Till death do us part...

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May 28, 2012

Till death do us part... (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 112 times)

I want to start from the point where khushi finds out that shyaam is behind arnav's kidnapping. She overhears shyaam talking to about someone about Arnav.

Khushi runs back to her room with tears in her eyes and talks to herself: hey devi maaiya...iska matlab shyaamji ne arnavji ko....yeh sab kuch hamari wajah se hua hai...ab hum kya karein...humey arnavji ko bachana ki hoga..iske liye humey chahey kuch bhi karna parey...hey devi maaiya arnavji ki raksha karna (oh god..this means that shyaamji has kidnapped arnavji...all these happened because of me...what do I do now...I have to save arnavji... no matter what...oh god please protect him)

At the same time arnav tied to a chair...is thinking about khushi...all those times when they were close all her antics and gestures and says: khushiii and faints.

That evening khushi follows shyaam...when he went out of shantivan and reaches an under construction building. She manages to hide herself so that shyaam can't see.

She follows him and sees arnav tied to a chair with his head hung down and surrounded by men pointing guns at him.

Shyaam enters with an evil smile on his face and says to his men...issey khol do..arey bhai hamarey saale saab hai ...kuch to khatir dari karni paregi...aur tum sab bahar jao (open him..he is my brother-in-law...I need to take care of him...u all go out)

one of his men: lekin boss... (but boss...)

shyaam: splashes water on arnav's face and arnav regains his consciousness and says to his men...arey yeh kya bigadega hamara...aab yeh kisi layek nehi (what will he do to me...he is not worth anything now)

khushi was watching all these and she was unable to control her emotions seeing arnav like this.

She texts akash and says to inform police and come to that location.

Akash doesn't understand this and tries calling her. She disconnects and again texts him.

Khushi text: jijaji ..pls hamarey paas zyada waqt nehi hai aap jaldi kijiye...arnavji khatrey mein...aur ghar mein kuch mat boliye (I don't have time..please come fast...arnavji in danger..dont tell anyone at home)

Arnav in the meantime tries hard to get up...shyaam laughs at his attempt and says: saale saab aapki to kismat hi kharab hai....ek taraf aapki behen jisko humne istamaal kiya...(its all ur misfortune...one side its your sister..whom I have used...)

Arnav feels like thrashing him at this word and gets up and holds his collar

Shyaam: arey rukiye abhi to baki hai...aur aapki khushi...gives an evil smile and says: kash saale saab aap unki baatein maan leti....lekin nehi aapko to hum pe zyada yaakin tha.. (and on the other hand your khushi...only if you had believed her...but you trust me more...)

Arnav is confused at this...

Shyaam continues: khushiji ko humne dhoka diya tha ...jaise humne aapko aur anjali ko diya...hum to khushi ko bas hasil karna chahtey they..lekin unhe jab hamarey pyaar ka koi kadar nehi humey bhi koi farq nehi parta...baarey miltey hai khushi jaisi larkiya...lekin isi jhoot ko aapne sach man liya aur hamara kaam aasan ho gaya. (I have betrayed khushi..just as I did with you and anjali...I just wanted to get her...but if she doesn't have any respect for my love..i also don't care...I will get many like khushi...but you believed in me...and that made my work easier)

Waise aap soch rahe honge ki hum yeh sab aapko kyun kahe rahe hai...kyunki humey lagta hai ki martey huye insaan se jhoot nehi kehena chahiye(by the way you must be thinking why am I saying all these to you...because I think that you should not say lie to a person who is going to die)

And breaks into an evil laughter and takes out a gun and points at arnav: alvidaa saale saab (good bye..brother-in-law)

Khushi doesn't know what to do...she runs and screams...ARNAVJI and pushes him. At the same time the bullet from shyaam's gun hits her and she falls to the floor.

Arnav is so startled at this he doesn't know what to do. he shouts ...KHUSHIII... becomes mad with anger catches hold of shyaam and holds his neck and holds him against the pillar.

Khushi now lying on the floor drenched with blood..and just stretches her hand and says...ar..navji

Arnav comes back to his senses and runs towards her...khushii...khushiii...

Shyaam takes this opportunity and runs away.

Akash along with police come in, but Shyaam had fled by then. The police catches the rest of the gang.

Akash runs inside where arnav was sitting with blood drenched khushi on his lap.

Arnav rubbing khushi's cheeks trying keep her awake and crying: khushi...yeh tumne kya kiya....kh..khushi kuch nehi hoga tumhe....main kuch hone nehi dunga (khushi...what did you do..khushi...nothing will happen to you....i will not let anything happen...)

Khushi: just manages to give him a faint smile , holds his hands and says: ar...nav...

And becomes unconscious.

Akash enters by then: bhai..khushiji ko kya huya..(bro...what happened to khushi...)

Arnav with utmost desperation: akash please khushi ko bachao..please...usey kuch nehi ho sakta.... (akash please save khushi...nothing should happen to her)

Akash and arnav rush khushi to a nearby hospital. Arnav was absolutely shattered..he just managed to convey to akash that shyaam was behind all this.

He just keeps khushi's head on his lap and keeps on crying: khushi ...please ankhein kholo...please..main nehi jee sakta tumharey bina..khushi please (khushi...please open your eyes...please...I can't live without you)

They reach the hospital.

Arnav to the doctors: doctor...doctor...khushiii...meri khushi ko bacha lijiye...please (doctor..doctor...please save my khushi)

Doctors take her to the operation theatre

Arnav breaks down infront of the closed door of the operation theatre and falls on the floor. Akash goes and grabs him and hugs him: bhai sambhaliye apne aap ko...aap aisa bikhar jaoge to kaise chalega...bhai please (please control yourself... you cannot breakdown like this...)

Arnav holds akash and starts crying: akash maine usko hamesha galat samjha...hamesha uske sath bura kiya..aur aj usne mere liye apni jaan khatrey mein daal di...I should have died..i should have died..(akash I have always misunderstood her...and today she has put her life in danger and saved me...)

Akash: please bhai....

They inform the family that khushi has met with an accident. All the raizadas come to the hospital unaware of what happened.

Akash calls payal aside and tells her whatever he heard from arnav.

Arnav on the other hand was unaware of the whole world...he was only thinking of khushi...and each and every action of his was haunting him...he had never felt so helpless in his life...

The heer ranjha performance flashed before his eyes.

Khushi had said: thodi der mein ranjha ki zindagi ka sabse bura aura apke zindagi ka sabse achha waqt aane wala hai....hum maar jayenge... (in sometime it's going to be the saddest moment of ranjha's life and happiest moment of your life .....i am going to die..)

He recalls this and shouts ...khushiiiiiiii.....

May 28, 2012

Till death do us part... (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 111 times)

Anjali runs towards him hearing him cry out khushi's name and hugs him...and says: chhotey kuch nehi hoga khushiji ko...tum dekhna woh bilkul theek ho jayegi... (nothing will happen to khushiji..she will be fine)

Arnav cries even more hugging anjali...his tears knew no bounds today.

The doctor comes out of the operation theatre and all the family members run towards him

Arnav: doctor..meri khushi theek ho jayegi na... (doctor...will my khushi be alright)

Doctor: dekhiye Mr. Raizada..abhi hum kuch nehi kahe saktey..hum ne operation to kar diya..par ab tak unhe hosh nehi aaya...aise cases mein patient kabhi kabhi coma mein bhi jaa saktey hai..isiliye jab tak unhe hosh nehi aata kuch kehena possible nehi hai..par aap log hausla rakkhiye (we can't say anything right now..we have done the operation..but she has not back her senses yet...sometimes in such cases the patient shifts to coma...so we can't say anything till she is back to her senses..but you keep faith)

Akash and Arnav stayed back at the hospital that night and waited outside ICU.

The doctor goes. Arnav keeps staring at khushi through the glass door of ICU. Her face was covered with oxygen mask..several channels pierced into her skin...arnav could hardly bear this sight...tears kept rolling down his eyes.

He sat outside and recalled his jovial khushi, her antics, her never say die attitude. Suddenly he heard khushi calling him: arnavji...arnavji...

Arnav: khushi! Khushi! Kaha ho tum? (khushi..khushi ..where are you?)

Khushi: arnavji woh dekhiye aasman mein..woh chamakta hua taara...woh hum hai...hum aapko dekh saktey hai (arnavji see that bright star in the sky...that is me...I can see you..)

Arnav says with utmost desparation: Khushi nehi tum aise nehi jaa sakti (khushi you can't go like this...)

Khushi laughs: arnavji...humey jaana hi hoga (arnavji...I have to go) and she disappears

Arnav who had fallen asleep wakes up at this dream sweating and shouts: nehiiii khushiiiiiiiii........ (noo...khushiiii)

Akash runs towards him and says: kya hua bhai? (what happened brother?)

Arnav: akash woh khushi.... (akash..khushii)

Akash: kuch nehi hoga khushiji ko bhai (nothing will happen o khushi...)

Arnav runs towards the ICU door and sees khushi lying on the bed. He mutters to himself: khushi please aisa mat karo...tumhe pata hai ki main aise nehi jee sakta....please khushi..please...mujhe jo chahey saza do par mujhe chhor ke mat jao (khushi please don't do this...you know I can't live like this...please...punish me as you want but don't leave me ...)

Akash somehow drags Arnav back to the chair.

Guys thank you for your comment. Also thank you for loving my first story..pyaar inko khichey ...takrar inko rokey.

May 28, 2012

Till death do us part... (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 101 times)

Early morning a nurse comes and asks arnav and akash...aap mein se arnav kaun hai? (who is arnav amongst you?)

Arnav says: ji main hoon arnav..(yes I am arnav)

Nurse: Patient ko thodi der ke liye hosh aaya tha aur woh bar bar aap ka naam le rahi thi...please aap andar chaliye (she had regained consciousness for some time and was taking your name...please come inside)

Arnav wipes his tears and runs inside

At shantivan, everyone spent a sleepless night worrying about khushi. He whole family now knew that arnav was kidnapped and khushi got shot while trying to rescue him but were still miles away from shyaam's truth. Only payal knew the whole story.

Arnav enters khushi's room...she was still unconscious.

He goes and holds her hand and breaks down again...he kisses her hand and says: khushi please ankhein kholo...I am sorry khushi ...I am so so sorry...maine tumhe bohot taklif di ...lekin please aise mujhe saza mat do..jitna chahye jhagra karo mujhse lekin tumhari yeh khamoshi mujhse bardasht nehi hoti. (khushi please open your eyes...I am sorry khushi...I am so so sorry...I have hurt you a lot...but please don't punish me like this..i cannot bear your silence)

Still there is no movement from her side.

He now gets angry and says: waise to bohot bolti ho..ab kya hua...bolti kyun bandh ho gayi..yeah right..you are scared khushi kumari gupta...and after a pause says singh raizada.(you talk so much usually...what happened now...why is your mouth shut)

Khushi still doesn't respond.

Arnav doesn't know what to do. Every single moment was killing him from inside.

He now goes and sits quietly for a while beside khushi holding her hand ,his head hung down and then says softly: jab jo bura kaha uska koi matlab nehi, jab jo bura kiya uska koi matlab nehi, is pyaar mein sach jhoot ka koi matlab nehi, bas ek hi baat ka matlab hai ki main tumse hamesha hamesha pyaar karta rahunga...ek din ke liye nehi, ek pal ke liye nehi saari zindagi ke liye....(all the wrong things that I have said and done to you ...I never meant those... there is no true and false in this love...there is only one thing that has a meaning and that is I will always always love, not for a day, not for a moment but for this entire life time)

As he says this he feels movement of khushi's fingers in his hand....and then khushi muttering...ar..navvji...arrnavji...

Arnav wipes his tears and says: khushi khushi...ankhein kholo main yahaan hoon...dekho tumharey paas (khushi..khushi...please open your eyes..i am here with you...)

He calls out for the doctor.

May 28, 2012

Till death do us part... (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 98 times)

The doctor comes and asks arnav to wait outside.

Arnav waits outside impatiently along with akash. Doctor checks khushi...comes out and says : mr. raizada, mrs.raizada is out of danger now...unko hosh aagaya...lekin abhi bhi bohot kamzori hai..ab aap log unse mil saktey hai.(she has regained consciousness... but still she is very weak..u all can meet her now)

Arnav: thank you doctor

Akash: bhai main abhi ghar mein sabko bata ta hoon (I am letting everyone at home know)

Arnav: alright akash

Akash was about to call when they saw all the family members (both raizadas and guptas )coming in

Akash: di, nani...achha hua aap log aa gaye..khushiji ko hosh aa gaya.(di..nani, good you have come, khushi has gained consciousness)

All of them along with arnav enter khushi's room

Arnav was standing behind everyone.

Payal goes and hugs khushi and kisses her on her forhead crying.

Nani goes and sits beside khushi and says: bhagwan ka lakh lakh shukriya ki aap theek ho... (thank god you are fine)

Garima and buaji holds her hand with tears rolling down their eyes.

Khushi was smiling at everyone but her eyes were searching for arnav

Anjali notices this and says: kya hua khushiji? (what happened khushiji?)

Khushi: di..woh...arnavji...woh theek to hai na (di...is arnavji fine?)

Anjali pulls arnav infront and says: yeh rahe aapke arnavji (here is your arnavji)

And their eyes meet after a really long time. ....rabbave...

Khushi could make out from arnav's face what he had been through in the last few days and specially in the last few hours. The pain was clearly visible in his eyes.

Anjali senses that they needed some space. She says: humey lagta hai hum sabko khushiji aur chhotey ko thodi der ke liye akela chhor dena chahiye...kyun nani? (I think we should leave them alone for sometime...what do you think nani?)

Nani: haan bitiya..chaliye hum sab bahar chaltey hai (yes..lets go out)

Everyone leaves

Arnav had all sorts of emotions jumbled up in him...guilt, happiness, pain and ofcourse the trauma that he had been through. He was also very angry with khushi for putting her life in danger...he wanted to shout at her for that...wanted to hug her and hold her...he didn't know what to do.

He was looked at the ground avoiding eye contact with khushi and walked upto her bedside and said: ab kaisi hai tabiyaat tumhari (still not looking at her)(how are you feeling now?)

Khushi understood that he was very upset and still could not get over the trauma. She was just staring at him.

Then arnav said: khushi main bahar jaa raha hoon...tum rest karo. (khushi I am going out you rest for a while)

He was about to go when khushi held one of his hand and said: arnavji

Arnav without turning back said: what? (softly)

Khushi: aap naraaz ho humse? Baat nehi karenge humse? (are you angry with me? Will you not talk to me?)

Arnav who was still looking away from khushi said: khushi please mujhe jaane do...(his eyes were filled with tears) (khushi..please let me go)

Khushi: theek hai agar aisi baat hai to fir to hamara mar jana hi... (ok if it is like that then I should have died..)

He turns back immediately an puts his palm on her mouth and says: khabardar jo tumne kabhi aisa kaha to...and then unable to hold his emotions anymore breaks down crying: how could you do this to me khushi...how could you damn it...ek bar bhi nehi socha ki main kaise jeeunga...how could you...what if I had lost you...and he cries like a child sitting beside her with his head hung down..(dare you talk like this...how could you do this khushi...how could you damn it...you didn't even think once how would I survive...how could you..)

Khushi tries to life his face by cupping his face with her hands: arnavji...arnavji...dekhiye hamari taraf...hum bilkul theek hai...aap please aise mat kijiye... (arnavji..arnavji...look at me...I am fine...please don't do like this)

He looks into her eyes and then hugs her tightly. They stay like that for a while trying to get over the trauma that both have been through. Khushi finally breaks the trance and says with a smile wiping arnav's tears: waise aapko ek baat bataye...rotey huye aap bilkul 5 saal ki bachhe ki tarah lagtey hai...(by the way..should u I tell you something? You look like a 5 yr old kid while crying)

Arnav: what the...

Khushi: ab lag rahe ho aap... (now you are looking like..)

Arnav: kya?? (what??)

Khushi: Laad Governor....and starts laughing.

May 30, 2012

Till death do us part... (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 111 times)

After sometime anjali comes: ahem..ahem...agar aap dono ka romance khatam ho gaya ho to hum aandar aa jaaye? (if you are done with your romance..shall we come in?)

Arnav quickly gets up from the bed and says: di please...

Anjali: haan haan chhotey..ab di please...kal se sirf khushi ke ilava ek lafz bhi nehi kaha tumne...aur waise chhotey tumhe to khushiji ko dekhna chahiye tha jab tum yahaan nehi they...ro ro ke kya haal bana liya tha aapna..aadhi raat ko arnavji arnavji karke sabko jaga deti thi (yes...chhotey..snce yesterday you have not spoken a single word apart from taking khushi's names...and by the way you should have seen khushi when you were not around...she only kept on crying...she used to awake everybody in the midnight taking your name..)

Khushi (blushes): di aap bhi na...(di you are...)

Anjali: kyun humne kuch galat kaha?? Nani aap hi batao....(why..did I say something wrong? Nani you say...)

Nani: haan chhotey humey khushi bitiya ke sath sona para tha...kyunki unko aapki itni yaad satati thi... (yes..i had to sleep with her...she was so disturbed by your thoughts...)

Arnav looks at khushi with a smirk and naughty eyes. Khushi immediately looked away blushing.

Nani: waise ek baat to hai anjali bitiya..isse humey yeh to pata chal gaya ki yeh dono ek doosre se kitna pyaar karat hai (but one thing...this proves how much they love each other..)

Anjali: (touching khushi's cheeks): haan nani (yes nani)

Akash: bhai abhi aap ghar jaiye main aur payal yahaan ruktey hai...waise bhi aap pe itna kuch beeta hai..aapko aaram ki bohot zarurat hai (bro..you go home...me and payal will stay back...after whatever you have gone through you need some rest)

Arnav: no akash I am fine

Anjali; chhotey akash sahi keh raha hai...tumhe thoda aaram karna chahiye..(akash is right...you need some rest)

Arnav: no di...its ok

Khushi: arnavji...aap ghar jaiye hum theek hai (arnavji you go home...I am fine)

Arnav: par..kh..khushi (but khushi..)

Khushi: sach mein hum theek hai...aap jaiye (I am really fine..you go)

Arnav: alright...

Anjali (laughing): dekha nani ek khushiji hi hai jo hamarey chhotey se kuch bhi karwa sakti hai. She says turning to arnav (imitating khushi): chaliye arnavji. (see nani..only khushi can make him do anything) (lets go arnavji)

Everyone starts laughing...khushi and arnav blushes

As arnav was moving out of the room he was turning back multiple times to look at khushi...never wanting to go...khushi also kept on staring at him...wanted to stop him but she knew he needed some rest so just kept on looking.... Rabba veee

Anjali saw the two and thought of a prank. She stopped suddenly. Arnav who was looking back at khushi and walking went and banged against Anjali and everyone started laughing

Arnav: ouch di..

Anjali bursted out laughing and said: chaley?? (should we go)

Guys, can't thank you enough for your comments...love you all...thanks a ton ?

May 30, 2012

Till death do us part... (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 101 times)

After they parted, khushi was talking to akash and payal and filling them with the details about shyaam and arnav's kidnapping.

Akash: itna sab kuch ho gaya aur bhai ne aur aapne mujhe kuch bhi nehi kaha..aur payal tum...tumne bhi shyaam ke baarey mein kuch nehi kaha (so many things happened and you guys didn't tell me anything ..and payal even you didn't tell me anything about shyaam)

Payal: woh akash..(actually..akash)`

Khushi: jijaji ismein jiji ki koi galti nehi..woh humne hi unhe kasam di thi ki who kisise kuch na kaahey (actually it is not her fault..i made her promise that she should not tell this to anybody)

Akash: jo hogaya so hogaya..humey is mamle ko sath mein suljhana parega...main bhai se is baarey mein baat karunga (whatever happened has happened..but we all need to get together and solve this..i will talk to bro on this)

Hearing arnav's name from akash...khushi's thoughts again go back to arnav. She keeps on looking at the watch.

Payal: khushi tu aaram karle main aur akash bahaar hi hai (khushi you take rest, we are outside)

Khushi: theek hai jiji (alright ..)

At shantivan:

Arnav comes back to his room and sits on the recliner. He still can't get over what he had been through in the last 24 hrs. He drags himself to the washroom, changes his clothes and retires to his bed and keeps thinking about khushi. For the first time in life he had cried his heart out infront of khushi. A smile crossed his face when he recalled how khushi was consoling him and then how he was hugging her. Subconsciously he mutters: khushi...I love you and then smiled to himself and said: yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai...main bhi khushi ki tarah khudse baatein kar raha hoon...Unbelievable! (what is happening to me...even I am talking to my ownself like khushi)

He keeps on thinking of khushi and then finally decides to go back to the hospital.

While getting ready he notices something peeping from below khushi's pillow. He walks towards it and sees it was his photograph that khushi had kept under her pillow and he could well guess how much she was missing him. He smiled to himself, put the photo in his cupboard and started for the hospital.

At the hospital:

Khushi was also thinking of arnav but dozes off for a while and suddenly sees arnav sitting beside her and caressing her face saying: khushi...khushi...I love you.

She wakes up and finds no one around.

She was getting restless to meet arnav and started talking to herself: yeh laad governor itna der kyun laga raha hai....

Nehi nehi..khushi woh abhi abhi to wapas gaye hai

To kya hua...humne unhe kabse nehi dekha..aur humey unse poochna hai ki unhoney usdin humey phone pe jo kaha ki woh humse pyaar kartey hai woh kya aise hi kaha yaa fir...

Arey khushi who abhi aa jayenge tab poochlena...itna bechain kyun ho rahi hai

(why is he taking so much time...

He went back just now...

So what..i have not seen him for a long time..and I need to ask him that day when he said I love you to me on the phone...did he mean it or said just like that...

Don't worry he will come in some time then ask him, why are you getting restless)

Arnav was standing outside and was listening to this whole conversation that khushi was having with herself.

He suddenly enters and says with a smirk: kya hua khushi...tumhe kissey kya poochhna hai? (what happened khushi...what do you have to ask and to whom)

Khushi gets shocked at first and then says bravely: dekhiye hum isbar bilkul bhi nehi chauknewale...humey pata hai ki hum sapna dekh rahe hai (see I will not be taken aback this time...I know I am dreaming)

Arnav understood she was dreaming about him and thought of teasing her. He starts moving towards her saying : oh really??

Khushi mutters to herself: arey yeh to sapne mein bhi hamari taraf chalke aa raha hai... (he is walking towards me even in my dreams)

Arnav could hardly hold back his laughter looking at confused khushi...he comes very close to his face and says in a soft husky voice: khushi...tumne bataya nehi tumhe kissey kya poochna hai (khushi....you didn't say what you have to ask and to whom)

Khushi now understood arnav was actually there and she already had disclosed the fact that she was dreaming about him...she started fumbling and said: aa..aap.. (you)

Arnav (imitating): haan..m..mm..main (yes me..)

Khushi: aap kab aaye... (when did you come?)

Arnav brings his face even closer ...so close that khushi could feel his breath on her face and says: jab tum mujhe miss kar rahi thi.... (when you were missing me...)

Rabba ve..........

Suddenly akash and payal enters and says: arey bhai aap kab aaye? (when did you come?)

Arnav and khushi comes out of the trance at this..arnav quickly moves aside..

May 31, 2012

Till death do us part... (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 103 times)

Arnav: main ..abhi aya (i..just came)

Akash: bhai aj raat ko main aur payal yahaan pe rahe jayenge..aap thodi der mein ghar chale jaana (me and payal will stay here tonight...you go home in sometime)

Before arnav could say anything Khushi almost shouts: Nehiii (noo)

All look at khushi .

Khushi realizes she already did a blunder says: Hamara matlab ki iski koi zarurat nehi hai...hum abhi theek hai (I mean it is not needed...I am fine now)

Payal: sach bata...hamari zarurat nehi hai ki sirf arnavji ki zarurat hai and smiles (tell the truth..you don't need us or you need only arnav)

Khushi : nehi jiji woh aisi koi baat nehi hai...(nothing like that...)

Arnav: akash its alright...main waise bhi yahaan rehene wala tha..so u and payal can go home (its alright...I was anyways about to stay here..)

Akash: are you sure bhai? Theek hai to fir humlog ghar chaltey hai...koi zarurat pari to please mujhe call kijiyega (ok fine then we are going home...call me if you need anything)

Arnav: yeah sure

And they leave

Arnav now turns to khushi and goes and sits beside her and says in a very romantic tone: khushii...

Khushi's heart is already racing and skipping thousand beats. She looks away and says: ji...jii (yes..yes)

Arnav: dekho meri taraf...(look at me)

Khushi hesitates to look at him

He lifts her face with one hand and says: agar is taraf nehi dekhogi to yeh khana kaise khaogi (if you don't look this side..how will you have the food)

Khushi was shocked as she was expecting arnav to do something else...she had her mouth open in shock when she heard arnav talk about food!

Arnav could hardly hold back his laughter looking at khushi's expression. He loved teasing her a lot.

Khushi gets angry at arnav's deeds and says: humey nehi khana (I don't want to eat)

Arnav again says in a romantic voice: are you sure tumhe mere hatho se bhi nehi khana hai? (are you sure you don't even want to eat from my hands)

And lifts the spoon infront of her

Khushi angrily looks at him and starts having it.

Khushi angrily mutters to herself: yeh laad governor samajhta kya hai apne aap ko (what does he think of himself)

Arnav sees a little bit of food stuck to one corner of her lips.

Suddenly he bends towards her ..and cleans the food from the corner of her lips by gently brushing his own lips sending a chill through khushi's spine.

Rabba ve....

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Jun 3, 2012

Till death do us part... (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 93 times)

Arnav then bent and kissed on her right cheek and then on her left cheek. Khushi was blushing a lot. Arnav looked at her and said naughtily: khushi tum theek ho? (khushi..are you alright?)

Khushi: ha..aan (yes)

Arnav (smirking): tumharey gaal lal ho gaye hai (your cheeks are red)

Khushi touches her cheeks and looks at him. He was looking at her with all the love in his eyes.

He then cups her face with both his hands, and kisses her on her forehead and says: khushi tum aaram karo ...main yehi hoon. (khushi you take rest...I am here)

Khushi was so lost in arnav that she had no control on herself. She was just looking at him. Arnav understood her feelings very well. He wanted to say how much he loved her, but thought of making it special for her. He wanted to first apologize to her for whatever wrong he did to her. So was actually avoiding saying those magical words to her in the hospital. But at the same time was showering a lot of love and care.

He made her lie down and spent the whole night, sitting beside khushi, caressing her hair and face. Khushi fell fast asleep under the warmth of his touch. She had a beautiful smile on her face even when she was sleeping and was holding arnav's hand tightly. Arnav was mesmerized by her beauty and kept stroking her hair recalling all the beautiful moments that they spent together.

Next morning doctor came to check khushi and said to arnav: Mr. Raizada aap Mrs. Raizada ko aj hi ghar le jaa saktey hai, lekin unka khaas dhyaan rakhna parega. (Mr. Raizada you can take Mrs. Raizada home today, but please be very careful about her health)

Arnav was overjoyed at this news. He said: yeah don't worry..i'll take care. Thank you doctor.

Khushi was also very happy at the thought of going back to shantivan. After a while arnav and khushi was in their car driving back home.

Khushi's right hand was plastered as the bullet had hit her right shoulder. She tried to put the seatbelt but was struggling to do so with one hand. Arnav noticed this and immediately bent towards her and said: khushi...ek minute...main kar deta hoon. (khushi..one minute...I am doing it)

While putting the seatbelt he comes very close to khushi, they have an eyelock and their hearts start beating fast. Rabba ve....

While driving back home, khushi was again muttering to herself : hum yeh laad governor se kaise poochey ki unhone humse kyun kaha ki...(how do I ask him why he had said...)

Arnav had heard everything and was smirking looking straight at the road.

Arnav: khushi tum agar mujhse kuch kahey rahi ho to zor se kaho...mujhe sunai nehi de raha hai (khushi if you are saying something to me then please say loudly..i can't hear)

Khushi : hum..hum...nehi to..and then says confidently:hum aapne aap se baatein kar rahe hai (me..me..no... I am talking to myself)

Arnav : Unbelievable!!

They reach shantivan and everyone is extremely happy to see them.

Khushi goes and sits in the hall with everyone. Arnav goes to their room.

Nani: khushi bitiya, aapne to hum sabko dara hi diya tha (khushi...you had scared all of us)

Anjali: haan khushiji, hum sab ki to saasein ruk gayi thi...bhagwan ka lakh lakh shukar rahe aap theek ho gayi (yes khushiji, we had almost stopped breathing...thank god you are fine)

Khushi: naniji, di, humey kuch nehi hota... aap sabka pyaar jo hamarey sath tha. (nothing would have happened to me...all your love was with me)

In the meantime arnav comes down and says: khushi tumhe aram karna chahiye..(khushi you should take rest)

Nani: haan bitiya aap kamrey mein jaake aaram kijiye (yes..you go to your room and take rest)

Khushi stands up and starts going towards her room. Arnav was by her side. Suddenly she slips and is about to fall when arnav holds her and says (in a panic stricken tone): khushi..relax!

Khushi says: hum theek hai arnavji (I am fine arnavji)

Arnav: yeah right and extends his hand. Khushi holds his hand and they walk towards their room.

Arnav opens the door for khushi. Khushi enters the room and her mouth is left open looking around.

Jun 4, 2012

Till death do us part... (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 86 times)

Her windchimes , her stars were all back to their old place. Infact they were more in number now giving the room a beautiful look just as khushi would have dreamt of. She was looking around amazed. She walked up to the bed and saw a card lying on the bed..which said 'I am sorry'. She opened it and read the note:

Khushi main janta hoon ki maine tumharey sath bohot bura kiya and I am very very sorry for that. I know maine jo kiya uske liye sorry kaafi nehi hai , but I promise ajke baad main tumhe bilkul bhi hurt nehi karunga..i am really very sorry.... Arnav (khushi I know I have been very bad with with you and I am very very sorry for that. I know sorry is not enough for whatever I did...but I promise I will never hurt you again... i am really very sorry.... Arnav)

Khushi had tears in her eyes. She turned around and saw arnav sitting on the floor on his knees with his head hung down.

Khushi was shocked to see him like this. She almost screamed and ran to him saying: arnavji..yeh aap kya kar rahe hai? (arnavji..what are you doing?)

Arnav with his head still hung down said: khushi I have hurt you a lot..i am very very sorry for that..please mujhe maaf kardo...please. (khushi I have hurt you a lot..i am very very sorry for that..please forgive me...please.)

Khushi slowly sat beside him and lifted his face up and looked into his eyes which were red and full of tears. She said: arnavji...hum samajh saktey hai ki apne yeh sab kyun kiya...hum jantey hai aap di se bohot pyaar kartey hai aur unki khushi ke liye aap kuch bhi kar saktey hai. Humey dukh zarur huya tha lekin hum aapse naraaz nehi hai. (I understand why you did all this..i know you love your sister a lot and you can do anything for her happiness. I was hurt but I am not angry with you)

Arnav's tears knew no bounds. He hated himself even more for causing so much pain to this lovely girl who was so pure at heart. He just managed to say: kh..khushi..i...

Khushi pressed her finger on his lips and said: shhh..and pulled his face towards her chest. Arnav wept like a child burying his face on her chest. All those tears, pain and grief that were buried inside him for such a long time wanted to come out at once. Arnav Singh Raizada who always fought with the world, with destiny to protect his family, for the first time in life felt protected and safe in her arms. Khushi was constantly caressing his hair to comfort him.

After sometime khushi broke the hug and said: bas arnavji ab aap yeh sab sochke bilkul bhi aapne aap ko taklif nehi denge . (you will not hurt yourself anymore by thinking of all these)

She wiped his tears and said: aap rotey huye bilkul ache nehi lagtey..aap to bas humse jhagartey huye ache lagtey ho. (you don't look good while crying...you only look good while fighting with me)

Arnav also had a little smile on his face at this.

They both got up. Arnav put khushi on the bed and covered her with a blanket and was about to go when khushi held his hand.

Jun 5, 2012

Till death do us part... (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 117 times)

Arnav stopped and turned back. Khushi nodded her head gesturing him not to go. Arnav had a little smile on his face. He held her hand with both of his hands and sat down beside her and said: khushi raat bohot ho gayi hai..ab tum aaraam karo. Main yehi hoon..i am right here...I'l sleep on the sofa. (khushi its already late..you take rest..i am here only)

Khushi: nehi arnavji aap waha nehi soyenge (no you'll not sleep there)

Arnav: fir? (then)

Khushi: aap..aap..yehi so jaiye..hum buaji ke ghar mein bhi to...(and she stops a bit embarrassed recalling how they woke up in the morning holding each others hand)

(you..you sleep here..in buaji's house also we used to...)

Arnav says naughtily: are you sure??

Khushi (a bit nervous): ha..aan..aap us taraf soyenge aur hum is taraf..aur aap chahey to apna arnav rekha bana lijiye (yes..you sleep that side and I will sleep this side...if you want you can make your boundary)

Arnav bends upto her face and says in a husky voice: khushii...mujhe nehi lagta ki ab uski koi zarurat paregi. (I don't think that is needed anymore)

Khushi's heart start beating fast and she closes her eyes.

Arnav had a smirk on his face looking at her expressions. He moved even closer...khushi could feel his hot breath on her shoulders. He slowly whispered in her ears: kh..khushi...good night and goes and lies down on the other side.

Khushi opened her eyes and saw arnav smiling looking at her. She didn't know what to do and said aloud: yehh..yeh aapne achha nehi kiya...(this..this is not right)

Arnav (innocently): kyun?? Kya kiya maine?(why? What did I do?)

Khushi: yeh jo aap abhi.... (and stops unable to explain) (just now you..)

Arnav though understood every bit of it but continued teasing her saying: kyun mujhe kuch aur karna chahiye tha ? (why should I have dne something else?)

Khushi closed her eyes unable to answer his question and muttered to herself: hey devi maiya aap hamesha hamarey sath aisa kyun kartey ho...yeh aapne achha nehi kiya.(oh god why do you always do this to me..this is not right)

Arnav was acting as if he was asleep. After blabbering for a while khushi also slept off. Arnav turned towards her side, resting his head on his elbow and kept looking at her innocent face. He recalled all those antics of hers..when he had discovered her beneath his table at his office, she had hid herself in his cupboard, put mango juice in his shoes, changed his ringtone. Only khushi could have dared to do something like that with ASR and get away. He laughed alone thinking of all these and bent towards her and kissed her on her forehead saying : Pagal! (mad)

Arnav woke up in the morning hearing some murmurs. He quickly turned towads khushi and saw she was taking his name..arnav..ji..ar..nav..ji

He said: khushi and touched her face and saw that it was burning, and then touched forehead which was also hot. She had high fever. Arnav got very worried and called the doctor. The doctor told him it was due to the medicines that she is taking. There was nothing to worry about. He just needed to take care of her.

In the meantime khushi woke up and tried to get out of her bed. Arnav rushed to her side and said: khushi..no...tum aj bilkul nehi uthogi (khushi..no you won't get up)

Khushi: par arnavji..(but arnavji)

Arnav: khushi no argument ..ok? and touches her face saying: doctor ne kaha hai tumhe bas rest karna hai...and you'll be fine. (doctor asked you to take rest)

Then he calls aman and says: aman, I won't be coming to office today. I will explain everything to akash he will take care.

Khushi: arnavji hum araam kar lenge..aap office jaiye..waise bhi ghar mein di,naniji, jiji sab hai na...fir aap kyun....(she is unable to say anything else as arnav has put his fingers on her lips)

(I will take rest...you go to work..anyways everyone's at home ..then why should you..)

Arnav: shhh...relax

The touch of his fingers on her lips makes both of them sense some unsaid feelings, they look into each other's eyes and forgets the whole world...rabba ve...

The trance breaks at a knock at the door. Arnav gets up and opens the door. Akash and Payal walks in.

Akash: bhai aman ne kaha ki aj aap office nehi aa rahe hai. (bro..aman said you are not coming to office today)

Arnav: yeah akash woh khushi ko bukhar tha to maine socha ki... (yeah akash..khushi had fever so I thought..)

Payal: bukhar...khushi ko bukhar hai..she rushes to her side , checks her forehead and gets tensed: Khushi tujhe to bohot bukhar hai. ...(fever..khushi has fever...khushi you are running high temperature )

Anjali also walks in at that time and saya: hey bhagwan kya hua khushiji ko..chhotey tumne doctor se baat ki (oh god..what happened to khushi..did you speak to the doctor?)

Arnav: relax di..maine doctor se baat karli..she'll be fine (yes I have spoken to the doctor)

Payal: khushi tu bilkul aj kamrey se bahar nehi ayegi (khushi you will not step out of the room)

Anjali: kamrey se kya aap is bistar se hi nehi uthengi (not even out of the bed)

Khushi: di, jiji...humey kuch nehi hua hai..bas thoda sa bukhar hi to hai...aur yeh laad governor (saying this looks at arnav who rolls his eyes) mera matlaab arnavji kya kam they...jo aap log bhi shuru ho gaye. Hum bilkul theek hai (nothing has happened to me..just a little fever..and as if he was not enough that even guys have started..i am fine)

Arnav (angrily): yeah hum dekh saktey hai ki tum kitni theek ho. Aur main aj saara din ghar mein hoon so you better lie down. (and makes her lie down). (yeah we can see how fine you are..and I am at home the entire day so you better lie down)

Anjali and Payal looked at each other and smiled.

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