Shyam's and Kushi's mind talks, pls take a peek

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Jun 22, 2012

Shyam's and Kushi's mind talks, pls take a peek (By DV) (Thanked: 8 times)

I wanted to see what went in Shyam-Kushi's mind at the last scene. So here it goes..

Kushi : I went to the temple..

Kushi’s mind : To pray for my Arnavji’s safety

Kushi : Raksha daaga, now we are in this together…

Kushi’s mind : I wish I was dead before I have to tell you this

Shyam’s mind : Am I hearing right, what did she say now…

Shyam: What, what did you say Kushiji. These words from your mouth are music to my ears

Kushi’s mind: Hope the music makes your ears deaf forever..

Shyam’s mind: tuj mein rab diktha hai, yaara mein kya karoo…

Kushi: You already have a chain..

Shyam: It is difficult to remove it. But I didn’t say I won’t wear the daaga you give me..

Kushi’s mind : I wanted to hear that. Thanks DM.

Shyam’s mind: Kushiji, even if you give poison also I will drink it.

Kushi: Shall I put it for you?

Kushi’s mind: What all I have to do for you Arnavji ?

Shyam’s mind: Has Kushi drank the bhang again or are my stars in all one line !!!

Kushi puts the chain on his neck.

Kushi’s mind: Arnavji, I wish I can wring his neck with this but I have to ask your permission before I do that. If I can do that I need not see his filthy face daily but I will wait for you.

Shyam’s mind: Ooh la la…

Tu hai meri fantasy..

Choo na na

Ab main jawan ho gayi..

Below is a link which will make you even more happier. Watch it and make your heart more lighter Credit goes to someone in IF.

Jun 23, 2012

Shyam's and Kushi's mind talks, pls take a peek (By DV) (Thanked: 8 times)

I thought let me continue today's conversation.

Kushi: When I was putting the Raksha daaga, your chain fell down

Kushi's mind: When you were dreaming I pulled it down, haha

Shyam : It is ok Kushiji, why don't you put this also for me ?

Shyam's mind : I can once again feel your touch on my neck

Kushi's mind: Pervert, you never stop do you

Kushi : What you will wear both of them ?

Kushi's mind : Why do you so tempt me to wring your necks, Shyamji. I am so controlling myself until Arnavji is back.

Shyam's mind : Kushiji, for you I will hang my neck in the noose also

Shyam: I was just joking

Shyam's mind : Patience, patience you can't have everything in a go. Need to give her sometime

Kushi's mind: Thank god, DM you again helped me otherwise this time I might not have the patience to control myself

Kushi : Ok, now I will go

Shyam : Kushiji, now we are in this together

Shyam's mind: I wish you don't have to go Kushiji. Na jaho sayya churake maiyya kasam thumari mein ro padoonga, ro padoonga

Kushi's mind: Mein teri dushman, dushman tu mera....

Shyam is looking at the key.

Shyam's mind : Now I have the key and Kushiji as well..tere chehre se nazar hatthi nahi kya ham kare...


Shyam holding the locket : Kushiji..... Oh Rabba...Koi mere dil da hall na jane......

Shyam: Kushiji, what happened is everything ok ?

Kushi: Can you come with me for a second ?

Shyam's mind : Thu jahan jahan chalega mera saaya saath hoga...

Kushi's mind: Arnavji how many times I have to do this... ok Shyamji looks like I get to make a fool of you again

Kushi : Arnavji's lawyer made me sign those papers but my mind is worried about it.

Shyam: What worry Kushiji ?

Shyam's mind : When I am there why do you worry Kushiji

Kushi: I am worried because I don't have a copy of those papers and if Arnavji gets to know..

Kushi's mind : Sorry Arnavji pls forgive me, I have to take your name against this creeps

Shyam holds her shoulders and turns her around.

Kushi's mind : eewwww, take your hand of me you dirty..... I feel like throwing up, DM why do you punish me like this.

Shyam's mind: Kushiji, I wish I can always keep you close like this

Shyam: Maybe you can't tell it Kushiji but this chain which you have given tells how much you trust me.So when I tell you nothing will happen, trust me

Shyam's mind : your chain has given me strength Kushiji, hum apna than man nichavar karthe hai aap pe

Kushi's mind: hmm did I really do right in giving him this locket, it feels like a gun in a fool's hand

Kushi: But Arnavji..

Shyam: I will see that Kushiji...

Shyam's mind: he is with me only Kushiji, I will take care of him...

Kushi's mind: If you touch a hair of Arnavji your death is surely with my hands.

NK calls Kushiji.

Kushi's mind: Finally nanheji, I was thinking you will never come. I didn't how long I can put up this act with this......

Shyam's mind: Aagaya aur ek kabab mein haddi

Jun 26, 2012

Shyam and Kushi's mind talks, pls take a peek (By DV) (Thanked: 5 times)

Many are upset over seeing Shyam-Kushi again, so let us continue this until ASR is back

Shyam: What happened Kushiji ?

Shyam's mind: Tell me Kushi, when I am there why to fear

Kushi's mind: You are the problem and you are asking what is the problem.

Kushi: Enough I can't take anymore, I have controlled enough, I will go mad, I don't understand anything anymore

Kushi's mind: I wish I can just kill you, how much I can control like this, I really will go mad

Shyam's mind: My dear Kushi going mad what will I do



Shyam: Kushiji control yourselves

Shyam's mind: wait, wait is she finally breaking down ?

Shyam : I can't see you crying Kushiji, what has happened ?

Shyam's mind: Kuch Dard Mujhe Tu Sehne De...

Kushi: Who is the kidnapper and what does he want? What is the meaning of sending all these gifts? As if Arnavji ever will send us gifts and wish anything good for us ?

Kushi's mind: Are you deaf ? Did you hear what I just asked ? I am asking you only why you are doing all these ?

Shyam's mind: I think I maybe right in guessing that she is really breaking my dreams coming true

Kushi:On top of that I am alone in this.

Shyam's mind: I think it is time for me to kneel in front of her

Kushi's mind: haha Shyamji, Nanhe is there hiding behind the curtains and you look a fool kneeling down in front of me

Shyam: You are never alone, never was and never will. I am there with you...

Shyam's mind: how many times I have to tell you, thu jahan jahan chalega mera saaya saath hooga

Kushi's mind: ok hope I am pressing the phone button correctly, if anything goes wrong I can't do this act again

Kushi: No, no one is there for me, I am alone, I don't have anyone's support, I can't tell anyone the truth, no one is there to help me

Kushi's mind: Sorry Nanheji I am telling a lies when you are hiding there in front of me.oh god hope the mobile is working fine

Shyam's mind: Kushiji, how could you even think like this when I am there in front of you

Shyam:Don't ever say like this again. Until I am alive you are not alone Kushiji

Kushi's mind: how rightly said Shyamji, until you are alive you are around to spoil my life

Kushi: What you told me that day, was it really true ? that Arnavji has only hurt us and you...

Kushi's mind: If he doesn't speak out for this also I am going to bash him with this mobile itself..come on blurt it out

Shyam's mind: what, what did just heart has started going dhak dhak, dhak dhak..

Shyam: yes Kushiji, I have only loved you..

Kushi's mind: who wants these dialogues, just tell me in English and you are done with.

Shyam's mind: how can I show her how much I love her, I am already in my knees

Shyam holds her face. ILU Kushi...

Shyam's mind: Chanda hai tu, mera suraj hai tu, ho mere aankon ka thara hai thu

Shyam: I have always loved you with all my heart.Wish you had been my love from first.

Shyam's mind: O Sanam o sanam kash hota agar...hum bhi tanha na rahthe...

Kushi's mind: Fariyaad Kya Karen Hum Kise Dastan Sunayen...

Kushi: To understand all these I need sometime..can you please leave me alone about you and me?

Shyam: Surely think Kushiji, about me and you and always remember I love you a lot..

Kushi's mind: Leti Hai Yeh Zindagi kya kya imthahan jaane na jaane na....

Jun 27, 2012

Shyam's and Kushi's mind talks, pls take a peek (By DV) (Thanked: 5 times)

Shyam Manohar Jha descending fast towards his downfall, his mind singing Tumne Pukara Aur Hum Chale Aaye...Dil hateli par le aaye...

Kushi waiting for Shyam at poolside. Devi Mayya..

Humko mann ki shakthi dena, mann vijay kare..

Shyam: What happened Kushiji, why did you ask me to come here in the morning itself ?

Shyam's mind: I don't mind seeing you first thing in the morning it is only that rani sahiba's eyes have opened up a bit nowadays

Kushi's mind: ok jaal bichade Kushi, devi mayiaa is with you

Kushi: Shyamji, both you and I know why Arnavji married me, but anyway this marriage has become a charade and now I want to put a stop to this, but before that can you do something for me?

Shyam's mind: looks like poor Kushiji woke up on the wrong side of the bed today

Shyam: yes Kushiji, you just tell me, you don't even need to ask also, I will do anything for you Kushiji

Shyam's mind: hum tho hamesha se kay rahai hai, aap poochenge tho jaan bhi denge (I have been always telling you if you ask I will give my life also)

Kushi's mind: I wish you go to hell Shyamji, will you do that

Kushi: You are telling lies, you have always been telling lies, you were never with me, not now and never will be. You are forgetting that you are a married man.

Kushi's mind: loser I have to remind you that you are a married man

Shyam's mind is gone blank hearing he is married

So Fandom comes to scene rescue

Fandom: jhoot bole kauwa kaate kale kauwe se dariyo...

Shyam: Kushiji I have told you before also, just tell from your heart, just show me a sign and I will leave everything for you

Shyam's mind is still going dhak dhak..

Fandom: isharon isharon mein dil lene wale batha ye hunar thune seeka kahan se.

Kushi's mind: now Kushi, now he is talking of leaving everything, tell him now....

Kushi: Ok, I will tell you what I want.

Shyam's mind:

Fandom: Prem jaal mein phas gayi mein tho...

Kushi: If I take Arnavji's money or property it won't make any difference to him, but the hurt I want to give him will happen only when you give his Di...

Kushi's mind: Pls don't make me say this DM, Di I am sorry I had to do this to you. Come on Shyamji say it..

Shyam's mind: I knew it when she started all the talk of marriage and all..what new drama is this ?

Shyam: what you are saying is I leave Anjali, give her divorce ?

Shyam's mind: does she even know what she is talking about ? she is asking me to give up my golden hen...

Kushi's mind: good that it came out of your mouth, atleast I don't have to go to hell for this

Kushi: To break Arnavji's ego there is no other way better than this

Kushi's mind: let me see what he is going to say

Shyam's mind: Jab rulana hi tha mujhe tho hasaya kyon...

Fandom: Kushiji, thinking of your activities karvate badalte rahe sari raat hum aap ki kasam...

Jun 28, 2012

Shyam's and Kushi's mind talks, pls take a peek (By DV) (Thanked: 4 times)

Shyam: you want me to leave Anjali, divorce her ?

Shyam's mind: hmm wait, maybe there is something in what Kushiji is telling, maybe I am not thinking properly

Kushi: To break Arnavji's ego there is no better way than this

Shyam's mind: Not to break saale saab alone Kushiji, to possess you also this way looks good. Maybe there is some place for me in your heart

Kushi's mind: that smirk doesn't look good, if you are thinking about me don't you even dare. You can never have me

Fandom : lo abh aaya truck pool ke neeche

Kushi: Tell me Shyamji, are you ready ?

Shyam's mind: you don't even know what you have just said Kushiji, already the money will be mine and now you also am I dreaming

Fandom: Alert Kushiji, alert dangerwa around.. please stop talking for sometime. I knew it this poolside is always dangerous

Kushi: This is the best time for you, Arnavji is not there and you can use this oppurtunity by divorcing Di

Fandom: Now there is no looking back Kushiji, I tried to warn you. Now I know what Arnav told about you never knowing what goes around you is so true, sighhhh

Fandom sings Woh Shyam kuch Ajeeb thi, yeh "Shyaam" bhi ajeeb hai ..

Kushi's mind: come on Shyamji you have to do this fast so that I can continue with my work, can't waste too much of my time with you

Fandom: poor Mamiji pinching herself..what all you make people do Kushiji

Shyam: I will do Kushiji, I will surely do it Kushiji, for you I will divorce Rani sahiba, I promise you

Kushi's mind: how could anyone be so low as you and I am hating myself having to talk to you like this

Shyam's mind: I have to make her believe that I will leave Anjali for her, she is the world to me

Fandom: poor Mamiji, I can see blood coming out of her ears after hearing her Damadji talk like this..mamiji I wish I can tell you there were more sweeter talks before

Shyam: Kushiji I had told you I will leave everything for you

Kushi's mind: leech

Fandom: lo he has started again on leaving everything and there Mami has already left god knows where actually Shyam babua you are a bit slow

Kushi: Until this is not done my revenge with Arnavji is not finished, this is the only thing which will shake his whole life, this is what we both want isn't Shyamji ?

Kushi's mind: I know you want this but I will never allow you

Shyam's mind: Wrong Kushiji, what I wish is you, this is only a way to reach to you, after leaving Rani sahiba and killing saale saab we both will be so alone we will be comfort to each other

Kushi's mind: hey DM hamari raksha karna, the way he is looking doesn't look so good

Fandom: Ok, I wish you hear what Arnav tells you har kaam thum akheli nahi kar sakthi...but you never listen, anyway Ajeeb Dastan hai yeh...kahan shuru kahan khatam...

Jun 29, 2012

Shyam's and Kushi's mind talks, pls take a peek (By DV) (Thanked: 2 times)

Kushi gives the file to Shyam..

Kushi's mind: ok I have to do this, DM I really hope Di forgives me for this

Shyam's mind: Should I be thinking about this again

Shyam: Kushiji, hope you are not hurrying to finish this matter quickly ?

Shyam's mind: oh my mind is in bit of a jumble, I know she has started caring for me but Anjali is still the golden hen until everything comes in my hand

Kushi: why are you thoughts changing on this ?

Kushi's mind: I have to act fast before he has second thoughts on this.

Shyam: No no Kushiji, please don't mistake me. I have been yearning to do this for years, I never thought I will get the papers from your hand and sign it

Shyam's mind: Kushiji, how do I tell you it is only the matter of the money which is still eating me otherwise I am all yours Kushiji

Kushi's mind: hey DM please be with me. I know I am breaking the faith of both Di and Arnavji but I am left with no choice also..

Fandom: dhoka dhoka.........

gairo se kya shikwa karna, apne dhoka dete hain

aksar yeh janey pehchane chehre dhoka dete hain

dhoka dhoka dhoka dhoka......... hmm wait whom am I singing this for Kushiji or Shyam or both

Kushi: Shyamji, please finish it fast. Di must be coming soon.

Kushi's mind: He looks a bit doubtful, hope he signs it soon

Shyam's mind: I know it is good to finally be free of Rani sahiba but why is Kushiji hurrying so much, think, think...

Shyam reading the first sheet..

Shyam's mind: "Women are never to be entirely trusted,not the best of them." Now where have I read that....hmm I anyway better read this.

Kushi's mind: start signing Shyamji

Shyam takes the pen from Kushi and keep it on the table.

Fandom: I can see being a lawyer and all, he is reading the papers before signing..hmm he seems to have forgotten the famous quote "never trust a beautiful women".... Or is it "vaisi karni jaisi bharni"

Kushi's mind: now what should I do, if he reads through all the sheets...hey DM show me a way out of this, I have to do something soon..

Kushi: Leave it, you only told me I am with you Kushiji, you can believe me and I believed you also. But now I think I had made a mistake. You don't have any plans to sign these papers. You are unnecessarily wasting my time. If Di comes now, all our plans will be wasted.

Shyam's mind: hai hai... tera jalwa jisne dekha vo tera hogaya, mein hogayi kisiki koyi mera hogaya...

Shyam: Why are you getting angry Kushiji ? When I told you, you can believe me I didn't lie to you. I promised you Kushiji that I will divorce Rani sahiba. Kushiji, I always keep my promises.

Kushi's mind: how could you even say this, you of all the people know how to keep promise, have you ever thought about your promises to Di

Fandom: Kasam Ki Kasam hai Kasam Se, humko pyaar hai sirf thumse...sorry went a bit overboard hearing Shyam's kasam...

Kushi: You are telling lies..leave it, what you do or don't do doesn't matter to me..what I have to do I will surely do..even if I have to do it alone..

Kushi's mind: now how long I have to keep on this drama, I wish he just signs it and gets lost..

Shyam's mind: no, no I can't allow her, she has come so close to me and now she can't go further away

Fandom: Kushiji, again the same dialogue of doing everything even I am getting tired of hearing it..wait, wait even Shyamji couldn't stand her loneliness, caught her hand also...what all I have to see

Shyam holds Kushi's hand and takes the file from her..

's mind: What the...patience Kushi, patience you need to get this looser to sign the papers somehow.

Shyam signing the papers...Chaha hai tujko, chahoonga har dam....

Fandom: na aadmi kaa koi bharosaa,

na dosti kaa koi thikaanaa

wafaa kaa badlaa hai bewafaayi

ajab zamaanaa hai ye zamaanaa

na aadmi kaa koi bharosaa

This song is dedicated to Arshi..

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

Jun 30, 2012

Shyam's and Kushi's mind talks, pls take a peek (By DV) (Thanked: 3 times)

Shyam: Here Kushiji, I think I need not give any more proof, now I hope you believe me..

Shyam's mind: Now I am all yours Kushiji and you are mine..

Kushi's mind: Arnavji, I have corrected my mistake, hope you will forgive me now..I have moved the will back onto Di's name

Shyam: Now we anyway have to believe in each that our destination is the same, what Kushiji isn't correct ?

Kushi's mind: wrong Shyamji, our destination is not the same..but yes you have to keep believing in me until I reach Arnavji

Nani opens the door..

Fandom: Now what....

Shyam's mind: Now what, another haddi..think what to tell her now ? Can't she knock before opening the door ?

Kushi's mind: hey DM hamari raksha karna, what will I tell naniji about Shyamji being here?

Shyam: Tell Buaji to go through the papers properly..

Fandom: I knew Shyamji you will find are so used to this

Kushi's mind: for once I have to thank you for rescuing me..

Shyam: Naniji, Kushiji is doing a lot of help for the school near Buaji's house, I thought why not I also help her..Kushiji, with these papers you will be relieved of all your troubles..

Kushi's mind: I have never seen anyone cunning as Shyamji...on one side he is telling lies so smoothly to naniji and then he is turning and telling me I will be free of all my troubles..Shyamji you have actually spoken the truth, my troubles are bit less now..

Fandom: Less trouble or more..mera beja fry hora hai hearing your conversations for past two days...I really need to take some rest..

Kushi keeps the file in the cupboard in front of Shyam.

Fandom: Kushiji, that doesn't look like a bank locker to me and you are not even locking the cupboard...I think I might not last much to tell you all my thoughts..

Shyam: Why don't you open the gift and see what Arnav's kidnapper has sent for you ?

Shyam's mind: I know you will look beautiful in it Kushiji..

Kushi's mind: how can he even talk like this...he is the kidnapper, he sends the gifts and he has the guts to stand here and talk like this...

Shyam: vha Kushiji this is like the same sari that you won on Teej day..

Shyam's mind: Thumko paaya hai tho jaise koya hum

Kayna chahu tho bhi thumse kya kahun..

Kushi's mind: oh how I loathe this man..there seems to be never an end to this...I hate myself even holding this in my hand..

Kushi sees a paper sticking out of the gift box and takes it..

Kushi's mind: What is this paper in the box ?

Shyam's mind: let me tell her and go..

Shyam: Kushiji, keep yourselves free tomm, I have planned something for you.

Shyam's mind: you won't even dream of what I have planned for you Kushiji, I am going to make all your dreams, actually my dreams come true...

Kushi's mind: Hotel bill..rice, dhal..yehi bhakwas bhacha tha...wait what is that written behind..Laad Governor..this looks like Arnavji's handwriting..

Shyam: Kushiji, be ready..tomm you and I will celebrate ASR's ruin.

Shyam's mind: Kushiji you don't even know how long I have waited for this day..

Kushi's mind:My laad finally reached happiness has no bounds..

Fandom: Seeing Kushiji I feel like singing..likhe jo khat tujhe, vo teri yaad mein hazaron rang ke nazare ban gaye..

Shyam:Kushiji are your hearing me ?

Kushi's mind: he is still here..I completely forgot about him..I should hide the paper, he shouldn't find it in my hand..

Shyam: What happened Kushiji, are you ok ?

Shyam's mind: did she get scared by what I just told ?

Kushi's mind: I am so happy and sad.what do I tell you ?

Shyam: I was just telling I have planned some surprise for you, tomorrow I want to take you somewhere..

Kushi's mind: Maybe he wants to take me to Arnavji..

Kushi: why not today, why wait for tomorrow?

Shyam's mind: issi andaz pe tho ham mar mitte Kushiji..

Shyam: because my dear Kushiji, the fruit of patience is sweet..I will be also waiting impatiently for tomorrow

Shyam's mind: how happy you are going to be see what I have planned for you tomorrow.

Kushi's mind: take your hand off much more I have to bear.. I need to see the paper in my hand.. get lost from here soon..

Kushi: Laad Governor..that means Arnavji has sent this message for me. He is calling it himself..

Kushi's mind: ja ri pavaniya, piya ke des ja, itna sandesa mora kahiyo ja..

Shyam's mind: Now Kushiji, I will start preparing for your surprise now..tomorrow it will be the last day of Arnav's life and after that everything of his will be mine, his wealth, his property and now you will also be mine Kushiji...

Fandom: hmm he is smirking..that means he is planning something cunning..ab hamme baitke tamasha hi dekhna hai..

Shyam: Kushiji, you both are going somewhere ?

Shyam's mind:kuch tho gadpab hai..

Fandom: Mach gaya shor sari nagri re, sari nagri re

Aaya biraj ka banka sambhal teri gagri re

hooo Aaya biraj ka banka sambhal teri gagri re..

Kushi: Nanheji wanted to get some things for his parents..

Kushi's mind: hope he believes us..

Shyam's mind: you are such a bad liar Kushiji..

Shyam: so NK wants to go shopping..go on...or if you want I can drop you also..

Shyam's mind: what the hell is she planning now ?

Kushi: No it is ok, we will go..

Shyam's mind: now where is she going off with NK and so does that mean NK knows something and Kushiji is lying to me..

Shyam calls up and finds the hotel is in Vasanth Vihar..

Shyam: why did she call up this restaurant..this is far from house also..

Shyam's mind: oh no,no hope not..

Shyam calls another number and asks the kidnapper where they buy food and finds it is the same place where Kushi called..

Shyam: No, no way..

Shyam's mind: dammit how could this be..Kushiji, ye aapne acha nahi you have to suffer for this...and the papers..

Fandom: What the...

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