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Jun 6, 2012

A MOMENT FROZEN IN TIME!!!! AND FOR ETERNITY!!!!!!!! (By Samona) (Thanked: 13 times)

Arnav and Khushi run and reach the hut, the blood stain remains on the white tile next to the door, serving as a beacon to the kidnappers!! Our lovelorn couple is oblivious to the danger, their run from danger and their physical proximity brings them closer and closer in that small hut!!

They enter and view their surroundings, it is dark and Khushi trembles in fright! There is only a small window in the front and another in the back! The moonlight filters in and shows us that she holds on to Arnav, in a bid to feel safe!! Arnav wants to arrange for some light, Khushi refuses to let go! Arnav remembers her fear of darkness; he is touched and settles her down on the stack of hay. He asks her to keep faith in him, count up to ten and promises to be back before the count was over! Khushi has implicit faith in him, as proved time and again, unlike Arnav; she starts her counting after closing her eyes as Arnav had told her to! There is a adoring look on his face as he watches her start her count!

Outside, the kidnappers are hot on their trail, looking out in all directions, eyes peering into the darkness!

Khushi completes her count and calls out to Arnav, without opening her eyes, she wants assurance that he was back! He sits beside her and keeps a small pot with a lid in her palm. Khushi opens her eyes, opens the lid and a glow lights up her face, lights up his face, lights up the room!!!! She is smiling beautifully, her happiness evident, he is mesmerized by her beauty and her innocent smile, he now knows how much she treasured life’s simple things, found pleasure in these gifts rather than in gems and jewellery!

Arnav tells her FIREFLY and she tells him JUGNU! The difference in their lifestyle, surroundings, class and status finally comes down to just one word LIGHT!!

The firefly gives a momentary light, a joy and then flies out of the window, casting darkness again! Arnav is worried but Khushi reassures him that she was not afraid any more! For her, his company and coming back had made her feel safe! They share a long RABBA VE moment, again forgetting the kidnappers roaming outside!

Khushi sees the bruise on his cheek, she wipes it with her dupatta, her concern makes Arnav touch her cheek and then he sees her dress torn at the shoulder with her smooth white shoulder peeking through it! He is suddenly affected by it, a rising passion evident in his glazed look; he is embarrassed too and glances down! Khushi sees it and understands, she covers herself up with her dupatta! Arnav looks around and sees a bundle of clothes kept in a corner, he asks her to change into them! He creates a partition for Khushi to change, using a red dupatta.

Outside, in the moonlight, the kidnappers have not given up on searching for them; they get together again and again, following their trail in all directions. They find Khushi’s broken red bangles on the ground, they now have a direction in which to run to and the pursuit starts in earnest!

Back inside the hut, Arnav sits on the haystack, and sees her silhouette in the red curtain, there is a lantern glowing in the dark! To divert his mind he asks her that unanswered question again, how did she know he was not in Scotland, but in danger. She stills for a moment, and answers that his phone call let her know that he was in danger. Arnav recalls his words “KHUSHI, I LOVE YOU”! And realizes that she had taken that as a SOS message, not having realized that the love was for real now! He can see her changing, wearing the sari and tying up the dori of her blouse! HE IS MESMERIZED, CANNOT LOOK AT HER NEITHER CAN HE LOOK AWAY! He looks away for a second, but his gaze is pulled back towards the sight, her shadow which is tantalizing to him, his passion slowly rising! He gets up and adjusts the lantern light to a dim light, not wanting Khushi to be embarrassed.

Jun 6, 2012

A MOMENT FROZEN IN TIME! - AND FOR ETERNITY!! (By Samona) (Thanked: 13 times)

Khushi pushes aside the red dupatta and comes into Arnav’s view! He is now in his white vest, looking hot as ever! He looks at her, in the same way that he had looked at her during the photo shoot when she was wearing a red sari with her long tresses flowing wildly, now she was wearing a white sari with a red choli (blouse), long tresses again fluttering in the breeze! Is it a wonder for the man to be mesmerized? She looks like a sensuous doll, with her smooth white shoulders glistening in the dark, revealed to him through the single off shoulder strap of the blouse; she is conscious and very much aware of him!

Arnav stares at her, fascinated to be seeing her, aware of her love for him and his love for her, revealed to his mind at last! He goes to her then, walking forward slowly as he usually does and she goes backward as she normally does, it is their usual dance of love, ritual of love! Arnav lifts the rope on which the curtain hung, A SORT OF ARNAVREKHA! Crossed at last! Khushi reaches the wall; there is nowhere to go now! Khushi tries to escape; Arnav keeps his hands on the walls on both sides! A sight seen by us and by Khushi so many times, that I have lost count! He goes near her, she tries to escape, he holds her by her hands, and she is tense! He is unable to control himself, and kisses her on her neck! The moment when he had kissed her on her cheek after issuing a challenge to her was the first time he had kissed her, a lot has happened between that kiss and this one, but their passion and intensity has remained the same!

Outside, a kidnapper has seen the blood stain, he signals the others and they move closer to the hut!

Inside, the passion is rising higher and higher, Arnav lifts Khushi into his arms and carries her to the haystack and gently makes her lie down. Both are mesmerized, fascinated, in a thrall, looking at each other, as the strains of a hauntingly sweet melody fills the background! Arnav lowers his head towards her; she appears like a doe caught in the gaze of a tiger! Yeah, that is right, isn’t it? I believe Arnav has been referred to as the TIGER MR. RAIZADA! Khushi moves away in shyness and he halts her midway with a hand on her shoulder! Both are caught up in the passion, it is difficult for them to tell their souls apart at that time! He moves towards her in a very passionate mood and touches her back on his way to the tie-ups, that dori which has always fascinated him from the beginning! Remember that pearl dori he broke and then those pearls he had treasured, keeping them as a memento in a tiny box?


He reaches out to the tie-up in her choli when they hear a sound outside! Passion drops as fear increases, both panics to the sound! Arnav realizes that the kidnappers were outside, there was no escape! He peers outside the window, and sees them surrounding them, with glimpses of the guns held in the moonlight! He comes back to Khushi and tells her that the kidnappers wanted him, he would go out of the hut and they would not come in, she would be safe! Khushi panics and tells him that safety lies behind the window in the back, he argues that he did not know how many and where the kidnappers were hidden. He could not take the risk! What if something happened to her? Khushi has the same thought; she could not bear anything happening to him! She refuses to let him go and he pleads with her! He is frustrated and looks down in an attempt to control his rising temper and sees a couple of wooden heavy sticks!

He comes closer to her, embraces her and whispers in her ear, that he was sorry, she would never agree, and so he was forced to do this, she is dazed to hear this, does not comprehend his words, and in the meantime, he picks up the stick and with regret on his face hits her on the head!! With a small inaudible gasp, Khushi faints and he lays her down gently cradling her wounded head, on the hay. With infinite care, he covers her completely, after kissing her on the forehead, a wealth of love and emotions, regret and sadness writ large on his face!!

He stands up and discovers the kidnappers entering there and guns pointed to his head, the tattooed goon enquiring about the girl. Arnav, very much aware of the danger to his wife, forces calmness to his face and lies to them that she was left behind in his escape bid to freedom. The kidnappersa are not convinced and search the hut but thankfully the haystack is left untouched. A moment of panic arises for Arnav and us when one of the kidnappers drops a matchbox onto the haystack but Devi Maiyya saath ho toh kya baath hai!

They assume that she had escaped and take Arnav with them. Arnav walks away with them, giving a side glance to his love, hidden safely, to sacrifice himself for her safety! His love has never been in words, he has always expressed it in actions!!

Morning and Khushi wakes up from her deep sleep, her head aching with the pain, she realizes what Arnav had done in the night. She runs outside calling out for her Arnavji, again and again, tears flowing down her cheeks as she asks why you did this. Why did you sacrifice yourself for me? She comes back to the hut, intense grief and an even intense love burning in her heart. She sees the empty pot and holds on to it, a reminder of that fleeting moment of light before darkness has now set in!


Precap is shown but no comments on it till it plays itself out!!

Jun 6, 2012

THANK YOU! (By Samona) (Thanked: 10 times)




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