Meri's thread forward..Post Kidnap Track take...

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Jun 23, 2012

Meri's thread forward..Post Kidnap Track take... (By ipkkndfan19) (Thanked: 1 times)

Taking Meri's thread forward I put forth my view on how the post kidnap track should play out. The directorial team dragged the show this week. I was expecting ASR back on Monday. I guess we have to do with Kushi, NK, Shyam and Mamiji for the time being. Initial episodes of the kidnap track were really good but this week it was unduly boring. Being an ardent fan of ipkknd, i still watched yesterday's episode.

After Kushi and her team finds Arnav, she informs him that Shyam is behind his kidnapping but doesn't know his motive. Arnav believes kushi but chooses to pretend otherwise to protect her from Shyam, now that he knows Shyam is very dangerous person and can go any extent to achieve his goals. After being rescued, Arnav sends NK and Mamiji back to RM so that Shyam doesn't know about their involvement in finding Arnav. He tells them that he needs some time to be with kushi and once he is back to RM he will not be able spend quality time with Kushi as he will have to tackle Shyam. He asks NK to keep an eye on Shyam and call him to update on important developments.

He takes Kushi to some place outside Delhi. (Transportation and other things taken care by Aman his man friday).They stay in a cottage. After freshening up, they sit down to eat their meal. Kushi chokes on her food, Arnav rushes to her side and rubs her back scolding her all the while. She looks at him with love. He then feeds her. As the some sauce drips he wipe her mouth his hand (reversal of the gol gappa scene). They look into each others eye and sweet Rabba ve music in the background.

The meal is over. Time to sleep. There is only one bed. They decide to share the bed. They both lie down and though they are very tired cannot sleep. They think of each other (Flashbacks and all). Suddenly Arnav will ask the same question, "How did you know I was in trouble?" She stammers for a while and says "when you called that night and said I love You, I knew things were not right. Under normal circumstances you wouldn't have said such a thing".

Arnav: So you decided that I am in trouble.

Kushi: After you left, I had strange dreams of you calling out to me.

Arnav: So ?

Kushi: I was very restless and had an uneasy feeling. I knew all was not well with you. I can sense you presence. I had the same feeling when I was locked up in the room next to yours.

Arnav turns to Kushi's side and looks at her longingly.

Arnav: Kushi you know, I survived this ordeal because of you. You gave me strength to fight. I wanted to come back to you and make it up for the pain and hurt I caused. Kushi, I really do love you. I don't need anything else.

Kushi: Arnavji, I love you too. With out you, I wont be able breathe.

Arnav slowly moves toward Kushi and hugs her. Rabba ve music

Slowly they fall asleep. The next day morning Arnav wake up to see kushi sleeping peacefully in his arms. As usual she was holding on to his shirt. He looks at her and smiles. He experiences myriad emotions. He is not able to control himself. He slowly bends to kiss her. Suddenly his cell rings. It is NK to update him on the latest developments. He listens to NK. He makes a call to Aman for updates at the office. He tells Aman not to inform anyone of his whereabouts.

He wakes up Kushi and tells her that they are going to Shimla. Kushi is very excited and jumps up and down like a child. Arnav looks at her and thinks "this girl is really mad".

They order for breakfast. After finishing the breakfast, they start off to Shimla. They hire a car. On the way the car breaks down and it is raining heavily. Kushi jumps out the car and dances in the rain. Seeing her enjoy the rain, Arnav joins her. They have a very hot sexy song sequence in the rain. After the song they get a lift to the nearest town. They hire another car and drives all the way to Shimla with Kushi incessantly chatting. Arnav suddenly stops the car. Kushi is getting ready to get out the car, murmuring that some things never change. Before she releases her seat belt, Arnav turns around and kisses her on her lips.

To be continued..

Jun 25, 2012

to be continued (By ipkkndfan19) (Thanked: 2 times)

Kushi gasped.

Arnav: I cannot concentrate on the road because of your non stop chattering. If you distract me, I wont be responsible for the consequences. So keep mum till we reach Shimla.

Kushi nods her head. They drive on,kushi peeps at Arnav to gauge his mood. A little later they come across vehicles lined up on the road. Arnav gets down to check. He comes back and tells kushi that the road is blocked due to landslide.

Arnav: They say it will take at least 12-15 hours to clear the road and get the traffic moving. We have to wait here in the car.

Kushi: Why can't we go back?

Arnav: Look behind you. Can you see the cars, trucks and buses lines up behind us. We are stuck here.

Kushi looks behind and saw half a dozen of vehicles lined up behind them. Arnav gets into car. They look at each other. Kushi breaks the eye contact and looks out.

After a while Kushi starts to sneeze

Arnav: Are you alright? He gives her his handkerchief.

Kushi: It's nothing.

Arnav: Why can't you take care of yourself? Why did get wet in the rain. Now look you are sick.

Kushi: Arrey Arnavji, It is just a bad cold, I am not dying.

Arnav gets furious.

Arnav: Don't ever talk like that. Do you understand.Never ever again.

Kushi: What did I say to tick you off. I can never understand you. On second you are very concerned and worried about me, and the very next second you scream at me like a banshee. Devi Maiya help me to understand this man.

Arnav pulls her into his arms, hugs her tightly.

Arnav: I just found you Kushi. Never ever talk of leaving me.Iwont be able to handle it. I cease to exist without you.

Kushi is overwhelmed.

Kushi : Arnavji, I promise I will never leave you willingly. But who can go against fate? No matter where we are we remain in each other's heart.

They hold on to each other. Rabbave music.

Meantime back in RM, NK is keeping his eyes on Shyam. Rest of the Raizada members are seated at the dining table.

Shyam: What's news from Saale Sahab?

Naniji: Anjali bitiya did Chotte call you? These days he is acting very weird.

Anjali: Nani, Chotte only thinks of work. He just got back from Scotland, he didn't even come home. He flew to Singapore for another business meeting. When is he going to spend time with his family. He is hardly around. Kushiji must be feeling very bad, By the way where is Kushiji. I haven't seen her since yesterday morning.

Shyam: Yes you are right. Even I haven't seen Kushiji since yesterday.

Mamiji: Anjali bitiya, Phatti saree called yesterday to say she had some work in Lucknow. She left for Lucknow. Since you and saasuma were not available, I gave her the permission to go to Lucknow. Her babuji's some paper work needs to be taken care of.

Payal (in her mind): What paper work? Amma did not tell me anything when I called her today.

Shyam: Rani Sahiba did you speak to Saale sahib personally? How does he manage to work like this?

Anjali: Yes, he did call me yesterday to inform that he is leaving for Singapore He wanted to speak to Kushi as he was unable to get through to her on her mobile. You don't know chotte. He works and breathes work. Nothing will come in between him and his work.

I will call Buaji and ask her for Kushi'snumber .

Mamiji: Anjali bitiya, you don't worry, I will call Sandhiji and get the number.

Anjali: OK Mamiji. Make sure that Kushi calls Chotte. Kushiji was very sad all these days.

Mamiji: Very well.

Mamiji looks at NK. NK nod his head. Mamiji makes a call to Madhumati.

Mamiji: Hello Hi bye bye, It is Manorama speaking.

Buaji:. Namaste. How are you doing? All well at your end? I was just remembering Kushi and Payal. May I speak to Kushi. We miss her very much. Earlier she used to call daily, these days she never calls. I hope everything is fine there.

Mamiji: All is well here.

Mamiji acts as if the reception is not clear. She walks awy from the dining table. NK follows her. He makes a call to Arnav and briefs him on latest developments at the home front.

Arnav: Kushi you better call di and speal to her. She is very anxious about you. Mamiji has told Di that you are in Lucknow to sort out some paper work for your father.

Kushi makes a call from Arnav's new mobile.

Kushi: Di Kushi here.

Anjali: Arrey Kushiji, I was worried about you and tried reaching you over the phone. It said the number is unavailable. What happened? Mamiji said you are in Lucknow. All is well I hope,

Kushi: Di I am sorry, I could not reach you earlier. I spoke to Mamiji. I lost my mobile and the landline here is not working. I had to come to Lucknow for Babuji's work. I will be back as soon as I finish this work.

Anjali: I hope you are fine with your relatives. By the way Kushiji Chotte called. He is back from Scotland, but had to go to Singapore for another meeting. He did not even come home. He went straight to Singapore. He will be back in a week's time. He was very upset that you were not here to take his call. So please call him. You know his temper, so please kushiji call him immediately.

Kushi: I will call him in the evening. I don't want to disturb him during his meeting. You don't worry, I will call him. Di you please take care of yourself. Give my regards to Naniji, Mamiji, Mamaji, Jiji, Jijaji and NKji.

Anjali: Will do. You take care of yourself and please keep us informed.

Shyam: What did Kushiji say?

Anjali: She is in Lucknow and lost her mobile.

Shyam finishing his meal goes to his room. He is in deep thought. If Kushi is in Lucknow, she is not with Arnav. But where is Arnav? Those imbeciles cannot do a thing properly. What do I do now? Kushidoesnot know who is behind Arnav's kidnapping. Arnav is also clueless. I am safe for the time being.

He makes a phone call.

Shyam: You imbeciles, You are good for nothing. Arnav called home to say that he is in Singapore. He has not left India for his passport is with me, Keep Looking for him. Try Lucknow. Kushi is in Lucknow. Find her.

Jul 4, 2012

part 2 continued (By ipkkndfan19) (Thanked: 3 times)

After 18 hours, Kushi and Arnav reach Shimla. He drives straight to Raizada house. Kushi slept throughout the drive. As soon as they arrived, Arnav woke her up.

Kushi: Have we reached? Arnavji, I am very hungry. Do you think there is someplace where we can eat.

Arnav: I called Jai Prakash and asked him to get the room ready. He has also prepared dinner for us.

Kushi: Wow arnavji, you think about everything.

Arnav: Yes, That's why I am where I'm today. I think, plan and prioritise, unlike you.

Kushi: I think with my heart, but I use my brain when needed.

Arnav: Oh really.. You don't have brains.. Kushi. Saying that he gets out of the car.

Arnav and Kushi walks to the door, rings the bell. JP opens the door.

Arnav : You go and freshen up. I will ask Jp to lay the table.

Kushi: I can do it myself. Let him go back sleep.

Arnav: He is paid to do it.

Kushi: I know but it too late. Let him sleep. I can do it, and moreover I don't feel sleepy at all. But you must be tired. You have been driving so long. Do one thing , you go freshen up first. By the time you are back, the food will be on the table.

Arnav was really tried and readily agreed with Kushi. They walk up to their room. Arnav puts down the bags.Arnav uses the bathroom. When he comes out, he sees Kushi sitting in middle of puddle of clothes

Arnav: What the ..? Wht are you doing Kushi. Why have you strewn your clothes all round.

Kushi: I cannt find my night dress. What will I wear?

Arnav with a smirk: Oh... u can wear my shirt if u want..

Kushi: What ... your shirt..are you crazy?

Arnav: Just a suggestion....

She takes her regular salwar kameez rushes into the bathroom; Arnav calls NK for update.

Few minutes later Kushi comes shivering:

Kushi: There is no hot water in the bathroom. U used up all.

Arnav: Why didn't you tell me earlier? Geyser was working till now. Any way come we have dinner.

Arnav's cell rings.

Arnav: Yes Aman , tell did you get it. Just a second..

Arnav to Kushi: You go down, I will join you in a minute.

A little later Arnav comes down to the dinning room. The food is ready. Kushi is chatting with JP. Arnav stood there looking at her. Sensing his presence she turned around, met his gaze. He came towards her without breaking the eye contact. She shivered involuntarily. He saw it.

Arnav: Are you feeling cold?

Kushi: No...yes... I mean I am fine... She swallowed as he came closer to her. Her heart gave a stumble as he stood right beside her.

Shall we eat? She asked a little too huskily.

Arnav: Sounds like a good idea. JP u can go back to sleep. We will manage.

He waited for JP to leave.

Arnav: Shall we?

She looked at him dazed. He drew a chair for her. She sat down and served him food. They ate in an amicable silence.

Kushi: Arnavji you go ahead. I will clear the table

Arnav: Leave the plates in the sink Kushi, JP will take care of it tomorrow. Come with me.

He pulls her before she could mutter any protest. He was so close to her, she could feel the heat emanating from his body, smell freshly showered male skin.

Arnav: Why don't we step out for a while? Let's us unwind ourself

Kushi: What at this hour of the night.

Arnav: Why not. I am not feeling sleepy at all. I need some fresh air. Don't worry; we are not going out Raizada premises.

Kushi: As u wish..

They step out of the house.

Kushi: It is very dark.

Arnav: Don't worry I am with you.

He took her hands and pulled her to him gently. He entwines his fingers with her. They walk in silence for few minutes. A feeling of camaraderie settled between them. They sampled fresh mountain air and were invigorated.

The moon slid from behind the cloud bathing them in sliver light. They both look up. He let go of her hand and was standing behind her, his chin on top of her head. She hugged her elbows and leaned on to him. In response, he slid his arms around front of her waist. They stood like that for a long time. He slowly turned her around, within the circle of his arms. He bent his head. His face was very close to her, she could feel the warmth of his breath caressing her skin. Her heart started to pound in earnest. His gaze dropped to her mouth. It sent a shiver of excitement along her body. As his lips touched her, she was lost. The warmth of his body spread through her as he shifted her against him to fit her more closely to him. She could hear his heart beat. A shockwave of longing rippled through her.

Eons later, she pulled away. She was blushing and hid her face against his neck. He lifted her face to look. He gently carried her back to house. He continued to hold her gaze. He walked in to the bedroom, gently laid her on the bed. He slowly bends his head to her ears," Your cheeks are red". She was lost in the whirlpool of emotions. He watched her as he slowly untied her dori. She whimpered and went into his arms; he held her close. He put his lips against her hair slowly murmured " I love you Kushi". He lowered her on the bed kissing every inch of her body.

Hours later, Kushi woke up with a start. A heavy possessive arm lay curled around her waist. She turned and watched Arnav sleeping fitfully. Smiling she let her head fall back on his shoulder. She snuggled closer. Arnav wrapped both arms around her. Kushi touched his face lovingly and very softly whispered " I love you too Arnavji, You cannot fathom my love for you."

"Hey" Arnav' soft voice and warm breath made her go soft. " I am dreaming right?"

"Its not a dream Arnavji" She pinches him.

"Ouch what the ?"

She lifts herself out of the embrace.

"now where are you going"

"Its morning Arnavji, I never been to Shimla before, I want to see the place. JP ji said there is a beautiful temple nearby."

"Here I thought I could spend whole day in bed with her. She wants to go sightseeing", murmured under his breath.

"Did you say something"

"Your wish is my command"

"Are you alright Arnavji. You don't sound normal. If you are not up to it , it fine with me. I can go by myself. You can stay back and rest for the day."

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