mohabbat door jane na de....

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May 27, 2012

mohabbat door jane na de.... (By Bestfan) (Thanked: 29 times)

My story continued from recent episodes of ipkknd. Enjoy!:)


khushi and Manorama shuffle through the airport security cameras, their eyes desperately in search of the treasure for which both can devote anything for. As they scroll through the video clippings , Manorama spots the missing gem

Manorama : hey lookiz here phatti sari.... he ij ower arnav bitwa hannas? ( look here. Thats arnav right?)

Khushi’s heart thumps loudly as she sits still, holding her breath, gaping at the screen, wide eyed.

Manorama glances at khushi and sarcastically speaks: takes breath patti sari... if youz behosh heres hum kya Karen ge? Ambuulaanch bulana pare ga kya? Yahan pe? - she looks around their dark surrounding, the ligts are off, and it is just the two of them , looking like thieves scrambling through video clips. ( breath, relax. What if you faint here? What will i do? Will i need to call an ambulance? Here? )

Khushi merely ignores mami ji’s blabbering and instead continues watching the video. The screen reflects its light into her eyes as she continues to stare, unblinkingly ensuring that she doesn’t miss any part of the events that took place at the airport.

The screen shows : arnav turns around a man dressed formally talks to him and arnav follows him out of the airport.

Kushi : arre. Ye phirse airport ke bair kyu jaa rahe hain? ( oh why is arnav going back out of the airport?)

Manorama : and who iz hez? - she points to the man who walks out with arnav.

Both show a look of confusion.

They remain watching the clip for a few minutes, but arnav does not appear again. He does not re-enter the airport.

Khushi : dekha mami ji maine kaha than a kuch toh garbar hai. Wo airport ke bair kyu ge the? Aur wo admi kon tha? Iska matlab wo airport main phir wapas aye hi nai. Mera dil kehta hai mami ji unke sath kuch hua hai, warna wo jhoot kyu bolt eke wo Scotland main hain, jab ke wo airport main phir aye hi nai the. ( see mami i told you something is awkwardly wrong. Why did arnav leave the airport again with that man? And who is that man? And they didn’t enter the airport again. My heart is telling me something bad has happened to him , otherwise why would he lie that he has gone straight to Scotland, when he didn’t even enter the airport after that.

Khushi worriedly glares at Manorama desperate to receive some solace. Yet instead Manorama pats her chin and thinks about the matter.

Both come back home confused as to what the problem could be.

Next scene

SHYAM: WHAT!? AISE KAISE HO SAKTA HAI? WO SIGNATURES...? LEKIN..??? (what how can that happen... but the signatures... but...) he paces back and forth in his room, crushing the phone against his ear with one hand , as though to break it into tiny pieces and running his fingers through his hair in agitation with his other hand.

Administer - I know sir, but the papers that arnav Singh Raizada has signed is not accurate. His signature is inappropriate. I’m sorry sir, but until you provide us his proper signature we cannot do anything.

Shyam disconnects the call in great frustration. He pitches the mobile onto the bed, draws his hands on his head and disarrays his hair with his sweaty fingers, as his infuriation reaches peak. He shambles across the room , furious , confused as to how the signatures are incorrect.

Shyam: Arnav. Ye tum ne acha nai kiya. ( you didn’t do any good arnav...) he speaks gritting his teeth, cuffing the wall with his fist. The anger striking his body, fury emerging in his reddened eyes.

He receives a call. Quickly he picks up the phone and listens

Man : boss. Wo ab hosh main hai lekin saala bohot bolta hai. Damkhi de raha hai. Kaho toh abi hatam kar du isko. ( mind my language friends i don’t speak like this , it is the man speaking! :) ) ( his conscious now but his blabbering a lot, his giving us threats. Should i kill him now boss?) he smirks, as his thought goes to the money deal he made with shyam.

Shyam : NO NO. DAMN IT. Abi nahi. Un kaaghzaat ka kuch problem aa gya hai iss liye abi wo mujhe zinda chahiye. Jab kaam ho jaye ga phir arnav ko mar denge. Abi nai samjhe? ( no not now. theres been an issue with the papers and i can’t kill him until the jobs done. Once its complete we will kill arnav. Do you get it?)

As he switches his phone off and is turning around, through the corner of his eye he notices a figure standing.

Anjali : KHUSHI JI??? yahan aye ek minute.... ( khushi come here one minute)

He quickly turns around and it disappears, knocking over a vase that was placed next to the door.

He runs to the door and peeks into the corridor. Nobody at sight.

I will try to update soon. Hope you liked it.

May 27, 2012

mohabbat door jane na de.... (By Bestfan) (Thanked: 19 times)

Dinner is served and everyone gathers at the dining table. Khushi sits on a seat, where to her right sat mami ji and to her left was an empty seat. Shyam walked in the room agitated, his nostrils flaring and his eyes dispersing anger. He stood at the table for a second, then gave a blunt smirk to khushi and gawked at the empty seat next to her. A rise in his confidence level was boarded as he sat next to her, grinning and letting out a sigh of relief. Everyone were seated, merrily eating away the food that was placed in front of them and conversed among themselves.

Nani – aa.. Anjali bitia. Apan doctor ke pas gai the? Check karane ke liye? ( Anjali did you go doctors?)

Anjali : ha nani.. hum ge the. ( yes i went) she gives a gentle smile and continues eating.

Shyam : ha rani sahiba hum bi toh jane humari nanni si pari kasi hai? ( yes i also want to know how is my baby)

His sweet talk was only to show his carefully cultivated facade in front of the Raizada, only to allude himself as a wonderful, caring husband.

However, his legitimate motive was to take advantage of the innocent naive khushi who uncomfortably sat beside him. He had noticed her unease as he watched her fidget with her spoon and push the food on her plate here and there. She sat awkwardly, speechless; her silent behaviour was irking him, yet the more he saw her nervousness, the more confidence developed within him. Unexpectedly, and without the others knowing Shyam slipped his hand under the table and deliberately gripped onto khushi’s left hand, smirking at her he alleged to himself “ aah khushi ji, aj toh hath pakarne ka mokha mila, wo arnav jo ni hai yahan pe “ ( khushi finally i was given the chance to hold your hand cause arnav isn’t here!) . She let out a quick exhale and swiftly jerked, trying her hardest to free her hand, yet her effort was futile. She furiously gaped at him, her eyes spitting disgust and provocation. Hastily, she spoke trying to raise awareness in the family to the scene that Shyam was playing.

Khushi : AA..DI..

Everyone looked up.

He quickly released his grip; sudden fear took over him, as he swallowed hard, as though his throat had clumped. He glared at the faces looking at them.

She had had enough of his revolting behaviour, enough of his buoyant derisions and taunts that rose day by day only because her arnav wasn’t there to protect her. She had no plans of accepting this aversive attitude of his, not today, not ever. She quickly grasped her folk and deliberately pierced it through his hand and purposely dropped it onto the floor, not making it obvious to the family though.

Shyam : aaa.....ouch.... khu..

He stopped midway.

Anjali : arre kya huwa apko? ( what happened?)

Shyam : aa kuch nai rani sahiba... wo tooth ache... i think.... (nothing rani sahiba. I think its a tooth ache) he winced in pain, rubbing his hand.

Khushi : oh ho. Kanta gir gaya. (Oh dear my folk fell down), she picked it up and noticed shyam’s silent cries. She let out a little giggle and then she hastily stood up, accidentally kicking the table with her knee, causing the cutlery to clatter.

Anjali : oh acha..... ha khushi ji ap kuhc keh rahi thi? ( oh okay then. And yea khushi you were saying something?)

Khushi : oh wo.. di maine apke liye special sabzy banai hai wo main kitchen main hi bhool ayi, wo le ati hu. ( oh i made special vegetable dis for you which i forgot in the kitchen. I’ll just go and get it.)

She needed an excuse to move away from Shyam and breathe in an environment where there is freshness, not filth.

After khushi left, shyam got up

Anjali : ap kaha jaa rahe ho? ( where are you going?)

Shyam : aa umm wow o rani sahiba wo mujhe kitchen se garam pani chahiye, wo kya hain a tooth ache pe tanda pani ni peena chahiye. Toh main ek minute ata hu ( umm actually i need to go kitchen to get warm water to drink cause i can’t drink cold water on a tooth ache.

Anajli : acha to ap batiye na main le ati hu..( oh well why don’t you sit, i’ll get it for you)

Shyam ( hesistantly) : nnnaaii nai rani sahiba ap kyu takleef Karen gi. Main le ata hu na.. is main konsi baat hai. ( no i can manage you don’t need to get up...

Anjali wasn’t too sure about this. Shyam’s behaviour was very awkward in the past days. She noticed something rather fishy in his attitude. Nevertheless she let it be and continued eating.

will update later.

till then enjoy :)

May 27, 2012

mohabbat door jane na de.... (By Bestfan) (Thanked: 18 times)


Khushi stood by the stove heating up the vegetables. Silent tears gave in, and escaped the corner of her eyes. She stood motionless, stirring the vegetable curry, yet her thoughts were somewhere else


Shyam : NO NO. DAMN IT. Abi nahi. Un kaaghzaat ka kuch problem aa gya hai iss liye abi wo mujhe zinda chahiye. Jab kaam ho jaye ga phir arnav ko mar denge. Abi nai. samjhe? ( no not now. theres been an issue with the papers and i can’t kill him until the jobs done. Once its complete we will kill arnav. Do you get it?)

Flashback ends*

She is lost in a haunting reverie. Several thoughts played across her mind repeatedly, one after the other ... one after the other.

Jab kaam ho jaye ga phir arnav ko mar denge...

Jab kaam ho jaye ga phir arnav ko mar denge... phir arnav ko mar denge....

Khushi stopping arnav at the airport

Arnav walking away.

The man stops arnav

Arnav walks out of airport as per security camera video clip

Khushi main thik hu kya.

Khushi i love you

Jab kaam ho jaye ga tab arnav ko mar denge...

Main tumhare aur shyam ke affair ke bare main janta hu

Khushi i love you

Arnav ko mar denge...

Khushi i love you.


She pressed her palms hardly against her ears, weeping, frantic to prevent the voices that continuously echoed in her mind.

She shut her eyes tightly, in an effort to inhibit the illusions of the scenes that she was visualising.

She tried her hardest to remain quiet. But her efforts were vain, and her painful hollering ricocheted around her.

Khushi ( sobbing): kahan hai ap arnav ji... wapas a jaye.... uss gire howe insaan ne apko kahan chupa ke rakha hai? Ap thik toh ho na? Please... wapas aa jao... shyam ki hoshyari din ba din barti jaa rahi hai. ( where are you arnav ? plz come back. Where has That filthy man hidden you? Are you ok? Plz come back , his confidence is increasing day by day...)

Thats it friends for now.


May 28, 2012

mohabbat door jane na de.... (By Bestfan) (Thanked: 18 times)

Khushi ( sobbing): kahan hai ap arnav ji... wapas a jaye.... uss gire howe insaan ne apko kahan chupa ke rakha hai? Ap thik toh ho na? Please... wapas aa jao... shyam ki hoshyari din ba din barti jaa rahi hai. ( where are you arnav ? plz come back. Where has That filthy man hidden you? Are you ok? Plz come back , his confidence is increasing day by day...)

Main vada karti hu -chahe kuch bi ho jaye main apko wapas le ao gi. Main janti hu ap takleef main hu ge, lekin main uss shyam ki waja se apko kuch nai hone du gi . ( i promise ill bring you back save and sound, i know you must be suffering, but don’t worry ill bring you back and wont let shyam lay another finger on you, even if i have to die, i will save you. It’s a promise. )

She wipes away her tears with her sleeve and continues heating the food, lost in her deep thoughts of where her arnav may be....


She jolts in fright and hastily turns around to see the figure she least wanted to view. He stood in front of her, arms crossed; head tilted to the right, his lips edged into a thorny leer, his eyes impulsively searching her body from head to toe, desperately wanting to attain and fulfil his licentious desires to make her his. His facial expressions were raw as he goggled at her like a bold eagle, smirking as it sees its prey. His presence disgusted her as he took a few steps forward, causing shivers to travel through her entire fragile body. She felt numb, insecure as he treaded nearer, ensuing her to lean back against the kitchen bench. The stove was still on, the blue flame still lightened, turning into yellow and orange after each passing second.

Shyam (a little angrily) : KHUSHI JI. wo kya tha.... ap ne aise kyu kiya? Humne toh sirf apke hath ko pakra tha, phir ap ne humme kante se chot kyu pohnchayi? ( why ‘d you do it? What was that huh? I only held your hand then why did you stab me with the folk?) he stares at her, waiting for an answer while rubbing his hand that had swollen.

Khushi : ap ki himat kaise huwi yahan ane ki? Humare peeche ane ki? Chale jaye yahan se .( how dare you come here and follow me into the kitchen?! Get lost)

He draws himself closer

Shyam( sighs) : khushiiiii jiiiii ( exaggerating in pronouncing her name) HIMAT TOH BOHOT HAI . YE TOH KUCH BI NAHI THA, HAHAHA apka hath kya pakar liya ap to rone lagi. Hum is ke ilawa bi aur bohot kuch kar sakte hain. azma ke dikhayen kya? ( khushi i have a lot of strength and confidence in me. Holding your hand was nothing and you began to cry, i can do a lot more. Would you like me to show what else i can do?)

She stares at him, hating herself for arguing with a man who never EVER redeems for any wrong he does, hating herself for meeting him in the first place, hating herself for trusting him in telling the truth to arnav, hating herself for getting involved in the papers matter. She looked away in shame at herself and antipathy at him.

Khushi : humne kaha apse chale jaye yahan se . ABI! ISSI WAQT! ( i said leave. Right NOW!)

Shyam : nai jayen ge.... bei hum toh yahan pe aj apse batein Karen ge. ( no im not leaving not today. I will talk to you no matter what)

He draws nearer

Khushi : door rahiye humse.... hume apse gin ati hai ( stay away from me. Your filthy)

Shyam : haha... kuch bi kahiye khushi ji... aj hum apse bohot sari dil ki batein Karen ge. ( say what you like khushi. Today i will talk about my heartfelt feelings for you)

She is suddenly reminded of shyam’s motive in killing her arnav. Her delicate palm curls into a hard fist as her tear strained eyes harshly look into his, dispensing intense fire.

He leans forward and grabs her hand.

Shyam : khushi ji zid maat kariye. Zara socho hum dono ek boot khush- hali zindagi guzar sakte hain. Sirf hum dono. Na koi rani sahiba na koi arnav. Bus hum aur ap akele.... kitna maza aye... ( stop being so stubborn. Just think how it will be just us two, no Anjali no arnav, just us two in our own world alone... how much fun we would have) , he smirks at her, lost in his dream.

How can he be so mulish, so malicious, so misanthropic and so disgusting! – she was short of words. He is the wildest most pompous, INSANSE creature on earth. Why does god create people like him and take away people you love? She thinks to herself, her face expressing great bitterness, hostility and agony.

She pushes him back and frees her hand from his grip, then swings her hand in the air ready to give him a tight slap across his face.

She strikes. SLAPPPPPPPP! Her palm hits him hard across his cheek, leaving a sharp red print across his face.

Khushi: umeed hai apki ye himat kuch kum ho gai ho. Aur ap humme jitna kamzor samjte hai na, hum utne bi nazuk nahi hai ke ap jo chaho um chup chap sahen ge. Aur jahan thak HIMAT ki baat hai Shyam Manohar Jha, to hum apko bata dein hum mein bhi bohot himat hai. Apko kya lagta hai kyunki arnav ji yahan pe nahi hai toh hum kuhc nahi kar sakte? Toh apki soch bilkul ghalat hai. Arnav ji humare sath ho ya na hu wo humari takkat hain, aur iss liye hum bohot kuch kar sakte hain. Samjhe ap? ( i hope your confidence has decreased now and how ever weak you may think i am, the fact is that im not that frail that you can do whatever you feel like doing with me. And about confidence, shyam i’ll let you know i have great confidence in me. What do you think? Because arnav ji isn’t here i have fallen weak? I cant do anything? Well your wrong. Arnav’s presence and absence either way he is my strength , my power and i can and will do a lot if i need to. Understand?)

She turns back to face the stove, turns off the flame and begins clattering the utensils to avoid him.

Furious at the slap and wound she caused him with the folk, he forcefully turns her around and lunges himself at her, gripping hold of her shoulders tightly.

Shyam: aur kya Karen gi ap khushi ji?? ha? Apki yahi adaa toh hume pagal kar deti hai, apka gussa.. aahhh gusse main to hap aur bi khoobsurat lagtai hain.. ( what else will you do ha?. This is what i love. The way you get angry, you look even prettier when your angry)

She struggles to escape from his hold. His fingers pinch against her skin, marking her arms.

Shyam : oh ho... kya hua? Abi toh itna kuch bol rahi thi ap? Ke main ye kar sakti hu wo kar sakti hu? Ab kya huwa? Oh haa... saale sahab jo nahi hain yahan pe. Kon rocke ga hume ab...? ( what happened now? just a second ago you were blabbering about what you can do? Oh yes right. Arnav isn’t here right... so you cant do anything? Who will stop me ha?)

Her hand slides against the bench and finally se takes hold of a small bowl of red chilli. She withdraws her hand and harshly throws it at his face.

He shrieks in pain, letting go of her and rubbing his eyes....

Shyam : aaaa...aa khuu... khushi...

Khushi : humare bare main sochna band kariye, aur filhaal apne ap ko sambaliye. ( don’t think about me. Instead at the moment look after yourself)

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May 28, 2012

mohabbat door jane na de.... (By Bestfan) (Thanked: 11 times)

1 day passed

Khushi was desperate to find arnav. Her night was sleepless as her eagerness to see him overpowered her. She prayed to her devi maya to help her get to arnav and save him before anything bad happens. The past memories sequenced in a film in her mind all night, all day.... she reviewed their fights, their good and bad moments all from the beginning till the end, until she remembered their final moment they shared over the phone. “khushi i love you....”. she closed her eyes to shut herself from the outside world only to hear his repetitive words over and over again. She was longing to hear that from him, she had known his egocentric personality and that ASR never shared his hearted feelings with any one, she knew that he would to try to avoid forming relationships; she knew how much her presence pained him. She knew that their views and values were completely opposite and that their lives were miles apart. But she also knew that deep down, somewhere in the corner of his heart he cared for her, somewhere within his wounded soul he brokenly called out to for her, asked her to be with him, stay close to him, never leave him, never be parted; she knew and hoped that he loved her just as much as she loved him. She knew that there was light at the end of the tunnel; that no matter how much darkness they both come across, they will one day light up their lives with love, where no darkness will ever show its phase to them. She knew that the three words said together would remove all barriers between them and will remove the distance between their souls. She was certain he loved her, even though him saying ‘i love you’ may have only been said to signal for help, but she knew and felt that he spoke from his heart and now she had realised how much more she loved. He was her strength to deal with Shyam and he was her power to reveal shyam’s bitter truth to everyone with courage. She was having trouble breathing .....

And so was he...... “ khu.... khushi” he eyes opened to an unclear , blurry vision of a light bulb hanging in front of him and he located in a dark, dull isolated area. “khushi” he spoke through his dry lips, taking a hard swallow. He was thirsty. Desperate. He was meeting difficulty in staying awake, his eyes were drowsy, he felt a strong pain stab in his head. A tear managed to escape his eye as he hallucinated his khushi standing ahead of him, dancing to the beat of the drums in Holi, teasing him on the sangeet night. Her laughter echoed in his ears as his eyes once again began to shut..... “khushiiii” slipped out of his lips before he fell unconscious again.

She gasped.

His shaky, broken voice reached her heart. Her eyes shot open. “arnav ji”. She knew he was in pain. He needed her right now and she wasn’t there to help him. In fact she hadn’t any clue as to where he was, where Shyam had captured and trapped him in his cage.

She paced up and down the hallway, panic taking over her. She was dressed in a red and orange anarkali, fidgeting with her mobile. She looked fresh as ever, as beautiful than ever, yet inside she was presently hollow, weak, broken and fearful as to what may have happened to arnav, in what state he would be in. Her eyes were plain, no shine, no sparkle, they weren’t as before, they did not resemble. Her glisten had disappeared, she had lost her flamboyance. As she walked back and forth swiftly she realised she was short of time, she needed to act fast to save arnav and bring him safely back home. She was confused as to whether she should tell mami ji about Shyam’s truth or not. Will she believe me? Will she understand shyam’s filthy motives? Several thoughts occupied her mind. She was beginning to get a headache.

Anjali : khushi ji yahan aye... (come here)


Shyam walked out of his room still frustrated with the papers matters... he needed to act fast too, fast enough so that no one suspects his behaviours or finds out any truth as to where arnav is.

A while later, khushi notices shyam sneak out of the house, hiding papers in his pocket.

Without any one discovering she follows him. He takes his car and she takes a rikshaw after him.

Khushi : bhaiya thora jadli kariiye... uss gari ka peecha kariye. ( brother follow that car and hurry)

That’s it for now friends. I just saw the sbs segment for today and will continue my story following the plot soon.

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May 28, 2012

mohabbat door jane na de.... (By bestfan)

hi friends............ hows everything going. ??? all are excited for baruns re entry! hahaha and the sbs! me too

welll i have started a story form the continuation of kidnap track. many of my lovely friends said i should conintue writing stories after 'rabba ve in family trip'. so this new story is called mohabbat door jane na de .... and if you are interested do read it , you will notice how much i hate shyam once you read it because im not missing any chance to hurt him in my story! haha by the end of it he will be dead! lol.

but yeah if you like this story and would like me to continue plz leave your lovely comments and advice etc .....

i will try to update my story at least once each day because i am still busy with exam preperation but because kidnap track was on, i couldnt resist not writing a story on it.

love from


May 29, 2012

kya ho ga khushi ke saath? (By Bestfan) (Thanked: 10 times)

The cars raced across the road, past buildings, past the market, past traffic lights, through the mud and over the rocky roads. However, his car was at a more powerful speed than the old, loose wheeled, tiny motor rickshaw.

Khushi : bhaiya thora jaldi kariye na please.... ( please hurry)

Driver : madam, hum toh chala rahe hain ab gari purani hia toh hum kya kar sakte hain.... ( mam im trying but the car is old, so what can i do?)

She lets out a deep sigh and continues staring at the white sedan that drove ahead of her, ensuring that she doesn’t blink just in case he escapes from her sight. It was extremely important for her to follow him; he was the only way she could get to arnav.

Her phone rings. She was scared of losing shyam’s vehicle if she took her vision away

Khushi : bhaiya... ap us gari ke peeche challiye, use jane mat dena ( follow that car don’t let it out of your sight)

She picks up the phone and hurriedly speaks whilst tilting her head left and right keep her eyes stuck to the road ahead.

“Hello??” ha mami ji.. ( yes mami )

“hello hi bye bye.... phatti sari wheres yous gone? ( where are you?)

“ mami ji abi hum jaldi main hain, hum arnav ji ko doondne jaa rahe hain, hume lagta hai hume pata hai wo kahan hain. Iss waqt main baat nahi kar sakti ( mami im in a hurry im searching for arnav, i think i know where he is )

“ eh eh wait ! par kahan ho tum? Where izz youz? “

“ mami ji hum wo sh..shya. “ she stops , hesitates to mention his name...

“ mami ji wo hum apko sab wapas aa ke batayen ke lekin filhaal hum baat nai kar sakte.. agar gar main nani aur di ne pocha to ap keh dena ke hum bazaar gaye hain. ( i will tell you everything once i come back. But right now i can’t, do me a favour if nani aur di ask my whereabouts just sya i went market)

She disconnects the call in a rush.

“ hello hi bye bye.... lekin ye PS( Phatti sari) detective gayi kahan hai??” (but where is she gone?) ,mami shudders and walks back to her room .

Shyam looks through his mirror and notices a rickshaw following him, with a red/ orange dupatta flying out. He reduces his speed and again looks into the mirror and leers giving a wicked chortle. He takes his car through a small alley and parks. The rickshaw follows and its speed ceases.

Khushi :“ ye li jiye apke paise. Shukria.” Heres your money thank you)

Driver : madam ap kaho toh main yahi wait karu ? humme kuch acha nai lag raha ( mam would like me to wait here for you? Something does not seem to be right)

Khushi smiles at the driver “ ye jaan ke bohot acha laga humme ke is duniya main ap jaise insaan abi hain, nai toh aj kal kon kisi se pochta madad de ne ki. Lekin shukria. Ap jaye.... (its good to hear this from you, you know there are very few people left in this world who ask if they can lend a hand. But no its ok i will manage you can go. )

She gets out of the rickshaw and the tiny vehicle drives off. She turns towards the narrow alley where his car was parked. She steps near it peeking into the car. Where was shyam?

A force pressures her against the car door and she heavily groans, gasping.


His eyes slothfully opened, only to again see unclear objects in his surroundings. He blinked, pressuring his eyes to see lucidly. Then he noticed her. Sitting in front of him, her teary eyes looking into his, he felt each of her rolling tear touch his heart. He ached seeing her cry. He was the one to give more anguish and torture than anyone else. He watched her helplessly. She sat there in a green and yellow dress, motionless. He shifted in his chair trying to loosen the ropes cutting into his arms, causing bruises. He moved here and there with all the effort left in his weak body, yet was in vain. Futile. He was zealous to touch her, wipe away her tears, but was helpless. He reached his hand out to her, with the ropes still biting into his wrists, he groaned in pain, he whimpered “ khu... khushi....” yet fell back to his seat ,panting, sweat dripping down his forehead to his neck. He looked up and his khushi faded away into the air.

Arnav : no nnnno.. khushi khushi come back... come back... come ba.. “ he cried through his shaky, husky voice, desperate. For a few seconds he shut his eyes, trying to hold back his emotions, trying to hide himself away from all that was happening.

A gust of wind blew... and he felt her presence....


May 29, 2012

khushi in danger???? (By bestfan)

She woke up to feel the pain burn in her head. Where was she? What da?? She tried getting up, yet was too weak. Her head ached, as though someone slammed her head with a baseball bat. Did someone really?? She was confused, not only to what happened to her but to where she lying presently. It was a dark room, with broken wooden furniture trashed in corners, a small barred window high against the wall, too high for her to see through. She got up and widened her eyes to see through the darkness. She slouched across to the barred window, her feet were stinging, and she had pins and needles pricking her. The window was too high to see through, she looked around in search of something to stand on, but there was nothing there, only broken furniture'; there was a chair with missing legs, an old steel fan covered in dust, a broken mirror and old torn curtains lying on the floor. That's all. There was still light outside, as though it was dusk. She walked over to the door trying to open it with the knob, rotating it this way and that, trying again and again, until she noticed that it was locked. She was locked. She was locked in an old dark room with a tiny barred window, all by herself. Alone. She began knocking on the door, tension rising in her.... now furious , she began banging at it.... louder and LOUDER....

Bang BANG... BANG!

Khushi : koi hai??? Koliye? Please koi darwasa kolo??? Kolo..... koi hai.... ( somebody open the door please... anybody there??)

She paused. No response. It was silent. Her voice echoed in the room as she lost her patience and became worried...

" bachao... koi hai... darwasa kolo... please...." (Open the door someone please) - it was as though no one was able to hear her voice, as though she was in a remote place where no one could help her. Every time she cried for help, she received no response other than her own voice resounding in the room.

Khushi felt lost. She found an empty corner in the room and sat down, curled into a ball, her elbows placed on her knees and her face covered with her hands. She began to sob, warm tear droplets splattering on her hands. After what seemed to be eternal crying, she lifted her sore head and sniffled. Her throat as dry as the desert. She deeply inhaled, in an effort to reduce her snivelling, yet instead, she began to cough as the dust found its way down her throat, choking every time she took a swallow. She leant against the cold wall with paint scraped off, and began thinking, taking her mind to what led her to this situation. She remembered how she was following shyam and when she peeked into his car, a shadow overpowered her. She grasped her aching head, "i must have been knocked out by .. by shyam..." she thought.

The door flew open, misty light entered the room as she visioned the dust particles flying around. A shadowy figure stood beyond her. He tramped closer and then khushi thought she could recognise who he was. SHYAM. He leant down against the delicate figure that was huddled on the ground. A frown on his forehead deepened as his cold, reek breath blew on her face, abhorring her. She turned her face in the other direction, not wanting to see him.

Shyam : aaaa khushi jiiiiiiiiiiiii

Khushi : kyu laye ho hamme yahan? ( why did you bring me here?)

Shyam: KHUSHI JI. he spoke, his voice becoming rather aggressive. " zyada masoom aur anjaan banne ki zarurat nai hai. Main janta hu ke ap mera peecha kar rahi thi. Tsk tsk tsk.... ( you don't need to act innocent , i know that you were following me) he shook his head left and right, as to show disappointment. " khushi ji. kyu kar rahi hain ap aise?, ( why are you doing this?) his tone shifting to more sincere and loving, " agar ap mera peecha na karti toh mujhe apko majbooran kidnap na karna parta. Ab agar apko pata chal hi gaya ke maine arnav ko kidnap kiya hai toh main apko kaise chorr sakta hu? Ap toh police ko bata deti na... issi liye khushi ji maine apse kitni baar kaha hai mere kaam main dakal mat kariye, warna majbooran humme apko chot pohchani pare gi, jaise maine apke babu ji ko....?! ( now if you hadn't followed me i wouldn't have had to kidnap you. But now that you had found out i was behind KIDNAPPING arnav , then how could i risk anything, thats why i had to kidnap you too, otherwise you would have contacted the cops . thats why khushi, i always say to you stop interfering in my work, otherwise i'll have no choice but to hurt you , like i did to your father..... )

Khushi stares at him wide eyed, shocked " babu ji ko? Kya kiya hai tumne???? Is ka matlab babu ji ki is halat ke zimadar tum ho?" ( what did you do to my father? This means your responsible for my father's condition?)

He gives an evil smirks, rubbing his lips with his fingers, showing a dirty gesture he continues without answering " aur ap janti ho na main apse KITNA pyar karta hu, apko takleef ponchana mujhe acha nahi lagta, lekin kya karu agar ap hi baat nahi mane gi toh phir mujhe apko dosri tarha hi samjana ho ga... ( and you know HOW much i love you, i don't like to hurt you, but if you don't listen to me i will have no choice but to make you understand the other way... )

He draws his palm near her face and caresses her cheek. She flings his hand away in repulsion and holding her patience, she grits through her teeth

Khushi : arnav ji kahan hai? ( where is arnav?)

Shyam : ah ah... . he shakes his finger left and right, as though he will not tell.

Khushi : kahan chupa ke rakha hai TUM ne unhe? ( where did you hide him?

He draws his hand towards her again .

She pushes it back again

Khushi : door rahiye humse. Aur humme chune ki khoshish bi mat karna. ( stay away and don't you dare touch me.)

Shyam : par khushi hum apse bohot bohot pyar karte hain


Her words spit fire at him, caustic enough to burn through him.

She pushes him back, jumps up and strides towards the door. Just as she reaches, he pulls her by her waist

"khushi ji .... relax..."

"choriye hume... " ( leave me) she weeps

" fine fine main apko arnav ke pas le jao ga . EK AKHRI BAR. ( ill take you to him only once....).

Arnav hears her cries... "khushi" manages to escape his lips, his voice sounding extremely rough. He pressures his heavy eyes to open. Someone splashes water in his face. He wheezes loudly, and suddenly his brain is freshened. He can now see clearly of his surroundings. A man stands in front of him, holding an empty glass; two other men surround him with weapons.

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May 30, 2012

khushi in danger???? (By bestfan)

"Khushi?" he softly whispers.

Shyam pulls khushi and takes her to another room. He pushes her in and closes the door behind them

Khushi : arnav ji kahan hai? ARNAV JI ARNAV JI..? ( where is arnav?) she calls out to him

" khushi" he again whispers... realising that she is under the same roof, he yells her name " KHUSHI?"

Shyam walks out of the room locking the door, striding away with a leer against his lips.

He walks out and lightly talks with the main kidnapper, telling him something.

The man walks up to arnav and removes the rough ropes restraining his hands. He then points out his gun to his head and speaks

Man : get up... common get up... apni khushi se akhri bar milna nahi hai? ( don't you wanna see your khushi one last time?) acha hua ke wo yahan aa gai.... humme bi thora maza mil jaye ga... ( good thing she came here, now we can have some fun as well)

Arnav gets up staring him in the eyes, as if wanting to pull out his eyeballs like a vulture if he laid an evil eye on his khushi.

The man points his gun directing at the wired grill window between the walls.

Arnav stiffly and brokenly limps towards it and in his husky, careful voice he says her name "khushi?"

She turns around, her heart thumping faster by every beat, her breathe sucked in, she gasps and looks at him.

"Ar... arnav ji?" tears rolling down her cheeks, uncontrollable. She runs up to the fence, desperately wanting to hug him eternally. She leans up against the grill and both say each other's name at the same time

"arnav ji..."

" khushi...."

He was unable to look at her , he felt shameful , disgusted at himself for hurting her, blaming her for things she never did. His face was wet as his salty tears mixed with his sweat, streaking his cheeks.

Both remained silent for a few seconds. Both wanting to say a hundred things, yet not knowing where to start. Both wanting to hear the three words, yet too afraid, too confused. He broke the silence.

Unsure of how to speak, unsure of what emotions to show , he began with his anger.

" khushi. Kyu ayi ho yahan... kis liye? Aur kaise?" ( why are you here? And how?)

All she could manage was " arnav ji... ap thik ho? Innhu ne apke saath .. kya.. kya kiya? Ap ki ye halat ( pause).... Ap ko chot toh nai ayi? Bataye na...( are you okay? What did they do to you? Your condition.... is you hurt anywhere)

"khushi... main thik hu.... rona band karo,..."

"arnavji .... pehle ap rona band karo .. main apko aisi halat main nahi dekh sakti... " ( first you stop crying.... i cant see you in this condition...) she sobbed as words exited her mouth.

"khushi gar sare kaise hain? Di nani... sab.." ( hows everyone at home?)

" arnavji unhe kuch nai pata ke ap kaha ho... unhe lagta hai business ki meeting pe ho.... sab apko bohot miss karte hain( no one knows that your here , they think your in your meeting.... everyone was missing you)

"arnav ji mujhe sab pata chal gaya.. ye sab .. ye sab shyam ji ne kiya hai.... wo apko mar dena chahta hai, aur wo khaghzaat.... unpe apki dastakath chahiye usse... ( i know everything... shyam did all this... he wants to kill you and needs your signatures on some papers... )

"shhshh... khushi i know,... janta hu...." ( i know....) he stares at her wet eyes , feeling guilty for disbelieving her. Feeling ashamed for thinking that she had an affair with shyam.


He draws his hand against the wire

" khushi.... i love you...."

She stares at him and at his hand, then she gently joins her fingers to his and both gaze into one another, locking eyes.... both remember their last moment at the airport where khushi had held onto his hands and fingertips in an effort to stop him from leaving. Now they had re-intertwined their fingers, feeling each other's warmth.

"ar... arnav ji.. main bhi..... main bhi apse............"

Man : ENOUGH. Bohot ho gai batein..... ( thats alot of talking)

He separates the two and whilst one man held the gun at arnav's head the other man tied his wrists again with the rope.

Arnav sat still in his chair, thankful and relieved for meeting his khushi.

Shyam walked into the room where khushi was locked. He enters grasping a paper in his hand.

Shyam : aa khushi ji.... ab ap aa hi gai ho toh apko bata deta hu ke apke arnavji ko kidnap kyu kiya hai... janna chahe gi?

( now that ur here ill tell you why ive kidnapped arnav. Would you like to know?)

Khushi stares at the paper in his hand anxiously, yet curious.

Shyam : actually khushi ji wo jo khagaaz ap ne arnav se sign karwaya tha wo jaydaad ke papers the. Us mein likha tha ke arnav ki sari jaydaad meri ho jaye ge arnav ki maut ke baad. Ab dekhiye na arnav ki kismet main lika tha ke use zinda rehne ke kuch aur gante rehte hain. Usne apni signature ghalat ki thi. Lekin ab wo ye khagaz dign kare ga aur main use hatam kar du ga khushi ji, phir ap ko wo aur takleef nahi poncho sakey ga, pir hum dono apni zindagi shuru Karen ge, aur rani sahiba ko bhi ( he points up)... hahahaha ( actually the papers you got arnav to sign read that all his property and money will be mine after his death. But luckily for him his fate stated that he still has a few more hours of living. That idiot did a false signature . but you know what im going to get him to sign these papers, then i will by plan kill him and you know what he will no longer be able to hurt you in any way , then we can start a new life together and ill also send rani sahiba ( he points up) .... )

Khushi : tum aise kuch bi nahi karo ge... koshish bi mat karna. Agar arnavji ko kuch hua toh main tumhe nahi choro gi...( you won't do anything as such. If you dare hurt arnav i won't spare you)

Shyam : hahahaha

She lunges at him to grab the paper , yet in vain. He pushes her forcefully and she is pressured to the ground, slamming her forehead against the rough edge of an old wooden table.

He walks into arnav's room, leering licentiously, his eyes expressing only violence and intense evilness, yet also a glimpse of overconfidence.

Shyam : arnav arnav arnav..... kaise ho mere dost...? oh ha apni khushi se mile??? Akhri bar? Hahaha challo acha hai kyunki bohot jald wo meri hone wali hai.... acha aise karo tum jaldi se in khagzu pe sign kardo... thik hai mera kaam asaan ho jaye ga.... ( how are you mate? And did you meet khushi? For the final time? Hahaha anyways its good cause very soon she will be mine... now look why don't quickly sign these papers and make my job easier. )

Arnav : kya hai ye? ( what is this) he gawks at the paper.

Shyam : wasihat ka khagaz. Ha arnav maine tumhari sari property apne naam karawa li hain ab bus tumhare signature ki zarurat hai....

Arnav : ha ha... kahbi nai... hargiz nai karu ga.... tumhe Di ko itna bara dokha nai dene du ga.... ( no way... i wont.... i wont let you fraud my di)

Shyam : soch lo.... (think wisely mate)

Khushi peeks through the grill, nervous " nahi arnav ji unpe dastahat mat kariye ga.... wo apko mar de ga... nahi arnav ji... mat kariye... ( no don't sign it he will kill you) she banged her palms against the wires, her forehead bruised and swollen.

Shyam signals something to the other man ..... arnav gawks at him in fury and hesitation, thinking what shyam is up to.

The man walks out smirking in desire. He slams open the door to khushi's room...

She turns to look at him. Fear running through her. She exhales and hesitantly steps back, aware of the man's wrong intentions. He takes steps forward, nearing the innocent, angelic figure.

Shyam frees arnav's hands and drags him to the grill window, showing him what was happening in khushi's cell.

The man took large steps coming closer to khushi. She stepped back each time, trembling in worry....

Arnav banged his fists hard against the grill


May 30, 2012

arnav ka gussa.... kya ho ga next? (By Bestfan) (Thanked: 14 times)

Shyam snickered as he crossed his arms and watched the drama playing ahead of him.

The man cornered khushi against a wall and ogled her top to bottom, excited and thankful to his boss for giving him this chance. He leaned in and grabbed her shoulder. She shrieked "ARNAV JI!"


The man pulled off her dupatta , letting out a wild laugh

Man : acha hua tum yahan aa gai. Tum to apne patti ko bachane ayi thi ab tumhe kon bachaye ga?? ( good thing you came here.... . you came to save your husband haha but now who will save you? ) his grin swelled.

Arnav stood watching helplessly.... he was burning in rage, his hands half bleeding from banging the grill. He was POWERLESS.


Shyam had his gun against his head in case he made a wrong move to escape.

SHYAM : arnav toh kya faisla kiya hai? Property? Paise? Ya phir khushi ki izzat?

Arnav : SHYAM!!!!!! He growled. FINE.... main sign karu ga ... i will sign it... i will... sign it lekin khushi ko kuch nai hona chahiye " He spoke impatiently.

shyam ( talking to the kidnapper) : OYE?! Apni hone wali bhabi ko hath mat laga.... khushi ji ko sirf main chu sakta hu....

The other two kidnappers again entered and tied arnav up. Shyam walked out and into khushi's room

She sat there curled up in a ball.... arnav ji arnav ji.... she whispered through her trembling, pale lips.

A shadow overpowered her. She levelled her teary red eyes to meet his. She sat shaking in the corner, crumpling her dupatta in her hands against her chest. He leaned down towards her and lifted her up to her feet.

Shyam: khushi ji ap thik ho na? (are you fine?) He questioned sarcastically.

He held onto her tightly.

Khushi : CHORIYE HUME.... ( leave me)

She pushed him away and scratched a piece of broken glass, that she had found in the room, against his arm.

Shyam : OOWW KHUSHI JI! he howled in pain. Furious, he dragged her into arnav's room.

Meanwhile, as the other kidnapper, shyam's partner watched over arnav, Arnav scrutinized him, gawping at him in loath. The man smirked and walked up to arnav

Man : " waise tumhari khushi kya item hai.... " ( by the way khushi is very hot)

Arnav grit his teeth in bitterness, his eyes red, burning like fire.

Man : " yaar agar boss ne rokha na hota toh aj toh main usse... ( if boss hadn't stopped me today i would have......." he rubbed his lips in thirst.

Shyam and khushi entered.

The man clicked out of his fantasy, undid the knots of the rope tangling arnav's wrists and threw the paper at him.

Man : here... yahan sign karo jaldi.. nai toh tumhari khushi toh.... wo abi bi boss ke saath hai.... ab marzi tumhari hai tumhe kya chahiye? Apne paise ya phir apni khushi? Soch lo ( here sign here. Otherwise your khushi will be... what do you want, choice is yours, your money? Or your khushi? Think)

The man placed a small round, fluffly red ball into arnavs palm. He looked at it and analysed carefully.... he recognised it.... it was... it was a pompom from khushi's dress....

Arnav ( his anger bursting) : YOU BAS***** TUMNE KHUSHI KE SAATH....HOW DARE YOU...."


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