Jun 26, 2012


Today's episode was marvelous as it has started reaching the climax of Khushi's act with Shyam and he has been trapped in Khushi's snare. But obviously at a very high price staking everything on the part of Khushi. Her whole REPUTE and INTEGRITY has shattered after forming an alliance with Shyam. She has gone in the pits just because of Arnav's love. She has given herself completely to save Arnav whether she remains in RM or not. Because what is obvious indicates that she would be MISTRUSTED and MISUNDERSTOOD by Arnav. Arnav does not know how far Khushi went to save him and Arnav will not approve it. He has a possessive attitude. He cannot see Khushi falling to the ground and pleading to the enemy to save him. He knows it very well how people can take advantage of Khushi whether she is aware of or not. Just as Arnav earlier told her "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND WHAT OTHERS ARE DOING WITH YOU MOST OF THE TIMES". He has been analyzing her rightfully.

Abhaas, Sanaya and NK are doing a brilliant job these days and their expressions are really worth watching seeing the intensity of the situation. Well done all of you. Standing ovation for them. The way they are acting these days has reached the pinnacle of their acting skills

The episode started off with Khushi hugging Mamiji and assuring her that very soon she will get to know where Arnavji is. Mami wipes her tears and about to leave when she said I will not sit with peace unless I have found about Arnav. Then NK and Khushi are left alone in the room and NK told her since we have settled Mamiji we should get back to work. Meanwhile I will keep an eye on jiju if he is working on the laptop or not. And asked Khushi to go back to his room and wait for him.

Shyam opens his laptop and NK is watching from behind to get further clues. He saw Shyam getting up and opening the drawer of the cupboard and taking out the Pendant key chain and attaches it to the laptop. NK rushes to his room and asks Khushi to open the laptop FAST, FAST. NK tells Khushi that he has planted a SMALL CAMERA in jiju's room and attached the link to his computer to have an access to all what Shyam is doing on the laptop. Shyam is tricked by NK without him knowing. Khushi got worried if he saw them. NK told her to relax as the camera is very tiny. NK has planted the camera near the pelmet of the curtain, not easily visible.

Khushi asked him when did you bring in the camera was it yesterday night. He replied I just made 2-3 calls and found out one of my friends was working in the security agency and from there I got this Security Camera. And now we can see everything on Jiju's laptop and my laptop is connected to that camera. We can SEE everything what he types but the audio of the camera is not of that quality but still it will serve our purpose. Then he showed it to Khushi look everything is visible and thanked God. It also zooms. Now they see him enter the PASSWORD. NK took a paper and a pen to write that so he does not miss anything while Khushi's eyes were totally glued to the laptop screen. She was unaware what was coming next which could bring her secrets out in the open. Shyam entered the PASSWORD "I LOVE U KHUSHI". That was it as if a blow has been hit at Khushi. She was DUMBSTRUCK. She could not decipher what she saw and she rolled her eyes in disbelief.

What she had been trying to keep it as a secret from NK could not be anymore. She knew he would pursue her in asking and that is exactly what NK did. First reaction of NK was as he has hit a JACKPOT knowing the Password. But when he repeated the PASSWORD he was awestruck. Then they heard him say the PASSWORD loudly because it was an AUDIO PASSWORD. Then the Password was accepted. NK asked Khushi what was this and how can such a PASSWORD be. Then he opened the FILE of WILL and they were about to check when Mamiji calls Shyam and she was in the room and he had to close the laptop. Literally NK was like why did Mamiji intervene at the most crucial moment

Mamiji came and asked Shyam Arnav bitwa has given which gift to you wanted to check everyone's who received what. Shyam was flabbergasted knowing that. Then he showed it to Mamiji that he has received a Maroon Kurta and a Wristwatch. Seeing those things Mamiji appreciated the Kurta and loved the Wristwatch box. You must be remembering Shyam's love of watches. He is always after them getting Expensive ones and it is always Raizadas who pay for it. So this chance again he did not miss by gifting himself an Expensive Wristwatch. Mamiji was blabbering since Arnav bitwa is Kidnapped so this must be the work of Kidnappers to provide the family with GIFTS so that they do not worry about him and report the matter to police. Shyam is always afraid of Police. He cannot let it happen. Mamiji leaves the room but Shyam did not use the computer then.

NK asked from Khushi why can such a PASSWORD be "I LOVE U KHUSHI" what does that mean? He wanted an explanation from Khushi as there must be something more which Khushi wants to hide. The reason NK wanted to ask was not his DISTRUST in her but maybe it added more to resolving the puzzle. Khushi was agitated and did not want to disclose anything but just said don't want to discuss it. The way Shyam talks to me, handles me and treats me I am only silent because of Di. And I cannot say anything to anyone knowing the truth myself. NK was totally Disgusted hearing it and said he is a DISGUSTED PERSON. Cannot tolerate it anymore and this is too much. He said we need to go to the POLICE and get the CASE REGISTERED and get him arrested. NK is one person who has TOTAL FAITH in Khushi that she is not a person who would do any wrong even her family members did not believe in Khushi at the time of marriage and disowned her. He does not question her INTEGRITY. He is a thorough GENTLEMAN.

NK told Khushi we will not allow such a DIRTY PERSON to stay in the house. He is SICK. But Khushi grabs NK's hand to stop him and said I understand your emotions but nobody can hate him more than I do. In MY and Arnavji's life whatever bad has happened it is because of him. The tensions we have gone through, Shyam ALONE is RESPONSIBLE for them. I want him to be EXPOSED in front of everyone soon. But at this moment of time we have to find Arnavji most importantly as he can hurt him if he is arrested. No chance to be taken on that. Khushi disclosed that there is only ONE WAY OUT to deal with this and NK understood to OPEN the PENDRIVE with Audio Password in Jiju's voice.

Khushi agreed and said I know how to get the Password open in Shyam's voice. To which NK told her not to. He said sorry Khushiji I cannot allow this as he is a SICK person and can harm you. Khushi said since the camera in his room did not complete the job successfully so she will have to do it on her own. No matter how much disgusted I feel but to get Arnavji safely home is the SOLE AIM FOR ME. I have to get near to him and make him repeat I LOVE U KHUSHI.

Then Shyam was talking to Rani Sahiba to be downstairs for food and he saw Khushi passing by his room worried holding the GIFT. Instead of going downstairs he went to Khushi's room to ask is she fine. Then he shut the door and came near to her. Khushi told him I cannot tolerate it anymore. Will go mad, cannot understand anything. Shyam asked her to control herself and took out his handkerchief to wipe her tears which she did not. He said I cannot see you crying. Khushi told him who this kidnapper is and why is he sending gifts. What does that mean? She threw the gift on the Recliner saying you said Arnav does not care about me then why is this gift. The SOS message by Arnav kept peeing from the gift wrapper which Khushi has not been able to see yet. This clue got unnoticed in the episode today but maybe later on.

That day you were saying that he has only hurt you and you have................. She goes and sits on the bed saying that she is all alone, nobody to share with. Shyam kneeled down beside her on the ground and said "YOU WERE NEVER ALONE AND WILL NEVER BE". Now she has switched her Recording on the cell to get his Audio Password so that they can crack open the FILES on the PENDRIVE. Khushi knows how to record things on the cell like once she has recorded Arnav's dictation in the office. Quite adept at it. He said I AM WITH YOU and WILL ALWAYS BE till the time I am ALIVE you don't have to feel lonely. Don't say this ever again. NK was hiding on the poolside throughout this and have been observing how Dirty Shyam is. He has lost all RESPECT in the eyes of NK. Now NK was impatiently waiting for Shyam to repeat the I LOVE YOU KHUSHI. Khushi told Shyam the other day you were saying Arnav never loved me and has hurt me and you have always...........Shyam completes the sentence I have only loved you. Khushi closes her eyes and he lifts her chin towards him gently and said "I LOVE YOU KHUSHI".

What Shyam is feeling at the moment for Khushi this song narrates it quite well.


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Recorded the job done. He said I have always Loved you with all my heart, wish you understood me earlier. She felt disgusted and tears were flowing and just got up. She had to continue her act which pained her to the core. His touch must have shattered her integrity but she had to put up a mask to not let him know. Khushi has realized that the only way she can defeat Shyam is by playing to his weakness which is herself. She had to give in to save Aranv whether her marriage breaks down. She is not thinking long term. Khushi is showing her METTLE how she can handle Shyam. Well done Sanaya! Bravo

Then she tells him she needs time to think about her and him and to understand all this which is puzzling her. She gained time from him and told him she wants to remain alone to have a better understanding of the situation. Shyam just said remember that I love you and never consider yourself alone while I am around you. He then leaves and Khushi closes her eyes and breaks down on the ground sobbing what she has gone through right now. She just wanted Arnavji to be around her to console and reduce her pain.

Jun 26, 2012


Out of desperation Khushi has done all this because whatever she tried earlier she was laughted at by Shyam . This was what she understood the only way out. Shyam's over confidence will lead to his downfall. He is RELISHING the double fruits at the moment.

. Grabbing Arnav's wealth

. And his Lady Love

This being too much for himself will cover his mind with mist and he will only see what he wants to see. That is the time when Khushi will hit him in his weak moments. But since Shyam is a Criminal and such people always have Plan B available will slip and accuse Khushi of all the wrongdoings to Arnav and Anjali. He will become a WOUNDED TIGER which is more dangerous. Arnav has to side with Khushi in order to bring him to the ground because Khushi alone cannot survive this fatal blow to her and Arnavji.

PRECAP: Khushi telling Shyam what she needs from him. She said since I am raging in anger and want to take revenge from Arnavji. It wont matter how much wealth and business I take from him he will not be broken down. I want to do something that breaks him down completely and his Pride hath a Fall. The pain that I want to give him is when.............Shyam picked up her thoughts and voiced it you want me to leave Anjali. Give her divorce. Khushi replied yes that PAIN will make him suffer.

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Jun 26, 2012


It was a brilliant idea put forth by NK to plant a Security Camera in Shyam's room to monitor his movements and what he is upto. But look at the daring shown by Shyam who has the Audio Password as he is not afraid to be caught by the Raizadas in logging onto his files. Much guts needs to be displayed in having such a Password. He is obsessed by Khushi, it is not his love by just lust which is drawing him to Khushi. Once he gets his hands onto Arnav's wealth next step would to bring Khushi into his arms through hook or crook. If she retaliates he is not going to give up rather put all the accusations in her direction. Such a Creep and Sick person who would go to any limits to achieve his ends.

Want to discuss Payal's plight. Seems lot of cribbing about her character made the CVs realize that she too needs some sense in her. And for once she wants to follow her heart. She has been blinded till now and only depends on others to move around. Was sort of a parasite. Now coming out of her skin to show that she has some brains.

The scene showing Payal drying her hair and smelling whether the Jasmine Oil has completely come out of her hair or not. She was lost in her thoughts when Akash called up to apologise for leaving home early without seeing her. He is telling her that because of that Jasmine Oil whom he is allergic to could not meet her and left. She pardoned herself saying that I am sorry for applying it and will never do it again since she does not know Akash's allergy to it. He said its alright and I called you to tell you that there is a Party at the office tonight and these days lot of parties are coming up. He asks her whether she is willing to go to the party or not and she instantly affirmed agreeing. He said since the party was for couples as it is a wedding anniversary of one of the business associates. He would like if she comes along.

She said she will get ready on time and he told her he will send the car for her. So straightaway she will be at the party as Akash would be there himself. This was a BIG DECISION for Payal to make because she is a shy person and going alone to the party is not her character. But she took the decision not to hurt Akash anymore. Then the phone dropped and she thinking to herself about all the Desi Totkas of Buaji which failed miserably. She said she would think something different this time and will not tell Buaji. She was about to leave her room when she picked up a magazine from the floor which showed some good shoes. She selected a pair of GOLDEN STILETTOS for the party and seeing the address she decided to buy those as the shop was nearby.

Now at least she is trying to be sensible how to dress up for these parties. Cannot look like a heavy loaded doll full of jewelry and wearing clothes as if attending a marriage. Today they might show her dressed down according to the occasion and will be able to talk also. Getting hands-on-experience from these parties. Once she understands Akash's lifestyle and his preferences she will be appreciated by all at the parties. She has not been a social butterfly earlier and Khushi was the one dealing with everyone. Payal remained submissive and introvert and only followed other people. Now she needs a transformation.

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