if its love....

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Jun 5, 2012

if its love.... (By Bhumi28) (Thanked: 34 times)

She checked her watch for the 10th time

A faint crease was forming on her forhead

"what am i doing here" she wondered aloud

until yesterday she was a 22year old mastikhor girl

Today she was ENGAGED..

she rememberd the heated conversation this

morning...the moment that changed it all

"par amma there is no shaadi without love..

How can i marry a complete stranger??

Aapne humse pooche bina sab pukka kar dia??"

She argued irritated

"par titaliya tumse poochna kya..saurabh itna acha ladka hai..

Tumhe palkon par bitha ke rakhega...

And why a stranger..u were childhood buddies

her amma replied

"par woh 4 saal se videsh main haiamma"

"bas karo...they belong to upper strata of society..

And you will ranjeeta massi ki bahoo..socho

putting gloomy thoughts at bay

she thought" hum bhi naa..

Maybe he is the prince i dream about

khushi think positive..."

A loud noise echoed in the airport



before she could regain her senses and process the confusion around

something hard crashed against her

and she went down with him

As for Arnav the moment he gazed in those

Hazelnut eyes was the moment that changed his life...

Should i continue???

Jun 6, 2012

if its love......... (By Bhumi28) (Thanked: 37 times)

for about an eternity he gazed into those golden eyes set into a heart shaped face...

"ahh...could you please move" she said pain cleary visible in her eyes.

but he wasn't listening,he was still staring


It took a moment for him to catch his breath,then he swiftly got up and helped up her up

"Are you out of our mind??? what were you doing??? my head hurts soo much,you just banged into me. Thanks to devi maiya i was saved...." the girl went on and on with her monologue

Anger surged through him," Is she really blaming me??" he thought


Taking her hand in his,he tried making his way into the crowd

"kya kar rahe hain aap?? leave my hand"she kept wailing, but he took no avail..

Outside the airport

"relax di..it was just a fake bomb alert..and yes for the 100th time i am totally fine..ahhh...i m just tired..what i sound different?? di dont hyperventilate its just a normal day" he tried explaining to her sister, peeking at the girl beside him, Strangely enough she was still holding his hand,looking straight ahead" not so normal" he corrected in his mind"whatever di i will reach home in a few minutes..bye" he kept the phone down and slowly removed his hand from hers,It broke her trance

"I am sorry" she mumbled

"tum theek ho??" he asked concerned

"jee, dhanyawaad" she replied politely" ahh hum chalte hain"and she turned to leave

"Where the hell do you think you are going??" he was clearly annoyed

"excuse me" she was confused

"what the..keep it light arnav"he thought.."I just mean that its quite late and even though i dont care,but still its my responsibility to drop you home"he replied in a buissnesslike manner..keep it light..keep it light..he was chanting inside

"ohh...thankyou but i will go on my own"she fidged her dupatta

but he was not giving in soo easily

"Do as i say...i dont have all the time in the world" he tried last time

"look i have just met you two minutes ago,and you expect me go with you in your car...ALONE!!!" she asserted"hum taxi lelenge...Namaste"

he watched her go powerless..he could feel a dry ache in his heart"strange..I have never felt this before" maybe i should try again,one last time...

As he turned, She had dissapered

"ohh WHAT THE...I didnt even ask her name"

Jun 6, 2012

if its love..... (By Bhumi28) (Thanked: 36 times)

In the taxi....

khushi rubbed her hand unconsciously,she could still feel the warmth of his hand on hers,his eyes brimming with concern...but

The thing that stuck to her the most was the way he steered her through the crowd and she was rather surprised by the overwhelming feeling of safety that surged through her,that made her wanna cling to him for her life...it was only her strong willpower that motivated to walk out on him...

Why??? Why indeed??

she was irritated now..

"uhhh..bas thats it i am not thinking about him from this moment forth."

At gupta residence,

she entered with a deep breath,fully prepared to handle the wrath of her mother,She knew her amma would be ready with full band baaja baaraat to welcome her daamad and she came without him...

"arrey auntyji bas...i cannot have even a morsel now...i am full upto the brim"someone was saying.

Standing on the threshold, she examined the guy whom she will be sharing her whole life . He was smart,charming even but there was somthing missing..she couldnot put a name to it...but yes missing..

"Saurabhji" she called him lightly

"khushi, is it really you??" saurabh was practically gaping at her

Seeing her confused expression, he replied that " its just i didnt expect you to grow more beautiful with time" and winked at her.

she smiled and an awkward silence surrouded them.Each taking in substantilal changes in each other.

As for saurabhs part,he was pleasently surprised by khushi's transformation from neighbourhood's gundi to the beautiful women sitting across him.

Saurabh grewal was brought up in lucknow and it were these carefree dayz with khushi that he remembered the most. He decided then that he may have scores of girlfriends in his life but he will eventually settle down with her.and even though his U.S days were bloated with flings and affairs,he always knew he will come back to her

"arrey why arent you people talking??Is everything okay" amma brought saurabh back to oblivion

"everythings fine.Actully auntiji i need to rush now,mum would be waiting na"he replied still staring at lost khushi

" acha beta bye...arrey khushi bye bolo" khushi recieved a violent shake from her mother.

she wished him goodbye and retired to comfort of her bed.It had been a long day for her....prettty long..

Her mind was still filled with nagging thoughts."ahh kal jiji ko aane do, i will ask her"she thought

but what to do now??

finally she decided to give in to her heart

and closed her eyes

And she was back at the airport holding hands with him

Jun 6, 2012

if its love..... (By Bhumi28) (Thanked: 39 times)

"love at first sight can only be cured by second look "

It had been 4 dayz 5 hours 16 minutes when he had last seen her...

He had given himself completely to his work...he even avoided sleep now,whenever he closed his eyes he saw the same warm brown eyes..

"since when I became weak??? Ohhhh bloody hell" he was consumed inside...helpless to fate...

his phone was ringing again..

" what now di?? I am not a child...its just 12:30...yes I can take care of myself....you and your emotional blackmail..oKay I am coming home...bye" he sighed

Currently his di had only two aims in her life...first,to to feed him like an 8 year old and second to get him married...she has been trying to get him hitched for like an eternity now.

"ahhhh"he sighed, and picked up his keys ,ready to go home.

On way home...

He replayed the airport scene several times....trying to decipher his own thoughts....suddenly he felt a weakness in his heart...he had been feeling it for quite some time,everytime he ignored it; "damn"

The road was closed for construction

He decided to take a short cut from the nearby lanes..he was taking the next turn,when everything blurred..and before he knew he had crashed against the nearest tree...

his body limped forward with weakness overpowering his whole body...he didn't how long he lay there..it must have been few minutes or few hours

"ahhhh"he heard someone gasp..someone was trying to open the car door...he was barely conscious..

"devi maiya..you must be kidding!!! out of all people him?? Hudd hai" she said agitated...

It was music to his ears...a weak smile played at his lips...

He was in heaven

Jun 7, 2012

if its love..... (By Bhumi28) (Thanked: 42 times)

"love is sharing joys and pain"

She was on the terrace all geared up for another sleepless night...her life was filled with madness...chaos...utter chaos

"for me my family is my priority...if they are happy....then what else I need" she thought, she smiled thinking of her jiji's joy,her babuji's pride,her amma's trust and her buaji's love...

She looked at her phone..5 missed calls from saurabh....she smiled and decided to call him back..that's when she heard the crash...

she looked down confused...someone had banged her MANGO TREE!!

"god help us...rich spoiled brats..they think they own the city" she climbed down ready to wage a war..

she peeked through the window..the person was not in his senses

she gasped and opened the door...

the moonlight shone revealing the person.

"devi maiya..you must be kidding!!!

out of all people him?? Hudd hai" she called out...and to her surprise he smiled...he surely wouldn't have remembered her....she was no one important...just a someone..

"shame on you khushi..he is unconscious and you are thinking about yourself???" she cursed...

she started rubbing his hand...loosened his tie...and what not...he was still very weak..tears overflowed her eyes staining her cheeks....

"God help me please!!!" she prayed,

she had never felt so helpless...

He motioned towards the dash board..

she noticed some medicines...quickly she picked them up with the water bottle and helped him...making him drink slowly...still rubbing his hand

His colour returned and it felt as if her life returned...she heaved a sigh of relief

Watching him take long deep breaths..

she realised her life just became more confusing.....

heya Guyz...I know there is no real headway in the story abhi...its just a short update....il update soon.....

Jun 8, 2012

if its love.... (By Bhumi28) (Thanked: 41 times)

"Love is of all passions the strongest,

for it attacks simultaneously the head,the heart, and the senses."

he closed his eyes...it wasn't a dream realllly...realllly???

he checked again.....she was there sitting beside him....crying...crying for me???

"ahh...are you okay" he slurred

she nodded..."aap???"she asked

"never felt better"he said trying to make her feel better...

" par you were unconscious...I didn't knew what to do.."she saddened

"you did fine..actually you saved my life..thanks" he admitted

"but you helped me on the airport...so I guess now we are even" she smiled...

He smiled too....something in him was melting....he felt his facade slip away..

just then it hit him.....

"WHAT THE HELL YOU DOING HERE SO LATE?? Its 2 in the morning dammit...you know what all can happen..don't you care about yourself???" he was furious..

fresh tears flowed in her eyes....

she motioned to the house in front "this is mine....and I planted this mango tree when i was 9 year old" she again smiled at the memory....

"i am so....sorrr"he tried...eyes softened

"its ohk....u meant well" she sighed...

phone rang....

"di again" he thought" she wont sleep"

his time with her was up...

"i guess i need to go" he sighed...

"no you dont" she said and in a swift movement extracted the key off the ignition"i wont let you"and hid it behind her back...

"what??"he said temper rising

"you couldnt even sit 5 min ago...now you want to drive home?? are you mad???you are not allowed" she commanded

"nobody talks to me like this"he was annoyed

"guess what...i do"she was annoyed too

he tried freeing the key and ended up enclosing her in his arms...she gasped and he realised they were just inches apart...time stood still...Her face shone in the moonlight...and he couldnt beleive that someone so pure,so untainted,so mesmerizing can exist...

she freed himself...and ran out..

He took another breath to steady the nerves...he had the key now...he was ready to go...

"ek minute"she called...he opened the window......

"i will let you go if..."she stated

"so there are conditions?"he demanded

"if you promise me you will take your medicines on time" she comanded again

"you can't stop me..okay"he replied smiling....

"yes i can" she stood in front of the car

"so deal or no deal" she asked teasing

"ok...whatever..deal"he replied..

"na..na..promise me"she said

"uhhh...i promise"he finally said

"you can go now...good night"she turned to go back...

He started the car watching her leave...

"hey Whats your name???"he had almost forgotten this time too..

"khushi"she replied"and yours???

"arnav"he said surprising himself..what happened to Arnav singh raizada???

"bye arnavji...remember the promise"she reminded him

"sure...bye"he turned the car....her broken bangle lay on the floor...he kept it securely in his coat pocket...

A souviener of the most bizzare beautiful night of his life.....

Jun 9, 2012

if its love.... (By Bhumi28) (Thanked: 44 times)

"If I had a flower for every time

I thought of you, I could walk in

my garden forever."

"acha we have consulted the astrologer...and he has suggested an auspicious day after 3 months...what do you think garimaji??" ranjeeta mausi declared...

saurabh looked at khushi smiling.....

but she was far away...

"don't you care about yourself"the way he said it...as if she was already his...as if he would be pained if something happened to her...as if he lov..

"dammit"she said aloud...

everyone looked at her surprised....

amma and buaji were scandalized...

"ahh...I meant I am late for office"she replied....

"Ohhhh..modern women...par shaadi ke baad no office...theek hai bitiya" mausi said swallowing the whole samosa...

"but mom we talked..."saurabh interjected.."no if no but"his mom replied"and drop her to office"she added....

in the car...

"I am sorry"saurabh said..

"na..you meant well"she smiled...."you meant well""did he meant more then well"she thought"what if he felt..."

" SHUT UP"she told herself

"acha how about a date...or a long drive tomorrow...what say??? saurabh said..

"hmm long drive...together in a car..was that a date?? " she thought"he was unconscious khushi..snap out of it....

"ahh...your office"saurabh said"so kal date???

"yaa.... Pukkka..bye"she tried smiling

it worked...saurabh smiled too..atleast someone is happy"she thought

In office..

avanti event planners limited.

"so this is a big event...all the top denizens of Delhi will be in attendence"rakesh sir was explaining..

"He took me in his arms...thats suppose to mean something...and the way he stared...unleashing the power of his eyes....uska Koi matlab nahi kya??if that gap between them had slowly closened to zero that night then....ahh..you are getting married...devi maiya kill me" she was tired..

"so khushi..KHUSHI..."she was back

"yesssss sir"she replied....

"so you are the incharge "he said...

"of what sir???"she said embarrsingly ..

"of the ASR party" he replied....

"whatttttt ???"she got a 220 volt shock

ASR was more famous then the loch Ness monster for eating people alive...he was well known in delhi's corporate circle for his ruthlessness....he didn't care about anything...he was a beast...

she swallowed"are you sure sir??"

"yes khushi I have full faith in you"

she looked around everyone was giving her their sorrry smiles...poor girl..

"I will do it"she announced bravely

she took a deep breath....her arnav can take a backseat now...she has mighty ASR to handle...."just a second"she thought"her arnav???..you have lost it khushi...time to meet the client"

In raizada house....

she entered fidgeting..."namaste"she said to the kind women in saree...

"namaste"the women replied"you??"

"event planner...khushi kumari gupta...came too meet ASR??"she was scared..

"I am anjali,his sister..and i will be your client...you see my chotte hates parties especially his birthday party"she said"so take a deep breath you have escaped from his clutches"

she relaxed"Ohhhh...let us decide"she smiled at her good humour...

"just a minute...nani!!!"she called" idhar aana"And a older women came.....

"she is my nani"anjali introduced them to each other...."and this is khushi"

"Kahaan se ho bitiya??"nani asked

"Lucknow"she replied

"arrey hum bhi"nani was happy....

so three of them had animated conversation about the city they all loved.....and decided that theme would be Lucknow...they all had a great time...

"now I should go....lotsa preparations to be done"she said smiling"namaste"

"mazza aa gaya...yaadein tazza ho gayi"nani said...after she left

"haan nani"anjali said"khushiji is like the springtime breeze....spreading joy"

"I realllly like her"she added"chotte ke liye ya aakash ke liye"

"chotte sahi kehete hain...tumhe uski shaadi ka bukhar chad gaya hai" nani said smiling....

"ahh hoga vahi jo kismet main hai"anjali said...

if she had her chotte's fate in her hand...she would have etwined khushi in it...but she saddened thinking its not possible....

Jun 10, 2012

if its love... (By Bhumi28) (Thanked: 34 times)

"Within you, I lose myself. Without you,I find myself wanting to be lost again."

At raizada house, dinner time

"aakash how was your day?"anjali asked

"ahh...normal di"aakash replied...

"not so normal for me"he thought smiling at the memory..."she was there with me all through the night....and when i left her scent clung to me...and its still there" he took a deep breath..

"chotte why are you smiling??"anjali was shocked...

"nothing di" he replied...he had always been good at controlling facial expressions...clearly he was failing now..

he was just about to take the first bite when he remembered....

"promise me you will take medicines on time"she had said with authority..

"hari prakash..please bring my medication"he called irritated...


anjali had her mouth wide open....she had dropped the bowl...

"chotte..t.e..your taking your medicines on your own??"she couldn't believe

well the whole family couldn't...

"now i cant even take medicines on time without drama??"he was irritated

"its just you were smiling and now this"she asked"are you feeling well??"

"whatever" he mouthed...a stupid promise...he should'nt have agreed to it..but he knew he didnt have the power anymore to deny her anything...."whatt..what happened to all powerful ASR??"he thought angry at himself..

" so i met this girl today...whom i just happen to love..."anjali began

"so.."he said...he knew what was coming

"so i think you should meet her"she replied trying the puppy dog face...

"where did you meet her??"he ignored the look...

"oh shes the head event planner"she said carefully..now she knew what was coming next..

"di is this party necessary??"he exerted..

"we have been over this a thousand times"she said"we are having it...and coming back this event planner...

"lucknow ki hai....aur hum jaisi bahoo chahate hain bilkul vaisi hai"nani added

"why dont you people understand...I cannot marry anyone else" he was annoyed now...how can he think...



this time nani joined anjali."not marry anyone else??"anjali was supershocked..

The impact of his words then hit him...what was he saying??what was he doing?? does he even know how she feels??leave that..does he even know how he himself feels about it...moron

"chotte then tell me whom you want to marry??are you in lov..??"she choked

"i just meant i cannot marry anyone...it was a slip of tongue..."he tried"gud night"he just wanted to get away...he felt vulnerable....he was sick at himself...

In office next morning...

"bhai i have given the checks...everything is fine"aakash was saying"did you visit the doctor??"

"for god sake i am well"he was frustrated...at himself...at her

"but last night..."he tried

Knock knock...

"come in"he said...

"aakash sir your parcel has arrived"clerk said.."okay" aakash replied

"which parcel??"he asked...

"you remember bhai at our mumbai fashion week, a photographer,neha helped me out..so as a token of grattitude i got her....."aakash continued..

but he had stopped listening....he could afcourse give her a token of gratritude..."give me one good reason"his mind retorted.."well she saved my life"he thought....and in a flash he exited the his office...leaving aakash puzzled...

"sir you..HERE??"store incharge asked

"Shut up...do what you are paid to do"he shouted back..."empty my private storage now!!"

there were hundreds of beautiful sarees...but none of them did her justice

"ahh...i got it"he said triumphantly..holding a red number in his hands...red was his favourite colour..

He drove slowly towards her house half expecting and half hoping to see her... ut in vain...he put the wrapped saree in a parcel...added his note...

well he had been puzzeled for ages..to exactly write what in the note....it had to be just right...it shouldn't set high hopes or even convey his care...just to..

he left the saree by the door....on the way back,he tried imagining the saree wrapped on her...he dropped the idea...he wasn't up for another accident...

Jun 10, 2012

if its love..... (By Bhumi28) (Thanked: 34 times)

"Love is hard to get into,but even harder to get out of"

"hard day" she thought...as she entered her home...she had worked non stop today..

"sanka devi itni late kyun aayi??"buaji asked.."aur aaj saurabh se mili kya??

she frowned at the last ques.."woh time hee nahi mila buaji"

"hai re nandkishore..ek woh ladka hai jo iske liye uphaar chod ke gaya hai...titaliya tumhari shaadi hone wali hai."buaji was on top of her mental lungs

"uphaar??"she said feeling remorse..

buaji thrusted a packet in her hands..

she ran to her room..and ripped the covering...it was a beautiful net saree..so simple yet so elegant..."i should atleast thank him"she thought...then she noticed a note stuck to it...it read...


i know you think we are even,but i think you did a great deal more than what i did. i didnt thank you enough,so this is just a way to show my gratitude..


she stood there with the note clutched to her heart...she was on the ninth cloud...she read it again and again...and took the liesure of thinking that he must have gone through thousands of dresses just for her...just...she read the last line again..that sent her hopes crashing...maybe hes just thanking her...shit

As the days passed..

she was crushed under the twin burden of work and guilt...while the former incteased as the party neared...the latter was increased by over the top caring attitude of saurabh...it gnawed her on inside that all that time she was only thinking about Arnav...

D-day.... raizada house..morning

"come in khushiji...all done??"anjali said

"trying my best"she said looking around.

"chotte nahi hai...hes working"anjali said smiling"why is everyone so scared of him?? he is just a bit strict"she added..

"hes got a fierce reputation anjaliji"she replied relaxing.."acha here is the plan"

"hmm..nicely done...i really like your idea of imambara..you are working hard.."anjali said"ahh my head hurts"

"are you okay??"she asked concerned"here let me massage your forhead...buaji says a good massage is all what you need"

"but khushiji it wont be right"anjali said

"tsk tsk..we are from the same city..there is a sense of kinship"she replied..

"khushiji"anjali said.."haan"she said massaging her forehead.."i know we have met through this event planning and all..but i would really like to be your friend??what say??"anjali asked

"i would love to have you as my friend"she said smiling...

Later in the evening..gupta house

"did the gazal singers arrive??food done??i am just coming in 5 min...hold the fort jab tak" she was on the phone getting ready..she put on the red saree..she didnt knew why but it felt right..as if shes gonna meet him today...strange..

she looked in the mirror...she looked okay...suddenly she saw his reflection in a the mirror..with his chin balanced on her shoulder...and his lips engaged in a lopesided smile...she closed her eyes taking in the nearness...the phone beeped..shit again..it was saurabh"best of luck...i know your hard work will pay"his message read...guilt surged through her again...with a sigh she started for the party...

In the party..

she was multitasking...ensureing everthings smooth...guests had started arriving...mukesh sir were helping her supervise" bas aaj ki raat theek thaak nikaldo devi maiya...may everything go as planned..no surprises.."she was silently praying..

she saw anjali move to the huge stage...

"thankyou all for joining us tonight"she said" it is a special day for me...its my chottes bday...and i hope his life is adorned with love and joy...and i along with my mum"she motioned in the sky"wish to tell him that we love him more than our lives...hes the best brother and the best son"anjali completed with tears in her eyes...

now even she was crying..."beautiful"she thought"...she noticed a person in black climbing the stairs...everyone started murmuring"ASR coming" so finally the beast himself...

He hugged her teary sister...and faced the audience..

and behold that was a thunderclap for her....

it was her arnav...the arnav who helped her..the arnav whom she cant help thinking about...the arnav who gave her this saree...hes cannot be a beast...this is some kind of joke...

"mukesh sir what is the full form of ASR??she barely whispered

"its arnav singh raizada....don't you know???

her heart slipped...there was no getting out of this mess..

Jun 11, 2012

if its love... (By Bhumi28) (Thanked: 34 times)

"love is like a butterfly,it settles on you when you least expect it"

He stood alone...enjoying few minutes of silence...once out he will be sucked in the society vortex...through he hated his fake self....he had got all this wealth and money solely on it...and thats why he hated her....she was ripping his cover exposing him..."I need to get out.."he decided....that's it..

In the party..

He greeted everyone coldly....see that's what the world understands...

"chotte if you are done sulking..tell me how is the decore ??"di asked

he had to give her di that..it was splendid....like you are back in the grand city of Lucknow..."its fine"he said

"il be back"Di said...and she moved on towards the stage...

"HELL"he thought.....he knew what was coming...but as his di conveyed her heart it felt nice to know that ateast there was someone who loved and cherished him without his facade...he ran to stage...and pulled her sister in a tight embrace.."chotte its your birthday...wish for something"her di said.."no way"he whispered"why do you always have to be the drama queen"..."do as I say" anjali was adamant...

he closed his eyes giving in.."I wish she was here with me" he thought"moron...I seriously wish everything gets back to normal...the way it was"he corrected...

he opened his eyes..his insides at war....

that's when he saw her...there she stood in the milling crowd..alone yet a part of it....a rose among the thorns..

Her expression of shock mirrored his...

he gasped...war had ended...his heart has emerged victorious....it can't be...its a dream...god make it real...make it real..

"chotte will you help me get down"anjali pleaded"are you okay???"

"afcourse di"he helped her and then turned...she had disappeared...so it was a dream.."I have to go abhi...before this weakness overpower me" he thought determined

"I will be back in a minute....stay"di said..

he wasn't staying and he wasn't loosing

"I have to introduce you to someone..chotte this is our event..."anjali started

"I don't ...."he turned...and exhaled...

there she stood staring at him with her hazelnut eyes...it was a relief to drown in their power.....he felt he was back home.....she lowered her eyes..a blush overspreading her creamy white features..."Is she real??"he thought dreamly....the sweetness of reunion was in the air...

"chotte are you listening??hello??"Di was annoyed"i think you are not well"

"never felt better"he smiled...she smiled too..both enjoying the private moment of their memories.."their memories..I like the ring to That"he thought..

"you see khushiji he is not that scary"anjali said...

"scary???..whatttttt ??"he was annoyed

"khushiji was scared from your fierce reputation"anjali smiled

"scared??are you bloody kidding me"he said very annoyed..."don't get angry..it was just a joke"anjali said concerned

"woh hum.."she tried...

"hey what's up?"aakash joined them

"arrey..khushiji this is aakash my younger brother and this"pointing at him"guy who shrieked at you is arnav singh raizada a.k.a. ASR...but you would have already guessed that"anjali said"and she is the women who made everything you see today possible"

"hey khushiji..everythings beautiful..well done"aakash replied...

"thanks"she smiled..

"I was thinking that why don't you ask khushiji for dance once they begin aakash...chotte will ask lavanya..right??"di looked at him...but he was blank...staring at her sudden distressed face..."what is Di doing??"he thought"aakash and khushi...his khushi..he was frustrated...

"khushiji say yes naa...for my sake..please.."anjali coaxed her

"okay"she said in a meek voice..

"did she actually said yes??what's happening??"he was superconfused...

"excuse me"she exited...

"this is not done ...I want my answers"he was determined...she was mine...and that's how it was supposed ti

hey guys this is actually an incomplete update...sorry for that...il complete it early tomorrow....thank you for all your awsm comments...that's what keep me going...its 12:30 in Delhi...so good night...

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