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Jun 7, 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Anniversary Special - By xXxXxArshixXxXxX (By Xxxxxarshixxxxx) (Thanked: 62 times)

This is an anniversary special from me on Ipkknd. Since I'm completely obsessed with ArShi this day is more important to me than my birthday so I've decided to do an anniversary special leaving all my other stories behind for a couple of months and writing this.

Important Characters

Arnav Singh Raizada - 28

Khushi Kumari Gupta - 23 (It said that 23 is her real age during the suicide thing)

Anjali Jha - 31

Shyam Manmohar Jha - 34

Payal Gupta - 25

Aakash Raizada - 26

Nandkishore (AKA NK) - 26

Less Important Characters


Mami ji

Mama ji

Nani ji



If I introduce more characters then remind me to tell you their age and stuff.

I'm going to start from when Khushi and Arnav are near the mirror.. Just before the bindi scene.

Khushi stopped in front of the mirror, her heart beats louder than ever. In a few seconds Arnav was there too. They both turned slowly and looked at eachother. Arnav was about to advance towards her when some guests walked between them and broke the trance. Arnav lowered his gaze for a few seconds and then they both looked at eachother again.

''You..wanted to..''

''want to talk..'' Arnav took steps towards her, Khushi took steps back. ''Khushi, I....''

''You..'' They were both still moving closer towards the mirror. Some more guests walked between them. ''Hi..'' The two women smiled at Khushi.

''Namaste..'' Khushi smiled as the ladies walked on. Arnav rolled his eyes, annoyed that they were being disturbed repeatedly. They continued with their scene, Khushi going back and Arnav fowards. Khushi jumped slightly as she'd reached the wall, her back against it. She watched as Arnav frowned, looking down at something. ''What?''

Arnav stuck a bindi onto the mirror. ''Arnav ji.. You.. what is..'' She didn't see him stick the bindi onto the mirror as she was gazing into his eyes. ''Arnav ji..?''

''Hmmm?'' At that moment Arnav's phone rang.

''Your phone.''

Arnav smiled and pulled his phone out of his pocket to cut the call when a servant came. ''Sir, Nani ji is calling you.'' The servant walked off and Arnav turned to look at Khushi, a light smile on his face. He was walking off when suddenly he stopped and turned around.

''What?'' Her gaze moved to the mirror where Arnav was pointed. She saw the bindi and smiled. Arnav was walking off when he turned again. Their eyes met. They were lost for a while until another servant came. ''Sir, Nani ji is calling you. Everyone is waiting.''

Arnav nodded at him. ''Okay.'' The servant walked off and Arnav looked at Khushi again. He took slow steps towards her again. When they were only an inch away Arnav blew her fringe of her face. ''I love you..'' Arnav held her hand. ''Thats why it makes a difference..'' He turned away and walked off leaving a stunned Khushi in shock against the wall.

After A Few Hours:

''Di.. What is all this?'' Arnav hugged his sister. ''So much happened an no one told me.''

Anjali cupped her little brothers face in her hands. ''I'm fine. Look I'm still alive..''

''Di.. I told you lots of times not to talk like that.. Di.. Don't ever leave me like Ma did...'' Anjali ran her hands through Arnavs hair. ''I promise, Chotte.. I will never leave you..'' A few minutes passed of silence.

''Di.. Today I did something really big..''

''Chotte.. You always sign big deals and all that..''

''No, Di... Today I confessed..''


''I told Khushi that I love her..''

''WHAT! REALLY?'' Anjali hugged her brother and practically jumped onto the bed with joy. ''Wow, Chotte! I'm really happy.. How did she react?''

''Well.. She was in shock.. She stood there blushing but she knew I was going to say it.. ''

Anjali was giggling like a madwoman. ''My Chotte's heart has been stolen..My Chotte will get married soon.'' Arnav felt Anjali's head. ''Di.. Are you okay?'' Anjali straightened up and cleared her throat. ''Chotte, I'm really happy that you've found you're true love.'' She ruffled his hair. ''You can propose in front of everyone in a few days..''

Arnav jumped away from her. ''In front of everyone?!''


''Not for another few weeks though.. I have some unfinished buisness..''


Anjali tried not to giggle when she saw the smirk on Arnavs face.

Jun 7, 2012

Khushi's Confession (By Xxxxxarshixxxxx) (Thanked: 76 times)

The next time Arnav cornered Khushi was after Payal and Aakash had gotten married. The Rasams and stuff were going on when Arnav held Khushi's hand making her heart race. Anjali saw. She had promised Arnav that she wouldn't tell anyone. Arnav winked at his sister. ''Arnav ji.. What are you doing.. Everyone is here..'' Khushi hissed. Arnav bent down and whispered in Khushi's ear. ''So I can do all this but only when we are alone?'' A deep tinge of crimson flushed across Khushi's cheeks. ''No.. I don't mean that..'' Arnav was sat beside Khushi so it was easier to make her nervous. Everyone was engrossed in what the newly weds were doing so no one noticed Arnav's hand slowly move onto Khushi's bare waist. Khushi was extremely uncomfortable. ''Arnav ji.. What are you doing..?'' Khushi tried to wriggle away but Arnav pulled her closer. Arnav's phone beeped to tell him her had a text. He read it quickly.

Anjali's Text: Chotte Someone will see. I will send Khushi ji to the poolside with an excuse and you can go to her.

Arnav smiled at his Di and mouthed a Thank you. Anjali walked over to them. ''Khushi ji, Can you go and get the gifts placed on the table at the poolside?''

Khushi agreed and was headed to the poolside. She gasped. Arnav was already there. The was about to run off when Arnav held her wrist. He gave her wrist a little tug and Khushi came crashing against his chest. ''Arnav ji..'' Arnav put an arm around her waist. ''My lovely Khushi JI, you haven't done your part yet..''


''How am I supposed to know if you love me too?'' Khushi looked up and blushed, Arnav smirked.

''I.. Arnav ji.. I love you..'' Arnav loosened his grip. Hearing those words from Khushi gave him peace. Khushi giggled and ran off. She was running down the stairs quickly when she banged into Anjali. ''Sorry, Anjali ji..'' Anjali saw Khushi's smile and pink cheeks and realised that her mission had been accomplished. ''Khushi ji.. I want to talk to you.. Can you come to my room with me?'' Anjali lead the way. She beckoned for Khushi to sit beside her on the bed. Anjali took Khushi's hands in hers. ''Since you and Chotte are going to get married I thought I'd have a little talk with you..'' Khushi gasped. How did Anjali ji know everything? ''Anjali ji.. How do you...?''

''Well.. My Chotte can't hide things from me for long.. Don't worry.. I wont tell anyone about this matter.. Your secret is safe will me. Anjali mimed zipping her lips. Khushi laughed and hugged her. Khushi turned sharply and saw Arnav leaning on the wall beside the door, a wide smirk on his face. Khushi frowned. ''You can wipe that look off your face!'' Anjali tried not to laugh at them both. ''Laad Governor.. Always after my peace..'' Arnav raised his eyebrows and walked towards Khushi. Khushi hid behind Anjali. ''Look.. Di is here.. You can't do anything..'' Anjali burst into laughter.

''Oh really? And what did you call me? Laad Governor?''

''Khushi gave a nervous laugh. ''Y..yes.. Thats what you are!''

''So now I'm YOUR Laad Governor?''

''Yes.. I mean N-N-NO!'' Khushi threw a pillow at him. ''Stay away from me.. I'm warning you!''

Arnav caught the pillow effortlessly and threw it beside him. Anjali decided not to intrude so she silently excused herself. ''ANJALI JI, DONT LEAVE ME WITH HIM!!!'' Khushi didn't know what to do as she watched Arnav lock the door behind him. She gave up. Arnav carried her into his arms and put her on his lap. He watched her dreamily as she closed her eyes and did a silent prayer. He gave her a soft kiss on her lips making her open her eyes with shock. ''What are you doing?! We haven't got married yet!'' Arnav was smirking again. Oh God.. Does that smirk never leave his face? Khushi frowned at him. ''So you WANT to marry me?''


''WHAt?! You don't want to marry me Khushi?''

''Yes.. I mean I do..''

Arnav burst into laughter as Khushi jumped off his lap when she realised where she was. ''I love you so much, Khushi.''

Jun 7, 2012

Arnav's visit (By Xxxxxarshixxxxx) (Thanked: 42 times)

Khushi smiled at Arnav who was waving at her from the top of the stairs. ''Namaste.'' The guests all had left and now the Guptas were leaving. Payal gave her family one last hug. ''Khushi.. Take care..'' Payal hugged Khushi the longest. The Raizadas understood, knowing that these sisters shared a deep bond just like Anjali and Arnav. Khushi lay on her bed that night thinking of all the stuff that had happened within these few days.. Their dance.. Their confessions... Their kisses.. The bangles Arnav had gotten her.. Khushi hugged her knees and rested her chin on them. ''Arnav ji.. What magic have you done on me.'' She would have been crying that night but she smiled and slept peacefully.

In the morning Khushi woke up late as Payal usually woke her up. She freshened up and got changed, ready for breakfast. She sat at the table and smiled at her family members. ''Don't be so gloomy...'' She put a piece of paratha in her mouth and chewed. ''Jiji will be so upset if she finds out you are all acting like this.. How will she enjoy over there?'' The Guptas agreed. They all ate breakfast listening to Khushi blabbering on about random stuff. When they were done, Khushi decided to clean up to do something to take her mind off Payal. She was making tea when someone knocked on the door. Amma had took Babuji for a check up and Buaji was having a bath so Khushi opened the door. '''' Khushi dropped the cloth from her hand. She bent down to pick it up. Her mouth was wide open. ''I was missing you Khushi.. I thought I'd come and see you..'' Khushi gaped at him and blinked several times. ''What if someone sees you?'' She hissed, pulling him in and slamming the door behind him. He followed her into the kitchen. She passed him a cup of tea and he sipped. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Khushi pushed Arnav into a cupboard and went to open the door. Amma and Babuji were back. Amma went to her room while Babuji stayed on his wheelchair in the living room. Khushi quickly pulled Arnav out of the cupboard. ''Are you okay? No mice bit you right?'' Arnav frowned. ''Mice..?'' Khushi pulled him out of the kitchen. Babuji silently watched this duo with a smile. ''If someone sees you they will get a wrong idea! No go away..'' They both were headed towards the door when they both stopped and turned to Babuji. ''Uncle, I love your daughter alot and want to marry her.. We're not having an affair.. We're just waiting for a few days to go by and then my family will come with the proposal. My Di knows about all this by the way..'' Arnav left. Khushi watched, speechless. ''Will come with a proposal?'' She looked at her Babuji who had a wide smile on his face. ''I hope you like him Babuji.. On the outside he's mostly Laad Governor but inside he's a Rajkumar with a golden heart..'' Khushi hugged her Babuji and laughed.

Jun 7, 2012

Arnav proposes (By Xxxxxarshixxxxx) (Thanked: 54 times)

This Update Is Incase My Other Brilliant Update Doesn't Appear, LOL-

Two weeks had passed and Arshi got closer and closer. They'd meet daily and have lunch together. Sometimes they went out for dinner. None of their family members knew about their relation ship expect Anjali and now Babuji. Payal had gotten used to living without her family but she missed her little sister alot. Aakash and Nani ji decided to ask Khushi to stay over for a couple of weeks to cheer Payal up. Khushi had agreed but regretted as soon as she hung up. If she was staying in Shantivan then how would she meet Arnav daily or go anywhere with him? And if she was staying in Shantivan then she'd have to see Shyam's face daily. But this didn't affect her much because she knew that if she married Arnav then she'd have to see his Jijaji's face anyway. Khushi dialled Arnav's number as she headed to his office. ''Hello, Arnav ji?''

''Yes, Khushi?''

''Arnav ji, for a few weeks i'm going to stay in Shantivan..''

''Thats great, baby! I can see you're beautiful face everyday..''

''But.. we wont be able to meet up for lunch or go anywhere together.. What will your family think?''

''Baby.. So what if we wont be able to meet in the day? Night romance is fine with me...''

Khushi blushed. ''Arnav ji.. You are too much! And when do we even romance.. We just have lunch and talk.. and go out..''

''Khushi, people think we're dating, anyway..''


''Okay, Sorry Baby.. Shall I pick you up? Its 7.20pm .. we can have dinner?''

''No.. I'm outside the office.. I'll meet you..''


Khushi hung up and went inside. The staff stood up and greeted her as usual. They were used to seeing Khushi with their boss everyday. They'd all noticed how different Arnav was around Khushi. How he'd smile and laugh with her. AR'sn employees now treated Khushi with a lot of respect unlike before. Khushi was wearing a red churidar unlike the normal clothes she usually wore. It had long net sleeves and you could see her bare arms beneath. She was dressed like this as she had just visited her friend Preetika who had gotten married to a fairly rich man. Khushi walked into Arnav's cabin, the heels of her shoes crashing against the ground. ''So, as I was saying, Mr Mehra-'' Arnav stopped, the phone slipped out of his hands and he gaped at Khushi. She blushed and bent down to pick his phone up. ''I'll call you back.'' Arnav cut the phone immediately. ''Khushi.. You look... Stunning..'' Khushi linked her arm through his. ''Shall we go now?'' They both went down. Sim winked at Khushi. Khushi smiled. Arnav opened the door and Khushi got in. Arnav drove them to a restraunt and they sat down. Arnav took Khushi's hands in his. ''Khushi.. I love you..'' They both were lost in eachothers eyes for a while until a waiter came to take their order. Arnav ordered for them both, knowing her choice and also ordered a plate of jalebi for Khushi. Arnav was about to say something when there was a commotion at the entrance. He heard one of the reporters yell Mr Raizada. He was just about to run away with Khushi who had just acknowledged why they were here and was stood up when an idea came to his mind. He knelt down infront of her causing the whole restraunt to become silent to look at them. He pulled out a velvety dark blue box containing a gorgeous ring, studded with diamonds. ''Khushi Kumari Gupta, I love you more that anything and want to spend the rest of my life with you.. Will you marry me?'' Khushi looked into those pleading eyes and smiled. She hugged him tightly. ''Yes, Arnav ji..'' He slid the diamond encrusted ring onto her finger and they embraced again. The restraunt erupted with cheers, claps and wolf-whistling. Then suddenly Arnav lifted her into his arms and ran into the kitchen where he ran out of the back door. He put her down and they got into the car. He dropped Khushi off and drove home where a thunderstorm was awaiting him.

''Chotte! What is all this?!'' Nani ji pointed to the T.V. on which Arnav's proposal was shown and then them running away.

''Nani ji.. Voh.. I can..'' Arnav looked around at his family members. Suddenly they burst out laughing. ''That Arnav Bitwa that didn't believe in love or weddings proposed..'' Mami ji clutched her stomach in pain from all the laughing.

''Nannav, Khushi ji can run you know.. You didn't need to carry her..'' NK had a wide smirk on his face. ''What love does to people..'' He inhaled deeply. All the Raizadas turned to look at him with a confused expression. ''I-..I was talking about Nannav..''

Anjali pinched his cheek. ''NK bhai.. I think.. you are falling for someone too..'' Arnav rolled his eyes.. ''If all of you are done then can I go to my room?'' Arnav didn't wait for an answer. He stormed up the stairs and went into his room.

''Hai Re Nandkishore!'' Buaji pulled Khushi in front of the T.V. with by her ear.

''Uff, Buaji!'' Khushi rubbed her ear and looked at the T.V. her eyes widened. ''Voh.. Me and Arnav ji.. Voh..'' Buaji hugged her. ''My Sanka Devi is in love.. I offered so many different types of mittha to my Nandkishore to thank him.. Devyani ji has discussed everything with us over the phone. They will come with the proposal soon. Get everyones blessings!''

Khushi first touched her Buaji's feet, then hugged her tightly. Buaji pushed her away and gasped for breath. ''Are you going to kill me?!''

Then Khushi touched her Babujis feet and hugged him. Then she touched her Amma's feet and hugged her. Amma wiped her tears. ''Both my bitiya's grew up so fast...''

Jun 7, 2012

Arnav proposes (By Xxxxxarshixxxxx) (Thanked: 28 times)

A few weeks had passed and ArShi secretely met daily at the place where they had made Payal realise her love for Aakash. No one knew about them but Anjali and now Babuji. Payal was missing Khushi alot so Aakash had spoken to Nani ji and they'd agreed to ask Khushi to stay over for a few weeks. Anjali was really excited because she knew this meant ArShi would be able to spend more time together. Khushi was really happy when she found out she would be meeting her sister again after a while. She agreed instantly but later regretted. If she was staying in Shantivan then how would she and Arnav have time to meet up. What excuses would she make to the Raizadas? And if she stayed in Shantivan she would probably have to see Shyam's face but this didn't matter much as after marriage Khushi knew she'd have to see him anyway. She phoned Arnav. ''Arnav ji.. How are you?''

''Khushi.. I'm just as well as I was yesterday..''

''I'm serious! I'm staying in your house from a few weeks starting from tomorrow..''

''Thats great, baby!''

''No, its not! How will we meet daily?''

''We will see eachothers face everyday anyway in Shantivan. And if we can't do daily romance then we can at night..''

''Romance? Day? Night? What are you talking about.. We only meet, have a little chat and eat or drink at a restraunt.. When do we ever romance? And you are talking about romance at night!''

''Okay sorry, Baby.. Shall I pick you up now.. We have plans for today, remember?''

''No.. I'm nearby your office.. I'll come and meet you.''

Khushi cut the call and walked into AR. The people greeted her as usual. They were used to seeing ArShi together everyday and thought they were dating. Arnav's employees noticed how different Arnav was around Khushi and how she made him smile. They had a lot of respect for Khushi now, unlike before when they all made fun of her.

Khushi was wearing this as she'd just come back from her friend Preetika's in-laws house and thought she should dress up a bit since they're a bit rich -

She entered Arnav cabin. He was on the phone. He turned around and when he saw her, his phone dropped out of his hands. ''Woww...'' He was stunned by her beauty. Her hair was curled and her eyes were outlined perfectly. He stared into those beautiful eyes and lost himself in her pureness. ''Khushi..'' His voice came out hoarse and sent shivers down her spine. ''Khushi.. You are looking amazing..'' Arnav bent down and picked up his phone as the person on the other side was still talking. ''I'll call you back..'' He cut the call and entwined his fingers with Khushi's. They both went to the car park and got into Arnav's car. Arnav drove to a restraunt. He parked the car and leaned over. He gave Khushi a kiss on her cheek making her blush crimson. They both sat at their table, a bit akward. Arnav took Khushi's hands in his. ''I love you, Khushi..'' They both were lost in eachothers eyes for a while until the waiter came and asked for their order. Arnav ordered for them both and he also ordered a plate of jalebi for Khushi. Suddenly, there was a commotion at the entrance. The security were refusing the let the paparazzi in. Arnav heard one of the shout Mr Raizada and realised he had to get away with Khushi. But suddenly he got a better idea. He knelt down infront of Khushi who was now stood up. He pulled out a dark blue velvet box and opened it, revealing a beautiful diamond encrusted ring. Khushi gasped. There was silence all around. ''Khushi Kumari Gupta... I really love you and want to spend the rest of my life of you.. Will you marry me?'' All that was heard was camera flashes. A tear escaped from Khushi's eyes. ''Yes!'' She hugged him tightly as the people around, clapped, cheered and wolf-whistled. They pulled away and Arnav slid the gorgeous ring onto her finger. They embraced again and then ArShi ran away through the back door in the kitchen before they could be stopped. ArShi got into the car and drove back. Arnav dropped Khushi off first and then drove home. ''Chotte.. What is all this?!'' Nani ji pointed to the T.V. on which there was a news channel showing Arnav's proposal. Arnav looked around at all the Raizadas. ''Well.. We...''

Jun 8, 2012

Khushi's Stay In RM (By Xxxxxarshixxxxx) (Thanked: 83 times)

''Nani ji.. Well.. Me and Khushi... '' Arnav nervously looked round at his family members. Suddenly the living room erupted with laughter. ''Our Arnav Bitwa who never believed in marriage or love, hated the word in face, is proposing..'' Mami ji clutched her stomach in pain from all the laughing. Aakash hugged his brother. ''Bhai, I'm really happy for you..'' Shyam was standing in the corner, flaring his nostrils. ''Khushi ji is only mine.. Arnav, you will not get her by any means..''

''Ji, Did you say something?'' Anjali put her arm through her husband's. Shyam came back into the real world and shook his head. ''Woh.. I was wondering how long this has been going on.. I mean, it's very unusual for them to suddenly go to a restraunt and fall in love.. Did he tell you about this, Rani Sahiba?'' Anjali smiled at him, sweetly. ''No.. Chotte and Khushi ji have been in love for a long time.. They've been meeting up with eachother everyday for lunch since Payal and Aakash's wedding and sometimes they go out together for dinner.. atleast three times a week.'' Anjali left her husband and went to tease her brother with everyone else. Shyam scowled and clenched his fists. ''My lovely Saale Sab, I will have to get rid of you. Please forgive me..'' NK watched him, mutter to himself and smirk. ''Wonder why Jijaji isn't happy..'' NK shook his head and sighed. ''The Raizada's are so strange..''

''Hai Re Nandkishore!'' Buaji opened the door and frowned when she saw Khushi. She dragged her by her ear to the little T.V.. ''What is all this?!'' Khushi stuck her bottom lip out and rubbed her ear, turning to look at the T.V. screen. She gasped seeing the clip of Arnav proposing. ''Buaji, Voh.. Buaji, we...'' Buaji suddenly pulled her into a big hug. ''My Sanka Devi is getting married.. She's in love.. I offered so many different types of mitthai to my Nandkishore..'' She pointed to the idol which was surrounded by mitthai. ''Get everyones blessings!'' Buaji gave Khushi a push. Khushi immediately hugged her elders and touched their feet. ''Both my daughters have grown up and are getting married. Now I can die peacefully.''

''Amma!'' Khushi covered her mothers mouth. ''Don't ever talk like that!'' The Guptas all hugged again.

In the morning, Arnav went to pick up Khushi. He took Khushi's family's blessings and they were really pleased with him (they liked Khushi's choice lol). Arnav and Khushi loaded her luggage into the trunk and got into the car. Khushi waved at all her family, tears spilling down her cheeks. ''Khushi, You don't need to cry for every little thing. Save some tears for the wedding.'' Khushi playfully gave his a little push, frowning. ''Is everything a joke?''

''I thought I don't know how to smile or laugh?'' Arnav looked at her, raising an eyebrow. She giggled slightly and turned his face to face the front. ''Watch and drive, its so dangerous!''

''I could die right now and I wouldn't care because I'm with you.'' Khushi blushed. Arnav stopped the car and smiled at her. He gave her a kiss on her cheek. She went pinker and buried herself lower in her seat. ''Khushi, get out.''

''WHAT!'' Khushi practically jumped out of her seat. ''Laad Governor..''

''Khushi, I said get out..''

''Fine! I'll tell Anjali ji that yo-''

''KHUSHI I SAID GET OUT, WE'VE REACHED SHANTIVAN!'' Khushi looked around her and then back at Arnav. They both quickly got out. ''Arre, Are you not going work?''

''No.. Today I want to spend time with my Khushi..''


''What? Why?''

''Because now that everyone knows about us-'' Arnav frowned. Khushi frowned back and crinkled her nose. ''-thanks to you.. Now that everyone knows about us, if everyone sees us trying to spend time together then they will tease us, and I don't want that.'' She gasped as Arnav pushed her against the car, no gap between their bodies. He put his hand around her waist. Khushi lowered her eyes. Arnav lifted her chin with his finger and gazed into her chocolatey eyes. ''Khushi, I don't care about what the world thinks or says.. I just-''

''Saale Sab! Can you come over here a second?'' Shyam was furious. Khushi scowled at him. Arnav let go of Khushi and walked over to his brother-in-law. Khushi went inside.

''KHUSHI!'' Payal pulled her sister into a tight hug. ''Khushi, You don't know how much I've missed you! But.. What are you doing here?'' Payal looked at Aakash who was smiling, his arms folded. ''Aakash...'' Payal hugged her husband. ''Thank you so much Aakash .. You fulfill all my wishes!''

Jun 8, 2012

Khushi At RM (By Xxxxxarshixxxxx) (Thanked: 62 times)

Khushi was wearing - since she was coming to Shantivan first time after her sister's wedding.

Anjali asked Khushi to tell everyone how she'd met Arnav. Khushi hesitated a bit at first but then she agreed after the Raizadas nearly begged her. She looked around. Everyone was listening, Anjali, Aakash, Payal, Nani ji, Mami ji, Mama ji, Shyam and Arnav. Arnav had a cheeky smirk on his face and Shyam didn't want to listen so he went away. Khushi cleared her throat. ''6th June 2011. It was my Jiji's wedding and the Boy's family wanted dowry. It was the wedding day so we couldn't refuse, we thought that people will reject her after that. I didn't think my Jijaji knew so I decided to meet him and discuss it. I took the Dowry papers and followed the adress by Jijaji had given but reached Sheesh Mahal, by mistake. At the reception, I asked for him but the man was lost in his own world so I decided to look for him myself. I didn't know how I reached backstage of the fashion show Arnav ji was hosting and the people thought I was a model. They pushed me onto the stage and I was so scared. I prayed to Devi Maiyya. The models pulled me along and told me to follow their lead. Arnav ji saw me and stood up. I turned around and stepped on my duppatta, making me fall. Arnav ji caught me.'' She turned and smiled at Arnav who was looking as though realization had dawned on him. ''But after that, he threw me off him and the security pulled me away. They locked me into a room and after a while Arnav ji came. He asked me who had sent me to ruin his fashion show and for how much money. When I didn't tell him, he misbehaved with me. He held me tight and ripped the pearls at the back of my dress revealing my back. After that I ran away.. My Jiji's wedding broke because I didn't reach with the Dowry Papers in time. '' Khushi looked around at everyone who's eyes had turned to Arnav. ''Chotte, how could you misbehave like this!'' Nani ji scowled at him. Anjali frowned and pulled his ear. Khushi cleared her throat to indicate she had more to tell. ''The second time we met was at the Dargah. We had a fight then, aswell. Arnav ji's wish key fell and I chased him to return it to him but he told me to throw it away.. But I didn't. The third time we met was when we crashed into eachother on the road, my scooter's mirror broke and Arnav ji's car had gotten a big scratch on it. We had another fight and Arnav ji offered me lots of money to buy another scooter but I refused and promised him that one day I will repay for the damage. And to repay him I got a job. It was next door his office but Lavanya ji had fired her assistant and said if I don't become her assistant then she will phone up every office in Delhi to make sure I don't get a job anywhere else. I met Arnav ji again that day and we had another fight. He was walking towards me, and me backwards. I was about to fall when he held onto me. I told him I would rather fall than see his face so he let go and I fell down, on some boxes below and paint fell on me too. On that day We made another deal. I was so angry that I signed a contract with him for 15 days and if I quit then I would have to pay 1 lakh. I had to do so many things. I had to get measurements of male models.'' Khushi looked at everyone who was looking at her, wide eyed. Khushi shook her head and laughed. She smiled at Arnav who was curious to find out how she did it. ''I tied rakhi on one model and told him he is so handsome that all the others are jealous. I got him to do the measurements for me.'' Everyone looked from Arnav to Khushi. Khushi was smirking and Arnav's eyes were narrowed. ''I had to become his calender model, make a report overnight and reach your house in the morning, I had to manage the parking lot in the rain, cut his name correct on thousands of papers and work in the guest house. The guest house was really dangerous and dark. Everyone left and I was all alone. I thought I was going to die that day. The ceilings and everything had fallen down. If Arnav ji hadn't arrived and pulled me away in time then the ceiling would have fell on me but we had another fight and he pushed me against the wall. My bangle broked and cut my vein, making me unconscious. Arnav ji took me home and got scolded by my Jiji and Buaji.'' Everyone turned to Payal and giggled slightly. ''Chotte, You caused so much trouble for Khushi ji..'' Anjali frowned at Arnav.

''Don't worry Di.. I'm making up for it with love..'' Khushi blushed at Arnav who was smirking at her AGAIN.

Jun 9, 2012

Khushi At RM (By Xxxxxarshixxxxx) (Thanked: 54 times)

''And thats not all Anjali ji..'' Khushi showed everyone the bruises on her arms and wrists. Everyone gasped. ''He holds me so tightly and agressively!'' Khushi smirked at Arnav who was now angrily scowling at her. ''Chotte!'' Anjali frowned at him. ''You hurt her so much.. have you apologised for all this?'' Arnav walked off. ''Anyway, Khushi ji.. Why did you come Delhi? I mean.. I know its good you came here but.. What was the reason you left such a nice place like Lucknow?'' Everyone was curious to hear this. Aakash looked at Payal who was now staring at the ground. ''Voh Anjali ji.. I'll tell you that another time. I'm really hungry now..'' Anjali laughed and everyone went to sit down at the table for lunch. Arnav came down and sat beside Khushi. ''Khushi ji, pass me that jug.'' Khushi was about to pass the jug to Anjali when Arnav held her hand tightly. ''Arnav ji, let go.. Please..'' Khushi muttered. Arnav held her hand tighter as she struggled and Payal, who was sitting beside Khushi noticed. Payal passed Anjali the jug and winked. Khushi had to eat with her left hand. ''Khushi ji, I didn't know you eat with your left hand..'' NK said. Anjali pinched him and muttered something to him. Everyone at the table knew what was going on and silently ate, trying to hide their smiles. Khushi pretended to drop something on the floor and bent down. She bit Arnavs hand. ''OW!'' Arnav let go of Khushi and stood up. ''What the!'' Khushi stood up and kept her hands on her waist. ''Don't start your What the! What the!. Now you know what you get for holding Khushi Kumari Gupta's hand under the table.''

Arnav and Khushi looked around embarrassed. Everyone burst into laughter. Arnav gritted his teeth. ''Khushi, I'll deal with you later..'' Khushi laughed nervously and sat down without moving her gaze from Arnav. She quickly finished eating and ran to the kitchen.

''Chotte, you didn't go work today?''

''No, Di.. I didn't feel like it..''

Anjali felt his forehead. ''Are you ill?'' Arnav rolled his eyes and went to his room.

''Anjali ji, tomorrow's Holi! I had completely forgotten!'' Khushi sat onto the sofa and got comfortable.

''Oh God! I forgot too..'' Anjali and Khushi sat down and discussed Holi arrangements. ''Khushi ji, Do you know, Chotte doesn't ever play holi..''

''KYA! How can someone not play Holi! This Laad Governor is really strange.'' Khushi put her hands together and jumped. ''Anjali ji, I promise you, this year your Chotte will play Holi.'' Khushi got down from the sofa and paced the living room. She jumped again and clapped. ''I've got and idea!''

''Khushi, whats going on in your crazy head now?''

''Payal ji, she's making a plan to get Chotte to play Holi this year.''

''WHAT! No Khushi, you will not do anything like that!'' Payal grabbed Khushi and made her sit on the sofa. ''Di, If Khushi tries anything like this then she will make Arnav ji really angry for sure..''

''Whats new in this? He's always angry anyway!''

''NO KHUSHI! You will not do anything like this.''

''Jiji! Anjali ji tell her, na!''

''Payal ji... Let her try atleast, if Chotte gets angry then I'll sort him out..''

''Okay Di but I'm only agreeing for you..''

In the morning, a young woman in white crept into Arnav Singh Raizada's room where he was sleeping peacefully. She had a bucket in her hand, full of cold water. She flung it over him, soaking him completely and breaking his sleep. Arnav jumped out of his bed. ''KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTAAAA!!!'' He chased Khushi who was now running down the stairs. Everyone saw Arnav and couldn't hold their laughter. He chased Khushi around the whole house, they ran through every single room. When he had chased her downstairs again she slipped and he caught her. He lifted her into his arms making Khushi shriek and try to wriggle away. She banged her fists on his chest. ''BACHAOOoOO!! SOMEONE SAVE ME!'' Arnav carried her to his room and dropped her into the pool. Everyone had come following to see what he'd do. Khushi screamed as the cold water soaked her completely. She got out of the pool and started shouting at him. Arnav just stared at her, mesmerized.

She was wearing this dress-

her hair loose and wet and her dress all wet.

Jun 10, 2012

Khushi's Jhalla Wallah (By Xxxxxarshixxxxx) (Thanked: 60 times)

I watched ISHAQZAADE yesterday and have been dying to do this song on ArShi

Arnav moved the stray hairs off Khushi's face. Anjali coughed to show ArShi they were not alone. ArShi akwardly looked at eachother and then the ground, embarrassed. Anjali burst into sudden laughter. ''You two are so weird!''

Arnav rolled his eyes. ‘’Di, Why don’t you first ask this crazy girl why she poured a bucket of freezing cold water on me while I was sleeping!?’’ Everyone looked at Khushi. ‘’Hello Hi Bye Bye! Phatti Sari is always causing trouble!’’

‘’Why did YOU throw me in the pool!?’’ Khushi folded her arms and scowled at Arnav.

‘’Because YOU threw water on me!’’

‘’I didn’t throw you in the POOL!’’ Anjali quickly kept her hand on Khushi’s shoulder. ‘’Khushi ji, quickly go and change your clothes or you’ll get a cold. You as well Chotte!’’ Everyone went back to what they were doing. Khushi picked up Laxmi and passed her to Nani ji. Khushi went and changed again but this time into a sari.

She went downstairs and saw Arnav with his laptop. ‘’Look Di.. He’s with his wife.’’


‘’Laad Go- I mean Arnav ji. He’s with his wife, his laptop.’’

Anjali laughed. Khushi sat down beside Arnav and shut his laptop. ‘’WHAT THE! How dare you!’’ He stopped when he saw Khushi. He had lost himself again and forgot why he was angry. ‘’Come, lets play Holi.’’ Mami ji, Nani ji, Payal, Aakash and Anjali had come to see how Khushi would get Arnav to play Holi. ‘’Arnav Singh Raizada never plays Holi.’’ Khushi put her hands on her hips. ‘’Accha? Why? Is Arnav Singh Raizada scared?’’ Arnav looked at her and frowned. ‘’Khushi get lost.’’ He opened his laptop and continued. ‘’Shall we keep a bet? If I get you to play holi then what will you do?’’ Arnav slowly turned to her. ‘’Do you seriously think you can get me to play holi?’’ Khushi gave him a little push. ‘’YES. And If I do get you to play Holi then what will you do?’’

‘’Fine. If you get me to play Holi then I will do anything you want.’’ The Raizadas gasped. ‘’What was that?’’

Khushi shrugged. ‘’Don’t know.. She walked off and got two thaals with gulal on them. She stood behind Arnav and poured both the trays on top of him. ‘’WHAT THE!’’ Arnav grabbed Khushis arm. She pulled away and ran, cheering. Arnav grabbed a handful of gulal and chased Khushi. He grabbed her and they both fell on the ground. Arnav smeared gulal all over Khushi’s cheeks. The Raizadas came out and cheered. ‘’I told you all, I would get him to play holi.’’ Arnav realised that Khushi had tricked him. So this meant she had won the bet. Arnav went to get changed.

After a while everyone was bored so they decided to have some fun. Anjali gave Khushi some Bhaang saying its Tandaai so Khushi was drunk. She was bored to so she decided to add some spice. She grabbed the mike and started singing. Everyone was shocked. ‘’Payal ji, You didn’t tell us Khushi can sing..’’

‘’Thats because she never sings anyway.. I’m as surprised as you all..’’

(I watched the film ISHAQZAADE and when I heard the song I thought I must use it with ARSHI. – She sings - Click here to watch the video on YouTube

‘’ Jis ka aana jigar pe lagaaye chot

Jis ke jaane se bomb phate, atom bomb,

ho jaaye bisphot

Aashiqon ki hai shamat, ya aafat hai

Chaand baby hai aayi, qayamat hai..’’ Arnav came down hearing her voice and was completely shocked. ''What the!?'' Khushi and Singing? Everyone knew she was going to sing about Arnav.

‘’ Aashiqon mein jis ka title Titanic

O aashiqon main jis ka title Titanic

Mua kinara dikha kar ke duba de gaya

Jhalla, mera aashiq jhalla wallah

Mera balma jhalla wallah

Mera jhalla wallah wallah’’

Everybody around turned to look at Arnav. He tried to hide his embarassment.

‘’ Humne samjha tha golden jubilee jise

Haye samjha tha golden jubilee jise

Woh to matinee dekha kar ke chumma le gaya’’

Anjali and Payal were now giggling. Arnav rolled his eyes.

‘’Jhalla mera aashiq jhalla wallah

Mera balma jhalla wallah

Mera jhalla wallah wallah

Mehfil sajjano ki.. gentlllle-man'o ki..

Mehfil sajjano ki gentleman'o ki hai..

Beuda koi ho jaaye to aaye maza

Nazron se peene mein kya gunah hai

Bakhuda kaise peete ho rooh afshan

Jiss lover ki khabar paperon mein hai

Dil ki breaking news uss ko sunaaye koi

Kaise nazar ki kamar ka ratta lage

Iss ko meri geometry dikhaaye koi..’’ Arnav couldn’t take it anymore. He covered Khushi’s mouth and dragged her away to the living room. ‘’Khushi what the hell was all that!’’ Arnav grabbed her arms. She pulled away and giggled slightly. ''Let go of me! And where were you? I wanted to play Holi with you.'' Arnav knew she was drunk. ''Khushi, why did you drink bhaang?'' He shook her slightly. ''Anjali ji gave it.. she said it was tandaai.'' Khushi giggled suddenly.

''What!?'' Arnav sat down and sighed with disbelief.

''I don't know! I'm going to play Holi!'' She ran off leaving Arnav in the living room.

''Khushi wait!'' He watched her run away, two thaals in her hand.

Payal caught Khushi while she was running and pulled her ear. ''What was all that!?'' Anjali giggled. ''Jhalla Wallah? Chalo, I'll give you some lemon pickle to get rid of the intoxication.'' Anjali and Payal took Khushi to the kitchen and fed her lemon pickle. When Khushi was back in her senses she was really confused. Anjali and Payal explained what had happened and what she'd done and Khushi was really embarassed and scared about what Arnav would say. Payal, Khushi and Anjali went back outside. ''He's in his room.. I'll just call him. He's becoming like Chote, always working.'' Anjali went to call Shyam. Khushi saw Arnav coming down the stairs and hid behind the door but it was too late. Arnav had seen her.

Jun 11, 2012

Holi ki kiss (By Xxxxxarshixxxxx) (Thanked: 42 times)

Khushi hid behind the door but it was too late. Arnav had seen her and he knew she wasn't drunk anymore. He walked outside and pretended to be looking for her even though he knew she was behind the door. Khushi watched him disappear into the crowds and heaved a sigh of relief. She stepped out from behinds the door and gasped when she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist. ''A-arnav ji?'' Khushi knew it was him from the strong masculine scent and warmth. She tried to pull away, worried that someone might see them. ''Arnav ji, have you drunk bhaang? What will people think! Let go'' She tried to pull away but he held her tighter. He turned he around so she was against the wall and caressed her cheek with his nose. Their lips were inches apart. ''Khushi ji, Chotte!?'' Arnav quickly withdrew his hands and moved. ''Chotte.. What are you doing, there are so many people here! Did you not find any other place to romance?'' Anjali shook her head. Arnav took Khushi's hand and pulled her towards the kitchen. ''Arnav ji, what are you doing!'' He pushed her against the wall again. He could feel her every heartbeat which was racing because of him. Khushi tried to run away but he placed a hand on her waist and the other hand on her cheek. He leaned foward for a kiss but Khushi turned her face slightly. ''Khushi..'' She turned back and inhaled deeply. This time Khushi moved foward. She cupped Arnav's face in her hands and kissed him. When their lips met, they forgot about everything else. They just wanted to stay in eachothers embrace and forget about the world. They kissed passionately, not letting anything get between them. Arnav explored her mouth thoroughly, trying to make this kiss one to remember. After a while, they both pulled away reluctantly. They were now gasping for breath. Anjali came in and saw them panting. ''What happened?'' She saw the lipgloss on Arnav's lips and gasped. Her eyes widened and without saying anything, she turned and walked off. Arnav looked at Khushi and shrugged. Khushi saw the lipgloss and gasped. She pointed to his lips. Arnav slowly licked the lipgloss off his lips. He smiled at her slightly and left the kitchen.

Khushi clutched her chest where her heart was beating madly. Holi had gone well and Khushi couldn't forget the kiss. She smiled and kept a plate in the sink. Thats when our villain Shyam came back. He entered the kitchen seeing Khushi alone and decided to confront her. ''Khushi ji, how are you?'' Hearing that horrible voice, Khushi turned sharply. ''What are you doing here?!'' Khushi moved back. ''I don't want your disgusting stench filling the kitchen I will soon be cooking in for the rest of my life.''

Shyam smiled at Khushi but then frowned. ''Khushi ji, why are marrying Saale Saheb? You don't love him..''

''WRONG. I love Arnav ji. I love him more than anything and will love him till my last breath. I trust him more than myself. I can give my life for him.''

''I don't know why you are doing this Khushi ji.. If you want money I'll give you money.. What is there is Arnav that is not in me?''

''There's a lot! He loves me and I love him. Arnav ji is not a cheat like you. Arnav ji is honest and loving and he deserves all the love he gets, all the respect. How can you think that I want to marry him for money?! It proves that your thinking is still as filthy as your heart.''

''Khushi ji, I was going to tell you about Ra-''

''You have such nice in-laws and such a nice wife and you are chasing after other women. Have you even seen your actual age?! You are old enough to have grown children!''

''ENOUGH! Khushi ji, I'm sick of making you unnderstand lovingly! I'm sick of being nice! Whatever I will have to do, I will do to get you Khushi ji.. Wait and watch!'' Shyam left the kitchen flaring his nostrils as usual. Khushi rolled her eyes and threw the metal platter in her hand onto the floor. In a flash, she was making jalebis.

An hour later, Anjali and Payal came down to the kitchen. Anjali gasped. ''So many jalebis?!'' She bit one and closed her eyes after chewing, relishing it. ''It seems Khushi's really worried. Khushi, whats wrong?'' Payal and Anjali watched Khushi frantically make jalebis. ''Khushi ji? Did someone say something?'' Anjali kept a hand on Khushi's shoulder which was shrugged away. ''Khushi, it's enough.. now stop atleast..'' Khushi chewed the jalebi and muttered stuff under her breath. ''How dare he talk to me like that.. how dare he .. What will he try to do..'' Khushi started choking on her jalebi. Payal gave her water and rubbed her back. Khushi turned off the gas and started making more jalebi mix. Khushi felt a warm manly hand on her shoulder this time. Khushi stopped instantly. She bit her lip. Payal and Anjali left the kitchen to let Arnav soft her out. ''Khushi..'' His whisper sent shivers down her spine. She turned around and looked into those brown chocolatey eyes. She calmed down and gazed into his eyes. ''Arnav ji..'' She inhaled. Arnav put an arm around her waist. ''Come on..'' He led her to the living room and sat her down. ''Whats wrong?'' He looked up to see his Jijaji coming down. He smiled slightly at Shyam. Khushi had seen Shyam and remembered all her anger. Arnav looked back into Khushi's dusty black eyes which were now full of fury, anger. He sighed. ''Khushi, wh-''

''Saale Saheb, come here!'' Arnav told Khushi he'd be back.

''Whats the matter Jijaji?'' Arnav noticed the beads of sweat trickling down Shyams forehead.

''Voh, Saale Saheb.. I was wondering if... If..'' Shyam wondered what to ask. ''Saale Saheb.. I think my phone is ringing! I'll be back..'' Arnav went back to the living room but Khushi wasn't there. ''Khushi?''

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