Does my heart still beat..?

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Jun 23, 2012

Does my heart still beat..? (By Arshilover1) (Thanked: 53 times)

Hey everyone i have read many stories in this site so thought of writing one i m 13 so i may not be as perfect as the other writers but i m trying my best..

Khushi is thrown out of RM by Arnav because he still thinks Khushi does not love him n loves Shyam n if she lives in the same house n there might be a problem for his DI.. Shyam's truth is not exposed by Arnav.. Arnav removes Khushi out of his house by telling everyone that she is cheating him n he does not love her anymore n nor does she.. Khushi does not live with the Guptas as she will remember the place n the time she spent with Arnav she shifted to Mumbai getting a good job for herself..

13 years pass by..

Khushi still lives in Mumbai with her n Arnav's Daughter Arshika.. Arshika Singh Raizada. Arnav remembers Khushi each n everyday he still loves her but he tries to ignore it as she was trying to ruin his Di's life. Arnav does not know that he has a Daughter. Anjali n Shyam also have a Daughter Alisha.. Alisha Shyam Jha. Payal n Akash have a daughter Ashna.. Ashna Singh Raizada n a son Ashish.. Ashish Singh Raizada. All the Raizada's along with the Jha's move to New York as Arnav can not stay in India anymore..

Arnav is 34

Khushi is 31

Anjali is 37

Shyam is 40

Akash is 33

Payal is 32

Arshika is 12

Ashna is 12

Ashish is 13

Alisha is 13..

Please tell me how is it??

Jun 24, 2012

Does my heart still beat..? (By Arshilover1) (Thanked: 44 times)

Thank you so much for your comments..

Khushi has told everything about her n Arnav to Arshika.. She hates her father Arnav for not believing Khushi..

Arshika: Mom, I hate Arnav Singh Raizada.. How could he?? He does not believe you??

Khushi: Arshika! U cant hate him.. N he is ur father u cant call him by his name..

Arshika: Y should i not Mamma??, n i cant call him my father.

Khushi: Arshika have I ever taught u to hate someone?

Arshika: No Mamma u have not but I have to hate him because of him u have been insulted.. N the person who insults u is the person i hate the most in my life.. U r my world Mamma, If u r not there then i m nothing.. I always stand first in class because u help me u sit day n night to help.. U r there for me Mamma n he is not there for me

Khushi: Arshika, i know u love me a lot n I love u too u r the only one because of whom i live.. I cant stay without u.. N u cant hate anyone dear n the person whom u hate is none other than ur father

Arshika: I dont care Mamma..

Arshika is just like Arnav her looks her attitude is just like Arnav but one thing is not common between them she respects her loved ones n trusts them to the fullest..

Jun 24, 2012

Does my heart still beat..? (By Arshilover1) (Thanked: 39 times)

Arshika: Mom i m leaving for school..

Arshika hugs n kisses Khushi

Khushi: Bye Arshika

Arshika: Byee Mamma

Arshika leaves for school..

In New York (NY) RM

Arnav: Di

Anjali: Yes chote

Arnav: Di, i have thought to shift back to Delhi

AnjalI; But Chote u had decided to come here

Arnav: Yes Di but i ant to return to Delhi back we will stay there from now, for me u all r trying to adjust here but in these 13 years no one has adjusted here accept the little ones n they too desire to go Delhi

Alisha: Mama, u r calling me little one?

Arnav: Yes Alisha

Alisha: I m 13 Mama, a teenager

Arnav: Ok accept u everyone is little

Alisha: Yes Mama u r right i m the eldest..

Ashish: Uncle, I m just 8 months younger to her n she still orders me to do things stating that she is elder to me

Arnav loves all the Kids in his house specially Alisha, Because she is his Di's daughter, she is pampered a lot by Arnav n she is a bit spoilt too. Ashish n Ashna are well mannered.. Alisha is jealous whenever Ashish n Ashna r near Arnav..

Arnav: Ok guys u all have grown up no one is little..

Alisha: Ashish n Ashna r little Mama

Ashish: No

Ashna: He is right we r not little

Arnav: I told u that u r not little stop fighting

Alisha,Ashish.Ashna: Ok

Arnav: So my grown up ones we will go to Delhi

Alisha: Delhi wow it will be fun there for a vaccation

Ashish: Yes it will be fun

Arnav: We r not going there for a vaccation we r going to stay there..

Alisha,Ashish,Ashna: What??

Arnav: Yes

Alisha: But we r fine here n e cant come there leaving behind our friends

Nani: Alisha: Chote is right e need to go to Delhi this place is not good.. I mean this is good but not like our hometown

Alisha: But..

Arnav: Please dear if u love me then..

Alisha: Ok Mama i love u a lot so i m agreeing but i dont take the gurantee of Ashish n Ashna u always tell me to make them understand but today i will not make them understand

Akash: Bhai, i will make them understand.. Ashish, Ashna please listen n agree to come

Ashish: If Alisha has agreed then even i m agreeing

Ashna: N if Bhaiya has agreed then i agree too..

Arnav: Wow! all my kids have agreed

Akash: Yes so bhai when r e going to India..

Arnav: When r u guys getting holidays??

Alisha: After 1 week.. N now i m going to study I have my Physics paper tomorrow n Ashish even u come with me we will study together

Ashish: Ok Alisha n Ashna u too go n study..

Arnav: So After 1 week we r shifting to Delhi..

In Arshika's school..

The Principal of Arshika's school arrived in Arshika's class..

Students: Good Morning Sir!

Principal: Good Morning students.. I have come here beause one of our very bright n brilliant students who has managed to top the class n by standing first in the state so we r planning to send that child to Delhi for the rest of her studies.. N the Girl is Arshika..

Arshika: What? I have topped the state??

Principal: Yes Miss Arshika Singh Raizada u have n the best school in Delhi is offering u a scholarship where u can get a better education.. Here is the form

He gives her the from

Arshika: Thank you so much Sir n i will ask my Mom about it n will inform u by tomorrow

Principal: Ok dear n we will miss u next year u will be with us just for a couple of days

Arshika: Maybe Sir, but my mom has not given me the permission yet so i will let u know

Principal: ok

The school time is over n Arshika rushes home

Arshika: Ohh God! Mamma is not here... Hmmm I m mad she is gone for her job.. N if because of me if e shift to Mumbai then will she get a job there??

Khushi arrives

Khushi: Arshika dear u came so early..

Arshika: I came rushing Mamma n u know what i got a scholarship from the best school in Delhi n i have even topped the state mamma can we go to Delhi??

Khushi was shocked she was happy that her daughter topped the state but she was sad that she wanted to go to Delhi

Khushi: But Arshika!

Arshika: Its my dream mom i wanted to study in the best school n i m getting an apportunity i got a scholarship Mamma please dont say no

Khushi never wanted to make her daughter sad she wanted to make her daughter's dream come true n she even had seen a news years ago that Arnav Singh Raizada has permanently shifted to NY

Khushi: Ok Arshika we will go to Mumbai, i want ur dreams to come true n as far as my job is concerned the manager told me that they have many sites across India n he was even telling that they have a branch in Delhi he told me if ever I have to transfer then i can..

Arshika: I m so Happy even i was thinking about the job but now all the tensions r gone

Khushi: Yes..

Jun 24, 2012

Does my heart still beat..? (By Arshilover1) (Thanked: 54 times)

Arshika: I will give the form to my Principal tomorrow... My new school Scottish i m waiting for it

Khushi: Hmm..

Arshika: But Mamma my friends?

Khushi: Dont worry u will get better friends

Arshika: U r right

In NY RM..

Arnav: Di the tickets r booked n all the kids have got admission in Scottish

AnjalI; Scottish?? Wow

Arnav: Yes Di n take ur tickets

Shyam enters

Shyam: Which ticket Saale Sahab

Arnav still hates Shyam though Shyam acts that he only loves Anjali n even Arnav believes but he still hates him n Shyam still loves Khushi

Arnav: India.. We r going to India

Shyam: Wow! have the kids agreed?

Arnav: Yes

Anjali: N they got admission in Scottish the best school in Delhi

Shyam: Wow!

Arnav: Di their school is starting in 2 weeks so tell them that they will have only 1 week vaccation

Anjali: Only 1 week poor children

Arnav: Yes Di poor children..

Anjali goes to Alisha's room where Ashish n Ashna r there

Anjali: Alisha Ashish n Ashna ur school is starting in 2 eeks

Alisha, Ashish Ashna: What??

Alisha: Only 2 weeks Mamma??

AnjalI; Yes n please understand

Ashish: 2 weeks r too less Aunty

Anjali: I know but sorry

Alisha: K fine what to do

Ashish: Yes fine

Ashna: I m fine too Aunty

Anjali: Thank you sooo much kids

Alisha,Ashish,Ashna: Kids?

Anjali: Sorry grown ups

Alisha: Yeh thats good!

Next Day In Arshika's school

Arshika: Sir please may come in?

Principal: Yes

Arshika: Sir my form

She gives the form to the principal

Principal: Ok Dear n ur school starts in 2 eeks

Arshika: What 2 weeks??

Principal: Yes

Arshika: Ok

The school day ends n Arshika goes home

Arshika: Mamma my new school Scottish starts in 2 weeks that is only 1 week holiday

Khushi: Its Ok dear.. U r a hardworker so it should not matter to u

Arshika: But still

Khushi: Its Ok beta

Arshika: Yeh! u r right its ok..

for liking my story- RISHA

Jun 24, 2012

Does my heart still beat..? (By Arshilover1) (Thanked: 55 times)

1 week passes by In NY Arnav n his family r in a rush n in India Khushi n Arshika r in a rush

Khushi: Arshika, come fast we r getting late dear

Arshika: Yes Mom come lets leave

Khushi: Ok lets leave

Arshika n Khushi leave to go to the Railway Station..


Alisha: Everyone come fast

AnjalI: U r so eager Alisha

Alisha: Yes i m

Arnav: Lets leave

Mami: Hello Hi Bye Bye, after 13 years i will goes backs to India very exited

Anjali: We r all exited Mami

Arnav: Lets leave..

Anjali: Yes

They Reach the Airport n get inside the plane

Alisha: Wow Mamma, we r going to India..

Anjali: Yes beta we r going to India

Khushi n Arshika get in the train

Arshika: Mamma We r going to Delhi, I m also going to go to a new school.. I m so happy Mamma

Khushi: I m also happy beta..

Khushi is remembering her time spent with Arnav

Khushi: (thinking) Arnavji i still love u, but will never forgive u for what u have done to me, u did not trust me, 13 years ago i needed you but now i dont need u My daughter is my life now.. i love her a lot, she looks just like u infact she is just like u but one thing is not common between u two Arnavji.. My Daughter loves me n trusts me n u, i know u loved me but u never trusted me Arnavji, never trusted me, but now i dont need u nor my daughter does.)

Arshika: Mamma, I want to ask u something

Khushi: Yes beta ask

Arshika: Mamma, Just tell me do u still love Arnav Singh Raizada?

Khushi: Arshika u look tired i think u should sleep

Arshika: No Mamma i m not tired please tell me do u love Arnav Singh Raizada? Please tell the truth

Khushi: Yes Arshika, I love him I love him a lot, I dont know y i still love him.. But i dont remember him much because u..

Arshika: I?

Khushi: U look exactly like Arnavji Arshika, Ur eyes ur smile, ur talks ur attitude everything Arshika

Arshika: What? I ook like that man

Khushi: He is ur father Arshika

Arshika: Whatever.. Mamma he gave u so much pain u still love him?

Khushi Yes Arshika I love him.. But i will never forgive him for what he did to me he trusted Shyamji? Anyway u know i think i would die if u would u not be there u r my support Arshika..

Arshika: I love u a lot Mamma

Khushi: I love u too Arshika

Arshika: N Mamma u have kept my name after u n Arnav Singh Raizada right

Khushi: Yes Dear

Arshika: Mamma, did he ever love u?

Khushi: Yes Arshika he did, he did love me though he never said

Arshika: He loved u n still he did that.. Thats Y I hate him.. I hate him

Khushi: Arshika! U cant hate him he is ur father

Arshika: But Mamma he has given so much pain to u

Khushi: Its Ok now i m not living in his thoughts i live for u Arshika n i dont want u to hate anyone, Anyone Arshika

Arshika: U r so nice Mamma u still love him after what he did to u

Khushi: I know my heart doest not accept hating him

Arshika: Ok Mamma, n i m always there for u, ALWAYS

Khushi: I know Arshika


Jun 24, 2012

Does my heart still beat..? (By Arshilover1) (Thanked: 36 times)

Khushi n Arshika reach Delhi.. They come out of the station..

Arshika: Mamma, this place is so good

Khushi: I know Arshika it has a felling

Arshika: I know a feeling which is bounding us from something.. Have u ever come here?

Khushi: Yes, i have Delhi i sthe place where i n Arnavji were married Arnavji used to stay in Delhi n i in Lakhnow

Arshika: What that person stays in Delhi n u still agreed to bring me here?

Khushi: Arshika, He does not stay here now he stays in NY

Arshika: How do u know?

Khushi: I read in the news paper that business tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada has shifted to Delhi permanently..

Arshika: Ohh, but u still came here for me, u will remember him right..

khushi: No dear i will not, i shifted to Mumbai years back because i thought i would remember him but now U r there with me n so i will not remember him..

Arshika: Ok Mamma

Khushi: Arshika i bought a house in Delhi by selling our flat in Mumbai, so we can go there to stay

Arshika: Wow! a new house sounds good.. Lets go

They catch an auto n move to their new house which is just 10 mins away from Shantivan(RM)..

Arshika: This house is so big n so good

Khushi: I know..

Arshika: So Mamma lets set this place

Khushi: Ok n tomorrow after i come from my job we will leave for agra

Arshika: Agra??

Khushi: Yes, u have only 1 week vaccation so we will go to Agra for enjoying

Arshika: Wow! we will enjoy there a lot we will visit Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fathepur Sikri n many more..

Khushi: Yes we will if e get time but Taj Mahal is for sure

Arshika: Yipee! I have read in History about these places.. N i wanted to visit them.. Thank you so much Mamma

Khushi: I know u wanted to visit these historical places thats y i m taking u.. I want u to be happy

Arshika: I love u

Khushi: I love u too..

Arnav n his family reach Delhi they come out of the Airport

Ashna: This place is so Dirty n NY is so clean

Payal: Ashna, this place may be dirty but we all r going to live here this place is our own..

Ashna: Maybe..

Alisha: But this place is cool Ashna I m exited to go to our house

Ashish: Even me

Arnav: Come lets go home..

They enter Shantivan..

ALisha: Wow! Such an awesome house..

Ashna: exactly, its so good

Arnav: go guys see the full house n come..

ALisha: Yes we will go..

They see the full house n come..

Alisha: This house is indeed better than our NY house

Ashish: U r right

Ashna: I agree too..

Arnav: So guys there is a surprise we r going to Agra tomorrow as u have only 1 week vaccation

Alisha: I have heard a lot about this place there r some historical places also in Agra like Taj Mahal, Fathepur Sikri, Agra Fort n much more right?

Arnav: Right..


Jun 24, 2012

Does my heart still beat..? (By Arshilover1) (Thanked: 31 times)

Alisha: I m so exited

Ashna: Even me..

Alisha: Lets go to our room Ashna

Ashish: u both r sharing the same room Kiddies

Alisha: Kiddies? I m elder to u by 8 months dont ever forget that

Ashish: U r elder to me by 8 months but sharing ur room like kids but i m not sharing my room i have my own room

Alisha: What? U have ur own room??

Ashish: Yes!

Alisha: Mamma, this is not at all fair

Anjali: Its Ok beta u will have fun with Ashna, whenevr u r lonely u can speak up but Ashish will be alone

Payal: Yes, he will be alone so dont mind on sharing ur room

Ashish: Whatever

Alisha: Jealousy! Come Ashna lets go to our room

Ashish: I m not jealous

Ashna: Dont lie Bhaiya.. Come Di we will go to our room

Ashish: These girls!!

Alisha & Ashna: R the best

Ashish: No, no worst..

Arnav: U all r grown ups right?

Alisha: Not all Mama only I n Ashna, this Ashish is still a kid

Ashish: No i m not

Arnav: Stop fighting.. Only Kids fight

Alisha: Ok ok come Ashna

Ashna: Lets go..

Ashna n Alisha set their room

Arnav goes to his room.. He remembers his time spent with Khushi

Arnav: Khushi, I still love u I dont know y, but u, how could u Khushi? U must have moved forward in life because u never loved me.. Never (he is in tears) But no i will not remember u Khushi, i love these kids they r so good n loveable..

Next day..

Alisha: Everyone get ready fast we have to leave..

Arnav: Alisha, we will leave after 3 hours not now n u r even ready

Alisha: Yes Mama, i m so exited..

Arnav: Hmm.. So I, u Ashish n Ashna in one car n rest in other cars

Alisha: Yes, we will have fun

Ashish: Yes Agra will be fun I m going to remove many pics

Ashna: Me too..

In Khushi's house

Arshika: I m feeling so boared Mamma is in the office.. What should i do..? I m very exited for going to Agra.. Mamma will be bach in 3 hours n then we will leave for Agra...

Three hours pass by Khushi is back home n ready even Arshika is ready they leave they go by bus..

Arnav n his family are ready n they all get in the car n leave

Arnav: Exited?

Alisha: A lot Mama. Tell us about this place.. Tell us about Delhi

Arnav: This place has given me some sorrows but now i have overcomed them

Alisha: Sorrows?

Arnav: U will not understand anyway we will reach in few hours n then we will enjoy a lot

Alisha: Yes..


Arshika: Mamma, we will enjoy a lot.. I have evn brought a book with me to note down about Agra u know i just love historical places

Khushi: I know dear


A rnav n his family reach Agra they go a 5 star lodge

Alisha: Mama, when r we going to see Taj Mahal?

Arnav: Tomorrow early in the morning dear its quite late now we will have dinner n go to sleep

Alisha: Ok


Arshika: How much more time Mamma? Its 8:00

Khushi: We will reach in 15 mins dear n we will go to see Taj Mahal tomorrow early in the morning

Arshika: I m exited......

They reach Agra n go to lodge

Khushi: Arshika, what will u have for dinner?

Arshika: Today u order Mamma ur choice food

Khushi: Ok then what about Jalebis? n Lakhnowi food

Arshika: Mouth Watering..

Khushi: Ok so i will order the food

Khushi orders the food they have dinner n go to sleep..

Arshika goes near Khushi n sleeps in her Arms

Arshika: Mamma, tomorrow we will enjoy a lot.. I want tomorrow to be the best day of our lives

Khushi: Yes Dear n sleep fast i will wake u up early in the morning

Arshika: Ok

They go to sleep.. Next Day

Khushi gets ready n goes to Arshika to wake her up

Khushi: Wake up Arshika

Arshika: 5 mins Mamma

Khushi: We r in Agra Arshika, we will be late to go to Taj Mahal

Arshika: Taj Mahal..

She wakes up

Arshika: I will get ready

Khushi: ok..

Alisha is the first one to wake n goes to everyones room to wake them up...

Arnav: Ohh God u r so exited

Alisha: Yes i m n get ready soon

Arnav: Ok

Alisha: Meet u after 1 hour

Arnav: Ok


Jun 24, 2012

Does my heart still beat..? (By Arshilover1) (Thanked: 39 times)

Arnav's family get ready n decide to leave.. Khushi n Arshika also leave

They all Reach Taj Mahal at the same time.. But they r in the opposite direction..

Arshika: This is much more beautiful then how it is shown in the pictures.. Wow! It is so beautiful

Khushi: Yes it is so beautiful


A lisha: Lovely! Lovely! This place is great.. Wow! Never seen such a place before

Arnav: I know it is very beautiful

Anjali: Chote Thank you for giving such a good surprise we have come to Taj Mahal after so many years

Arnav: Ya Di.. N kids come lets go that side

Alisha, Ashish & Ashna: Ok

They go near the water

Alisha: Mama, we all r going to click pics from that side so wait for us here we will be back in some time

Arnav: Ok n dont go too far n u all have ur cell phones?

Alisha: Yes we have byee

Arnav: Byee

Arshika: Mamma, i wanna go that side please let me n click some pics i will be back in 10-15 mins

Khushi: No, If u get lost then

Arshika: I will not Mamma i even have a cell with me if i dont find u i will call u up

Khushi: ok n i m going to the opposite side near the water meet me there

Arshika: ok byee

Khushi: Byee

Khushi goes to the opposite side near the water where Arnav is standing n Looking at his reflection in the water Khushi stands next to him she can feel him Arnav also feels her.. Khushi is also looking at her reflection in water

Arnav: (Thinks) What is this happening to me I can feel Khushi, This cant happen i have never felt this in the past 13 years

Khushi: (Thinks) I can feel Arnavji I can feel him the same how i used to when he was near me how can this happen

Suddenly Khushi sees the reflection next to her Arnav's Reflection

Khushi: Ar..Arnav..Arnavji..

Arnav looks at Khushi, They are lost in each other their love for each other can be seen in their eyes.. Khushi is still the same Beautiful like ho she was

Arnav: U??

Khushi: How can u be here Arnavji u ere in NY right?

Arnav: Yes i shifted here but i did not know that u r following me u came to Taj Mahal following me?

Khushi: Y will i follow u i have come here to enjoy with my loved one

Arnav: (Shocked) So u have moved Forward.. Anyway who is the rich man?

Khushi: U can think like that only.. U r still the same arrogant n rude

Arnav: Atleast i show people who i m not like u look so innocent but only i know u

Khushi: Arnavji please

Arnav: Thank God u have moved Forward otherwise u would have been still after Shyam.. N Remember Shyam loves Di now so dont try anything

Khushi: I m not trying anything Arnavji n i have to go someone is waiting for me.. Someone who loves me, someone who cares for me n someone who supports me n.. n Hates u

Arnav: I dont care who hates me n who does not hate me

Khushi: Good

SHe Leaves that place in tears

Arnav: She has moved forward.. What could i expect from her..

The Kids come near Arnav

Alisha: Mama, look at thse pics they r so beautiful

Arnav: Yes they r beautiful

Arshika also goes near Khushi

Arshika: Mamma, Y r u crying??

Khushi: Nothing Arshika.. N u were right Arnav Singh Raizada is the person who should be hated

Arshika: What happend Mamma did u meet him??

Khushi: No, Just remembered something


Jun 25, 2012

Does my heart still beat..? (By Arshilover1) (Thanked: 54 times)

Arshika: R u really Ok Mamma?

Khushi: Yes i m beta, n please can we go today itself?

Arshika: Y Mamma? Ok its Ok i understand something happend but i m sure when time will come u will tell me..

Khushi: (thinks) she loves me so much she as so eager to come to Agra n when i told her that i want to go she agreed, i m proud of my daughter she is my support the one i trust the most.. Arnavji has given me only one happiness that is my daughter my Arshika.. I will never make my daughter meet Arnavji he will even make her suffer n if she will suffer then even i will suffer..

Arshika: Mamma, lets go

Khushi: Ok lets go n thank you for understanding

Arshika: Mamma i can do anything for u.. We can come here next time but if u want to go then we can..

Khushi: Ok

They go to the lodge n pack their stuffs

The kids come near Arnav

Alisha: Mama, see we have clicked some awesome pics

Arnav: Yes they r nice Alisha we have to leave right now

Alisha: What now?

Arnav: Yes now i have an important meeting.. Please

Alisha: What the hell Mama we have come here to enjaoy not for half day..

Arnav: Please i have a meeting

Ashna: Ok mama if u have a meeting then its Ok we can leave

ALisha: ok fine

Ashish: hmm.. yes lets leave

They all go near their family

Arnav: We need to leave right now i have a meeting

Akash: Which meeting?

Arnav: Mr......Mr...Mr Malhotra

Akash: but the meeting was next week

Arnav: But now it is tomorrow.. Lets leave

Payal: ok lets leave

They go to the 5 start hotel lodge n pack their stuffs n sit in the cars n leave for shantivan

Alisha: Only half a day picnic

Arnav: I m sorry i could not stand there

Alisha: Whay?

Arnav: U will not understand

Alisha: ok

Khushi n Arshika finish packing

Khushi: Come lets leave dear

Arshika: Yes lets leave

they go the bus stand n get in the bus

Arshika keeps her head on Khushi's lap

Arshika: Mamma, something happend i know

Khushi: Yes Arshika something happend but i cant tell u for ur own good

Arshika: if u r not telling then, it may not be important..

Khushi: Thank you again for understanding

Arshika goes to sleep..

Khushi: U look just like him dear n so i cant forget him but today i hate him i hate him a lot n if he meets u n tells that u r not his daughter then.. He will insult u.. I will burn hearing all that no one can tell u anything till i m alive not even ur Father..

____________________________________________________________________ ___

I m so sorry for late update n tomorrow also i will be updating late cause i have school n then classes i will update late tomorrow sorry once again- RISHA

Jun 26, 2012

Does my heart still beat..? (By Arshilover1) (Thanked: 38 times)

Time passes away n All of them reach their respective houses..

Everyday Arnav was thinking about his n Khushi's meeting after 13 years n also that Khushi has moved ahead.. Khushi too was thinking about her n Arnav's meeting after 13 years n his harsh words.. N her hatred grows.. Arshika was thinking about what had happend due to which Khushi Argently came back..

Days Pass by n Arshika's n other children's school re-opening day comes

Khushi; R u exited Arshika?

Arshika: A lot Mamma.. I will make new n good friends

Khushi: hmm.. n for sure u need to bring them here today.. Ok!

Arshika: ok n byee i m getting late..


Payal: Ashna, get ready soon.. Alisha n Ashish r already ready..

Ashna: I m ready Mamma, N i m very exited to make new friends

Payal: Ok n bring ur new friends home Ok

Ashna: Ok byee

Payal: Bye

Ashish, Alisha: Byee

Anjali, Payal: Byeee

All the kids reach school..

Ashish: Alisha come lets move to our class soon we r in the same Division in 9th A.. n Ashna u r in 8th B Ok byee

Ashna: Bye DI n Bhaiya

Alisha: Byee do well

Ashna: U too

Arshika: Hmm.. i m in 8th.. 8th B.. I need to go fast i m late


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