Arshi moments story no.11- You steal my breath.

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Jun 5, 2012

Arshi moments story no.11- You steal my breath. (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 50 times)

hey guys, I'm back with a new story to my collection of Arshi moments! This is a story based on before Arshi and Pakash's marriage...because I truly miss what it was like before all of this drama, the light-hearted air that there was and Arnav's constant was just something so much more magical than now. I feel that ever since he told her he loved her, that things won't be how they were before when he was charming and she was confused as to why. we go!

Khushi sat on the edge of her bed and looked at the stars that she'd hung over her bed. She flung one out of the way as she lay flat on her back. Her window was ajar, allowing the soft light from the moon to seep in, as the warm breeze skimmed her skin and gave her goosebumps. She put one hand along her other arm, to rid herself from the chills, she could feel the hairs on her arm standing up. Her focus sharpened as she heard her bedroom door open.

'Arre pagal, what are you doing lying there?' Payal asked fondly. Khushi smiled at her and sat up.

'Payal...can I ask you something?' she said, crossing her legs as Payal came to sit in front of her.

'Han, of course!'

'Are you excited?!' she said, nudging Payal. Payal looked down, blushing. 'Hay hay! Look, you've gone red as roses!' Khushi said giggling.

'Chup!' Payal said, playfully smacking her arm.

'I know he'll teach you well! He'll buy you so many things, look after you...' Khushi got up and looked into the distance whilst gesturing with her arms to show how many things he would do for her, 'He'll protect you and not let any other man touch you! He'll make you better when you're ill, make you smile when you're sad and will always keep you safe.' Khushi said, spreading her arms out and thinking about the day she would meet that man. Her mind almost swivelled to the man it could be, but Payal had pulled her isolated arm towards her which made Khushi lurch back to the bed and jump from her reverie. Khushi sat back on the bed with one of her legs underneath her and smiled to her sister. She looked so happy, and Khushi was truly overjoyed for her.

'Han han, all of those things...but what about you?!' Payal said, tapping Khushi's cheek gently, making her look up at her. Khushi's heart skipped a beat. That was true...what about her? Could that man possibly be Ar-

Her thoughts were cut off again as Payal began her description. Khushi shook her head from her constant thought of him, it was unhealthy!

'He will look after you, be your knight in shining armour that you've always wished for, he'll love you for each and every day that he lives, he'll care for you with each breath he takes and he'll miss you and think of you whenever you're not there. He'll be the first person you want to see when you wake up and the last person you want to be with and whose arms you want to be around you at night.'

Khushi's heart almost stopped this time as Payal's words played in her head. 'He'll be the first person you want to see when you wake up and the last person you want to be with and whose arms you want to be around you at night.' Khushi could only think of one person.

Payal looked at her. 'Now I wonder who that'll be!' she said, then turned around to get her clothes to get changed. Khushi was frozen to the spot. Payal did a double take when she saw her.

'Khushi! What's're looking as if you've just realised that that person is Arnav Ji or something! Haha...imagine that! You two will never stop bickering...' she said, her voice fading away as she walked to the bathroom as she laughed away at what she thought was a joke.

Khushi blinked. Payal thought it was a joke...but Khushi sat there looking into space. Dhak...dhak...dhak. She clenched the cloth of her patiala that covered over her heart and squeezed her eyes shut. Payal thought it was a joke but the person that flooded her mind really was him. Somebody for whom she knew her love would never be requited. Somebody who she knew would never care for her. Somebody who she knew would rather kill than show any remorse towards her. Somebody who she knew would never smile at her, let alone love her. At that point she wouldn't accept that she was in love with him. No...not right now. Not with him...she couldn't be. After all he'd done. Him. Arnav.

I hope you're all enjoying it so far! I tried very hard to make it different!

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Jun 6, 2012

Arshi moments story no.11- You steal my breath. (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 39 times)

'Sanka Devi! Get up!' Khushi awoke to the sounds of Buaji calling her name right by her ear. She hid under her pillow and blinked a couple of times before deciding that it was too bright for her to open her eyes. The next thing she knew, the cover was jerked off of her and her patiala trousers had rode up her legs. Buaji, knowing full well that this would make Khushi get up instantly, laughed as she watched Khushi wrestle to cover her exposed legs from the cold morning air. Khushi frowned childishly and balled her hands up to rub her eyes.

'Why do you torture me so early in the morning Buaji?!' Khushi whined. Buaji smacked her lightly on the arm.

'I need you to send this pooja plate for Anjali, she had seen our one and said she liked it so I went to Chandni Chowk to buy her one too as a surprise!' Buaji said happily.

'Why can't you send Payal?!' Khushi said, as she realised she'd have to see Arnav.

'You know they're not meant to see each other before their wedding...and besides, why should you be questioning me! Just go!' Buaji said, haughtily leaving the room. Khushi stamped her feet and then succumbed to all irritations...she knew she had to go. She got ready, as if it were a chore, and dragged her feet to the kitchen. Payal stuck her tongue out to Khushi cheekily, knowing how much she didn't want to see Arnav. Khushi grabbed the veneration plate and just before she left, she stopped by the door and turned back.

'I don't know why you're so happy...i'll tell jijaji how much you snored last night!' she said, and stuck her tongue out in retaliation to Payal. Payal gasped and was about to shout her name when Khushi giggled and ran out. Payal put her hand to her head.

'God knows what we'll do with her!'

Khushi laughed merrily as Payal's shouts grew fainter and fainter. She jumped into the rickshaw and her face dropped as she realised that she'd have to see Arnav.

'Hopefully that Laad Governor will have gone to the office and won't be back till later!' Khushi said, waving her arms around while she spoke, catching the eye of the driver. Khushi quickly calmed herself, realising how mental she must have looked doing that and speaking to herself. She got out of the rickshaw as soon as possible after that, the driver looked almost relieved to be free from her crazy gesticulations (hand movements) and talking to herself!

Khushi closed her eyes at the front door of the Raizada house.

'Devi Maiyya, raksha karna. Don't let me see that Laad Governor, he'll only be angry even more! All he does is wonder he has diabetes! There's no sweetness in him, or his life, for him to smile about! No sense of humour....' Khushi trailed off and then realised she was just standing there. She opened her eyes and almost jumped out of her skin. Arnav stood in front of her, a look of pure confusion on his face.

'What did you call me? Laad what?!'

'K...K...Kya?! Mai? Nahin...kab? I never said anything....' Khushi mumbled. Arnav rolled his eyes and was about to walk out.

'Nahin nahin!' Khushi said, gesturing for him to stop.

'What?' Arnav said stopping suddenly to see what was wrong.

'I'm a have to let me in first or else Devi Maiyya will punish you!' she said in all seriousness.

Arnav narrowed his eyes at her and once again tried to move forward.

'NAHIN!' Khushi yelled. ' I won't let you go until you listen to me!'

'Listen to you? Me? Over my dead body.' he said, pushing past her and walking out of the door. Khushi turned to watch him walk away with her hands on her hips.

'Han han Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, over somebody's dead body...but not mine! At least I listen to Devi Maiyya.' she said wagging her finger at him. Arnav turned around to scrutinise her, shook his head and walked away.

Khushi walked in and was welcomed by everybody.

'Come one Khushi Ji, join us for the pooja.' Anjali said, beckoning her forward. A clap of thunder was heard outside as it had started to rain. During the veneration, Arnav walked in soaking wet having forgotten to take an umbrella. He was mesmerised by Khushi as she held her hands close together, her eyes sealed as she prayed to her Devi Maiyya. He wondered what she must be praying about...probably the health of her dad. But he knew that she'd pray for everybody, she was extremely giving. So him? What was she praying for about him? He watched as she was the last one to get the veneration platter, so went and offered blessings to everyone. She smiled to them all, that warm smile that made Arnav's heart beat faster. Khushi hadn't realised that Arnav had come back in, and so stepped in front of him, dipping her finger in the tikka. She lifted her hand up to place it on his forehead and then realised it was him, so she froze. Arnav stared at her, everybody's eyes were on them.

'It's okay Khushi Ji...he doesn't take offerings.' Anjali said sadly. Before she'd even had time to finish she watched in awe as Arnav moved forward to make his forehead meet with Khushi's forefinger that had frozen in midair. Khushi's hand shook as she picked up a piece of fruit and handed it to Arnav.

'I'll make sugar-free Jalebi's next time...but for now have some fruit.' she said quietly to him, looking down. Anjali clapped in excitement as she watched Arnav, for the first time, willingly take blessings. Khushi blushed and looked down, whilst Arnav wondered what had possessed him. Anjali walked away with Nani Ji and the rest of the family. Khushi registered Arnav's soaking state.

'I told you!' Khushi said loudly, surprising Arnav after their silence.

Arnav frowned. 'What now?'

'I told you that Devi Maiyya would punish you if you didn't treat your guests right!' she chimed, pointing to Arnav's sodden clothes. She giggled and then tried to stop herself as she saw Arnav's stern face...but she couldn't hold it in! She started to laugh again and then skipped away, looking back to see Arnav's jaw clenched.

'Pagal...' he whispered under his breath, before he turned to walk to his room and get changed.

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Jun 7, 2012

Arshi moments story no.11- You steal my breath. (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 39 times)

'Khushi...please join us for breakfast!' Anjali pleaded, as Khushi found it difficult to deny her of anything. Khushi finally accepted and sat down at the table. Anjali looked up as Arnav walked down the stairs, Khushi kept her eyes on her teacup.

'Chote...please eat something.'

'I can't Di, i'm getting late for work.' he said, briskly walking down the stairs.

'Come on's like fate made it rain so that you'd come back home and agree to eat breakfast seeing as you disagreed earlier when you left!' Anjali said happily.

Arnav clenched his teeth. 'Yeah, fate.' he thought to himself, then narrowed his eyes at Khushi, 'More like her cursing me.' Just at that moment, Khushi made eye contact with him and jumped in her seat when she saw him staring lividly at her. She quickly looked down again.

'Devi Maiyya, save me!' she whispered frantically to herself. Nani Ji looked oddly at her, Khushi was always whispering one thing or another to herself so she decided to let it pass.

'Please Chote.' Anjali pleaded. Arnav's eyes softened and he was about to open his mouth and agree.

'NAHIN!' Khushi screamed all of a sudden. Everybody turned to look at her shocked. 'I mmean...he'll be late! Jao jao, matt karo! You can have breakfast tomorrow!' she said. 'When i'm not here.' she thought to herself.

'...What?!' Arnav said, in his original confused way. Khushi got from her seat and walked to him, pointing to the door and ushering him in that direction.

'Please, jao! We don't want you getting angrier!' Khushi bit her tongue when she said the last bit, and then squeezed her eyes shut as if it would free her from her situation.

'How dare yo-' Arnav began, his voice getting slightly louder as he squared his shoulders to her.

'You two never stop!' Anjali said, laughingly. Khushi turned to realise that they were all staring at her antics. She cleared her throat uncomfortably and walked back to the table, taking her seat uneasily.

'As a matter of fact, I will stay for breakfast today.' Arnav said, his american-tinged accent seeping through. 'As Khushi said, you have to be polite to your guests.' he said, smirking at her, sarcasm deep in his voice. Khushi looked at him, he'd got her good.

'He decides to think of values now!' she muttered to herself, 'Silly man, so so so fickle!' she said, not realising she'd viciously spread the butter on her toast which was now in pieces after her tirade. Everybody stared at her. She laughed awkwardly.

'Han vo...' she said, picking at the toast. 'You know us people from Lucknow! Loving our good ol' broken...toast.' she said, trying to act as normal as possible. Arnav looked at her bemused, he loved how unsettled he made her feel. Khushi gulped down her toast and tea, scalding her mouth and quickly got up.

'I've got to go!' she said hurriedly, tripping over her chair and quickly straightening herself and running a hand down her dress. She cleared her throat once more. 'Namaste!' she said quickly, her sandals squeaking on the marble floor. Arnav shook his head and scraped his chair back.

'I need to go too Di.' he said gruffly, and walked out. He saw Khushi standing on the edge of the sidewalk, shivering in the cold waiting for a rickshaw. Feeling sorry for her, he walked up to her.

'Khushi...' he said huskily.

Khushi jumped. 'Devi Maiyya...why is he following me?!' she said before slowly turning around. Arnav looked at her terrified face and stopped himself from smiling at how innocent she looked.

'Come on, let me drive you home.' Arnav said. Khushi's eyes widened.

'No!' she said, without realising how adamant she sounded. Arnav frowned.

'I mean...i'll be'll stop somewhere recluse and throw me out of the car...' she said mumbling to herself. Arnav sighed and knew she wouldn't agree without a fight, so he grabbed her hand and pulled her to the car. As he knew she would, Khushi tried to fight with him but he was too strong for her. He opened the car door and lifted her up into the passenger seat, he looked up and saw how close they were and how she'd clung onto his hand. He stared into her eyes, both of their heartbeats uniting as their hands fit together like a puzzle. Khushi realised what she was doing and quickly pulled her hand back and looked away, putting her dupatta properly. Arnav reached over to put her seatbelt in for her as she always forgot, and Khushi watched him as his masculine perfume enveloped the air. Arnav stopped whilst leaning over and looked at her face once more, it took all of his energy to not admit that he was attracted to her. He moved back and slammed the passenger door shut, angry that he'd almost shown any affection for her.

'Thank you for remembering about my seatbelt...' Khushi said quietly. Arnav turned his face slightly towards her, to show her that he'd heard, and then looked at the road again.

'Aaj mausam hai suhana...' Khushi began to sing, knowing it would irritate Arnav's silence. He grinded his teeth and clenched the steering wheel.

'Khushi...' he said, but Khushi just sang louder.

'Kapde Dhone Ka Hai Bahana!!!!' She continued singing and even started to move her shoulders along to the tune.

'Khushi enough of this nonsense!' he yelled, punching the steering wheel. Khushi was silenced, but tried to hold back laughter.

'What the! What the! What the!' she chimed to his outburst. Arnav pressed the breaks hard just as they'd reached her house, making her lurch forwards. He grabbed her by her shoulders.

'What don't you understand about silence damn it!?' he said, angrily. Khushi tried to hold in her laughter.

'Maybe I don't understand anything about silence...but I do understand about treating guests well!' she said, pointing at his car window. Arnav followed her hand and saw that a bird had dumped their business all over it. He sighed angrily.

'See! You treat your guests badly again, and see what happens!' and quickly got out of the car just as he was about to say something.

'KHUSHI!' he yelled.

She turned around and looked at him through his window. 'Aaj Mausam hai suhana!' she sang, dancing in her typical bhangra way. She giggled at his expression and skipped into her house. The sounds of her singing grew fainter as Arnav's temperament got angrier. Pressing his foot on the accelerator, he sped off to work. That girl would drive him crazy!

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Jun 7, 2012

Arshi moments story no.11- You steal my breath. (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 40 times)

Arnav parked his car abruptly and slammed his car door. Why did he disagree with Khushi's outlook on life, yet why did that attract him to her? This frustrated him as he tried to deny his feelings for her. He lightened up as he remembered that his best friend, Arjun, was coming to see him today and stay with him for Akash's wedding. He straightened his tie and walked straight into his office.

'Hey man!' Arjun said, getting up from a seat he'd occupied and giving him a brotherly hug. 'You've become so big now that you're even late to seeing your bro?' he said, winking at him.

Arnav shook his head, 'It's nothing like that, I just had to drop Kh-' he stopped what he was saying. He would NOT mention her or even think about her right now! 'It doesn't matter, how are you anyway?'

They got into a deep conversation about how things were and family business.

'Dude, i'll get someone to transfer all of your luggage and things home now. Do you wanna go too?' Arnav enquired.

'No man! I wanna spend some time with you!' Arjun said happily.

'Okay...but expect chaos when you walk in later! Anjali's having a massive dinner party and she'll be mad that you stayed with me...but suit yourself!' Arnav said shrugging.

They spent the rest of the day together, whenever Arnav had business to attend to, Arjun would lounge on the sofa in his office which he was happy enough to do due to all of the jet lag.

Later that evening, they both left the office for home where Anjali was holding a welcoming dinner for Arjun. As soon as they walked in, Arnav felt a gust of wind hit him and he heard anklets chiming in the air.

'Oh no...' he said.

'What?!' Arun said worried.

'Please don't let her be here...' he muttered.


'Khushi!' Anjali called as she walked past them. She did a double take when she saw them and put her hands on her hips.

'All day i've been waiting for you and you decide to turn up now?!' she said, pretending to be angry. Arjun held his ears.

'Please forgive me, it was all Arnav's fault!' he said, laughing as he hugged Anjali. Arnav rolled his eyes and heard the anklets getting louder as Anjali had called her. He closed his eyes in desperation. Someone help him!

'Han Di...' Khushi said as she turned the corner. Both Arnav and Arjun had the breath blown out of them as they saw her. She looked dazzling, as her long hair swept her shoulders and her green eyes looked brighter than ever. She looked so soft and warm in her navy blue and silver lengha. Arnav heard Arjun gasp at her beauty and a strange anger filled him...he wasn't sure what it was. Khushi looked down timidly, whilst Anjali pulled her forward towards Arjun.

'Arjun, this is Khushi Ji. She's Payal, Akash's fianc's sister!' Anjali said smilingly. Arjun looked mesmerised. He held out his hand to her. Khushi accepted his handshake.

'It's very nice to meet you Khushi Ji.' he said with a charming smile. Khushi liked him, at least he smiled which was more than Arnav could ever accomplish! She looked at Arnav's stern fleetingly and then decided she'd talk to Arjun instead.

'It's also very nice to meet you!' Khushi said, exaggerating her happiness. Arjun held onto her hand and they chattered away whilst he made Khushi laugh. Arnav couldn't pinpoint the anger and infuriation in him that was burning and gnawing into him.

'Khushi!' Payal called. Khushi turned her head over her shoulder and then finally disentangled her hand from Arjun's.

'I'll be right back.' she said smiling, and turned her back to walk away.

'Man...she's hot!' Arjun said to Arnav, whose anger silenced him even more. Khushi heard him say that and felt her forehead.

'Me? Well's quite cold actually...' she thought, frowning to herself as her innocence shined through. She shook her head and walked away.

'Yo dude...what's wrong?' Arjun said, registering Arnav's furious glare.

'You're both mental.' he said angrily.

'See?! We'd be good together then, right?' Arjun said cheekily. Arnav snorted.

'Ha! That's a house on fire waiting to happen!' he said sarcastically, then turned to walk to the dining room. He thought about the anger in him...was it really anger, or jealousy?

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Jun 10, 2012

Arshi moments story no.11- You steal my breath. (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 39 times)

Arnav sat at the table, staring at Khushi with anger in his eyes. Khushi got up to help serve the food, as she got up from her seat, her dupatta fell. She quickly picked it up, her cheeks tinged with embarrassment.

'Yeah you're right Arjun, you'd be perfect for each other...both as stupid as each other.' he hissed, angrily. Khushi looked at him, her mouth opened in shock at the audacity of him.

'Fine Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada...two can play at that game!' she said to herself. Walking to the kitchen she picked up a plate.

'Anjali Ji, you get Nani ji's food and i'll get Arnav ji's, teek hai?' she said smilingly. Anjali nodded and walked out. Khushi giggled and picked up a ladle. She looked at the contents of the dish...chilli paneer. She laughed as she spooned it onto his plate, knowing that he couldn't eat chilli.

'Va're too much!' she said to herself, twirling her hand in the air as she put a straight face on and walked to the table.

'Here you go Arnav Ji!' she said, batting her eyelashes innocently. He looked at her oddly and picked up his spoon. Khushi turned around to go back to the kitchen and skipped there slowly.

'3...2...1...' she counted down.

'WHAT THE?!' she heard Arnav Ji yell. She snorted, trying not to laugh. She turn around and saw Arnav staring at her, tears in his eyes from how hot the food was.

'Kya hua?!' she said, feigning surprise.

'He doesn't eat spicy things Khushi Ji!' Anjali said giggling. Khushi pretended to gasp.

'Oh no!' she said, trying to hold in laughter. 'You'd have thought that chilli is all he ate with the heat and anger that he possess's...' she muttered to herself as she went to retrieve his plate.

'What did you say?!' he snarled.

'Oh...kuch nahin...just, when you call us people from Lucknow stupid...well, you just have to think before you speak!' she said giggling, and winked at him before she walked away. She got him a fresh plate of food and placed it on the table, exaggerating her movements and batting her eyelashes again.

'There you go!' she said, sweetly. Arnav snatched the plate from her hands and picked up his spoon once more whilst Khushi took a seat next to Arjun.

'Nice trick.' he whispered to her. Khushi looked up at him, frowning.

'How did you know?' she said quietly.

'Great minds think alike!' he said, nudging her shoulder slightly. Khushi looked down at her plate and laughed to herself. Arnav looked on, eating angrily.

'Psht...I don't care about them...' he said half-heartedly, but kept looking up to see them interact. Anjali saw this and laughed to herself, looking over at Nani Ji, they shared a knowing look.

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Jun 16, 2012

Arshi moments story no.11- You steal my breath. (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 30 times)

After dinner, Anjali, Khushi and Payal all sat in the lounge area trying on different necklaces and bangles for Payal's wedding. The chatter was lively as the girls spoke excitedly about the preparations for the wedding.

'My jiji is finally getting married!' Khushi said, getting up to cuddle her sister. Payal blushed.

'Han! You'll soon be my bhabhi!' Arjun said, walking to the sofas with Arnav and standing next to Khushi. Khushi and Anjali both giggled.

'Hey, stop giggling! What about you?!' Payal said, grabbing on to Khushi's hands.

'What about me?' Khushi asked smilingly.

'What about you and YOUR wedding?' Payal said, nudging her cheekily. Khushi blushed crimson as Arnav's eyes met hers instantly. Khushi quickly looked away.

'Oh shush's your wedding, not mine!' Khushi said hurriedly.

'But there MUST be someone who has caught your eye?' Arjun asked, probing further. Khushi laughed it off. 'Oh I're not answering my question...hai hai! SO there is someone!' Khushi whacked his arm playfully.

'Well seeing as you're indignant that there's no one...' Arjun said, he took Khushi's phone from her hands and then gave it back to her, Khushi gave him a questioning look. 'There's my number.' he said, winking at her. Khushi smiled at how friendly he was.

'Di, i'm going up to my room.' Arnav said angrily. Anjali looked up at him.

'Why? Stay here with us for a bit.' she said.

'No.' Everyone turned to look at him, he shook with fury and stormed out of the room. How could Arjun be so charming and make Khushi laugh and smile so easily? Khushi WOULD though wouldn't she...she's such a gold dig- No. Arnav stopped his thoughts...he knew he was lying to himself. He knew she wasn't a gold digger. He heard a gentle rap on the door and saw Khushi looking down at the floor awkwardly, she looked so radiant and beautiful.

'What?' he said, ruder than he had intended. Khushi looked up at him shyly.

'Di told me to give you these...' she said, holding out a pack of diabetic tablets. Arnav grunted and snatched them from her. Khushi turned around.

'Angry, ungrateful, too good for nothing...' she muttered to herself and then felt the wind being knocked out of her as Arnav spun her around.

'Who the HELL do you think you are? Coming to my house, strutting around as if you own the place! It's your sisters're so selfish talking about your own! You and marriage?! Who would want to marry you?' he said, silence ringing in the air as the last words left his mouth. Khushi looked stung as she staggered backwards from his tirade. She held his eye contact as the tears accumulated in her eyes and she quickly ran out of the room.

'Khushi!' Arnav called, realising how much of a 'Angry, ungrateful, too good for nothing...' fool he was.

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Jun 17, 2012

Arshi moments story no.11- You steal my breath. (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 34 times)

Khushi staggered into the hallway as Arnav's hurtful words resounded in her ears. 'Who would want to marry you?' kept ringing in her mind. The tears in her eyes had frozen...they lapped at the brim of her eyelids but just wouldn't fall. She held onto the wall as she walked, and then felt herself being pulled around again.

'Khushi...I didn't mean it.' Arnav said, holding onto her hand and looking down at her. Khushi was lost in a daze, she was unresponsive to him. 'Khushi...say something.' Arnav said, stepping closer to her. 'Khushi?' his voice now worried.

'Maybe no one would want to marry me, but who would want to marry you?' she said quietly. 'All you do is inflict pain upon people...I mean, if you really wanted something then surely you could find a nice way of getting it instead of hurting people on the way.' she said, pushing Arnav's hand away from hers and stepping back. This angered Arnav even more.

'Don't tell me what to do.' he said, his teeth clenched.

'Or else what?' Khushi challenged him. Arnav rolled his eyes.

'Maybe you and Arjun ARE perfect for each other.' he muttered.

'What? Where did that come from?' Khushi said, truly confused.

'Nobody has to say anything, it's obvious. You're both as stubborn and mad as each other.' he spat. Khushi opened her mouth in offence.

'So what's YOUR problem in that then?' Khushi asked, 'If we DID want to get married, what's your issue in that?'

'Of COURSE I have an issue with that!' Arnav yelled grabbing Khushi's shoulders and shaking her.

Khushi stared at him. 'So explain to me, what is it?' This silenced Arnav as he looked away, grinding his teeth. Khushi pushed herself away from his grip. 'And you call ME mad!' she said, bewildered by his attitude and behaviour. 'Sometimes I feel like it's YOU whose lost the plot.'

'Oh yeah, it's definitely ME out of us two.' Arnav said rolling his eyes.

'And Laad governor is back!' Khushi said, sighing.

'Hey guys...what's going on up here?' Arjun said, cheekily walking towards them. Khushi turned her back to Arnav and smiled at Arjun warmly whilst Arnav's face became rock solid.

'Khushi Ji...turn around, I have a surprise for you!' Arjun said happily.

'Kya?' Khushi said surprised.

'Just turn around!'

Khushi reluctantly turned around which at the same time meant facing Arnav again. She looked at him and he looked down at her. Arnav's eyes flicked up to see what Arjun was doing behind her and his jaw clenched. Khushi saw this and frowned, and questioned Arnav with her eyes when he looked back at her. Arnav just looked away. Arjun pushed Khushi's hair away from her neck and put a necklace on her, his fingers rubbing against her back as he tried to put the clasp on. Khushi's eyes widened as she realised what he was doing and she jerked forwards, subconsciously grabbing on to Arnav's hand. Arnav looked down to see her holding onto his hand and she quickly let go, blushing. Arjun struggled to get the clasp attached.

'Don't worry, i'll do it.' Khushi said, taking the necklace from him and putting it into the box, anything to free her from his touch. She felt so awkward and uncomfortable. 'Thank you so's beautiful.' she said, grateful to him.

'Anjali told me to give it to it wasn't really a surprise from ME.' he said sheepishly.

'Pathetic.' Arnav mumbled.

'Anyway i'm going to go downstairs, are you coming?' Arjun asked. Before Khushi could reply, Arnav opened his mouth.

'We will in a minute, I need to give Khushi my tablets to bring downstairs.' Arnav said. Khushi frowned at him.

'Cant you even do th-' Khushi began.

'I have a laptop conference, I won't have time to.' Arnav said hurriedly. Khushi walked to his room and Arjun shrugged and went downstairs. She picked up the packet of medicine and was just about to leave when Arnav closed the door and barricaded her in with his arms, her back was towards him. He pulled the necklace box out of her hands.

'What are you doing?' Khushi asked trying to turn around to look him in the eyes. Arnav gently pushed Khushi's hair from her back and took the necklace out of the box. With a swift movement, he put the necklace on her. Khushi's shut her eyes, his touch was exhilarating to her and she didn't know why.

'That's how you do it.' he said quietly. Khushi opened her eyes, and turned her head to look at him, his arms were still on each side of the wall. They both looked away quickly and disentangled themselves from each other.

'No wonder he can't eat chilli...even when he eats a little bit he becomes unrecognisable.' Khushi muttered.

Arnav frowned, 'What?' Khushi jumped at his voice.

'Nothing!' she said hurriedly, and quickly opened the door and left. Arnav stood rooted to the spot as he recalled how she'd clung onto his hand when Arjun had touched her, and how she hadn't moved away when he himself had put the necklace on her. Why did this elate him? Arnav couldn't come to grips with his feelings, what had gotten into him to even put the necklace on her? He closed his eyes and turned around furiously. He wouldn't let himself fall...would he?

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Jun 18, 2012

Arshi moments story no.11- You steal my breath. (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 35 times)

Khushi sat on the marble floor, a million music records surrounding her as she tried to sort out the music for her sister's wedding. Her hands hovered over several CD's as her mind stayed in constant turmoil at the way Arnav had just been with her. She closed her eyes, feeling his touch once again on his back and on her hand when she'd clung onto him. His hands were warm, strong, perfectly sized compared to her dainty fingers. She sighed and dropped the records she was holding.

'Khushi...stop being silly. You're not thinking straight, so just sort it out tomorrow.' she said to herself. She got up and gathered all of the items in her hand and was careful not to drop the huge pile. She began to walk backwards as she looked around to see if she'd left anything, and then turned around face first into a solid physique. Her cheek was pressed against a warm, cashmere, jumper and a musky sent was wafted towards her as all of the CD's crashed to the ground. She looked up, a hand to her forehead as she took the weight of the blow.

'Can't you see where you're going God damn it?' Arnav yelled, as he looked up into a surprised Khushi's face.

'Can't you?!' Khushi retaliated.

'WHY the hell were you walking backwards? Are you mad?' Arnav shouted.

'If you could see I was walking backwards, why did you walk into me?!' Khushi said, 'Are YOU mad?!'

'This is MY house, and you come here and talk to me like this? No manners!' Arnav retorted.

'I have no manners? ME?! Says the one walking into their guests!'

Arnav clenched his teeth. 'Why are you even still here? Dinner was over hours ago!'

Khushi opened her mouth at how rude this man was! 'Sorry?! It's my sisters wedding in two weeks! It's not like I want to be here to see you!'

Arnav glared at her.

'Han han, that shut you up isn't it Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada? Realising that not everybody wants to see your face!'

'GET OUT!' Arnav yelled at her. Khushi jumped at the volume of his voice.

'Han han, dont worry, I don't fancy staying here any longer!' She said, turning her nose up to him and walking away, she looked over her shoulder and glared at him as she walked out. 'That stupid Laad Governor...always coming in my way!'

Morning dawned and Khushi was once again on her way to the Raizada's to prepare for Payal's wedding. Arjun opened the door to her.

'Hey Khushi Ji! You're back!' Arjun said happily, showing her in. Khushi said her namaste and went to find Anjali.

'Namaste Khushi Ji!' Anjali said cheerfully. Khushi reciprocated with a smile and looked down again. 'Khushi Ji...are you okay?' she said, worried. Out of nowhere, Khushi burst into tears. Anjali held her by the shoulders.

'What's happened?' she said worried. Khushi went on to tell her how it was the anniversary of her mother and father and how much she missed them and wished they were here.

'Khushi Ji...I know what it's like to miss your parents. WE are your family too and so you need to realise that you'll never be alone, okay?' Anjali said reassuringly as she cuddled Khushi. 'It's funny you say that Khushi Ji because it seems like Chote has been missing Amma too today.' Anjali said frowning. Khushi snivelled and thought about the coincidence.

'Thank you Anjali Ji.' Khushi said, making her best efforts to smile. Anjali nodded and handed her a mug of tea.

'Please give this to Chote for me? The caterer has just called and I need to call him back, and Chote didn't have anything to drink this morning.'

Khushi reluctantly nodded, she was not in the mood for another argument with him so vowed to just walk in and walk out of his room. She knocked on his door which was slightly ajar.

'Come in.'

Khushi walked in looking down.

'What do you want?' Arnav said gruffly. Khushi ignored him and put his tea on his table. 'I told you not to ignore me when I talk to you.' she heard him say. As she put his mug down, she saw a picture of who she assumed to be his parents. She gingerly picked it up and looked at it.

'Don't touch that!' Arnav said, raising his voice and getting up to snatch it from her hands.

'Anjali Ji told me how you miss your Amma..' Khushi said quietly. Arnav clenched his teeth.

'That's none of your business.'

'But...I just wanted to say that I know what...' she began.

'Don't say anything! I don't want to hear what you have to God damn say! You speak too much for your own damn good! You don't know anything!' Arnav screamed at her. Khushi jumped backwards, tears brimming her eyes. She'd already felt emotional this morning, but now she couldn't hold it in any longer. She began to walk backwards to leave the room but Arnav's anger mounted and he grabbed her arm.

'You can go back home to your parents and not have any problems in your life!' he said, shaking her, 'Sometimes, I wonder how your parents live with YOU.' Khushi's eyes flicked to his face as his words hit her, the tears escaping her eyes. 'You think you 'KNOW' everything huh? You don't know ANYTHING about pain or loss.' he said shoving her away as Khushi staggered backwards by the force of his push. Her back hit the closed door and she closed her eyes from the torment of his words that had silenced her. She opened her eyes once more to see Arnav walking towards her, the mug of tea in her hands.

'Actually, take your damn tea. I don't want it!' he said, pushing it in her hands. Khushi clung onto the handle, thinking it was the only thing that was keeping her from screaming at him. Arnav turned around on his heel in anger, then turned back around to face her. He whacked the mug of tea out of her hand as it smashed on the floor and Khushi whimpered in pain as the hot tea spilt on her hand. This knocked sense back into Arnav, the sound and sight of her in pain slashing his heart. He realised what he'd done.

'Khushi...are you okay?' he said, trying to pick up her burnt palm. Khushi moved away from him, cradling her hand to herself.

'Don't touch me.' she said quietly. She bent down and picked up the pieces of smashed china on the floor and gathered it together. Arnav also bent down.

'You don't have to do that.' he said. Khushi ignored him and ran out of the room just as Anjali opened the door to walk in.

'Khushi Ji!' Anjali called out in concern as she saw a heavily upset Khushi run out of the room. She turned to Arnav not realising that they'd argued. 'Poor Khushi Ji...she must miss them so much.' Anjali muttered.

Arnav blinked twice. 'Kya? What do you mean?'

Anjali looked up at him. 'Don't you know? It's Khushi's parents' anniversary today.'

'WHAT?' Arnav said loudly.

' must be so hard on her because she doesn't have anyone. At least we have each other, but she doesn't have any blood relatives. I'm happy she has such a good family to look after her though.' she sighed, and then limped out of the room.

'Oh man...' Arnav whispered, as he realised what he'd done. He recalled how he'd questioned her as to how her parents must cope with her, how she had no sense of loss or pain and how harshly he'd pushed her away. His strength compared to hers was tumultuous, he must have really hurt her. He clenched his teeth and dug his nails into his hand as anger towards himself seeped out of him. He slammed his fist against the wall as disgust filled his mind.

Khushi stumbled out of the lounge after she'd finished arranging what CD's to use for Payal's wedding. She passively walked to the door to leave the house, and opened it and then felt it being pushed closed again. She looked up to see a hand from behind her push it close. She turned around.

'Khushi...maybe I shouldn't have spoken to you like that earlier.' Arnav said, looking down.

'Maybe?' Khushi said, frowning, disbelief on her face.

Arnav looked at her. 'I do you do it?'

Khushi looked up at him, a questioning look on her face. 'Kya?'

'Seem so happy and spread happiness when you're paining inside?' Arnav whispered, genuinely looking for an answer. A small smile spread on Khushi's lips, a sad smile.

'Just because you've been through pain, it doesn't make it acceptable to put other's through it. You've got to try and move on with your life and enjoy it...or else you'll die in vain.' she said quietly and shrugged. Arnav hesitated as Khushi turned to walk away.

'Khushi?' he said nervously.

Khushi turned her head to look at him.

'I'm sorry...really, I am.' he said, looking into her eyes. Khushi felt a sudden warmth fill her...she couldn't stay angry at this man for long and she didn't know why.

'It's okay...leave it.' she said, forgiving him. She knew that Arnav never apologised, so when he did he must really mean it. 'It was just your hurt speaking.' she said quietly. She forgot how Arnav had always treated her, forgot how he was always angry and made excuses for him and his bad actions. She always forgave him. Before Arnav could respond, she walked out of the house. Arnav stood there wondering how she could always forgive him with a smile on her face, even if he put her through hell. He thought of all of the crap he'd made her endure and felt guilty at how easily she forgave him. He sighed and closed the door of the Raizada household.

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Jun 19, 2012

Arshi moments story no.11- You steal my breath. (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 28 times)

I'm sorry but today (18/6/12) Arnav just looked so unbelievably sexy (as usual!) it's illegal to be that hot

Back to the storyyy:

The next week and a half was madness at both the Gupta's house and the Raizada's house as the wedding approached ever closer. Khushi tended to avoid Arnav after their last meeting, even though she'd forgiven him she was still hurt and didn't want to seem as if she was double standards and had only just said she'd forgiven him but really acted like she hadn't. For some reason she felt an ache in her heart and a flutter in her belly when she thought of him. She tried to push him to the back of her mind but he always stayed prominent. Arnav, on the other hand, couldn't concentrate on his work which frustrated him and got him into an even worse mood. He was constantly angry now and if the smallest things were out of place his temperament would get the better of him. He would pretend that it was nothing to do with Khushi but he knew he wasn't convincing anybody. He'd caught glimpses of her in the past week and a half but every time they made eye contact, Khushi would hurry away. He acted like he didn't care but it confused him as to why it nagged him so much. He decided to put her to the back of his mind but she was still prominent. One day on coming home from the office, Arnav sat down for a cup of coffee with Arjun in the lounge.

'Dude, I hardly see you anymore!' Arjun complained.

'I know, i'm so busy in the office nowadays.' Arnav said bluntly. He closed his eyes for a few seconds and lay the back of his head on the sofa.

'So dude, I was thinking of calling Khushi over tomorrow to help us with the decorations for the Mendhi.' Arjun said happily. Arnav's eyes snapped open at the sound of her name.

'Han whatever.' he said, pretending not to care. He closed his eyes once more.

'Actually, let me call her!' Arjun said loudly. Arnav opened his eyes again at the sound of Arjun's voice, annoyed that his peace and quiet had been interrupted. He watched Arjun dial her number and listened to it ring. He sighed when she didn't pick up, Arjun on the other hand panicked and put the phone down.

'Maybe she doesn't' want to talk to me right now...or maybe she's busy!' he stammered. Arnav rolled his eyes.

'No no strong! Call her! Be a man!' He said, putting on a charming smile as he spoke to himself. Arjun gawked at him like he'd gone mad. Arjun called again and waited till it rang and then cut again, Arnav stared on in annoyance and kissed his teeth. Before Arjun could say anything his phone rang on the loudest volume. This annoyed Arnav's serenity even more.

'Han Khushi Ji!' Arjun's voice trembled. Arnav's eyes diverted straight to his face as he heard her say his name. He watched Arjun laugh and talk nervously and then quickly hang up. His phone rang once more and he panicked.

'I cut too quickly!' Arjun said to Arnav and threw the phone at him. Arnav rolled his eyes, but for some reason that he couldn't quite pinpoint his palms became sweaty and his heart rate increased.

'What?' he shouted down the phone. Khushi jumped as her heart beat quickened.

'What what? I was talking to Arjun!'

'Do you have to call in bunches of 3?' Arnav said sarcastically.

'Nobody told you to listen to how many times I call! And if it annoys you so much, then why are you keeping tabs on me?!' Khushi retorted. Arnav clenched his teeth in aggravation.

'Han han I know you're Arnav Singh Raizada!' Khushi said as Arnav opened his mouth, as if she'd sensed him, 'But right now i'm in MY house and I can talk to whoever I want, however I want!' she said, and then giggled.

'Do you find this funny?'

Khushi put her hand to her mouth to stop her giggling and put on a straight face.

'Yeah, so? Remember you said, 'It's my house, I can do whatever I want.', she said, imitating his voice. 'Well now i'm doing what I want!'

Arnav frowned in bemusement at her impression of him. 'You obviously need to get your ears checked if I sound like that to you.' his american accent seeping into his english.

'The same way you need to get your anger checked! And while you're at it, check your humour too! There doesn't seem to be a funny bone in your body!' she said sarcastically.

'Khushi Kumari Gupta...' Arnav said, his voice rising.

'Han han, you know my least we don't have to get your memory checked too!' she said cheekily before slamming the phone down. She giggled to herself and then her heart jumped as she heard the phone ring.

'Hello?' she said nervously.

'Don't talk to me like that!' she heard Arnav yell. Out of nervousness and giggling so much, she slammed the phone down again. Once again the phone rang.

'Do you have to call in bunches of 3?!' Khushi said as she picked the receiver up, quoting Arnav.

'Kya?!' Buaji said on the other end. Khushi covered her mouth in shock and surprise to hear an unexpected voice.

'Han han Buaji...namaste!'

'Enough of the formalities girl! God you're even crazier than I thought. Have you got yours and Payal's dress ready for the Mendhi?'

Khushi finished off her conversation with Buaji and laughed off what had just happened. She loved the new confidence she'd found in herself to talk back to Arnav although she still found him intimidating. She sighed as she thought about the Mendhi and what antics would arouse this time.

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Jun 20, 2012

Arshi moments story no.11- You steal my breath. (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 33 times)

The next morning Arnav woke up early and went to have his breakfast. He was in the process of returning to his room, with a cup of coffee to his lips, when he stopped dead. Infront of him he watched Arjun pacing the floor by the main entrance door.

'What the hell are you doing?' Arnav asked, frowning. Arjun jumped and turned around, a grin on his face. He looked down and blushed.

'Vo...Khushi Ji is coming I wanted to open the door for her.' he said shyly. Arnav gritted his teeth and rolled his eyes in frustration and envy. He began to walk away when he heard Arjun calling out to him.

'Hey bro! You have to help out later with decorations, okay?' he said cheekily. Arnav grunted and carried on walking upstairs. Half an hour later he heard the door downstairs opened and he held his breath to see if he could hear Khushi. He realised what he was doing and quickly started to breathe again, acting as if her presence meant nothing. He fidgeted for the next fifteen minutes, not able to concentrate as he was aware that she was downstairs.

'Arnav Ji...' he heard her voice and thought he was going mad. 'Arnav Ji...' he heard her a little louder this time, but kept thinking he was imagining it, 'ARNAV JI!' the voice was shouting now.

'WHAT?!' Arnav said out of nowhere, looking like a complete fool. He looked up and realised that Khushi was ACTUALLY standing by the door. He realised he'd been daydreaming of her and then she'd actually come upstairs, he clenched his fist. She jumped back at his shout.

'It's not my fault that you're deaf!'

'Excuse me?' he said, scrutinising her.

'I have to call you three times and even after that you yell at me!' she said, shaking her head.

'What do you want?' he said bluntly.

'We...I mean Arjun needs help.' she said, looking away. Arnav got up, a smirk on his face as he intimidatingly walked towards her.

'So now you need my help huh?' he said, his arms folded as he slowly continued his walk. Khushi looked behind her and kept walking backwards.

'I...I said...Ar...Arjun!' she stammered.

'You said we before that though, didn't you?'

'So now he decides to hear!' Khushi muttered to herself. She looked back and felt her palm hitting the back of the closed door as Arnav's arms barricaded her in once more. Khushi squeezed her eyes shut as she moved her head away from him, Arnav lifted his hand and with a feathers weight he pushed her fringe from her face and tucked it behind her ear. Khushi shuddered and a faint smile licked Arnav's face...he loved the effect he had on her.

His finger moved to her lips and was just about to touch her, he could feel the heat pulsating from their bodies.

'Khushi Ji!' Arjun called. Khushi leapt away from Arnav, as Arnav stood there frustrated and angry. He couldn't pinpoint why SHE had such an effect on HIM.

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