Virat and maanvi

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May 23, 2012

Virat and maanvi (By Candy52497) (Thanked: 14 times)

OK so this is my first story and the first time I'm posting so tell me if u like it and if I should go on

A guy around the age of 23 steps out of the plane and swings his bag onto his shoulder. He looks around the airport and sees his brother and goes over and hugs him

Virain : Teri bohot yaad ayi mereh bhai aab ghar chalteh sub tumhara intezaaar jar raheh hai

Virat: tikhe chalteh aur bhai meri houneh vali bhabi nahi aayi

Virain : uh... Virat actually voh ghar par hai

Virat: kya aap neh bataya nahi meri bhabi itni hot hai keh aap unko chupa ke rakteh

Virain: Virat tum bhi nah kabhi toh soch jar bolo yaar

Virat: ok ok sorry choteh bhai koh maaf kardo aur aab ghar chaleh

Virain : huh chaleh ghar chalteh

So this was just the beginning with the two brothers so let me know if I should continue but in any car thanks for reading

May 24, 2012

virat and maaanvi story continued.... (By Candy52497) (Thanked: 8 times)

omg you guys are all so sweet and thanks for reading so heres the next part

so the brothers get home and virat walks in and sees a pretty girl sitting on the couch

Virat: (whistles) wow bhai bhabi is hot

Virain: shut up virat shes your bhabi plus shes mine

Virat: chill i was joking anyway shes really lucky to be getting married to a guy like my brother

the brothers walk up to jeevika and introductions are made after that virat goes upstairs to freshen up. on the way to his room he sees biji and dabbu talking to someone on the phone. he stops and him being virat listens.

Biji: beta when are u coming jeevikas sangeet is tonight.... i know but your plane was supposed to be here by now... no jeevika doesnt know your coming and shes really upset...ok fine i wont tell her...ok but we have a problem...karan cant do the dance he had an emergency and dabbu doesnt know the song at all and he cant learn it by then...ok...ok...ok ill find someone...ok beta take care and hurry

(To dabbu)dabbu i need you t find someone who can take karans place and plz hurry shell be here soon and remember not a word about this to Jeevika.

Dabbu: ok beeji ill try

Virat: Biji? Dabbu? oh they must be bhabis family

he goes up to them

Virat: Namaste im virat vireins younger brother i might be able to help you

Biji: namaste beta but this is actually a surprise for Jeevika and im not sure youll be able to do it

virat: biji plz just let me try

biji: ok fine you actually have to learn a dance that is in a performance with my granddaughter also jeevikas younger sister. shes coming back from college today and plz jeevika shouldnt know anything about this. promise?

virat: promise. but whos gonna teach me

biji: a friend of my granddaughters maya. maya come here will you teach virat the song and the dance plz

maya: of course biji virat come with me ill teach u everything

(dont worry maya isnt gonna steal virat or anything shes just teaching him)

OK so im really sorry for the short update but i have 2 major projects due tommorrow so ill update later sorry and thanks soooo much for reading.

May 25, 2012

Virat and maanvi continued... (By Candy52497) (Thanked: 10 times)

Thanx so anyway I'm free and I'm gonna try to make this a long one

Biji: Maya he learned it right? He knows the song and all the steps right?

Maya: yes biji. He's fine he's got it all mastered. He's actually a music student so the performance is gonna be great. How can it not be with two music students performing.

Biji: your right I'm freaking out for no reason. Anyway we should be starting soon. Remember the surprise is in the end.

Now let's go back to virat who's practicing.

Virat: ok so 1 2 3 4 ok i got it phew. Hopefully I won't mess up.

The sangeet goes on and we get to the last performance. Dabbu comes on stage.

Dabbu: this last performance isva special surprise for my jeevika di and my jiju.

Hevwalks off and the curtains open. There are 7 girls with their backs facing the audience and their all wearing lehngas of different colors. The one in the middle is wearing a red one and holding the dupatta over her head. The music starts playing and the one in the middle starts singing.

Laal dupatta

She says this and spins around to face the audience

Laal dupatta ud gaya re bairi hawa ke jhonke se

Then she takes the dupatta off her head and everyone can see her face. It's none other than maanvi. Jeevika is completely surprised and virat is taken aback byhow beautiful she is but he snaps out of it when he remembers he's supposed to sing too.

Mujhko piya ne dekh liya haai re dhoke se

Manaake mujhe dil dega voh, magar meri jaan lega voh

Virat starts singing

MALELaal dupatta

Arre laal dupatta ud gaya re tera hawa ke jhonke se

Laal dupatta ud gaya re tera hawa ke jhonke se Tujhko piya ne dekh liya haai re dhoke se

Manaake tujhe dil dega voh, magar apni jaan dega voh

FEMALEOh oh oh oh oh

MALEHey hey hey hey, la la la la la

FEMALELaakh chhupaaye baithi thi main apne chaand se chehre ko

Ek pal mein hi tod diya bairan hawa ne pehre ko

MALEHo, tere chehre ka jaana kuch aisa jaadu chhaa gaya

Mere chaand ko dekhkar chaand bhi sharma gaya

FEMALEMujhe sharm si aaye, o mera dil ghabraaye

MALEArre aa baahon mein chook na jaaye aise mauke se

Tujhko piya ne dekh liya haai re dhoke se

Manaake tujhe dil dega voh, magar apni jaan dega voh

FEMALEManaake mujhe dil dega voh, magar meri jaan lega voh

MALEHaai maheka maheka yeh sama kehne laga aa pyaar kar

Mere sone yaar tu dilbar se ikraar kar

FEMALEHo, tere pyaar ki khushboo meri saanson mein sama gayi

Le sajna sab chhod main tere peechhe peechhe aa gayi

MALETujhe pyaar ho gaya, ikraar ho gaya

And inside virat knew he had fallen in love

FEMALEArre ab to roke na rukoon main kisi ke roke se

Mujhko piya ne dekh liya haai re dhoke se Manaake mujhe dil dega voh, magar meri jaan lega voh

MALEManaake tujhe dil dega voh, magar apni jaan dega voh

FEMALELaal dupatta ud gaya re bairi hawa ke jhonke se

MALEHoye, laal dupatta ud gaya re tera hawa ke jhonke se Tujhko piya ne dekh liya haai re dhoke se

FEMALEManaake mujhe dil dega voh, magar meri jaan lega voh

MALEManaake tujhe dil dega voh, magar apni jaan dega voh

After the song they all took a bow and maanvi ran off the stage to her sister.

Maanvi: di!!!!!! (she hugged jeevika) I missed you soooooooo much.

Jeevika: if you missed me why didn't you come back earlier?

Maanvi: di? Just because your getting married to a lawyer you don't have to ask so many questions.

(everyone laughed at tat and jeevika playfully hit maanvi on the head) Please di you know why but I have awesome news

Jeevika: what is it mannu r?

Maanvi: my bestest di is getting married

That made everyone smile

Virat was standing aside and was listening to the sisters conversation and thinking.

Maanvi. The girl with the looks brains and she's funny. I like it

Maanvi saw him standing there smiling and pulled him to where she was standing.

Maanvi: di you have to meet him. He's stepped in last second to make this performance perfect. Anyway who exactly are you.

Virat: me I'm.....

Jeevika: maanvi? This is virat my soon to be brother in law

Maanvi: areh my mistake but leave it I'm maanvi your soon to be bhabi younger sister and also (she goes to virein) jijus soon to be sale so I guess were equal soooooooo...... Partners?

Virat: partners

And they shake hands

Anyway hoped you like it I have to go celebrate my birthday so see ya

May 26, 2012

Virat and maanvi continued... (By Candy52497) (Thanked: 8 times)

So once again THANK U SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! And now I'm gonna continue. OK.

Maanvi: sooo partner what do you think about my di? She's perfect jiju nah?

Virat is lost in his own world

Virat: pefect

Maanvi: they'll be together forever. Right

Virat: forever

Maanvi notices that he's not listening to her or tuning out whatever he's doing

Maanvi: virat? You're a chep rght?

Virat:right wait what

Maanvi: hahahaha hahahaha oh my gosh partner you just admitted to being a chep.

She keeps luaghing

Virat: you think ur smart

Maanvi: I don't think I know

Virat: really well see about that

And starts chasing her

Maanvi: aaaahhhh di control your devar. Virat stop (laughing) please aaaahhh

She trips and virat catches her.

They get lost in each other's eyes and maanvi snaps out of it first.

Maanvi: areh let go of me. I thought you were a nice guy but you turned out to be a chep

Virat: what a chep how did I go from partner to chep?

Maanvi: areh yaar masak kari thi (i was joking) now cheer up why do U take everything to heart? Secret ladkio ho kya? (are you secretly a girl) laughed

Virat: joke the (was it a joke)

Maanvi: yes

Virat: should I laugh

Maanvi: laugh

Virat sarcastically laughs

Then they glare at each other for a few seconds and burst out laughing

Jeevika: maanvi come hee for a Second

Maanvi: yes di

Jeevika: what was that? Mind ur manners

Maanvi: why do? He's my friend

Jeevika: so fast? You made a friend that fast?

Maanvi: diii! This is how maanvi is. I do things fast.

Jeevika: ok fine. But behave

Maanvi: of course di

The function ended and everyone went to their rooms. In their room....

Jeevika: so maanvi tell me, how's college?

Maanvi: college is fine di. You know I'm only doing it for you.

Jeevika: and I'm only making you do it because you have an amazing voice and people should be able to hear it.

Maanvi: (to herself) they'll hear it if I actually live that long

Jeevika: wat

Maanvi: nothing di I'm just saying that I don't deserve all your praise.

Jeevika: mannu? Are you crazy? You're voice is amazing and don't ever doubt that ok

Maanvi: di! Why are you getting so emotional. You know I'm just playing.

Jeevika: yeah I know. You always play. Take a break sometime.

Maanvi: ok sorry now can we go to sleep I'm really tired.

Jeevika: of course go to bed.

At night when jeevika asleep maanvi wakes up and takes some pills. She hides the bottles and goes back to bed silently praying that no one will find out about her sickness.

Hope U don't think it's too cheesy ill update soon Thanx for reading

Jun 16, 2012

Virat and maanvi continued... Part 4 (By Candy52497) (Thanked: 7 times)

Im gonna continue now...

The next morning virat is woken up by his phone ringing. He picks it up ad in a sleepy voice says hello.

Maanvi: hello! Virat?

Virat: yes who is this

Maanvi: are partner who else would call you this early

Virat: oh. It's you. What did u want?

Maanvi: now I need a reason to call? But forget it actually I needed a favor.

Virat: I knew it what do u need?

Maanvi: I actually need you to take me shopping cause biji over here doesn't think it's right for a girl my age to be out alone. And I was thinking who would be free enough to take me and I though of you. So will you take me?

Virat: acchah and what makes you think I have nothing to do? Hmmm?

Naanvi: virat its you. Other than annoying people what do u do?

Virat: What!!!!

Maanvi: what? Can't handle the truth?

Virat: fine if you're going to call me annoying don't expect me to help you

Maanvi: areh partner sorry yaar. It was a joke. Please forgive me.

Virat: fine ur forgiven

Maanvi: good now that you forgave me can we go to the mall? Please

Virat: you're not going to forget the mall are you?

Maanvi: nope

Virat: then let's you

5 minutes later virat and Maanvi are in virat car on the way to the mall. Virat isn't talking much and Maanvi looking at him confused and thinking what's wrong with him. She gets bored and turns on the radio and anarkali disco chaali was playing


She starts singing and enjoying herself and virat staring at her lost in her beauty.

Virat: (thoughts) how can someone be so carefree and enjoy life so much? Usually everyone is too caught up in problems to even think about having fun.

While he was thinking and staring at maanvi the song ended and maanvi was saying something to him which he didn't even hear. She snapped her fingers in hs face and started screaming his name. That's when he finally snapped out of it and asked what happened.

Maanvi: what where you doing! You're diving a car! Focus!!!! You know I shouldn't have even asked for you to come with me. Instead of getting me to the mall and then back to di you're planning on sending me straight to mama and papa.

Virat: oh come on partner. You know I'd never do that. I was just thinking.

Maanvi: ohhhh! You? You were thinking? (sarcastically)

Virat: see I knew you'd do that that's why I wasn't gonna tell you.

Maanvi: partner? Naraz hogai? (you're upset?) acchah sorry. Please forgive me.

Virat just looks at her and smiles and says OK I forgive you

Maanvi: now tell me if you were thinking so seriously about something then it must be about something important right? So tell me what were you thinking about?

Virat in his thoughts: you

They reached the mall

Virat: um I'll tell you later the malls here

Maanvi: omg it beautiful let's go

Virat: maanvi why are we here exactly

Maanvi: because I have to get gifts for jeevika di and you're going to help me

Virat: you and your di! Ok fine let's go.

They shopped and maanvi got all her presents for jeevika and virat got presents for viren. When they were about to leave maanvi got dizzy and was about to fall when virat caught her.

Virat: maanvi! Maanvi! What happened? Are you OK? He felt her forehead maanvi you have a fever! We're going to the doctor now and calling bhabi

Maanvi was barely conscious but before she fell into unconsciousness she grabbed virat arm.

Maani: virat promise you won't tell di. Meri kasam

And with that she faints

When maanvi wakes up she looks around and sees that she's in a hospital bed. She looks around the room and sees virat standing in the corner. Virat was thinking about what happened after maanvi had fainted.

Virat brought her to the hospital when she fainted and when the doctors took her away he was going to call jeevika when he remembered what maanvi had told him before she fainted. They had taken her to the er and he had waited for an hour while the doctors tried to figure out what was wrong with her. When the doctor came out he looked really worried.

Virat: doctor is maanvi OK? What happened to her? Why did she faints?

Doctor: before I answer any of you questions I need you to answer one of mine.

Virat: of course. What do you need to know?

Doctor: did you know that the patient has cancer?

Virat: What!??!?? Doctor please this isn't the time for jokes. I know she doesn't have cancer she looks perfectly healthy.

Doctor: look the patient has blood cancer and from what I can tell, they've also been undergoing chemotherapy. This was a side effect of the chemo. Shell be fine.

When the doctor told him about maanvi cancer he felt like someone had ripped his heart put. Even though he had only known maanvi for a few days it felt like she owned his heart. She meant everything to him and enjoying couldn't bear the thought of letting her go.

(back to the present)

Virat was standing in the corner of the room lost in his own thoughts.

Maanvi: virat?

Virat turns around and rushes to her side.

Virat: maanvi are you OK? How are you feeling now?

Maanvi: virat? Have you been crying? Yor eyes... They're all puffy

Virat: me? Crying? Are you crazy? Why would I be crying?

Maanvi: I don't know you tell me chep

Virat: wow! You're lying in a hospital bed yet all you can do is joke around.

Maanvi: about that why am I in a hospital bed? I'm fine you're the one that should be here for uncontrollable crying

Virat: ha ha very funny I'm not in the mood maanvi

Maanvi: areh partner what happened why are you in such a sour mood?

Virat: oh so you don't know. You know when I brought you here you were unconscious. YOU FAINTED MAANVI!!!!

Maanvi: virat calm down I'm fine.

Virat: NO!! YOU'RE NOT! You know what the doctor told me? He said that you have cancer. BLOOD CANCER MAANVI!!!

Maanvi: vi.....

Virat: and do you know what else he said? He said that you knew and all this was a side effect of the chemotherapy.! Why didn't you tell me. And if not me why didn't you tell anyone?

Maanvi: (had tears in her eyes.) I.. I couldn't. Virat try to understand. Di is getting married and everyone's so happy. I can't take away her happiness by telling her I have cancer.

Sorry I'm leaving it in the Middle but let me know if I should continue

Jul 10, 2012

I need help (By Candy52497) (Thanked: 8 times)

Hiiii and sorry and thanks. I'm really sorry I haven't been updating my story butter thing is I'm kinda stuck I pretty much backed myself into a wall nd I started writing some more but it feelsits going to fast so please I need ideas......

Maanvi: I don't want anyone to know about this because if they do they're all going to forget about jeevika die wedding. I can't let that happen virat. My di is my whole world my life I can do anything for her. Heck I can even di....

Virat covered her mouth with his hand.

Virat: don't ever say that understand. He was practically yelling. Don't you daresay tat again. If your di is your life then understand that you're mine. Do you understand that maanvi I barely know you but this.. This... This stupid cancer made me realize how much I love you. And know that I finally realized this your not going anywhere. Do you understand?!!!? By the time he was done he was crying and holding on to maanvi shoulders

Maanvi was staring at him with tears streaming down her face. She didn't understand why each and every one of his words affected her so much but it did. Before she knew what she was doing she wrapped her arms around virat and started crying into his chest.

Maanvi: why? (sobbing) why are you showing your stupid fake sympathy? Why are you making me regret not telling anyone? why are you making me fall in love with you? Why? Why virat why?

Virat: cupped her face in his hands and wiped the tears away. There's nothing fake in any of this partner and if you want I won't tell anyone but I had nothing to do with you falling in love he said smirking

Maanvi: VIRAT!!! She push him away what the heck I just poured out my heart here and you're cracking jokes.

Virat: well I made you stop crying didn't I?

Maanvi: yes but... But that's not the point

Plz. Plz Plz help me

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