Full Circle: There will be crossroads and crossroads lead to destiny Part 1-6

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Jun 13, 2012

Full Circle: There will be crossroads and crossroads lead to destiny Part 1-6 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 27 times)

Disclaimer: These are fan fictions (FFs) using the character names Arnav and Khushi from the popular Hindi show Iss Pyar ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND). The FFs borrows the character ‘names’ for their popularity and in no way claims any resemblance of the televised characters Arnav/Khushi in the show or their IPKKND world. These fan fictions and their situation are purely a work of a fan’s imagination outside the storyline of IPKKND and is intended for entertainment ‘outside’ the official storyline. There is no intention of claiming ownership over these characters or in any profit making from this publication of fan fiction on this website. I am grateful to the makers of IPKKND for their wonderful piece of work and without them I would not be writing these stories.

The story lines of Arshirandomfan’s Full  Circle fictions are purely based on the my imagination and the characters are fictious. Any resemblance, to person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The content is for mature audience. Warning: There are dark elements, violence, vivid descriptions and the readers are adviced to use their own discretion on reading these stories.

When love blossoms it is beautiful Part 1

He walked in to the most exquisite structure ever created in the history of modern architecture. It had taken every minute of the last three years to build this magnificent hotel for the rich and famous. Going through hundreds of details and meticulous interior this place was futuristic a peek into how lifestyle would be at the turn of next 40 years.

He walked in unimpressed. It was over another project that had little to do with anything else in his life... Now he had to think of something else , and the thought of not being engaged in something made him insanely irritated. He walked aimlessly checking out the interiors until he walked to the corridors of Wellness Center and his eyes fell on her.

She was perched on the top of the counter... all by herself. She was looking around wide eyed, absorbing her surrounding... He was drawn to her, just her eyes had something so familiar for him but he could not grasp the connection anymore. It was long, so long since the last time he had looked up at anything with any interest. She was there, now looking at him approaching with her curious eyes.

As he stood across her face to face... she gave him a snobbish look.

"D...d..do you know it is bad manners to stare?" She stammered and pronounced all the R's in her lines as L's. He loved her voice... her directness. He looked at her; he could smile but that he had forgotten now - he had forgotten how to twist his lips into a smile... so in all his seriousness he replied, "I am so sorry, I did not realise..."

"It is okay," she said not too enthusiastically. He thought perhaps she was probably bored to be sitting out there by herself. So he tried to make small talk...

"What brings you here?" He asked, hoping to hear her voice again.

"Why s..should I tell you? Who are you anyway... and by the way how come you being a s...stranger get to ask so many questions! Why are you asking so many questions? Let me ask you something instead, "D..d..Did you know that this room has 53 light fixtures? Why would anyone want 53 lights in one single room? Is n't that a colossal waste of energy...." She spoke with great confidence.

She went on and on and he looked at her in his amazement, the uncanny similarity and yet he could not now recall anymore what her voice sounded like. She had this thing for her non-stop chatter and once his life had been so full of it, her voice would ring like the chimes in the wind through his morning, afternoon and night... He stopped his mind from going astray and came back to the present. She was still asking him, "D...Did you know that this building has 37 levels?"

He looked at her, her cheeks rosy, her tiny pink lips, her curls, her animated way of speaking with her eyes now ... he was mesmerised. "No I did not know that... how did you know?" he asked her innocently.

"Are you s..s....serious?" She said as if she could not believe him, "Everyone is t..t..talking about this place... and you don't know? Have n't you heard anything?" He looked at her and in all honesty he answered, "No I have not..." He had not heard anything because for the last three years he had no recollection of any conversation apart from what related to his business and perhaps a few occasional forced conversation with his family. All he had done was building this humongous structure..filling his time with work for life had escaped from his soul. He lived but he did not feel it anymore...

She looked at him with her piercing eyes, almost exactly the way he would look to intimidate another human being in front of him and said. "Oh! God! You are so hopeless and d..dull... and then she bit her tongue and said quickly, "I am s..sorry, I should n't have said that... my t..tongue does not know where to s..stop." He felt something in his veins perhaps a feeling that wanted him to twist his lips and break into a smile... but he could not...it required too much effort.

She seemed a bit nervous. He wanted her to go on but he knew he had to get to the conference room so he said to her... "I think you are right... I am kind of dull ... but perhaps you could help me to be interesting... perhaps you could be my friend? What do you think? She stoop up on the counter top, in her full height she would barely reach his knees but she held her gaze at his face and then asked suspiciously... "Hmm... I am thinking... you look okay (again meaning dull , and checking him out from top to bottom..)... And then suddenly she asked almost scared as if she remembered some warning, 'You are not a kidnapper, are you? She asked him" "No... I am not." "Well, what about girl friends? Do you have one?" "No... I don't." "Well, then, I would like to be friends!" She smiled and he could see that her smile could light up the entire world! His thoughts floated to his love... the smile that had captured his heart, now sorely missed.

"What is your name?" he asked softly... Someone was approaching the glass doorway... "Sir, we are ready for your conference." She looked at him... "I am Arushi and I am four years old. She added with a thoughtful face...How about you?"

"I am... I am...he thought whether he should tell her his name but then decided against it. If he abhorred something the most, then it was the things he could associate with his name... "Well, why don't you just call me friend?" She agreed readily and in all excitement she added ... "You will be my 'secret' friend right?" He nodded. He quickly scribbled his number on a paper and wrote his number.

"Call me, he almost pleaded" before planting a kiss on her cheek. "Hey! She said in a shock...Do not treat me like that, I am not a kid.. trying to sound grown up... and you did not tell me your age." He was already walking out .... I am 31 and sorry about the kiss...but what can I do ....you are super cute! He finally felt his lips curve a bit...She said nothing and waved a goodbye gesture and then pocketed the number.

"Arushi... Arushi... someone called her. She looked up, all smiles. "Mommy!" "Sorry I kept you waiting dear... are you hungry... do you need anything?" She came out from the door and ran to hug her... "I am fine Mom, are you done?" "Yes!" she said. "Let's get home then." She took her daughter in her arms and started walking towards the car park. "How was your day Mommy?" "Pretty uneventful actually, apart from training 20 odd chefs from all over the world..." she smiled. "What about you? Did you have fun at school?" Arushi talked about all her school mates and her antics. They both laughed and got into the car. She buckled her up in the back seat... "Mommy... Why can't I be in front? Am I not a big girl now?" "Next year,dear, I promise. We have already discussed this, right?

She looked disappointed and then continued her chatter in a few minutes... "Mommy, I made a secret friend. "A secret friend?" "Yes, mommy, I think it is so cool to have a secret friend. " Who is it Arushi?" "Well, if I tell you then it won't be a secret anymore... so sorry I can't tell you." "Arushi, you must be careful, talking to strangers, I have told you so many times." "Mommy, I know that," added like almost adult and thought about her new friend. She was four but when she talked she sounded like she is forty. She smiled at her through the rear view mirror and drove homeward. Arsuhi was quite responsible and she was a proud mother.

When love blossoms it is beautiful - Part 2

At the conference

"Mr Raizada, are you not concerned about the kind of materialistic lifestyle you are propagating?

"Ms Jennifer, this is art, of a futuristic perspective of what is to come. I am not propagating anything but looking through the looking glass and presenting a vision.."

"Mr Raizada , I disagree, is this not a strong persuasion to live in luxury that is absolutely unnecessary for any individual when there are so many people who can't meet their basic needs, is this not a class statement."

"To the contrary Ms Jennifer, I am creating job opportunities and there has been consistent employment benefits and in addition the company is generating millions for revenue to the government, if according to you that is not a good thing to do then I am not sure what is...

"Mr Raizada, you are avoiding answering a very basic question... He looks at the woman with a raised eyebrow... "Am I?"

"Yes, Mr Raizada , what is the point of such extravagant lifestyle , is this ultimately something that makes anyone genuinely happy at all, are you happy with what you are creating, a world of such divide between poor and the rich?"

He looks impassively at her, "I am not forcing anyone to do anything, everyone has a mind of their own to help them decide and you have a choice to make. And just so you know, it does make me insanely happy. He lied in one breath."Thank you ladies and gentlemen."

He was already impatient, suffocated to get out... He gestured for his brother , Akash to take over and walked out straight to the car park.

He was transported back to 4 years ago when he had seen her for the first time. Her eyes, the rage in her eyes ...at the site had made him turn back to take a second look. He was there for a brief inspection of the status of acquiring land for the new sites for his building the "Magnificence Aquaria." He was going to create absolute haven of luxurious existence -a twin tower structure for select few in bold design and featuring this innovative new idea- Swimming pool enclosed in glass in each unit instead of balconies. They were going through some difficulties re-locating the settlers in the area. His brother-in-law Shyam was dealing with the issue day in and day out supervising the staff.

His self declared girl friend Lavanya had zoomed in that very moment and he had forced himself to tear away from that plain beautiful face, in anger, almost vicious, desperately trying to protect and preserve her dilapidated home. He did not think this petty issue was worth paying attention and so he left for his office with La.

Shyam, had also noticed the young girl trying to convince his staff. His vile heart had a thing, weakness for young girls. For him she was the perfect catch. She definitely was youthful, nave and the innocence of inexperience reflected in her eyes. She was unaware of the darkness coming her way.

Shyam asked his assistant to bring her to him. "Namaste, what is going on? You look very disturbed...can I help you? He uttered these words in utmost concern. She hesitated. "Thank you, but I am not sure if you can help." "Arre, arre first tell me your problem and then give me a chance to think." To her, he seemed like a nice gentleman trying to help her out so she went ahead and explained that the only place they had ever known as a home was the building now threatened to be removed. They were having a tough time trying to hold on to the property without being threatened.

"Oh..ho... very bad situation. I know things can get ugly... by the way... I am Shyam., sorry have you told me your name (he slowly removed the wedding ring and slipped it into his pocket under the table)? "I am Khushi."

"Khushiji , why don't you come and visit me in the office and we can discuss this in detail. Probably I can help you and see what can be done. This is not under my control at all but I will leave no stones unturned to help you. Actually all this is the plan of the owner of the company. I am just like you, with no power. It is Arnav Singh Raizada who is responsible for this unfortunate situation. Meet me at 6 pm at office."

Jun 13, 2012

Full Circle: There will be crossroads and crossroads lead to destiny Part 1-6 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 24 times)

Love when blossoms is beautiful : Part 2 (continued)

She hesitated but seeing no option agreed. At 7 pm she reached the office and sat in the lounge, gaping at the interior. Shyam Manohar Jha was on his way when his wife called. "No... no you have to come... there is no way you can get out of this." He thought, "Khushiji... sorry to keep you waiting. I hope you will soon leave when I don't turn up."

It was 8:30 pm, the office was empty. She was waiting still at the lounge when he walked in busy talking on his phone. He had only seen some figure when he started yelling instructions in his usual style. "Instead of sitting there and wasting time, can you hurry up and get me the Khurana and Khurana Associate's file from the cabinet there and one black coffee... " He was already making his way up in long strides not bothering to look back.

She could not ignore his commanding voice and almost fell from the chair when his voice boomed against the walls and hit her ears. She wanted to protest but he had already walked up. She saw the file on one of the tables and the coffee machine. She got the two things... muttering to herself and then made her way up stairs. She was still dusty from the construction site.

As she put the file and coffee on his desk, he noticed a line of filth on her bare arm. "What the..." he looked up in rage... Do you have no sense of cleaning up before, you walk into this office?

She stared at him... she was hungry, tired and very angry... "No, I don't, I don't care how I look really because unlike you we are not the privileged to sit in an AC office all day and flip through pages in files. We do real work, work where labour is involved and in any case... who are you anyway to give instructions to me like that as if I were your servant. I am doing you a favour."

"What? You think you are doing me a favour... Who the hell do you think you are? Get out of my sight right now... before I..."

"I am not going to move until I have seen who I have come to see, so stop shouting at me..." she was shaking.

"How dare you talk back to me? I am ASR and a filthy thing like you think that you can come here and dare to raise your voice? He was fully up now... she suddenly felt threatened in the closed space with this massive figure in front of her seething in anger. But she was equally charged up. She looked directly at him, "I don't care who you are, ASR, BSR, TSR... I am talking exactly the way you are talking to me, Mr... Mr... her eyes fell on the door now, Chief Executive Officer, Arnav Singh Raizada i.e.ASR, she gulped at the revelation. Her open mouth closed and she looked at him again, she had messed up big time. He was now about a feet away from her... he looked at her again... the rage in her eyes, her face quickly changing colour in embarrassment... "She pointed at the door... "ASR... as in Arnav Singh Raizada..." She recalled Shyamji's words... "He is the one who is at the heart of the problem...Khushiji."

She still did not move... "I will not go before you tell me what right do you have to evict us from our home?" Just because you have the money you think you can do anything with our lives? Just shut up and get out will you? He now he grabbed her arms... it is my decency that you are still standing here intact... he threatened her further, "I have the money and the power and I will do whatever I want." "And I will not move Mr Raizada, because your money can't buy me... you have no right over our property, so leave us alone. I am not leaving until we are clear on that."

Without bothering to answer, he moved closer to threaten and intimidate her... she stepped back but did not give up. Her throat getting dry now... she said again, "I am not going to leave...but his piercing eyes now were just on her, now slowly she was feeling a fear creep up her veins" He towered over her...

Her throat getting dry now... she said again, I am not going to leave..." He towered over her... "Well, don't...be my guest.. he whispered into her ears. She tried to step back..

"You think , I don't understand that you are here to spoil the reputation of this company. It is almost 10 pm and you are here in MY office alone... I know exactly how you middle class girls think. And trust me, if you say one more word I will not hesitate...." he warned her. It had never happened before but he was insane with anger rising in his belly.

All this while he had been fascinated by her...she had not relented to anything... nothing instilled fear in her...He was unable to make her yield to his authority. "How dare you Mr Raizada? How dare you make such an allegation on me... you have no idea who I am... I am not.." She lost her words.

He was crushing her in his grasp now... she felt her tears well up... he clutched at her veil with one hand and other hand was on her back grabbing the pearl string of her kurta...as if debating on the two misdeeds.. "Do you still want your answer?"

"Let me go..." she could barely whisper with him crushing every bone... She was now pleading him with her eyes to let her go... He looked at her face, her eyes, her trembling lips...and then his anger blinded his thinking, she had to relent... he snapped the pearl string baring her back. She looked at him with shock and despair. He pushed her away... She hit the walls, with her back to him, as soon as she recovered from the shock she untied the raven black hair to cover her bare back ... and tried to run past him. He was watching but too quick for her though... "We are not done!"

He dragged her down to the dark basement where his car was parked... "You can park yourself and wait there until your whim to get an answer fades out because I am not interested in giving you an answer. Do you hear me?" He held her by her arms and pushed her slightly into the darkness.

She was no match for him but she did not relent. "You can't force me out of here but I am not going to let you go without my having answer... do you hear me?" she screamed back. "We will see about that..." he said as he slammed the door to the entrance to the office, blocking her voice in pitch darkness.... He went upstairs to the washroom... and splashed water on his face to calm his nerves. He got back to office... soon he immersed himself in work to forget the nerves of the woman.

She inched back closer to something cold and sinister... she was terrified, shivering in the cold, hungry and tired. It was not until past mid night that he came down... she had passed out. He had forgotten all about her until he saw her with her small frame bunched up next to his car door. He touched her body... she was burning. He had no idea, who she was, where was she from... He cursed and picked her up. He carried her to his office room and then opened his private apartment door.

He placed her lightly on his bed. He took out a bottle of cold water, a clean towel and started to clean her blackened face from the tears and kohl. As he wiped her face... he could not help admiring... perfect inset eyes, her lips thin and red, her cheeks warm and still coloured, her long swan like neck with a tiny beating pulse, her slender body arched slightly towards him... the perfect roundness of her breasts, her waist barely there, her flawless skin..

He cleaned her arms, now bruised from his fingers... he stared at her for the longest time and then touched her cheeks making sure she was real..

He went down, scanned through the lounge area, found her colourful bag with some papers in it. The house related papers had an address, a driving license for two wheeler with her smiling face.. "Ms Khushi Kumari Gupta." He called her name... a few times "Khushi, wake up..."

Finally, she opened her eyes... shocked to see a massive man leaning so close to her... she was scared out of her wits... she was about to cry out... He almost instinctively felt her fear. He could not help but touch her trembling lips slightly with his own... "Shhhhhh...Its okay Khushi..." he held her face looking into her eyes. He wanted to kiss her lips but he forced himself away from her.

"Let's get you home..." he picked her up, took his car keys and took the elevator. She recovered and as he made his way down with her, she remembered the night bit by bit. She felt his bare arms now cover her back. Once he seated her, he placed her veil to cover her up... she looked at him and then looked away from him... Her eyes told him he had betrayed her, he had not played it fair... He was after all the man. He saw her lower lip move but she did n't say anything...

He drove in silence to her neighbourhood wondering what made him lose his mind. She did not even reach up his shoulders but she had managed to challenge his authority. When he reached, she got out walked into the distant house and did not look back.

He drove aimlessly thinking of the only highlight of his day or perhaps highlight in a few years, meeting Arushi... If they had a daughter they would have called her "Arnav and Khushi's Arushi." Her thoughts were back in his life... He speeded up his car heading out to particularly no where.

Jun 13, 2012

Full Circle: There will be crossroads and crossroads lead to destiny Part 1-6 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 23 times)

When love blossoms it is beautiful Part 4

"Mommy... can I call my new 'secret friend' and wish good night."

"Arushi, my dear, it is not proper to behave like this, you know how many parents have complained about you and your long calls to friends in school at odd hours."

"I promise Mommy, I will take 5 minutes... please, please, please... you are the loveliest".

"Okay, but if the parents object then you know what to do, hang up instead of arguing...Okay? that is settled?"

"Yes... Mommy dearest."

"Don't be too long on the phone ... I will come and check on you."

She dialled his number...

"Hello... secret friend."

He kept quiet, settling the emotions in his heart. "Hi, you are not asleep?"

I thought of saying "Good night to you..." "You don't seem to be so pleased..." she said as a matter of factually. He wondered how she knew, but apparently she did...

"Arushi, I am very happy to hear from you, actually so much so that I don't know what to say to you..."

"Don't be melodramatic, she said admonishing him, secret friend, just buy me ice cream.. I am four remember?

And I am 31, so is that why you have chosen me Arushi ? Is this friendship going to last as long as I buy you ice cream in secret without telling your parents? He felt his lips curling up for a smile.

"You know why I have chosen to be your secret friend, you know it right?" she asked in a concerned voice.

Arnav, swallowed hard, she is four, she could n't possibly know... or understand. He kept quiet not knowing what was the right thing to say..

She said, "You and me, we are similar... we don't have real friends, do we, you or me... you are worse though, you don't even have a girl friend at 31! She teased him. But he could hear the pain in her voice.

He sat up... "No .. no ...Arushi, that can't be true, you said it yourself... I am dull and hopeless that is why... I am.. he did not finish. But that aside, you Arushi, you are so lovely, and so warm , why on earth would anyone not want to be friends with you? I am friends with you... and ...and I am sure... everyone ...

A distant voice floated... "Arushi , bed time... 10 minutes are over now..."

She cut him off, "Secret friend... Mommy is going to get very upset if I talk past bed time. It's late and I have to go... I will call you some other time... Bye... bye..." and she send him some kisses. He heard the beep from the disconnected call.

He saved the number.

What is wrong with everyone? Why did n't she have any friends of her own age? He wondered... and suddenly felt terribly uneasy.

Was the world truly as heartless and cold as he was and could isolate lovely Arushi as he had isolated another beautiful soul?

It came back to him like gushing wind ... he was cold and so cold in his heart that he had never felt a thing, he could never know what was to feel something for real. He only knew one thing, self preservation inside impenetrable walls of hatred.

His hatred for her grew at that moment she refused to acknowledge his presence. He saw that she had no reaction for the effort he had made. How dare she not even acknowledge him before leaving... she just strutted off like it did not matter to her. He had come down, broken his barrier to feel the real thing... but she had no words for him, none at all. It bothered him that she had chosen not to look at him or say anything to him. She had just refused him, she dared to refuse ASR, his ego swelled up. He would destroy her arrogance... he would not forget ever, this night.

She could not do it...She could not look back. In that one night, she had been tested by the gods for her perseverance to her commitment to save her home and her dignity. She called to her inner strength, "Devi Maiyya... Shakti Dena... I can't ever face him again. Never again!" Her heart, in one hand she had seen the beast unleashed ready to devour her and on the other hand she had experienced the strength of an unknown connection that had made her resign herself to him. While in all her senses away from him, she hated him, in his presence she had succumbed to him without a word. She was afraid of what he could do to her, his demonic self was something she could fight and resist but the unknown was just unknown, there was no real power in her to resist its unyielding relentless call.

She tiptoed into her house through the open window and quickly changed her clothes with long sleeves kurtas, they could never know, her family, what had happened. Her family would die of humiliation. She kept wondering what she could do to save their house. She wondered if Shyamji could help her through this.

Love, hatred, dreams and destruction : Part 5

As he entered Shantivan after dropping her, he had felt the anger boiling inside him, with one thought in his head. He tried settling into sleep; however, he tossed and turned as her visions kept him awake. The moment he closed his eyes the softness of her lips would come back to haunt him. This constant insatiable wanting fueled his anger to an unimaginable degree .

Next morning, she jumped every now and then, feeling unnerved from the previous night's events. "Aey Sanka Devi...called Buwaji. What happened yesterday? When did you manage to come back? Where is your Scooty?"

"Woh.. woh Buaji... I came back after doing some paper work, it took time... And scooty is at Happyji's garage just for some minor repair. I will go and get it."

"Khushi ... listen... called Payal after her ...but Khushi was already running out of the house with her flip flops falling out of her feet. "Khushi Kumari Gupta, run and get your bike back before he sets it on fire...she saw the time... it was way before 9, and she was pleased that she still had time. Auto..."

The compound was deserted when she arrived. Since it was winter time, her Scooty was having trouble starting... "Devi maiyya.. please, no more tests, if I get out of here alive then I will put 10 Rs worth of jalebis... she muttered. Her Scooty started... she zoomed out in glee... with the wide green plastered on her face while she was adjusting her helmet with one hand... a car came to the turn from no where and she ramped into the passenger door... Thankfully she was not in speed.

She mounted off her scooty... " Devi Maiyya... ab kya hoga... Buwaji will kill me! With her hands on her hips she was ready for the war... "Aa re nikal ke to aayiyeh janab. He was staring at her through his aviators...he could n't believe his eyes she was back facing him the very next morning after all that happened between them. He lowered his window... She was jeering at him while gauging the damage done to her beloved Scooty.. "Aapko dikhega kaise ? Itna bada kala chasma jo pehen rakha hai..." He got out, and removed his shades, and looked at her with his piercing eyes.. Her jaw dropped... "You...?"

"You? He shouted back at her, what the hell are you doing here? Was one night not enough for you or you want me to try something new with you?"

Don't you dare say a thing... you have no right to ... she recalled him brushing his lips on hers... she blushed even in her anger ... and continued somehow in a much lower , uncertain voice.. "You have broken the rear view mirror of my Scooty." she pointed it to him...

"And you Ms Gupta, you have created a dent in my BMW... can you even see it with your eyes at all? You have the nerve to shout at me for your broken rear view mirror in the middle of this road... Just get the hell out of here..."

"I will pay for your damages... I swear I will... she said confidently. She was looking for her wallet...in her colourful bag.

"Why don't you try, the estimate of damage is perhaps about 30 to 40 thousand. She gaped at him, "If its that expensive then why don't you drive more carefully?"

"Oh! So you think this is my fault? Really?"

"Of course it is your fault, I am the best in my Scooty, no one can beat me at it."

"You must be joking right?" his mind was working quickly to trap her in her own challenge. He could feel she was going to take the bait. You think you can win in this thing?"

"This is Delhi, Mr Raizada, I will definitely win; do you want to race?

"Instead, why would you just take this money and shut the hell up... you think I am going to race you. Save your energy to perhaps do some house work... he shoved 5 thousand rupee notes in her hand and got into his car, backed it and turned to leave... "Thats for your repairs and keep the change."

"Mr Raizada, I don't need your charity... ", she threw the money back through the rapidly closing window and "You are on for the race until India Gate. Do I scare you, she winked and settled on her vibrant pink Scooty. The winner can choose for what the loser will do."

He was already smirking in his car, he followed her as she made her way... she dodged traffic much faster but he always caught up... his master mind was already working. He had to win this... he sped up and took the high roads. They were both at opposite lights approaching India Gate when Arnav waved at the traffic cop from his car and slipped a 1000 Rs note. "Just block that one for two minutes... Her lights changed first, she was jubilant but then the traffic cop stopped them and let his side go... "Koi mantri hoga..." She heard the public.

By the time she reached, he was parked, leaning casually smirking at her... She was red with anger... he saw her face and all he could think of is kissing her angry face... her image from the night before was still vivid in his eyes. He saw her in his dreams, her silken skin as the shoulder caps slipped further low once the pearls string were snapped. He noticed today the straps were just coloured threads with beads on the ends... his curious eyes checked her back. The night before, he had noticed on her right side one black mole briefly showing itself, perhaps the only blemish in her milky white skin that she had quickly covered with her long hair. That was one aberration he was now fascinated with... He was obsessively thinking about how it would feel to come touch it accidentally and how the unevenness of the mole would feel against her otherwise silken smooth skin in her back. He noticed her earrings, dangling and moving with the wind. Her long hair plaited to her side and then he settled on her face...

"So, Ms Gupta, how does it feel?Are you ready to pay off for losing a challenge."

"You cheated...like...like..." she wanted to say "last night" but she did not want to get reminded of her own humiliation.

"Ms Gupta, you are going to work 30 days with me as my personal assistant at 1000 Rs per day as the amount to be compensated for my loss."

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Full Circle: There will be crossroads and crossroads lead to destiny Part 1-6 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 23 times)

Love, hatred, dreams and destruction : Part 6

He was jubilant; somehow suppressing his joy he gave her a menacing looking. There now she was just where he wanted her to be, he would do everything to make her life miserable. She looked at him...her heart sank. She was in deep trouble. But then she made her mind up... but if I work for the 30 days and do not leave this job then you will stop harassing us for our property...

He looked at her, that day would never come, he wanted to tell her, but in his mind he made his risk assessment and agreed. I want 2 black coffee sharp at 9 am, when I enter my office and they should be steaming hot and don't be late ever... because if you are then I would not consider it as a day at work at all and that would add additional days to the 30 day initial period.

She wanted to make a face at him, who did he think he was but she picked her Scooty up and drove straight to the site hoping to get a glimpse of Shyamji. He was so much more civil than that monster, she thought. Shyam was busy organising some legal handovers at the site when he saw her approaching. He could not believe his luck...

"Khushiji! What a surprise?" So how goes the day for you? Sorry, I could not make it yesterday to the office and I hope you did not have too much trouble.

"The morning has not been exactly very pleasant but I will survive...I will manage...she thought of her beginning at his office the next day...Well, what I wanted to know is if you can help, I mean if there is something we can do to save our house..." she asked hesitantly.

He looked at her face and his eyes lit up... she was asking him for help. "I though you would never ask. Well, why don't I stop by this evening and talk to your family and see all the papers?

He was quickly scheming in his mind, it would take about a month for the construction zone to reach their housing site... he could have what he wanted by then.

He fixated his eyes on her face...In her heart she immediately felt uncomfortable and looked away... There was something there, but her heart trusted others for their goodness unless there were reasons to doubt. Shyamji had given her no such reasons.

In her heart and her mind, she doubted the other man she encountered that morning very much, he had taken advantage of her yet again...

In the afternoon, she broke the news at home of her new employment. "What is the need Khushi and who is going help me? asked Buwaji. "And you know that you Babuji is also not doing so well in Lucknow... he and your Amma are going to be here soon."

"Buwaji, there is no way we can pay 30,000 for damages for the car I damaged... so I have to do this. You know how there is nothing wrong in paying of what is due... and I don't mind working. There is always something new to learn..." she tried to convince her... she could not back out, her ego would n't let her. She would work the thirty days and pay off her debt, that's what her babuji always taught her, she could work hard. "And Payal jiji is here." Payal nodded lovingly at her younger sister... she could not dampen her spirits, that's what her little sister was all about spirited to take over the world in her stride.

Khushi however, was thinking in her mind, while I am there I might as well see if I can find a way to save the house. "And Buwaji, I met this nice gentleman Shyamji, he will come in the evening to advice us about the house". "Okay, Sanka Devi... well just be careful, I am answerable to our parents, you know that." "Yes Buwaji", she hugged her...

That evening Shyam Manohar Jha stepped into Gupta house... Instantly, he won Buwaji's heart with his sweet talk and also managed to convince her that he could be their paying guest to help them financially. He told them he was from Lucknow and constantly shuffling between the two cities for work so that they did not suspect when he disappeared for a few days. He told then he was very pleased that they could provide him with another home like atmosphere in Delhi. His plan was going ahead smoothly.

The next morning...

ASR was up in his cabin waiting promptly and looking at the watch every second. Thirty seconds were left, he saw the colourful figure flutter inside like a butterfly with two takeaway coffee cups in her hand racing to the steps... he was looking at the most amusing sight ever... she was trying to balance her self with two large cups, muttering something and her veil flowing all over, sometimes moving away to reveal her skin... as she made her way up the stairs. He wondered if she noticed there was a fast elevator for people to use... he had nothing to complain at what he was witnessing.

As she reached his door... she was breathless... her face was flushed. She was breathing heavily as she put the cups down on his table... and then held her stomach to take a few deep breath... She had no qualms wiping the sweat from her forehead with her veil that had finally secured its rightful place but as she was adjusting herself, he noticed the rapid rising and falling of her breasts. He looked at her almost in awe, bewildered to see her like that. She was so real unlike the women he was used to seeing.

He looked at the watch... "Ms Gupta, if you have finished infecting the atmosphere of this room with your random breathing then let me tell you something that you would not like to hear...you are exactly 10 seconds late."

"It is not a crime to breathe, Mr Raizada and I am not late. In this country, 10 seconds is not considered as being late." She felt her temper rising adding colour to her face but she said nothing... he noticed the change.

"This is not a government office, Ms Gupta, 10 seconds is considered late. For me time is money...Too bad for you though! Now go and see the office manager and get the instructions list for the things you have to do while you are here."

"Out of here now.." He motioned her to leave...

She turned to leave...he saw her arms, the marks of his fingers on her skin were merging into her colour... he breathed in and then out almost feeling relieved to see it healing.

She walked out...

She was suddenly aware of everyone... they were all staring at her from top to bottom.

Lavanya came in and her jaws dropped... "Security!" she screamed... how come these sales girls for Chamko Detergent powder are inside our office? "Throw her out now..." She saw the two bulky men coming at her... she tried telling them... but I am employed here... they were already dragging her out of the main door.

ASR was busy on his phone, in his sound proof office. He missed the whole incident. He felt something as he settled into his chair. Lavanya, came in, he did not look up. She hugged him from behind his chair. "Lavanya, this is my office, how many times do I have to tell you that please present your self professionally when you are in here." She pouted at him, he barely noticed. "ASR, did you know what a hilarious incident took place just 10 minutes ago. You missed the fun..."

He looked up at her when he heard to words "girl", "disgusting colours" ... he did not wait for her to finish. He was up from his chair collecting his coat and speeding down the stairs...

He asked the security "Where is she? They saw his anger... They barely muttered... "P...Parking lot... Sir!"

He made his way... he could not find her... he looked around... he saw the Scooty still parked... he looked around again. She was there sitting on the bench, next to the small temple with her head down...

He went up to her...

"Khushi, are you alright?" She looked up... her doe eyes were filled.

Khushi..."Did they hurt you?" "Just answer my question." His voice louder, anger was coming back...

"Why bother finding out, Mr Raizada...." "You want to know if I am alright... Mr Raizada...they have done exactly what you have done to me too...what's the difference now?" her anger came back too. "Just leave me alone."

He bent over and took her hand... he drags her inside the horrible building again. "Everyone, she is Ms Khushi Kumari Gupta employee of this office. She will be working as my assistant."

Lavanya saw him holding her hand from a distant. She could not believe her eyes. She was jealous.

It became a ritual for him from then on to see her from his glass cabin ever so often. She had so much going on in her face that he could hardly concentrate on his work for the rest of the day.

Jun 13, 2012

Full Circle: There will be crossroads and crossroads lead to destiny Part 7 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 27 times)

Love, hatred, dreams and destruction Part 6

"Arushi...Arushi... wake up! It's Sunday fun day!!"

She opened her eyes and grinned... "Mommy, you promised to take me to the Zoo..."

"All right... lets do it then... so let's get ready..."

She ran upstairs and her little one followed... they both were singing "Aaj Mausam Hai Suhana, Chidiya Ghar Hai Humme Janna..." They were almost out when their house phone began to ring.

"One second, Arushi..." Arushi, knew what it meant... she was teary eyed.

"Mom...my..." she called out.

"Haan baby... ek second, she pleaded her daughter."

"But Mr Mehta, today is Sunday and I have already finalised the budget for the Wellness Centre for you, what is there to discuss... Oh I see... well how long would this take? The whole day... okay I will report in an hour ..."

"We are not going are we Mommy..." she was crying...

"Baby, please... don't cry... you know how much it hurts mommy to see you cry." She hugged her to her heart. "I am so sorry beta... but I have to go.. I will drop you at Stella Aunty's play school.

"Mommy, it is so boring there... there is nothing to do... I can stay home on my own...I won't get into mischief I promise... please mommy..."

"Arushi... please don't argue with me now...please beta... try and understand... she pleaded her. You know mommy has to work."

"But why on Sunday mommy?"

"Arushi...I explained it to you before...I have to do this, and it is going to be time consuming and then once our company gets the contract then we will have all the Sundays to ourselves... please understand baby."

"I don't understand mommy...she cried... "Why won't you call daddy... where is he mommy... why does n't he come to see us? Why has n't he come to see me mommy...? Do I have a daddy... she whispered.

Arushi... please... she kissed her face several times... "You know, we can't talk about it now... please baby... you and I are both going to get very hurt if we talk like this to each other. I have promised to tell you everything... and I will beta... just not now... not today."

She wiped her tears... and kissed her cheeks.

"Well, what about you call your secret friend and talk ... while I get my things ready... she picked her placed her on the couch with the handset."

As she went upstairs to get her things... she closed herself for a moment inside her room. Tears poured out of her wide eyes... "What do I tell you... when I don't know what happened to us ..."

He was busy in negotiating price for the penthouse of the Magnificence Aquaria ... when his phone buzzed... "Arushi". He picked it up keeping the other line on hold...

"Hey baby..."

"I am not a baby." She sounded almost offended. "Sorry..." "Just hold for one moment... Arushi. I will quickly finish my other call."

"Mr Singhania, I will call you later... There is something more urgent that has come up". "Mr Raizada... this the final deal offer from our clients in Hong Kong. They want to know the final rate today..."

"Just forget the whole thing then." He cut the phone..

"Sorry Arushi... how are you?"

She was silent.

"Are you interested in animals?" she asked innocently.

"Do you want me to take you to the zoo?" "Is that what you want to ask, Arushi."

"Yes..." she said in her absolute childish voice... I am going to be at the Tiny Tots play school on race course road. I will tell Mommy, you will pick me and drop me back there.

He could feel in his heart...she was sad. He said thoughtfully, "Okay! Arushi, whatever you say, but only if your mommy has no objections... then it is okay with me."

"Mommy...Can I go to the zoo with my secret friend?" she pleaded.

She was coming down but stopped. She looked at her lonely child from upstairs... and her heart cried ... she managed. "Only, if you promise to behave, be no trouble for them.. and not eat any sweets." She had forgotten her proposal sheets and said from further back ...

"And tell your secret friend's parents to pick you from the play school and drop you back there, Arushi. I will tell Stella. " she asked.

"Yes, of course, Mommy."

Hey...secret friend, as she removed the hands from the head set to resume conversation... "You can pick me up at 11 am from the play school and drop me back there."

She was a bit relieved to see the smile on her daughter's face when she got back. She was having a hard time managing busy schedule. But she was doing it just for her daughter...

She hugged her... Sorry Arushi, I don't want to disappoint you every time... but I have to get this contract and then we will have more time. I promise baby...

"Don't you start calling me baby now..." she warned her with her threatening eyes... Her eyes and gestured suddenly made her remember him... "She is so like him..." She suddenly missed him terribly even after all these years.

They drove to the playschool. "Stella someone will pick her up at 11 am to go to the zoo, make him/her sign the contact sheet. I don't have their number and she won't give me the number because apparently it is her secret friend. They laughed. Thanks Stella, I really appreciate..." It is okay... now be on your way... said Stella.

He got up and checked his office wardrobe, figured he had no casual clothes... so left a little early to get to the stores. He picked a few things and felt excited about the day. He had never been to the zoo... never been with a four year old.

He zoomed towards race course...

When he came, he could see her waiting, peeking from the bars at every passing car. The moment she saw him, she called out "Stella aunty, I am going..." Stella came out, saw him. You will have to fill the visitor card with your contacts for Arushi's mother if she needs to contact you.... "Of course...he scribbled his number"

"Stella Aunty ... we will be back in the after noon." She was pulling him by his hand already... He picked her up...and made his way to the car.

"What do you want to see first?"

"Elephants." She grinned.

"Me too!" He grinned at her. He was about to put her in the passenger seat when she told him to put her on the back seat. Mommy's rules... "She says when I turn 5 next year I can sit with her in the front".

They chatted the whole way about different animals until they reached the place where they had the elephants... "Did you know the elephants in Africa are the biggest? She asked him... And did you know that elephants eat 150 tons of food? He asked her... They went on sharing facts on elephants ... until she was out of breath of constant chatter. She opened her small back back... to get her water out... and then opened her tiny lunch box. "Do you want to eat this?"

"No it is okay Arushi... I am fine... why don't you finish it.. It is for you right?" She was quiet looking away at a distant...

She was looking longingly at the ice cream man...

He looked at him too... then he saw her concentrating on her food and eat it quietly. Then he watched her taking out her pink bottles... She saw him... "Nothing much, doctor uncle says that if I don't take my medicines then I can never have sweets. But he says... if I never miss my medicine then I can soon have anything I want... jabeli, kulfi, ice cream... everything. She smiled at him. He smiled but he was saddened. He was now pouring millions to research on diabetes but the disease and the Wellness Centre was part of it. But he had never come so close to the reality of the extent of the problem.

( Friends, as per my reading depending on the type of diabetes the father has, the baby might have a greater chance of developing diabetes later in life, some do develop it at an early age...but it is rare. Not going into too much into details, I am just using the rarest possibility for this story).

"Hey Arushi... I am diabetic ..." she looked at him... gave him a chuckle... "We are so similar..." "So we are... shall we go see the birds." He picked her up on his shoulders and walked towards the section with the birds. They were now lost in their mindless chatter about facts ob birds.

Jun 14, 2012

Full Circle: There will be crossroads and crossroads lead to destiny Part 8 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 28 times)

Love, hatred, Dreams, Destruction Part 7

ASR had gone upstairs after instructing his Office HR to give her the job description sheet.

La could not believe what she had seen but then her over confidence got better off her to see the truth. She was blinded by her own false understanding of his unsaid love for her , a myth she had created and lived in. He had never shown her any signs but had not dismissed her altogether.. Better put, he tolerated her because she was also his only friend.

La, looked at Khushi and gave her a cold look while checking her out.."Why would any one want this thing back," she made a hand gesture to point at her whole body and then taunted and her. "While ASR is at it we can have some real entertainment, guys, she must have done something to annoy him terribly or may be we can get this office cleaned up a few extra times during the day..." they all laughed at her. She looked back at them...and checked herself in glass wall opposite to her... Were they right? She wondered, hurt from their insensitive words. They went away, standing in the middle of it, she was left alone to deal with all of it...

When the day was over she left with the remaining energy in her body. Once out of there, she was cheerful again, in the familiarity of her home, her family and even the sugar coated words of Shyam Mahohar Jha felt good to her and she soon slept through the night.

She was in her heart a child, untouched and unaware of the dark. Like a child she would only see the colours of goodness around and be fascinated, dismissing the dark to forget her tragic past. Deep down she was blossoming into a woman but her heart was still catching up to her, still reluctant and refusing to understand the changing world around her.

She was a beauty, wild and uncontrolled like the gushing river water making its way, nurturing lives.

He was on the other hand just her opposite, forced to be a man at an age so young. He pulled himself and his family from a tragic past, becoming the youngest and the richest but he paid the price of shutting his heart for as long as he could remember, abiding always by his mind's dictates. With his heart closed forever he had also closed the doorway to let go of his past. It stayed with him always and haunted him. He refused to let go thinking it was his strength against any goodness that could make him weak.

He was the opposite, quiet, striking as the calm waters of the ocean, with depths unknown, capable of destruction and turmoil lying under its belly, but lying low undisturbed as if waiting...

This is when their lives collided and they with each other, caught unsuspecting and off guard, their destiny had taken over. This is when he had brushed his lips over hers and they had for once felt their hearts beat together but they had both chosen to ignore, and now they were far away from their own realities. It was a constant battle of words and insults and they never relented or waited to listen to the calling of their heart. Until...

"ASR, it is the end of the week and if you have finished with devising new ways of making Chamkili cry for the whole weekend then lets go and do something interesting..." said La. "I am having a party at my place, why don't you come? Please .... She was now blocking him with her arms around his neck... He was taller than her but she was equally tall...she was reaching up... when Khushi barged in... I have fin...finished... she managed to say... Can I leave? Trying to avoid looking at him and hide her embarrassment in finding them close like that.

"First, of all, you have no manners... can't you bloody knock...? This is not your house, this is my office... and what did you say, you want to leave?"

"Yes... it's my... it's my... jiji's... she stopped once she looked at his face.

"No you can't leave; in fact you will not leave until I let you go..." "Lavanya, she will help you to organise your party and help everyone at the car park, once your guests start coming. You can ask your staff to leave."

"But... she protested in a feeble voice..." He glared at her... she fled without any further word.

"ASR you are so devious!" La was delighted to see ASR put her down again. "He definitely hated her." She thought.

He was, however, surprised how he had felt at that moment when she had entered. His body had repulsed being touched by another woman; he could not bear to be in that embrace for a fraction of a second... he had broken their embrace and shouted at Khushi just to get her out of there. She had fled the moment he had finished his sentence.

Khushi called home reluctantly... "No Jiji, I do want to come back and this is just work. I will come home as soon as it is over, I promise." This was the first time she would miss her Jiji's birthday... She made her way to the Scooty and followed their car...

Once in the house, she started to work with the menu first... It was all in English so she just did what she knew best, she made Lucknow's famous kababs, tikkas and sweets with some fresh mint drink. Once the food was done, she concentrated on arranging the place... By the time she was done it was almost time for guests to come...

La came and inspected everything and then she turned her nose... "What are these things? Ewww... they stink... ASR, ASR... she screamed..." "I don't know what we were thinking; she is ruining this party for me. ASR... Look at the things she has made, you know all my friends from abroad are going to be here... they are going to hate this food and who the hell will serve them this food."

He barely glanced at La. "Ms Gupta you will serve the guests and explain them whatever you have made. If they don't like it, be sure you will be spending the night here cleaning up after ... You could have easily followed the recipes given to you instead of using your own brilliant plan!"

She was too shocked to respond. Now, she will have to serve food too... the night was going to be very long... Oh! Jiji ...I am so sorry... as her thoughts floated, she forgot to even protest at the unfairness of the whole thing...

Soon she was at the parking helping guests to park their car...and then she was upstairs serving food and drinks... They all appreciated the delicious authentic Indian cuisine... it was a hit, but she was too busy to even hear it. In the rush of it all she was splashed with someone's red wine... La was having her night, it was perfect. She saw her miserable face and it made her extremely happy... She was happy sitting close to him but he was far away watching her...

As the guests were leaving, she was out drenched in the rain, shivering and her teeth clattering. A car splashed mud from the wheels and she tried to duck only to come in front of another speeding car. She was just about to cave in and get run over when he had come and moved her away. He held on to her and steadied her and she held on to him until her breathing eased from the shock ... she looked at the massive arms that held her and then looked up...

"Just leave me... I don't need your help," she had said anger burning through her eyes... She was angry at him that he had made her miss her beloved sister's birthday... She was tired and cold.

He had stared back at her, "Just shut up." "You could have been hurt." His eyes pierced her as he held her against him

"You are hurting me now... just let me go..."

"Not until you have something to keep you warm." He dragged her along.

"ASR, why bother... just let her go... I am so sleepy...I had too much wine."

"Just give her something dry Lavanya, I don't think you would want me to repeat it."

"Okay baba... she looked through her cupboard and threw her a dress. Don't bother returning it, I was planning to give it to my servants as she handed it over to her in the privacy of her room. Make sure you are in the out house and don't ruin my house with you dirty clothes."

She had taken the dress and walked in the rain again to the out house... it was dark there. She managed to find the one light and went inside to change... He had followed her at a distance.

He kept waiting for her to come out... The storm was relentless. He saw the lights flickering... She was still inside... She was inside in the darkest corner trying to close the zipper on the back of her dress but it would n't come up... it was stuck and she could n't come out with her back exposed..

"Khushi... are you okay?" he had knocked... She did not hear him in the thunder storm... He had panicked inside waiting and thinking about the car incident a moment ago... and had then barged in unable to keep waiting any longer. "Khushi.." She was still holding on to the back of her dress trying desperately to get them together when he had intruded. She backed away immediately to the walls and he had turned away... "Just wear this over.." He had extended his coat to her without another glance." She had taken a step and taken the coat to wear it but had stayed back against the walls.

He had in his brief glance noticed the curve of her spine, going down all the way her smooth back.... the smoothness obstructed by her single strap in the back. He had looked away but he had felt his heart beat...

She had felt her heart beat faster and had backed away to protect herself from the compelling heartbeat. They both had stayed there in that moment not knowing what to do... until the storm subsided.

He had met her eyes and approached her slowly and held her frame against his own... she had not protested but had shied away from his touch. He had held on to his coat now covering her body, she had stopped and looked back at him. He had come up to her and wrapped her in it again, kissing her forehead. She had let the feeling engulf her and then looked up at his face... unsure. He had looked at her and let go of her... unsure of himself. Then he had taken her hand in his on to walk to his car, driving in silence. He had waited till her figure had disappeared into the house.

Jun 15, 2012

Full Circle: There will be crossroads and crossroads lead to destiny Part 9 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 30 times)

Love, hatred, Dreams, Destruction Part 8

As she sat in the meeting, she was in and out of there, wondering how she will cope with her daughter's constant questioning. Arushi was growing up, wanting to know and there was no way she could tell her. She noticed in the last few months she had started to behave older than her age trying to hide her childish desires to be with her father in her heart. It was becoming clear to her that she had no father... at home, at school, at every thing they did he was missing. Arushi was having a hard time to make friends at school since children being children kept on asking her the question she did not know the answer to.

She had tried her best to not to let her know, but then it came up usually on days like this when the young heart pleaded for her hidden desire to be with her father. They were talking less about it now...Arushi was becoming more like her father... She had failed to fill that one gaping hole in their lives... they both needed him.

"Ms Gupta, what about requesting latest equipments for efficient and innovative ways of food processing? We have to cut costs to be..."

"Mr Mehta, I have already told you we are not going downsize our team and replace hands with machines. I have already made it very clear from the very beginning that I will not cut costs on the quality.... she floated out into her thoughts again as she was driving back.

There was no way to explain it to Arushi...and everyday she waited she knew Arushi was going into her own shell. Soon, very soon she would have to lay out the harsh truth. There was no simple way to explain it. She was alone and she feared that the truth would break her little innocent heart. She felt her tears coming... transporting her back in the past...

Why did you do it Arnav? Why?

The night was still fresh in her head, she was ecstatic; the words still rang in her ears as if it were yesterday... "Marry me"Just that much and her love had not needed any more words of assurance... She had asked for nothing more, she had asked for nothing at all. She was in love with him and he...? She was not sure anymore... Her world was rested on his two words... "Marry me" Did he even love her back then? She had not asked, he had not said... she had only felt it and she had trusted her feeling and him. .

It was a beautiful night in Udaipur... She was blind folded standing in the middle of the terrace of Lake Palace... He had whispered her name... "Khushi"... She had extended her hand in the direction of his voice wanting to touch him... He had moved away and continued... "You look beautiful...with the silver of the moon shining on your hair... I wish I could seal this moment in my heart... Are you for real? He had lightly touched her lips..

She could hear him breathing... He had settled on holding her from behind. Tracing with his fingers her delicate long neck... "There is just one thing missing... she had heard his husky voice ringing in her eyes. He had placed a necklace...taking it out from his pocket... Truly exquisite, the matched silvery white natural pearls with overtones of pink of highest quality, two strand and he had played with her neck... brushing his warm lips against the cool of the pearls.. "Now you are ready...he had whispered, she had blushed not knowing what he had meant. He had then untied her blind fold. She was in the middle of the terrace full of flowers and candles... White.. just like her pearls...

Through the night the silver of the moon spread over them... Just the two of them were looking skyward... There had been colours and lights dancing in the distance, lighting up the night... The last thing to light up the sky was just the two words... "Marry Me" and he had whispered, "Khushi" in her ears. She had turned to face him and he had sealed her lips with his own as if he was sealing them for a lifetime together... For the first time he had kissed her and she had given herself to him to be consumed in his love...

He had picked her up...placed her in the middle under the brilliance of the moon and had pulled at her pearl necklace to bring her close to him. She had let herself be drawn to him..as close as possible... He had then traced her face, her back and her neck for the longest time...

Everything thing was music... Her heart beat mixed with their breathing together, the sound of the flowing water and the wind all were making the music in her ears... He had then proceeded to open the one clasp holding her blouse together... She had shrunk deeper into him in anticipation on what was to happen... He had pulled her up and kissed her fears away... He had let her be in his arms waiting as long as it took in that moment for her to submit herself to him. She had taken her time to understand and feel his longing for her... She had ultimately given in to the same burning desire in her heart. They had not said a word... they were living in the moment oblivious of the world.

"Khushi..." His eyes on hers he had kissed her and held on to her back clasp with a single hand... the other rested on her neck to support her as he was kissing her endlessly..

With her fears receding she had finally managed to whisper "I am yours Arnav."

"And I am yours Khushi for as long as I am breathing and alive..." he had whispered.

"Arnav...I am scared... I am scared of the unknown..."

You are here in arms and you will wake up in my arms ... Do you not believe in me? Do you not feel safe here, with me?

I do... The only place I have ever felt safe... Don't you ever change... Her heart filled with emotions, her eyes now looked deep into his...

He kissed her... "Never, you know Khushi you are what makes me want to breathe, feel and love... I don't want us to ever look back. From now on we are together you and me..."

He had then drawn the woman out of her and sparked her desires with his touch and brush of lips.. There was only so much she could endure, her body melting against his. He had made love to her that night making her his own. She had felt like she was in a dream... He had given her a gift, she could never forget, her first, his first and their first night together. It was perfect, everything was.

In a few days everything had fallen apart, like a house of cards... All her dreams shattered. He had banished her from his life and his love... She had nothing but the life in her womb...

Arushi was his gift to her... The only thing that connected him to her... The only thing perhaps wanting to believe that he did love her... But she would never find out...

"Arushi..." Was it fun today? He asked

Yes... she said with her brilliant smile...

"Secret friend... you are so cool..!"

He had smiled... she was holding on to him and fallen asleep while they were making their way out from the zoo... She was tired after the whole day of activity...

He had felt her tiny arms holding on to him... it had felt like bliss.

He had seen her sleep and walked to the car... placing her on the seat he had tried to move away... she had held on to him... in her sleep... "D..d..daddy.." she had whispered. For a moment he had stopped his eyes transfixed on her face... Her face innocent and lovely, eyes closed in sleep and her mouth open.

"We are going back Arushi... you will be with your mommy and daddy... he had said tenderly as he had pulled himself away."

On his drive back to the play school he had only thought of Khushi... he had to find her... he had to begin where he had left.

Jun 15, 2012

Full Circle: There will be crossroads and crossroads lead to destiny Part 9 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 26 times)

Love, hatred, Dreams, Destruction Part 9

Next day, as ASR reached office, she avoided looking at him quickly putting his coffee running away and he also maintained distance as if nothing had changed. She was quietly putting back his coat on the clothes cabinet behind his back... When Lavanya entered. ASR , my head....

"Chamkili ....What are you doing with ASR's coat? Don't ruin it with your filthy hands... I hope you know how expensive it is..."

N..nothing Lavanyaji... just brushing dust off.. She tried to make an excuse not knowing what else to say... he had acted most unusually.. "What had happened to her last night? His closeness had made her lose her mind... Khushi...he is just playing with your mind..." she thought

"Dust...? You think he walks around your neighbourhood that you would need to get dust off it? ASR, Chamkili is insane, she probably thinks the places where we are are dusty and disgusting like place she lives..."

ASR looked at her and looked how she was silently holding on to his coat...pressing her fingers together as if it meant something... His mind was admonishing him... "What the hell were you thinking? She is just another low class girl probably looking to trap a rich man ... " He got up snatched the coat from her hands. "Lavanya, you are right, I have no business walking around such places and this is indeed dusty and grimy from use last night, I would prefer to throw it in the garbage. You, Ms Gupta, can go and find some thing useful to do..." saying that he had stuffed the coat into the garbage can. "Now get the hell out of my sight and in fact its best if you don't show up here for the rest of the day!"

She did not understand why he was so angry at her...she recalled how he had come on his own accord given her the coat and now he out rightly denied it as if it never happened. He had held her close and now he denied... There was no need to throw away the coat...it was fine... and then she remembered how he had looked at her... He discarded the coat looking at her as if he was discarding her... She felt something hurt inside...

She could see La now bending over and talking in his ear while he was typing something ... "They were equals... They were perhaps together." She was not his equal, not in his world. In her world, everyone was equal.

The days after we're no better for her if it was not him shouting at her, demeaning her then she had her ridiculous photo shopped pictures being circulated or put up in the notice board. Sometimes she walked in and fell on the floor as someone tripped her over... These things went on... became a part of her routine.

They often did things to sabotage her work... the worst was about to happen the day ASR had planned a shoot to promote his plans of building the 'Magnificent Aquaria' larger than life dream for anyone. A life size model of one of the Penthouse in 'Magnificient Aquaria' had been completed and made ready for display and shots of it was to be taken for a feature in a world renowned magazine. International model Ria Khanna was to come and do a few shots on spot for the magazine feature... Everyone knew how fussy Ria was, but they had not told Khushi anything. They were laying the big ambush.

When Ria came, she was all over him, and he was just courteous to lead her to the work place. "Ms Gupta, make sure you take care of all her belongings, including this fur coat. Stand here until we are finished. Do I make myself clear." She had nodded and resigned to stand there for hours until someone had rammed and spilled juice all over her. She tried to clean up the mess but it got worse... In the middle of the shoot someone told Ria and she was mad, screaming at her. "How dare you ruin my things?" Do you know how much it costs?" Where is ASR, fire this b**** right now!" I am leaving...ASR I can't do this... Lav just get my car... she had stormed out leaving everyone in distress."

"Can't you do one thing straight without making a mess of the whole situation?" he was mad... Lavanya said to aggravate... "ASR enough is enough, just fire her." "No... that would be too easy... she will be the one to finish this shoot. Where is the costume for the next shoot... they brought out the shortest blue dress ever..." Wear this and come back...

"I ...I...can't... you can fire me." "It is not your choice, do you hear me, if you don't do it yourself I will have you wear it... I am not used to hearing a 'No.' he had bellowed in his anger," He had thrown the dress at her... She had picked it up and looked at it with tears welling in her eyes... there was more than just being hurt by words now it had come to this... she could not bear it, she ran to the green room, she had to do something...

She looked around and found a pile that suited her taste and choice... she quietly put them on and took a deep breath. She was ready to face him and get humiliated again... she walked out scared, demure and pensive how things were in her life... her steps had been slow and unsure that of a bride...

She was covered half in the veil and half in the antique jewellery of mughal era... a mang tika adorning the exposed side of her open long black hair, her ears had the round balis and the outside of her ear covered with flower shaped designs. Her nath was a single gold wire thread with ruby and two pearls... her doe eyes were the shaped with the blackest kohl giving her the aura and the innocence of a bride to be... She walked out and he saw her from far... his breathing had stopped, he could see tears glistening on the corner of her eyes... her cheeks flushed...as she walked to take the seat in the middle of the spot light.

Her dress, was exquisite sheer red silk adorned with brocade - sort of an empire gown fastening at neck and waist, opening slightly between the fastenings and permitting a glimpse of her bare waist and her breasts and with long tight wrinkled sleeves and long flowing skirt reaching as far down as the ankles. All he could see saw the aura and innocence in her eyes as she floated in front of him...

"ASR, look at her... this ridiculous." "What the hell is she wearing and how dare she...?" His trance was broken... he was slowly making his way not leaving his eyes of her face... she was demure and sad... he tightened his fists. "She is a gold digger..." He was menacing when he came next to her forcing her up the chair, his fingers digging into her skin, she looked up in pain... "Did you not hear what I said?" Her lips just trembled at his assault...her eyes looked into his now... tears were gathering to pour out...

"One minute, ASR, this could work, said the photographer... I am really in short of time but I am telling you the royal, regal look could go for the 'Magnificent Aquaria', one modern, one traditional larger than life look for me it sells! Now it's up to you... He considered for sometime looking at her from top to bottom and then meeting her eyes with menace as he then said between his teeth so that only she could hear him- "You just got lucky ...or else, I would have ripped this thing you are wearing with my own bare hands...like I have done before." She had shivered and jumped out of her skin hearing his words... her tears now flowed out endlessly... he had gone as soon as he had finished his threat... left her hurting.

Jun 15, 2012

Full Circle: There will be crossroads and crossroads lead to destiny Part 10 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 29 times)

Love, hatred, Dreams, Destruction Part 10

ASR was stunned... she had always attracted him in her simplicity but his senses were blown out that tonight, he had been taken by surprise... he had to say something to make sure no one, not even her got an inkling of the feeling that was creeping inside him from the moment he had seen her.. It was a mix of his incessant need to feel something real and perhaps an unfathomable desire that had build from the first time he had laid his eyes on her.

She was exquisitely beautiful and he wanted her just for himself...His mind would not admit but his body had felt the tremendous urge to touch her - he was desperate just to get the feeling of her skin. But the moment he had touched her it had made his nerves leap out of control, in his attempt to suppress the turmoil inside, he had dug his fingers on her fragile arms and then said something horrible to tear himself away.

For him this was unexpected and entirely new, everything that he had bottled inside was making him feel like they would burst and explode inside... She was the trigger of all of it. Everytime she came close, he was afraid of what would happen if he really let go... He had no idea how much he had suppressed in the years he had tried to overcome his own fears. His constant battling and then ultimate victory had made him inexplicably intolerant of love, he had completely erased it and rendered his heart cold and unseating. Until she had come and had caused a havoc...

He was dealing with it but trying very hard not to give away because that would mean defeating the demon he had created inside him.. The demon was the source of his power and now there was an enemy... So unlike him , fragile and soft and yet so potent of destroying him and his demons... He could not let that happen.. He needed the demon to survive...

He was now like a switch board struggling in between.. Her eyes called out to him to be healed to ease his pain but he would get away further away...

That evening was meant for socializing ... Everyone was going to be at La's house for the after work party... He hated such things but then he would go just for sometime to make a social appearance with La and then leave...

This night was pre planned for Khushi's embarrassment. La had come up with a brilliant idea... She knew how conservative she was and that had made her job fairly easy...

As soon as Khushi had entered she had felt something bad was about to happen... And it had started off... Being forced to enter at the only entrance they had pushed her into, she had landed in the middle of the stage...the performers had surrounded her and started off, the music blaring, movements of half naked bodies with sexual undertone... The moment she would step to get out the bodies pushed themselves closer, their faces painted with colours and their eyes red they were making her hold on to her dupatta with her hands clasped... She was afraid of the faces, of the dark, of the noises they made and their gestures with bodies, mouth, hands and feet... It was a nightmare for her being there in the middle of it... She had given up and stood there shaking like a leaf , terrified. While others watched and laughed at her.. He had seen it from the far end of the room and he had clenched his fists to control his anger... Soon he had left for the terrace unable to stand and witness her in pain...

The moment it had stopped she had run away not knowing where with her veil flowing in the wind and had stopped only when she had hit a wall... She had held on... shivering and crying from the month of humiliation... Burying herself in something warm she had stayed there... When she had finally looked up, she had found him standing there staring at her... She had eased her arms around him and let go of him immediately and tried to get away... He had held her and twisted her back into him... He was staring at her face endlessly... While she was feeling the pressure of his fingers increasingly becoming painful for her... She tried to squirm in his grasp and then finally she managed all her strength to pull her hand out tearing her skin and then she hit him on his chest with tremendous force... He had moved about an inch but had caught her again now pinning her against the wall.. Her skin already bruised had started to bleed at the force... Her tears had started to flow... It is only when he had felt her tear drop on his skin, he had looked at his hands and eased him self... She had momentarily fainted and he had carried her inside dropping her on one of the beds.. She had held on then to his shirt collar not letting him go... He had placed her hand next to her head after applying some medication and left for the night...

The party however was not interrupted... La had her share of drinks and now she was drinking more just happy about how fun the whole evening had turned out to be... Her attire revealing her extremely well groomed body was attracting a lot of male attention as she was walking around in her drunken stupor.. She had more than she could handle... A man had approached her and was now taking her upstairs... She had no idea what was happening... They had entered the room. Khushi was waking up.. Her arms and body were both painfull from the encounter... She was lying there trying to remember... What had happened... When she heard voices....

"Umm... What are you doing?" it had sounded like La's drunken voice to her... She saw a shadow approach... Trying to get hold of La.. He had removed his shirt and he was trying to pull the straps of La's dress... Khushi jumped up...

"Leave her... Leave her now... "

Why are you bothered he had turned to face her.... You look okay too! You want to start... He had come closer in fraction of a second.. La had hit the bed... Khushi had run but he had gotten hold of her kurta.. In that moment she had seized something from the table and hit him with... He had flinched and pulled ripping her kurta from the shoulder...

Leave now... I am warning you...

Okay... I was just having fun...

Get out from here before I hit you again...she was crying... She wiped her tears and ran to La... "Are you okay?" she had nodded. "Khushi thank you... Please don't tell ASR... He will never be with me if he got to know... Please..I love him..."

Khushi had looked at her..." I promise I would ever tell him.. Now you take rest..."

"Khushi after everything I have said and done to you... Please forgive me... I had failed to see the goodness in you..."

"It is okay... Let's talk tomorrow... You need to rest..." her eyes had fallen on the phone next to the bed , it was his... He would be back for it... He could see La in this state... She quickly picked the phone ran out and closed the doors.. Once out she tried to fix her dress... He was looking at her..

He had come back seen a man come out of the room he had left her and the man was buttoning his shirt up... And then he fixed himself before going down the other way... In a fleeting moment she had come out with his phone... She was adjusting her clothes, settling her ruffled hair...

What were you doing there? His voice rasped... She was taken by surprise...

"N..nothing..." she had whispered scared at his sudden appearance.

Khushi don't lie to me... I saw a man coming out... What was he doing inside... there with you?

I have told you Mr Raizada... Nothing...

"Don't lie to me Khushi he had come closer seething in anger...I saw him and then ...you? As if hurt...

"I have nothing to tell you... Mr Raizada."

His eyes fell on her ripped shoulder, she immediately covered it up...

"Khushi tell me now.".. he had held her again... "I am asking you one last time"... his anger clear in his voice.

"Why don't you understand I have nothing to tell you.. There is nothing to tell you Mr Raizada... You are hurting me so let me go... "She had shouted back gathering all her energy...

"If I am the one hurting you then what was he doing Khushi... What were you doing with him?" He shouted back at her...

"I told you ... Nothing... Now leave me... " a little subdued..

He had looked at her and then turned back to go...

As he had left her, she had fallen to the ground all her energy had gone in preventing him from going inside... She knew what he had thought, her tears had come out... But she had made a promise ... and she was going to keep it.

He had declared his engagement with La the very next day... She had watched them... Tears had come out... But she had said she was happy to see them together... But her heart was hurting inside... She was in love with him... and it hurt her that he could think so lowly of her..

Jun 16, 2012

Full Circle: There will be crossroads and crossroads lead to destiny Part 11 (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 30 times)

Love, hatred, Dreams, Destruction Part 11

She could not understand what had made her hurt inside, but she did. She heard it in the office...everyone was talking about it. La herself had come and given her the news... and then she had seen La embracing him in the privacy of his office when she had gone to return some work files. His was facing her, his eyes were on her face, fixed, devoid of any emotion and he had let La embrace him. Khushi had felt her tears flowing and quickly looked away.

Meanwhile, at Shantivan, not everyone was equally happy...

"Chhote, this is not our tradition. You have not been formally engaged, how can she live here with us? I don't understand the need to have her here... said Naniji. "You are really hard to understand and you are making this very difficult. How can we agree? You say you are engaged but you don't want a ceremony, let alone marriage that you are still not interested in. And now this new idea of living-in... What am I supposed to make of all this.

"Naniji, I have already made a decision and Lavanya has no objection. Either way, I am going to do it whether you like it or not so why don't we just agree to do it my way... "And Chhote what about us? What about our belief in our culture, tradition and values?"

"Naniji, I am not going to sit here and debate with you what is more important, if you are not going to allow this then we can live on our own and I am sure that you would not like at all on our own unsupervised." He knew how to play with their minds... just give them something worse and they usually fell back. That is what happened, it was decided that Lavanya would stay as their guest.

Anjali consoled Naniji and assured her that she would make Chhote change his mind, though that had never worked but she would try. She was terribly excited to hear about Chhote's decision and she decided to have a gala dinner, just the family but something interesting... Her Chhote had finally relented to be with someone and that was something she had wished for him always. She quickly called Lucknow and got contact details of best cooks and sweet makers available in Delhi for the weekend special feast. One, she picked was Shashi Gupta, they had great talent, they could not only make traditional food but also they knew the healthy cooking and cooking for special requirements she had found the perfect cooks for Chhote's requirements as a diabetic.

Shashi was himself too sick to go but he promised to send his two equally capable daughters to Shantivan to help with the preparation. Khushi and Payal got ready... Shashi Gupta's health was deteriorating at an alarming rate and they could really do with some extra cash. Buwaji and Khushi's Amma were being constantly brain washed by Shyam Manohar Jha so that she would insist on getting Khushi engaged to him. Buwaji was slowly getting convinced that he was the right man for Khushi and she was pushing the matter in the family.

When Khushi and Payal reached Shantivan, they were stunned at the lavish mansion. It was a maze of beautiful rooms with sparkling chandeliers everywhere... their heads were up on the ceiling when Anjali found them...

"Are you the Gupta sisters?" she smiled and her warmth flowed instantly. Payal introduced herself and Khushi and then smiled ..."Yes... we are here to help you with the preparation." said Payal in her soft voice... while Khushi kept staring at the ceiling with her mouth open. "Please show us where we can work..." she added.

They started to work and Anjali tried to learn from them ... they were chatting about Lucknow... and suddenly Anjali roled her eyes... "Oh dear! I almost forgot, I have to give the medicines to Chhote... I will just be back."

Oh! Let me ... why don't you rest here and I will run and give him the medicine.. said Khushi... In her mind, Chhote, sounded like a four year old cute thing to her... she could do with some fun.

"Okay!" Here... the room is on the first floor... first door on your left... Khushi was already running... with her anklet resonating in the walls of the mansion.

He was lying in his futon, dreamy, letting the music fill his ears... she could not be here... it was surreal now what he had seen... he was deeply hurt but there was nothing except fury inside him. He could not bear to think about it and yet that is all he thought about.

There was melody in the voice that called from the doorway... "Chhote... Chhote... dekhiyeh hum kya leke aaye hai aapke liyeh... aapki dawai... Chhote...kahan hai aap...?"

He had slowly moved himself to the direction of the voice and then steadily opened his eyes... She was still peeping from the doorway, he was out of her vision ... he saw her taking a step inside... her feet lovely and white... she was in her favourite dress so colourful and bright that his eyes blinked... she moved and the dazzling light moved... She looked around... she watched the ceiling... and then her eyes fell on something familiar in the wardrobe... It had no colours just shades of black and grey... she was moving back... he had gotten up... She moved backwards a bit shaky... now...

He had come right behind her. She backed into him and then dropped the glass as she turned... "Ch..Chh..." The words did not come out. His piercing eyes were now on her...

She panicked and looked around ...tried to back away. In that one moment he wanted to laugh ... her face was beautiful and her surprise genuine, her mouth open and her eyes had opened up wider in shock... he wanted to hold her to steady her, nuzzle and brush his lips against her flushing cheeks... He however just snarled at her..."What the hell are you doing here? How dare you come into my room?"

"Aap..?" is all she could say too shocked to respond. In her mind she was wondering why would anyone have such a harmless name for him... him and Chhote, did not sound right at all, he was a beast...

"Yes! It is me and this is my room, you have no business here so get out of here before I drag you out..."

"How dare you talk to me like that?" she said. "I am here because Anjaliji sent me to give this to Chhote... I must be lost and in the wrong room, sorry I disturbed your peace your highness and now if you tell me where to go I will leave... I have no desire to be here."

"You are in the right place..., so drop the meds in the table and get lost." He shouted back at her.

"Again? Why are you shouting when I am standing right here?" she was angry and frustrated from hearing his voice ...

"Don't you understand why..? he took a step closer... "I don't want to see you... I don't want to see your disgusting face... I want you to leave... Do you understand now?"

"Do you think it is pleasant for me to see you ? I have no desire to see you as well..." she retorted.

"I don't care to hear about your desires... in any case I have seen it first hand..." he was furious as the night floated back to him... "And you must have heard I am sure that Lavanya and I are engaged, in fact she is living-in with me..."

"My desires, what do you know anything anyway Mr Raizada? You don't even care to know who desires what.. all you can think of is just yourself... I am sure you must have coerced Lavanyaji to be here with you... living in, is that what you call it? My congratulations to you Mr Raizada on your successful attempt but I have my deepest sympathy for Lavanyaji that she has to go through this...what kind of relationship are you dragging her into anyway?"

"I don't need you to lecture me on my relationship, just get the hell out!"

"Why Mr Raizada, does hearing the truth hurt your feelings? If you have any feelings that is...?"

"Shut the hell up Khushi... You have no idea what you are talking about. Are you telling me that you doubt my intentions..?" He was closer to her now...

"Why? Who am I to doubt you or your intentions... but as far as I understand, yes, I think you are an escapist and bit of a coward... You have no desire to give your relationship a name because you don't want to be tied down...you are scared of being in one as far as I can see." she said a bit afraid seeing his eyes burning but she knew she was not wrong.

"What did you say? How dare you even think...?" He grabbed her now. "How dare you...?"

"I dare because I know the truth Mr Raizada, you are afraid, you are afraid to commit to anything... you are afraid of committing in the purest form of expression of love you are afraid of marriage..." she said with difficulty as she felt him crushing her again...

"I don't need to stamp my relationship with a name... I don't need marriage to believe in a relationship... may be you do, Khushi, he sneered... You need it more than me because otherwise your tendencies seem to be quite easily diverted..."

His arms were crushing her and her pain was excruciating ... she had already endured him the previous night and now it seemed like the force in him was twice as much.. She winced in pain but kept her eyes on him...

"Yes I do... not because of anything else but because I believe in it... I believe in everything that marriage has to offer and let me tell you Mr Raizada, someday you will too understand and respect the bond of marriage..." she tried to breathe to ease her pain but it was now relentless..

"Oh no... not me..." he laughed a cynical laugh... "You being the way you are, I am sure you will need it more than I will ever."

"What are you trying to say, Mr Raizada..."

"Do I need to spell it out to you...are you going to act that innocent after all that I have seen .." she felt her ribs aching... fury was flowing through his eyes...

"Mr Raizada, if you want to believe in what you perceive as truth and I have no desire to correct you... she felt her insides hurt again at what he was hinting at... He then lowered himself against her...

"Trust me, I have no desire to know anything more than what I have seen...it does not interest me at all, what you do and who you are with... so like I said just get the hell out of my sight..."

"Someday... Mr Raizada, the truth will interest you... the truth will reveal itself only when you are willing to see it... and she gasped under the tremendous force I will leave as soon as you would let me..." she added angrily...

He looked at himself, he had throughout the conversation held on to her crushing her fragile body against his own, with fury burning his insides.

She had read him like an open book...

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