Romance overdose a la ASR

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Jul 6, 2012

Romance overdose a la ASR (By Babyface) (Thanked: 34 times)

Many of us want the comeback of mighty flirtatious ASR so here are some of the scenarios that would make my heart beat more than Khushi and Arnav's combined dhak dhaks:

So after the end of all the drama and all MU put to rest, Khushi starts to feel apprehensive because she now knows Arnav's feelings for her and just like we have not forgotten the barn night, even she has not forgotten about it. She knows there will be multiple reruns of the barn night except the goons won't be there to save her from Arnav this time . So here she is, constantly running away from ASR and refusing to stay 1 min alone with him. She knows one look from him will freeze her and God knows what will happen. ASR of course is not oblivious to her little tricks to avoid him so he has a field day destablising her (and us) by making full use of his ASR charm. So here goes...

- Scene 1 :

Remember how Khushi used to run to the bathroom at the same time that ASR would take his bath just to irritate him?? Well this time it is his turn. So he waits for her to go for her bath and just as she places her hand on the door knob of the bathroom door, he places his hand right on top of hers and smiles mischievously at her. Her heart starts racing and she says while looking down, "Koi baat nahin. Aap pehle naha lijiye, hum baad mein nahaate hein It doesn't matter. You go first and then I'll take my bath later". ASR's smile widens enjoying her discomfort and he moves closer to her such that she can feel his breath on her cheek and with his hand planted firmly on her hand on the door knob, he whispers "Kyon? Hum saath nahi nahaa sakte? Why? Can't we take our baths together?" and with that he grabs her by the waist, pulls her with him in the bathroom, closes the door and pins her to it. Khushi's heart starts to beat faster ( if that is even possible!!) but still she refuses to look at his face because she knows she will lose it completely if she does. ASR amused by her red cheeks blows softly in her face and says, "Khushi look at me". When she still refuses, he reiterates but this time whispers, "Khushi jaan". Khushi's eyes shoot up and stares at his mischievous, smirking face.

"Arnav Bhaiyyyyyaaaaaaaaa", calls out Hari Parkass, "Aman bhaiyya neeche aap ka intezaar kar rahe ho. Jaldi Kijiye Aman is waiting for you downstairs. Hurry up". Khushi never thought that the voice of Hari Parkass could be music to her ears!!!! She exhales in relief and a small smile plays on her lips. Phewwww!!! Saved by Hari Parkass. "Mujhe ouske liye jalebi banana hai. Hari Parkass ki jai ho"

- Scene 2 :

Khushi is busy is in the kitchen and somehow she gets her fingers smeared with butter. While holding her hand up and cursing under her breath, she tries to look for something to wipe off the butter. Suddenly someone grabs her hand. She turns to look straight into the brown gleaming eyes of her dearest pati dev. He smiles at her, takes her fingers one by one, places them in his mouth and clears off the butter, his eyes never leaving her face. Her fingers felt warm and moist and her head started reeling.( I don't know if diabetics are allowed to eat butter . But the point is to get her fingers in his mouth so could be anything that he can eat!!!! ).

"Arey Chotey, tum ab tak yehi ho??? Office nahin jaana kya!!! Chotey you still here, you need to go to work", comes the voice of Anjali. Khushi pulls back her hand, blushing deep red and looking away. "Yeh Laad Governor to hamari maut karwa dega!!!! Baar Baar bach gaye"

- Scene 3 :

ASR has proposed to pick Khushi up from her amma's home. She's wearing a purple sari (my current favorite colour is purple) that her amma had gifted her once. She wanted to look nice this morning when she was getting ready to visit amma and babuji and buaji since she has not seen them for a while. Though she did not want to be alone with ASR, she didn't know what to say to him. So she reluctantly accepted his offer. Here he is now ready to take her home. It was already dark. Just then Di calls up and tells them to get home fast as she has big news for the family. Relieved she gets in the car and starts humming happily, all set to reach home safely without her heart jumping in her throat. Suddenly she notices that ASR is taking a different road to that of Shantivan. "Arey, yeh ghar ka raasta nahin hai This is not the way to our house", she exclaims. "Haan. Shortcut hai", he replies. He abruptly stops the car and says to her, "lagta hai gari main kuch kharabi hai." He gets down, opens the car hood and deliberately messes with the car so that it won't start. Remember the car maintenance manual that Khushi had gifted him for his engagement with Lavanya? Well he knows what to do to stop the car from starting. He pretends to call Akash for a replacement car. "Khushi hum raaste par nahin rook sakte. Mere saath aa, mein ek acchi jagah ko jaanta houn. Hum wahin par wait karenge - Khushi we cannot wait on the streets. Come with me, I know a nice place where we can wait." With that he takes her hand and pulls her with him. The place was familiar to Khushi but she could not remember it until she saw, guess??????

THE BARN!!!!! Yaaayyyyyy.

She stops dead in her tracks. "Khushi come" says ASR. He opens the door and there they are, among fireflies, lots of them. The place takes Khushi's breath away. It is so beautiful. She stands admiring it and suddenly feels a soft touch near her navel. Her breath is caught in her throat and a sudden heat engulfs her. ASR gently pulls her to him, her back against his chest, his arms circling her waist. He pushes back her hair to one side and kisses her neck softly. "Khushi I love you" he murmurs to her ear from behind. He gently turns her to face him, cups her face and.............

It starts to rain heavily that there is no choice than to run to the car to take shelter. Yeah NO RAIN SONG in the forest, NO RAIN SONG EVER!!!! Enough of filmy stuff!!!

That's it for today Arshians . Will add more later.

And remember one thing guys, physical intimacy will definitely kill the romance so these two are doomed to play Tom and Jerry for the rest of their lives.

Kabhi Nafrat, Kabhi MU, Kabhi Kidnap, Kabhi Dishum Dishum, Kabhi Doori par Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein Bandh Ho Aur Chabhi Kho Jahe!!!! KABHI NAHIN.

ps : Sorry for the mistakes. This was typed in haste.

Jul 11, 2012

Romance overdose a la ASR (By Babyface) (Thanked: 26 times)

The sweetest thing I have ever heard : "It's high time that when I come to you, you refrain from going backwards...."

And so I am back. But in my scenes Khushi abhi bhi peeche jaati hai cos I love it when ASR plays on her fragile heart and makes her sweat!!

DD and jellybean the bedroom situation is a bit tricky. remember there need to be interruptions!! and I can't think of anything to prevent Arnav from scoring his first goal with Khushi at night, alone in their bedroom. . Poor Hari Parkass let him rest his tired soul after running around Shantivan all day. Same applies for Aman; poor chap suffers from sore ears from being on the phone all day with ASR 7 days a week!! so who's gonna be goal keeper? Lakshmi or macchar??? For these reasons let us forget about the bedroom right now and let's get on with the scenes.

Scene 4 :

ASR was missing Khushi as he had lots of work to do in the office (poor aman!!!!) and hence was leaving early every morning to finish everything before the deadline. He missed seeing her cheeks redden when he went close to her, missed burying his fingers in her hair, missed having her in his arms. ohhh he missed her. "Aman", he barked, "Get everything ready. I'll be a bit late for work. Make sure you handle everything".

Khushi wanted to visit Devi Maiyya at the temple and so hurriedly went to clear the dining table after breakfast. Everybody had left after eating. As she approached the table a mithi fragrance teased her nostrils. "Areeey wahhhh gol gappes!!!!", she exclaimed clapping her hands. "Thora khatta, thora meetha, thora tikha. kya maza ayega!!!" and with that she grabbed one and placed it greedily in her mouth. "Khushi" came ASR's voice behind her and she turned to face him with her eyes and cheeks bulging. "Akele khaogi?? Mujhe nahin khilaogi? - Will you eat alone? Won't you feed me?" he whispered softly to her. He then reached out his finger, wiped the tamarind sauce that was hanging from her lips and placed that finger in his mouth. Khushi felt the room becoming warm all of a sudden. He took her hand, made her sit at the table and stared lovingly at her. "Khushi. I am waiting". She reached out with trembling hands, made one for him and put it in his mouth as he opened it wide for her. After he had finished eating, she made another one for him and as she fed him, he took it from her hand and fed it to her. He then brushed his fingers to her lips to clear the remaining sauce. Khushi felt an electric shock and she couldn't even taste the gol gappes in her mouth.

"Arey Chotey", said nani "Aap yahan hai? Aman ka phone aaya tha. They are waiting for you in the office."

Scene 5 :

ASR was getting ready to go to work. Khushi was busy cleaning the room and kept walking past him without looking at him. It was as if he was not there and the room was more important than him. He did not like that one bit. He started thinking of something to try to get her attention. "Damn it", he swore, "This button had to come out now!!!" The fact is he had deliberately snatched it from the shirt. "Koi baat bahin", she told him, "I'll sow it back". "I am late for work Khushi. There is no time to take out the shirt. You sew it while it's on me. That shouldn't be a problem, should it?" he asked her. "na... na.... nahin" she faltered. She approached him and as she started sewing his button, he wrapped his arms around her and looked down at her with a mischievous smile. When Khushi finished, she tightened his grip around her and kept her right where she belonged; in his arms!!! "Accha Khushi", he started "maine apne dil ke baat tumse keh diya. do baar. Khushi I love you. lekin tumne mujhse ek baar apne dil ki baat nahin kaha - Khushi I told you how I felt about you twice. But you have never told me how you feel about me". Khushi looked up at him and he could feel her start trembling. "Say it Khushi".

"Hum...., hum..." she started saying but after that no words were coming out.

"Hmmmmm", ASR was looking down at her waiting.

"Maehh maehh maehh......."

Khushi turned to see Lakshmi entering the room. She took this opportunity to break free of Arnav and went to her. "Arey Lakshmi aapko bhook lagi hain? chalo chalo hum aapko jalebi khilate hain. aapne jo hume arnav ji se bacha liya" she softly told the goat so that Arnav won't hear her. Arnav watched her take Lakshmi away while a smile played on his lips.

"Bhaag ja Khushi. ek din mein tumhe zaroor pakar lounga. koi tumhe bacha nahin payega. aur ouss din tumhara sab se accha din rahega - Run Khushi run. One day I will surely catch you. and on that day no one will be able to save you and that day will be the best day of your life".

Jul 11, 2012

OK I'm giving you a non-Hindi situation here... (By Meri) (Thanked: 16 times)

so Babyface, non of these worked and Arnav is still ....alone ...being educated in a non-Hindi way, he dims the light in their room and puts on a CD from John Lee Hooker, especially the song: "Chill out/Things are going to change"

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

which is a very good mood setter and trust me when I am telling you this, it DOES make a difference in the mood (tried and implemented stuff, money back guaranteed!)

and Arnav waits for Khushi to come and listen to some healthy doze of the most beautiful blues guitarists...but then she comes and says: Arnavji...arre wah!! What is this NOISE!! My head hurts now....main thakee hoon, main sol jaa rahee hoon ... goodnight... and then she puts on her mobile phone music...that was going smth like..."Jalebi ....nanananana!"

and we have poor poor Arnav Bitua looking at John Lee Hooker and Santana and saying....even you couldn't do it! Shame on your world famous guitar skills!!!

What do you say Babyface????

Jul 11, 2012

Continuing the story from where Meri left:-) (By Hopesm) (Thanked: 16 times)

Continuing the story from where Meri left:-)Babyface and Meri - Pl. feel free to kill me if you dislike it!!

Our Arnie baby takes a cue from the desi girl and searches for the appropriate song which would not only convey his romantic intentions but will also act as mood setter. So he culls through his collection, proposal…work and so on all CD he has is work related. ‘Damn, what a drab, dreary life I have had. Let me check with the Lover Boy Akash’

Knocks at his brother’s door. Knock – knock – no answer; knock – knock – no answer again; desperately he bangs harder and the door caves in affording him a peek inside.

Snore-phew, phew phew snore; Snore-phew, phew phew snore

“What The hell is this noise!” – he steps in to find Akash hugging a Payal and whispering his love – snore phew, snore phew

Payal gratefully returns - “phew phew snore, phew phew snore”

“What a snoring couple!” disappointed he comes to the lounge and is weighing his options when a whisp of air carries along fleeting notes from somewhere. Arnav curious to know who could be enjoying such inviting music hurries towards it. The music was issuing out from closed doors of the servant’s quarter.

Arnav peeps through the window and what he witnesses leaves him aghast. His valet H.P was luring khushi’s friend Lakhmi, crooning to the background music –

Raat Akeli hai...Bujh gaye Deeye...Aake mere paas…. Kaanon mein mere…. JO Bhi chahe kahiye….Raat akeli hai..”

Roughly Translated: In this forlorn night..., when all the luminaries are asleep..., come to me my love..., and whisper into my ears..., the sweet nothings or whatever you want me to hear...; In this forlorn night.

“What the!” Arnie was stunned, “Who could have thought H P and Laxmi” he sighs and listens to the music, “Wow, this is exactly what I wanted”

Knock – knock.

H P “Laxmi, hide yourself, hurry!”

“Nahi, HPji. Hum aap ko chor ke nahin jayene. (No, I will not leave you alone here.)”

“Don’t be silly Lakshmi, we can’t expose ourselves” he grabs a stick and hits her head and then covers her with hay before openin the door.

“What’s going on in here hP? What’s all this noise?”

“S…Sir..Sir.. I..”

“Why are you stammering and what’s with all this music? You know how tensed we all are and here you are enjoying this kind of music!”

H P is much ashamed and apologizes. Arnie drills further – “Give me the damn CD.”

With heavy heart hp hands him the CD. “Now off to bed” enjoins Arnav and shuts the door before sprinting to his own room.

“Eureka I have found it! Khushi, I have got it.” But khushi is deep in slumber. Not wanting to give up yet, he plays the music and climbs in next to her.

Backround score:

Raat Akeli hai, Bujh gaye Deeye, …. In this forlorn night..., when all the luminaries are asleep...

Sound of familiar music breaks khushi’s dream and she moans a little, Arnav turns her around to face him.

Backround score : Aake mere paas….come to me my love...

Khushi inches closer to him, her hand encircling him in a loving embrace…no wait in a choking embrace, her leg confining both his.

Backround score: Kaanon mein mere….and whisper into my ears...

She pulls herself closer to his face, her warm breath falls on his ears, caressing them and awaking new sensation…his desire grows stronger, “khushi” he moans

Backround score: JO Bhi chahe kahiye…..the sweet nothings or whatever you want me to hear...

She brings her lips to his ears and whispers softly : Snore-phew, phew phew snore; Loudly - Snore-phew, phew phew snore: Snore-phew, phew phew snore.

Backround score: Raat akeli hai….In this forlorn night

Jul 11, 2012

U asked for it Hope :) (By Meri) (Thanked: 14 times)

Ok, it comes .. the worst prank ever...

After the John Lee Hooker fiasco, as well as the HP and Lakshmi incident, Arnav felt almost devastated and withdrew to his room...He was in front of his laptop but couldn't bring himself to work...Khushi enters and sees him like this and approaches Arnav and asks his question, "Are you all right Arnavji?" He says, "hmm...I am ok, Khushi..." Khushi looks at him very seriously and then starts telling him...

"Arnavji, I've been noticing your attitude lately..and I think we need to talk...The reason I have been distant and cold towards you is that...lately....I am not sure of my feelings and I just don't know how to express them and find a way to this confusion..." Khushi takes a hold of Arnav's hand and places it on her heart...Arnav suddenly all wired up looks at her and says, "Khushi...I understand you need time.." but Khushi continues looking sideways and then again to his loving eyes, " were gone for such a long time and I was desperate to find you...and ... and all the things I did...were inexcusable to me...and NanheJi really helped me...and lately I've been looking at him and wanting to talk to him...but I was afraid he wouldn't understand...."

Arnav in panick, "what do you mean, Khushi...are you telling love NK?"..but Khushi replies..." NK, Arnavji...he is nothing but a good friend of mine...but seeing Lakshmi so close to Hari Prakash ...made me realize feelings...I have...for.....I mean, I was so sad and felt jealous ....I think I love....Lakshmi!" and she looks at Arnav's shocked expression, smiles and kisses his hand...and tells him.."I knew you would understand I have to go and feed Lakshmi...and then I'll come back and we can talk a bit more, ok Arnavji?"

Arnav looks at Khushi leaving and says "Adzebe.. (weird) and pagal...(crazy)... mere patni"

Jul 11, 2012

U asked for it Hope :) Part II (By Meri) (Thanked: 18 times)

continuation of the previous I love Lakshmi scene..... So Khushi goes to feed Lakshmi and Arnav gets angrier and angrier by the minute...."How dare she"... he starts saying...."OK, night will fall..she will see who her husband is and what love is!I'll teach her about love!!"

Night falls and Khushi gets inside the room and finds Arnav in bed...she slowly gets inside the bed and feeling sorry about her little prank she moves a bit closer to him...Arnav turns his head to her in just in one movement he starts embracing her and attempting to get her clothes off....BUT....his hand hits on something metal he felt underneath Khushi's sari... He lifts the cloth and he sees a metal Armour covering her whole body (remember Man in Tights comedy?) with an old time key lock...Khushi innocently looks at Arnav and says, "Arnavji, I had this custom made..with all the advances Shayamji was doing I had to protect you remember your locker key? the same opens this Armour, too.... so...." she abruptly ends her sentence there, while Arnav hits his forehead with a big tight slap! "Oh nooooo.....the key.....I have lost it during my kidnapping adventure!!...What are we going to do?? What is one to do???!!!! Oh Devi Maaja! You are so cruel to me!!"

Khushi sits next to Arnav and is feeling helpless and silent as her husband paces in the room looking for a monkey wrench to open up Khushi....


Jul 12, 2012

Thank you ladies (By Babyface) (Thanked: 10 times)

THANK YOU MERI AND HOPE. absolutely loved your addition. Meri I will try the song and let you know . and Hope I WILL kill you . I read ur story during lunch time and I burst out laughing. Everybody was staring at me. I felt my cheeks grow hot. you guys are real good man. awesome, awesome, awesome . Thanks again for the treat. loved every bit of it. metal armour with mannat ki chaabhi . We are gone cases

Jul 12, 2012

Final Destination (By Babyface) (Thanked: 13 times)

Ok guys this is one scene that I have always, always, always wanted but I know it will never happen so this is my story for you. (A small note : This story is similar to the one written by AA. Coincidentally we thought of pretty much the same incidents without communicating to each other. So I guess Arshi's telepathy are affecting us too now )

It was 8 pm. Anjali was out visiting a friend, Nani was in a havan, Mami bond had a kitty party with her friends, Akash and Payal were out for dinner, NK was on a date, Hari Parkass was also on a date somewhere with Lakshmi.

The house was completely empty except for Khushi who was watching Gopi bahu in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. She remembered how she pretended to be like Gopi Bahu to irritate Arnav and smiled. Just then Arnav entered and she sat up straight. Arnav always made her nervous. And he was behaving so weird lately, making her dhaks dhaks go crazy at the slightest occasion.

She went to him and asked him if he wanted to have dinner. He looked at her with a sad face and cupped her face, "Khushi, I know I have always hurt you. From the moment I met you, I left no stone unturned to hurt you in the most horrible ways both physically and emotionally. I hurt you with my words and I hurt you with my actions. Khushi if I could go back and make everything all right, erase all the pain I inflicted on you, I would. But I can't. All I can do is ask that you forgive me."

HE released her face and took something out of his pocket. "Khushi I am not trying to buy your forgiveness but I want to give you this." He took her hand and placed a chain in her palms. It was a very thin, delicate gold chain with a pendant bearing the letters AK. "Khushi with this I give you my heart, my love, my life."

He took the chain from her and tied it around her neck. He then took her hand, placed it on his heart and asked her "Will you find it in you to forgive me?"

Khushi's eyes filled with tears. She came closer to him and dropped a small kiss on his lips. She was done running. She no more wanted to fight her attraction to him, she didn't want to be far from him, she didn't want to fight him anymore. She wanted to be his forever. She took his hand and led him to the bedroom. As they started up the stairs it started pouring outside, as if Devi Maiyya was showering HER blessings on them.

As they entered the room, Khushi turned to lock the door and then she faced him. She was looking so beautiful. Arnav couldn't stop himself anymore. He trailed his fingers on her bare arms making her shiver. His touch was burning her skin and she closed her eyes to steady herself. Arnav's hands went up her arms and he released her hair band, buried his fingers in her hair and pulled her lips to his. He kissed her softly at first but then his kiss became more urgent, more pressing. He lost himself in her, wildly kissing her lips and her neck. Khushi let out a small cry and he stopped to admire her. He unzipped her dress and it fell silently to the floor. Nothing wanted to interrupt their moment of bliss. He undressed her completely except for the necklace that he had gifted her. He loved the way the AK rested on her delicate skin and he bent down to kiss it.

Arnav took her and placed her gently on her bed and then started exploring every part of her with his hands, with his lips. She was melting and thought she would go crazy. She never imagined such feelings existed or whether she could feel those kinds of emotions. With every touch of his, she wanted more of him. She could not understand whether it was possible to have more. She was utterly breathless. Arnav came up to her, looked deep in her eyes and said in a hoarse voice, "Khushi thoda dard hoga."

He did not want to scare her but merely wanted to warn her that his complete possession of her will come with a small pain. Khushi closed her eyes and let out a small cry when she felt the sweet pain.

"Khushi. tum think ho? - Khushi are you alright?" She responded by kissing his forehead.

They both slept peacefully with their arms around each other.

The morning sun shone brightly and Khushi opened her eyes to find Arnav looking at her. "Arnav ji. I want to start the beginning of this new relationship in a special way. Will you do something for me?"

Arnav looked at her and agreed.

That morning Khushi took him to Devi Maiyya's temple. He silently followed all the rituals with her without complaint and they both stood holding the thaal and performed the Devi Maiyya's aarti together.

"Hey Devi Maiyya, humari raksha karna taaki hum har moosibat saath mein mita sakte hain - please protect us so that we can deal with every hurdle together" prayed Khushi.

For the first time in a long time, Arnav looked up at the Almighty and said "Thank you for bringing Khushi in my life. Please keep her safe always."

Khushi then applied tikka on her forehead while Arnav fed her jalebi in the mandir.

"Ab chaliye Arnavji. Ghar mein itna saara kaam para hai aur humein der ho rahi hai". and she turned to leave.

Arnav stopped her and said "Ab tum Arnavji nahin, Arnav pukaroge. aur tum mujhe aap nahin bologi, tum bologi. Say after me Khushi, Arnav mein tumse pyar karti houn."

Khushi became red. "Mandir mein - in the temple????"

Arnav was getting impatient, "haan khushi say it"

With a shy voice, she said "Arnav mein tumse pyar karti houn." Arnav's heart soar and he placed a whole jalebi in her mouth.

And so Sanka Devi and Laad Governor lived happily ever after.

Sorry guys, the union of a husband and a wife is the most precious union of all. It is not meant to kill romance but to take it to an altogether different level, a different dimension shared only by the husband and the wife. It is the most beautiful union of all.

And we don't want ASR to become frustrated and turn into Shyam by starting to ogle at paraya aurat!!!! . The man has needs

ps : Khushi sat in the car and she suddenly jumped "Oh ho. humne ek cheez bhool gayi. Arnav hum abhi aate hain" She jumped out of the car while Arnav rolled his eyes.

"Devi Maiyya please TRPs ka raksha karna. Ouse girne mat dena. Hamesha oouncha rakhna. Aur hamare CVs ko acche shiksha dena taaki woh humare viewers ko khoosh karein. Aur viewers ka raksha bhi karna. - Please protect the TRPs. Don't let it drop but keep it always high. And give the CVs some brains so that they keep viewers happy. and please protect the viewers also. Chalte hain. Jai Devi Maiyya"

Jul 12, 2012

Curious case of the Chastity Belt , Meri couldn't resist it :-) (By Hopesm) (Thanked: 11 times)

Babyface and Meri Thanks for accommodating me....I had already written this one but due to a meetin, didn't get time to post it...This is continuation of Meri's Chastity Belt story.

Still not convinced by Khushi’s arguments Our curious cat (mami) took upon her the baton of investigation and stumbled upon the Curious Case of Consummation.

The matter was brought out in public in RM and was pondered over for a solution. Mamaji after a lot of deliberation remembered – “I had seen Damadji making a duplicate key to a locker. Now I am convinced it was the same key though I am not sure of his intension now. ”

Arnie Baby winced in pain as Khushi was gaped stunned at the revelation; “him again?”

“We have to, there is no other way out” moaned Arnie

Anjali jumped with joy “What, U are planning to bring back my Shyam. I knew Devi Mayya would not be so cruel to me.”

She approaches her beloved baby brother: “Chote, I am with you, this is a matter of (g)rave importance, I sympathies with you and am with you.”

“Do you forgive me then Di?”

“Ofcourse chote, when Devi Mayya is so kind, how can my Arnav defy”

Hence a massive hunt for Shyam ensues under the able leadership of Anjali-Arnav duo.

Shyam realizing the importance of ‘The Key’ “ The key to his return” – “The Key to Arnav’s happiness” drives a monstrous deal

1. Candle light dinner with Khushi every week.

2. Romantic holidays once a year

3. Permission to auction ASRs souvenirs

4. Permission to make and release video of Aaj Mausam hai suhana and patent it.

5. Absolute subjugation and servitude of Mami and NK.

6. Business Alliance with Lakshmi.

Upon hearing the conditions - a furious Anjali smacked Shyam on the face and dragged ASR out .

ASR falling on his pleads with his Di: -

“DI you can’t do this to me…I need this key…Di, we have to relent, there is no other way out”

Di – “Oho Chotte, you are too innocent…we will all pray to Devi Mayya”

Jul 12, 2012

Telepathy power (By Babyface) (Thanked: 13 times)

Arey bahanon, doston (Hey sisters, friends),

Chaabhi ki kohi zaroorat nahin hain!!!! There is absolutely no need to search for the key to open the metal armour!!

Why phearz when TELEPATHY is herez!!!!! They are going to do it by the sheer power of telepathy doston. and you will even see the outcome in 9 months!!!! .

Need not worry guys. All is well!!!!!

Aaj raat hai suhani, telepathy karne ka hai bahana. Aa ja, Aa ja, Aa ja!!!

DD and Jellybean I am pleased to announce that Arnav has ended his dry streak. Check out Final destination .

Enjoy ladies.

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