Manvi and Virat's Pain!

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Jun 23, 2012

Manvi and Virat's Pain! (By Rashdah) (Thanked: 6 times)

How wonderful is it to fall in love? Poor Manvi had just realised the beauty of it. Virat had been struggling to stop himself from telling her, most likely because he did not want her to feel that he felt sorry for her. He was waiting for her to get better and then he would express his undying love for her. His sole concern has become ensuring that she can do everything that she has always wanted to do. Her happiness is what drives him. Mumbai trip was something she wanted and he provided with the help of his brother.

She was the reason that his life had become bright again, if it had not been for her he would have been sulking over a two faced girl who had no values and thought that money was everything. Since Manvi had come into his life he had learnt to appreciate things. Their relationship had built gradually and had soon become strong.

Over the past few episodes we saw Manvi begin to realise that she was having feelings for Virat, it began with the hospital hug which she gave freely, she did not think as she was happy to have him there and wanted to be comforted. She then realised that the hug was more than just comfort and for the first time we saw her become shy of Virat.

Virat knows what he feels for her so it was not such a big thing for him, he wanted to tell her how he felt, but was unable to do so. He began to find ways of trying to talk to her whilst Manvi kept ignoring him, not knowing how to deal with her feelings.

Finally Viren phoned Virat to ask him for a favour and this became a way for Virat to talk to Manvi and to try and get close to her again. The two of them planned for Viren to meet Jeevika, and to give them some time, to accomplish this both Manvi and Virat went out.

Virat surprised Manvi with the shooting, this was one shooting that changed Manvi's life. She had finally realised that she was in love! Her life was suddenly looking colourful and bright, everything was shiny. Unfortunately, whilst on getting back home she was in her room dancing about realising she was in love, Virat was at the same time being told that the treatment that they had come for would not suit Manvi's body, this broke Virat who was in tears. He did not know what to do, it was bad enough that he had to suffer from the pain of knowing that his Manvi would not be getting better, but how would he tell her?

He tries to compose himself, but is unable to do. In the meantime Manvi has spoken to her Bari dadi who has clicked onto the fact that her Manvi is in love, she tells her to tell Virat how she feels and once Badi dadi puts the phone down begs God to take the rest of her life and shift it into Manvi's name, to let her experience love.

Manvi begins to prepare herself for Virat,t he typical way girls do, dressing herself up, looking pretty, she drums up the courage to tell him how much she loves him and is waiting for him to. She picks up the globe that holds a newly married couple and remembers all the times they have spent together. She puts it down and on seeing Virat is joyous, whilst Virat is in pain, trying to work out what to say to Manvi. He cannot bear to give her the bad news.

Manvi is about to run to Virat, but her dupatta clings to the globe and breaks it. The breaking of the globe represents both Manvi coming out of the dream that everything was perfect and informing her that she herself is broken and unavailable for Virat. She thinks to herself that she cannot be selfish, she cannot put Virat through all these problems along with her, she promises herself that she will never burden him with her love so that he is also drowning in her illness. In contrast, Virat at the same time is thinking that he cannot tell her, but that he would stand by her no matter what, he promises to be with her and that her illness is his illness.

Manvi turns away from him and Virat unable to talk also walks away. Manvi spends the night heartbroken and crying, knowing that she can never let him know how much she loves him. In the morning he comes to her to give her breakfast, they both are silent unable to say anything to each other.

Jeevika and Viren after spending quality romantic time together come to Manvi, Jeevika says that she has to get the reports and Virat says that he has already got them and that everything will be ok. From my point of view this is wrong, he should not be giving them false hope, as if tomorrow things get worse, they will be upset with him for hiding this fact.

However, we can see that it is his love that is stopping him from causing her pain. The story has become really tragic, two people in love cannot say anything to each other and are thinking the best for each other. It should be interesting to see how the next few weeks fare, but so far it has become one thrilling ride, and the romance between the two is hitting all the right notes.

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