrow.

Virat: Okay if you say, I'll go. My friends?

Arnav: Yeah sure.. tell me how many I'll arrange tickets for them too.

Virat: Total 5.

Arnav: That will be done but there's a little problem.

Virat: Now what?

Arnav: The tickets will be faxed tomorrow in my office. How are you going to give it to your friends hunh?

Virat: Damn! Now?

Arnav: Uhh okay.. I'll send it through Aman tomorrow morning to JULO. Alright?

Virat: Perfect.

Arnav pats on Virat's shoulder.

Arnav: So be ready. Be Attentive and act smart for you know I, Abhay and Viren will be the most honored there and most of the people know that you're my brother.

Virat smiles.

Arnav leaves.

Virat: Hoof! Education Camp? Bad Luck Virat! Ab kya karoon?

Poor Virat has to do what big brother says.

Vadhera House

Sameer: Ohh! Love boy! You really are in love. The way you described her was so lovable.

Viren: Love? Are you sure?

Sameer: Damn sure! It's called the first sight love.

Viren smiles.

Viren: Really? I don't believe it. Thanks bro.

Sameer: Anytime.

Viren cuts the line.

Viren: Boy!

Viren calls Arnav.

Arnav: Hi Viren. Whats up?

Viren: Arnav, I'm in love.

Arnav: What the? Are you in your senses?

Viren: I told you about the girl I met today. Remember?

Arnav: The prankster?

Viren: Yea.. she only.

Arnav: You are kidding me!

Viren: Yaar I seriously love her. She is different from everyone.

Arnav: Love is stupid and fictional. It exists only in books and dramas. It fits their itself. Real life? No chance. Stop thinking about it and focus on your future.

Viren: You aren't getting me. Leave it! You won't understand.


Arnav: Smart people know what they are doing and don't fall in the clutches of emotions.

Viren: Talking to you is useless. I'll better talk to Abhay. He'll help me out. You na.. just concentrate on your business and files.

Arnav: Certainly! But remember.. you are just wasting your time.

Viren: Acha ok. Bye. See you tomorrow.

Gupta Villa

Khushi is watching TV with her dad.

Dad: Woah! Lovely voice right princess?

Khushi is lost in thoughts and doesn't respond to her dad's comments.

Her dad comes and sits beside her.

Dad: Princess? Khushi?

Khushi: Yes Dad. Sorry I was thinking about something.

Dad: Still thinking about that man?

Khushi: Dad he was so rude. What does he think he is? I hate him.

Khushi's dad keeps his hand around her.

Dad: Look beta. Sometimes, we come across such people but we should ignore them and forget it. If you keep thinking about him, then it means he is really affecting you. If he means nothing, then why bother? Just forget it right?

Khushi: You're right dad. I should forget all this and concentrate on my studies.

Dad: Right. It's late. Let's go to sleep.

Both of them switch off the TV and go to sleep.

To be continued...

Aug 26, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part 9 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 26 times)

Morning 8:55

AR Office

Arnav is in his cabin. He is drinking hi black tea. Viren enters the room.

Viren: Hi Arnav.

Arnav: Viren? Here?

Viren: Yeah, just to meet you.

Arnav: Fishy? Nowadays we are meeting too often.

Viren: What kind of a friend are you? You should be happy and you're instead sad?

Arnav: I'm not sad! I am just confused.

Viren: Sob!

Arnav: Stop it Viren and take a seat.

Viren sits on the chair.

Aman- Arnav's Manager knocks the door.

Arnav: Come in.

Aman: Sir, the tickets are here.

Arnav: Yeah ok thanks. Would you go and deliver it to Virat in JULO.

Viren: JULO? Arnav, I'll go and give.

Arnav: Why you? Aman or any other worker can deliver it.

Viren: I'll go na I'm telling you.

Arnav: Aman you give the tickets to Viren.

Aman gives the tickets to Viren.

Aman: Thank you Sir.

Aman leaves.

Arnav: Why do you wanna go? So much of travelling just to give the tickets to Virat.

Viren: Any problem?

Arnav: Why will I have any problem? Just asking!

Viren: There is some reason.

Arnav: Wait a minute. You're back after that girl you met?

Viren: Huh!

Arnav: Viren have you lost it?

Viren: Bye I'm going.

Arnav: Viren!

Virean leaves.

Arnav: Unbelievable!


Virat is playing basketball. Khushi and Jeevika are cheering him. Vivek and Maanvi are sitting in the canteen. The canteen is located such that the lobby is visible.

Khushi: Virat.. go. go!

Jeevika: Khushi I have to complete some notes. I'll be back. We don't have a lecture in the morning right?

Khushi: Yeah ok you go.

Jeevika goes to the canteen.

Virat ends the game and comes and sit beside Khushi.

Khushi: Well played sir.

Virat takes a bow.

Viren enters the university. He finds Virat and Khushi sitting near the basketball ground. He comes to them.

Viren: Hi Virat.

Virat and Khushi get up.

Virat: Bhai? Hey.

Viren smiles.

Khushi: Hi Sir. Khushi.

Khushi forwards her hand.

Viren: Hii.. Viren. (shaking hands)

Virat: Bhai you here?

Khushi: I am really sorry for the other day. I didn't really know that you're Viren. I thought you were..

Viren: Arnav right?

Khushi: yeah. Sorry. Because of us, you had to face so many problems.

Viren: Haha. That's okay. I learnt a few pranks that's it.

Khushi smiles.

Khushi: You are so sweet. Virat is super-sweet. What's up with your other brother hunh?

Viren: Forget it. Where's that girl?

Khushi: Which girl?

Jeevika sees Viren from the canteen.

Jeevika: Viren? Here? Maanvi I'll come back.

Maanvi: Okay di.

Jeevika goes out.

Viren: That girl who was with you. The one who..

Jeevika: Hi..

Viren smiles.

Jeevika: Mr.Viren Singh Vadhera right?

Viren: Yeah.

Viren forwards his hand. Jeevika shakes hand with him.

Jeevika: Jeevika. Nice to meet you.

Viren: Same here. By the way, nice name. Jeevika <3

Jeevika: I am really sorry for the day before. We didn't know..

Viren: That's completely okay. Khushi has already apologized for it.

Jeevika: I have to go.

Viren still didn't leave her hand.

Viren: Sure.

Jeevika: My hand?

Viren leaves Jeevika's hand.

Viren: I'm sorry.

Jeevika(smiling): No problem. Bye.

Viren: Bye.

Khushi: Wait Jeevika I'm coming too.

Both Jeevika and Khushi leave.

Virat: Now will I know why you're here?

Viren: Umm... to meet

Virat: Meet?

Viren: uhh.. to give these tickets.

Virat: Ohh! Tickets! I thought Aman was going to come.

Viren: Yeah he was. But I came. I also had to accept apologies you see.

Virat: Haha. I am really very sorry for that bro. You know.

Viren: Ya, ya. That's okay. See you in the evening then.

Virat: Sure. Bye.

Viren: Bye.

Viren leaves. He comes and sits in his car.

Viren: Jeevika. Beautiful.. name.



Virat comes and sits on the table where Jeevika, Maanvi, Khushi and Vijay are seated.

Virat: Hi Guys.

Khushi: Hey. Viren is gone?

Virat: yeah.

Maanvi: Di, I'll take another table. Come Vivek.

Virat: Arey wait. I have a good and bad news for all.

Maanvi: Not interested.

Jeevika: Mannu.

Virat: Please sunshine.

Maanvi: Urg! Stop calling me sunshine or I'll leave now.

Virat: Okay sorry.

Jeevika: What's the news?

Virat: Did you people hear about the Ruble edutainment camp?

Vijay: Yeah. That is really really interesting and educative.

Virat: We're going there.

Vijay: I can't. It's too expensive. Moreover, yesterday was the last day to get registered.

Maanvi: Not everyone is as rich as you. Stop acting the richest and making us feel low.

Jeevika: Let him speak at least.

Virat: What? I already bought the tickets. I'm not a freak to ask money from you people and get registered. You are my friends.

Khushi: Virat we know. Chill.

Vijay: You bought the tickets for us? But one ticket costs so much.

Virat: Anything for friends and for me it is no problem.

Maanvi stands up.

Maanvi: I don't want any ticket from a chep like you! Keep it for yourself.

Virat: How rude! Even I don't want to give it to you.

Maanvi: Fine!

Maanvi leaves.

Khushi: Why does Maanvi always think the wrong way?

Virat: She has lost it.

Jeevika: I am sorry from her behalf.

Khushi: Virat I don't know what it is. Can you explain?

Virat: My jiju's company is hosting it and my brother asked me to join in as it is very informative. I was allowed to bring my friends too.

Vijay: Am I coming?

Virat: Absolutely. In fact.. all five are going. Oops four now!

Vijay: Wow! Lovely! I always wished for it. Thanks.

Khushi: Great!

Jeevika: Nice. But Maanvi always wanted to go. Virat?

Virat: No Jeevi.. didn't you see the way she talked to me was ridiculous.

Jeevika: I'm sorry. But I assure you she will behave.

Virat: I am still not satisfied.

Jeevika: Assignment exchange please.

Virat: Ohh no Jeevi!

Khushi: C'mon Virat. She just got hyper. She'll be okay.

Virat: Alright.

Virat opens the envelope and passes on the tickets.

Jeevika: Thanks. Lecture time yaar. Chalo!

Vijay: Let's go.

Khushi: You both go, we are coming.

Both of them leave.

Khushi: Virat.. so much of anger on your sunshine?

Virat: Wasn't it too much Khushi?

Khushi: It was but think of the positivism. You both can meet everyday in the evening.

Virat: But what's the use when she doesn't even want to see my face.

Khushi: She will have to. Take this as a challenge Popcorn!

Virat: Right!

Virat smiles.

Virat: Now I'll make her fall in love with me.

Khushi: Way to go!

To be continued...

Aug 27, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part 10 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 27 times)

Evening 5:20 PM

Ruble Edutainment Camp

Abhay: Arnav and Viren are seated in the hall.

Abhay: Arnav what do think? Will everything turn out to be successful?

Arnav: Well, there are already so many bookings and people are coming from across the world to lecture. So I guess everything will turn out good.

Viren: Last year, when we had this camp it was a hit. This year also it will be.

Abhay: hopefully!

Virat enters the hall. Abhay sees him.

Abhay: Virat is here.

He calls out to Virat. Virat looks at them and comes to them.

Virat: Hi Jiju.

He hugs Abhay.

Virat: Hi bhaiya, Hi Viren Bhai. How is everything going?

Viren: Everything is going good.

Virat gets a call.

Arnav: Who's it?

Virat: Khushi.

Arnav wasn't really pleased to her that.

Virat: Hi Khushi.

Khushi: Where are you popcorn? We all are here.

Virat: You're here? Where?

Khushi: I'm near the ice-cream parlor.

Virat: Okay I'm coming.

Virat cuts the phone.

Abhay: Go.. meet you after the hours.

Virat: Sure. Good Luck. Bye.

A lady comes to them. She is wearing jeans and tops with a muffler around her.

Arnav: Saadia.. we were waiting for you.

Saadia Shah is a psychologist from Dubai. She is Arnav, Viren's and Abhay's school friend and a great business woman too.

She hugs Arnav.

Saadia: Hi Arnav. How are you?

Arnav: I'm good. How was your flight?

Saadia: It was good. Hi Viren.Hey Abhay.

She hugs both of them.

Saadia: How are you all? Last time we met in Abhay marriage. Didn't we?

Abhay: Yeah. 8 Months ago.

Viren: We missed you.

Saadia: Same here.

Arnav: Would you like to take some hot chocolate smoothie?

Saadia: Don't remind me. I want it now.

Arnav smiles.

Viren: Haha.. your love for it still lives hunh?

Saadia: Forever love.

Abhay: Haha. Truly!

Virat goes to the ice-cream parlor which is in the same camp.

Khushi, Jeevika, Maanvi and Vijay were waiting for him.

Virat: Hi guys.

Khushi: Hey.

Jeevika: All okay?

Virat: All set.

Vijay: Thanks a lot Virat. Love you!

Virat: Love you too.

Maanvi is standing behind and is now very shameful.

Jeevika touches Maanvi's hand calling her, urging to say sorry to Virat. Maanvi comes in front. Virat turns away his face.

Maanvi: I am sorry.

Virat doesn't listen. Maanvi turns to Jeevika, she urges her to say once more.

Maanvi: I shouldn't have told you that. I'm really very sorry.

Virat: Khushi did you see that. So funny. (pointing to a board which said "Cries")

Maanvi gets hyper now!

Maanvi: Ai Virat.. Look I'm saying sorry doesn't mean...

Jeevika: Maanvi!

Maanvi stops.

Virat: What?

Maanvi: Sorry. I just can't control my anger sometimes. I really am sorry.

Khushi: Virat. C'mon now.

Virat: Alright. That's okay.

Maanvi: Thank you so much.

Maanvi jumps with a happy face. Virat is amazed to see her like that.

Maanvi: I love this place. It's so pleasant.

Jeevika hugs Maanvi and is happy too.

Virat smiles seeing Maanvi.

Khushi gives a hit to Virat's shoulder from her shoulder raising her eye-brows. Virat smiles and says nothing.

Many people have assembled in the ground. Abhay comes on the stage and takes the mike.

Abhay: Hi girls and boys. This is Abhay Bhatnagar, the founder and producer of the camp. I welcome you all to the Ruble Edutainment Camp. There are total 168 students present here. Each of you will be divided into 4 groups revived from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry.

All the students applause and hoot.

Virat: Woah! That's cool! I love it.

Maanvi: I just love Harry Potter.

Virat: The movie or the hero?

Maanvi: Umm.. both!

Maanvi chuckles.

Abhay: All the students will have to assemble in those four rows. There will be 42 of you in one row and then we will give you your houses.

Somebody keeps a hand on Khushi's shoulder from back. She turns and finds Vivek there.

Khushi: Vivek?

Vivek: Hi Khushi. Look how luck brought us together.

Khushi is annoyed.

Virat: Vivek? Ohh god!

Vivek: Hi guys, can I join you people?

Jeevika: Hell No!

Abhay: You can all go and stand in any row you wish to.

Vijay: Let's go.

Vivek is angry!

All five of them move into the 2nd row. Vivek goes in that row but a Ruble man stops him.

Ruble Man: Sorry. 42 Already in. Please choose the other row.

Vivek: What? Khushi you wouldn't be wanting to come I know. Maanvi will you come with me?

Maanvi: How do you even think that? I and with you? Impossible.

Vivek: You hate Virat and can't be with him. So why not me?

Maanvi: Excuse me. Virat is much better than you are. I would rather choose his company if I have to choose between you and him. Go and see your face in the mirror.

Vivek: How dare you?

Virat: Ai! Didn't you hear what she said? Now please move away.

Vivek goes into the 3rd row.

Khushi: Thank god, he is not in the same group.

Virat: Yeah!

Virat offers his hand for a high five to Maanvi. But Maanvi turns away. Jeevika does it instead of her.

Jeevika: High Five!

Arnav, Viren and Saadia are seated on the stage but are hardly visible due to the crowd. Viren comes and takes the mike now.

Jeevika: Viren ji. Virat?

Virat: Yeah, he, jiju, bhaiya and a lady from Dubai who was Bhaiya's good friend in his school- I don't remember the name| are monitoring it all.

Khushi doesn't hear it.

Viren: Are you guys ready for your group names?

Students: Yesss!

Viren: 1st group- is the Hufflepuffle. 2nd Group- is the Gryffyndor. 3rd Group- is the Slytherin. And the 4th Group is the Ravenclaw.

Viren: I am sorry I forgot to mention who I am. I am Viren Singh Vadhera. I, Abhay, Arnav Singh Raizada and Saadia Shah will be monitoring all of you for these 3 weeks.

Virat: Saadia Shah- the name.

Khushi: Arnav Singh Raizada too?

Virat: Yep!

All four of the monitors come and start distributing the batches for the groups. Viren distributes for the Hufflepuffle, Saadia to the Gryffyndor, Arnav to the slytherin and Abhay to the Ravenclaw.

Viren: "You might belong in Hufflepuff,

Where they are just and loyal,

Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,

And unafraid of toil."

Saadia: "You might belong in Gryffindor,

Where dwell the brave at heart,

Their daring, nerve and chivalry

Set Gryffindors apart."

Arnav: "Or perhaps in Slytherin,

You'll make your real friends,

Those cunning folk use any means,

To achieve their ends."

Abhay: "Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,

If you've a ready mind,

Where those of wit and learning,

Will always find their kind."

All get their batches.

Virat: Wow! Amazing!

Khushi: Super-awesome!

Jeevika: I just love them.

Arnav feels thirsty and moves to the canteen.

Khushi: I need water. I'll go to the canteen and come back.

Both of them go to the canteen. Both come from different directions and hit each other. Khushi was about to fall but Arnav catches her.

Khushi: Ow!!

Rabba Ve. Both make a eye-lock.

To be continued...

Aug 28, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part 11 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 24 times)

Had to correct some sentences.

"A lady comes to them. She is wearing blue jeans and a red top with a thin white muffler around her neck.

Saadia Shah is a psychologist from Dubai. She is Arnav, Viren's and Abhay's school friend and a great business woman too. She keeps visiting India for business deals and her family."

Ruble Edutainment Camp


Khushi and Arnav are lost in the innocent eyes of each other. Arnav gets a call. Both of them come back in their senses and Arnav stands and leaves Khushi. He picks up the call with his headset.

Arnav: Hello. Yes. I'll call you later.

Khushi: Than..

Arnav: Can't you see and walk?

Khushi: Excuse me. You hit me.

Arnav: No you did.

Khushi: Uhhh! Fine. Sorry.

Khushi walks away to the canteen. Arnav comes over there too. Both of them speak together.

"One Mineral Water Please."

Both look at each other.

Arnav: What?

The canteen man comes and gives Arnav the water. Arnav starts moving.

Man: Sorry Ma'am we had only one water bottle left.

Arnav turns.

Khushi: What? Damn!

Arnav: What do you mean only one was left? What kind of service is this?

Man: Sorry Sir. We had no idea that so many bottles will be sold out so soon. Actually we are dealing with Ruble for the first time.

Arnav: What the hell? How can you be so irresponsible.

Arnav fights. Saadia who is far away sees Arnav and comes to him.

Khushi: It's ok. He..

Arnav: When you are dealing with Raizada's and Vadhera's and make such mistakes it is intolerable.

Saadia: What happened Arnav?

Arnav: They don't have enough water for everyone.

Saadia: Howcome you make such a mistake man?

Man: We are extremely sorry.

Saadia takes her phone and calls someone.

Saadia: Hello. Yeah. I need 10 cartons of mineral water now. Okay. Thank you.

Arnav: Who did you call?

Saadia: Problem solved. Water is on it's way. Chill.

Arnav: Goodness! Thanks.

Saadia: Hey Khushi right? Virat's friend?

Virat had introduced all his friends to Saadia when she came to distribute the batches.

Khushi: Yea. Hi again.

Saadia: I am too busy. We'll talk later okay. Arnav let's go.

Arnav and Saadia start moving. Khushi looks at Arnav. Arnav turns.

Saadia: What happened?

Arnav goes to Khushi and handovers his water to her.

Arnav: You take this. I'll take another one. Few bottles will be there inside the head department room.

Khushi: No. It's okay.

Arnav: I said Take it!

Arnav shouts. Khushi takes it. Arnav walks away. Saadia smiles.

Saadia: You and your anger. You should have given it calmly.

Arnav: Whatever.

Khushi: Ye kya tha? So arrogant!

Saadia: Acha you go to Viren. He was searching for you. I'll come.

Arnav leaves.

Saadia comes to Khushi.

Saadia: Please don't mind. He is just like that.

Khushi: No problem.

Saadia: See you later. Bye.

Saadia leaves.

Khushi opens the bottle.

Khushi: Ohh! I didn't pay his money back. How silly of me. I'll give it to him later.

Khushi drinks the water and goes back to Virat and group.

Jeevika: Khushi, give me some water.

Khushi: Here. Take it.

Jeevika: Thanks.

Saadia takes hold of the mike.

Saadia: All of you have got your batches and are pinned on your shirts I believe. Allow me to explain the procedure to you. You will do nothing in groups except for something little in the end. Everything will be done individually but when you do something you get a point for it. Each time you get a point, it will be added to your group total.

Maanvi: Great!

Saadia: At the end of the camp. All points will be counted and the group scoring more will be the winner. The person who has the highest points in a group will come to receive the certificates from the esteemed panel of chiefs. These certificates help you in getting bonuses in colleges, universities and higher educational systems.

All the students applause.

Viren: I request the Hufflepuffle to move into the craft & literature tent. Gryffndor in the mind game tent. Slytherin in the lecture & guidance tent and Ravenclaw in the knowledge & practice tent. Thank you.

Virat: Chalo guys. Mind game tent.

Vijay: It will be fun.

Jeevika: Doesn't seem so. I wanted to go in the craft & literature tent.

Khushi: Me in the lecture & guidance.

Maanvi: Knowledge and practice looks good.

Virat: Mind game is the best guys. And we have to go in those tents some or the other day. Let's start with this now.

Khushi: Right! Let's move.

Ruble Head Department

Arnav, Viren, Abhay and Saadia are sitting on different couches provided.

Saadia: It's so good to be back in your country.

Abhay: That's why I tell you to stay back every time.

Saadia: Dubai, a businessman's paradise. I can't leave that.

Arnav: I agree. Work first. Leisure later. Abhay what do we have to do next?

Abhay: Umm, we all gotta move into those 4 houses one by one.

Viren: Together?

Saadia: No that will be a disturbance. If I start with the Slytherin, Arnav you be in the Hufflepuffle, Viren in the Gryffyndor and Abhay in the Ravenclaw. Let's be there for five minutes and then all move into the other tent. We all will sit in each tent for 5 minutes. And then get back.

Arnav: Cool.

Saadia: So which order will we move in?

Abhay: The way you said is okay. We'll move in the last half-an-hour.

Mind Game Tent

Sarah James Smith, a very learned lady.

Sarah: So have you all gone through the rules, regulations and have also seen some mind-blowing models and have heard great linguists and journalists. Now we have a game. A riddle round.

Khushi: Nice!

Viren comes in.

Sarah: Welcome Sir.

Viren: Hi guys.

Sarah: Six questions will be asked. Whoever gives the answer will be given a Galaxy bar by Chief Viren. Ready?

Students: Yes!

Sarah: If two's company, and three's a crowd, then whats four and five ?

RS- Random Student.

RS: Four is double company and Five is crowded company.

Viren and all smile.

Sarah: oops that's the wrong answer. Any other?

Vijay: Four and Five is Nine.

Sarah: That's the correct answer!

Vijay moves his spectacles in order to show his intelligence.

Virat: Wow!

Both Vijay and Virat do a high five.

Sarah: Second question, A man was born in 1955. He's alive and well today at age 33. How is this possible?

RS: I know this one. A man was born in 1955. He's alive and well today at age 33. How is this possible?

Sarah: Right!

Sarah asks more.

Sarah: Now, the last question. Whoever answers this will be given not one but 2 points. What causes a sudden increase in heart rate, a loss of memory and overall brain function, but is not a drug?

Nobody turns up.

Sarah: Hard but the best!

All students are in doubt and uncertainty.

To be continued...

Aug 30, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part 12 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 27 times)

Sarah: Second question, A man was born in 1955. He's alive and well today at age 33. How is this possible?

RS: I know this one. He was born in the hostpital with the room number 1955.

Sarah: Right!

Sarah asks more.

Sarah: Now, the last question. Whoever answers this will be given not one but 2 points. What causes a sudden increase in heart rate, a loss of memory and overall brain function, but is not a drug?

Nobody turns up.

Sarah: Hard but the best!

All students are in doubt and uncertainty.

"Love" whispers a girl. All turn around. Viren looks at her. The girl raises her voice.

Jeevika: Love causes increment in heart rate, we forget whats happening everything around and start thinking of someone being in another world.

Virat and Khushi look at her in amazement.

Viren stands up and claps his hands. All of them start applausing.

Sarah: Absolutely correct! Kudos to you girl!

Jeevika gives a big smile.

Khushi: Wow Jeevi! Love hunh?

Jeevika: Just knew it!

Sarah: I request all the five students who answered correctly to come and collect their bars.

Jeevika, Vijay and 3 others go to collect it. All take it one by one. Jeevika comes in the last.

Viren: Congratulations.

Jeevika: Thanks.

Viren: Jeevika right?

Jeevika: Yeah. You remember me?

Viren: How can I forget the disaster day?

Jeevika giggles.

Jeevika: Haha. Okay I'll leave. Bye.

Viren smiles.

Viren: Bye guys.

Viren leaves. Saadia comes in. After 5 minutes she leaves too. Abhay makes a visit then and leaves. Arnav enters in.

Sarah: Welcome Sir.

Sarah: We are almost at the end of our session today. For the last activity we have a magic game. I will put on 10 cups here which will be kept upside down and you one will contain a ball under it. I will show you and then shuffle it up and one of you will have to point out that cup. To add up a bit of spice I request Mr. ASR to play with us. It will be a challenge for the students.

Arnav: Alright.

Sarah: Great! I will call Magician Zulu to help us out here.

A man comes in.

Sarah: So who will come here? Umm.. you! Come out!

Sarah points out to Khushi.

Khushi: Me?

Virat: Go Khushi, you can do it.

Khushi: I can do it but your brother?

Khushi whispers slowly.

Virat: What?

Jeevika: Go na Khushi!

Khushi: Okay Okay.

Khushi climbs up. Arnav sees her in amazement as for each time destiny brings them eye-to-eye.

Khushi: Hi.

Arnav doesn't reply.

Virat: Jeevi let's go for a bet. If Khushi wins, you win and if Bhaiya wins I win.

Jeevika: Done.

Virat: No one can defeat Bhaiya.

Jeevika: Let's see. You already know, Khushi always wins.

Virat: Yeah. let's see.

Sarah: Zulu, go for it.

The magician shuffles up the cups so quick that it was really hard to identify.

Khushi: Uff!

Sarah: Both of you can point out the one you think the ball is beneath.

Arnav and Khushi both keep their hand on the same cup. Khushi's hand is under Arnav's hand.

Rabbe Ve

Both look at each other. Arnav moves his hand. Khushi takes her hand away too.

The magician lifts the cup and the ball was in.

Sarah: Wow. That's a draw. No worries.

The students applause.

Virat: Hey! That's pretty cool.

Jeevika: So the bet is at draw too.

Jeevika and Virat laugh.

A bell rings in order to mark up the ending time.

Sarah: So we end up our day 1 in Ruble. Thank you students.

Student: Thank you Miss.

Ms. Sarah leaves and the students also start leaving. Arnav and Khushi are still standing there.

Arnav: Well played.

Khushi: Thank you.

Virat, Jeevika, Maanvi and Vijay climp up.

Virat: Wow Khushi. You did it! I thought you wouldn't be able to defeat Bhaiya.

Khushi: Who got defeated?

Arnav: It was a draw. Doesn't happen all the time.

Khushi: Uhh, by the way.. here's your money. I forgot to give it at that time.

Arnav: Money? For what?

Khushi: You gave me your water right.

Virat: Khushi you are paying for a water bottle? C'mon.

Arnav: Virat, are you coming with me or will you go back yourself?

Virat: Bhaiya I came on my bike so I'll return with it.

Arnav: Sure. See you.

Khushi: But wait. I don't take anybody's favors. Take the money.

Arnav: You are Virat's friend so how is it a favor? Keep it.

Arnav wears his goggles and leaves.

Virat: Khushi, I told you. Keep it.

Khushi stays quiet.

To be continued...

Sep 2, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part 13 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 16 times)

Morning 10:05 AM


Khushi and Jeevika are in the canteen. They are completing some work.

Jeevika: Yesterday was fun right.

Khushi: Hmm, but didn't like a few people.

Jeevika: But yaar this Vivek. I don't understand what he thinks of himself. He is just getting worse day by day.

Khushi: yea. He was half-mad now aspiring to go full mad. I wanted to laugh when he asked Maanvi to accompany him.

Jeevika: Haha. Ya. Seriously. I know. Idiot.

Khushi: If he messes up with Maanvi then neither she will leave him nor Virat.

Jeevika: Yes. ...... Umm, why Virat?

Khushi: Uhh. I mean, umm you know like when any of us is in trouble Virat comes and saves us right.

Jeevika: Ha you mean super-man-giri.

Khushi: Yess.

Both of them laugh. Virat comes there.

Virat: Hii girlies. What happened? So much of smiling and laughing.

Jeevika: Come Virat. You have a very long life.

Khushi: Naah, think of the devil and the devil comes. Haha.

Virat: Ha Ha Ha Very Funny!

Virat sits beside them on the chair.

Virat: What were you talking?

Khushi: Nothing much.

Virat: Ahh, that reminds me of something. Bhaiya is coming to JULO today?

Khushi: What? Why?

Jeevika: What happened now?

Virat: Chill, he is not coming to inspect me. He is coming to meet the principal. It seems as if our Principal is going to be present in Ruble for a day.

Khushi: Ohh! So Mr. Robert Eric Allister is invited too? Great!

Jeevika: I just hope everything goes fine.

Virat: Everything will go fine. Chill!

AR Office

Arnav is on his laptop. He is doing his work. He feels thirsty and so he picks up the glass kept on the table to drink water. He takes it near his mouth and then sees the glass. He gets reminded of the incident happened the day before. *Arnav gives his water to Khushi* Then he drinks it.

Arnav: Seems like a nice girl but doesn't know how to behave properly. Snap it!

He continues with his work. Somebody knocks the door.

Arnav: Come in.

It's Saadia. She comes in with a flower bouquet.

Saadia: Hi ASR.

Arnav: Hey. Sit Sit. Flowers?

Saadia: Not for you.

Arnav: I knew it. You already know how much I hate them.

Saadia: Yes. You and your enemy list is stuck in my mind. It's for Mr.Allister.

Arnav: Ohh! I nearly forgot that I have to meet him today.

Saadia: I know. We'll move now?

Arnav: I have some work. We'll move in half-an-hour.

Saadia: Half-an-hour? What will I do till then.

Arnav: Why don't you help me out? You have a good sense of designing don't you? Just pick out some good designs from these.

Arnav handovers a file to Saadia.

Saadia: Okay.

Saadia gets a call.

Saadia: It's RK.

Arnav: Talk to him.

Saadia: Hello RK.

RK- Rishabh Kundra is a superstar who lives in Mumbai. A very famous actor. (Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, Superstar RK)

RK- Yeah Saadia. I'll make it that day.

Saadia: Nice. Thanks.

RK- Ok. See you. Bye.

Saadia: Bye.

Arnav: What did he say?

Saadia: He's coming.

Arnav: Cool!

A man knocks the door.

Arnav: Come in.

It's a man. He brings with him a cup of hot-cold chocolate smoothie.

Arnav points to the smoothie asking Saadia to see it.

Saadia: OMG! Arnav you're the best! Eee..

Arnav smiles.

Arnav: Say something new.

To be continued...

Sep 2, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part 14 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 30 times)


Principal's Room

Saadia knocks the principal's room.

Principal: Come in.

Saadia and Arnav both get in.

Saadia: Hello Mr.Allister.

Principal: Ms.Saadia, welcome. Hi Sir.

The Principal shakes his hand with Arnav. Saadia gives the bouquet to the principal.

Principal: Thank you. They are lovely. Please take a seat both of you.

All of them are seated.

Saadia: Actually we are here...

Principal: First tell me if you would like to have tea or coffee.

Saadia keeps her index finger under her nose, smiles and looks at Arnav.

Saadia: No thank you. I just had something liquid.

Principal: No Problem. Would you like to have something solid?

Saadia: Uhh, no thank you.

Principal: But..

Arnav: She's fine Mr. Allister. Can we go on with the important thing.

Principal: Sure sure.


The teacher is explaining. Jeevika and Maanvi are sitting together and in front of them are Khushi and Virat.

Virat (in a low voice): Khushi, isn't it boring?

Khushi: Shh! This is important. Listen to it.

Virat turns back.

Virat: Jeevika?

Maanvi: Shh!

Virat: Sigh!

He turns in front again, looks here and there. He then keeps his hands under his face and sits quietly. Poor he.

Principal's room

Principal: Sure I will come.

Saadia: Done?

Principal: Yes. Absolutely!

Arnav: Okay then, see you. We have some work now.

Saadia: Yeah. Thank you for your time.

Principal: No problem at all.

Both of them come out of the room.

The bell ring. The classes are over.

Arnav: Wasn't he trying to flirt with you?

Khushi is passing through the Principal's room. She sees them.

Saadia: I think so. But you destroyed it.

Arnav gives a smirk.

Saadia laughs and hits on Arnav's shoulder.

Saadia: ASR!

Arnav nods his head and then notices Khushi. Khushi walks away.

Saadia: What happened? What are you looking at?

Arnav: Nothing. Let's go.

Both of them move out. They sit in the car and leave. Khushi watches them leave through a glass pane.

Virat calls Khushi.

Virat: Khushi, what happened? Why are you standing here?

Khushi: Nothing. Your brother and came and went.

Virat: Ohh!

Khushi: Saadia Shah was with her too.

Virat: Really? Nice.

Khushi: She's been in touch with your brother even after school. Very good relationship, eh?

Virat: Don't know. But she's bhaiya's very good friend. I have seen Bhaiya comfortable only with one girl and that is Saadia. Otherwise, he hates girls.

Khushi: I see.

Virat: When it comes to me, he says there is no need of making girls your friends but he himself has a "girl" as a "friend" among his 3 best friends.

Khushi: Haha. He thinks he is always right doesn't he?

Virat: Probably! Achcha listen today I am thinking of making Maanvi laugh!

Khushi: Maanvi? What's your plan?

To be continued...

Sep 3, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part-15 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 24 times)



Maanvi is sitting on a table reading a book. She hears a tune played from a flute. It stops. She looks around and finds no one so continues reading her book. She hears a tune once again. She closes her book, keeps it on the table and looks around. Suddenly Virat jumps in. He is in a joker costume.

Virat: Chaka raka chi chai cho chaka lo rum

Gando vando laka raka tum

Akko takko iddi giddi giddi go

Iddi pai vidi pai chiki chaka cho

Gili gili mal sulu sulu mal

Maka naka huku buku re

Tuku buku re chaka laka

Bikko chikko sili sili sili go

Bagad dum chagad dum chiki chaka cho

Maanvi smiles.

Maanvi: What is this?

Virat: Shhhh..!

Virat plays the flute once again. Jeevika, Khushi and rest of the students walk in. Virat starts singing the "Bum Bum Bole" Song.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

Virat: Dekho dekho kya woh ped hai

Chadar ode ya khada koi

Baarish hai ya aasmaan ne

Chod diye hai nal khule kahin

Oh hum jaise dekhe yeh jahaan hai waisa hi

Jaisi nazar apni

Khul ke sochein aao

Pankh zara phailaao

Rang naye bikhrao

Chalo chalo chalo chalo

Naye khwaab bun le

Maanvi smiles and sees everyone wearing silly and different costumes.

Everyone: Hey hey hey hey ehhhhhh.

Bum bum bum(bum bum bum)

Bum bum bum bole(bum bum bum bole)

Hey bum chik bole(bum chik bole)

Arre, masti mein dole(masti mein dole)

bum bum bole,masti mein dole

bum bum bole,masti mein tu dol re

Each of them are singing and dancing. Revolving around Maanvi and asking her to smile and laugh.

Virat: Bhala machliya bhi kyun udti nahin

Aise bhi socho na

Socho sooraj roz nahaye ya

Baal bhigoke yeh budhoo banaye hume

Yeh saare taare tim timaye

Ya phir gusse mein kuch badbadate rahein

Khul ke sochein aao

Pankh zara phailaao

Rang naye bikhrao

Chalo chalo chalo chalo

Naye khwaab bun le

All of them shake Maanvi to sing and dance with them.

Everyone: Hey hey hey

bum bum bole,masti mein dole

bum bum bole,masti mein tu dol re

Maanvi laughs loudly. She is very happy to see everyone like this and starts singing and dancing with them.

Virat keeps seeing her dance with Khushi and Jeevika so happily forgetting every problem and leaving behind all tensions.

He turns back and smiles.

Virat: I did it!

Suddenly the principal enters in.

All the students see him and stop. Every one is now tensed for anything can happen to them. Some are looking down, some fixing their caps, some looking here and there.

The principal is in a very angry mood. He then smiles.

Principal: Bum bum bole,masti mein dole

Bum bum bole,masti mein tu dol re

All the students throw their hats and caps and start dancing.

All are happy!

To be continued...

Sep 7, 2012

Badmaash Dil ~ Part-16 (By Angelina) (Thanked: 22 times)

Evening 5:30


Mind Game Tent

Sarah: 2nd Day!! One day less from a week to stay in the mind-game tent now.

Khushi, Virat, Maanvi, Jeevika, and Vijay are all present and seated. [ J, K, Vir, Vij, M ] The students are in session.

After a while, Khushi talks.

Khushi: Popcorn, now I'm feeling a bit bored.

Virat: Even me.

Khushi: Let's escape and bunk for a while.

Virat: Nice idea.

Khushi: Jeevi, let's go.

Jeevika: I'm coming.

Maanvi calls Virat.

Maanvi: Virat.

They were about to get up but they stop. Vijay is between Maanvi and Virat.

Virat smiles when Maanvi calls her,

Virat: Yes.

Khushi: Popcorn we have to go otherwise Ms.Sarah will turn.

Jeevika: Talk later.

Virat: She will think I'm trying to ignore.

Khushi: You talk we'll move.

Virat: Fine.

Jeevika and khushi both get up and try to escape.

Virat asks Vijay to move on his seat. Both interchange.

Virat: Yes Sunshine.

Maanvi: I'm sorry.

Virat: Sorry? You? Uhh, I mean.. for what?

Maanvi: I always thought you were a bad guy and used to bash you up with words...

Virat: It's okay. I didn't mind.


Jeevika and Khushi finally get out of the tent.

Jeevika: It's so quite. No one is around.

Khushi: Everyone is busy in their classes.

Jeevika: Good.

Khushi: Yeah.

The place is quite and nobody is around. They keep walking and talking.

Jeevika: Let's go to the canteen and bring some food.

Khushi: You go. I'll watch from here. What if someone like the chiefs and teachers come?

Jeevika: Alright. I'll go.

Jeevika goes.

Mind Game Tent

Maanvi: And thank you.

Virat: Thank you for?

Maanvi: For caring about me and making me laugh this afternoon. It means a lot.

Virat(in a low voice): And you mean a lot to me.

Maanvi: Hmm?

Virat: My pleasure!

Maanvi smiles.

Maanvi: Friends?

Maanvi forwards her hands.

Virat has no bounds of happiness.

He shakes hands.

Virat: Friends forever!

Both smiling turn back to classes.

Virat: Aren't you bored? They are teaching the same tricks.

Maanvi: Yeah, kind of.

Virat: Then let's bunk.

Maanvi: Bunk? No way. Di won't..

Maanvi looks for Jeevika and she's not there.

Virat: They are already gone.

Maanvi: Then what are we waiting for?

Virat smiles.

Virat: You're adventurous.

Maanvi: Wait. Let's take Viju.

Virat looks at him, lost in studies.

Virat: Wanna explore something wild? Let's leave him.

Maanvi and Virat escape through the other side. Thankfully, the students are co-operative and didn't complain.

Vijay: Virat?

Vijay turns and doesn't fine Virat and notices even Maanvi isn't there. He turns the other side and realizes that Jeevika and Khushi are also not there.

He rolls his eyes left and right and makes a cry face.

Poor Vijay!

To be continued...

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