Full Circle: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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Jun 27, 2012

Full Circle: Between a Rock and a Hard Place (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 41 times)

Disclaimer: These are fan fictions (FFs) using the character names Arnav and Khushi from the popular Hindi show Iss Pyar ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND). The FFs borrows the character ‘names’ for their popularity and in no way claims any resemblance of the televised characters Arnav/Khushi in the show or their IPKKND world. These fan fictions and their situation are purely a work of a fan’s imagination outside the storyline of IPKKND and is intended for entertainment ‘outside’ the official storyline. There is no intention of claiming ownership over these characters or in any profit making from this publication of fan fiction on this website. I am grateful to the makers of IPKKND for their wonderful piece of work and without them I would not be writing these stories.

The story lines of Arshirandomfan’s Full  Circle fictions are purely based on the my imagination and the characters are fictious. Any resemblance, to person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The content is for mature audience. Warning: There are dark elements, violence, vivid descriptions and the readers are adviced to use their own discretion on reading these stories.

Full Circle: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Are you going to drink that or just play with it ASR?

He was out looking into the night sky and the silent sea from his exclusive apartment terrace at Nariman Point... he turned around "Sid... its you?" "Join me...."

Sid poured himself a drink... he cleared his throat and finally said it... "I saw her downstairs Arnav... What did you do to her? She was a wreck... running like that..."

He looked at him with the same coldness... "Does n't concern you... she deserved it anyway."

"Look ASR, it is none of my business but no one deserves that kind of humiliation... you ripped ..."

"I know what I did... and I am celebrating my conquest."

"You are insane... how can you be so cold?"

He played longer with his scotch... "Too bad this thing is bitter... life has bitterness in it..."

"So you are happy I suppose after everything that has happened..."

"Yes I am..."

"Then why are you drinking or let's say pretending to drink... you hate alcohol... Are you trying to soothe your painful nerves?"

He kept quiet...

"In the 10 years we have known each other you have never taken a sip... the one time you did it... Well, let us not think about that..." Sid looked away at the distance and gulped his drink at one go... poured himself another.

"So what... did you sleep with her?"

"None of your business..."

"Oh come on... you are not going to tell me... and what do you think I won't find out if you don't tell me?"

"She is your type..."

"I don't have a type..."

"Of course you do... otherwise why would you not sleep with all these beautiful butterflies readily waiting for you..." he smirked.

"Is that what you think? You are free to think anything you want. I like being alone."

"No you don't... you want just one of your type, to call yours, get married and have babies... that's what you want... unlike me... I love all women..."

"Shut the..."

"That ASR, is the truth. So what did you do to her?"

"None of your business, its between me and her.... although I hate to admit that I am involved."

"Come on ASR... you think I don't know what you are trying to do here...I am just telling you that in all likelihood you are being a fool and soon you will find yourself in a ditch."

"Sid... I know what I am doing and I am already 6 feet under the ground... I have no fear of falling any further ... I am known for my ruthlessness and no none can expect any better of me..."

"Why are you resisting her so much?"

"What makes you think I am resisting her... I am not even close to considering that she is worth any of my attention at all..."

"You are so vain ASR... you don't see anything do you or are you just pretending you don't see it?"

"What am I supposed to see Sid... that woman is filth!! I have nothing to do with her...Can we stop this nonsense... if not then you can leave."

"ASR... I think you have got it all wrong... anyway... thank you for the scotch... since you are not going to have it... I am taking the bottle with me... and yes... in case you want to talk buddy, call me, although I am going to be busy with some entertainment but I would spare a second for you... and btw, I am leaving the design books ..."

He did not say anything... kept looking out, he heard the main door click.

Two hours earlier...

"You thought you could beat me in this game Ms Gupta ? You are nothing..."

She looked down...

"Why are you so quiet now? Have you lost your voice?I am actually enjoying this silent moment between us... so calm, so quiet... so right..." he jeered at her.

"You don't deserve to win, Mr Raizada ..." she said quietly in her calm voice.

"I don't deserve to win... that's what you think?" he glared at her.

"Yes, that's right, you heard me... you don't..."

"I will tell you exactly what I deserve and what I don't and then I will tell you what you deserve... you do have the nerve Ms Gupta. Let's go..."

"I am not going anywhere with you..." she protested.

"Oh you sure are... I am yet to have my fun with you... you sure remember..." He pulled her up at one go...dragging her alongside, he made his way to his car.

"Leave me..." she tried to break off.

He pushed her into the passenger seat and snarled at her. "Ms Gupta... you should have never challenged me and second if you did challenge me then you should have won... but poor you... your vanity got better off you."

She pushed him and hurled her fists at him... he pushed her into the seat, she winced in pain; he glared at her threateningly... "Don't you move or say a word anymore." She arched away from him and sunk deeper into the seat.

An hour later he dragged her into the elevator to his apartment.

"Shall we drink to my victory tonight?" He asked her...

"I don't drink..." she replied curtly

"Neither do I ...but I will make it an exception tonight..." he poured himself some scotch in a crystal glass. She watched him unmoved.

"So, what should I expect you to do? You must come up with something incredible that will appease my ego..." he smirked

"I don't want to...I am not going to do anything because you don't deserve it, Mr Raizada..."

"Ms Gupta, why are you making this difficult for yourself, be gracious and accept that you have lost and all I want is an apology from you and I will let you go..."

"Graciously accept it...? Why should I when you are the one who has ..."

"How dare you raise your voice? How dare you do or say anything at all? He snarled and put his drink down facing her now... His eyes gleamed in the dim light of the room and she saw his rage growing inside him.

"You are pathetic Mr Raizada, why don't you celebrate the victory that you clearly do not derserve ALONE and I leave you to that... Just so that you are happy in your own bubble..." she turned making her way to the door.

He leaped and caught her, hurl her against him twisting her arm..."You dare to call me pathetic and then you think you can walk away without an apology..."

"So you are pathetic ... and a cheat." She added angrily while she felt the pain increase in her arms... He hurled her into the couch.

"What did you say?" he snarled.

"You heard me..." she said as she pulled herself up.

"What... did... you... say?" he blocked her with his massive arms on either side and gritted his teeth next to her ear...

"How many times do I have to repeat the same thing to you? Don't you get it Mr Raizada you are pathetic... and a cheat. So let me go... I am not going to ...." She shouted at him

"Oh you will for sure apologise... You apologise to me now...this is your last chance..."

"No ... never..." she retorted.

"I did warn you Ms Gupta... I am really not going to take any of your insinuations lightly... or let you go without you having apologised to me..."

"I am not afraid of you and you cannot make me do anything..." she fought back.

"Don't make me force it out of you Ms Gupta..." he warned her with his eyes piercing into hers...

"You will never win... you know why? Because you are no good... all you know is how to manipulate others and win... you have no talent, ethics or anything at all ... You are hollow...empty and hence pathetic..."

"Shut the hell up..." he screamed as he forced her up against the wall... she held back her tears fighting him... for her it was now or never...

"Why... why ... you can't bear to hear the truth?" she told him point blank...

"That's IT Khushi...I am warning you..."

"Or what...Mr Raizada?"

"You don't even want to think about it..." he said between his teeth as he crushed her body into the wall...Her tears gave away and started to flow out as her pain increased.

"I have not even started..." he hissed into her ear and then she felt his teeth gnawing on her cheek...

"Get away from me..." she shook her head violently to get him off her...

"Enjoy the moment... all I wanted was you to back track and apologise... now look what is happening to you..." he said in her ears.

"Get away from me now Mr Raizada..." she wriggled to free herself.

"Or what you are going to shout, scream and call the neighbours..." he jeered.

She went for him and hit him a few times with her fist... "Nice try..." he stood there smirking at her... She soon got tired out...

"Now... my turn..." he gripped her tiny wrists in one hand and held her arched towards him...

She was calm and said..."I am not afraid of you...and I am not going to apologise because I did nothing wrong. "

"You are asking for it..." he scowled... "On second thoughts may be you are enjoying this closeness with me...are you Ms Gupta? "

"That is enough... How dare you? You are the one who is holding me against my will..." her eyes spitted fire.

"How dare you?" he roared.

"Why, do you think only you can accuse me of things and get away with it?

"Well I am starting to believe now not just think that you really want this..." he dragged her inside to his room.

"Let me go..." she screamed.

"Why... don't you want it anymore Khushi?" he pushed her into the bed and trapped her under him.

"Stop... let me go..." She fought and hurled her fists again... He held her wrists over her head with one hand and took her veil off her body... it fell to the ground.

"Let me go..." Her cries muffled as she dug deeper into the bed...

His eyes blazed in his wrath unable to hear her as he turned her over...

With his free hand he ripped the tie ups of her kurta, pulled her sleeves down exposing her shoulder and back... he looked at her bare back and shoulders and then turned her over to face him...

He lowered himself on her ready to violate the purity of her lips... her tears were relentless...

He was closing in... she felt the pressure on her hands and on her body increase... she cried harder...

He looked at the tiny frame under him, her ****s slightly exposed and luring him, her cheeks flushed and red... one darker than the other from his earlier assault.... She was hardly breathing anymore and her eyes were now on him... with an expression of anger mixed with deep remorse ...

He was just about to take her mouth when her barely audible voice called him... "Ar...nav... stop...please..." It sounded broken... Her voice was soft like her breathing and yet he heard it... it struck him straight and it hurt...

His fierce expression changed for a second into shock as he felt pain stab in his heart for a second and then in an instant he was cold as ice again...He thrust her away from him... "You deserved it but you are not worth it... Get the hell out of my house before I change my mind."

She rolled to the other side of the bed as he hurled her... she curled up and cried as he left the room... When she got up... the pearls from her tie up fell on the floor... he saw her from a distance as she wrapped herself into her veil and walked to him...

"I lost Arnav, you won..."

He did not know... what had changed in that one moment ...but the feeling was now gone, his anger was gone, his mad desire for her that had gripped his mind a moment ago was gone, he suddenly felt empty and hollow... he wanted to call out to her to ask her to stop...

She was backing away as her tears rolled out and her speed increased, she was running down... through the long corridor...

"Khushi..." called Sid... She stopped looked at him and ran inside a taxi... "Bhaiya...Bandra.."

Sid saw her distraught face and her ripped back... He tried following her but the taxi was already out on the road before he could get back to his car... he rushed upstairs... thinking in his mind

"What the hell did he do to that poor girl?"

Jun 28, 2012

Full Circle: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Part 2 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 27 times)

One month ago...

"Di ... I am leaving for work..." he was rushing out ...

"Chhote...wait ... Why are you avoiding us? We are your family and we hardly get to see you..."

"Di... I am off... anything else?"

"Is it going to be like this always Chhote? You have no desire what so ever to spend time with us and talk to us?"

"I am here all throughout the weekend... we can talk then."

"Yes... when we talk and you sit around ..."

"Well what do you expect; you talk of nothing else...other than..."

"Other than your marriage; and what is so wrong with that?"

"Not again, Di... I am really not up for an argument right in the beginning of this day."

"You are the one who is arguing , Chhote... we are willing to listen to you... all you have to do is to reason it out... at least give it some thought."

"I have told you my position several times and it has not changed and it will not change."

"You have had plenty of years to think Chhote, now you are 29 and we would like to see you settled..."

"I am settled and I find nothing wrong with my life."

"Chhote, at least see the photograph... it would take 5 seconds."

"I don't understand you... what makes you even think that I am going change my mind after seeing a freaking face on paper when all my life I have ..."

"Chhote... I will not have you speak like that to me in this house..."

"Fine... then stop the nagging! This whole month has been about just this one thing..."

"Chhote ... I am unable to understand your issue... You won't go out with anyone of your choice and you won't see anyone we pick... That envelop has been lying in your room "sealed" for 3months and you won't care even to open it..." "We have been holding them off...because you won't say anything...the poor girl ..."

"Di... Marrying someone is not charity... If that girl and her family are so desperate she can go ahead and get married to another... Why are you so hell bent on getting me married to her?"

"You know Chhote ... If our parents were alive.....they would have wanted you to get married..." She could not finish as Arnav shouted back

His facial expressions changed suddenly as the rage took over... "I can't believe you two, not only do you nag me 24/7, now you have resorted to tell me about the wishes of our dead parents!! What the hell are you thinking?"

"Just calm down Chhote... I am sorry; I did not want to upset you..."

No... I think you have become irrational and I can't deal with this any longer...

"I am done here and I am done living here... I am out of here for good... Until the time you get this idea out of your head... I am not coming back..."

"Chhote please stop... Don't say that..."

He was walking out ... Let me know when you are sane enough and I will come back...

"Chhote ... Listen..." she pleaded.

"Let it be Anjali ... there is no point," said Nani. "He is gone until he wishes to come back... our fault... we should n't have brought up..."

He was rushing through Delhi traffic, " Mr Ramachandran, can you call Siddarth and inform him I will be there in Mumbai shortly...

In lucknow...

"Khushi... I wish you could be married now that your course is done... Who knows how long I will live..?"

"Buwaji... stop... don't say a word...and why do you worry... you have given me everything... so what if I am not married ... I can take care of myself because of you..."

"But ..."

"You know buwaji... I would love to be married someday... and it will happen. I will wear my favourite green for the mehendi...With the hours it will spread its fragrance, as I will fall deeper in love with the man I would be spending the rest of my life and then I would see the intricate design in my hands and feet as if they were our life stories being written all over again... the warmth of his love would slowly turn the mehendi in my skin into deep brown...

Everyone will look into my hands and say " Look at her hands, they are made for each other ... they have not been with each other but there is so much love..."

"There will be flowers lots of them....."

"Okay Khushi...that's enough... of day dreaming ..." she smiled.

She hugged her Buwaji.

"I can't wait to fall in love Buwaji..." she whispered as she buried her head in her lap.

"Buwaji... you know I will miss you so much."

"I know Khushi... just be careful... a new place with new people and such a fast paced city... just don't get lost in the middle of the rush...and never forget your roots."

"Buwaji... you have faith in me and my decisions right?"

"Yes... of course... you have been very good... but people are not always good..."

"We will see about that... for now lets eat something, I am so hungry."

Khushi reached Mumbai.

Khushi called her friend Aditi when she reached.

"Khushi the position is taken...you know how it is in this industry... one goes and one comes in... it's a matter of timing..."

"Oh... that's really bad news because I was really pinning my hopes on the job...Anyway... Aditi thanks for you help. I will see what I can get now..." she worried as she figured she had limited cash to pull through..

"Hey Khushi... By the way, there is an opening for an assistant to the Creative Director of Furious Fashion ... you know that bloke..."

"Hmm... not sure if I know anything at all... tell me about it.."

"Well the glitch is that they want only men to apply for the position."

"Why they don't trust women or the creative director?"

"I don't know, but the word is that they are not hiring women anymore..."

"Oh well then... I have no chance..."

"I am sorry Khushi but let me know if you need any help... I will do the best I can."

The entire week Khushi went from pillar to post but with no luck. Without a contact it was hard to get a job in the industry. Everything was taken.

"Hello is this Furious Fashion ?"

"Yes, how may I help you?"

" Is the position for assistant to Creative Director still open?"

"It is open... but only for men to apply."

"That's discriminatory..."

"What "tory"... Miss... just don't waste my time..." said Amy filing her nails.

"Dis-cri-minatory.. or biased... You are woman how can you accept something like that?"

Inside the office of Furious Fashion

"Amy are you done with your idle chatting?I need you to send these right away..." his voice echoed...

Amy shuddered... Yes... right away Sir!

"Hey... I got to go.. it's the ... forget it."

"Well give the phone to someone I can talk to... about your company policies..." she screamed.

Amy stared at the phone confused...

"Amy did you hear me or not?" barked ASR

"Yes ASR, someone is screaming on the phone over company policies..."

He snatched the phone... "What's your problem?" Why can't you get to your business and let us do ours..." he barked over the phone.

"Who are you and while you are talking about business, let me tell you that your way of dealing with things is inappropriate... How can you be blatantly biased against women?" she shouted back

"What the hell are you talking about and yes, I am biased because they are no good, I have no need for them... so if that has answered your question, get lost now..." he shouted back.

"You are so rude Mr... and prejudiced and ...and..." There was a sound of banging of the phone that filled her ears.

"Ouch..." she put the receiver down. "That horrible man... Oh god...that did not go well... now what? Hai.. Devi Maiyya... some ideas would help...please."

She turned around and saw Lord Shiva smiling at her... she gasped and jumped back in shock...

"Didi... do you have some change?"

I was talking to Devi Maiyya , not you, you scared me... she muttered.

"Change hai kya didi?"

"Oh! You almost gave me a heart attack... any way (she fumbled through her purse) here is some change.

May the lord help you ... said the man coloured and dressed like lord Shiva...

She was walking away distressed and then the idea suddenly struck. She was good for the job but she was not a man... unless...

Amy... some Mr. Khush Gupta is here for the interview for post of assistant to Creative Director.

Jun 28, 2012

Full Circle: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Part 3 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 32 times)

Khush was in front of Amy...

"Are you..." Amy looks at up and down...a little suspicious.

"No... no... I am straight." Khushi answers back quickly making an added effort to project a more masculine attitude ... she also adds "You are so... pre... tty."

Amy flatters her eyes... "That's what they say around here so... I am one of his favourites... she pauses... "Favourite substitute...for filler nights."

"Oh please... spare me the detail." She grumbled in her mind and cracked her fingers waiting for her to give her the appointment.

"I have sent your details..." said Amy.

"Oh... okay I will wait..." she looked around...tried to sit on one of the clear globe chairs... It wobbled severely as she fumbled to steady the chair. As she tried sitting, she got sucked inside because of her small frame and the chair was soon dislodged from it 's stand on the ground with a crashing sound...She was on the ground with her face down and legs apart...

He was talking when he saw the chair topple over... he stared for a few second at the sight and then turned around in his cabin.

She got up flustered and embarrassed, smiling awkwardly at everybody else who got back to their business.

He was still looking the other way when she knocked...

"Come in"

She was extremely nervous ... trying to compose herself and hold it together... she quickly drank some water..

He could saw a lanky, big headed, young boy nervous and shaky sitting opposite to him in the reflection of the glass panel.

"Why, the turban Mr Gupta?"

"What?" she was wondering if the man had eyes behind his back.

"Why, the turban?" he repeated

"Oh my mother, my mother took it upon her to raise me with values, principles and practices of Sikh-i-sm..." she said ... wondering what were they in her mind, trying to be ready if he followed up to know more in his next question.

"You know about the work we do... there is no exception, you will have to do what you are asked, if you fail to do any of your assigned tasks then you will be fired without notice... Do you understand that clearly? he said in one breath and in addition, as per our contract you will get the signing amount transferred to you immediately but if you leave before completing the six months mandatory service then you pay back the signing amount with interest...."

"I understand..."

"Okay... you can start from today."


He turned around to face her now... "Why? Do you have any other pressing engagement?

"No... but... but ... you don't want to know anything about my work experience?

"No... its enough that you are a man."

"What?" she whispered... Oh! God was it this man who she had spoken to earlier?... Now she would be working for HIM?? She felt a few drops of sweat dribble down her spine... She hated him and his obselete views.But it is also a good opportunity to teach him a few things about women... but , I am a man now..." Her face changed as she argued in her mind.

He saw some funny expressions on the face...and then he stretched his hand ... Welcome to Furious Fashion...

She took his hand ... It was hard and firmly held her hand... He looked at her strangely as he felt the softness in the hand he held. It was over in a few seconds before he could do anything, she pulled her hand turned to walk out too quickly when she banged on to the glass panel...

She muttered to herself.... "Khushi get out of here now before he can smell rat..."

He thought as he looked at the distressed lanky figure making his way out muttering to himself. "Perfect... an inexperienced Khush should curb his habit of sleeping with his assistants,"

Towards the end of the day... "Aditi... I got the job at FF," she said excited over the phone.

"Really... ?? Oh My goodness I have never heard them change their requirements, you must be really good at negotiation..

"No ... she said a little disheartened... I am not... I went there as ... as... a ..man and they gave the job to me."


"Does not matter... does it?... I will still work hard."

"Khushi... do you even know who you are dealing with here... they are biggest , if they get to know your fraud, they will destroy you..."

" Not if I work hard and prove that I am really good at it."

"It's a lie Khushi..."

"It is only temporary... I will disclose my true identity as soon as I have the first opportunity."

"Well... be careful. Come and meet me at our event tonight "Better Pretty than Punk." The who's who will be there; make sure you wear something nice..."

"I don't think so... I have no money and nothing really to do there...."

"Networking... it helps Khushi. I will be there so don't worry."

That evening at "Better Pretty than Punk..."

"You can't go inside Miss..."

"But I have my friend ... she looked at the two bulky men " Let it be... I will go home..."

"You can enter with me..." said a voice behind her.

She turned around... dreading the familiar voice and the face to it...

"N..n..o... its okay..."

"I am not going to eat you... you can enter with me and see your friend."

"Ok..." she said meekly and followed him.

Welcome "Mr Raizada... and .. .."

He looked at her... "Kh..Khushi..." she whispered to him.

"This is Khushi and she is with me..." he took her inside.

"You are quite the fashion disaster, no wonder they did not want you inside. Bad for the press.." He smirked at her looking at her from the top to bottom and up again.

"Well Mr Raizada, thank you for bringing me inside (she recalled his views about women and immediately got defensive) but let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with my style sense...this is what normal people wear."

"Really... and fashion is only for abnormal people? Do I look like abnormal to you...You on the other hand certainly do look abnormal actually classless ..."

"You can't judge people by their attire, that's shallow."

"No one cares about depth anyway... who has the time?"

"I do... since you don't seem to care about depth or have the time, get going and find someone just like you... don't waste my time. Go along now." said Khushi irritated.

"You do know who you are talking to right?"

"Yes... what difference does it make? Right now Mr Raizada we are equals bickering!" She made a face at him.

"You would n't dare say that to me..." he threatened.

"I have heard enough from you for one night... thank you and good bye." She was walking past him to find Aditi when he pulled her back to him.

"No one talks to me like that and no one walks away from me."

"Then get used to it Mr Raizada, there has to be a start somewhere and it is going to be with me..."Now leave me." She demanded.

She was fast losing her own temper and getting uncomfortable and nervous being pressed against him in a public place although the hallway seemed to be empty. He showed no signs of leaving her and needed no extra effort in controlling her.

He pulled her closer and looked into her eyes... and whispered in her ears. "You will regret this... Khushi." She felt a twinge in her ear lobe as he finished his sentence...and his grip eased on her. She touched her ear, he had dug his teeth in earlobe before leaving her.

"That's for being cheeky ..." he said smirking as he walked away into the hallway passage...

She turned red with anger and embarrassment. She stomped her feet and turned to go the other way.

Jun 28, 2012

Full Circle: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Part 4 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 37 times)

Part 3

She was fuming when she reached the hall... She could make pancakes over her cheeks as she looked around and caught his eye again..."How dare he...?" she mumbled under her breath and blew a strand of hair from her face...and turned away...

Five minutes later... she felt a little bit settled and turned back again. He stared back at her as soon as he caught her turning... she felt her anger rise again. She crease her brows and looked at him directly... "Really..?Are you going to stare at me the whole time?" she thought.

He watched her intently from a distance... he seemed to know what was in her head... he gave her a half smile and seemed to tilt his head slightly as an affirmation thrown at her.

She threw her breath out and walked into the crowd trying to mingle and forget him. Finally, she found Aditi...

"I am leaving ... I don't want to stay here any longer Aditi."


"Oh! Don't ask me... I met that eccentric egoistic Raizada again. I can't believe I am going to work for him..."

"Oh god...He already knows you are Khush and you are still standing here."

"Oh-ho Aditi... he does not know... he just spoke to me outside."

"He spoke to you... you are kidding me right?"


"He is not normal human being... he is the Raizada... do you know what is he worth? The entire Furious Fashion publishing and design is owned and run solely by him. He is ..."

"That does not impress, all I see is arrogance and that he truly thinks too much of himself...probably inherited his father's legacy..."

"Shuush.. Khushi..."

"I am not afraid to tell the truth. Anyway, Aditi, I got to go...."

"Take care and be careful around him, I have heard he can smell foul play..."

"I will... bye..." Khushi was out... "Taxi..." Some taxis zoomed past others shook their heads..." She was there for about ten minutes and then started walking to take the train when the clouds gathered simply from nowhere and the rain came down on her...

She started running... a car was beside her... she could not see anyone through the tinted glass...when she ran ...it went along her side and then when she stopped. She did it a few times and then went over banged the window ... The moment she came closer the window came down...

"I was waiting for you to approach...need a ride home prickly pear?" he was asked sarcastically...

"Are you following me?" she screamed.

"It's a public road... anyone can be here. Come on get in...we can get to know each other."

"I don't need a ride, I don't want to know you and stop following me... okay?"

"Come on... are you going to get in or you want me to come and drag you in."

"That's very polite of you... no thank you."

"Look... you know I will do it Khushi... just save me the trouble and get in. It's going to pour anytime now..."

As he finished his sentence, the rain drops got heavier and started pouring ... she saw her partly wet white chiffon kurta... any longer she would be soaked to the skin. She grumbled and made her way to get the passenger seat... He smiled inside his car.

So what brings you here to the city?

"Work..." she replied curtly.

"Are you still mad at me for something prickly pear?" he asked innocently

"Stop calling me that... and yes I am mad at you...Just drive ... in si-len-ce."

"Oh you mean prickly pear... or Khushi... or both? And I can't drive in silence... I am not your driver ..."

"Then I am leaving because I have no desire to talk to you for the next half an hour to Bandra..." she tried to push the buttons to get out...He had her locked in, "Okay, stay put and I won't talk anymore."

As they drove in silence, she observed from the corner of her eye that he would turn and watch her at every signal they stopped... She felt his piercing gaze on her and her heart jumped every time her eyes met his.

"Okay... stop it..."

"Stop what?"


"Can't do both... you have to pick..."

"Urghh... Okay talk..." He immediately looked ahead and shot his questions at her.

"Why are you here? What kind of work do you do?

"Designing traditional garments..."

"Oh! So clichd ... you should rather sit at home specially if you dress like this and call yourself a designer." he remarked.

"Huh? Please spare me your critical evaluation... I am not asking for one."

"And I am giving you one for free... It would help you to "improve." He stressed his words

"And what do you do? Sit and write critical analysis on women and their career choices or more correctly clothing."

"You are getting angry sweet..."

"I am not sweet..." she said furiously as she felt her body heat increasing rapidly... only if she could explode and kill him right then and there... she would feel so relieved.

" Stop...I can walk from here... so drop me here..."

"Okay... if you don't want me to see your hideout, in case you are scared that I would pounce on you when you are in your backyard sewing..." She glared at him...

He unlocked the car and once outside, he sprinted over to her side to open the door for her...

She was out... feeling awkward... he looked at her... It was good to know you....and then he stepped closer and said softly, "You are not sweet Khushi you are bittersweet subtle bitterness and with a mellowed sweetness that fills... I found it delicious..." he smirked at her ...

The heat filled in her head... He waved to her as he closed the window.

"Was he laughing inside his car?" she tried to see through the wind screen but could not tell... she was mad at him for reminding her again.

"Arghhhhhh... I hate him." she turned around and made her way home.

Jun 29, 2012

Full Circle: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Part 5 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 31 times)

Part 5

As soon as she entered her apartment she flung her self on the bed, turned over and then punched the pillow a few times pretending it is him and tried to calm her self down. She looked forward to the weekend. She needed to sit and think about her plans. She could not be an assistant forever, her heart was in designing and that was what she would want to do for long term. Only if she had one chance to prove herself she would be able to get credibility...

On Monday morning she reached the office as early as possible to wear her ridiculous out fit and then she sat in her cubicle looking through the files on her desk to cut out the work for the week. It was uninteresting keeping schedules, arranging meetings, confirming venues, responding to emails and the like. She looked through the back log and started off. She came in early and left late in order to avoid getting into the social circle. She was looking everyday for a break...

When he came in, she would try and shrink further into chair and hope that she was invisible to him. He would call her a few times and bark instructions that riled her... she would feel anger rising inside her but she managed somehow to control it.

"Khush...my office NOW..." he shouted while walking into his office one morning.

"Why can't he just tell me what to do here?" she grumbled. She felt intimidated caged inside that glass box with him. Apparently he could see everything from inside but no one could see him or hear him... explained Amy.

She walked in after him...

"I want you to leave everything and track down a rolex."


"Track it down and get Amy to help you... she has a list of girls."

"Don't come back to work until you have found it."

"What?" Nothing else came out from her mouth. "She had to track down a Rolex and girls now... He did not even remember where he left it!! Oh! How much she hated the man."

"Do you have a problem or you are stuck in to the ground. Get to your work?"

"What you are asking me is not my work." She retorted back without thinking as her anger took over.

'I DECIDE what you are going to do here so get out or get lost, Mr Gupta."

"Why... can't ...you..." she was about to say something but the look on his face made her shut her mouth and leave.


"Yes... what is it?" she said curtly.

"I need to get some list from you to track a watch..."

"You mean the list of girls..."


"So the man does not even remember..."

"No... I guess... not. Can I have the list?"

"Give it sometime ..."

"No... I don't want to... the last thing I want is to sit around and have him bark at me all day ... the sooner I get out, the better. Give me the list.

"May be I will think about it, come back in an hour." She said nonchalant seeing her expressing the urgency.

Khushi left and did some other work and then came back to Amy after an hour...

"Okay... Give it now..." she demanded.

"No way..." said Amy and got busy idle chit chatting on the phone.

"Look why are you doing this?" she pleaded.

Amy ignored her and turned her back and kept talking.

He was walking out from his office... he saw the lanky boy hovering around Amy.

"Why are you still here?" he demanded to know.

"I ... I... was waiting for the list." She said

"Amy... where is the list?" he looked angrily at her ... "How long does it take for you to take a print and give it?"

Amy was shaking like a leaf...

"I don't want this to be repeated ever again... Amy." He screamed.

"You... you... know..." cried Amy.

"I don't care to know anything. Do what I have asked you to do." He stormed out.

"Oh... god... I am sorry Amy..." she said sympathetically.

"Its okay... he shouts all the time." said Amy sniffing. "Here is the list."

"Urr... thanks."

She stared at the pages and it ran into a few sheets.

"How can any one be like this?" her anger and hatred for him burned her insides.

Soon she was out knocking doors. The conversation was usual.

"Who are you?"

I am the new assistant.


Some banged the doors at her face without any further chance of inquiry.

Others, "So he does not remember, does he?"

"Tell him never to call me again."

Some others, "What is it this time?"

"Watch..." she would reply.

"Oh... I don't have that but give him these," they would throw a pile of things and bang the door.

The search continued for two days and she was unable to track it. The list was done. She had crossed out all the names. She detested the man and her blood boiled thinking of him and his tendencies. She recalled how he had approached her and it all made sense. He was trying to charm her and get at her too. She would never fall for such a ... such...a...womanizer... She thought as she could not utter the words loud, it was beyond her to say it aloud.

She went back to the office on the Friday... wondering how she would face him without losing her temper.

So you did not find it ... did you?

"NO... just leave it. I don't care if I get fired for that."

"Oh... poor you...Sorry you would have to go so quickly. I wish I could help you but this... this..." Amy looked away and kept quiet.

Amy opened her drawers ... something shiny was inside her drawers. "Sorry... could not give you away..." whispered Amy.

Khushi went to her work desk fuming. She had wasted days and nights looking at places, being shouted at, humiliated as if it was her fault, or turned away by all these women for that one man. She could not imagine why these women had been out with him in the first place... they all looked very accomplished and pretty and self sufficient and yet....

She was thinking of her days at work when she it struck her... she had not asked the one who was not on the list, the filler. She ran to Amy's desk... Amy saw her coming and picked something and ran towards the ladies room.

"Amy... stop... I know you have it."

"No I don't..."

"It had to be you because there was no new secretary... I mean I am the new secretary but a man..."

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"I am talking about Friday night after work Amy... can I have the watch now." She said and then thought in her mind.... He had seen her on Friday night, dropped her and then headed for Amy's. Amy had been right under his nose and he had no idea... What kind of man was he?

"Amy please..."

"Okay... here it is... I wish he would remember; I am tired of one night stands... I wish he would pick me someday for real..." said Amy as she gave her the watch.

"Amy ... are you mad, you still want him to pick you?"

"Yes... he is ... Oh! Forget it... good that I got it off my chest." She said and fixed herself and left Khushi staring at her.

She walked into his office, placed the watch on his table and stepped out without a word. She had nothing to say to him. He looked at her and said nothing.

Jun 29, 2012

Full Circle: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Part 6 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 35 times)

part 6

Khushi was already at home when Aditi called.

"Khushi come out tonight, there is a masquerade party and then there some designer label launch. Don't miss it if you want to be a part of the game."

"I don't think so..."

"Khushi... are you sure?"

"Yes... it is horrible to work with this man. I should have never signed up for the job. Now I have contract."

"Does n't it make more sense to then do this Khushi... How are you going to start off if you don't see potential fashion houses to work for."

"You are right..."

"There is dress code, so don't wear the thing you wore last time... she explained the details."

"Alright Aditi...." She said in tired voice... the whole week had been very tiring... she felt like crying... when she reached home she picked from the few things she had saved to wear and made herself a mask just enough to cover her eyes and called the taxi.

This time no one stopped her... she glided inside with the flow of the people unceremoniously, unnoticed. The stairs went all the way down...she walked a bit further away from the stairs and looked at the pretty sight below her... the women in their fabulous clothes and masks and men in their black ties ... they were floating with the music in the hall. She was for a moment feeling happy that she was there... she could feel a smile come to her face... when something warm surrounded her ...

"Are you looking for me prickly pear?" he said in his husky voice from behind her as he trapped her standing and looking ahead with his hands holding on either side on the balustrade blocking her escape route..

She tried inching forward so that she would feel less of his breathing down her neck but there was not much space.

"No I am not..."

"You been here for the last 5 minutes..."

"So what?"

"So I guess you have been looking for me..."

"No... don't you get it... I have no interest in you."

"None at all..."

"None whatsoever so...'

"But I have ... I am curious..."

"I don't care...leave me alone."

"Are you still angry at my foreplay it seems... it did not go very well it seems..."

"Don't you even dare to say any thing .... She warned him and instinctively turned around. He immediately locked his arms around her

"That's more like it..." He said softly.

"Let me go..."

"Are you trying to be a tease?"


"You know a tease... playing it hard to get..."

"Is that what you think I am doing... when I have made it clear I do not have any interest in you Mr Raizada"

"And why would that be?"

"Why do you think?"

"You barely know me.."

"I know enough about you... and that alone is sufficient for me to make my decision."

"I see..." he kept quiet but did not let go off her. She felt his fingers brushing her skin of her back... she wriggled immediately to break contact. He firmed his grip further, "You know if you move I will have to steady you and that would mean you would be closer to me than you are now..." he whispered his warning.

"Let me go..." she said angrily...

"Its amazing how your cheeks change colour when you are angry Khushi..."

"Let me go, Mr Raizada."

"What if I don't?"

"Then... then... I will scream..."

"And I will close your mouth with mine if you tried... I would not mind... My hands are unfortunately busy to keep you here."

She opened her mouth to scream... he came down swiftly on her stopping himself right over her lips... "Are you ready then?" he whispered. Suddenly she felt her heart race...at his proximity... "Get away..." she barely whispered and no other sound came out.

"Okay.. you just had to ask nicely...you see" he moved his face away from hers and he smiled at her.

"What do you want from me?"

"Good you asked... have dinner with me?"

"No... I am not interested."

"No... then how are we supposed to get to know each other?"

"I told you already I am not interested in knowing you..."

"I am trying to be like you you know the deep thing."

"The deep thing... you call THIS the deep thing... This must be way out of your league I am sure if I were stupid enough as the others then you would have no trouble at all..."

"Khushi ... I am really trying to ignore the fact that you are way out of my league..."

"If I am out of your league then why bother?" she fumed

"Khushi, I am trying hard because...." he paused.

"Trying so hard at what Mr Raizada? Go to bed with me the first chance you have?" she attacked furious with him and his tendencies.

"Is that what you think this is about?"

"I am not thinking... I know Mr Raizada... who you are and how you play women so don't think for a moment that I will fall for it."

"You are thinking a bit too much of yourself..."

"I know the likes of you Mr Raizada... you could change women like you change clothes and not care."

"You know nothing about me then."

"I know enough..."

"Whatever you know is not enough Khushi..."

"Don't you take my name any more...I feel nothing but repulsion when you utter my name."

"You know you are a nobody ; unglamorous and classless ...

"I don't wan't to hear it."

"And I have no desire to stand here any longer ... and by the way I had come to tell you that the I am glad to see you took my advice to improve on your dressing sense and while you are at it you can file your name for the upcoming designers who could have go at creating the new exclusive bridal wear for the cover of the new "Brides Only" magazine to be launched end of the month by Furious Fashion publishing house.

"I don't need your help..."

"I am not helping you... I am just telling you because I know you don't have the guts to face the challenge. You are full of words but when it comes to doing anything, you are far away from it..."

"No I am not running away from anything."

"Then why would n't you accept a dinner date with me?" Too scared to go deep my dear?" he taunted her.

"That's none of your business... and as for the cover challenge, let's face it. You have no talent. Its your team that makes you who you are or probably your daddy's team...

"You have no idea what you are talking about." he was enraged.

"Yes... I will when you let me go..." He released her from his bone crushing grip.

"I don't want to ever see you again..." he said

"I don't want to see you either." she said

"I will win this Mr Raizada and make you eat your words."

"Oh! Really?" he looked doubtful.

Yes, it's a challenge and if I don't win then I will do anything...

"Anything?" "Anything... Even apologise ?" he asked

"I don't think I would need to apologise when whatever I have said is true."

"We will talk about it when you lose this one Khushi." He pushed her away from himself and left.

She stood there fuming.

Jun 29, 2012

Full Circle: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Part 7 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 35 times)

Part 7

The next day was the worse day ever everybody said. They are having it from ASR if they came across his way that morning. Everyone was surprised; he was bad enough in his grumpiness and what had changed over night that made him so unbearable. He either fired away instructions or got everybody to rush to do things. There was no stopping him.

She wondered why he was being ridiculously annoying because he was annoyed that he could not have the new addition to his 4 page list. "Humph.." she exclaimed her disgust and tried to hide in her chair forcing her self to work on her resume that she wanted to submit for the designers "Brides Only," this was her chance. She would prove it to him that she was good at what she did and it was not just words... he on the other hand no credibility for anything. It was almost 7:30pm when she finished. The office was almost empty and she was leaving when he roared

"Khush Gupta - In here now..."

Her blood boiled. She did not want to see him and sit there in that glass chamber.

"Mr Gupta, you have been here for almost a week and now its time you saw the book."

"The book ?"

"You know, the mock up of the upcoming issue before it hits the stands."


"I just finished reviewing it personally once before it goes off..."

"But it needs another round of editing. I am busy tonight... I have an engagement. I have to be at the airport shortly to pick our in house designer Ms Kashyap hence the book cannot be left unattended."

Khushi thought in her mind... "Another woman... no wonder he wants to get rid of the book... when will he have time for the second edit anyway?"

"You must understand that under no circumstances you will leave to book anywhere unguarded...not even for a minute in the taxi. Do you understand?"

"Yes.. I understand." Her anger boiled in her stomach thinking of the conversation she had with him the last time... "You don't have to shout." She spitted out angrily and then immediately bit her tongue.

"Are talking back to me?" he snarled at her...

"N..no.. Not at all..." She managed and quickly filled her mouth with water from the glass in front of her... So that she would not retort back if he said anything.

He squinted his eyes and looked at her and then he moved out, opened one of the drawers and took out something shiny... he thumped the piece in front of her on the table. "So you take a taxi and drop the "book" to Sid; make sure you take his Rolex with you. Let him know that I have said he has to do the second edits tonight. I can't..."

A jet of water came out of Khushi's mouth as she turned away to save the book and face him...His waist coat and shirt was wet as she spat water out coughing "Wh.. Whh...What??... she looked him with her mouth open.

He was fuming as he came over her ... "What the hell do you think you are doing Khush Gupta?" He shook her violently .... So much so that the turban loosened from the heaviness of her long hair and his vigorous shaking and came off slightly...

He threw her back into the chair and as she fell into it her forehead hit the corner slightly... the skin broke apart and it started bleeding. She quickly covered it with her hands... she was up trying to get out when he shouted back at her... "Who the hell is supposed to take this stuff for you? Me?"

She quickly came back trying to pick the things with one hand but was unsuccessful. She wiped her other hand in the dark pants and tried to get the two things.

"You are hurt..." He noticed the bleeding forehead.

"No... its okay...."

She turned around to leave in a rush and as usual banged on to the glass wall... the turban rolled off her head... the book and the watch were both on to the floor with her... she had hit her head hard... He could tell from the sound. But what happened before his eyes was unimaginable, unexpected and his jaws dropped when he saw silky jet black hair falling flying around the young man as he fell on the floor...

He was up... She was still recovering... He was kneeling beside her looking at the face and the thin moustache over the lips... Soon he pulled it off... she flinched. His eyes widened at what he saw..."Unbelievable..." She tried moving away....He held both her wrists together with one hand as if still doubtful; he easily popped open the first two buttons of her shirt... and pulled it apart... she tried wriggling away on the floor but his grip on her was firm. Her flattened chest under layers of crepe bandage revealed itself... "Unbelievable ... Khushi..." His eyes softened almost immediately... he lifted her up in arms almost immediately and made her sit on the table... "Khushi... you are hurt..." He soon pulled tissues off the box and held it on the cut to stop the bleeding...

"I am okay..." she whispered, embarrassed.

"No you are not."

"I said I am alright and I don't need your help."

He was dabbing her wound carefully and not even listening to her... once satisfied he went over to get the medicine kit. He pulled put a tape and gently put it on her wound... Then he looked at her top to bottom...."Is it you prickly pear... You could n't stay away from me could you?" he teased her. He seemed to be mesmerized at his discovery as if he had found his lost toy... He was already playing with the loose strands of hair on her forehead putting them behind her ear.

Khushi was yet to recover and her inner anger had not subsided. She felt violated that he would in that same moment force her to be on the ground, pull her shirt part and then pick her up in his arms as if her opinion did no matter

"Don't get your hopes high. I needed a job. That's why I did it."

"You needed a job or you needed to be next to me?

"What are you talking about?"

"Were you digging for company secrets or my wealth? You must have heard about company espionage?" he smiled but you could have come wearing your usual stuff , we could have had a friendly discussion over dinner that you declined. What was the need to do all this?"

"I told you I did not come here to steal anything. I needed a job and you wanted a man for the job... so I dressed as one and got the job."

"Oh! Brilliant... I had no idea you could come up with such wild plans to get a job. I wonder if you are wild and innovative at other things..." he smirked at her.

"You are horrible... and ... and..." she stopped as he came closer to her.

"I am sorry that you think so... but I think no better off you. Should we call the police now..."

" Police ..."

"I don't want to do it but what can we do... I can't take the risk."

"How can you doubt my intentions without giving me a chance to prove anything?"

"You made an assumption Khushi, about me, why can't I do the same.... He paused and looked at her... and then said but I am more lenient just because its you... there is one way..."

"Come out with it..." she said confidently.

"You will work here as Khushi starting tonight and your first assignment will be to go drop the book at Sid's tonight..."

"But... but...you know..." her heart beat increased in fear of the unknown.

"What happened you don't want to prove your loyalty anymore?" he jeered

"You want me to go to him at this hour to drop the book?" she asked to confirm. She was scared for once... he was talking about the man who had no reservations...

"Yes... do it or I will call the police and hand you over for fraud." He put her down from the table.

"I have to go to the airport. If you don't drop the book tonight Khushi, I will make sure the police hunts you down for fraud... and yes ... good luck! I have heard terrible things about him just like the things you have heard about me..." he said as he left with his coat and car keys.

She looked at him leaving and let her tear run out. He had left her between a rock and a hard place.

Jun 30, 2012

Full Circle: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Part 8 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 29 times)

It's about fancy, feelings or pheromones?

He had seen her for the first time standing there outside the building... She was unglamorous and according to him barely worth a second look but nonetheless he had been drawn to her... A few minutes later he had found himself engaged in mindless banter ... She had thrown him off definitely by not being intimidated or hyper enthusiastic to appease him even after knowing who he was.. She seemed to have a mind of her own that worked and that alone had made him definitely curious...

He found her unusually defiant to his authority, a trait he never expected to exist anymore as most women were more than willing to warm up to his unusually cold behaviour. He was amused, she was like a handful of sand; the more he tried to hold on to it; the more it seemed to slip away. He was merely playful and displayed his interest unabashed but she was unyielding ... that riled him and it was then that he started to intimidate her physically just because he could do so... He liked the way her body seemed to fit perfectly against his and his dormant veins reacted instantly urging him to get closer to taste her...

It was a battle her words made him angry but in his anger he felt a greater urge to taste her angry lips, bare and trembling from the anger building inside her... He could not stop himself from annoying her further by biting on her soft lobe just enough to satiate his desire to taste her warm skin. He loved that her face and eyes giving away every single emotion and thought... He had laughed inside seeing her distressed as he had closed in and whispered his threat.

He had never felt it before; the more he saw her; the more his body defied his brains. His mind screamed forbidding him to get anywhere near her... He however, defied the same calls and moved ahead and for the first time, to the unresolved puzzle in front of him, to play with it as long as it took him to resolve it...He had almost felt like he had a match getting struck by her quick retorts ... Until he had laid his eyes on her at the masquerade, a little effort had made a difference, for the first time he had seen pure beauty ...

She had walked past him in awe of the ambiance... He had noticed her floating past him like a night bird... Her eyes covered in the white feather mask. Her body wrapped in sparkling dark blue blouse and white flowing lehenga accentuating the curves of her body. Her veil had floated past him as he had watched her earrings glittering as the crystal lights fell on them. Her hair reached to her hips and swayed gently as she moved ahead. He had stared at her for sometime and then given in to the temptation to be close to her... he definitely desired her, he thought and went ahead to claim her... after all he could do it being who he was.

What had happened was unexpected; she a penniless woman had called him a womanizer, of all the things. At that moment he had felt like crushing her to the ground because she was insignificantly small and of no particular importance. It was imprudent on her part to even think that she could talk back to him and she had the nerve to accuse him... that moment he could think of nothing but humiliating her. He would never forget that she had insulted him.

When he saw her unravelling the next day, it had felt like watching a caterpillar shedding its ugly skin and turning into a butterfly. His nerves had filled again with desire as he had open the layers of mystery one by one... it was only when she had opened her mouth and retorted angrily and defied to acknowledge him that he had scuttled all his feelings inside and let his brain take over. He would not let go of her without his revenge, the challenge was just a small part of it but now he would make sure she did see what it meant to insult him.

The night was the perfect opportunity. He wanted her to go to Sid's just because he wanted her to feel the fear of being in the company of the kind of a man she thought him to be... the real thing. He knew exactly what would happen. He was on his way to the airport humming a tune knowing full well that she would be distressed and out of her wits at the moment. He thought she was naive to believe that he would call the police on her but it had worked anyway...

He sent her a quick msg on her work phone, just to intimidate her further "Here's the address if you decide to go Sid's and make sure you wear something nice, although, I know he is not very picky unlike me..."

Back in office;

Her phone beeped and she saw the msg, tears rolled out further. What kind of a man was he? From the looks of it, he was thoroughly enjoying the fact that she was distressed. For a moment she had felt bad that she had accused him under the false notion and even considered apologising but then this attitude enraged her further. "He is no better, he had a choice but he had chosen to put her in a difficult place just because he could." She thought as she changed into her usual salwar kameez.

With heavy steps she collected the book and the watch, and called a taxi. As she drove into the night something fierce inside her told her that no matter what she would never let it happen to her. Things did not have to be the way he wanted. She would devise a way out and she was thinking over and over about the week... about all the women she had met during the search, he seemed to know Sid well. He knew about the women, he had everything organised. She thought about the women again, he had wanted a man to be Sid's assistant to curb the womanizing. He had discovered her true identity but he had no qualms sending her, why would he do it? A moment ago he had cared for a tiny scratch on her forehead and now he had decided to send her to lion's den. Was he doing this just because she had insulted him? It did not make sense, one moment he seemed to be bothered that she was hurt and the next moment he was pushing her to get hurt... she had no idea, it was very confusing.

She thought about the women again. They were very similar to each other in looks, in style, in their mannerisms; they seemed to fit a pattern. The more she thought about it, the more likely it seemed. Did he just send her to teach her a lesson for insulting him? He wanted her to feel the fear ... the moment she realized the possibility, she was not so afraid anymore. She would face her challenge with courage. Her heart however were now thumping hard against her chest as she rang the door bell.

Jun 30, 2012

Full Circle: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Part 9 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 37 times)

Part 9

He was sitting at the executive meeting looking at the clock frequently. Her seat was still empty. She had not come back the next morning at the usual time...

He was talking as he eyed the clock,

"The new issue will feature digitalized photos of the famous actress .... And the designers are supposed to create the look for the new issue of Brides Only. Make sure the details are sent out as soon as possible and I don't want anything to go wrong. If there is a single mistake, then be ready to be fired from your jobs..."

Sid was walking in to the lobby.... and he saw her...She was scurrying inside behind him with the book in her hands.

"Good to see you Sid, it is never too late to be back, join us for the meeting." He said as he looked at her trying to read her face. She looked away and averted his eyes as far as she could in order to not give up her true feelings inside. She wanted to cry but she put up a brave face.

"I have to talk to you..." said Sid... "Urgent."

"I am sure it can wait." He said and brushed Sid off. "Sit for the meeting Sid." he said in a commanding tone... Sid obeyed and unwillingly Khushi sat down too. He kept looking at her from time to time as he spoke...

The meeting went on for another hour more and then when he was finally satisfied. He got up... "Right, back to your stations..." As he was walking out he said to her, "Ms Gupta, my office in two minutes. "

"ASR I need to talk to you...." said Sid

"Later Sid, at lunch..." he walked into his office and she came in a moment later. The moment she was inside he locked the doors.

She felt her heart thumping again... "What are you doing?"

He was looking at her, "You are rather calm... How was last night?"

"What's bothering you more that I am calm or that I was with Sid last night?" she looked at him fiercely.

"Don't you dare talk to me like that..."

"Why not...? What are you going to do this time? Hand me over to the police?"

"Yes, I will if need be for that." He said as he closed in against her. "But right now I simply want to know what happened last night."

"What do you think happened Mr Raizada, you are the one who sent me there...to him." Her anger rose up and so did her tears.

"You tell me that, how come he is here... he never comes... for the last one month...."

"He has come because of me..."

"Because of you...?"

"Yes, because of me... we are friends."

"Friends... what kind of friends... you know him from last night and you are friends with him?"

"Why? What is wrong with that? We are friends from last night..."

"What kind of friends are you two?"

"Why does it matter to you... you are the one who introduced us so thank you Mr Raizada... I am leaving this room now."

"You will leave when I let you..." he told her as he grasped her hands and swung her back to him.

"Is that all you can do... force me to be here...when I don't have any desire to be here."

"Don't talk to me like that."

"Why not..? Are you something special demanding respect..."

"You work for me..."

"Until last night, I am not Khush Gupta anymore..."

"You have to return the signing amount."

"Of course, I don't need it, you can buy some warmth with it while it lasts and that you need desperately."

"Shut up..."

"Or what..."

"You know what I can do..."

"I am not afraid of you ..."

"You will be ..." he crushed her with his arms.

"Are you threatening me?"

"No I am telling you..."

"Leave me... I have work to do..."

"What work...?"

"Don't forget Mr Raizada, you will get the designer wedding ensemble from me. I am working on it with Sid."

"You are working with Sid...?"

"Yes... unlike you he has faith in my work."

"Oh! I see. One night has been enough for you two to know a lot about each other... Did he make you feel good Khushi?"

"Mind what you are saying..."

"I am just curious if it felt good..."

"You have no business to know..."

"I have every right to know..."

"Right... what right? Do you think you own me?"

"I will when you lose that challenge."

"I will never lose it, because I am good at it."

"Get out of here..."

"I will ... as soon as you let me go... I have no desire to be with you for even a moment longer."

"Out now..." he throws her away from him.

She stumbles but she opens the door and leaves.

He bangs the doors and then throws everything on his desk on the floor... had he been wrong about Sid?

Jun 30, 2012

Full Circle: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Part 10 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 43 times)

Part 10

Sid was outside ASR's office... waiting. "I have to talk to him... "What the hell is going on?" he thinks as he paces up and down and then he notices Amy.

"Hi Amy..." says Sid as he watched the woman looking at him longingly.

"You know my name...?" she asks to confirm battering her eyes

"Of course I do..." he said giving her one of his charming smiles. He did look way some handsome and cute when he smiled his childish smile.

"Sid..." calls Amy...

"Hmm..." he looks at her.

"I have entry for the red carpet premier for the next blockbuster..." she said.

"Do you?" he asked playfully.

"But I am sure it is boring as heck... but there is room upstairs where we can get naughty and not get caught," she said.

"Tell me about it... on second thoughts is there a room here?"

"Oh... no... no... if ASR gets to know he will fire me..." she said.

"Then lets get out of here..." he said.

"I can't... its work hour."

"That's a shame... I think I like you."

"You said what..."

"I said I liked you." He said again smiling.

She swoons and falls on the floor.

Sid gets distracted seeing her on the floor... he forgets all about his urgent talk with ASR...

"Hey Amy are you okay?" he asks as he takes her head in his palms.

She opens her eyes and swoons again with a smile on her face.

Khushi came out and helped Sid to pick Amy up. Amy was still smitten by Sid...

"Sid," lets go to your office.

"I don't have an office... Khushi."


"I work from home..."

"You can't work from home."

"Why not?"

"Because we will never get anything done with all your stupid distractions... you have to be here. Come on let's find a room." said Khushi.

"Why are you two ruining my life?" asked Sid innocently. "I get that you don't like ASR but that does not mean I become your scapegoat..."

"Stop complaining... you have had plenty of time to play around." She ordered him like she was his older sister.

"Why are you doing this to me? I was so happy..." he whined.

"No you are not..." she shut him up. He followed her; they finally found a storage room that could be used. "Let us clean this up and use this for our work."

Meanwhile at ASR's office

"Oh God!" What is wrong ASR?

"Nothing Lavanya... How was your trip?"

"Trip was good... I met old friends..." ASR are you even listening? He did not hear her at all...

She went up to him... she had seen Khushi walk into his office right after the meeting.

"ASR have you been seeing someone?"

"Yes... Khushi"

"What...? That Christmas tree?"

"I saw her twice... but she does not interest me anymore."

"You were seeing her?"

"I just met her twice at some parties... that is it Lavanya, nothing else."

"And what has made you so upset?" She was envious. He had never reacted to her in any way...

"Nothing... just leave it."

"What is she doing here?"

"She is working with Sid to create the new look for the cover page of "Brides Only."

"What that shinning disco ball thinks she can design well enough for our cover page."

"It is an open contest Lavanya ... any one can submit a design and show casing will happen of the best at end of the month."

Why do we need outsiders and unknown people to contribute..."

"If you are talented then that should not bother you but excite you to create something extraordinary. Can you do it or you want me to take it over?"

"I will do it... you don't need to worry..." she says as a pang of jealousy feeds into her system. He wants to compete himself with that Khushi.

"Lavanya, I want to win this, so make sure you do your best. I could otherwise work on it."

"Is it that important, more than me? Is it important because of that Christmas tree?"

"Whatever it is, you need not bother, I want you to create an exceptional design that would be fitting for the cover as well as our model. You know that she is extremely sensitive about the weight she has gained..."

"Come on ASR, don't you have faith in my talent anymore? I will speak to her and anyway the photos can be digitalised to make her look skinnier."

"I prefer not, let's say, create something that hides the flaws. Make her happy and that would be perfect for the "Brides Only" cover. I don't want anything to be faked. It should go as it is ...untouched... like the brides themselves... they look beautiful no matter what size, colour or measure of beauty... Do you get me?"

"Okay as you wish..." she however was rattled at his expectation. Everyone did digitalised covers now... there was nothing like the perfect ensemble for the imperfect bride...

"I will see you in the evening ASR and I am sending Amy to help you clear your room." she walked out. She had to find out more about this infatuation of ASR. She could never let another woman win this.

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