Kyun dard hai itna, tere hi ishq mai...

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May 14, 2012

Kyun dard hai itna, tere hi ishq mai... (By Aditoosh) (Thanked: 23 times)

This is a story based on the recent news that Arnav is hiding away to find out the truth.

Arnav turns around and sees a man calling him. The man comes up to Arnav and says ''Aap apna passport udhar gira kar chale gaye the''(You dropped your passport over there) Arnav glances at his hand and he sees his passport. He says thanks to the guy and turns around to exit the airport. He is about to exit but remembers what Khushi said earlier ''Aapki aakho par jhoot ka naqab laga hua hai'' He thinks to himself 'Agar Khushi sach bol rahi hai toh mujhe bhi jaana hoga ki aakhir Khushi aur Shyam mai beech mai kya chal raha hai' He decides to take side exit and not go back to RM and find out the truth without anyone knowing he's still in Delhi

Khushi dejectedly walks away from the airport. 'Arnav ji hum par vishvaas kyu nahi karte hai? Hum aise unki nafrat ke saath nahi jee sakte hai. Hume marna manjoor hai likin unki nafrat nahi' she talks to herself. She sees the taxi driver who drove her to the airport still waiting where she had gotten out. ''Madam aap paise waapis lena toh bhool hi gayi'' he says. Khushi silently wonders at the honesty of the man, he waited for her even though he could have gone off with the money. She gets in the taxi and tells the taxi driver to take her back to RM. She stops crying, and thinks 'Agar jiji aur di ne hume rote hui dekha toh who pareshaan ho jaayege.' She wonders where Shyam went. Anger came surging to her, 'unki himat kaise hui ke who aaye hi nahi!' She gets a call from Shyam but rejects it.

*Khushi arrives at RM*

''Khushi ji! Aap kaha chali gayi thi? Hume kitni chinta ho rahi thi..'' Anjali comes up running to Khushi, who has just entered the house. Khushi looks sad but quickly regains a happy face. ''Di, hum mandir gaye the'' Khushi decided to tell Di as less as possible so she wouldn't be worried. ''Acha theek hai, Khushi ji aapke liye hum khana lag vaade kya?'' ''Nahi di, aap aaram kijiye hume jab bhook lage gi hum khud kha lege.'' Anjali nods and goes to her room. Khushi starts going to Arnav's room, 'no' she corrected herself 'our room' when she sees Shyam enter the house. Before Shyam can see her though, Khushi quickly goes to her room and locks the door. 'Abhi hum Shyam ji se baat nahi kar sakte' she thinks. As soon as the door closes Khushi falls on the floor, and the tears that she tried so hard to stop come back overflowing her eyes. 'Kyu Arnav ji, kyu. Aap hum par vishvaas kyu nahi karte hai. Humne kitni koshish kari aur aap...hume aiseyi chodh kar chale gaye?'

Arnav takes a taxi back to a hotel. During the ride to the hotel, he starts to think about Khushi and quickly stops himself. The more he thinks about Khushi, the more confused his feelings get, and he gets more unsure about what his eyes saw and what Khushi told him. He decides to hire a Private Detective to find our when Khushi and Shyam first met. He arrives at the hotel and quickly goes on his phone to search for a good detective. He finds a detective called Ajay and hires him on the spot. Next, Arnav decides to get cameras installed in RM. He calls an agency and tells them to go disguised as maintenance workers and say that ASR sent them. He leans back on his chair, and his eyes close briefly. He starts remembering Akash's Sangeet and the dance. He can still smell her fragrance, like fresh roses on a rainy day. He abruptly opens his eyes and thinks 'Khushi nazar se toh chali gayi hai likin dimaag se nahi' He looks at the time (11:00 pm) and goes to bed. His dreams haunt him, taunting him about Shyam and Khushi and he wakes up from a troubled sleep, he looks around him and goes back to sleep, but this time, the dreams are about him and Khushi. His Khushi, she smiles at him and tells him to hold her hand. ASR smiles in his sleep.

*2 days later* Khushi has been the same, happy in front of the family and crying non-stop in her and Arnav's room. Arnav, on the other hand, can't stop thinking about what Khushi said...

*Arnav's phone rings*

Arnav- Hello

Ajay- Hello Mr. Raizada, I got all the information that you wanted about Shyam Manohar Jha and his connections with Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada

Arnav- And...? What did you find out? Un dono ka kya rishta hai?

Ajay- Well, Mr. Raizada, it appears that Shyam first met Khushi in Lucknow, where he saved her from a band of thugs after Khushi's video was leaked on TV. And then he stayed in their house in Delhi as a 'paying guest' When Khushi's dad has a stroke, she was apparently 'forced' by her aunt to marry Shyam and she got engaged to him. But somehow Khushi found out that Shyam was married and broke off the engagement. Since then, it appears Shyam is trying to get her back.

Arnav's phone drops out of his hands and hits the floor with a thud. He slowly sinks to the ground. He starts getting flashbacks to when Khushi told him she was engaged, and then at his and Lavanya's engagement, she told him her engagement was broken. He remembered the hurt in her eyes when he accused her of ruining his di's life. He remembers calling her a gold digger. He remembers calling her tears fake. How could he? He had become a monster to the one girl he loved. He had destroyed her with his hate, when she had done nothing wrong. Tears slowly start dripping off his face. 'Maine yeh kya kar diya?'

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May 15, 2012

Continued. Iss Pyaar Mai Sirf Dard Hai.. (By Aditoosh) (Thanked: 21 times)

Thank you guys! I'll be back to continue more in the evening/night because I have to go study -.- Tell me what you think about it!

*At the RM house the cameras have been installed and they are live feeding to Arnav's laptop*

Khushi sits on the bed, too exhausted to cry anymore. All she had done these past days was blame herself for everything and cry. If she had only told Arnav sooner, before anything happened. 'Woh humare baare mai aisa kaise soch sakte hai? Unhe humari baat suni hogi. Pta nahi kab waapis aayege. 2 din hogaye hai. Jakar Di se puchte hai'' Deciding on this, Khushi goes to the mandir, knowing Anjali would definitely be there. She found Anjali putting her thali back near the prashad. ''Di, aapko Arnav ji ne btaya ke who kab waapis aayege?'' ''Nahi Khushi ji. Likin yeh toh Chote ki aadat hai, do teen din mai who aajayege. Aap chinta mat kariye Khushi ji'' Anjali said. Khushi nods and goes to the kitchen to prepare lunch for everyone. She sees a box of jalebis, and flashs back to when she fed Arnav jalebi when he was unconscious. She smiles. She remembers when she fell from the marble top and Arnav caught her. 'Unki yaade saari jage hai, aisa kyu ho raha hai? Hum Arnav ji ko kyu nahi bhoola sakte hai?'

Arnav can't believe how much he has hurt Khushi. It seems like a distant memory, something that someone else has done. 'Mai Khushi ke saath aisa kaise kar sakta hun? Woh kabhi bhi Shyam se pyaar nahi karti thi. Aur uss din Holi par...' He flashes back to when Khushi said, ''Aisa kyu hota hai ki jab aap humare paas hote hai toh humari dhadkan humari season se bhi tez ho jaati hai? Kyu Arnav ji?'' Tears drip down Arnav's face. He remembers how at the airport Khushi was begging him to stay and he said goodbye to her. He remembers all the times he had hurt her, emotionally and physically. He slowly gets up and goes to sit down (near the coffee table). His gaze flickers towards his laptop and he sees that all the CCTV camera footage has transferred to his laptop. He clicks on the first one, which was on the day he 'apparently' left. He sees Khushi alone in the room, sitting on the floor in a mess. She's crying. He changes to the second video, he sees Khushi talking to Payal, Pyal leaves and Khushi closes the door and starts crying. Video after video he sees Khushi depressed, crying, talking to herself. Arnav closes his eyes. Two tears slowly make their way down his face. He admits what he was so scared to admit before, he loves Khushi. He loves Khushi more than he has ever loved anyone else. Being away from her makes him feel like he can't breathe properly, and seeing her cry like this makes him want to go to her and hug her. ''Likin Khushi ki ye haalat meri wajah se hai' he reminds himself. He stands up; he can't live with Khushi in this condition. He packs up and checks out, ready to go to the one girl who made him feel loved, Khushi.

*Back at RM*

Khushi goes to give Anjali her medicine, she was going to Anjali's room when Shyam blocked her way. ''Aap kaha jaa rahi hai Khushi ji?'' ''Hume aapko btani ki koi zaroorat nahi hai Shyam ji, aap humare raaste se hatiye'' Khushi skillfully detours and quickly goes to Anjali's room. ''DI, apni daawa le lijiye'' ''Khushi ji aapko yeh karne ki koyi zaroorat nahi hai, hum khood le sakte hai.'' She starts to get up from the bed but Khushi stops her. ''Nahi di aap mat uthiye, hum de rahe hai naa.'' She gives Anjali her medicine and water. ''Aap bhi hume Chote ki tare bhigad rahi hai Khushi ji'' Khushi looks up in surprise at the mention of Arnav's name but quickly smiles. She leaves the room when she hears the bell ring. She goes down to open the door but Manorama calls her and Khushi tells HP to go open the door. She goes into Manorama's room. ''Hello Hi Bye Bye, Khoonbhari taang, humre liye ice tea le aayo jaldi'' Khushi goes down to get Manorama ice tea and wonder who came into the house. She goes to give Manorama her ice tea and starts going to her room. She opens the door.

Arnav turns around to see Khushi standing at the doorway. (Rabba Ve scene!) Khushi stares into his eyes, trying to decide whether it's hate or pain she sees. Arnav stares back at her, and sees hurt in her eyes. Khushi closes the door quickly and comes towards Arnav. ''Arnav ji, aapko humara vishvaas karna hoga. Humne aisa koi galat kaam nahi kara hai jaise aap soch rahe hai. Shyam ji ke bare mai hume-''''I know, Khushi'' Arnav interrupts her before Khushi can start crying, because he would cry if she cried. ''Kya? Aapko pta hai?'' ''Khushi mujhe maaf kardo. I am so sorry, mujhe tum par trust karna chahiye tha. Likin jaise woh Shyam tum dono ke baare mai baat kar raha tha...'' Arnav stops talking when he sees Khushi taking a step back. ''Aap ko kya Arnav ji? Aapne Shyam ji ke baate maanli? Aur hum? Humari baat par aapko kyu vishvaas nahi hua? Kyu? BTAYI HUME'' Khushi's sad eyes are replaced with a sudden and fierce anger that seems to change her whole personality. Arnav doesn't feel surprised. After all he has put Khushi through, is she left him, he wouldn't be surprised. ''Khushi I am sorry, mujhe tum par vishvaas karna chahiye tha. Mai Di se itna pyaar karta hun ki kabhi kabar...'' he drifts off. He looks uncertainly at Khushi, and she glares back at him. ''Apne humari zindagi ek mazak bana kar rakhdi, bine humse jaane ke hua kya tha. Aapne hume itni nafrat, humse itni batameezi ki. Aur aapke ek Sorry se kuch nahi hone waala Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. Hum 6 mahine ke liye yaha par rahe ge aur phir aapki zindagi se hamesha hamesha ke liye chale jaaye ge'' She opens the doors and goes out. Arnav collapses on the floor.

May 17, 2012

Continued. Yeh Pyaar Hi Sab Kuch Hai (By Aditoosh) (Thanked: 15 times)

Khushi walks towards the kitchen. Her mind is trying to absorb what she heard from Arnav and what she said. Her anger escalated, how could Arnav not believe her? She thought back to all the times before the marriage, how Arnav had brought her chudis, how he had put the bindi on the mirror. His smile, his eyes, and the way that he had looked at her..'Nahi, hum Arnav ji ke baare mai nahi soche ge. Unke liye humare paas sirf aur sirf gussa aur nafrat hai' She reaches the kitchen and walks in to see Bubbly. ''Bubbly aap yaha par kya kar rahi hai? Agar aapko kuch chahiye tha toh hume bta diya hota.'' Khushi kneels down so she is at an eye to eye level with Bubbly. ''Nahi Khushi bhabz aisa kuch nahi hai. Hume waapis boarding school jaana hai toh hum apni water bottle dhoon rahe the.'' Khushi gets the water bottle for Bubbly and goes about to make dinner for the whole family. After she's done, she starts making jalebis. She still can't get Arnav out of her mind. 'Aisa kyu hota hai ki who humare dimaag aur dil mai hamesha rehte hai? Jaiseyi yeh shaadi khatam ho jaati hai, hum waapis Lucknow jaa rahe hai. Hume unka cherha kabhi nahi dekhna.' She continues making jalebis and soon enough, Payal and Anjali look in the kitchen. They both wonder why Khushi is so distracted and sad. ''Shayad se Bubbly ke jaane se Khushi ka aisa bartaav hai Di'' Payal says. ''Aap theek bol rahi hai Payal ji, yahi wajah hogi'' Anjali leaves to go to Nani ji's room while Payal quietly tiptoes into the kitchen. ''KHUSHI!'' she scares Khushi by shouting her name. Payal, seeing the look on Khushi's face, starts laughing, and pretty soon Khushi starts laughing as well. They both laugh and start to serve dinner.

Arnav frantically thinks of ways that Khushi will forgive him. He wants his Khushi back, the Khushi who laughed and called him 'Laad Governor' He wants to hear Khushi's laugh, and he wants to hear Khushi talking like her old self. *Flashback to when Khushi came to apologize to him and had besan all over her face* He smiles. 'Yes, Khushi ko mujhe maaf karna hi hoga, mai aisa uske bine nahi jee sakta' He hears Payal calling everyone downstairs for dinner. He gets up, and decides to get as close to Khushi as possible, even if that means annoying her. He goes down and sits at the table. Everybody stares at him in shock. ''What?'' he asks. ''Chote, tum waapis kab aaye? Aur hume btaya bhi nahi ke kab waapis aa rahe the?'' Anjali asks in disbelief. ''Nahi di, aisa kuch nahi hai. Actually meri meeting jaldi khatam ho gayi thi.'' His gaze flickers over to Khushi, who is serving Nani food. ''Khushi, zaara mujhe woh daal dena'' He points towards the bowl in Khushi's hands. Khushi glares at him and goes over to serve him the dal. He moves his hand towards the pouring dal slowly, and he suddenly puts his hand underneath it. ''AAAH'' Arnav suddenly stands up and is holding his hand. Khushi immediately puts the bowl down and holds Arnav's hand, ''Kya hua aapko? Kaha par dard ho raha hai? Hai devi maiya yeh humne kya kar diya'' She gently blows on Arnav's hand while the rest of the family crowds around them. Payal hurriedly comes with the first aid box. Khushi takes it from her and gently puts some cream onto the burnt wound. Arnav looks at her while she is bandaging his hand. Khushi looks up and their eyes meet *Rabba Ve* Anjali interrupts ''Khushi ji aur Chote, agar tum dono ka romance khatam ho gaya hai toh hum khana khaye?'' She smirks. Khushi hurriedly takes her hand off Arnav's and sits beside him. Arnav looks at the plate, and then his hand ''Mai khayu kaise ab? Mera haath toh jal gaya hai.'' Khushi glances at him, ''Yeh kya karne ki koshish mai hai?' she thinks. ''Khushi beta, Arnav bituwa ko tum khana khilado'' Nani ji says. Khushi nods and starts feeding Arnav. Arnav looks at her. *Flashback to the gol gappa scene* Khushi continues feeding him while secretly glancing at him every now and then. Arnav's never takes his eyes of Khushi's face. 'Yeh kya karne ki koshish mai hai?' Khushi thinks. She quickly feeds him and makes an excuse and goes upstairs. Arnav smirks, while the rest of the family laughs and say ''Khushi ji sharmaa gayi hai!'' They all finish their dinner, and Khushi never reappears back downstairs.

''Woh apne aap ko samajte kya hai'' Khushi angrily says. She had stomped up from the dining room and slammed the door to their room. ''Jab mann kara tab ache bane, jab mann karat oh bura bhartaav kare humare saath'' Khushi is furious, not knowing how to deal with Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. She goes to change, making up her mind to go to sleep before Arnav comes. 'Hume din mai toh dekhne padte hai, likin sapno mai hum unka chehra nahi dekhna chahte' she thinks. She goes to sleep on the bed.

15 minutes later, Arnav arrives. His phone is ringing, so he picks it up. ''Haan Aman, saare preparations hogiy? Good, I don't want anything to go wrong.'' Arnav cuts the phone and looks over to Khushi. He sees that she's already sleeping. 'Shayad mere aane se pehle hi woh sojaana chahti thi. Khana bhi nahi khaya. Khud ka khayal rakhna toh aata hi nahi hai Khushi ko.' Arnav thinks. He goes to change and soon comes out. He walks over to where Khushi is sleeping. He gently kneels down and whispers, ''Mai sab theek kar dunga Khushi, aur iss har se Shyam ko bhi nikaal ke rahuga. Kaash tume pta hota ki mai tumse kitna pyaar karta hun.'' He goes to the couch and turns over so he can see Khushi. He smiles and closes his eyes.

Arnav's eyes open. He blinks a few times against the sunlight. He gets up and looks around. Khushi is nowhere to be seen, 'Maybe she doesn't want to see me' Arnav sighs. He hopes that his plan for tonight would work. 'Aaj Khushi ko mujhe maaf karna hi hoga, usko surprise bilkul acha lage ga'

I have a math exam tomorrow sorry I couldn't write much. But next time I'll make it better. Leave your suggestions and comments below!

May 19, 2012

Bahara, pyaar kaa (By Aditoosh) (Thanked: 13 times)

Khushi starts putting the breakfast on the table. She is absent minded, and doesn't give attention to what she's doing. 'Kam se kam aaj subah se humne Arnav ji ko nahi dekha hai. Jab who aate hai toh humare dil ko pta nahi kya ho jaata hai' she shakes her head slightly. ''Khushi!'' she is interrupted in her thoughts by Payal. ''Kya hua Gigi?'' Khushi asks. ''Khushi dekh kar khana daalo, tum daal plate mai aur bread katore mai rakh rahi ho!'' Payal says. Khushi looks down and gets surprised. ''Anarth hone se bacha, hai Devi Maiyya'' Khushi says. Payal and Khushi laugh and serve the food together. The whole family comes after some time. Khushi looks for Arnav but he hasn't come down for breakfast. 'Laad Governor abhi tak kharaate le rahe hoge' Khushi thinks with a smile. Arnav comes almost immediately in front of her at that moment. Khushi leaps back, Arnav has shocked her. Arnav gives her a wink and sits down. Khushi fights to regain her breath, her heart starts pounding again. She sits down next to Arnav and hopes that he doesn't hear her heart pounding wildly in her chest. Arnav starts serving her food. She stares at him in shock. ''Kya baat hai chote, aaj tum Khushi ji ko khana serve kar rahe ho?'' Anjali asks Arnav with a mischievous glint in her eyes. ''Haan di, I though ke kal Khushi ne mujhe khana khilaya, aaj mai use khana serve karta hun.'' Arnav says and turns to look at Khushi. Khushi is too shocked to say anything. Everyone starts giggling. Shyam looks at Arnav with such hatred that he could kill someone. Nobody notices this, except Anjali, who looks strangely at Shyam. ''Aapko kya hua?'' she asks. ''Kuch nahi rani sahiba, bas kuch kadva kha liya tha'' Shyam replies.

After breakfast, Arnav goes back to their room to change for work. Khushi enters, unaware that Arnav is in there. She starts muttering to herself ''Pta nahi Laad Governor apne aap ko samajhte kya hai. Sach ke Laad Governor hai...'' she trails off when she notices Arnav is in the room. Judging by his face, it's pretty clear that he heard everything Khushi said. He turns around and starts walking towards Khushi, Khushi starts stepping back. ''Tum hamesha peeche kyu chalne lagti ho?'' Arnav asks. ''Kyuki aap hamesha aage aate rahete hai'' Khushi replies. *Flashback to when she said the exact same thing to his question* ''Aacha? Aaj shaamko tayiyaar rehna, hum kahi jaa rahe hai.'' Arnav says and picks up his briefcase. ''Kaha jaa rahe hai? Hume aapke saath kahi nahi jaana.'' Khushi says. ''Meri client ki party hai aur humara jaana zaroori hai. We're invited as a couple'' Arnav says and steps out of the door before Khushi starts protesting.

'Phase I complete' Arnav thinks. He goes to Anjali's room, to remind her to take her medicines. He finds her sitting in the rocking chair knitting a sweater. ''Di, apni daawaiya lelena. I'm going to work''.

Anjali- Chote ruko! Hume tumse baat karni hai

Arnav- Kya baat hai di? Kuch hua? Doctor ko bulayu?

Arnav immediately moves near Anjali, his chocolate brown eyes filled with concern.

Anjali- Aisa kuch nahi hai Chote. Hum theek hai. Chote tumhare aur Khushi ji ke beech sab theek toh hai naa?

Arnav *kneels in front of Anjali and looks up*- Haan di, everything's fine.

Anjali- Chote tum Khushi ji ko pareshaan mat karna. Woh tumse bahut pyaar karti hai. Pta hai jab tum London gaye the toh unko kitni chinta ho rahi thi? Tum itne khush naseeb ho jo tume Khushi jo jaisi hum safar mili. Hume ab tumari fikir karne ki zaroorat hi nahi hai, Khushi ji itni fikir karti hai ke pure ghar ke liye kaafi hai. *Anjali smiles* Chote woh tumse bahut pyaar karti hai, unko sabki khushi ki parva hai, aur sabse zyada tumhari khushi ki.

Arnav *smiles*- Haan di mai jaanta hun. Aapko yaad hai aapne mujhse bola tha ki agar mai kisi se pyaar karta hunt oh use apne se kabhi door nahi jaane doon? Woh Khushi hai, Di mai use bahut pyaar karta hun. Jab usse door jaata hun, toh mai sahise saas nahi le paata hun, who roti hai toh mere dil mai dard hota hai. Aur jab Khushi hasti hai..toh mere ko lagta hai ki mujhe iss duniya ki harr khushi mil gayi hai.

Anjali- Hum bas yahi chahte the Chote. Tum jab Khushi ji ke saath hote ho, toh tum haste ho, mazak karte ho, zyada pyaar karte ho. Hamesha aisyi rehna Chote.''

Arnav smiles and gets up to leave. He goes to AR Designs, he has important meetings that he can't reschedule. He can't concentrate on work, with Khushi and his plan refusing to leave his mind. He looks at the time (4:30 pm). He brightens up and starts packing up. On his way out, he tells Akash he's leaving early. As Arnav steps out of AR Designs, he can hear Akash saying, ''Bhai ko kya ho gya hai? Jabse London se aaye...'' Arnav smiles, ''Pyaar ho gaya hai, Akash'' he replies to nobody in particular. He gets in the car and starts driving. On the way he sees a chudi seller and buys red chudis, somehow knowing that Khushi will be wearing something red. *Flashback to when he bought Khushi chudis and she fainted* 'Pagal hai ladki. Uska kuch bhi pta nahi.' Arnav thinks. He gets back in the car and soon reaches RM

Khushi finished up all her work and went to their room. She opens the closet, and starts wondering what she should wear. She starts taking out her green sari but then remembers Arnav saying how that sari really suits her. She puts it back, and instead takes out a red suit. She gets ready and goes to go tell Anjali that she and Arnav won't be there for dinner. She tells Anjali and is going back to their room when Shyam blocks her way. ''Kya baat hai Khushi ji. Aap bahut sundar lag rahi hai aaj toh.'' He smiles and comes closer to Khushi. ''Shyam ji, aapki himaat kaisi hui, humari raasta chodiye.'' Khushi replies furiously. ''Nahi Khushi ji, aaj toh hum aapko kahi jaane nahi denge'' Shyam holds her hands. Khushi tries to wriggle free but his hold is too tight. Her eyes start filling up when suddenly Arnav appears, looking furious. He pushes Shyam back and comes right in front of Khushi. ''Shyam, get one thing clear. Agar tum Khushi ke aas paas bhi dikhai de mujhe toh mai tumhe maar dalluga.'' Shyam looks surprised, while Khushi looks plain shocked. Shyam looks at Khushi and Arnav in anger, and turns around and walks. Arnav immediately turns around and looks at Khushi's hands. Holding them he asks with worrisome eyes, ''Khushi tumhe lagi toh nahi?'' He starts inspecting her hands while Khushi looks at him in a shocked way *Rabba ve* Khushiquickly takes her hand away from Arnav and says, ''Hume jaana nahi hai kya'' Arnav looks at her and slightly relaxes. ''Tum chalo mai change karke aatu hun'' he replies and goes inside the room. Khushi starts walking towards the car. Her thoughts are confusing, 'Arnav ji humare liye yeh sab kuch kyu kar rahe hai? Un hone hume saaf saaf bta diya tha ki who humse nafrat karte hai.' Thinking this, Khushi sobers up. She gets in the car just as Arnav exits RM. She looks at him, he's wearing a dark red shirt, to match her sari. The thought makes her smile but then she abruptly stops. 'Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, yeh kya kar rahi hai. Nahi koyi baat cheet nahi, koyi kuch nahi'. Arnav gets in the car just as Khushi notices a package in the car. She picks it up and opens it as Arnav watches her. Inside are red chudis, matching her sari perfectly.

She looks at Arnav, who is smiling at her. ''Pehno gi nahi Khushi?'' he asks her. Khushi looks at her wrists, she's only wearing the kangans which belonged to Arnav's mother. Khushi looks at the chudies, 'Bas chudiya hi toh hai...pehne mai kya burayi hogi?' she thinks. She takes them out of the box and starts putting them on when Arnav stops her, he takes the chudis and starts putting them on Khushi's wrist. Khushi, realizing what Arnav is doing, takes her hand out of his. ''Hum khud kar sakte hai'' and snatches the chudi back. Arnav shakes his hand slightly and starts driving.

*1 quiet hour later*

''Aur kitni door hai?'' Khushi asks Arnav. ''Bas pahuch gaye hai.'' He replies. He stops the car and gets out. He goes over to Khushi's side and opens the door. Khushi gets out and looks around. ''Hum yeh kaha par hai?'' she wonders out loud. It looks like someplace she had visited before. Slowly realization dawns on her. This was the dhaba where Arnav and Khushi pretended they were married. She turns around to face Arnav, who is smiling. ''Hum yeh kaha par aagaye? Aapne bola tha ki aapke office ki koi party thi? Jawab dijiye hume!" Khushi asks him furiously. ''Agar sach bta deta toh tum mere saath aati? Chalo, mujhe bahut bhook lag rahi hai'' he says and holds her hand, leading her inside. Khushi tries to resist, but his grip is too strong. 'Abhi toh bas start hua hai Khushi' Arnav smiles.

Chapter 4 will be out tomorrow! What do you guys want Arnav to do after this? Give me some ideas. I'm going to drag this into one more chapter before Khushi either forgives him...or not

May 20, 2012

Milenge Milenge (By Aditoosh) (Thanked: 16 times)

Arnav pulls her to a table close by. The uncle and aunty who had met them last time come towards them. ''Puttar tum log waapis aa gaye! Hume toh laga tha tum log aayoge hi nahi!'' Arnav and Khushi smile, before Khushi could say anything, Arnav says ''Aa toh gaye naa hum likin? Acha aap logo ke khana ki bahut yaad aa rahi thi.'' Arnav starts ordering for both of them, Khushi turns to angrily look at Arnav only to realize he's ordered all of her favorite dishes. 'Inko kaise pta chala ki hume yeh sab pasand hai..?' Khushi wonders. They sit in silence while waiting for the food. Khushi wants to ask him what they're doing here, but she's scared. What is he says the one thing she's been waiting to hear? What will she do?

The food arrives and Khushi looks at it longingly. 'Nahi Khushi, ek daana bhi nahi. Ismai zaroor Laad Governor ki koi naa koi chaal hogi.' Arnav looks at her and stands up. He comes and sits next to her on the cot. ''Khana ka iraada nahi hai kya Khushi?'' He smirks and picks up a piece of naan and brings it towards her mouth. ''Kuch nahi, khud nahi kha sakti toh mai khila deta hun'' Khushi looks at him in surprise. Her eyes betray her fear and surprise. Arnav just keeps smiling, ''Open your mouth'' he orders her. Khushi's mouth opens on its own. *Rabba Ve* Arnav keeps feeding Khushi until Khushi stops him and says, ''Aap nahi khana khayenge?'' She looks down, flustered. The uncle aunty comment from afar ''Inn dono mai kitna pyaar hai. Rabba inhe kabhi naa alag kare'' When everything is finished, they stand up. It's getting late, Khushi realizes. They head towards the car, with Arnav behind Khushi.

Once they get in the car, Arnav starts driving. Khushi's in a really good mood. ''Aaj mausam hai suhana, khana khane ka hai bahana. Lalalalala. Kya taare nikle hai, chamchamte rehte hai. Lalalaalalla'' Khushi sings and Arnav starts humming along with her. Khushi stops abruptly and turns to look at Arnav, he continues humming. ''Aap kya karne ki koshish kar rahe hai? Hum aapko bta rahe hai, aapki koyi bhi chaale humara mann nahi badal sakta hai Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada!'' Arnav suddenly stops the car. Khushi looks up, ''Hume pta tha, pehle acha aura ab shaitan. Hum nikil jaate hai. Rickshaw leke ghar chale jaayege, aapki zaroorat nahi hai hume.'' She starts getting out of the car. To her surprise, Arnav gets out of the car as well. Khushi looks around and notices that there is a jalebi stall nearby. Arnav stares at her, his eyes unreadable. ''Khushi mai jalebiyo ke liye car ko roka tha'' He gestures at the stall. ''Chale?'' Arnav's hand is directing her towards the stall. He tells the halwai to make a plate of jalebis. As soon as they're done, he gives the plate to Khushi. Khushi keeps staring at Arnav, who's waiting for her to start eating. Khushi looks at the jalebis, and decides it's better to eat the jalebis then start a fight with Arnav. She finishes eating and Arnav's gaze never wanders from her face. They start walking towards the car again. Khushi is shocked, ''Yeh shaitan nahi, rajkumar ban gaye hai'' she thinks.

Arnav starts driving again, Khushi thinks that they're going home back again and she asks ''Hum ghar jaa rahe hai?'' to which Arnav replies, ''No, not yet'' Khushi starts getting frustrated, ''Aap chahte kya hai Arnav ji? Kyu aap hume itna pareshaan kar rahe hai?'' Arnav makes no replies to her questions, her pleas and remains silent. They stop again after some time. Khushi looks outside and sees that they are at the temple where Arnav forced her to marry him. Arnav looks at her and gets out. He waits for her to get out, and she slowly comes out of the car. Her eyes fill up with tears. Arnav comes to her immediately. ''Khushi? Khushi kya hua? Tum roh kyu rahi ho?'' he asks, his eyes filled with worry. Khushi takes a step back, ''Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, aap hume kya dikhana laaye hai yaha par? Ke kaise aapne humari majboori kya fayda uthaya? Yaa fir ki hume kaise aapse yaha par shaadi karni padi?'' she is shouting at him, she realizes, but she doesn't care. ''Khushi, mai tumhe yaha par laaya hun kyu mai tumse maafi maagnaa chahta hun..Maine tumhare saath bahut galat kara hai. Sach toh yeh hai, ki jo mere sabse paas hote hai unka dard mujhse dekha nahi jaata. Likin tumhare ko dard dekar, mujhe jitna dard mila hai, tumhe pta bhi nahi. Khushi I lo....'' Khushi interrupts him, ''BAS, Bas Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. Hume aapki koyi saafai chahiye. Hume issi waqt waapis ghar jaana hai. Aur agar aapne humari baat nahi suni toh hum akele chale jaayege.'' Khushi threatens him. ''Likin Khushi meri baat toh sun lo..'' Khushi starts walking away and Arnav frantically says ''Thike! Ghar chalte hai'' They both get in the car.

*Some time passes and Khushi refuses to look or talk to Arnav. They reach RM*

Khushi quickly gets out of the car and hurries in the house. Arnav sighs. He had tried everything. Maybe Khushi really didn't love him, maybe she was too hurt to ever love him again. ''Agar meri wajah se Khushi ko itna dard ho raha hai toh shayad mujhe hi chale jaana chahiye'' he says out loud. He goes inside, and the lights are turned off. He realizes that it was pretty late as he walks up their room. He goes inside and sees Khushi is already sleeping. ''Khushi meri wajah se itni suffer kar rahi hai.'' He sighs and goes to sleep on the couch. His dreams are haunted by all the mean things he did to Khushi and he wakes up abruptly. He looks at the time at sees it's 7. He gets up, ''Mai aise nahi jee sakta, bina Khushi ke..bina uske pyaar ke.'' He makes up his mind and gets his car keys.

Khushi wakes up, her eyes instantly going to the couch. She looks around and doesn't see Arnav. She tries the bathroom door and it's unlocked. ''Aakhir who itni subha kaha gaye?'' She starts worrying. She gets ready and goes downstairs to see if Arnav is anywhere to be found. She asks everyone when finally Akash says ''Khushi ji, bhai shayad se koi meeting mai gaye hoge, aap chinta mat kariye.'' Khushi is still worried, but realizes that it's possible he went without telling her. She calls him, but it goes straight to voicemail. She makes breakfast and goes back to her room without eating anything. She spends the whole day worrying and calling Arnav, but he doesn't pick up. Finally Akash comes back from the office and in answer to Khushi's queries, he replies ''Bhai aaj office nahi aaye, shayad koi client ke saath bahaar meeting ho'' and goes to eat dinner. Khushi looks at the time (8:30) and realizes Arnav might have not eaten yet, and gets more worried.

*Khushi's phone rings*

Khushi's sees that Arnav is calling her. She immediately picks up the phone. ''Arnav ji? Aap kaha par hai? Hume bina btaye aap kaha chale gaye? Waapis kab aayege?'' she asks. ''Khushi, mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai'' ''Haan Arnav jee'' Arnav is silent on the phone for a minute and then ''Khushi, I love you.'' Khushi drops the phone out of shock, she picks it hurriedly and sees that Arnav has cut the phone. 'Arnav ji ko acha nak kya hogaya? Kuch toh galat hai. Arnav ji kaha par hai? Aur unhone 'I love you' kyu bola phone par?' Khushi is really worried and exits RM to find out where Arnav is. 'Arnav ji iss waqt kaha par ho sakte hai?'

Arnav closes his eyes. He loves Khushi so much it hurts. But he knew the only way Khushi was ever going to have a chance to be happy was if her left. Hurting himself was better than seeing Khushi hurt. He would rather die then put cause so much pain to Khushi ever again. He stood up, he had to get to the airport then miss his flight...again. And there was no Khushi to stop him like before. A single tear silently made way down his face. He turned around and started walking. ''ARNAV JI'' Khushi shouted from behind. Arnav turned around, and saw no one. 'Ab Khushi hi saari jaghai dikhai de rahi hai...'' He starts walking again when, ''ARNAV JI'' someone shouts from behind. Arnav tries to but cannot resist turning back. He sees Khushi, and his heart aches.

Khushi catches up with him. She is breathless but relieved, seeing Arnav was in the park near their house. She knew he couldn't resist being away from his plants and she came straight to there. ''Aap...kaha..jaa....rahe hai?'' She askes, gasping for air. She had ran all the way from the car just to see Arnav disappearing towards the other exit. Arnav looks down, ''Mai jaa raha hun Khushi, agar tum mujhe maaf nahi kar sakti ho toh fir yaha par rehne ka koi matlab nahi hai.'' Khushi stares at him in disbelief. ''Aapko itna farak kyi padta hai hum aap se naraaz hai ki nahi? Kyu Arnav ji?'' Arnav is silent for a moment and then ''Khushi, I love you. Jab tum mere paas hoti ho, toh meri dhadkan meri season bhi tez ho jati hai" He smiles. Khushi stares at him, and gets a faint recollection of herself saying it before, she gasps. ''Arnav ji, hum aapko maaf karte hai. Sach toh hai, ki hum aapko apne se door isliye rakhna chahte the kyuki hume nahi lagta tha ki aap humse pyaar karte hai kaise hum aapse pyaar karte hai. I love you too Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada.'' She comes closer to Arnav and hugs him. *Rabba ve*

There's more you guys. After this is the aftermath. But that's going to be a new MyView because it's kind of like a new story (Y) Bye guys! Hope you liked it

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