Agent Arnav Singh Raizada & The Little Miss KKG

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Jun 15, 2012

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Arnav Singh Raizada is tying the knot of his tie looking in the mirror. His job hardly gives him time to dress up as a gentleman. Therefore, whenever he gets an opportunity, he dresses up in one of his designer suites perfectly fitted to his body.

He is invited by one of his clients. Arnav has gone throw the file which was delivered to him today in the morning through the post. Mr. Shashee Gupta, Arnav's client, is a Rtd. Major in Army. Mr. Shashee is well known for his heroic attempts. Even though, Mr. Shashee has retired from the army, he is still discreetly working for the special agencies that were operating worldwide to bring peace in the world. And Arnav's agency is one of them. Arnav is looking forward to work with him and for him.

With one last satisfied look in the mirror, Arnav Singh Raizada, turns around and picks up his mobile and leaves. He has to pick La on the way. Aakash, his partner will reach the venue himself. Aranv and Aakash were partners ever since they joined this field. La came later on the scene. While Arnav and Aakash were field agents, La was a desk agent. Sometimes, when required, she also joined the boys on the field.

From the start, Arnav and La had been together. No words of love were spoken between them but they were together. And that is how Arnav liked it to be and to stay. Even though, he knew that La is the right girl for him because she is from the same field and knows what dangers there are, he wasn't settled with the idea of settling down as yet.

Arnav calls La on her cell to let her know that he's waiting downstairs for her. In few minutes, La appears and Arnav smiles slowly taking in all the details. La knew how to dress up. She had the advantage of a tall height to show off her beauty very gracefully.

"Hi!" La closes the door and smiles at ASR.

"You look lovely!" ASR says.

"I know." La simply says.


When they reach Mr. Shashee Gupta's house, and get into the line of cars to get to the house, they believe it when they heard that Mr. Shashee's parties are very magnificently done. Usually, there is a theme as to which the guests dress up but ever since Mr. Shashee had an heart attack, which was two years back, he has just thrown simple huge parties with delicious food.

La, gives a tinkle to Aakash to let him know that they have reached. By the time, their car comes at the front of the house; Aakash comes out to take them in. Arnav Singh Raizada, hands his keys to the valet and quickly scans the valet. Arnav knows that there is a gun stuffed at the back of valet's jacket and why not, after all it is the requirement of the moment. Influential people have been invited to the party tonight.

The three of them enter the party. The lounge is filled with guests. They have to look over the heads of people to move forward. Arnav Singh Raizada, scans the room very quickly and takes notes in his head. He has an idea who is working undercover at the moment and who is guarding which person. But he has an odd feeling, a feeling that there is someone, someone else at an advantage, which is looking at them all. Arnav shifts his eyes above to see if someone was observing them from the upper portion. The upper portion had rooms in a circle around the lounge. It was like an inside balcony. Arnav's trained eyes could not see anything suspicious. Mr. Shashee was approaching him.

"Hello Mr. Arnav. I'm gald you came." He takes Arnav with him to introduce him to other guests. La and Aakash also joins him after a moment. Mr. Shashee leave the three to enjoy the party with a silent massage to Arnav throw his eyes. Arnav just nods in understanding.

La and Aakash were talking and laughing, but Arnav was tensed. The feeling of being watched was there and his curiosity was wearing him out. They were standing at a side of the room. Arnav was standing next to a wall resting his back to it. While taking a sip from his glass, he once again looks up. There is no one. He can only see closed doors and an empty balcony with pillars, huge big cubic pillars. They had cut work around them like in shutters. They looked like tall boxes with four sides of old carved wooden walls. To Arnav, they looked more like tall coffins. And that's when it hit him!


Jun 15, 2012

Continued.... (By Maheen) (Thanked: 34 times)

Arnav smiles at the beauty of the idea. The pillars are used as a hiding place and the person inside can see through the cut work. His eyes start to look at the pillars one by one. They are almost the same except for one. It is darker than the others, which meant that someone was hiding inside it.

Arnav slowly smiles at finding out the secret and he looks straight at it to tell that person that he/she has been caught. Arnav gives a small raise to his glass in cheers.

Arnav knows that it is none other than Mr. Shashee Gupta's daughter. The same daughter who's safety is a concern for his client. Arnav had gone through the file many times not to miss anything. The file told him everything starting from her birth till as of today. There wasn't much to tell about her. The poor girl lost her mother when she was only eight. Since then she and her father have lived together comforting each other.

Mr. Shashee has taken good care of his daughter sending her to good schools, giving her all the luxury he could afford and keeping her like a princess. But then his daughter has also done her duty obediently. She has taken care of the house, her father, his health and has given moral support to him.

Arnav still wanted to meet her. That's one reason he came today. Arnav never fully relied on written reports. He believed in meeting them personally to judge for himself. He had to give her points on her cleverness of observing her guests beforehand so that she is not taken by surprise by anyone. Thus the hiding in the pillars was done by her. Now he is waiting for her to come down.


Khushi Kumari Gupta had thrown many parties for her father. She started this since her mother died. She did not let her father feel lonely or helpless. Khushi always enjoyed organizing a party starting from the guest list to the invitations, menu setting, table outlays, and selection of cutlery-crockery to sending thank you cards to the guests at the end. But she never really enjoyed being at the party. She always avoided it. Khushi always made a small entree, said her hello hi and left.

It was her habit of hiding in her favorite place to look at the guests from above and judge them. Mostly, she did not like any of her father's guests. But sometimes she enjoyed funny people. And she did this selection when she was observing them all from above.

Tonight, Khushi is doing the same, when her heart skips a beat at the entrance of a handsome man. This is the first time that she felt like this. She wants to keep looking at him. But then when he looks up the very instant, Khushi gets scared.

"How did he know?" Khushi wonders.

Khushi sees her father take him away. Khushi normalizes her heart beat but she still wants to look at him a bit more. She wants to take in all of him very slowly and nicely. When Khushi can not find him in the crowd she starts to look at the other guests.

Khushi being with her father all the time knows who is an undercover bodyguard and who is not. She is enjoying doing that when she sees him again. His friends, a tall good looking man and a tall stylishly girl are enjoying the party but not him, no he isn't. Khushi takes the opportunity of a clear view and starts to take in the inventory of whatever she sees in him.

She likes what she sees. He is good looking, smart and looks very clever. Khushi has gone throw his file. Khushi being her father's daughter knew what went around the house and in her father's life. Khushi was well aware of the silent threats her father was getting. Khushi was now extra careful about her father and her own safety.

Today, when she was getting the study cleaned, she saw a file on her father's desk. Habitually she went throw the file. It was about a special agent working for a secret organization, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada.

Arnav Singh Raziada, was the only son of a widow. During his college, he was picked up by the agency due to his ability to break in throw secret codes of underworld. Arnav was trained in every area of a secret agent. And since then he has been on the list of top performers. Usually, files have profile pictures but this one was without one. But when he entered, Khushi knew it was him.

Khushi is in her own thoughts when she realizes that he is looking up again. Khushi gets excited because she knows that he is trying to figure out the mystery of the pillars. Khushi wants to see if he can or can not. And then to her satisfaction, he does but what shocks her is that he communicates with her too.


Jun 15, 2012

Continued...... (By Maheen) (Thanked: 20 times)

Khushi sees her father looking up. She knows that he is missing her and wants her to join him. Khushi comes out of the pillar and goes to her room to splash her face with cold water. Somehow, today inside the pillar she felt very hot. She goes downstairs and greets the guests with a polite smile and small talk. Khushi is deliberately moving towards him with small steps. His back is to her and he is engrossed in a conversation with his friends.

"So, what do you think Major's daughter is like?" Aakash asks hopefully from Arnav.

"She's a rich spoilt, pampered, lazy brat!" Arnav says. Khushi is standing at a hearing distance. She is shocked. How can this man judge her before meeting her? And all those things that he said were not true at all. Khushi is furious.

"What does he think of himself?" Khushi mutters in anger and moves away from him when her father stops her.

"Khushi bitya! Come I want you to meet my new friends." Shashee takes her daughter to where the three special agents were standing.


Arnav is surprised to see such flawless beauty. The picture in the file did not do justice to her looks. She looked exactly her age in braided hair set at one side and a churi dar kurta, eighteen. But her eyes showed the maturity. She is petite, beautiful and......and arrogant! Arnav is surprised to see her look at him down her nose. When he said that she is a spoilt brat to Aakash he only meant to put a stop to Aakash's hope of falling for his client and complicate things for them. But somehow the things seemed true about this girl. Arnav pats himself for not completely relying on the reports.

"Gentlemen! And Lady! This is my beloved daughter Khushi Kumari Gupta!" Shashee very proudly introduces her to them. La and Aakash nods to her and she reciprocates the greeting. But to Arnav, she ignores him totally. Arnav sips from his glass slowly looking at her over the rim.

"Why this hostility?" Arnav wonders. La makes a small chat with Khushi and then Khushi excuses herself to serve the dinner. She is not seen after that.


Khushi goes to bed with a failed attempt to sleep. She tosses and turns in her bed. She cannot take him out of her mind. His words are haunting her. Finally, when she goes to sleep, he comes in her dreams.

She dreams that she is sitting on a rug spread in the garden behind her house and is reading a book. Khushi looks up to see the sun go down. Then she sees a man coming towards her. The sight is beautiful. A handsome man coming towards her with a sun set behind him. When the man reaches her to a distance where she can see his face she is surprised. She is surprised to see him. It's when he comes more near to her and bends down on one knee that she feels danger.


Khushi flung her eyes open. She sees a shadow coming towards her from behind. Khushi lies still. She waits for her opportunity. As soon as the shadow bends down towards her she turns and kicks him hard in between his legs. The man who is covering his face with a mask groans in agony and rolls on his back holding himself to catch his breath. Khushi lunges towards the door and opens it with a quick movement and runs down the stairs. But she does not turn towards the main door. She goes towards the kitchen and quickly opens a cupboard door. She can hear the man come down the stairs in her search. She pulls a hatch and the cupboard further opens into a room. Khushi thanks her father for making all these hide out places. Khushi locks the room from inside and drops down in a corner dreading what has happened to her father. Where is he? Is he still asleep? Have they taken him hostage? How many are there in the house. There must be more than two.

Khushi shuts her mind and eyes. She then slowly opens them and looks around the room. It's a small room. A room designed to hide in case of emergency. It is equipped with all the required weapons one needs to defend. Khushi jumps to her feet and quickly puts a small dagger in her inside pocket of pajamas. She looks for the cell phone. She picks it up and dials her father's number. The phone is attended.

"Hello!" Khushi whispers. But there is silence. Khushi looks at the phone and shuts it off. She throws the phone on the table as if it's a snake.

"Oh God! They have my Babu Jee." Tears come to her eyes. She remembers all the times her father played with her the game of hide and seeks. First Khushi had difficulty in finding him. He used to vanish into thin air. But then Khushi came to know about all of his hiding places. She used to get treats whenever she found one. Khushi now realized that he was actually training her for such a day.

More tears come to her eyes. Her father was always concerned about her safety. He blamed himself for the death of his wife. The fact was that his wife was murdered instead of meeting with an accident.

Khushi cools herself. This is not the time to cry. What would my father want me to do in such times? He would want me to save myself and get help for him. Khushi looks for her sneakers. She puts them on and puts her pen torch in her pocket. She takes out the dagger and looks at the small wooden lid on the roof. Khushi steps on a stool to get to it easily. She knows that there is a heavy plant pot placed on it outside. Therefore, she has to push it hard to open it. After two three tries of pushing it up, Khushi finally succeeds in opening the hatch.

Khushi waites for a while to hear for a sound coming from outside but there is none to be heard. Khushi carefully takes her head up and out and looks around. Its pitch dark but Khushi knows the lay out well. She quickly jumps up and out and hurriedly closes the hatch. Khushi places the fallen and a bit broken clay pot back on its place. Hopefully, by the time anyone discovers the mess and the secret room, she'll be gone far away from here and somewhere safe.

Khushi dusts off the mud and is about to move when she hears a movement behind her. In an instant, Khushi turns to stab her dagger at whoever it was. But the person was quick enough to grab her hand and turn her around to a tight grip her from the behind. She can feel his breath on her nape.

"Ssssshhh." He tells her. Khushi awaits for his next step and when she sees a white cloth coming to her nose she says her last prayers.


Jun 16, 2012

Continued...... (By Maheen) (Thanked: 15 times)

Arnav is getting impatient. Why isn't Aakash back with the parcel as yet? The job had to be done in three minutes and five minutes have already passed.

"I'm going in." Arnav tells La who is sitting next to him in the front seat of a van. La shrugs her shoulder at his comment. Arnav is about to leave when the cell phone on his dash board rings. It was given to him by the owner when the owner went undercover for his mission. Arnav presses the call button. He hears a whispered hello. Arnav jaws clench together tightly in anger. He looks at La and La knows instantly that something has gone wrong. The phone was disconnected by the caller. He throws the phone on the dash board and comes out of the car to break Aakash's neck for mishandling the parcel.

Arnav had to walk a bit as the van was parked in the woods. Slowly, he moves towards the house. He cannot see any movement. The house was made on different levels. From outside one could never tell the interior structure of the house. He takes a round of the house to see if he missed any openings, to go in and to come out, earlier when he looked at it in the day light. He finds a good spot for himself and waits to make his move. Satisfied that the time is right, he moves towards a window on the lower floor of a bedroom. But he stops dead in his tracks when he sees a movement on his right. A pot is moving. He looks at it again not believing his eyes. And then it's pushed up and falls at a side.

Arnav inhales sharply when he sees a small head come out of it. He knows who it is. Arnav stays put to monitor her next move and to get his chance of getting to her quietly. He was glad to bring the handkerchief which La kept just in case it was needed. When the girl was done cleaning her foot prints, Arnav moved to get to her but to his surprise she turned with a dagger in her hand. Her aim was perfect, right on the spot, his heart. It was his good training that he was quick enough to grab her hand before any damage was done but he was impressed by her sharp moves and senses. To keep her quite he tells her to hush but he is scared that she might scream on top of her lungs for help and the whole mission will be jeopardized. Therefore, he puts her to sleep with the help of the handkerchief.


Jun 16, 2012

Continued..... (By Maheen) (Thanked: 19 times)

"Signal Aakash this instant!" Arnav tells La on the walkie talkie. La flashes a light towards the house just once. She is now worried. She thinks that things have gone wrong. Inside the house, Aakash has seen the signal too. He also thinks that something has gone wrong therefore; he has to leave without the parcel. He was sure that the girl went to the kitchen. But where did she vanish? The door to go out was still locked from inside. He was looking in the cupboards when he saw the light flash.

La sees Aakash coming towards the car when he stops to see at his left and then runs there. La looks towards where Aakash was running to.

"Oh my God!" La laughs when she sees Arnav bringing the parcel on one of his shoulders .

"What happened?" La asks the boys when they open the back door to place the parcel on the back seat.

"She happened." Aakash says remembering the pain very well. Arnav quickly sits in the driving seat and puts the van in the first gear to leave before something else goes wrong.

"I tell you, she is going to be a hell of a problem for us to handle." Aakash tells the other two. La smiles at his misery and Arnav thinks. He has a scowl on his face. He thought she would be easy to handle with her petite figure and arrogant attitude but instead he was surprised by her feisty manner. She has managed to trick a very well trained special agent and has tried to kill another one with an accurate aim. He is now cursing the moment he accepted the assignment to baby sit Major's daughter till he comes back from his mission.


Jun 17, 2012

Continued..... (By Maheen) (Thanked: 21 times)

Khushi wakes up to see three sets of eyes staring down at her. She looks at each one of them one by one and recognizes them as the secret agents she met at the dinner. Is she dreaming? She closes her eyes and breathes deeply. When she opens them again she finds the same set of eyes staring down at her. What are they doing here? Where is she?

Khushi sits up without a warning and bumps all the three heads on her way sitting up.

"Ouch!" Khushi says taking most of the impact of the bang.

"Told you! She does such things without a warning." Aakash says rubbing his forehead as he was bending the nearest to Khushi.

"Where am I?" Khushi asks worried looking around her. She finds herself in a small van. There are two rows of seats facing each other. On one side La and Arnav are sitting and on the other one she was lying a minute ago. At the back of her seat was an open compartment where Aakash was sitting with some luggage.

"Why am I here?" She asks again. Then she remembers everything from last night.

"Oh! You rescued me from the kidnappers. But my father! They have got him. You have to help him, please, quickly." Khushi begs them all in a panic.

"Hey! Hey! Take it easy." La tells Khushi.

"Your father is fine. He's on a mission. And you were not kidnapped. Well, actually, you were not suppose to be kidnapped. You were to come with us very obediently." La tells Khushi. Khushi is relieved to know that her father is safe but the rest of information did not make any sense. She looks at La for further explanation.

"Are you sure? Because I called his number and someone picked it up but never said anything." Khushi is still a bit doubtful.

"Yes, we are sure. Your father's phone is with me. He gave it to me before he left." Arnav tells her and drinks water from the glass he was holding. The water was actually meant to wake Khushi up. Arnav had always used the butt of a gun to make people faint but it was the first time he had to put a girl to sleep. Therefore, he used the hankie which La gave him but was a bit worried about its after effects. When Major's daughter did not wake up at the expected time he started to panic and got a glass of chilled water to throw it on her face. But before that she did wake up to his relief.

"You see, your father had to go undercover to bring out one of the drug dealers and he was getting threats from the underworld for the consequences. That meant harm to you too. Your father was scared for your safety while he was gone so he asked us to take you away at night time without anyone's knowledge." La fills in.

"But then unfortunately, you kicked this guy over here when he was approaching you to talk to you and the rest followed." La tells her pointing at Aakash.

"Why didn't my father say anything to me?" Khushi asks disappointed.

"It was a sudden decision. He got a lead at a very late hour and arrangements were made within few minutes and we were called." La finishes the conversation and leaves the van to sit in the front seat. Arnav also comes out of the van and takes the driving seat to move to their next stop. Aakash smiles at Khushi and extends his hand to her.

"Hi!" When Khushi does not extend her own hand and embarrasses Aakash, Aakash sits back and sulks. Arnav who witnesses this entire scene through the rear view mirror swears under his breath. He does not like this girl's attitude. She needs to be taught a lesson.

"But by now my house staff must know that I'm missing." Khushi points out.

"Yes, and we want them to report you missing too. So that when the news spreads there will be confusion among the drug dealers for some time which will buy us more time till next step is taken." La says and then no more words were said


Jun 17, 2012

Continued....... (By Maheen) (Thanked: 16 times)

"What!" La looks at Arnav dumbfounded.

"Are you out of your mind?" La cannot believe what Arnav just said. They were at a petrol station. Arnav and La were standing outside next to the van when Arnav told La what he plans to do with the girl. Khushi had gone to the bathroom to get some private time and Aakash was in the tuck shop getting few things to eat.

Khushi comes out relieved. She walks towards the car. She can see Arnav lounging against the van with a cool attitude.

"What is his problem?" Khushi wonders irritated. He was looking very handsome in his black collared t-shirt and jeans. He would look nice in a white t-shirt too; Khushi thinks to herself and then shakes her head in disbelief at her imagination.

"What's the plan?" Khushi asks the two when she reaches the van. Arnav straightens up and goes to the washroom with a straight face.

"We'll check in a motel tonight. There is one on our way to the mountains." La tells her and looks her up and down. Good that she's wearing sneakers, La thinks. The boys come out and they leave.

They check into a sleazy motel late at night. Two rooms are booked, one for the boys and one for the girls. The rooms are separate but they have a common bathroom.

In the middle of night, Khushi is awakened by La. She puts a finger to her lips to keep it quite. She tells her to follow her to the bathroom. Khushi does what she is told. When she enters the bathroom, it is dark. But she can sense that someone else is there too, other than La. The lights are not switched on but some is coming from outside through the small window which is wide open. She can make out from the outlines that it's the boys. La whispers something to Khushi.

"You want me to do what!" Khushi doubts her hearing.


Jun 17, 2012

Continued.... (By Maheen) (Thanked: 25 times)

Khushi looks at all of them. What is there plan? Why through the window. Are they all in danger? Khushi feels something being handed to her. When she holds it, it's her sneakers. She puts them on quietly. Then carefully she climbs the stool and gets to the window which is a bit higher than where she was standing. It's a narrow window but Khushi gets through it nicely and jumps on the other side of the wall. She looks around her. She can see the forest line at a distance.

Khushi stands there and waits for the next person to come out of the window. Looking at it, she knows it's impossible for any one of them to come out of it. What will they do? Soon she gets her answer when she sees them jump out of the boy's bedroom window one by one. All the three agents have a sober expression on their face but Khushi knows the truth. It was a deliberate move on their behalf to make her jump out of the bathroom window. Otherwise, she could also have used the bedroom window.

"What are these agents up to?" Khushi is angry. They did this on purpose. They are making fun of her.

"My father is risking his life trying to keep everyone safe and these special agents think that they can treat me whatever way they want me to because what?...they think I'm stupid? Dumb? I won't know what they are doing? I'll tell them who they are messing with. I will make sure you feel sorry the day you let your eyes on me." Khushi holds her tears back. Her ego tells her not to shed a single tear in front of them. Khushi knows that the mastermind behind all this is that arrogant agent, Arnav Singh Raizada.


After Khushi jumped out of the bathroom window, the three of them stood there for the next one to go out of it.

"Ladies first." Aakash motioned to La.

"You want me to go through that window?" La asks Aakash sarcastically. Everyone knows that it is not possible. Only Khushi managed to get out of it because of her petite figure.

"What do we do now?" Aakash asks Arnav. Aakash knew that the girl was bugging Arnav but to this extent he did not know until Arnav made everyone get up in the middle of night and pretend that they are being followed thus they have to escape through the window.

"We use our bedroom window." Arnav says smilingly to them. La shakes her head. She feels a bit sorry for the girl. La knows that once Arnav sets his mind to teach someone a lesson, then there's no stopping him. When Arnav told her that he plans to make Khushi walk all the way up to the mountains on foot, she freaked out. La couldn't understand that why it was so important for him to tame the Major's daughter. It's only when Arnav mentioned that they can stop at his uncle's cottage on their way to the mountains and will also visit his grandmother who lives near his uncle's cottage, that she agreed to participate. La's motive is to meet the grandmother who might push Arnav to settle down.

They are all walking behind each other in a line going deep in the forest. Aakash is at the front of the line navigating the path. Arnav is at the back of the line to make sure nothing attacks the ladies who are walking in the middle. La is behind Aakash and Khushi is infront of Arnav. Arnav can tell from looking at Khushi's straight back that she knows that they have played a joke on her. She is angry about it but will not utter a single word because of her ego. And Arnav wants to break that ego. And he plans to do it in the next two three days.


Jun 17, 2012

Continued..... (By Maheen) (Thanked: 18 times)

Arnav did not let anyone rest until they reached a small lake in the morning. The sight makes everyone thank God and no one bothers to look at Arnav to ask him to stop here. La and Aakash take off their back packs and go straight to the water. La dips her feet in it and is heard moan in pleasure. Aakash laughingly splashes water on his face. Khushi just stands there at the edge of it and stares at it.

Arnav who is taking out tinned food stops and straightens up. He sees her in deep thoughts. A small smile comes to his face. She doesn't want to show that she is happy to stop and be blessed with this water naturally coming her way. Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta, you have to take what I offer you. You will take it obediently. This is your only chance to rest and clean. Take it. If you leave it, you'll regret it. When he sees Khushi sit on the ground to take off her shoes, he is satisfied and turns back to his work. He soon hears a big splash!


Khushi sees something shinning through the woods and hears birds chirping, she knows that it is water. Oh God! Thank you so much! Khushi has walked all eight and it was almost seven in the morning. Arnav did not let anyone stop to rest even when La complained that the heat was making her miserable. Arnav said that it was the best time to escape. No one can see them in the dark. Khushi knew that no one was following them. The agents were far more relaxed then their usual stance. Their casual walk gave away the truth. This was more of a relaxed camping trip for them than an assignment to protect her.

Khushi's legs ached. Her anger made her walk all night without water and food. She did not complain at all not even once. She did not want to give any sort of satisfaction to him. But this water! This shiny clean fresh water was too tempting for her to ignore. She was in her night pajama suite which was now dirty with filth-a mixture of mud and her sweat. Her braided hair was making her itch. She did not just want to splash water on her face but she wanted to bathe in it. She takes off her shoes and jumps right into it.


"Are you out of your mind?!" La screams at Khushi when water is splashed on her from Khushi's jump. She becomes furious when Khushi laughs with pleasure. Oh this sweet water! Khushi closes her eyes and goes in the water and merges out happy. La's feet are out of the water and she's standing on them looking down at Khushi angrily. What a stupid girl? La agrees with Arnav that she is a spoilt brat. Then she hears two more splashes. The two boys have also jumped in the water.

"Aaaaaaa!" La screams and turns around helplessly. Now she has to tolerate not one kid but two more. She sets herself to make some porridge on the small fire which Arnav made.

Khushi sees the boys having a good time. They have taken off their shirts and washing them in water. Khushi also takes the opportunity to open her hair and wash it. She hums and relaxes unaware of the effect she is having on someone. Arnav keeps looking at Khushi from time to time. He does not want her to drift away but the picture of her bathing in water was out of a movie-her hair open, spread on the water bed around her with few strands sticking to her face. She is happy and Arnav finds her look beautiful. When Arnav heard the splash he got scared and ran towards the lake but was relieved to see her just having a good time bathing in it. Then he saw Aakash taking off his shirt. Arnav decided to join him. Now Arnav has to admit that the girl is spirited. It wass a good idea to take a bath.


Jun 17, 2012

Continued..... (By Maheen) (Thanked: 29 times)

"Hey! You parcel! Come out, breakfast is ready." La shouts at Khushi who is floating in the lake. Khushi opens her eyes and thinks of stretching but then realizes that she is not on her bed. She smiles and straightens to stand in the water. The boys are already out and are taking out their new t-shirts from the back packs. Khushi moves towards the edge to come out. She puts her arms on the grass and tries to push herself out of water but her body is too sluggish to do so. She tries to place her foot on the mud wall under the water to help her push up. When she thinks she has got a grip she pushes herself up but her foot slips and she falls back in the water. Something entangles her and does not let her come up the water. She looks at herself in the water and sees some weeds catching on to her leg.

Arnav is about to wear his fresh dried t-shirt when he realizes that something is wrong. La is bending down and is shouting at Khushi instructing her to do this and that. Arnav and Aakash runs towards the girls. Arnav does not take a second to jump in. He goes under water and sees her leg entwined with the water plants. He quickly breaks her leg free of the plant and brings her up for her to breathe air.

Khushi is relieved to breathe again. She holds on to him tightly. She was scarred a minute ago. Khushi breathes heavily. She looks up to see his face few inches away from hers. Her hands are on his bare shoulders. She can feel their strength. His warm breath is falling on her face and she is pulled towards his lips through some magic.

Arnav got a scare of his life to see her go under the water. Her safety is his first priority and he's ignoring it. When he goes under water he is relieved to see that it is a mere tangle of plants. He frees her easily but he cannot free himself from her. She always looked like a teenage girl to her with a bony structure but right now he can feel every inch of her body attached to his. He is having a difficult time moving away from her. Her face is few inches away from his. His eyes cannot move away from her red rosy lips. The drops of water on them are too tempting to let them stay there. He wants to drink water from her lips.

"Ahhhmmmmm!" The moment is broken by Aakash. La is staring at them not happy at all. Both break from the embrace and come out of water. Khushi is helped by Aakash. When the three agents go towards the small camp Khushi declares that she needs some private time and goes deep in the woods.


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