Arshi moments story no.12 - I can't stand you...but my life is incomplete without you <3

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Jul 6, 2012

Arshi moments story no.12 - I can't stand you...but my life is incomplete without you <3 (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 55 times)

Anjali sat in the car whilst Arnav drove through Lucknow. She'd somehow managed to convince him to go out with her and to drive her around whilst they spent the day together, something they hadn't done in ages.

'Chote stop!' Anjali squealed and pointed at a stall. 'Look...they're selling sweets!'

'Come on Di...they're cheap...I can get you better ones.' Arnav said sharply but Anjali had already left the car and was advancing the stall quickly. Arnav sighed and also got out.

'Namaste.' Anjali said to the girl at the stall. The girl had long hair and her eyes were lined with the blackest kohl.

'Namaste, can I help you?' she said shyly.

'Can I try some of your sweets?' Anjali said smiling. The girl nodded and handed her a jalebi. Anjali gasped in was amazing!

'Who made this?'

The girl smiled and called out. 'Khushi!'

'Han Jiji...i'm coming!' Khushi called back.

'It's my sister...Khushi. And i'm Payal. ' the girl said to Anjali. Anjali nodded as Arnav caught up to her.

'Namaste.' the girl said to him and Arnav ignored her.

'Di come on, you might get sick from's cheap.'

'Sorry what?' Khushi said as she approached Payal.

Arnav frowned. 'Was I talking to you? Do I even know you? Actually...why would I? Everything's too cheap here.' Khushi gasped at his rudeness.

'Why would she get sick? We make the finest sweets in Lucknow!'

Arnav rolled his eyes.

'It's true Chote...these are amazing!' Anjali said to him. 'By the way, i'm Anjali.' she said to Khushi and Payal. They both folded their hands to her.

'See! Told you they were good.' Khushi said, folding her arms.

'And Chote...stop being rude...' she said whacking his arms. 'This is Khushi and Payal.' she said pointing to them. Payal once again folded her hands to him in politeness but Khushi just frowned at him. Arnav held cold eye contact with her and then looked away.

'Di, I don't care.' he muttered.

'Sorry for that...Arnav's always been like this.' Anjali said smiling apologetically at them. 'I bet he's just jealous that he can't eat your sweets! He's diabetic you see...' Anjali said giggling. Arnav narrowed his eyes at her.

'I make sugar free sweets too!' Khushi said hurriedly.

'Of course you do.' Arnav whispered scathingly.

Khushi came back with a box of jalebi's and walked around the counter to look at Arnav. She picked one up and, in her excitement, shoved it in his mouth. Arnav looked at her in shock and the smile got wiped off of Khushi's face as she quickly retreated. Anjali laughed.

'Khushi!' Payal said gently, tugging her back and hitting her. 'Calm down!'

'No wonder he's diabetic Jiji...he's rude, arrogant and doesn't let anything sweet come into his life!'

Payal nudged her and they both laughed.

'So what do you think?' Anjali said as she watched Arnav slowly chew. He hesitated.

'I think we should get out of here.' he said pulling Anjali away.

Anjali turned around whilst he pulled her away. 'Thank you!'

'How rude!' Khushi muttered but she couldn't help but look up at him as he walked away. Arnav also looked back at her and he didn't know why.

'Leave it.' Payal said gently and walked to the back of the stall to prepare more sweets. Khushi put away her jalebi's and stood at the stall, fixing the till.

'Stupid till...' she said as a shadow surrounded her. She looked up and saw Arnav and jumped back.

'Kya?' she said bluntly.

'Di wants a box.' he said, throwing money at her. Khushi's eyes widened at the amount of money he'd thrown at her and gave him his change. Arnav studied her carefully...he wondered why she hadn't taken all the money.

Khushi fixed his box and gave it to him. 'There you go...Chote.' she said, batting her eyelashes at him and laughing. Arnav gave her a stern look and the smile wiped off of her face...but she once again burst out into laughter. She tried to contain herself and fixed herself up and put a straight face on.

'Take it.' he threw the money back at her. 'You obviously need it.'

Khushi raised her eyebrows. 'What's that meant to mean?'

'That it's probably more money than you'll ever receive or see in your life.' Arnav said to her, harshly. This silenced Khushi and tears welled up in her eyes.

'And for the record, nobody gave you permission to feed me anything.' he snarled and turned away. He heard Khushi sniffle and closed his eyes. What had he done? He began to walk away from her, so as to leave this behind forever.

'Wait.' he heard her say. He stopped in his tracks and waited for Khushi to walk around him to face him.


Khushi shoved the money in his pocket. 'I don't want your money. I might not be as well off as you, but I know i'm a lot happier than you will ever be. Money can't buy you that.'

Arnav looked at her, shocked at the guts of this girl. He advanced on her and Khushi stepped back. 'It can buy you anything.'

'No. Not happiness...or love.' she said fiercely.

'I don't believe in love.'

'Good...because it's something you'll never get!' Khushi said and haughtily turned away, her plait swishing in the air. Arnav turned his head, his face contorted into shock at how she spoke to him. He was fuming! He paced back to the car and slammed the door closed.

'You seem to have got on pretty well...' said Anjali, a silent spectator who was looking through the window.

'Whatever. I'm never coming here again.' But he couldn't get Khushi out of his mind, her milky skin, her almond eyes and her hair that was so luscious. Arnav gripped the steering wheel. 'Get a grip on yourself man.' he thought to himself and drove away, as fast as possible.

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Jul 8, 2012

Arshi moments story no.12 - I can't stand you...but my life is incomplete without you <3 (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 55 times)

So so so sorry for the laaaate update. Here goes...

Days passed by and Khushi couldn't get that rude man out of her mind.

'Devi Maiyya...he was so rude! No wonder I cannot get him out of my mind!' she muttered to herself as she chopped the vegetables.

'Arre Khushi...what are you saying to yourself now?' Payal said, hitting her on the arm lightly.

'Kuch nahin...just that ignorant man!'

'Who?' Payal asked frowning.

'That...what was his name? Ar...Arnav! Han, that. Or rather...Chote!' she said, narrowing her eyes at his name.

'Don't worry about that, you'll never see him again! Anyway...we need to go out's amma's birthday soon and I want to get her something special...we will go to that modern mall in Chandni will be expensive but she's worth it.' Payal said, pondering.

'Han...I agree.' Khushi said, pacing and rubbing her hands together, her excitement growing. 'Let's go!'

'At least finish cutting...' Payal began but Khushi had already pulled her arm.

Arnav was the same, he didn't know why he couldn't get her out of his mind. Maybe because no girl had ever spoken to him like that, they all fell like flies for him...he wasn't used to this vivacious personality from a woman.

'She's cheap and has no wonder you can't forget her.' Arnav muttered to himself.

'Since when did you start speaking to yourself?' Anjali said, limping in.

Arnav ignored this and gave her a half smile.

'Can you come to the new mall in Chandni Chowk with me?'

'Di...I have work...'

'Please Chote...for me...' Anjali pleaded. Arnav sighed and gave in.

'Fine...let me just get my blazer.' he said and they headed downstairs.

Khushi entered the first mall she'd ever been to. 'I wonder who created such big buildings full of shops!' she said looking around and frowning at the automatic doors.

'Look at those doors...' Payal said, timidly walking up to it, deciding whether to trust it with opening when she walked up to it.

'Oh look...they have rides!' Khushi said excitedly pointing to what she didn't realise was an escalator.

'Khushi...they're just moving stairs!'


They both tried to stand on the escalator and wobbled trying to balance themselves. Khushi smiled when she got her balance and looked proud of herself as the escalator went up. She turned around to see the escalator next to her that went downwards and the smile got wiped off of her face as Arnav stood on it and made eye contact with her.

'WHAT THE...' he yelled. Khushi just opened her mouth in shock as he moved downwards and she moved up, away from each other. Their heads turned as they watched the distance grow between them.

'What's wrong?!' Anjali and Payal both asked at the same time, Arnav and Khushi just brushed it off. Khushi wandered around cautiously and hid behind shelves so as to not bump into him.

'What are you doing to me Devi Maiyya?! That ignorant man...' she walked backwards holding a bottle of perfume in her hand, examining it and wondering whether to show Payal who she had managed to lose.

'Di...Di!' Arnav called out, walking backwards as he also tried to avoid Khushi. He bumped into someone and caught onto their arm. He turned around and so did the person.

'TUM?!' They both yelled at the same time. Khushi looked up at him, furiously and blew her fringe out of her face. She looked at his hand holding her arm and felt a strange sensation overcome her belly and she quickly moved back.

'What are you doing here?!' They both yelled at the same time.

'Me?!' they said in unison.

'Han tum!' Khushi said, pointing at him.

'How is that any of your business?' Arnav said coldly. 'Besides, at least I can afford this place.' he spat.

'Khushi squared up to him but before she could say anything, Arnav pulled the perfume out of her hand and snorted.

'You planning on buying that?' he said sarcastically.

'And how is that YOUR business?'

'Oh it's not...but just so you don't die of humiliation at the till, let me inform you, you can't afford that.' he said, thrusting it back at her. Khushi looked stung at his words and she stepped back.

'What I can and can't buy has nothing to do with you.' she said quietly, looking down and wiping the tears that had overwhelmed her. Arnav looked at her hurt face and guilt flooded him. Before he could say anything, Anjali approached them.

'Arre...tum! Khushi na?' she said, saying namaste to her. Khushi put on a smile.

'Namaste Anjali Ji.' she said politely. Arnav watched how she put on a smile even when he had upset her immensely. They exchanged formalities.

'Actually Khushi Ji...I was wondering if you do deliveries?' Anjali asked. Khushi nodded and Anjali wrote down her address on a piece of paper. Khushi wrote her number on another piece and handed it to her.

'Whenever you need anything, don't hesitate to call me!' she said chirpily, avoiding Arnav's gaze.

'Khushi...there you are!' Payal said. She saw Anjali and Arnav and said her namaste's. 'Did you find anything?'

Khushi hid the perfume bottle behind her back and shook her head. 'No...nothing.' Arnav's eyes darted to her face and then her hands hiding the perfume behind her. He felt guilt pang in his heart.

'Come on then...we have to be quick!' Payal said and said her goodbyes.

'I'll get in contact with you soon!' Anjali called to Khushi who nodded. Payal pulled her away and Khushi turned around to see Arnav staring at her. She broke their eye contact, a meaningful look in her eyes.

Arnav stood there, mesmerised by the magic that this girl held. He had never met anyone like her in his life.

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Jul 9, 2012

Arshi moments story no.12 - I can't stand you...but my life is incomplete without you <3 (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 58 times)

Arnav sat in his room that night thinking of the girl that had fallen from the sky, into his life. A girl that he would never have associated with and would never have thought twice what was so different about her? He'd made her cry twice already, but why did he feel guilty for it when he never would have before? She'd managed to put a smile on her face when he'd hurt her, and she spoke to him with audacity. It confused him as to why she hadn't reacted like other girls when they came into contact with him. She didn't seem affected by his looks or status...she just treated him as an equal. He was used to people looking up to him, not look at him and pass him off for anyone random. But something about her way of communicating, her childish traits and her everlasting smile appealed him to her. Arnav shook his head to clear her face from his mind.

Khushi was also thinking of Arnav, she didn't know what attracted him to her so much...he was just so rude! She'd never met anyone like him, everyone had some sort of manners...or so she thought! She'd come across many people in her life who were better off than her, maybe not as much as him, but still well off. All of them had possessed some polite technique and were able to hold a conversation or take a joke. But him...he was such a recluse, he lived by his own rules. Khushi shook her head trying to clear his image from her mind.

'Khushi...' he whispered quietly, testing out her name.

'Arnav...' she whispered in unison.

That's when they felt the first gust of wind hit them, an eerie sensation took over and they both looked around expecting to have miraculously bumped into each other once more. Khushi felt her heart stop and then start again, whilst Arnav's palms became clammy...they didn't understand what had happened but they dismissed these reactions being cause by the presence of each other.

'Get a grip's NOT her. You don't even know her.' Arnav thought to himself.

'Come on Khushi...get back to don't even know him.' Khushi thought to herself. And with that, they pushed the thoughts of each other to the back of their minds and went to sleep.

A few days passed and neither of them thought of each other, they were both too busy with work. Khushi was occupied in the kitchen one day when her phone rang.


'Hi Khushi Ji, it's Anjali...remember me? Anjali Singh Raizada...'

'Of course, Namaste Anjali Ji.'

'I was wondering if you could deliver some boxes of sweets for me?'

'Sure, let me just get a pen and paper to note down your order.' Khushi finished writing down the order and confirmed it with her.

'Anjali Ji?' she said before she hung up.


'Do you need anything sugar free? For...erm...Arnav Ji?' Khushi said, rolling her eyes at his name.

'Han, get me a box of ladoos and jalebis please.'

'Okay no problem.'

Khushi sighed, it was beyond her as to why she even asked about him or for him. She got busy preparing the order.

Khushi got to the Raizada house and her jaw dropped, it was beautiful. She'd never seen anything so big and she felt so out of place. She swallowed and agreed with something Arnav may say...she'd never live in a place like this! She took a deep breath and knocked on the door, Hari Prakash instantly opened it.

'Khushi Ji?' he asked. Khushi nodded and he beckoned her in. Her shoes squeaked on the tiles and she turned around in a circle to look in awe. Arnav could hear her squeaking from downstairs, this annoyed him. He stood up angrily and pushed his laptop away and made his way downstairs.

'Di...what is all the God damn noi-'

Khushi turned around in fright at the sound of his voice and looked down.

'What the hell are you doing here?' Arnav shouted at her. Khushi jumped.

'Chote! Why are you shouting?!' Anjali said, walking in.

'Di...what's going on?' he said, nudging his head towards Khushi's direction.

'Ah Khushi Ji, you're here!' Anjali picked up the boxes from her and offered her some tea.

'No thank you, I should be going.' Khushi said quietly.

'Please Khushi Ji...'

Khushi's eyes darted to Arnav's angry face and she stayed silent.

'Oh ignore Chote, come, let's have a drink.' Anjali said, pulling her hand gently. Arnav looked at her furiously as Khushi avoided his gaze. He followed them into the dining area and watched Khushi sit opposite Anjali and cling onto her teacup. He sat in between them at the head of the table and watched her over his teacup. Khushi looked up and jumped when she saw him staring at her. Anjali passed Arnav a ladoo.

'Try it.'

He bit half of it and nodded.

'It's good today...who made it?'

Anjali signalled at Khushi and smiled. Khushi blushed and looked down. Arnav stopped chewing abruptly and put the other half of the sweet down. He gulped down his tea and looked lividly at Khushi. Khushi felt insulted at how he'd just thrown her ladoo down. She looked away, sad.

'So Khushi Ji, what are your plans for today?' Anjali asked. Khushi explained to her how she was trying to find a job with a fixed pay as she wanted to help out her parents at home.

'Well...Chote do you have any job vacancies?' Anjali asked innocently. Khushi's eyes widened as she looked into her cup. Arnav smirked.

'As a matter of fact, I do.' he said, loving how he scared her. 'You start on Monday.'

Khushi looked up at him, her eyes as wide as saucers. She spat her tea out on him and gasped in shock. Arnav's smirk got wiped off of his face and Anjali giggled.

'I am so...' she bit her tongue from saying sorry. 'He deserves it!' she thought to herself as she picked up a napkin and wiped his shirt. She was so deep in thought that she didn't realise how close they were. They both froze and looked at each other, Arnav snatched the napkin from her hand.

'Just leave it!' he yelled. Khushi jumped back again and sat down.

'That means I start in 2 days...' Khushi thought to herself, worry on her face.

'Khushi...don't look so worried, it was only tea!' Anjali said, thinking she was worried because of the spillage.

Khushi nodded, trying to put a smile on her face. Anjali got up and cleared the things. Khushi looked at Arnav whose clothes were sodden and she snorted, trying to hold in her laughter. He glared at her and Khushi burst out laughing.

'I'm sorry, but...' she said, not able to contain herself as she pointed at him.

'I swear, starting Monday, I will make your life hell.' he whispered lethally.

Khushi stared at him.

'And I swear, from Monday, I will make you wish that you never employed me.' she said, pride in her comeback.

'Then I can just fir-'

'Yes I know you can fire me, but that'll just show your defeat!' Khushi said, scraping her chair back.

'Bring it on.'

'You'll wish you never said that!' Khushi winked at him and then skipped away to say goodbye to Anjali.

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Jul 10, 2012

Arshi moments story no.12 - I can't stand you...but my life is incomplete without you <3 (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 58 times)

Today's episode...WOW. I cried like a baby! Let's try get your mind off of it with some Arshi moments :P

Khushi stressed that Monday morning about going to work.

'Devi Maiyya...what have I done?' she muttered to herself. 'Nahin strong and defeat him!' She got ready and made sure that she'd arrive early so as to not give him anything to complain about. She reached the glass entrance of AR designs and closed her eyes and folded her hands. Arnav, who always arrived early, got out of his car and stood rooted to the spot as he watched her do a silent prayer to herself.

'Devi Maiyya, please give me your blessings and let things go well. Please don't let him shout or say anything horrible, let things just flow well.' she said quietly. Arnav stood mesmerised by her.

'What are you doing?' Arnav said, scrutinising her. Khushi's eyes flung open and she jumped. She swallowed heavily.

'What are you wearing?!' Arnav said, looking her up and down. Khushi looked down at herself.

'Han, to? What's wrong with what i'm wearing? What are YOU wearing?' she said, signalling his clothes with her hand.

'Just get inside.' Arnav growled at her. Khushi stuck her nose up at him and walked inside. Many of the colleagues were there as they were afraid of Arnav so they also tried to get there early. Arnav nodded briskly at them and left Khushi alone in the huge work floor as he went to his office. Khushi turned around, intimidated by everyone staring at her. She looked up at Arnav's office with the glass walls, fear in her eyes. She saw Arnav looking down at her, his arms crossed and a large smirk on his face. She peered at him, worry in her eyes and then she saw someone approach Arnav from behind. She clung onto his back but Arnav didn't react. She guessed that it was someone in a relationship with him.

'Hmph...these modern people don't know what marriage means so they just have boyfriend/girlfriend!' Khushi muttered to herself. Everyone looked at her like she'd gone mad and Khushi tried to force a smile.

'Go Lavanya...' Arnav said.

'But ASR, she's just come, let her be humiliated a bit more.' Lavanya teased.

'There's more time for that later, just go and allocate her work.'

Lavanya sighed and began to walk out.

'Actually...tell her to come up to me.' Arnav said, his back still turned to her. Lavanya turned her head to look at him and shook her head.

'Hmm.' she replied.

Lavanya stormed downstairs and tried to hold back laughter at the sight of Khushi. Her plait, her dress sense and her notepad. Lavanya raised an eyebrow at her as Khushi saw her and smiled.

'You...what's your name?' Lavanya ordered. Before Khushi could reply, Lavanya interrupted. 'Actually, I don't care. Chamkili. That's your name from now.'

'Kya?!' Khushi said loudly.

'Is there a problem?' Lavanya glowered at her. Khushi shook her head and looked down. 'Good. Now if you've stopped making a fool out of yourself, ASR is calling you to his office.' Lavanya ushered her to the stairs.

'What are you all staring at? Get back to work NOW!' Lavanya yelled at the staff. Everyone jumped and got back to work.

'ASR?' Khushi mumbled to herself as she walked up the stairs. 'He has such stupid names...' she snorted with laughter as she approached his door and knocked on it. 'You called?' she said, cheekily.

Arnav swivelled in his chair to look at her and narrowed his eyes at her. Arnav threw a large pot of pins empty on the floor. 'Sort them into colour categories.' he said bluntly.

Khushi began to pick them up and look for somewhere to sit. 'I didn't tell you to go it on the floor.' Arnav commanded. Khushi said nothing and sat cross legged on the floor. She began to order the pins and hum to herself while she worked. This infuriated Arnav.

'STOP THAT DAMN NOISE!' he yelled at her, making Khushi jerk and hurt herself with the pins.

'Ow!' she cried. Arnav turned to look at her quickly and was about to open his mouth but stopped himself from caring. He turned away.

'Get back to work.'

Khushi looked up at him, a stung look in her eye as she nursed her injured hand. The pins kept cutting her as she ordered them, her hands shook from being frightened of Arnav's anger. Arnav looked at her when she wasn't looking and looked to the side. He didn't know why he cared if she hurt herself, he had to fight the urge to help her. He was about to get up when Lavanya strolled in and tried to lean seductively against the door. Arnav barely looked up at her.

'ASR...' she purred. Khushi rolled her eyes at her dramatics.

'What do you want Lavanya?'

Lavanya looked towards Khushi, embarrassed at Arnav's response.

'Do you want to go out for some lunch?'

'No, i'm busy Lavanya. You know I have reports to do.'

Lavanya sighed angrily. 'Make Chamkili do them.' she spat.

'Who?' this made Arnav look up. Lavanya nodded towards Khushi. Arnav frowned and looked away.

'Like she'll be able to do it, she's not educated enough.' Arnav snorted. Khushi looked up at him.

'I could probably do it like you do but with a lot less anger.' Khushi muttered.

'What did you say?' Arnav said angrily.

'I SAID, I could probably do it as well as you but with a lot less anger!' Khushi said getting up and slamming the pot of of organised pins back on the desk.

'Fine.' Arnav said, his american accent tinged in his voice. He got a large stack of papers and threw them on the floor.

'I'm not an animal, do I not get a desk?'

Lavanya laughed. 'Who do you think you are?' But Arnav lifted a hand up to silence her.

'No Lavanya, she's right. Get her a place downstairs.' he said, ignoring Lavanya's treacherous look. Lavanya seated Khushi between Prateek and Priya. They were fairly nice to Khushi and welcomed her kindly whilst also introducing her to everyone else. They all said hello and smiled to her and Khushi worked arduously through all of the papers. She stuck her tongue out at the side of her mouth while she wrote and Arnav peered down at her. At lunch, he walked down with Lavanya linking his arm and stared at Khushi whilst he walked past. Khushi made eye contact with him and narrowed her eyes.

'Han han, go have fun with your 'girlfriend' while I slave over this!' she said, writing feverishly on the paper. An hour and a half passed and Arnav walked in with Lavanya and they both froze. The office was lively, everybody was chatting and food was being passed around. Arnav frowned.

'What the...' he watched as everyone spoke to Khushi and everyone flew around her like bees, they seemed to like her very much and even Khushi was smiling and laughing. He watched her dance her signature move with Priya as she passed even more food around. A small smile appeared on his lips but quickly vanished because of Lavanya.

'Chamkili!' Lavanya shouted. Khushi jumped and turned around. Everyone was silent.

'What is going on in here?' she yelled at Khushi. Khushi timidly walked up to them both.

'Vo...I was getting to know everybody and they were I passed out some lunch because Buaji makes more than any elephant could eat!' she said, exaggerating her words. 'There's some more food if you would like?' she offered Lavanya.

'No, there was an accident and so we didn't get to any restaurant and you think I want to eat YOUR cheap food?'

Khushi looked down.

'ASR, i'm going home!' Lavanya said, releasing her anger and walking out.

'Nobody allowed you to come here and make a commotion.' Arnav hissed to her. 'NOW EVERYONE BACK TO WORK!' he shouted. They all moved silently and sat down in their allocated areas. Khushi looked away, hurt and went to her seat.

'It's okay Khushi Ji, at least you tried.' Priya whispered to her. Khushi nodded and forced a smile. She finished off the rest of the reports but couldn't help but think that Arnav hadn't eaten anything for lunch and he was diabetic. She piled the reports and fixed a plate of food. She knocked lightly on his door.

'Arnav Ji?' she said softly. Arnav looked up, it was the first time she had said his name so gently. He liked it. She moved forward slowly and placed the papers neatly on his desk. Arnav grunted to show his approval.

'Vo...I brought you some food because...I know you're diabetic and didn't eat lunch...' she said quietly, not making eye contact. Arnav looked at her, stunned. Lavanya would never have done anything of the sort. 'I know you think i'm not well educated, which is true, I am not as educated as you are. However, I do know that you need to eat. And I know you may not want to eat something brought by me, but don't do it for me, do it for your health.' She quickly looked away and ran out quickly. Arnav stared at her and couldn't believe what had just happened. He picked at the roti and put a bit in his mouth. He turned to look out of the window at Khushi who was looking up at him to see if he had eaten. He saw worry and concern on her face. She relaxed when she saw him chewing and gave a small smile before looking down and returning to work.

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Jul 11, 2012

Arshi moments story no.12 - I can't stand you...but my life is incomplete without you <3 (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 59 times)


Khushi is educated up to High school, no A levels or Uni.

Khushi worked hard for the rest of the day and avoided contact with Arnav. The office was more hushed without Lavanya storming around and people began to pack away to leave. Khushi was adamant to finish off her work before she left and before she knew it, she was the last one in the office. It was dark outside and Arnav observed her. She was a hard worker, he gave credit to her for that.

'Probably wants the money.' he muttered to himself and swivelled back in his chair. A few moments later he heard a rap at the door.

'Can I go home now?' Khushi asked, looking at the ground. Arnav worker had ever asked for permission.


'Kya?!' Khushi said, looking up at him shocked.

'If you're so shocked, why did you ask?'

Khushi grumbled. 'Out of politeness, something you wouldn't have ever come to grips with.' she retorted. Arnav threw paper on the floor.

'Order it. Alphabetically.' he said bluntly.

'No, my working hours are over.' She turned around.

'The contract states otherwise.'

Khushi turned her head and remembered the contract she'd signed.

'It says you will come to my assistance whenever I need you, wherever I am.' he said, a smug look on his face. Khushi's eyes widened.

'Or else?'

'Or else you lose your job, showing YOUR defeat.'

Khushi's forehead creased in worry as she reluctantly stooped down to order the papers. She swallowed trying to hold back tears of stress, Buaji would be wondering where she'd got to and they wouldn't agree for her coming home so late. They'd make her quit and then she would lose against Arnav! No...she couldn't let this happen. Arnav watched her, a bemused look on his face as she chewed slowly on her nails. It took her a while to order the paper and she placed it on Arnav's desk.

'Go.' he ordered. Khushi turned away.

She walked down the stairs and hurried out of the office into the dark night sky. On her way home, a cars headlights blurred her vision and she bumped into a wall, cutting her arm. She sighed and kept walking.

'Where have you been Sanka Devi?!' Buaji shouted.

'Don't worry Buaji, it's good pay and it was only today I did some overtime...' Khushi swallowed, hoping that today was the only day.

Buaji grunted in disapproval. 'Her first day and she's already being insane....'

They sat down for dinner and went through their usual routine. The next morning, Khushi went in. Arnav had beaten her in that morning and so she said hello to everyone with a bright smile. She climbed the stairs to his office and knocked on the door. Arnav looked up from a file and Khushi was about to open her mouth when she saw his eyes focused on something else. Khushi looked to where he was looking and covered the cut on her arm that she'd gained from last night.

'What the hell happened to you?' Arnav said, dropping the file.

Khushi looked up, bewildered by his care. 'Kuch...Kuch Nahin, I just had an accident on my way home last night.'

Arnav took two long strides towards her and held her arm up. 'What accident? Tell me damn it!' Khushi just stared at him.

'What is going on in here?' Lavanya said, strutting in. Arnav let go of her arm and turned away. Lavanya gave Khushi some orders but Arnav's mind was preoccupied.

'What if I something had happened to her? Just because you'd been to much of an idiot to let her go early so that she could be safe. It's all your fault...' he thought, closing his eyes in guilt and slamming his fist on the table. Lavanya and Khushi jumped.

'What happened ASR?' Lavanya said, rushing to his side. Arnav turned to look at Khushi whilst she rolled her eyes at Lavanya's dramatics. Arnav raised his eyebrow, wondering why she cared so much about what Lavanya did in his presence.

'Chamkili...get the hell out of here.' Lavanya screamed. Khushi rude! She decided to get her own back.

'Sure...but first, Arnav Ji, how did you like lunch yesterday?' she said, batting her eyelashes. Lavanya's face dropped and looked like she'd just been slapped. Arnav smirked at Khushi's effort. Khushi who hadn't expected Arnav to reply, but had just directed it at Lavanya and disregarded him, turned around to walk out.

' was good.' he said cheekily. Khushi turned her head to look at him in surprise. She turned back around and laughed to herself. She walked down the stairs hearing Lavanya whining about the incident. She wiped her hands together as if congratulating herself for a job well done.

The next few days went by in the same fashion and a few days turned into a few weeks. Soon it was Khushi's first month working in the office and everyone congratulated her for making it so far under Arnav's hawk eye! Khushi stood in a store room one day, unloading box after box into the foam room which contained thousands of foam pieces. By the time she'd finished, there was foam up to her hip! She treaded through it all and went to put the boxes in the recycling. On turning around, her dupatta blew into her face and she lost balance and fell to the ground with someone's arms around her waist as they made an effort to catch her. They were hidden in the foam, if somebody walked into the room, they wouldn't see them. A hand gently moved the dupatta from her face and she saw Arnav looking down at her. The startled and frightened look on Khushi's face made Arnav want to chuckle but he resisted it. They stared at each other and Khushi felt a twinge in her heart. Arnav wanted to move towards her and close the gap between them, he didn't know what had overcome him. Before he made any rash decisions, he quickly moved away from her. He emerged from the sea of foam and to Khushi's surprise, he held his hand out for her to take to help her up. Khushi hesitated but slowly slipped her palm into his. A sudden burst of emotion overwhelmed them both as they touched. Their eyes darted to each other and Khushi quickly looked away, not sure what had just happen. She felt her heart swell but she ignored this, purposely. Arnav looked away, eager to move on from the situation. But a part of him wanted to be close to her, to hold her and caress her...

'STOP IT DUDE!' Arnav thought to himself. He broke from his reverie seeing Khushi staring at him.

' to see if you were done.'

Khushi nodded, recognising Arnav's stutter and wondering why he was talking nervously.

'I need you.' he said quietly. Khushi's eyes shot up to his face. 'I mean...I need you to do something.'

Khushi looked away realising what he'd meant.

'You hadn't possibly thought he' Khushi thought to herself. She shook her head and quickly left the room leaving an unsettled Arnav to compose himself.

Z <3 xx

Jul 12, 2012

Arshi moments story no.12 - I can't stand you...but my life is incomplete without you <3 (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 55 times)

A few weeks passed and apart from that one incident, work life carried on normally for Khushi. She woke up one morning and her throat killed her and her nose was blocked. She flung round on her bed and reached for her phone.

'Hello?' Lavanya said when she picked up the office phone. Arnav still hadn't arrived, he'd called in late as he helped Anjali with some things. Lavanya had taken off the afternoon for shopping also.

'Lavanya Ji, I can't come in today. I'm very ill.' Khushi said through a blocked nose.

'Whatever.' hanging up the phone, Lavanya didn't bother to write Khushi down as sick as she didn't feel she was significant enough. Later that afternoon, Lavanya stalked out and a few moments later, Arnav walked in. He stopped immediately and looked around. The office was quiet...where was Khushi?

'Probably in my office.' He grumbled as he trudged up the stairs. He swung the door open to vast emptiness and frowned. Where was she? He paced his office several times and began to worry. She was the type of worker that would call in if she couldn't make it, not just let it slip.

He stormed downstairs and asked Priya and Prateek but they both shrugged. He looked upstairs in the sick book and didn't see her name there. He began to worry and regret letting her walk home alone in the dark, her being such a prett- He stopped his thoughts. He quickly sat down and began to work. He tried to evade the thought that had just come into his mind, the compliment that he was about to give her. He immersed himself in work and continued to ignore Khushi not being there. An hour later he gave up and picked up the phone, dialling her number.

'Hello?' He heard Khushi's voice on the other end of the line and sighed.

'Where the hell are you?' He heard Khushi gasp at his voice.

'I called Lavanya Ji earlier...I said I was ill.' she whispered.

Arnav sighed. 'Well then why the hell didn't she put it in the sick book?'

'I don't know...' Khushi said sadly. Arnav wanted to smile at how cute she sounded with a blocked nose but clenched his fist, him letting his barricades down made him angrier.

'Make sure you're God damn here tomorrow.' he yelled before slamming the phone down. Without another thought, he picked up the phone again.

'Hey ASR.' Lavanya purred on the other end.

'Why didn't you put Khushi down in the sick book?' he said angrily.

'Oh...Chamkili? I didn't think she was important.' Lavanya said, letting it slide by her like nothing.

Arnav clenched his jaw. 'She is God damn important!'

Lavanya frowned.

'Kya?' she said.

Arnav just huffed and slammed the phone down again for the second time. He put his head on the mahogany table and wondered why he'd become so enraged from Lavanya's snide comment. He sighed and tried to compose himself. Something in him hurt, he felt strange without Khushi here...almost empty...was he missing her?

'No man...get hold of yourself.' he thought. But he couldn't work without Khushi there...soon enough, he accepted defeat and picked up his briefcase, leaving earlier than he had ever left before. He did NOT admit that he couldn't work without her...he just admitted that he wasn't able to focus today, for some reason other than her.

The next morning Khushi shuffled in, looking extremely ill. Her nose was red, there were dark circles under her eyes and she would sneeze every two seconds. She stood in Arnav's office as he stared at her, aghast.

'You're ill.' he said, pointing out the obvious. Khushi glared at him.

'I know.' she said, detest in her voice.

'Why are you here then?'

'Because you told me to make sure I came in.' she said quietly.

Arnav's face softened and he reached for a tissue to give to her. Khushi looked at him, wondering the need behind his kind gesture.

'Dont worry, it's safe.' he said sarcastically.

'I can never be sure with you.' she muttered. Arnav rolled his eyes.

'Listen...' Arnav began but Khushi sneezed. He tried to carry on. 'Why dont...' Khushi sneezed once more. 'Go...' Khushi sneezed again. Arnav became irritated and got up and held her by her shoulders.

'Listen to me damn it!' He said, their noses inches apart. Khushi could feel a sneeze coming on but Arnav was holding her so tight that she couldn't move. She tried to stifle it but she couldn't and let out a huge sneeze. Arnav closed his eyes, disgust on his face. Khushi covered her mouth in shock, and Arnav gently let go of her, flicking it off of his face. Khushi began to giggle at the look on his face and Arnav glared at her, forcing her to stop. She snorted again, trying to stop laughing.

'Just go.' Arnav said, pointing to the door. He wondered why he hadn't been angrier with her...

'No.' he heard a voice say. Lavanya stood there, scrutinising Khushi. She picked up the jar of pins Khushi had sorted out all those weeks ago and threw them back on the floor. Thousands of pins fell at her feet and she looked down, appalled.

'Oops...' Lavanya said, a hand to her mouth as if it were an accident. 'I guess you'll just have to clean that up.'

Arnav clenched his fist and watched Khushi bend down without an argument, she clearly looked very ill and Lavanya could see.

'ENOUGH!' Arnav yelled. Khushi and Lavanya both jumped. Arnav dragged Khushi up by her arm.

'Lavanya, you dropped it, YOU clean it.' he said furiously.

'WHAT?' Lavanya said loudly.

'My God damn office, my God damn rules.'

Lavanya looked stunned at this drastic change of behaviour as Khushi looked up at him, confusion in her eyes.

'You go home before you sneeze on me again.' he said, a small amount of cheekiness behind his voice that Khushi picked up. She knew he cared but he said it in a way that made it seem like he didn't.

'Shukria.' she said quietly and walked out. She looked through the glass walls as she walked past his office, a small smile on her face.

'ASR...' Lavanya whined.

'Shut up Lavanya.'

It was night time and Arnav was about to leave the office when the phone rang. He heard a troubled voice on the other end of the line.

'Hello? Is this Arnav Ji?'


'This is Payal Gupta...Khushi's sister.'

Arnav froze.

'Can I help you?'

'Have you seen Khushi? She still hasn't returned home...she's never been this late!' she said, tears on her cheeks.

'What?!' he yelled. 'Don't worry Payal...I will look for her now. You stay calm.' he said before putting the phone down. He ran out of the office and got into his car. He drove for ages.

'Come on Khushi...where are you?' Suddenly he came into a clearing and saw a figure strewn on the floor in the distance. He got out and stopped.

'Khushi!' he shouted. He ran towards her and confirmed that it was her, he put his hand underneath her head and cradled her in his arms.

'Khushi...come on, wake up!' he said, concern laced in his voice as he felt her forehead. It was burning with a temperature.

'Shit...Khushi, i'm so sorry for making you come in...' he said, anger at himself in his voice. She lifted her up into his arms as her eyes stayed closed.

'Arnav Ji...' she whispered. Arnav held her closer and looked down at her, his eyes softening. Why did he feel this way in her proximity? Why was he apologising? Why was he so worried? Why had he even come to look for her? The questions invaded his mind as he placed her gently in the car.

'It's okay Khushi, i'm here.'

Khushi's head kept lolling back and forward until she lay her head on his shoulder, her eyes still closed. Arnav's head whipped round to look at her...Dhak...Dhak...Dhak...

He ignored the feeling, wanting to get Khushi home as soon as possible. He knocked on the Gupta house and before Buaji could question them, he carried Khushi into her bedroom. He lay her down and scraped her hair from her face, gently caressing her cheeks.

'I'm so sorry...' he whispered. Khushi held onto his hand and her eyes slowly opened.


'You're ill Khushi, you need to rest. Take as much time as you need off.' he said, reassuringly. Khushi just stared at him, was this a dream?

Buaji, Payal and Garima burst in.

'Hay reh Nandkishore! I told you to not go in!' Buaji said.

'It's my fault aunty...' Arnav said but Buaji wouldn't here it.

'Arre beta, would you like some tea?' Garima asked kindly. Arnav was astonished at how polite these people were, he'd always degraded people of the sort. He gave her a half smile.

'No thank you.' he got up and felt Khushi's hand slip from his. He hadn't even noticed her hand was still in his, it just felt so right. He turned back to look at her still staring at him.

'Thank you.'

He nodded at her and left. Buaji, Payal and Garima gave Khushi medicine and left her to rest. Khushi turned on her side to face the window and saw a car pull up. Arnav put the window down and peered into her room. He watched a peaceful Khushi sleep, she definitely needed it. He gave another half smile.

'Goodnight Khushi.' he whispered.

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Jul 12, 2012

Arshi moments story no.12 - I can't stand you...but my life is incomplete without you <3 (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 67 times)

Khushi stayed away from work for a few she had time to spare, her mind wouldn't let go of the way Arnav had held her in his arms, so protectively and securely. The way he had held onto her hand and the smile he had almost given her. She blushed every time she thought of it and a strange sensation filled her stomach, she didn't know what was happening to her.

Arnav also couldn't get the thought of Khushi holding his hand out of his mind. He didn't know why he had panicked so much when he had received the call. His heart had skipped a beat and it seemed like his world had frozen. Arnav walked into the office sullenly, he didn't know why he was so down just because of Khushi not appearing. He felt a twang of pain...did he really miss her?

Khushi eventually came in to work and she sat at her desk. Everybody welcomed her back and she got straight to work. Arnav walked through the doors and they both stopped what they were doing. Their eyes flickered up as they stared at each other instantaneously. Khushi felt her heart go into overdrive...Dhak...Dhak...Dhak...she held onto the her dress where her heart was and looked down to her chest. She looked back up again to Arnav who had a small smirk on his face. Arnav loved the way he made her feel uncomfortable, but he couldn't deny his heart racing either. Dhak...Dhak...Dhak...

He looked away to try and catch his heart beats. He felt an urge. An urge to walk to her.

Khushi looked up and her eyes almost popped out of their sockets when she saw him walking towards her.

'Devi me!' she said, making a silent prayer. Arnav strolled up to her, bemused. He didn't know what he was doing. Dhak...Dhak...Dhak...

Prateek and Priya slanted their eyes when they saw him approach, it was so unusual, but they quickly looked down knowing Arnav's manner.

'Khushi...' Arnav said huskily. She swallowed deeply and looked at him.


'Tum teek ho nah?'

Khushi felt her heart stop and the startled look on her face showed to Arnav that this was what she was least expecting. A chuckle almost escaped his lips but he arched his eyebrow at her instead, urging an answer out of her.

'Er...han...' she said unsteadily. Arnav nodded and walked away briskly. Khushi held onto her heart again, squeezing the cloth on top of it and blinked.

'Someone's taken a liking to you...' Priya said, winking at her and nudging. Khushi blushed and buried herself back into her work.

Things got back to normal, Arnav became his normal angry self again but there was a softness there for Khushi...even if he didn't want to show her. Khushi adjusted her thoughts and made herself see sense again, not think that things were anything more than they were.

One day Arnav was busy filing something away whilst Prateek stood in front of him explaining something to Khushi.

'Oh by the way Khushi Ji, there's a party this Saturday...we have one once every month, would you like to come?'

Khushi hesitated as Arnav's eyes flicked up straight to them. Khushi looked at him uneasily.

'I'd love to come.' she said pleasantly to him and nodded.

'Great!' Prateek said, touching her arm in a friendly manner. 'I'll pick you up at 7?'

Khushi nodded and smiled. Prateek walked away and Khushi looked at Arnav, her smile fading away. Arnav glared at her and slammed the cabinet closed. He stormed past her, leaving a confused Khushi in his wake.

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Jul 14, 2012

Arshi moments story no.12 - I can't stand you...but my life is incomplete without you <3 (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 40 times)

Hey guys, let me make it clear that the last update was NOT part of the story and so I have deleted it! Somebody accidentally posted their story under my view so don't worry, I haven't gone mad and merged two stories together xD Anyway, I've deleted it now so whatever you can read is everything i've written up to date! So please do keep reading and commenting :)

Friday evening soon dawned and Khushi yawned whilst climbing up the stairs to Arnav's office. She placed the reports on his desk and began to head out when Arnav's head looked up at her.

'Are you going to the party tomorrow?' he grumbled. Khushi turned to look at him, Arnav had looked back down and pretended to write trying to act like he didn't care less.


Arnav stopped writing from her response. He slowly looked up.

'Why?' Anger flickered in his eyes.

'Because I was invited?' Khushi said, giving him a questioning look.

'Since when do you party?'

'Since when was it your business what I do?'

Arnav rolled his eyes.

' are you getting there?' knowing fully well how she would get there.

'Prateek is picking me up.' Khushi's furrowed her eyebrows. 'Wait...why?'

Arnav ignored her question. 'And who holds these parties?'

'It's YOUR office! Have you never been to one?'

'No, I don't enjoy mingling with low class, cheap, irrelevant people.'

Khushi's eyes flickered up to his, offence in them. She didn't say anything but she felt rooted the spot. She swallowed and composed herself, she knew what Arnav was like so why was this hurting her? She shook her head and turned away.

'Well we don't like mingling with angry idiots.' she muttered.

'Sorry?' she heard Arnav said lividly, and she realised how loud she'd been. She bit the tip of her finger, showing her acknowledgment of her mistake and then turned around, feigning confidence.

'You heard me. Besides, we all know you can't party.' she said, rolling her eyes and looking at her nails pretending to be passive.

'Don't tell me what I can and can't do.' he said loudly. Khushi rolled her eyes. She walked forward and placed both palms in her desk and leant forward.

'Well I just did.'

She saw the flash of emotions pass through Arnav's eyes and felt frightened when a small smirk appeared on his face. He slowly got up and opened the window that opened up to the office.

'I'm coming to your God damn party tomorrow.' he yelled at them all. Silence fell the office as everybody wondered what had overcome him. Arnav slammed the window shut and Khushi's eyes widened. He walked towards her as she hurriedly took steps back. Arnav reached for her dupatta and pulled her forward, her hands hit his chest.

'I said...don't tell me what I can and can't do.'

Khushi stepped back and looked down.

'Like I said, you are cheap and lowly, you have no right. You're lucky you even get to communicate with me.'

Khushi looked down, sadness in her eyes. Arnav notices and sighs at his temperament.

'Khushi...' he says reaching out to her but Khushi moves back again.

'I think you've said enough.' she said quietly and quickly walks out. Arnav watched her hurry out of the office. She stops and turns to look at someone in the office. Prateek. Arnav secretly opens his window to see if he can hear what he's saying because the office is silent.

'I'll pick you up at 7 tomorrow okay?' he calls to Khushi. Khushi smiles and nods.

'Get back to work Prateek or I cut your wage!' Arnav yells, louder than he expects. Khushi and he both jump as they look up at Arnav, practically hanging from the window. Khushi frowns at Arnav and then hurries away.

Arnav sighs and realises what he's doing, he quickly straightens himself out wondering why she got so angry with Prateek. He sits on his chair and puts his head in his hands questioning his acceptance to tomorrow's party.

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Jul 14, 2012

Arshi moments story no.12 - I can't stand you...but my life is incomplete without you <3 (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 52 times)

Arnav finds himself looking in the mirror and adjusting his shirt. He rolls his eyes at himself.

'Why do you care so much man? It's just a bunch of low life people.' he mutters to himself, but the reflection of his eyes in the mirror show that he is lying to himself and he knows it. He looks at himself once more in the mirror and picks up his keys.

'Arre Chote, where are you going?' Anjali asks.

'Party.' he mumbles.

'KYA?! TUM?! Arre Devi Maiyya...!' Anjali says shocked.

'Whatever Di, it's just to keep a good office community.' he says, wondering what garbage just came out of his mouth.

Anjali raises her eyebrow up at him and folds her arms. Before she can say anything, Arnav quickly walks out leaving Anjali to mull over him.

Arnav walks into the hall gazing around.

'Not bad.' he thinks.

He walks in, propping up his collar as he uses a casual stroll. Everyone stares at him and he feels slightly awkward. People begin to do their own thing and Arnav finds his eyes lingering around the hall...he stops himself, he knows who he is looking for and he doesn't like it. He tries to shake his head from his thoughts and in the process, his eyes lay on someone entering the room. Khushi. She walks in, her arm linked through Prateek's, him being a gentleman. She has a small smile on her face and she dislocates herself from his grip politely. She looks up at him and Arnav see's him say something, she smiles and laughs. Heat surges through Arnav's body and his muscles clench. He finds himself stepping forward, all guns blazing but then he stops.

'What are you doing?' he thinks to himself. He looks up at her, Khushi catches his eye and the smile fades from her lips. They stare at each other.

'Man...she looks so beautiful.' he thinks, letting his barriers down so he can compliment her. He doesn't know why he's done it, how she has broken his guard but she has. He continues to stare at her and Prateek taps her shoulder to pull her away. Khushi looks at Arnav, anger flickering in his eyes. She see's the anger and is confused, why was he so angry?

Half an hour passes by and Arnav sits at a table, a few colleagues sitting awkwardly by himself, expecting him to bark any minute at them. Arnav squeezes a glass in his hand as he downs the remains of it. He glares at Khushi dancing with the rest of her colleagues, she didn't even seem to acknowledge him.

But how wrong he was, Khushi was slyly looking at him when he didn't know, why was her heart yearning for him? She couldn't understand. Everyone got a partner and they crossed hands and spun around, Arnav watched mesmerised as Khushi's hair flew around her. Everyone turned and swapped partners, Khushi got Prateek and he was going extremely fast. Khushi shut her eyes and giggled. A vein in Arnav's temple bulged and he got up. The song ended and everybody cheered, nobody realised Arnav pull Khushi away to a secluded room. He spun Khushi around making her stumble, she looked at him surprised.

'What are you doing?!'

'Me?! What are YOU doing?!' he yells at her.

'What did I do now?'

'Dancing with everyone, touching them all...can you stoop any lower?'

'Sorry? What does it matter to you about who I dance with?' she fired back. Arnav grabs her shoulders and shook her.

'Of course it matters damn it!' he shouts.

'And why? Why does it matter to you?!'

'It matters becaus-' he stopped...not knowing himself why he cared so much. He looks her in the eyes and his eyes darken.

'I knew you were always a low life but I never knew you were so damn cheap.' he says, exaggerating each word so she could feel it.

Khushi stared up at him, her forehead creased as she wondered why he was so harsh, so rude.

'Yeah, you disgust me. You, Khushi Kumari Gupta, are nothing to me. Nothing.' he says, each word resounding in her ears like he was shouting them. Tears begin to accumulate in her eyes and she pulls back from him.

'Failure.' he mutters.

Khushi's eyes flicker up to his face. 'I may not have the business you have, I may not have the money you have or the clothes you are capable of buying but that doesn't make me a failure.' she said, her voice wobbling. Arnav grabs her arm.

'What makes you a failure is your indecency.' he hissed at her. Khushi stifles a sob at his words and her heart aches. She pushes his hand off of her and looks at the floor,her eyes darting everywhere as she tries to stop the tears from cascading down her face. Arnav steps towards her, realising he shouldn't have gone so far.

'Maybe I shouldn't have said that much.'

'Maybe?' Anger flashes in Khushi's eyes. 'You have no heart, and you have NO right to talk to anybody like that!' she says loudly. The tears finally win and fall down her cheeks. Arnav looks away, guilt ridden.


'Just leave it Arnav Ji.' she whispered, and quickly leaves him alone in the room. He squeezes his eyes closed and regrets every word he uttered to her.

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Jul 15, 2012

Arshi moments story no.12 - I can't stand you...but my life is incomplete without you <3 (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 32 times)

Omg guys...i always read over my work on my phone whilst i'm in bed at night before I fall asleep and i've only just realised how many mistakes and typos i've made the past couple of updates and with that comes my SINCEREST apologies. It ruins so much of the story and arghhhh....I was so mad at myself! I'm so so sorry, and I will try my hardest from now on ^.^

Arnav walked out of the room to see Khushi sitting at a table with Prateek and Priya, she held a drink in her hand and she was shaking slightly. Arnav's eyes narrowed as Khushi got up. He edged closer to hear what she was saying.

'I'm going to go now...'

Prateek frowns. 'Already?! It's so early!'

'Han well, i'm not feeling too good.'

'Well i'll drop you home then!' he offered.

'No, i'm going, I will.' Khushi hears a familiar voice behind her and swivels around to see Arnav. Priya and Prateek exchange surprised looks and nod. They bid Khushi farewell and go.

'No need.' Khushi hissed at Arnav.

'Just get in the car.' Arnav says, pulling her out.

'I said leave me alone!'

'Shut up Khushi.' he says bluntly, opening the door for her. Khushi resigns and crawls into the car. She shuffles herself as far away from him as possible. Arnav gets in and slams the door, glaring at her as she flinches from his near proximity. She turns her head away from Arnav, pretending not to acknowledge him. The first few minutes of the drive were very spent in silence.

'Have fun with Prateek then?' Arnav growled. Khushi looked at him and raised her eyebrow.

'What exactly is your problem?'

'Excuse me?'

'Why are you so angry? Why do you talk to me with such contempt? Why do you hurt my feelings so much?' the words just seemed to tumble from Khushi's mouth. Arnav froze and looked at her. His eyes burnt with passion (like on Diwali night when he put on Khushi's anklet), his forehead creased as he examined her face closely. Khushi avoided his gaze and her eyes darted around. She didn't realise Arnav stop the car in front of her hand. Arnav reaches forward and Khushi flinches from his touch, Arnav realises, showing him how much she didn't trust him. He puts a firm hand on her arm, Khushi looks down and looks back into his eyes.

'I didn't mean it.' he says quietly. Khushi pushes his hand off of her, angry at how he thinks he can say a few words and everything is fine. This infuriates Arnav.

'What is YOUR problem now?' Arnav snarls.

Khushi's eyes bore into him as anger fills them. 'You think you can say a few words and everything goes back to normal and then you treat me like your dog again? NO Arnav Ji, life isn't like that!' she says loudly. 'You know what your problem is?'

'Amuse me.' Arnav says bluntly.

'YOU don't realise when you hurt people, make them cry or knock their confidence. All three of those things you've done to me! And trust me a whole lot more. You may not see it, like me crying, but TRUST me it happens.' she yelled before she had a chance to stop herself. Silence echoed loud and clear in the car. Arnav stared at her.

'And of're a man that can never say sorry.' she said quietly. She undid her seatbelt and yanked the door open.

'You're right, i'm a man that will never say sorry to YOU.' Arnav says, anger boiling in him. Anger pulsates through him as Khushi gets a description of him straight on. He didn't know why he said that and again guilt hits him flat in the face.

'Tell somebody who doesn't know that.' With that, Khushi slams the door shut and quickly hurries into her house. She doesn't turn back to look at Arnav...he expects her to turn around and when she doesn't he feels his heart deflate.

'Why do I feel this way?' he thinks to himself, burying his forehead into the steering wheel.

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