OS...(one shot).. your essence

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Jul 11, 2012

OS...(one shot).. your essence (By Kriya) (Thanked: 32 times)

hello everyone...!!!! i would like to write about small small sequence and little bickering and romance between arnav and khushi that i wanted to see in the show...!!! it has nothing to do with the current track..!! just something came to my mind and i penned it down...!!

anjali: chotey chotey..!!! oh ho..!!! open the door chotey.....

arnav: uugghhh coming di....!! give me 2 mins....!!!!

anjali: 2 mins is a long time..!!! please come out..!!!

arnav: its an important phone call di...!!! i promise i will be there in 2 mins..!!

anjali: ok and your time starts now..

arnav: khushi just say i love you... so that i can go out..!!

khushi: who is stopping you???

arnav: don't do this to me..!!! we have been dating from past 2 months and in all that time let me see how many time you have said that??? hmmmmm 2..!!!

khushi: arnavji you know how i feel... than why you want to hear it...??

anjali: chotey your time is up...!!!

arnav: say it or else i will never ever talk to you... and i mean it..!!!

khushi: arnavji i love you..!!

arnav: hmmmmmmm i love you more..... and will call you before bed...!! bye... and please be safe...

khushi: smiles..!!

anjali: chotey if you won't come out now i will call your jijju to break this damn door......

arnav opens the door in exasperation: whats the emergency di that you just won't leave???

anjali: khushi's parents are here to fix your wedding date.. and they wanted to see you..

arnav: ok but why are you excited.....

anjali: well finally YOU are getting married...... i mean YOU AGREED... i just feel like i'm still dreaming..

arnav pinches her...!!!

anjali: OUCH!!! what was that for???

arnav: well you are not dreaming di...!! he smirks at her and off he goes to see his future in laws...

as he descends the stairs... he saw his nani and khushi's mom and dad talking to panditji..!!!

nani: are arnav bitwa aaiye..!! come sit with me..!!

he goes there touches his in laws feet and sits next to nani..

panditji: deviyaniji shaadi ke 2 sabse acche mahoorat hai.... 1 2 weeks baad and 2nd 4 months later....

khushi's mom: i think 2 option is better.. it will give us more time to prepare...

nani: yes..!! i think so too..!!

arnav: looks at anjali with pleading eyes....

anjali: thinks of taking her revnge: yes nani i think the second option is best..!! after its ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA's wedding...

arnav: but...!

nani: what??

arnav: i have a call to attend...

anajli: nani: i think 1st option is better... our chotey can't wait for that long.....

they all laugh and set the date for after 2 weeks...

arnav is all tensed in his room... 4 long months... he can't wait that long... he has to do something...!!

he calls khushi again..

khushi: now what happened????

arnav: 4 months can you imagine..!!!

khushi: what about 4 months???

arnav: our wedding.... i mean 4 months that is sooooo far away,.... if i could i will marry you right now...

khushi laughs..: aww arnavji you are so impatient..

arnav: i love you.... you love me..... and now i want to start living with you...!!! in my arms...!!

khushi: laughs..!!!

they talk for sometime and fall asleep..!

Jul 11, 2012

OS...(one shot).. your essence (By Kriya) (Thanked: 9 times)

amm guys its not a story..!!! its just something i wanted to see..!!! but alas never happened..!!! from now on i will be posting small scenes that i wanted to see happening between arnav and khushi..!!! so sorry for the disappointment..!!

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