Hunt for Red October Aka Arnav Singh Raizada - (Completed)

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Jun 6, 2012

Hunt for Red October Aka Arnav Singh Raizada (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 101 times)

I have been a silent reader on this forum for a long time. I have decided to write my version of the story from the current episode. This is my first attempt to write a story so please bear with me. I am not a professional writer but have cooked up lot of plots in my head and decided to write one.

On this forum there are many skills writers such as Aaliya, Arnavkikhushiforever, Arshi Advocates, Bestfan, Bitia, Crazyforarshi, DV, Fairyhaj, Fendi, Forachange, hopesm, Jasquerade_X, Khushifan, Kriya, Maheen, Manreet, Meri, Milady, Moonrise, Observer, Ocean, Pepper, Praneetha, Proy, Rashdah, Romantica, Rosemaple, Shalinidp, Sharon_M, Spoon, Ti, Titalya, Uzziebear, Vimmiya, Veeranad, Arshirandomfan, Sherry, Spellbound, and many more. Sorry if I left out anyone but you all are dear and inner to my heart. I can't write same as them but will try my level best. I do appreciate other writers for your hard work to bring out your imagination in myeduniya world. Please ignore any grammatical or spelling errors.

Please leave comments if you like this plot/story.

So here we go...

Khushi wakes up in the morning to find she alone in the shelter (Hut). She remembers her Arnavji knocked her out to save her from those kidnappers. She look for her Arnavji inside and outside around the hut, but unable to find him anywhere. She is worried about his safety and sad she has lost him again. She comes inside the hut unable to find him outside and sit on the hay. She sees the pot which he gave to her with the fry fly in it. She wondered why Arnavji left her. She answered her own question to save her he handed over himself to those kidnappers. Why did he do that?

All sorts of thoughts running inside of her head trying to figure out his purpose. She remembers how he saved her from the rain where she was almost hit by the car, from the guest house, and yesterday trying to save her from those goons. She do remember when he said I love you on the phone and he try to kiss me again same as Diwali night. She thought "I know he cares for me and told me he loves me." She was fully aware of his intention and the purpose but she didn't want to admit to it. She brushes aside all those thoughts and decided she has to find her Arnavji at any cost. His life depends upon her.

She cried for few minutes in spite the decision she already made few minutes ago to find her Arnavji. She wipes out her tears and stood up with a strong will that she has to find her Arnavji again. She was able to track him down before and she can do it again. She didn't lose her will power. She got dress in her red chudidar dress. For starter, she needs to visit the place where they were kept captive by those goons.

First thing she decided to visit the godown place where her Arnavji and she were kept captive. Khushi reached the place which was nearby Laxminagar. She looks around the place to make sure no one is around and guarding the place. She walks cautiously towards the place. She did not find anyone outside the place. She enters the godown (she is afraid to walk inside and remembering her Davimaya). The place was vacant. There was no sign of her Arnavji or the kidnappers.

She looked around the room where Arnav was locked up but didn't find useful to know where they would have taken him. She goes to her room but was disappointed to find anything there too. She looks around and searches other room in hope of finding something that would help her to track down those goons. She enters one of the rooms which must be occupied by those kidnappers. She saw food containers, empty water bottle, cigarettes buds, etc. Suddenly she spots her purse lying down at one of the side table. She quickly walks in the direction of the purse. She checks her purse and finds her phone inside it.

She quickly takes her the phone to call home (GH house) and notice there were 25 miss calls from Mamiji. So she decided to calls her first.

Mamiji: Phate sari, wherezz are you? I have been trying to call you and left you several messagezz. Why didn't you pick up your phone? Tellzz me why?

Khushi: Off oh Mamiji, you are asking too many questions at the same time.

Mamiji: Interrupted her and said I called your maternity home and your Buaji said you haven't arrived at their house after you didn't answer your phone.

Khushi: You call them; they must be worried about me.

Mamiji: Tellzz me why you didn't answer you phone.

Khushi: Mamiji, voh Arnavji...

Mamiji: Tellzz me, what about Arnav bitwav.

Khushi; Voh... Hum Aapko ghaar aka batate hai. (Let me come home and tell you all about it). She disconnects the call.

She quickly calls her GH home as they would be sick and worried about her. She talks to her Buaji and let her know is she okay and she decided to go back to RM house. She didn't want them to worry about her. She said sorry to her Buaji for not calling her of her change of plan. After she disconnected her call with her Buaji she decided to go back to RM.


After Arnav is captured, the goons call his boss to inform him they have found him. It was around 5 AM in the morning.

The Bad Guy (in grey shirt): Boss, we found him.

Person on the phone (answer the call in anger): Why did you call me this early morning? What? You found him. What about the girl?

Bad Guy: She escaped; she ran away.

Person of the phone (in angry voice): what? How could you let her escape? Don't worry about it as long you found him. Do you have him in your custody?

Bad Guy: Yes, we do have but we can't take him back to that same place. The girl knows about that place and may be in the morning would inform police. It's not a safe place and can't take him there. We need to take him to a different location.

Person of the phone (did not like the situation but can't do anything about it over the phone): Right now take him temporary someplace else and I will call you later to move him to a different location. I have to make sure it is safe place to take him there. In meantime don't get caught or let him out of your sight. I need him until my work is done. Also, try to find out from him who the girl was. I hope he doesn't know her or vice-versa. If anything goes wrong again, I will personally kill all of you. Do you understand?

Bad Guy: Yes, Boss. I will wait for your call and disconnects the call.

Bad Guy (to others): Boss said we need to take him someplace else in meantime until he find a safe place. He was angry and told me if anything goes wrong again he would kill us. So don't let him escape again and don't let him out of our sight.

Everyone nodded and agreed.

In meantime, the bad guy in grey shirt was thinking where to take him.

Arnav is blind folded and his hands are tied around his back. He hears the part of conversation but didn't know to whom this person was talking to and what kind of instructions the other person was giving to them. He knew they were taking him to a different location. He was worried about Khushi and thought she would be sick and worried about him when she wakes up not finding him there with her.

Another thought arose in his mind, how is she going to find him as they are taking him to a different location and then later on they are going to move him to a permanent place. Somewhere deep in his heart he knew and faith in her she would find him once again. She did it before and she would do it again.

Please leave comments and let me know how do you like the plot. Also, let me know should I continue.

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Jun 6, 2012

To be continued… (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 82 times)

I want to thank Aapahz, Shubhangi, Jal00, Malu and all the silent readers. Thank you for kind words and your support for liking the story.

I haven't seen today's episode so don't know what took place, but building the next part based upon the promo and precap that I have seen yesterday.

All sorts of thoughts were running in Arnav's mind. He never bowed down to neither Devi maiya nor has faith in GOD, but somehow deep buried in his heart he knew and has faith in his Khushi will find him soon just as she once found him before. Not knowing what made him think he has faith in her but he knew or felt it deep within his core she would find him and wouldn't rest until he is found. She wouldn't betray his trust.

He had a smirk on his face thinking about the word "Trust". Trust is the big word in his vocabulary. He finds it as an amusing word. He never trusted anyone except his close family. The first person that came to his mind is his sister Anjali. He with utmost faith with no exception of any deniability he trusted her with all his heart; then his Nanaji, Mamaji, Mamiji, and last but not least his brother Akash.

Another interesting thought came to his mind, what is she to him?

Which lead him to another question, is she a family or a foe?

He started searching for some answers....

Looking into his past he had found her caring for him and always showed her concerns towards him.

Flashback Begin (of some of the scenes): how she fed him Jalabee when his sugar level was low and took care of him by not leaving his side until he regain his strength. Later on coming to his room making sure he was okay.

Move to next scene, where she was concerned and brought him the milk when he burnt his mouth after eating spicy food prepared by Lavanya, which he threw in the water because of his ego.

Move to next scene, , the day of my parent's death (barsi); where she was concerned and asked him if he was okay before departing away as she proceeded towards the stairs after their conversation if his mom would be happy seeing him today and whether his mom would be star too just like her parents.

Recent one, when she took care of him all night when he hadn't eaten for the whole day. He loathes himself after how he treated her and he told her he did it just to get his revenge for all her antics he had put him through. Not realizing why he had done this after being pointed by his sister Anjali because he loved her and not wanted to make her guilty about it.

Flashback end

He knew she cared for him and has shown concerned towards him. He doesn't know her feeling if she love him or not. She has never spoken those words where as he has declared his love for her recently in extreme circumstances where he thought he would never see her again.

His decision was made up and was definitely for sure she cared and always concerned about him.

Questions still remained un-answered: Whether I trust her and is she a family or a foe?

Now looking back to the recent events and trying to analyze so he would be able to answer his own questions.

He never trusted her in spite she was trying to clear her name of the accusation he bestowed upon her. He remembers how she was pleading him to trust her at the bridge when they had the huge fight where she told him how her and her family was deceived by that duplicitous Shyam. Her trust was broken by that treacherous man. She preferred to die rather than her name to be taken with his name together. She despises him. He saw it in her eyes but he totally ignored it.

Then his thoughts pondered to other scenes where she was asking him one minute of his time after she has stitched button on his shirt, than later she came to visit him at the office and sat downstairs waiting for him to call her up and outside the office when he was driving away, when she called several times on his phone wanted to talk to him and finally outside the airport when she showed up unexpected.

She begged and pleaded him to listen to her and wait until he hears her side of the story. I don't know whom she called and was waiting for that individual to come and clear her name of the accusation he had imparted upon her. His ego was stopping him not to trust her.

He should have trusted her. Deep in his heart buried under several layers underneath in the faint corner he knew she was innocent, but he suppressed that thought and never let it surface up. He cursed and hated himself for not trusting her. He resent the feeling he was experiencing.

He asked himself "Now why are you so hell bent about it."

While walking towards the gate he had finally realized he loves her with utmost faith and it would hurt him departing away from her. At that time he didn't care about her disloyalty towards him or his sister.

I should have waited and listen to her and none of this would have happened.

His questions still remained unanswered.

He looked at yesterday's events. Somehow she knew he was in trouble and was able to track him down. Later on he learned how she figured it out he was in trouble. She risks her own life for him. She injured herself so that I wouldn't get hurt while trying to see the location of those goons. She has realized and hasn't gone unnoticed by her how he had risk his life to save her at several occasions. Recent one when he tries to block her away from the branches so she wouldn't get hurt. He knew she was afraid regarding his safety and didn't want him to leave her sight.

She understood him without saying his words, she stated "she was not afraid of the dark" when the fireflies flow away.

Voice in his head told him to trust her as she trust you with her divine attention when he asked her to close her eyes and count to ten until he return back on the task he took upon. She never questioned you once or argued or fight back when you asked her to close her eyes and count to ten. He remembered how she looked so innocent. He wanted to kiss her right there and then but he hold off his desire.

If she can trust you then why can't you not trust her; Voice in his head spoken to him.

He contemplated for a while and decided to add her good deeds to his piggy bank.

She cared and is concerned about him. He sees she love him through her eyes, but never declared her love (which he can find out later), she understand him with unspoken words, she risks her own life for him after realizing he was in trouble, nothing got unnoticed by her and several other things.

Words were spoken which brought him out of his reverie.

Bad guy told to his fellow personnel he knew a place in Vivek Marg near by the Western Union. We would take him there. Bad guy instructed two of his men to make arrangements for transportation, while the rest of them hide out in this jungle.

Two of his men left. Remaining members where keeping quiet and if spoken would speak among themselves in low voice.

Nothing to do, Arnav welcomed his thoughts again. He decided he has to trust Khushi. He has to give her benefit of the doubt to come clean and prove her innocence. She wouldn't be able to prove her innocence if he doesn't trust her a little bit. He would help her with her task as she helped him. He would get to the bottom of the truth and punish the culprit if found guilty.

He has to trust her if it is minute so be it. He finally got answer to one of his question. He was not fully satisfied with the answer but it was something he hopes to live with it.

For his next question, is she a family or a foe?

He knows for sure she is his wife until six months, which make her part of his family. He checks her good deeds which he added to his piggy bank earlier. He knows he loves her and can't live without her. She is the one who came looking for him, her suhag (her husband). He regrets how he got married and for six months but he would fix it before time is up. With a lot of consideration, it was decided she is his family and love of his life.

He finally got answers to both of his questions regarding Khushi.

For his next dilemma, he has to find and figure out who is behind his kidnapping and what do they want. He thought between him and his Khushi they will figure out who is behind and he will chastise the offender. His ASR mind is on the roll.

Two men came with a vehicle and put him inside the vehicle and drove off to their temporary destination.

Flashback End

Thank you


Jun 6, 2012

Hunt for Red October Aka Arnav Singh Raizada, To be continued… (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 78 times)

Back to RM:

Khushi enters the RM after HP opens the door for her. Mamiji was waiting anxiously for her in the living room. Mamiji walks towards her when she saw Khushi. Khushi acknowledge Manorama Mamaji but walks straight towards the dining area. It was 8 AM in the morning. Mamiji want to ask her about her recent events, but Khushi points her finger towards the dining area.

Reluctantly, Mamiji followed Khushi towards the dining area. Khushi sees Naniji, her Aakash Jijaji, her Payal Jiji and Anjali Di has occupied a chair around the dining table and eating their breakfast. Upon seeing Khushi, Anjali spoke "Arre Khushiji, come and join with us to eat breakfast."

Khushi nodded her head (still standing by the dining table). She is undecided and thoughts troubling her to tell them the truth about Arnavji or not. She has to tell them sooner or later. Why not now, she thought.

Looking at her expression on her face, Anjali ask if she needed to say something to them. Khushi did a quick glance around the table as well as nearby the dining area to see Shyamji was not around when she try to reveal the truth.

Khushi (talking to everyone at the table): I need to tell you all about Arnavji.

Hearing Arnav's name, Anjali in her panicking voice said, What about Chote? Did he call? When he would be back? Is he okay?

Mamiji had noticed Khushi something drastic must have happened judging by her look and her facial expression.

Mamiji: This is what I wanted to say, I also want to tell you all something.

Mamiji (knowing the truth about Arnav except the recent events) was afraid for Anjali and her baby; if she knows the truth about Arnav she wouldn't be able to bear it. Not only was she afraid and worried about her but also about her Arnav bitwa.

Expression on everyone's face looked apprehensive. Khushi worried on how Anjali reacted hearing Arnav's name, she decided to hide the truth. She didn't want anything happen to her as well as her baby while her Arnavji is away. She has to take care of her as she was closest to her. She decided she is going to lie to them until she figure out who is behind the kidnapping and want to they want. She hates lying to them, but she has no choice. She is already recognized she got the support of Mamiji in spite her false hatred she has shown towards her in the past. She noticed the changed towards her after learning the disappearance of Arnavji. She is more supportive than before.

She glanced quickly around her surrounding to ensure Shyamji was not nearby. Her gut feeling told her not to trust that man and his words. Fear of him hearing their conversation, she don't want him to have the knowledge of her lying in case if he is behind Arnavji's kidnapping. She doesn't want him to have the slightest gen about her knowing Arnavji is not in Scotland and she is trying to find him. She feared if he knows the truth he may try to or want to harm her Arnavji.

She told everyone at the table she received a call from her Arnavji yesterday and has informed her it would take him some more days to finalize the deal in Scotland. He has to stay little longer than expected. He will call back later to inform us when he would be coming back.

While she was telling them she was trying her level best not to cry in front of them. If she does than they would ask her more questions and she wouldn't be able to stop her. She has to be strong for her Arnavji. She hated to lie to them with an exception of Mamiji. She thought it was necessary.

Everyone at the table relaxed a little upon hearing the news. Naniji said see Anjali bitiya you were worried about Chote for nothing. He is fine and will be home soon with all of us. Khushi thought I promise you Di I will bring Arnavji home soon.

Naniji asked Khushi, where she was yesterday? Before she could respond, Mamiji interrupted and said, "Phati Saree, I mean Khushi bitiya called the house and informed me she would be staying at her maternity home." That's what I wanted to tell you before. Naniji was satisfied with Manorama Mamiji's respond and didn't ask any further questions to Khushi. Khushi relax a little and thanked Mamiji with a smile and a nod for the quick and prompt respond. Mamiji acknowledge her jester.

Khushi excused herself by saying she was not hungry and proceeded towards her room. While walking towards her room thinking and worried about her Arnavji. Mamiji follows her. Khushi enters her room and few seconds later Mamiji also enters her room.

Mamiji: Tellzz me Khushi bitiya, what news do you have about Arnav bitwa?

Khushi jumps a little as she hasn't noticed Mamiji followed her to her room. She quickly put a finger on her mouth; look around her room before closing the door. She didn't want anyone listening to their conversation.

Khushi sit down on the bed and request Mamiji to sit down too. She tells her all the events took place yesterday. Starting with after talking to her and told her she was going to her GH, she heard some commotion behind her someone complaining for nonpayment before getting into rickshaw. She looked back and notice the guy who didn't pay had the spider tattoo on his hand same as they had seen on the CTTV's footage. She decided to follow him. She got lost track of him and she was knocked out by him. When she regains her consciousness, she noticed she was locked up in a room. As she was looking around her surrounding where she was, she felt her Arnavji was somewhere around.

Hearing Arnav's name Khushi had tears in her eyes. Mamiji interrupted her by saying so you saw Arnav bitwa. How is he? Is he okay? Khushi said to Mamiji, please be quite and let me finish telling you what happened. Mamiji waited patiently for her to finish telling her events.

Mamiji noticed tears in her eyes; she placed her hand on the shoulder giving assurance to Khushi. Khushi started narrating her story. As she felt his presence around her, he too felt it too. He called out her name and she knew he was in the next room. They each got something to stand on and saw each other's faces through the wire vent. The bad guy was miss-behaving with her; Arnavji saved her after breaking the vent. Arnavji beat the guy and they both ran out of the room. They were pursued by the goons while running in the jungle. They were unable to make a contact or call anyone as the bad guy took her purse. Finally by night fall, they found a hut in which they took shelter.

She skipped the part where each other shared their feelings and how Arnavji try to kiss her again same as Diwali night. She felt embarrassed. She then continued with her story, somehow those goons found them. In order to save her Arnavji surrender himself to them, before he hide her underneath the bundle of hay by knocking her out.

When she regains her consciousness she went looking for him at the same place they were kept captive. Unfortunately, no one was around. She looked around for clues but no luck. For some reason, they left her purse there and that's how she was able to call her.

After hearing her story Mamiji felt sorry for Khushi and her bitwa. She loved him so much just as her own son. She herself had tears in her eyes. She told herself to be strong for her as well as for the sake of Khushi bitiya and Arnav bitwa.

Khushi asked Mamiji now what are they going to do. Mamiji asked how Arnav bitwa looked to her. Khushi looked puzzled, not understand Mamiji's question ask her what does she meant by. Mamiji further explained to her I mean did he look okay to her like he was getting his medication. Khushi responded he seemed to be, but she was not sure of as she forgot to ask him.

Mamiji started brain storming in her brain and analyzing the facts. She stated in order to keep Arnav bitwa alive he had to be given his medication. What do the kidnappers want in return as they haven't asked for money? They haven't received any phone calls from them. They are trying to hide his kidnapping, what is their motive behind it. She further elaborated the kidnapper knew what brand of medication he needs so it must be someone close who knew about his routine. It must be inside job, a light bulb switched on Mamiji's head.

She told Khushi they can't trust anyone from this forward. Everyone is suspects until proven guilty. From this day forward they need to keep a close watch on everyone's routine. If she or Khushi finds out of ordinary then they both need to regroup and in form each other. Life is on the stack. Her Arnav bitwa's life depends upon them.

Keep your eyes and ears open, Khushi bitiya. Khushi just nodded. She asked her they would need some help. Mamiji told her not to worry help is on the way. She called N.K. yesterday and he should be at RM tomorrow. Upon hearing Naniji's name, Khushi had a small faint smile on her face.

Mamiji told her to inform her Bauji that she stayed with them in case anyone asks questions. She doesn't want anyone to find out she didn't stayed at GH. Khushi assured Mamiji she would do that. Before leaving Khushi's room, she told her "don't worry we will find Arnav bitwa soon. Don't lose hope and don't cry. Have faith in Devi Maiya and she would fix everything."

Khushi remembers she stop talking to her Devi Maiya long time ago after he painful marriage. She thought as she stopped talking to her and believing in her that's why she is punishing her. She decided to ask her forgiveness after she freshens up.

Before she went to the washroom, she called Bauji. She told her if anyone asks if she stayed their house yesterday then she should tell them, yes she did. Buaji wanted to know the reason behind it, but Khushi cut her off and said she would later on come to the house and explain her. Before she disconnected the call, she told Bauji to tell Amma the same thing.

Aakash leaves RM to go to the office. Before leaving he tells Payal to be ready by 5 PM as party starts at 6 PM. Payal tells him she would be ready.

To be continue...

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Jun 6, 2012

Hunt for Red October Aka Arnav Singh Raizada, To be continued… (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 71 times)

Khushi goes down stair to say her prayer to her Devi Maiya and asking her forgiveness. She wants to pray to her for the safe return of her Arnavji. She would promise to her she would start talking to her daily like she used to do. She would have her paramount faith in her. She would believe in her for all the challenges and obstacles come in her life. She would never lose her faith again.

While she was praying to her Devi Maiya she notices Shyamji walking by in a hurry. She had relief on her face he hasn't noticed her standing in the temple room.

She saw some paper lying on the ground which Shyamji accidently dropped it. She hurried herself and picked up those papers after Shyam had left the RM. She was amazed to find it was Arnavji's passport and the plane ticket to London. She wondered how he got the possession of those items. She speculated could he be involved in Arnavji's kidnapping. Could he have kidnapped Arnavji? Were those goons working for him? All kinds of thoughts were running in her mind.

She remembers the conversation she had with Mamiji about informing each other if they find anything out of ordinary. She went immediately to Mamiji's room and showed her what she found near the temple room. She told her Shyamji, I mean Jijaji dropped it accidently from the file he was carrying with him. Mamiji could not believe that Damadji would do something like this or be involved in such as hideous act. How he came in the possession of those items, she thought. She didn't want to believe Khushi. Khushi pleaded to her and said she was telling her truth. It left with no choice, Mamiji had to believe her. Her Arnav bitwa's life is at stake.

Manorama Mamiji's mind started rolling in full force, she thought what would he gain by Arnav bitwa's kidnapping> She knew he would have a knowledge of his medication as well as his routine. What is his motive? She was talking to herself; she needs to investigate little further. She instructed Khushi they need to keep an eye on him more and find out his routine where he goes and whom he meet.

Khushi decided to hold off on the information from Mamiji about the 5 lakhs and how she followed him where he caught her. She thought when the time is right she would tell her. If she told her now she would ask more questions which might lead her to reveal other secrets which she doesn't want her to know.

They decided to keep a close watch on everyone and will figure out a game plan after N.K. arrives to RM. Khushi give the passport and the ticket to Mamiji. She told her to keep it safe in her room incase Shyamji try to search her room in her absence. Mamiji didn't ask any questions to Khushi as she had notice in the past, Shyam roaming around her room. Khushi was afraid if Shyamji comes looking around her room to find those items like he might have taken those papers she hid in the pot. This reminder her she has to find those papers. He had already suspected her before and caught her red-handed following her. She didn't want to take any chances of losing those items again in his possessions.

Khushi left Mamiji's room and started doing her daily task.

At a different location outside the court house:

Shyam reached the court house around 11 AM to fill the Will papers. He noticed Arnav's passport and tickets were missing from his file. He was not happy about losing those crucial items. He knew he had it before he left the house. He himself checked it; those items were there within this file. Where he could have dropped it he wondered. Did he drop those at RM or in his car? Where he could have dropped it? He was contemplating in his head. He hurriedly walked towards his car and check inside and outside around his car. He was unable to find those missing items.

Panic started to fall upon him. Could he have dropped those items at RM? What if someone found it and now they would start suspecting his involvement in Arnav's kidnapping. He started his car and proceeded back to RM.

He entered RM and started looking for those papers. Unsuccessful in finding those missing papers; he noticed Khushi working in the kitchen and thought could she have found those papers. He quickly entered her and Arnav's room while no one was around. He closes the door quickly and quietly. He started searching around the bed, cabinet, and inside and outside their room. He even thought and has checked few of the pots which had lose sand within to see if she may have hidden the papers like last time. Last time he was lucky to find those papers with the help of Laxmiji, but this time no luck and no Laxmiji.

Anjali was walking by and noticed the door was closed to her brother and Khushiji's room. She knew Khushiji is down stair in the kitchen. She wondered then why is the door close. She opened the door without giving any kind of indication to anyone. She opened the door to her astonishment she found her husband snooping around in her brother and Khushiji's room. Shyam was little taken back with surprise to see Anjali in the room. He looked afraid judging by his look and searching for a quick respond to throw off guard Anjali's curiosity; the reason behind his existence in Arnav's room.

He with his usual twitching smile said, "Arre Rani Shahiba, what are you doing here?" Anjali responded I was wondering the same thing, what you are doing here in Arnav and Khushiji's room. He responded with hesitant and in nervous voice looking away from Anjali, I was just looking around to see if the plants needed water as Shale Sahib is away on his tour.

Anjali was not satisfied with his response and he couldn't look straight in her eyes and face when he responded to her. She further questioned him, if he was trying to water the plants, then why there was a need to close the door. Shyam was fuming within himself. He didn't expect her asking such type of questions. In the past, he was always able to convince her and smooth his way out of similar type of situation. He thought he has to quickly do something about her after his work is done regarding the WILL papers. He had noticed she was not satisfied with his response. He had to do something to distract her.

Kya Hai Rani Shahiba, trying to smooth his way out, still trying to find answer to her curiosity, he saw Khushi entered the room. Khushi was little taken surprise to find Anjali Di and Shyamji in her room. She asked Anjali Di and sarcastically to Shyam emphasis on the word Jijaji, "do you need anything from her room?" Khushi saw the look on Shyamji's face; it was breath-taking for her. She had a smile on her face which she suppressed it before Shyamji sees it. He never thought he would be caught again by his Rani Shahiba as well as Khushiji in short interval of time.

Anjali responded to her, I came to check out the room as I saw it was closed and I found him here. He told her he came here to check on the plants to see if they needed water or not. Khushi thought the same question as Anjali Di, if that's the case then what is the reason to close the door in her and Arnavji's room (she mentioned purposely Arnav's name with enormous emphasis to taunt him). She was questioning to Anjali Di but looking straight in the eye on Shyamji. She was not afraid of him. She further added she had water the plants yesterday. As long as she is around Jijaji, you don't need to worry about Arnavji's plant.

Shyam didn't like the respond of his Khushiji. He notices she was not afraid and had daring will power. He didn't like the tone of Khushiji. He went into defensive mode and in anger he said, this is how to treat the Damadji of this house and walked away without waiting for their respond. Anjali didn't like the tone of Shyam and trying to apologize to her for her husband rude behavior. She thought it was him who intruded in their room and acted like a spoiled brat. Anjali leaves Khushi's room.

Khushi thought she was right in hiding those papers by giving it to Mamiji as she had suspected him he would come searching for those papers in her room. Her suspicious were right on target. She thought he would have suspected her but not Mamiji. She was happy that it didn't fell in the hand of Shyamji.

The question still remains in her mind, why Shyamji want to kidnap her Arnavji. Is it somehow related to those earlier papers? She has to find it quickly.

To be continued...

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Jun 7, 2012

Hunt for Red October Aka Arnav Singh Raizada, To be continued… (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 66 times)

Vivek Marg near by the Western Union Location:

Bad guys reach the place. The house was little shabby. The windows in front of the house were broken, but had been boarded. It looked like some patch worked had be done, but still you can see it was not boarded on top of the window frame. The traffic is less around this area where this house was located. It was a perfect place for the goons to hid Arnav. No one would suspect or visit the area.

The bad guy in the grey shirt instructed two of his men to check out the perimeter of the place. If they see something out of ordinary alert him. This time he didn't want to take any changes. One mistake and his boss is going to kill them.

Two men checked out the area and inform the guy in grey shirt; it was safe to bring Arnav out and locked up in the house. The other two men got out first and got Arnav out from the back of the van. Arnav was still blind folded. He was unable to see where those goons were taking him. They hurriedly took him inside the house before anyone can see them while the other two guarded the place.

Arnav was held captive and locked up in one of the room. He was blind folded and his hands were still tied at the back. Arnav thought firstly I need to get out of the situations where he would free his hand so that he would try to get familiar with the surrounding. Secondly, he needs a hold of the phone so he would be able to contact his Di and Khushi. Thirdly, he needs to find out the motive behind his kidnapping and fourthly who is behind this and what do they will gain by his kidnapping.

One thing was sure to him they are trying to keep his kidnapping under the radar, which means something has not got as per their plan. They haven't called the house to ask for ransom money or any kind of demands. If he can persuade those guys and buy them out by paying them double the money they were offered for his kidnapping, which would ruin the plan of their Boss.

He has a rough game plan waiting to be executed. Thoughts came to his mind about his Khushi. He remembered how dazzling she looked in the simple white sari. He was lost in her simplest beauty. She seemed to be shy when he try to kiss her....he lifted her carefully and laid her down the hay. He can see her nervousness and had notice her heart beating raced when he was close to her face. Thinking about Khushi he didn't realized when he dose off. He was exhausted from last night being chased by those goons and hadn't had a good sleep.

To be continued...

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Jun 8, 2012

Hunt for Red October Aka Arnav Singh Raizada, To be continued… (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 66 times)

In Anjali's room (at the same time things happening at Vivek Marg):

Shyam was pacing back and forth in anger in the room. He was not happy loosing those vital papers. He was already worried about something else he found on the Will documents. He had noticed on those documents the signature of Arnav didn't match the same as it was on his passport. This outcome hinder to his attempts on reaching his goal which is to have all Arnav's property in his name.

He knew somehow Khushiji must have got hold of those items. He thought maybe she must have hidden away from the RM. He has to find out if she steps out of the house which would give him some kind of indication to where he should look for those documents. Staying with Arnav and dealing with him has taught you some of his tricks. "Clever Khushiji", he thought.

Needless he knew this time Khushi was not alone. Manorama Mami aka James Bond was with her.

Anjali walked into her room and has noticed Shyam in his deep thought. She called his name, but he didn't respond. She went to him and shook him on his shoulder.

He kind a jump and through his facial expression seem to be worried and scared. Anjali wanted to talk to him why he behaved rudely with her and Khushiji. But first she wanted to know what was he thinking when she walk into the room.

Anjali: Aap kaha kho gaya the. (What were you thinking about?)

Shyam (not happy about Anjali asking lot of questions): Kya matlab Anjali (What do you mean Anjali?)

Anjali noticed he called her Anjali. This was his fourth or fifth time in past few weeks he called by her name. She just brushes off the thoughts and started to ask him some further questions.

Anjali: Why are you so angry and why were you behaving rudely to her and Khushiji?

Shyam (little tone down voice): Arre Rani Sahiba just worried about the deal.

Anjali: What about the deal? What is it about?

Shyam (with a silk smile): You don't need to worry about it. Let me worry about that. You just take care of my little angle.

Anjali: Aap bhi na (smiling at Shyam)

Shyam: (wanted to find out if Khushi was away from RM during lunch time): Arre Rani Sahiba was Khushiji was at home during lunch time? He saw Anjali's perplexed face. I mean was everyone at home during lunch time?

Anjali (innocently responded): Haan everyone was at home. Why do you ask?

Shyam: Just nothing. He tries to walk out of his room.

Anjali: Aap kaha chale? (Where are you going?)

Shyam responded I need to take care of that deal and will be back soon. In mean time you need to take care of yourself and my little angle. He walked out of his room.

While descending the stair and thinking so that mean Khushiji was at home; if she found those documents than it must be around here in RM. I have to find out those documents. Another thought immerged in his brain what if someone else found those papers and have it in their possessions. He feared he would be caught and they would be asking more questions. He relaxed a bit and thought how will they know if was him. If it happens then I will just say it was Khushiji's doing. Whom are they going to believe? The one who is just married for month and a half or the one who is married to their daughter for past 4 years. He was thinking overconfidence.

Anjali is in her room resting on her bed; her thoughts just carried her to think about her Chote. She was worried for him. Some uneasy feeling she was experiencing made her think something somewhere is not right. Whenever Chote is on tour or anywhere he had been gone he always calls his Di. If I call him he would always answer my call or if he can't then he calls me back. But this time he calls Khushiji only. Why? She wondered.

Anjali was feeling jealous of Khushi, but she never thought ill-will of her. She loves her Chote too much and just wanted to hear his voice again. It has been over week ago when she had talked to him. She just wants to hear his voice again. Is it that so bad?

While thinking of her Chote, she then remembered Shyamji never responded why he was angry with her and Khushiji. Lately I have seen him more in his dream world rather than spending time with me. Also, I have notice he gets angry more often than before. He use to be not like this. She thought when Chote called her he was not in....

Her thought were interrupted by OP, asking her what's dishes will be prepared for dinner. She responded she was coming.

Aakash picked up Payal around 5 PM from RM. They reached the hall around 5:45 PM. Party was suppose to start at 6 PM.

At the Party:

Payal was feeling nervous as it was her first Official Business Party. She never attended parties like this before. Aakash and she enter the hall where the party was hosted. Aakash introduced to her some of his colleagues. After observing for few minutes she noticed how people were dressed up at the party. Not only that she noticed how they communicated and acted around at the party. She seems to be out of the place. She was feeling uncomfortable. Every few minutes she was checking herself out and wondered if she was over dressed or what. She was feeling self-conscious. She thought she was lacking rich people's etiquettes. She came from a different background where she never attends such a lavish parties.

She saw Aakash talking to his colleagues about business deals. She had no interest in their conversations so she excused herself after getting Aakash attention. She walked toward the empty table and sat on the chair. Aakash acknowledged her and still carried on his conversation. Not knowing anyone at the party, she was nervously looking around the place. Sometimes she glances towards Aakash or sometimes glances towards a group of people who were standing at the right side of the room caring on their conversation laughing and giggling.

All of a sudden she notices a gentlemen standing next to her table talking to her "So we meet again." She looked baffled and didn't recognize the person.

Gentlemen: "Don't you recognize me?"

Payal: Maaf kijiya, hum ne pachha na nai (Sorry, I didn't recognize you)

He try to jog her memory by stating they have met at the restaurant.

Payal: "Oh! I I do remember". You are the guy who sat on my table. Sorry I forgot your name.

Gentlemen: But, I didn't forget your name Payal. My name is Vishal.

Payal: Aap kaise ho Vishalji. (How are you Vishalji?)

Vishal: I am fine, how about you? He thought he knew and recognized everyone at the party then whom she came with.

Payal: I am fine, (she spoke with uneasily). She thought why this guy in all people came to talk to her. The way he was looking at her with keen interest she didn't like it a bit.

Vishal: If I may ask you whom did you come with? I know everyone at the party but this is the first time I have seen you at this type of function.

Payal: I came with my husband. His name is Aakash.

Vishal: (he was little stun as he didn't notice Mangal shutra around her neck; all this time he was looking at her face only which has mesmerized him) so you are Aakash Sir's wife. He said with disappointment.

She just nodded timidly.

This guy had little crush on Payal, from the way he was looking at her. He wished she was not married. He really liked her. After knowing she was Aakash Sir's wife, he decided not to pursue her.

In meantime, Aakash's gaze in the direction where his wife was sitting. He noticed she was having a conversation with the guy, who he didn't recognize as his back was facing towards him. He thought she doesn't know anyone at the party as this was her first then whom she would be taking too. He decided to walk to her table to check it out.

He excused himself and walked towards the table. Payal noticed Aakash was walking towards the table. As he was two steps away from the table, she told Vishal here is my husband Aakashji. Vishal turn around and introduce himself. Aakash recognize him and said "hello Vishal how are you?" Vishal responded he was fine. They all chatted for few minutes among themselves and Vishal excused himself and left the table.

Aakash questioned Payal how does she knew him Her response was while waiting for him the other day at the restaurant, Vishal walked up to the table and sat beside her as he noticed there was an empty chair. She further added she had informed him she was waiting for you.

Aakash with angry tone said to Payal, why he didn't leave the table. Payal not understanding what he meant, she asked Aakash what you mean by why he didn't leave. Aakash mockingly said I mean he knew you were my wife then why didn't he leave the table. (Aakash misunderstood Payal. During her and Vishal's conversation no one gave introduction to who is whose wife or husband). He got agitated and angry at Payal for no reason and accused her for keeping this information hidden from him. Payal didn't like the attitude of Aakash and had tears in her eyes, but she didn't cry as she didn't want to create a scene. (There seem to be jealously in his tone and these day he quickly jump to conclusion; don't know if it was stress or over load of work while Bhai is away.)

During the same time at RM:

Khushi cooked the dinner for everyone as Payal was out with Aakash. Anjali came in the kitchen and asked to Khushi was dinner ready. She told her it was and she was about to set everything at the table and call. Anjali helped her in setting up the table and called everyone.

Shyam was present at the dinner table. Khushi didn't noticed when he arrived as she was busy cooking dinner. Khushi noticed, everyone was present at the table, except Chote and NK. Nanaji was supposed to be at RM the next day. Don't know when she would see him at the table. Thinking about him she could see tears forming in her eyes. She quickly pulls back those tears as she didn't want anyone questioning her and she had promised Mamiji she would be strong and wouldn't cry.

Khushi was eating quietly pushing the food back and forth not desire to eat at all. Shyam noticed that and wanted to hear her voice said, "Khushiji, when is Saale Sahib coming from the tour? You must not be missing him, right" The way he said it, he was mocking her. He noticed the look on everyone face and re-phrase his words, I mean you must be missing him.

Hearing a voice, Khushi lifted her head (gave a hard look at Shyam) and thinking what should she say. She didn't like Shyam talking her name. She knew and believed Shyamji had something to do with Arnavji's kidnapping, but she had no proof.

Two heads were looking in the directions of Khushi and Shyam...

Before she could respond, Anjali responded it would be a while for Chote to come back. Khushi was breathing normally as she didn't have to respond to his question. Shyam was looking in the direction of Khushi wondering and trying to figure out if those missing papers were with her. Khushi didn't want to give any kind of indication to him kept her head down and kept on barley eating her food.

At the party:

Payal didn't like the tone and attitude of Aakash. Payal was not at the speaking terms with Aakash. After few minutes they left the party. On the way back to RM, Payal didn't utter a word to Aakash.

To be continued...

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Jun 8, 2012

Hunt for Red October Aka Arnav Singh Raizada, To be continued… (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 65 times)

At RM at the same time Aakash and Payal driving back to RM:

Two heads were looking in the directions of Khushi and Shyam...

Anjali and Mamaji noticed the hard look Khushi gave to Shyam when he questioned her about her Arnavji. Anjali noticed Khushi was feeling uncomfortably so she jumped in to respond to her husband's question. Mamiji also noticed something that seemed to be odd and decided she would ask her later.

Everyone dispersed after dinner except Khushi and Anjali.

Khushi clean up the kitchen and went to her room. After few minutes Aakash and Payal enter the house. Anjali was about to go to her room and saw Aakash and Payal enter the house. It was Payal's first official party so she wanted to know what she thought about the party.

Anjali: Payalji, how was the party.

Payal (unwilling responded with fake smile): It was okay Di.

Anjali noticed Payal was not at her usual self and she could see sadness in her eyes. She further asked what she thought about the party. Payal didn't want to respond to her question and said, Di I am tired and will talk about it tomorrow. She proceeded towards her room.

Anjali tried to question Aakash, but he too proceeded behind Payal.

To be continued...

Thank you everyone who has been following my story. Thank you Aanchal, BestFan, and Praneetha for your lovely comment and encouragement.

Praneetha, this is my first attempt to write one. I was afraid not knowing how it would turn up, but Bitia encourage me to write one as I had email her some plots. I had to build up a courage and once I figured it out my plot and started writing I was happy and satisfied with the outcome. I hope you like it. Let me know what do you think.

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Jun 8, 2012

Hunt for Red October Aka Arnav Singh Raizada, To be continued… (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 65 times)

Khushi's room same time Aakash and Payal walk into RM:

Khushi just came out of the wash room after changing her clothes. She heard a knock on the door. She wondered who might be this late. She thought it might be Mamiji.

She went and opened the door. She was shocked at the person who was standing in front of her. It was no other than Shyam. Shyam just push her inside and close the door quickly. Khushi was furious with his action and was about to fall from Shyam push. She was able to straighten herself.

Khushi (scared as he had close the door, but kept her cool but in angry voice): Aap chale jayen yahaa se (you need to get out of here)

Shyam: Khushiji zara dheere se boliya (Khushiji, talk quietly)

Khushi: aap ne kyu darwaza bandh kiya (why did you close the door)

Shyam (with his usual smirk smile): aisi bhi kya berukhi, Khushiji (why are you so indifference, Khushiji)

Khushi (didn't like the situation and went towards the door to open and said): Hume aap se koi baat nahi karni and aap yahan se chale jaye (I don't want to talk to you and you need to get out of here)

As she was proceeding towards the door, Shyam holds her by her wrist.

Khushi (in scary voice): Hume chod digiye, ye aap kya kar rahe ho (leave me, and what are you doing)

Shyam: kyu kya hua, (why what happen) when Arnav holds you like this you don't mind and when I hold you why you have problem with it. I love you.

Khushi: Woh mere pati hai aur unka hal hai, par aap ka nahi (he is my husband and has right to do so, but you on the other hand no). She further asks why you are here for. She is trying her level best to lose her wrist from his hand. Love word coming from your mouth does suit you, so don't diminish the purity of the word.

Shyam: Aap jante hai me yahan kyu aaya hu (you know why I came here for) still holding her hand

Khushi (still agitated by his grip): Mujhe nahi pata hai? Aap ko jo kehna hai to keh dijiye aur chale jayen yahan se (I don't know; whatever you need to talk about go ahead and say so and get out of here)

Shyam: comes straight to the point, where are those papers? I know you have those. Give it to me (he demanded to her)

Khushi (keep the composer and doesn't want to reveal to him she has those, said): What papers are you referring too?

Shyam: don't act smart with me Khushiji

Khushi: Oh! Those papers...(a light appeared on Shyam's face thinking he got her trap) Are you referring to the ones that you wanted me to have sign by Arnavji? You had stopped asking for those papers. You told me you don't need those papers as you were able to make changes on the previous documents.

She further states to him, if you are referring to those documents, which mean you have them in you possession for all this time. On hearing it Shyam was in shock and his jaw fell down. He didn't expect her to be so wise and catch him red-handed. As his grip to Khushi's wrist was loosened she jerks his hand to free her wrist.

Khushi thought she got him really good. He was stunned by her answer and didn't want to be questioned more he quickly open the door and left the room. After he left there was a relief on her face.

Payal and Aakash room:

Payal went to the wash room to change. Aakash enter the bed room and see Payal walking with sad face towards wash room. He calls for her and she ignores him.

After few minutes she comes out, Aakash walks towards her. He knew she was upset, and holds her hand. He try to apologized to her by saying, "Sorry Payal for losing my temper at the party." It's just I have too much going while Bhai is away. You should have told me about Vishal.

Payal couldn't believe what she just heard. Payal said "Aakash there was nothing to tell about"

Aakash: yes there is

Payal: what's there to tell?

Aakash: you said you waited for me at the restaurant. Apparently it seems to me you were not alone. You were there with that Vishal. Vishal should have known you were my wife and he should have left the table, but he didn't.

Payal what rubbish are you talking about? Yes, it's true I was not alone but he came and sat on the table forcibly and I did request him I was waiting for you, but we never discussed who is whose wife or vice-versa. I chatted with him for few minutes and left the table as you decided not to show up nor pick up my phone as I called you zillion times. Payal was angry. She thought "was he just insecure or jealous" She didn't know what to think of. She didn't want to argue with him, so she headed towards the bed and went to sleep.

Aakash stood dumb stuck in the middle of the room. He tried talking to her but she paid no mind to him. With regretful, Aakash went to change and slept.

In Khushi's room:

She hurriedly closes the door. Not even a few seconds later there was another knock on the door.

Khushi jump and was scared too, now what he wants again. She opened the door and was about to say "aap, wapas kyun aaye, chale jayene ..." She stop in mid sentence...when she noticed this time was Mamiji. Mami saw Shyam enter Khushiji's room when she was coming to talk to her. She stood outside her room and heard the conversation between her and Shyam. She knew there was more to it than meets the eye. As soon as Shyam got out of Khushi's room she hid behind one to the pillar as she didn't want him to see her. Shyam already suspects Khushi and she didn't want herself to be suspected as it would be difficult during investigation.

Mamiji: hello bye bye, kya Phati saree, kya baat hai (What's your problem)

Khushi (little shock):Nahi Mamiji (nothing Mamiji)

Mamiji: Yeh Damadji tumhare kamre me kya kar the (what was Damadji doing in your room)

She quickly searching for an answer, she responded he came to ask for those papers. He suspects me I have taken those papers.

Mamiji (with curious eyes): then tellzz me whyzz behind close door

Khushi: Mamiji, hume nahi darwaza bandh kiya. (Mamiji I didn't close the door) He did.

Mamiji had some doubt about it and was not trying to accept the answer as she thought it was somewhat fishy. Khushi took the opportunity of Mamiji and thrown some suspects on Shyam rather than her, told her is afternoon Anjali Di caught him in her room.

Mamiji: howzz did you know

Khushi: after cleaning up the kitchen this afternoon I came back to my room I saw Di and Jijaji (she emphasis on the word Jijaji) standing in my room. During that time Di told me that Jijaji told her the reason he came to my room to water the plants, but I don't buy that answer.

Mamiji was listening and grasping the information which was narrated by Khushi. Khushi told her he was asking about those papers. Mamiji as she was listening to their conversation asked Khushi then what papers were you referring when he was talking to you. Khushi didn't want to tell her but Mamiji was not going to leave her until she said so. She wanted to be honest with Mamiji as she was helping her to track down her Arnavji.

She told her Jijaji needed Arnavji's signature on some deal documents which he told me he had him sign on those documents before but there was a problem on it so needed his signature on the new documents again. She had Arnavji signed on those documents before he left for London. She hid those documents but it disappeared.

Mamiji (shocked and mystified at the same time): documentzz disapperzzz. Inventigationzzz karna pede (need to do investigation)

We need to find those documents. Khushi agreed to it. Mamiji was thinking hard and Khushi ask her what she was thinking when she saw an expression on her face. Mami said may be it might be sometime related to those documents, but wouldn't know for sure until we find it.

Mamiji said it's too late Phati Saree, go to sleep will talk tomorrow and see what we need to do. Mami left the room.

It was around 10 PM, Khushi received a call. Hearing the voice at the other end, she got cold chill...

To be continued...

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Jun 10, 2012

Hunt for Red October Aka Arnav Singh Raizada, To be continued… (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 60 times)

Voice on the phone, don't utter a word to anyone; don't involve police otherwise Arnav would be dead. Before Khushi could say phone is disconnected.

Flash back Begin

The bad guys wrote down her cell phone so that they can threaten her in case she tries to alert anyone. They purposely left the phone at the godown.

Flash back End

Khushi is scared and tears started rolling from her eyes in spite how much she try to hold it. She promises to herself as well as Mamiji she wouldn't cry but she couldn't help it. She was petrified for her Arnavji. She remember the moments she spent with him on the Teej day where he was holding glass water and helped her drink it, she remember he was blowing the dirt out of her eye making her sit down first, she remember when he save her when the candle wax that was about to fall, how they landed/fall in the rangoli and had colors all over their clothes, how they dance during Sangeet party, how he kiss her on the check and vice-versa,....

Sad rabba ve playing in the background.

She doesn't recognize when she dose off to the endless dreams where she and her Arnav are alone dancing together just like during Sangeet party no one is there to distract them.

Next Morning:

Khushi got up early and went down after freshen up. She prayed to her Devi Maiyya as she promised she would to keep Arnavji safe and guide her to find him soon.

She was preparing break-fast with Payal in the kitchen. When it was time to eat everyone gather around the dining table. Payal and Aakash were not at speaking terms, but Payal kept her fake smile as she didn't want to alert anyone at RM of their disagreement . Whereas Aakash was still perplexed trying to figure out what he said that upset Payal.

Shyam came and occupied his place at one of the chair at the table. He saw starring at Khushi watching her every move. Khushi on the other hand was serving food and was trying her level best to ignore Shyam's gazing eyes. Anjali was calling Shyam's name but he didn't pay any attention. She looked in the direction of him and moves her head where he was looking at. She noticed he was looking at Khushi. She found it strange but tap on his shoulder to get his attention.

He inquired what she wanted or needed. She asked why he was looking in the direction of Khushiji. He was stunned by this question from his Rani Sahiba. He didn't expect she would question him. He didn't know what respond he would give her and same time his nervousness and little agitation on his facial expression was making Anjali wonder about his credibility. He tries to response to her with his sulky smile he noticed Khushiji was sad without Saala Sahib and was thinking how to cheer her up.

Anjali being Anjali just accepted his response and said "Aap bhi na". With hearing the response from Shyam, Khushi and Mamiji simultaneously look in the direction of Shyam. While looking at him, they didn't want any kind of indication thrown out there for him to know he was involved or they doubted him for Arnav's kidnapping. Shyam on the other hand was watching Khushi to read any facial features to see if Khushiji doubted him or what was she thinking about what he just said or if she has those papers he was hunting for. Khushi didn't give out any clues...inside she was a wreck and scared...but she kept her cool down and well collected behavior. She glance for few seconds in his direction and started doing the task which she was performing before those words were spoken by Shyam.

Mamiji was watching Shyam with keen interest. On the other hand Shyam didn't know he was being watch like a Hawke as his attention was on Khushi.

Doorbell rang at the RM. HP went to the door. To everyone surprise N.K. enters RM. The only people knew he was coming is Mamiji and Khushi. Both of them acted they were surprise too.

Everyone welcome N.K. While everyone was talking to N.K. and Shyam's attention was on their conversation, Khushi gave an indication to Mamiji to meet her later on. Mamiji just nodded not to give away their secret gesture.

Anjali: N.k . bhai, how was your trip? Did you have fun at the wedding?

N. K.: Di the trip was fine and had fun at the wedding. He saw everyone except Arnav. Di Where is Nanav?

Anjali (in a sad tone): Chote is in Scotland.

N.K.: When he would be back?

Anjali (said with uneasiness): Don't know...his deal is not finalized. By the way Nk bhai you were supposed to headed towards Goa, why sudden change of plans. It's not we don't want to see you but...

N.K. (interrupted his Di, before she asks more questions): Di, yea I was suppose to go Goa but my friends cancelled the plan. As I didn't know what to do so decided to come back and stay with you all. (NK lied to his Di...he was called by Mamiji his Masi as she needed help...he still unaware of what kind of help she needed). He further added Di, if you don't want me here I will leave.

To his response Anjali laughed and said I was just joking with you. N.K. noticed Khushi was not her usual self. She was distant and distracted at the same time worried about something. To get her attention he spoke few Hindi words incorrectly intentionally as she always corrected him, but still no response. He asked her how she was and she responded she was fine with a slight smile which she did it with a great effort.

After they all chit chatted with each other for few minutes they went on their separate ways. Aakash left for office, Anjali and Shyam went to their room, Naniji went to a neighbor's house for satsang, Payal went to her room, the only people left were Mamiji, N.K., and Khushi. Before Anjali left she told N.K. to settle down and get comfortable in the guest room. Khushi told Mamiji she was headed towards her room and if she needed anything she would find her there. N.K. and Mamiji chatted for few minutes. N.K. wanted to know why she called him and asked if anything was wrong. I mean is Nanav okay and what's wrong with Khushiji. To his question Mamiji asked why he thought anything wrong with Arnav. N.K. told her he noticed Khushiji was said and had worried look when Nanav name was mentioned. Mamiji didn't want the conversation go further discussed in the open as they were in the living room (everyone would be able to listen) told N.K. to go and unpack his luggage. N.K. looks little astonish but left the room.

Mamiji headed towards Khushi's room making sure Shyam does not see her.

Khushi was pacing back and forth in her room. She was thinking about the last night call she received from those goons. Mamiji entered the room after knocking on the door. As soon as she was in, she close the door.

Mamiji: Helo bye bye, Phati Saree, whatzz the problemzzz. Whyzz did you callzz mezz?

Khushi (in scared voice and said): Mamiji, t...they call...that all she said

Mamiji: theyzz call, what do you mean; who called

Khushi: and further added kill Aaaaaaarnavji.

Mamiji (little frustrated): Phati Saree, tum kya kehti ho ho meri samajh mein aata nahi (Phati Saree, what are you trying to say, I don't understand you)

Khushi: I mean those goons and have threatened me if I mention anything to anyone they would kill Arnavji.

Mamiji (with astonish): Kyaaa... voh arnav bitwa ko maar denge (What, they will kill Arnav bitwa)...did they say anything else

Khushi: no Mamiji, I don't know what to do, where to start looking for Arnavji...I am going crazy

Mamiji: get hold of yourself and let me think. She thinks for a while and said we need help and that's why she called N.K. She said to Khushi we need to tell him about the situation and figure out the game plan.

Khushi was hesitant about it as the goons said not to mention anything or anyone about Arnav's kidnapping. After discussing among themselves they came to an agreement to involve him. Mamiji calls his cell and request him to be cautious no one is following him or seen by anyone and come to Arnav bitwa's room. N.K. wanted to know the reason behind it, but Mamiji with anger voice said just do what I asked.

After few minutes N.K. enters Arnav's room and Mamiji ask him to close the door immediately. When he sees two of them was shock as he never seen his Masi and Khushiji together as he has seen his masi always taunting Khushiji all the time. Mamiji asked him if he was followed or seen by anyone. N.K. responded as far as he knew no one followed or seen him enter Nanav's room. He further asked what's going on and why there is a secret meeting.

Mamiji told him he has to not breath a word to anyone on what she was about to mention to him. He just nodded. Khushi said Nanaji please not to say anything to anyone even Di, Arnavji's life depends upon it. N.K. now shock on hearing "Nanav's life depends upon it." He asked what happen to Nanav. Mamiji said Arnav bitwa has been kidnapped.

N.K.: What do you mean by nanavvvvvvv been kidnapped (astonished and shocked at the same time) who kidnapped him.

Mamiji: we don't know, but we think someone near to us is involved in his kidnapping

N.K.: How did they know Nanav is kidnapped?

Mamiji and Khushi tells him the whole story...Arnav leaving for London...received text from him, he reached London...Khushi feeling uneasiness thinking something is wrong...several calls were made, no answer, going straight to voice mail...they thought involving police, mysteriously received a call from Arnav bitwa...Arnav mentioned he was in Scotland...Khushi's doubt regarding the text she received from him and him mentioning he was in Scotland...something didn't seem to be right...Mami checking all the five star hotel and no reservation of ASR...they saw on CTTV's footage Arnav leaving the airport with four men...Khushi saw the men with tattoo and followed him...the men with tattoo hit Khushi took to a godown...she saw Arnav being they both Arnav surrender to those goons to save Khushi...getting a call from goons threaten to kill Arnav if they involved anyone.

N.K. during the whole time being narrated the story had different expression on his face. He was shocked, astonished, scared, worried, proud and excited at the same time. He was proud at Khushiji and her intuition knew Nanav was in some kind of trouble and her strong will thinking went to save Nanav while putting herself in danger. He thought how much she loves him and Nanav his brother is lucky to have her as his wife who loves him dearly and unconditionally. He asked now what are they going to do.

Khushi told him she took the CTTV's footage from the storage room but during their escape the tape got damage.

On hearing this in excitement N.K. said so you mean you broke into the storage room; how exciting and thrilling at the same time?

Khushi said Mamiji and her broke into the storage room. He was now perplexed he never saw this side of his masi. Masi you are like a James Bond. Mamiji with satisfaction said, "hello to Manorama James Bond and bye bye to those goons."

He further stated this shows you both were so courageous and I am proud of both of you. He thought how thrilling it would be. He wished he was there with them.

He asked what the plan is. How are we going to track down the kidnappers and where they are keeping Nanav?

To be continued....

Thank You


Thank you Aanchal and Sree for the encouraging me to keep on writing and your kind comments. Thank you all the silent readers who are following my story.

Jun 10, 2012

Hunt for Red October Aka Arnav Singh Raizada, To be continued… (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 68 times)

At the same time in Anjali's room:

The words were still ringing in Anjali's mind "Khushiji was sad without Saala Sahib and was thinking how to cheer her up." was thinking how to clear her up...was thinking how to clear her up.

Anjali thought why Shyamji was so concerned about Khushiji. Her intuition and gut feeling was telling her something is unusual. Lately she has noticed he has been getting aggravated by little things. He gets angrier than before.

Shyam comes out of the wash room and sees Anjali in deep thought. He asked "Rani Sahiba, what are you thinking?"

Anjali's train of thoughts gets interrupted again. She responded nothing, just worried about Chote. He responded don't worry about him he would be fine. Just worry about yourself. Your Chote is not small; he can take care of himself. On hearing these words Anjali couldn't believe how can Shyamji be inconsiderate and his lack of caring regarding his Chote in spite how much her brother has done for him. She was angry with him and told him "How could you say something like this? I love my brother and have taken care of him since our parents died. I practically raise him like my son."

Shyam apologized to her after seeing how Anjali's was upset. He received a call. Looking the phone number displayed on the phone he excused himself and went to the patio outside their room to talk.

Anjali was watching him; he looked angry and was yelling the person on the phone. She couldn't hear the conversation, but she thought why he was furious about? After few minutes Shyam walks inside the room and told Anjali he was stepping outside the house to take care of business. Anjali wanted to ask why he was furious and to whom. Before she could respond Shyam already left the room.

Khushi's room (same time the phone call came for Shyam):

N.K. Masi you mentioned someone close to is responsible.

Mamiji said, Phati Saree, found Arnav bitwa's ticket to London and his passport.

N.K.(in amaze): where?

Mamiji: It fell from Damadji file which he was carrying in his hand.

N.K.: What Jijaji (from the expression on his face he wouldn't believe he could do such as thing)

How come? I mean why he would do such a thing. Mamiji and Khushi spoke at the same time they don't know yet. Mamiji, Khushi bitiya told me he made her get the signature on some documents from Arnav bitwa. Khushi bitiya hid from him, but they disappeared. Also, we just learn from Anjali bitiya Arnav bitwa's Diabetic medicine is ordered from the special store every 3 months as you can't get those in ordinary medical stores. The kidnapper knew which medicine was needed. How the kidnapper would know that information. It had to come from someone who knows Arnav bitwa's routine and needs? N.K. agreed with the concepts as it made sense to it, but still confused about how Jijaji could do such a thing. He loved Di and harming the brother....didn't make sense. N.K. thought there has to be a valid reason, but right now he wants to concentrate on how to save his bro Nanav. He further elaborated what's the game plan.

Mamiji and Khushi looked at each other as they knew for sure to follow Shyam which could lead them to Arnav, but other than that they didn't gave a much thought to it. N.K. was thinking hard what would be the next step after that and a thought came to his mind. He did remember Khushiji mentioning about the footage. He asked Khushiji were the tape is. She told him she had with her in the cupboard. He requested her to get the tape and he will see how to get the data extracted from the tape.

Just then they heard a noise. Shyam was yelling at OP for bumping into him. Mamiji quickly headed toward the door and ajar it to see the commotion. Mamiji saw Shyam walking down stair and she step out to see where he was headed towards. She saw him walking towards the main door. Mamiji called Khushi and informed her Shyam is leaving the house so they better follow him. In meantime N.K. will try to extract the data from the tape. They all nodded in agreement and left the RM.

Party of two followed Shyam in rickshaw and party of one headed to the Phillip Service Center, Laxmi Nagar in Delhi.

Mamiji and Khushi reached the court house as they followed Shyam. They saw Shyam entered one of the offices and was talking to the clerk. The clerk informed Shyam he wouldn't be able to help him with the documents to file as the signature didn't match same as the photocopy of the passport. At this time Mamiji and Khushi were standing outside by the window. The window was party open and the sheer was hanging there through out the window. This worked out perfectly as Shyam was not able to see them as they were unable to see him, but they were lucky enough to hear the conversation going in the other room. Hearing the words like document, signature, and passport Mamiji and Khushi were stunned.

Shyam was furious at the situation as well as on the clerk as he refuses to help him. Mamiji and Khushi talking among them, we need to get those documents and see what it is related to. Shyam talking to himself but still the clerk and the two James Bond ladies could hear, that means I have to redo the paper work and have him sign again. Hearing the words "him sign again" light bulb light up in the two James Bond ladies mind. What was he referring too? Does he meant by getting signature from Arnav? Shyam told the clerk he would be back in couple of days. Hearing the inside conversations, the two James Bond ladies hid themselves.

After Shyam left the room, the clerk left too to take care of an issue. The two James Bond ladies entered the room and made sure there was no one around and close the door quickly, but it was unlocked. They started looking around the table which had numerous files. Each one of the ladies started looking inside the content of the file. After going through some of the files Khushi found the file she was looking for. To her amazement she was shocked to see the content of the file (she had "O" shape face as she normally does). She called out to Mamiji and showed her what she found. Mamiji too was shocked and bewilder at the same time.

The document was related to Arnav's WILL and not the document related to the land in question. Khushi couldn't believe how and when the documents were switched. When she had gone through the file which was given by Shyamji it was related to land, then how did it change to Arnavji's WILL? She was stunned and couldn't believe. Mamiji, hello bye bye Phati Saree is this the document where you got Arnav bitwa's signature from him. Khushi didn't want to lie to Mamiji as she was the only one who believes in her and was helping her to track down her Arnavji.

She told Mamiji that's not the same documents. When she read it was related to land but she doesn't know when it got switched. She further stated Mamiji I swear to you and you have to believe me if I knew it was WILL document I wouldn't have got Arnavji's signature. While saying this Khushi was in tears. The only thing Mamiji could do is to console her and states at least they know the motive behind Arnav bitwa's kidnapping. Mamiji knew Khushi love Arnav, but right now trust is far away. Her main priority is to save her Arnav bitwa.

Khushi spoke out loud, I bet Shyamji I mean Jijaji must have switch those documents, if so when. She was thinking hard and she was disturbed by a sound. Mamiji and Khushi hid behind the door. The clerk walked in and was confused how come the door close as he thought he left it opens. He didn't think further and went to the back of the room. As soon as the coast was clear the two ladies left the room. While walking out of the court house, Khushi thoughts wondered around how the documents were changed, and if change who changed it. The only name comes to her mind was Shyamji. She couldn't believe him to be cunning, deceitful, thief, cheater, trickster, and back stabber. She despises and disgusts him to the core.

The two James Bond ladies were unable to follow Shyam as they had to stay behind to search for that document.

Mamiji calls N.K....

At the Location of Phillip Service Center, Laxmi Nagar in Delhi (at the same time Shyam being followed and things happening at the court house):

N.K. reaches the Phillip Service Center and talk to the tech working at the store. He shows the damage tape and request if the data can be extracted and put on the CD. Also, he further asked if he was able to get pictures developed of certain part on the tape. The tech informed him give me 30 minutes and I will let you know if I am able to or not. N.K. acknowledges it and informs the clerk he would be back in 30 minutes.

While he headed to the store he had interesting thought. He thought he would need to buy a camera that would take wide range of shots from far distance and will also need some spy gadgets.

He first went to the Mall and as he was interest to buy Nikon camera with wide angel. He went to one of the stores that sales camera. N.K. explained to the sales man what type of camera he was interested to buy. The sales man explains to N.K. about the Nikon camera and its functionality using different type of lenses. He explained lenses with shorter focal length (around 35mm and less) allows for light to strike at the photosensitive material more easily, allowing for a greater angle of view in your image. Wide angle shots will capture more images from a wider field of view when shot from the same spot. They also have greater depth of field, allowing you to keep clean, tighter focus on more parts of the image, even in image data near and far. The shorter the focal length, the tighter the focus and with very wide angle lenses also creates image distortion. N.K. was satisfied and bought the camera.

As he was walking by few stores in the Mall, he saw a store that sells spy gadgets. There were lots of spy gadgets like Disappearing Ink Pen, Clue Spray, Spy Sun Glasses, Tracker Pro (it is a device where you can tracks any person objects or vehicle in real time with the help of the tracker pro. You can see where they are located(live on a map) works worldwide with no range limits), Child Locator Personal Locator Wrist Watch GPS, Spy Pen, listening devices with no range limit ( bug land line phone conversation, bug room conversation, Q-phone bug anyone from anywhere, Q-phone pro listen to cell phone conversation, receive copies of text messages, call into bug the room conversation with no distance limit, Q-bug listen in on any room conversation with no distance limit), Digital Video Recorder Keychain ,Wrist Watcher DVR, Pen DVR recorder, mini camera etc. The store had lots of other devices too.

To be continued...

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