Sacrifices for Happiness

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May 27, 2012

Sacrifices for Happiness (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 36 times)

For eight months, Khushi was miserable. She had been forced to marry the man she loved but only to find out he was doing it because he hated her. She had been turned out of her house and called bad blood. She was an orphan again. Her family wouldn't look at her and neither would her in-laws. Everyone tolerated Arnav because they knew he was that way. They were back to normal with him and he was still their 'Chote'. But Khushi was never forgiven. Arnav would let her sleep on the bed but only because he, himself slept on the sofa. He did not speak to her either. Khushi Singh Raizada was broken and now as she screamed in labor pains, she wanted to do just that: scream and let out all of the pain she was feeling inside. The nurse was running her hand on Khushi's back and trying to soothe her down but nothing worked. Khushi's screams just got worse. An hour later, the doctor handed her a small bundle. In it lay her small baby boy, sound asleep. Khushi smiled sadly and kissed his forehead.

Doctor: Mrs. Raizada, I think we should call your family.

Khushi: No, please not right now.

Doctor: But...

Khushi: Please, not right now.

Khushi fed her newborn and then placed him in the crib beside her bed. She vowed to stay awake to keep an eye on her baby but sleep overtook her. As soon as the Doctor saw that she was asleep, he called the RM. He was worried about the pale, thin woman who had just given birth. Arnav picked up.

Arnav: Hello? Who is this?

Doctor: Hello, this is Dr. Singhania from the HAQ Hospital. Is this the RM?

Arnav: Yes. How may I help you?

Doctor: I need to speak to Mr. ASR.

Arnav: Um... I'm speaking. Is everything alright?

Doctor: Sir, your wife is admit in this hospital.

Arnav: What? Khushi? Where is she? How is she? We've been looking for her for the last three months. Is she alright?

Doctor: Sir, your wife just gave birth to a baby boy.

Arnav: WHAT?

Doctor: Yes sir, and the DNA reports have confirmed he is your son.

Arnav: Oh my God! Is Khushi alright?

Doctor: Sir, your wife is very weak. We are afraid for her.

Arnav: Dammit! I'll be there in ten minutes.

Doctor: No wait, sir. Mrs. Raizada does not want you here. She did not allow me to call you but I was worried so I did. You cannot come here.

Arnav: What the... Are you telling me to just sit here while my wife just gave birth and is in a hospital?

Doctor: Sir please calm down. Mrs. Raizada does not want you here and if she sees you, her health might get affected by it. She is too weak right now and she will not be able to handle the shock.

Arnav: Fine, so when can I come?

Doctor: You can come this evening, sir.

Arnav: Alright, I'll be there. Bye.

Doctor: Good-bye sir.

Arnav hung up the phone and he rubbed his forehead. His eyes welled up and tears fell down his cheeks. He was feeling so many emotions that he had never felt before. Akash saw him and went towards him.

Akash: Bhai? Bhai what's wrong? Why are you crying?

Arnav: Akash call the rest of the family and call the Guptas too. I need to tell you the truth.

Akash: Bhai...

Arnav: Just go, Akash! Leave and do as I said!

Akash left and Arnav wiped away his tears. He needed to tell everyone the truth. Akash called the family together and the Guptas arrived as well. Sham and Babuji were the only ones not present. Babuji was at home resting and Sham was meeting with a client. Arnav entered the room and Nani got up.

Nani: Chote, what happened? Why did you call us here?

Arnav: Please let me sit down and tell you.

Arnav and Nani took a seat and Arnav told everyone why he had married Khushi. Amma, Buaji and Payal were shocked and were crying. Payal was crying uncontrollably. The Raizadas were shocked that Khushi would do such a thing.

Anjali: I cannot believe Bhabhi and Sham would do this to me.

Nani: But Khushi seems so nice.

Mamiji: I knewz Phatti Sari after ze moneywa.

Payal: Stop it! Stop it all of you! None of you know the truth so stop thinking like that of Khushi.

Payal, Amma and Buaji took turns telling the truth about Sham. Arnav's world slipped from under him. Anjali started crying. Amma remembered the slap she had given Khushi when she had married Arnav. She regretted it and she cried harder. Everyone sat in silence, remembering their behavior towards an innocent, pure-hearted girl.

Amma: Oh God! I slapped my own daughter.

Akash: We need to find Bhabhi right now!

Arnav: I've already found her.

Payal: What? And you didn't tell us!

Arnav: I just found out a while ago. She's in the HAQ hospital. She just gave birth to a baby boy.

Everyone was stunned into silence. Payal's crying got worse. Everyone was hating themselves for treating a pregnant woman with such hate. Arnav was the most hurt and he was cursing himself. He just wanted to take Khushi in his arms and never let her go again. The hours ticked by and night fell on the RM. No one had moved from there position and all were drowned in guilt. Arnav got up slowly.

Arnav: I'm going to the HAQ.

Payal: Wait, I'm coming with you.

Arnav: No way...

Payal: She's my sister. I'm going and if you wont take me then I'll go on a rickshaw.

Anjali: I'm going too.

In the end everyone left for the hospital except Mamiji and Mamaji. Arnav's stomach was knotting up and he was scared for the first time in his life. The car ride to the hospital was a gloomy one. No one was prepared for Khushi's reaction.

May 27, 2012

Sacrifices for Happiness (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 35 times)

Okay first I'll make a few things clear. Rithika you can create a diary by clicking on the Contact Us on the right side at the bottom of the page and you can change the diary's settings by clicking the MyDiary Setting on the right column of the page.

Khushi went away herself and she did not tell anyone. No one knew she was pregnant since she was gone for three months before the delivery. Their six month contract was over so that's why she left. Arnav did not care at first but he got worried when she did not return. He searched for her but did not find her. The Guptas had thrown her out of their house so they did not care at first either.

As they entered the hospital, the Raizadas and Guptas were eager to see Khushi's face. They met Dr. Singhania.

Doctor: Please try not to make the patient become emotional in anyway.

Arnav: Just let me see my wife!

The doctor led them to a room and opened it. Khushi turned to see the door open. She saw Arnav run inside and her heart stopped. He ran to her and hugged her. Everyone else entered the room too. Khushi let Arnav hug her for a minute but then pushed him away.

Khushi: Let me go! You have no right to touch me!

Everyone was shocked at the bitterness in her voice. Arnav's eyes filled.

Arnav: Khushi, I love you! I am sorry to have doubted you.

Khushi was bewildered at first to know that Arnav loved her but her vision clouded again.

Khushi: LOVE? LOVE? You know nothing about love!

Arnav: Khushi love, I...

Khushi: Don't ever call me that! You are not my husband! We have no relationship!

Arnav: Khushi we never got divorced.

Khushi: What? Divorce? Is that why your here? Then bring the papers and I will sign them.

Sorry this is short! I have to go now!

May 27, 2012

Sacrifices for Happiness (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 34 times)

Arnav: Khushi I would never divorce you. Please don't say that.

Khushi: Arnavji, leave me alone. For six months I was tortured, tormented and depressed. The baby inside of me was kicking but that pain was nothing compared to the pain I felt in my heart. I was weak then. Now I can take care of my baby and myself alone. I don't need anyone.

Arnav: Khushi he's our baby. Don't make him go through what we went through. Don't make him an orphan.

Khushi: He wont be an orphan. He'll have his mother who will never leave him alone. Now, all of you please get out of my life.

Payal ran to Khushi and tried to hug her but Khushi turned away.

Khushi: Payalji, I asked all of you to leave.

Payal: Khushi I'm your Jiji, I'm your sister. Please don't call me that.

Khushi: A sister is supposed to be there when the her sister is hurting. A sister is supposed to provide a shoulder to cry on. A sister is supposed to try to take the burdens off her sister's back. What did you do when I needed you the most? You let me cry, you let me hurt and you made the burden heavier. You are NOT my sister and you never will be again. Please leave me Payalji.

Payal's eyes widened and she started to cry again.

Payal: Khushi please...

Khushi: Payalji enough. I don't want to hear anything.

Nani: Khushi Bitaya, we are all sorry. Please come back to us.

Khushi: Divyanaji, please, I do not need any of you. I am fine on my own.

Buaji: Titalya, we are your family. You are a Gupta and a Raizada.

Khushi: No, I am neither a Gupta nor a Raizada. I am just Khushi.

Amma: Don't put us through this much pain. Please come back my daughter.

Khushi: I'm sorry, I am not your daughter. I am just a bad blooded orphan who deserves to be brought pain.

Amma was in shock as she remembered saying those exact same words to Khushi.

Arnav: Khushi stop it! You are not an orphan and you are not bad blooded.

Khushi: I am, Mr. Raizada. I am a gold digger too, right? And no one can change that fact.

Akash: Khushi Bhabhi we need you. You are a part of our family.

Khushi: No Akashji. I am not. Please just go, all of you.

The Raizadas and Guptas all were in tears and Arnav was having difficulty holding his tears in. A nurse entered the room holding the baby.

Nurse: Ma'am it is time to feed the baby.

Khushi: Alright, please give him to me.

The nurse handed Khushi the baby and Khushi turned to the Raizadas and Guptas and looked at them with cold eyes.

Khushi: You can leave now. No need to waste your time on an orphan.

Arnav: Khushi you are my wife. I will never leave you.

Khushi's eyes started to well up and tears fell down her cheeks.


Tears started to fall down Arnav's cheeks and he looked at Khushi with broken eyes. He couldn't bear to see her like this. He needed her. Khushi looked at Arnav in bewilderment. Was he really crying? Was she the reason for his tears? Did she cause those tears to flow? She couldn't see him like this. ASR never broke down in front of anyone. Was he crying because of her? Khushi looked at Arnav with a sad expression. She needed someone, she needed her Arnav. But was she going to forgive him for her pain? Khushi shook her head. No, she had been through enough.

Arnav: Khushi just one more chance. One more chance and I will never let you cry again.

Khushi: No, no more chances.

Arnav: Khushi, you are my wife and until I sign the divorce papers, you will stay my wife. And trust me, I will NEVER sign the divorce papers.

Khushi looked at him and she broke down again.

Khushi: Please, please just go. Just leave me and my baby alone. Just go, please.

Arnav: No, never again will I leave you. Never again.

May 28, 2012

Sacrifices for Happiness (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 37 times)

Okay I'm going to make it clear how Khushi got pregnant. On the Holi day, Arnav and Khushi had drunk too much Bhaang and had confessed their love to one another. They spent the night together. A week later, Khushi found out she was pregnant. She didn't tell anyone because she had no one to turn to. She left the RM, not telling anyone where she is going, four months before the delivery. No one cared at first that she was gone but after she did not return, they tried looking for her but all efforts were in vain. Do you have any more questions? Please ask.

Arnav: I will do anything for your smile, for your happiness.

Khushi: If you want me to be happy then leave! Get out of my life!

Arnav: That's not an option, Khushi. I will never leave.

Khushi's sobs grew worse and worse. She let out a wail an fell forward in a faint. Arnav ran forward and tried to wake her up. Akash ran out to call the doctor. Dr. Singhania came running in. He checked Khushi and frowned.

Doctor: This is what I was afraid of. She is in shock and denial. Right now she is bleeding and losing too much blood. We need to operate. Please leave for now.

Arnav: Doctor, as soon as the operation is done, please call us.

Doctor: Maybe you should leave the patient for now. If she wants, she, herself, will come back to you. Maybe you should let go of her, for now.

Arnav understood what the doctor was saying and he nodded. He wiped away his tears and kissed Khushi's forehead. He then turned to their baby and held him and kissed him too. Deep down he knew Khushi would come back to him one day. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but someday. The Raizadas and Guptas left in a gloomy mood. Payal and Amma were deathly pale. They had lost all colour. Everyone returned to their respective houses and ate a dry dinner and went to their rooms. No one slept that night. Khushi's operation was successful and her bleeding had stopped. The doctor smiled at her when she woke up. He patted her shoulder and left. Khushi fed the baby and put him in his crib. She thought of a name for him. Suddenly, she snapped her fingers.

Khushi: Aryan, the perfect name for my little baby. After all you are my little noble baby.

Her smile faded as she thought of Arnav. She felt sad that he wasn't there. A tear slipped down her cheek and she smiled sadly, remembering dance class. He always got jealous whenever she danced with Nk. Khushi shook her head. No, no way was she going to remember the man who had taken everything from her. Khushi placed he head on the pillow and drifted off into a disturbed sleep.

4 moths passed by and Arnav gave up hope of living. Khushi had started four jobs and she lived in a small cottage with her baby. Aryan looked just like his father and Khushi was reminded of him everyday. Aryan loved his mother. Whenever Khushi came home she played with him. When she was working, he went to the Aunty's house next door. Arnav stopped eating and he drifted around like a pale ghost. The sun was gone at the Raizadas house and the Guptas shared a similar fate. Sham had been kicked out and was in jail. Even though he was gone, the happiness never came back.

May 29, 2012

Sacrifices for Happiness (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 31 times)

After Khushi left the Rm, she wandered about looking for a job. She met an old woman who helped her a lot. That woman is the one who lives next door to Khushi and takes care of Aryan while she's at work. I hope that answers your question Kalai! And Arnav did not give up, he just knows that the only way Khushi is going to come back to him is by her own will. He hasn't given up yet.

Khushi had gotten weaker and very pale. She had small bags under her eyes and her saris hung loosely on her body. Her baby was the only ray of happiness she had left and she rushed home from work to play with him. She loved the weekends the most because then she got more time to spend with her little angel. The old woman next door's name was Banno and she was a very sweet old lady. Khushi thought of her as her mother. It was 8:00 on a Saturday morning and Khushi woke up to the sound of the birds chirping. She opened her eyes and saw Aryan clutching her nightgown tightly. His warm breath was falling on her cheek. Khushi smiled at him and kissed his forehead. Aryan felt her touch and he opened his big dark brown eyes. He gave Khushi a toothless grin and patted her cheek. Khushi picked him up and placed him on her chest. Aryan lay his head on her neck and closed his eyes. After a while he opened them and looked at Khushi and smiled. Khushi kissed him again and got out of bed. She took a sari out of the closet and a blue coverall for Aryan. Khushi took him into the bathroom and gave him a bath and changed his clothes. She then took a bath herself and changed her clothes too. Aunty Banno had entered the house and she was cooking brekfast for the three of them. Khushi entered the small kitchen carrying Aryan and smiled at Aunty Banno. Aunty kissed her forehead and took Aryan from her. Khushi took over the stove and cooked the parathas.

Aunty: Khushi Bitaya, why don't we go to the park today?

Khushi: Aunty that's a great idea. Aryan would like it too.

Aunty: I'm so glad you get Saturdays and Sundays off. Take care of yourself Bitiya.

Khushi: Thank you Aunty, I will.

Aunty: God bless you my child.

Khushi: He has blessed me. He gave me a beautiful son and an adoring mother.

Aunty smiled and kissed Khushi's forehead again. She took Aryan outside into the front lawn where Khushi came a while after with the hot aalo kay parathay. Khushi fed Aryan and everyone enjoyed the parathas. Afterwards, Khushi placed Aryan in his stroller and the three of them set off to the park. Aryan was extra cheerful today and he jabbered on and on in baby talk. Khushi and Aunty discussed the weather. The park was empty in the mornings and so they went and sat on a small hill. Khushi spread a red sheet on the ground and put Aryan on it so he could crawl around. Aunty told Khushi stories. Khushi loved Aunty's imagination and she waited for the time when she told her them. Khushi watched a couple stroll around. The husband was pushing a stroller. Khushi felt a pang of sadness for her baby and Arnav. Her baby would never get that Father-Son type of love and neither would Arnav. She was lost in her thoughts about Arnav when her cell started ringing. She picked it up.

Khushi: Hello? Who is this?

Anjali: Bhabhi this is Anjali.

Khushi's eyes turned even sadder but she said in a steely voice.

Khushi: Anjaliji what do you want?

Anjali: Bhabhi is Chote with you?

Khushi was surprised. Arnavji wasn't at home and he hadn't told his Di where he was?

Khushi: Arnavji? No he's not with me. Why? I haven't seen him for the past four months.

Anjali: Bhabhi he's missing.

Those words hit Khushi so hard that she forgot to breathe. Tears formed in her eyes.

Khushi: Ar... Arnavji, mis... missing? N...No.

Anjali: Bhabhi he's been missing for a week. We have tried to find him but we have no idea where he's gone. We're afraid to think the worse.

The cell dropped from Khushi's hand. Her eyes were wide in shock and horror and her tears were blinding her. Her Arnav was missing. He was missing.

May 30, 2012

Sacrifices for Happiness (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 20 times)

Hi everyone! This is how Aryan looks:

I will make sure to bring Arshi together soon but I might add a bit of suspense and you never know how the story will turn out.

May 31, 2012

Sacrifices for Happiness (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 31 times)

Khushi's vision was blinding and she was getting dizzy. She looked around her but all she could see was Arnav Singh Raizada's face. Her Arnav. She tried reaching out to him but he no longer was there.

Khushi: Arnavji... Arnavji... ARNAVJI! ARNAVJI! NO! NO! NO!

Aunty saw her condition and she was shocked.

Aunty: Khushi Bitiya what's wrong? Please Bitiya tell me!

Aunty put her arms around Khushi to comfort her but Khushi kept on crying. Deep inside she knew Arnav was lost somewhere. He was hurt and alone. She cried for a long time and after a while her crying became soft and she closed her eyes. Aunty ran a hand on her back to soothe her down.Khushi knew she needed to go back. She needed to find her Arnavji. Khushi lifted her head out of Aunty's arms. Tears ran silently down her cheeks and she had red eyes.

Khushi: Aunty I need to go.

Aunty: But where? Where do you need to go?

Khushi: I need to find my husband and Aryan's father.

Aunty: Your husband? Aryan's father?

Khushi took a deep breath and told Aunty about Arnav. She concluded with the phone call. Aunty was amazed to know that sitting in front of her was Arnav Singh Raizada's wife. She did not have a TV so she did not know that ASR was married or that his wife had left him. She was not a very social person either. Aunty understood what Khushi was going through.

Aunty: Khushi Bitiya I am with you in all of your decisions. My prayers will always be with you my child. All I ask is that you be careful.

Khushi: I love you Aunty and I will always come back to see you. I am a part of your family and you an important part of mine.

Aunty kissed Khushi's forehead and then she picked Aryan up. The three of them walked back to their houses while Khushi pushed Aryan's empty stroller. As they reached the house, Khushi packed a small baby bag with all of Aryan's thing. She packed a few saris and then Aunty bid her farewell. She got into a rickshaw and headed to the RM. When she arrived she took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. Aryan was asleep in her arms. Akash opened the door and he was shocked to see Khushi.

Akash: Bhabhi?

Khushi: Akashji I came back because... because of Arnavji.

Akash: Bhabhi, please come in. Why did you ring the doorbell? You know this is your house.

Khushi: Akashji, I... I don't know. I don't know anything right now. I'm just so confused.

Akash felt a pang of sadness as he remembered what pains this innocent woman had gone through. Suddenly he noticed Aryan in Khushi's arms.

Akash: Is that my beloved nephew? He's grown so big! Can I hold him?

Khushi gave Aryan to Akash and Akash smiled through his tears. He looked just like his brother. Akash kissed Aryan's forehead and carefully handed him back to his mother. Akash led her into the living room where everyone was seated. Anjali had a tear stained face and so did Nani. As soon as they saw Khushi, they stood up and their eyes widened in shock.

Nani: Khushi Bitiya? You are back.

Khushi looked down at her feet and said nothing. She clutched Aryan tighter and kept her head down. After a while Khushi looked up and saw Anjali crying. Anjali went to Khushi and hugged her.

Anjali: Bhabhi, my Chote, I need him.

Khushi: So... so do I.

At that moment Khushi realized that she was right. She needed Arnav. She needed him because he was the only one for her. She needed him because he was hers. As the two women held each other, they each had someone they longed for. One for her younger brother and one for her husband.

That's all for now! I just want to tell you that I have exams next week starting from the fifth. I wont be able to update on the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th. I'll still update until then though! Thanks for reading my story and if I ever meet any of you I would give each one of you a hug!

Jun 2, 2012

Sacrifices for Happiness (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 30 times)

Payal stood still and looked at her feet. She didn't feel worthy of anything. She hated herself for abandoning her sister and her guilt was drowning her. She had tears running down her cheeks. Khushi noticed and she let go of Anjali. She walked to Payal and stood in front of her. Slowly Payal looked up. Payal's crying got heavier. Khushi cupped her face in her hands and wiped away her tears. She then hugged her.

Khushi: Jiji enough, no more crying. I forgive you.

Payal hugged Khushi tightly.

Payal: How can you forgive me after I was so mean and...

Khushi: I can because you're my sister and sisters are supposed to forgive each other's faults.

Payal smiled through her tears. After a while, they let go of each other. Payal saw Aryan

Payal: Oh my God! My nephew!

Payal took Aryan from Khushi and hugged him too. Anjali held Aryan next. Nani came up to Khushi and hugged her. She was crying as well. Mamiji was in no better condition. She had mascara all over her face because of her tears. Akash and Mamaji were trying hard to not add to the water works. Neither was successful.

Payal: Khushi, what's his name?

Khushi: His name is Aryan.

Payal: Aryan. The perfect name for the perfect little baby.

That night, Payal took Khushi to her former room. As soon as she entered, memories returned to her. Some were painful, some were sweet, some were nice and some made Khushi cry. The memories of Arnav overcame her and she started to cry. Khushi put her hand on her mouth and closed her eyes tightly.She held Aryan tighter. Payal turned Khushi towards her and wiped her tears away. Khushi opened her eyes.

Payal: We'll find him. Don't worry, he's going to be just fine.

Khushi: I hope so Jiji. I love him.

Payal kissed Khushi's forehead and left. Khushi entered the room. That night she didn't sleep at all. At 3:00 in the morning, her cell phone started to ring. Khushi picked it up and turned it on.

Khushi: Hello?

Voice: If you want to see your husband alive, come to the little house near the AHM barber shop.

Khushi: What? Arnavji? You have him? Where is he?

Vioice: Stop asking stupid questions just come or else...


Voice: You'll find out. Come alone.

The caller disconnected and Khushi stared at the cell. Her eyes filled again and she whispered "Arnavji" over and over again and then fell into a disturbed sleep.

The next morning, Khushi told everyone of the phone call. They decided to inform the police. Akash reluctantly allowed his sister-in-law to take the risk of going alone first but only because he would follow. Khushi got dressed in a white sari and kissed Aryan twice before giving him to Payal. She lent down and whispered "I'll find Daddy no matter what".

Jun 8, 2012

Sacrifices for Happiness (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 25 times)

Thanks for being patient! I'm done with exams and my Summer Vacation is starting next week! YAY! So regular updates then. Here's the update for today.

Akash dropped Khushi off near the house but from a distance so that no one guessed he was there. Khushi gulped and took a deep breath. She touched her bag where the revolver was. Akash had given it to her in case of an emergency. She took another deep breath and started to walk towards the house. As soon as she reached, a man came out of the shadows. He had his face covered and was wearing black clothing. He grabbed Khushi's arm roughly.

Khushi: Ouch! Let me go!

Khushi was struggling to get out of his grip. The man just held on tighter and his fingernails dug into Khushi's wrist. He dragged Khushi inside the house. She was taken to a room where there was only a bed and a table with a radio on it. The man threw Khushi inside.

Man: You can turn on the radio when you get bored because you'll be here for a while.

Khushi: I don't want your stupid...

Man: You don't have a choice.

Khushi: Take me to Arnavji!

Man: Patience is a virtue.

The man closed the door and Khushi heard a key locking it. She felt hot tears running down her cheeks. She needed her Arnav. She needed him badly. She wanted to hug him and kiss him. A long time passed and Khushi felt as if an eternity had passed. She walked slowly to the table and turned on the radio. She was lonely, she wanted to hear a living person. As soon as she turned it on a song came on. It was "Everytime We Touch" by CASCADA.

I still hear your voice, when you sleep next to me.

I still feel your touch in my dreams.

Forgive me my weakness, but I don't know why.

Without you it's hard to survive.

Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling.

And everytime we kiss I swear I can fly.

Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last.

Need you by my side.

Cause everytime we touch, I feel this static.

And everytime we kiss, I reach for the sky.

Can't you hear my heart beat so

I can't let you go.

Want you in my life.

Your arms are my castle, your heart is my sky.

They wipe away tears that I cry.

The good and the bad times, we've been through them all.

You make me rise when I fall.

Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling.

And everytime we kiss I swear I can fly.

Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last.

Need you by my side.

Cause everytime we touch, I feel this static.

And everytime we kiss, I reach for the sky.

Can't you hear my heart beat so

I can't let you go.

Want you in my life

Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling.

And everytime we kiss I swear I can fly.

Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last.

Need you by my side

Khushi stared at the radio as her eyes welled up again. She fell down on her knees and let out a scream. She had tears running down her face and she was going blind. She looked at the room once more and fell forth in a fain. Khushi woke up to the sound of Arnav. She heard him crying softly and calling her name. She blinked to make her vision clear. She rose her head slowly and saw her Arnav. He was standing behind a net wall. She slowly sat up and rubbed her eyes. Arnav gave her a small smile.

Arnav: Khushi I'm real. This isn't a dream.

Khushi jumped up and ran to the net wall. She looked at Arnav and she completely forgot her own tears. Arnav put his hand on the net wall and Khushi reached her's and intertwined her fingers with his. Arnav kissed her fingers and Khushi smiled sadly. They were talking but not with words but with emotions. Arnav's tears were falling on Khushi's fingers and she had the urge to wipe them but she wasn't able to. Arnav knew what she was thinking and he lowered his eyes to her fingers and Khushi wiped his tears and smiled through her tears.

Man: Well, well well. Who would have thought that ASR would break down like this.

Khushi and Arnav turned towards the voice and saw the masked man again. Arnav tightened his grip on Khushi's hand.

Arnav: You're a coward. If you aren't then remove that cheap mask of your's.

The man chuckled and took off the mask slowly. Arnav gasped.

Man: Well, Arnav. Nice to see you again.

Arnav: Rohan?

Man: Yep. How have you been doing Arnav?

Arnav grimaced.

Khushi: Arnavji who is he?

Arnav: That is Rohan Malik. The son of my parent's murderer.

Rohan: And now the murderer of your wife.

He grabbed Khushi roughly and Khushi let out a shriek. Arnav's eyes turned bloodshot.

Arnav: Don't you dare touch my wife!

Rohan: Watch me.

Jun 11, 2012

Sacrifices for Happiness (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 22 times)

Khushi struggled against Rohan's grip but he held tighter. His hand seemed to be made of steel. Arnav felt helpless and he tried his best to break the net wall. Rohan chuckled and he took out a knife.

Rohan: I'm going to make you feel the sorrow I went through after you got my father hanged.

Arnav: I didn't get your damn father hanged!

Rohan: It was you and those no good Raizadas.

Arnav: Your father committed suicide! We had nothing to do with his death.

Rohan: Stop lying! Why would my father commit suicide? You're a lier!

Arnav: He knew that he could never win! He was too weak and tired.

Rohan: So what? A Malik never loses and our fathers taught us that.

Arnav: Yes but even a Malik can lose against the TSO.

Rohan: Forget the damn TSO! I have had enough of this, your wife is going to die.

Arnav: Stop Rohan! This isn't you! Before my father died he told us that we didn't have to follow in our fathers' footsteps. They both were criminals and they didn't want us to be like them!

Rohan: My father would never leave me!

Arnav: Our father's never loved us. They had committed the crime and we paid for it!

Rohan: No, I don't believe you. No that's not true.

Rohan was trying to convince himself but inside he knew what Arnav was saying was true.

Arnav: Rohan it IS true.

Rohan's eyes were wide and his face pale with shock. He let go of Khushi and stumbled back. His breathing was coming out in pauses. He dropped the knife and clutched his neck. Khushi kicked the knife away from his reach and looked at Arnav with a confused expression. She had no idea what they were talking about.

Arnav: Khushi take the keys out of his pocket and give them to me.

Khushi nodded and reached into Rohan's pocket and took the keys. Rohan didn't even notice. He was close to unconsciousness. Khushi ran to Arnav and gave him the keys. Arnav went to the door and unlocked it from the inside . He ran down the hall and entered the room where Rohan and Khushi were. He went to Rohan and gestured to Khushi to give him a glass of water. Khushi got a glass from the table and gave it to him.

Arnav: Khushi take my cell and call Akash to come and get us.

Khushi took the cell and left the room. Arnav sprinkled water on Rohan's face and forced him to drink it. Khushi was really confused. Why was Arnav helping Rohan? Rohan regained consciousness and he looked at Arnav.

Rohan: You saved me again.

Arnav smiled at Rohan.

Arnav: Just like last time. We're even now, you saved me twice and I saved you twice.

Rohan: I'm sorry for trying to kill your wife.

Arnav: I know. I knew you weren't going to do it anyways.

Rohan: How come?

Arnav: Because you are not like our fathers. You would never kill.

Rohan: I need to know the truth. The WHOLE truth.

Arnav: I do too. We need to ask Nani. Come on let's go get some answers.

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