untwisting the twist

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May 14, 2012

untwisting the twist (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 24 times)

guys i am back with a new story well i dont no if this a long one but here goes, my story has to do with the current me and i am continuing from there...

Arnav is walking towards the escalator having flash backs of khushi and him, he cant take it he is about to turn back and go when someone from behind pats his back and asks

Voice: are u arnav singh raizada

Arnav: yes

Voice: please follow me sir

Arnav: excuse me

Voice: sir its important

Arnav follows the strange man and disappears in the crowd....

Meanwhile Khushi sees the air plane that flies over her head and is shocked that arnav has left; she stood there motionless, without any expression on her face, the passengers who are in a hurry push her and she is thrown on the side, but there is still no effect on her face, she stood there like a human whose soul just got sucked by the devil, suddenly a hand holds her shoulder thus removing her out of the trance, she turns around and sees the devil himself standing in front of her with his cunning smile,

Shyam: khushiji, what happened where is arnav

Khushi: (low voiced) arnavji has gone

Shyam: (sarcastically)oh ho khushiji what is this I feel so bad for u, btw see I came but its ur arnavji that refused to wait, now what can we do, see this just shows that he is not worth u, if I was in his place I would have waited ha

Khushi stood there silent

Shyam: khushiji, I did my part and came and now u do ur part and hand me the papers,

Khushi didn't bother about him and called up akash

Khushi: hello jijaji, can u pick me up from the airport please.... Ya I hereby cab to say bye to arnavji, but I dint realize that I dint have enough to go back home... thank u jijaji, I will wait near the bus stop for u....

She walked ahead to the bus stop and shyam followed her from behind

Shyam: khushiji, what i9s this I am here I wwill drop u home, why do u have to call akash for that, I can do so much for u

Khushi: (cold expression) no thanks, I am fine

Shyam: ok khushiji as u wish, but first give me my papers

Khushi: no...

Shyam: (stunned) no what do u mean no, I came here right

Khushi: the deal was not to come here, it was to tell arnavji the truth, u didn't make it on time and so he left, thus leading to u not releaving what happened,

Shyam: khushiji what rubbish is this, its not my fault that he didn't wait I did my part and waited

Khushi: he indeed waited, u dint show up, that's not fault, u will only get ur papers wen u tell him the truth, (looking directly into shyams eyes)

Shyam: (holding her tightly with anger in his eyes) don't u cross paths with me, I am the last person u want to mess with

Khushi: (still looking at him strongly) no shyamji ur the first man I want to mess with, (she freed her hand in anger) now please excuse me I have to wait for jijaji (walking foward)

Shyam: (again held her hand) khushji, u cannot walk away from me understood

Khushi: yes I can, and I will, and if u don't leave my hand I will scream in the middle of the road saying that u are harassing me, (she looked certain of her words)

Shyam: ( left her hand in anger and said) this is not the end I will find those papers any how (he walked out of there)

Khushi went and stood near the bus stop for akash, while waiting she was thinking about what happened between her and arnav her heart was sinking thinking about the fact that he didn't listen to her.... In the mean time akash came, khushi smiled at him and got into the car... they were driving back home when akash notices that khushi is sitting very sadly so he asks

Akash: khushji, what's the matter

Khushi: (snaps out of her trance) ha uh nothing jijaji

Akash: u look sad

Khushi: uh no I am fine (faking a smile)

Akash: khushji, I am not only your jijaji but also I am ur devar, I have a double relation with u, which makes us close, tell me what's the matter....

Khushi: (smiles genuinely this time) jijaji, I no u are double related to me, but its really nothing

Akash: (understood) oh I understand, ur missing bhai is it

Khushi: (looked shocked) uh... uhm.. ya.. I mean

Akash: (smiled) I can understand, don't worry he will be back soon,

Khushi: ya ... jijaji,(khushi tried to change the topic she remembered that payal was sad in the morning) can I ask u something though

Akash: ya ask me

Khushi: jijaji, oday I noticed jiji was sad, is something wrong

Akash: (frowned) uh no khushji, everything is fine.. payal must be missing buaji and ama so she must be sad

Khushi: jijaji, I don't think its because of that, anyway I can understand if u don't want to tell me but one thing I would like to tell u, jiji Is a very simple person, she is soft at heart and very understanding by nature, maybe u should talk to her and tell her what she is doing wrong,

Akash: (nodded his head and agreed) khushji I will talk to her don't worry (smiled)

guys tell me if u want me to continue or not

love sheena

May 14, 2012

untwisting the twist (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 23 times)

khushi went to her room and locked the doors, she sat on the recliner and started to cry, silently thinking what should she do to make her arnavji believe that she is not wrong, she started to talk to her devi mayas ideal

Khushi: devi maya, what have u put me through again, what test of life is this, the one who I lo....(realizing what she said) cared for the most is not believing me, how can I live with this (she left out silent sobs while crying out ) what am I going to do, I cannot let those papers reach shyams hands, I have to be very careful, I sense something wrong, he is defiantly up to something but what, I cant let him get away with fooling arnavji, there has to be a way out of this (she wiped her falling tears from her face) devi maya give me strenght to face what is coming ahead, keep me strong enough to fight the battle and make things right, I have to do something about it,

Saying this she walked over to the pool side area and saw laxmi was nibbling on arnavs plants, she quickly pulled laxmi away from the pot that had the papers, then she silently removed the white cloth bag from the mud pot and took it in the room, locking the door... she was about to open the bag when she heard a knock on her door,

Anjili: khushji, open up

Khushi fumbled a bit and kept the bag in her hand and went to open the door, and to her surprise it was shyam along with anjili... on seeing shyam she tried to control her tremble and look straight at anjili not letting shyam have a hint that the papers are in her hand,

Khushi: ya di

Anjili: khushi are u ok, u were little sad in the morning about chotte leaving, is everything fine

Khushi: ya di I am fine (noticing shyam lurking here and there with his eyes to see where the papers are she looked at him and said )jijaji do u wants something

Shyam: (looked hesitant and annoyed at her) ha no, no, I just came to ask u how u are

Anjili : (smiled and rested over his shoulder and said) khushiji why don't u just take some rest today, payal and I can handle the house chores

Khushi: areey no no di, don't worry, I will come with u just give me 5 minites to freshen up and I will come down

Anjili smiled and shyam and she left, khushi locked the door to the room and drew the curtains,

Khushi: these papers need to be hidden from shyam, and I need to hide them in a place where shyam wont reach, clearly in this house shyam has freedom to lurk around and where ever I hide them he will find them, there has to be a place where he wont find them but where.... (she started to apply her brain and started to think of her options, when suddenly it struck her) buaji, I can hide these papers in buaji's house, yes, shyam has no entry in buaji's house after what he did to us, so there is no chance of him breaking in and stealing the papers, only buaji can keep these papers safe I have to hand them to her, she dialed the gupta residence

Khushi: hello buaji..

Buaji: hai re nand kishore.. sanka devi kya baat hai

Khushi: buaji can u and amma come to shantivan today

Buaji: what happened titilya is everything ok

Khushi: buaji I have no time to explain, I need to give u some papers, and I need u to keep them safe

Buaji: what papers

Khushi: buaji I cannot tell u anything right now, please understand the only thing that I can say is that I am giving u a set of papers that need to be kept safely, don't tell amma or babuji anything let this be between us, these papers can not reach in shyams hands

On hearing shyams name, buaji understood there is something wrong

Buaji: khushi tell me the truth, is he troubling u, does arnav babua know

Khushi: buaji, there is a lot of confusion, but please understand when the time comes I will tell u everything right now I need u to come and take these papers from me, I will hide them and give them to u

Buaji agreed to cooperate with khushi and she and garima left to come to shanty vaan

Meanwhile in akash and payal's room akash was talking payal

Akash: payal (he said softly)

Payal looked at him

Akash: I am sorry for shouting at u this morning

Payal: its ok

Akash: its just u shouldn't have given her something bad and stale to eat

Payal: akash I didn't give anything bad to eat, I no that, I told her so much and she refused to listen I took it away from her and she banged her hand on the kitchen draw,

Akash: with her I am sensitive; she is my baby sister,

Payal: akash I understand that, and I am taking care of her, I really do trust me,

Akash: look I am sorry, and I just wanted to tell u take care of her, I love u payal I don't like to scream, at u either

Saying this he hugged her and kissed her fore head, bubbly was looking out of the window seeing them patched up and getting annoyed, at that point of time khushi walked pass by and saw her snooping on them so she went to bubbly and said

Khushi: bubbly what are u doing here

Bubbly: (hesitant) uh nothing, khushi bhabi

Khushi (smiled) come down with me, ever since u have come we hardly got time to spend together

She held bubblys hand and took her down to the hall, she told op to get coffee for bubbly and tea for everyone else, mamji, mammiji, anjili and nani were sitting in the hall, shyam was in his room and they were talking away, while bubbly was sitting and fiddling with her soap project....

Khushi: arre bubbly what are u making

Bubbly: it's a school project made out of soap

Anjili: she has been making it since last week

Mami: hello hi bye bye. Phati sari, u don't know are bubblya she is so creative, always she is doing kaam, not like u

Nani: (looked at her angry) manorma

Mami made a face

Bubbly: khushi bhabi I have made my project with all the soap colors except for red (she looked sad)

Khushi: why is that

Bubbly: I had a red soap that I found outside ur room in the plants

Khushi looked at her confused wondering what she was talking about

Anjili: bubbly can u bring that soap here

Bubbly: anjili di I cant jijaji took it away from me, saying that he would get me glistering soap

Anjili and khushi again looked at each other confused

Mamaji: arre I remembered damaadji had the soap when I met him at the key maker in chandni chauk

Khushi: mamaji, what are u talking about

Mamaji: khushi betiya I met shyam at the key maker I had gone to meet my friend and I met him there, he had a key impression on the soap, when I asked him he said that he was making a key for a cupboard in his office,

Anjili: he also no, (she smiled and brushed the topic off)

Khushi knew shyam was up to something... the door bell rang, op went to open the door and greeted buaji and garima in, everyone was happy and they also sat in the hall payal and akash came down to greet them, anjili told op to make more tea

Buaji: sorry naniji we came without calling its just we missed our girls a lot and we haven't met payaliya for a long time

Nani: no no madhumattiji this is ur house too, and u can meet ur girls wenever u like

Garima: payal how are u

Payal: amma I am fine, how is babuji

Garima: he is fine betiya

Buaji: anka devi why u are sitting so quite come here sit with me

Khushi went over to her and hugged her, and in her ear khushi whispered

Khushi: buaji, I will ask di if we can sit in our room then I will hand u the papers

Buaji: (nodded) betiya I miss u too, and damaadji, where is he, akash betwa is hear but where is arnav babua

Anjili: ji he has gone to London and will be back soon,

Garima: he is a very nice boy, our betiya is blessed to have him as her husband, he took such good care of us when he was staying there

Mami: ha who to dik taha tha, jab wo ghar coming wo sab pe screaming, hello hi bye bye

Garima and buaji looked at each other and nani shushd mami

Khushi: uh nani, is ok if we drink tea in my room because we all four have lots of catching up to do

Nani: offcorse, please go ahead, anjili betiya have op serve them tea up

Buaji and garima thanked nani and then all 4 of them went up to arnav and khushi room,

Payal: amma, I will just get the tea (she left)

Garima: khushi I want to go to the bathroom,

Khushi took her to the bathroom and as soon as she shut the door, khushi removed the bag from the cupboard &slh;

Khushi: buaji, put this in ur hand bag, don't let anyone see it (she handed it to buaji)

Buaji: khushi I don't know whats happening but whatever it is take care of urself

Khushi assured her that she will take care of herself, and buaji promised that the papers will be safe, in the mean time gairma came out and payal brought the tea, all the 4 women chatted and had a hearty laugh, and finally after 2 hours garima and buaji left, payal and khushi got busy serving dinner and once dinner was done they all retired to their rooms, this was the first time after marriage that khushi was sleeping alone in the room, she was missing him so much, as it is she was scared of the dark, she got her clothes out and go redy to change,the night passed by tensed......

Around 4 days passed by like this , and khushi was living a nightmare, on one end she had shyam tormenting her and the other end the thought of arnav not believing her was killing her from within, but still she stayed strong,it was night she went to change into her night clothes, when she came out she saw shyam present in her room,

Khushi: what are u doing her

Shyam: I want the papers

Khushi: u wont get them

Shyam: (screaming) khushiji, ur trying my patience's, tell me where the papers are

Khushi: shyamji, u can scream as much as u want, it isnt going to solve ur purpose, instead everyone will come running here to aak what happened, u aren't going 2 get the papers until arnavji isnt back

Saying this she opened the room door and she showed shyam the way, he left in anger, she shut the door and she leaned against it going down,

Khushi: when will u come back (she shut her eyes remembering him and put her hand on her heart small tears making way falling from her eyes) she was in deep trance wen suddenly she was disturbed with a phone call from an unknown number

Voice: maam can I please speak to arnav singh raizada, I am calling from the London office

Khushi: arnavji, is not here he is in London

Voice: I am sorry mam he isnt, may I know who I am talking to

Khushi: uh yes, I am his wife, and what do u mean he isnt.

Voice: mam, sir was due to come, I sent my driver to pick him from the airport but my driver said that he didn't come only, and I doubled checked with the airplane staff and they said that mr raizada never got onto the plane, so I thought of just calling and asking him what happened,

Khushi: uhhm thank u, he isnt here but wen he comes back I will ask him to call u

Saying this khushi put down the phone, and started to panic

Khushi: omg arnavji isnt in London, then where is he, where could he have gone, omg I hope he is ok, I have to find him, but how , I hope he is safe he is a sugar patient and if he doesn't have his medicines he can faint ,omg, devi maya please let my husband be ok, please give him the strenght, please (she sat next to the ideal and started praying)

precap: the police enter rm to ask for arnav, khushi tells them about the phone call, the family is in shock

hey guys thank u so much for all the compliments, the next update will be tomorrow

love sheena http://www.smileyvault.com/albums/CBSA/smile

May 15, 2012

untwisting the twist (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 17 times)

Morning came by khushi was sitting on the floor the entire night praying to devi maya for arnav's health, she didn't realize how she fell asleep in that position, she woke up and made a conscious decision that she would find him anyhow

Khushi: I have to tell the family, I cannot hide this from them, I must tell at least akash jijaji about this,

She ran to akash and payal's room and knocked on the door, it was around 7:30 in the morning a groggy akash opened the door and looked confused

Akash: (yawning) khushiji, u here how come, is everything ok

Khushi: jijaji, come with me (she dragged his hand to her room) jijaji, I got a phone call from the London office saying that arnavji hasn't reached London, do u no where he is by any chance, has he told u something

Akash: (now alert on the news) no khushji, he hasn't, bhai said that he is going to London, and if he hasn't reached then where is he have u tried calling him

Khushi: ya I did, but his phone is switched off, it says that its in a low coverage area

Akash: wait let me try, (he went to bring his phone and started trying) no response (nodding his head from left to right)

Khushi: I am worried jijaji, now what do we do

Akash: khushiji, as of now don't tell anyone anything, they will get worried, I will go to office and find out what the matter is, I am also worried now, we will wait for today, if he doesn't return we will have to call the police

Khushi agreed with him, akash went to change and left for office, khushi tried hard all day to suppress her sadness and not tell anything to anyone, at the most to vent her frustration she would talk to laxmi, shyam was also busy today taking anjili for her checkup, pretending to be a perfect husband, finally the day got over and akash came home, on seeing akash khushi ran to him and said

Khushi: what happened any news

Akash: (sad) no no news, I have informed the police, we should tell everyone now, the police will come soon

Khushi nodded her head and then they went to tell everyone who was sitting in the living room

Nani: what is it akash betwa

Akash: nani I am afraid we have bad news

Anjili: whats the matter akash tell us (worried)

Khushi and akash explained the whole thing to the rest of the family, and everyone was shocked, anjili sat down in depression, shyam was also shocked

Anjili: (crying) where has chotte gone, oh god,

Khushi and shyam ran to her side and khushi said

Khushi: di don't worry we will find him, I promise u that, please take care of yourself, understand we will find him

Shyam: (pretending) ya rani sahiba, take care please, he will come back

Akash: di, I have told the police to come so don't worry

On hearing this shyams eyes popped out of his sockets

Shyam: police... uh akash why have u called the police

Everyone turned to him and was shocked; khushi understood that he has something to do with it

Nani: damadji, chotte is clearly missing the police will find him

Shyam: uh nani, I mean he must have gone somewhere he will be back, if the police will go to find him, it will be a big media statement, it can affect his reputation

Anjili: (looked annoyed) how can u even say that, to hell with his reputation, I want him home and I want him now, he is my little brother, if anything happens to him I will die, let the police come and investigate, they are our only hope, and as far as his anger is concerned I will deal with it, if he is upset that we have sent the police after him and his reputation has gone down then I will tell him, that I did it, I will take the blame, but please just bring back my brother (she cried)

Khushi hugged her tightly and anjili responded to khushi's warmth, shyam looked at them and khushi looked back angry, in the meantime the police came,

Inspector: mr raizada, we are here to investigate the case of your brother arnav sinhg raizada,

Akash: yes officer, come in would u like some water

Inspector: no thank u.... can u tell me what happened exactly

Khushi: yes I can (she started to tell him everything that happened, how he went in the airport and how the London office called up to enquire and said he hadn't reached)

Inspector: hmm, I see, thank u mrs raizada, I will look into the matter, and let u no

Anjili: sir, please find my brother please, (crying)

Inspector: don't worry mam, we will,

Khushi and payal took anjili up to her room, so she could rest, anjili was crying and crying away

Anjili: (sobbing) he never does this, no matter how angry he is he never goes anywhere without telling me ....... I no he is upset because of mama's birthday but how can he do this to us,

Khushi: di have fate, he will be back, I know he will trust me

Anjili: khushji u also must be very sad

Khushi: di, I am very sad, but I have fate in him, (she held her mangalsutra) I no he will be back,

Anjili hugged khushi tightly the two women consoled each other, nani and the rest of the family gave anjili support shyam was sitting next to anjili and pretending as usual, time passed by and khushi managed to get angili to sleep, she was leaving anjili's room, but shyam stopped her he shut the door behind and they stood outside the room

Shyam: tell me where the papers are

Khushi: no never

Shyam: fine then don't blame me if anything happens to arnav

Khushi: (shocked) what do u mean

Shyam: what do u think that I will let u get away by blackmailing me, I have arnav, I know where he is and if u don't give me the papers I will harm him,

Khushi: how dare u, where is arnavji

Shyam: I will not tell u give me the papers first and I will take him to u

Khushi: I don't trust u, what proof do u have that he is with u

Shyam: I knew it khushiji u would say that,(he removed his phone from his pocket, to dial a number) hello yes give him the phone....(he put the phone on loud speaker)

Arnav: (in a broken shattered voice panting) hello.... Khushi

Khushi: (shocked she took the phone from his hand) hello arnavji (she started crying hearing him) what happened where are u tell me

Arnav: khush..... ahhhhhhhh (he vinced in pain, from behind sounds of whips were heard on the phone) khushi !!!!!

Khushi: (hearing this khushi cried more) arnavji, tell me where u are

Shyam: (looked at her angrily and snatched the phone from her hand) bas bas khushiji, now u heard him, now give me the papers, or else I will continuously ask my men to hit him, the moment the papers are in my hand I will tell them to stop and I will take u there......

Khushi: (shocked and shattered had no choice but to agree) fine I will give them to u, but not now, I will give them to u tomorrow at 1, the papers aren't here, they are elsewhere,

Shyam: fine u have time till tomorrow

Khushi: don't hurt arnavji, please don't

Shyam: fine but if I don't get the papers I will start to hurt him

Saying this he left and she walked back to her room, she shut the door and she started crying thinking of the way arnav was vincing in pain, crying in pain

Khushi: (sobbing) arnavji.... Omg devi maya what new mess is this, please help me... (she cried again in front of devi maya) no khushi stay strong, tomorrow he will be in front of u, stay strong, I have to give him the papers...... devi maya give him strenght

Meanwhile downstairs a young girl in a mini skirt and a tee shirt climbed up the steps, she entered in the moonlight she crept up the steps, mamaji was thirsty and went down for a glass of water and suddenly he banged with the girl , it was still dark and the figure got up mamaji started to scream,

Mamaji: (terrified) chore... chore..... chore

Everyone came down running the lights came on, and in front of them was a 20 year girl, who was wearing a mini skirt and a teeshirt, she had long hair and a nose ring

Mamaji: parisha.... (Shocked)

parisha: uff ho, what mamaji what chore chore, do I look like a chore to u

Mamaji: how did I no it was u

Nani: parisha u here

parisha:hi nani ma , I am here, I called up and told the servant but he didn't tell u I think

Mamiji: hello hi bye bye, pari betiya from Australia wows (she smiled) longs time no sees,

Parisha: Mamiji, yeah I missed u (she hugged mami)

Nani called khushi and payal and introduced them

Anjili came running down and saw the girl and hugged her tightly

Anjili: pari I am so happy u are here

Parisha: di, I missed u so much (she hugged her back)

Payal and khushi looked confused for a moment, nani then introduced them

Nani: khushi betya payal betya this is parisha, she is my youngest granddaughter, and anjili's and chotte's youngest sister...(she then turned to parisha) pari these are ur two bhabhi's

Parisha: (smiled) finally I am meeting them (she went to hug them) hi I am parisha but u can call me pari for short

Khushi: hi


Parisha: di which one is arnav bhaya's (looking at them naughtily)

Anjili: (smiled a bit) khushiji, is arnav bhaya's

Pari: (looked at khushi and smiled at her and said) oh so ur the lioness that tamed my brother (she laughed)

Khushi blushed and smiled

Pari: btw where is arnav bhaya (she turned to akash) akash bhaya is arnav bhaya still in office

Akash: (frowned) and said pari ur tired I guess and u must be hungry why don't u freshen up and then eat,

Pari: ok bhaya

She merely skipped along to her room to change into her night gown and was walking down for dinner

Everyone was down waiting for her

Khushi: how is pari related and who is she (she inquired)

Anjili: pari is actually adopted, she was mama's friends daughter, but her mother died due to cancer and put pari in my mother's arms, we always treated her like our sister, chotte loves her as much as he loves me,

Khushi: so how come she doesn't live her

Anjili: she studies acting and dancing in Australia, she stays with nk, she was going to come for akash's wedding with nk but her exams were on then

Khushi: oh ok

Nani: anjilil betiya we have to tell pari that he is missing

At that point of time parisha walked down hearing them talk

Pari: who is missing nani ma

Nani: betiya woh

Anjili: pari (she made pari sit next to her) pari ur arnav bhaya is missing

Pari: (looked shocked) what but why

Anjili: I don't know,

Khushi: don't worry we will find him

Khushi hugged her while pari looked sad and confused, she ate her dinner and then they all retired to their rooms

hey guys pari is my own made up character, she has nothing to do with the current track....

precap: pari goes to khushi's room to talk to her they have a conversation.... find out what they talk about...

thanks for the comments

love sheena

May 16, 2012

untwisting the twisted (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 6 times)

hey guys chill, i no most of u dont want arnav hurt so do i, but dont worry it will soon pass as the twist unfolds, i promise,

Khushi was fast asleep, as usual she sat on the floor praying devi maya for arnav and she fell asleep in that same position, a figment of her imagination was running through her mind creating happy thoughts to cheer her up from the stress she was going through lately, in her little world she dreamed

The dream

The wind was blowing into the room which made the silky white curtains fly, he was sitting on the recliner and working in laptop, while she was in the kitchen making his black coffee.. she came up with a little tray which held the cup of coffee and placed it on the table she was about to leave when he pulled her down and she landed on his lap, khushi blushed looking into arnavs dark brown eyes, the wind was strong making her hair strands dance over her face, he smiled and with his one hand caressed her face moving her hair strands off, she looked at him amazed while his right hand slowly made way to her waist, he slowly curled around her soft waist and she laid her head down on his chest hiding herself, he took her in his tight embrace, thus creating a warm sensual tingly feeling from inside, oh his warmth, how much she craved for it, how much she wanted his strong muscles to wrap themselves around her soft fragile body, she slowly looked up at him and he gave her a smile and placed a light kiss on her fore head, he opened his mouth to talk to here, but instead of words an unusual sound made its way from his mouth....

It sounded like this trinnnggggg tringggggggggggggg trinnnnng it increased in volume, and suddenly her eyes opened wide to the sound breaking her dream shattering that sweet thought, bringing her back to reality, she looked around to see that the white alarm clock that displayed 7:00 am was ringing so she went to shut it, at last there was peace and quiet, khushi sighed, but not for long, she was quick to gauge that it was a dream, he wasn't around he was still gone she was still stuck in the same situation,

Khushi sighed she made her way to the cupboard she opened it and was removing her clothes to get changed when she saw arnav's day planner, it was the day planner which she was snooping through when she found her name written it it saying, Ar/k 32 with a cross on her name........ she held it and then brought it close to her heart remembering the sad moments when she stood on the roof of a tall building and he came to save her, a tear trickled down from her swollen eyes, remembering when he accused her of doing something so low,

Khushi: (sobbing) its not true, its not true, u have to believe me its not true (she cried)

She opened the day planner flipping through the pages seeing his small very messy hand writing written in English scripts, a tear drop made its way down to the page which smudged the ink, on a page, she was going through each page even though she couldn't understand a word of what was written until she reached the end of the book, she was about to close it when she saw a a small white square which stuck out on one of the pockets of the day planner she removed it very carefully trying not to disturb the other papers which were kept in his book, she turned it around and was amazed at what she saw, it was a young girl in a red saree staring back at her, and that girl was no one else but her, she was shocked to see her own picture, a memory flashed in her head, it was the same day of the calendar photo shoot, when she had worn that saree, she still remembered the glint in his eyes when he saw her the first time, a few more tears trickled down her eyes, and a small smile crept up her face, she suddenly could see a small light glowing giving her hope that there is still something between them,

Khushi: this means there is something yet between us, that's why he has kept this picture in his diary, there is hope that he.... He cares for me (she smiled, then she put the book down and made a decision)that's it khushi enough off all this crying and sobbing, I have to pull arnavji out off this mess and prove my innocence, arnav singh raizada is my husband and until I am his wife I will not let anyone fool him, and take advantage of this broken situation,

She put the day planner back in the cupboard and took out a fresh set of clothes and then went to have a bath, what she never knew was that while she was looking at the day planner there was someone watching her outside from the pool area, and that person was none other than parisha, when parisha saw her reaction to her photograph in arnavs day planner she was thrilled that finally things are going on track, her plan was successful, she picked up her phone and dialed a number and spoke on the phone

Pari: hello your work is done, I did exactly what u told me to do, when she was sleeping I placed ur day planner in te cupboard and she saw the photograph and she reacted exactly as u said she would, congrats phase one is on the verge of being complete,(she disconnected the call and walked out from the back door)

Meanwhile down stares everyone was gathered at the breakfast table, little bubbly sat in between akash and payal to mark the divider between them, nani took the head seat followed by manorma and mamaji on either side of her, anjili came down slowly, the family convinced her to take care of herself, because she couldn't forget she had a baby as well in her stomach, which could be affected if she didn't do the needful, shyam sat next to her to ensure she ate properly parisha walked down in a cute sea blue short dress, and sat next to payal, khushi also came down in the mean time, there was pin drop silence, everyone was just living for the heck of living, they were too depressed because of the news of arnav missing, in the ghostly town op came running and said

Op: naniji the police has come

Everyone looked up with a little hope on their face that they have good news

Nani: yes op call them in

Op escorted them into the dining room

Anjili: sir any news of my brother

Inspector: (frowned) I am afraid no man there is no news we tried very hard to look for him, but still we can't catch any lead

Everyone started frowning as well,

Nani: have hope he will come

Anjili again started crying payal ran to console her khushi looked like the floor was just pulled from underneath her feet

Akash: inspector there has to be another way to do this, u have to help us

Inspector: there is a way, I am tapping all the phones of this house, this way if any call comes which sounds mysterious then we can catch that person immediately

Nani: yes inspector, do whatever it takes but find my grandson,

The inspector nodded his head and left shantivan, everyone finished their meal and resided to their rooms, it was around 11:00 am, shyam went into the kitchen to see khushi who was busy doing some house chores

Shyam: khushji, what is this

Khushi (turned around to face him with no expression) what do u want

Shyam: ohho khushiji u know what I want, and u know if I don't get them what the consequences are

Khushi: I know I told u that at 2:00 clock u will reactive ur papers, its only 11:00 am there is still time have patients

Shyam: oh I have all the patients don't worry, its u who should be in a hurry

Khushi was about to open her mouth when all of a sudden pari walked in

Parisha: hi jijaji, hi khushi bhabhi, whats cooking (she said in a happy tone)

They both looked at her, shyam smiled and said

Shaym: oh Sali sahiba nothing, I just came to ask whats for lunch

Pari: oh ok so whats for lunch (she looked back at shyam)

Shyam: (hesitating) uh... uh

Khushi: pari today for lunch we are making aloo and puri

Pari: oh yum, wish arnav bhaya was here, that's his..

Khushi: favorite (on hearing arnav's name she remembered that arnav loves aloo puri and in her trance she said it out aloud, completing pari's sentence)

Pari : (smiled at her) oh bhabhi its good u know bhaya so well (she went to hug her)

Shyam wasn't interested and so he left the kitchen, his job of reminding khushi was done and so he moved out of the kitchen... meanwhile pari was talking to khushi

Pari: khushi bhabhi, let op make the food na, I want to talk to u

Khushi: (hesitant) uh, pari, I would love too, but have too much to do

Pari: (smiled) ohho bhabhi, I tell u what at least spend 15 minutes with me, (she dragged her out of the kitchen)

Khushi: ohk

They both went out of the kitchen and khushi took pari to her room, and they started talking

Pari: u know u turned out to be exactly who I thought u would be (she smiled)

Khushi: (confused) what do u mean

Pari: oh don't look so confused; when bhaya first told me about u I was jumping up and down with excitement,

Khushi: (shocked) arnavji, spoke to u about me

Pari: ya off corse, here's the funny part, every time he spoke to me, it always had something to do with u, (she laughed)

Khushi: (eyes wide open and jaws stretched down) what!!!

Pari: u have no idea do u (she smiled with a glint in her eye)

Khushi: about what pari

Pari: about how much he loves u

Khushi: (heart started beating fast and she held it tightly on hearing what pari just said) he.... He.. loves me

Pari: ya off corse he does, he is head over heels for u, (then she hesitated a bit and then said) I know about everything, I know how u and he got married and under what circumstances u got married, he told me how shyam hugged u on the terrace and how his heart broke

Khushi: (shocked) u know

Pari: ya I do, bhaya tells me everything, and that's not all I saw the video tape that nk made during akash bhaya's wedding, and at that time only I understood that u 2 are madly in love with each other, I couldn't stand that fact that u 2 were fighting over something and not talking it out like adults and so I came from austrailia to explain to bhaya and u to stop behaving like children and talk about it like mature adults, but unfortunately bhaya isn't here

Khushi: pari I did speak to arnavji, but he doesn't believe me (she looked sad) he thinks I am making it up, I swear I am not, if he loves me so much then how could he think like that

Pari: look I don't know anything all I no is that u two love each other and u should talk about it, I just hope he comes back soon, u no if u 2 are on one side then both of u all can gang up against shyam and expose him in front of di, bhabhi have fate in bhaya, he is hot tempered and ya but he also hopes that he is wrong, he told me this himself u know

Khushi: what did he tell u

Pari: that he hope that he is wrong and u are right, I was shocked when he told me this, arnav bhaya hoping he is wrong is like impossible but in ur case he wanted 2 be wrong, so that he can tell u how he feels, the thought of u in shyams arms killed him and crushed him, bhabhi bhaya really loves u and I feel that u are the only one who can bring him back

Khushi: (now feeling strong she put her hand on pari's face) I think so too pari, that I am the only who can bring him back, don't worry he will come back I promise

Pari smiled and hugged her tightly, and left the room khushi was going to buaji's house so that she can retrieve the papers back

Pari thought to herself: phase one complete (she smiled to herself)

hey guys thanks for all the compliments and the encouragement

precap: khushi hands shyam the papers, will shya mtake khushi to arnav, stay tuned to find out

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May 17, 2012

untwisting the twist (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 10 times)

Khushi reached buaji's house and rang the door bell,

Buaji: hai re nand kishore sanka devi kya hai

Khushi: buaji, I need the papers I gave u

Garima: what papers

Buaji: (looked suspicious) nothing garima she is talking about the news paper

Garima: what u don't the news paper in shantivaan

Buaji: oho sanka devi, see u have confused ur mother, (turning to garima) there was an ad in the paper for a sale and I kept the cutting with me

Garima oh

Khushi sighed in relief

Biaji: parmeshwari, don't stand there come with me I will give u the cutting

Khushi nodded and followed her, on reaching room buaji shut the door

Buaji: khushi tell me the truth now

Khushi: buaji, please give the paper, I have no time I promise u whatever it is it'll be ok as soon as the papers are handed over to concerned person

Buaji: sanka devi I don't know what ur up to but please be careful please

She hand over the papers to her, khushi said bye to the 3 of them and then left in a hurry, she reached home it was around 1:00 she ran to shyams and anjili's room they were sitting on the bed, she barged in not realizing that she had invaded their privacy,

Anjili: what happened khushiji is everything ok

Khushi: (fumbled) ya di , ever... everything is fine

Shyam looked at her and smiled, he saw the papers in her hands

Shyam: rani sahiba, khushiji I think came to ask if we need lunch

Khushi: ya... ya di, do u want lunch

Anjili: (startled) oh.. khushiji, no I am not hungry

Shyam: rani sahiba, what is this, u have to eat

Anjili: I know for the baby, but I am generally not hungry, can I eat in a bit

Khushi: ok di no problem, I will come later

Saying this she walked out silently, and headed to her room, and then shyam also made an excuse and followed her to her room, they were in the pool side area; parisha was on the side watching the confrontation like a silent spectator

Shyam: khushiji, good u are here, come on give me the papers

Khushi: (annoyed) I will give u the papers, but u promise to keep the end of ur bargain

Shyam: oho khushiji, have faith in me, I will take u to him,

Khushi hesitantly handed him the papers and he skimmed through it to make sure the work was done, once he was done, he smiled and said

Shyam: thank u so much khushiji, u made my life easier,

Khushi: u got what u wanted now take me to him

Shyam: (smiled) khushiji, what makes u think I got what I wanted, I didn't get what I want

Khushi: (confused) what do u mean??

Shyam: I wanted u and I didn't get u so why should I take u to him

Khushi: (furious) shyamji stop this nonsense, we have been over this, I am his wife, I belong only to him, no one else but him,

Shyam: (angry on hearing this) he doesn't love u, he hates u, he said this himself, then why do u want to go back to a man like that, I will take good care of u, and I will give u all the comforts, now that I have the money

Khushi: what money

Shyam: don't look so innocent, khushiji, u only helped me in this, u see these papers this is the power of attorney, to AR industries, this is arnavs will, which I made changes to and put his entire property on my name, what did he think that he could get away and not give me anything, how there he do that, all the money was on that b$#*#s name,

Khushi: (shocked at what she heard) how could u do this, they gave u everything, u don't deserve what they gave u, and u back stabbed them so badly, how could u, ur the most disgusting man I have ever seen shyam, arnavji has worked so hard to bring his company to this level, and u are taking it all away from him by manipulating his family and me, how dare u

Shyam: (anger rising held her tightly from her shoulders) u only see his hard work, and what about mine, I did so much for u, I love u and all u can see is him and anjili, khushiji, I was willing to give my life up for u and I still am, and all u care for is him,

Khushi: (freed her herself from his grip) I will never love u, and I am glad I found out ur true nature, ur not worth love, and how dare u touch me

Shyam: and when he touches u like this its fine, at that time u don't tell him anything, so why me, and he doesn't even treat u right so why do u let him touch u like that

Khushi: (looked into his eyes and yelled with all her anger) because he is my husband and he has all the right to touch me, (she clutched her mangal sutra tightly)

Shyam was shocked she had never yelled like that before at him, with so much anger even when she found out about the truth he got slapped but she wasn't so angry, but that didn't seem to bother him too much

Khushi: take me to him now

Shyam: no khushiji, I wont once I get these papers submitted then only will I take u to him

Khushi: (eyes wide) u got what u wanted now take me to him

Shyam: no way khushiji,

Khushi was about to speak when parisha walked in and started talking

Parisha: (casually) hey guys whats up

Khushi and shyam on seeing her straightened up and put a smile on their face

Shyam: Sali sahiba, nothing how come u are here

Parisha: (raised eye brows) funny don't u think I should ask u that, this is my brothers room, and as far as I know khushi bhabhi's as well so what are u doing her jijaji

Shyam: (hesitated) uh nothing, Sali sahiba

Parisha: so u got the papers u need from bhabhi

Both khushi and shyam looked stunned on how parisha knows about the papers, shyam tried to react khushi remained silent

Shyam: (fumbling) pap...papers??

Parisha: u only were asking khushi bhbahi if u got the papers so... did u get them?? (she questioned)

Shyam: uh... uh ya I did

Parisha: o..ok, by the way what papers are they?? (she looked at shyam)

Shyam: uh woh a uh some office documents thats all

Parisha: cool ok, bhabhi I am here to take u with me (she turned to khushi)

Khushi: where pari

Parisha: I want to go shopping, payal bhabhi and di are busy, so I asked nani and she said that I can take u with me, so can u come with me if u don't mind

Khushi: ya sure

Both the girls walked by as shyam followed them out, they went down

Nani: pari u and khushi are going shopping

Parisha: ya nani we are

Khushi: (sad) nani, pari is it ok if we go some other time I mean, I don't feel good

Anjili and nani went and sat next to her and consoled her they knew she was worried for arnav

Anjili: (smiled) khushi u should go, trust me I no ur worried but this will take ur mind of things,

Nani: khushi betiya anjili betiya is right go, u will feel better

She looked at both their face and had no choice but to agree, so she and pari left for shopping, they sat in the car and khushi and pari got talking, khushi was curious and so she asked pari

Khushi: pari if u don't min d can I ask

Pari: what is it bhabhi, all ok

Khushi: pari how did u know about the papers

Pari: (smiled) I was waiting for u to ask me that u no, anyway I knew about the papers because I heard ur conversation with him, I hid behind the wall when u were talking o him

Khushi: (shocked) u heard the conversation

Pari: ya I did, and I know shyam has bhaya in his custody,

Khushi: (she held pari's hand) pari u cant tell anyone they will be worried, we have to keep it a secret, shyam is playing dirty tricks with us

Pari: (assuring) relax bhabhi chill I know, not a soul will know about this, but what are we going to do,

Khushi: (worried) I don't know, i thought he would tell me if I did his work but he didn't, I am getting very nervous

Pari: bhabhi I have a plan

Khushi: (looked up) what plan

Pari: lets follow him, he will go back to his hide out and if we follow him we can surly find arnav bhaya

Khushi: but..but pari

Pari: bhabhi it's a full proof plan, I am with u, from now on ur not alone

Khushi smiled and hugged pari tightly while pari consoled her,

Khushi: ok lets do it,

Pari turned the car around and they went back home and started to follow shyam, they quietly sneaked back into the house, and saw shyam was in the passage talking on the phone, anjili was in her room, pari and khushi listened to his conversation,

Shyam: I have the papers in my hands can I come to the registrar's office now to submit them,........ oh I see.... So when will it be feasible for me to come.... On 23 may, oh I see that's 8 days from now, ok fine thank you bye...(he put down the phone)

Pari and khushi looked at each other, he was about to walk away when he got another phone call, he picked it up and started talking

Shyam: what is it, I have told u not to call me.... Hmm I am coming, there is no need to tolerate his medical condition if he faints let him faint

On hearing this khushi was about to go and shout at him but parisha pulled her and they listened further

Shyam: I have the papers, after 8 days I have an appointment with the court, and then we can get rid of him,..... I am coming now to break the news to him..(he disconnected the phone)

precap: they climbed up the stairs of the flat, it was dark the saw a figure with his head bend down, he was tied to the chair, khushi was shocked what was happening in front of her..........stay tuned to find out what she saw

love sheena

May 17, 2012

untwisting the twist (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 9 times)

he was walking towards the side wall where khushi and parisha were hiding and listening to his conversation, khushi and parisha were escaping as shyam was nearing them, he was about to catch a glimpse of them when anjili called out for him

shyam: coming rani sahiba (he said and scurried of to his room)

khushi and pari let out a sigh of relief of not getting caught,

pari: bhabhi, lets follow him

khushi: what no pari

pari: bhabhi only then can we find bhaya

khushi: (agreed) ok pari, but we need to be more careful we were almost about to get caught

pari: I no bhabhi don't worry, come on lets go

after shyam finished attending to anjili he sat in his car and started driving khushi and pari followed him from a distance in their car so he wouldn't be suspicious, shyams car stopped in front of a building which read shiksha bhavan, he got out of his car and started walking towards the stairs, khushi and pari slowly got out of their car and tip toed behind him, leaving a long amount distance so he wouldn't feel like he was followed, shyam walked up the first flight of stairs, and reached a brown door he rang the bell and a man wearing a black leather jacket opened the door, he walked in and the door shut behind him, khushi and parisha wondered what was happening

khushi: (whispering) pari, whats happening

pari: bhabhi I don't know, I wish we could see whats happening inside

they both hid behind the stairs so no one could see them, then khushi saw another door which was open, it was an alternate door that lead to the house,

khushi: (pointing) look

pari (followed her fingers) lest go

the two women tip toed near the door and crept inside, while they were creeping in and shutting the door a little creek noise came and one of shyams men, were alert by it

man1: sir, I think someone is there

shyam: what, go and check

he nodded and headed towards that direction, khushi and pari tried to hide themselves, it was pitch dark so luckily the man couldn't see them, he finished checking and then came back saying nothing was there, khushi and pari ventured into the house, they saw a figure which was bent and looked down, he was sitting on the chair, he had a sack on his face, and was tied to the chair with hard rope, one of the men uncovered the figures face to reveal arnav, khushi's eyes grew wide as she saw arnav in a worn out manner, his face looked pale, his eyes were shut, he was shirtless and his body had marks on them of whips, he was breathing and panting fast because of the suffocation crated because of the bag,

shyam: hello arnav

arnav looked down continues

shyam: (angry) look up when I am talking to u (he shouted and then pulled arnav's face up)

arnav: (looked straight into his eyes with all his anger) what do u want (he shouted)

shyam: that's much better, I have news for u

arnav: what

shyam: (he pulled out the papers and started to read) I arnav singh raizada owner of Ar industries am transferring all my property, assets and company to my brother inlaw shyam manohar jha, (he smiled and then showed him the papers which had his sign on it) all ur property is mine, everything that u own is mine, ur house ur bank balance, ur family, ur sisiter and ur wife

khushi heard him and saw arnav being helpless and wanted to run to him and help him, a tear trickled down her face she was about to go when pari stopped her and held her back, they continued watching

arnav: (head rose and he looked into shyams eyes) how dare u, how dare u play a dirty trick on me and my family, u filthy swine

shyam (laughed) arnav it is done, on the 23 I have my appointment in court, and then I will have all the property on my name, after that I will kill u, and claim khushi as well,

arnav: (he started to scream)ahhhhhhhhhhhh(trying hard to break free from the rope so that he could strangle shyam to death)

shyam: no use arnav, ur destiny is in my hands now

arnav: (yellling)khushi will never be yours, never

shyam: she will be mine, and there is nothing that u can do about it

khushi on seeing arnav like this wanted to go again to him and hug him, oh how she desired to tell shyam that she will never be his, and she only belonged to arnav, pari was pulling her back

khushi: (crying and angry) I have to go

pari: no bhabhi not now wait let shyam leave

shyam: (turned to men) cover him back and keep him alive I need him until the procedure is not over

men: yes boss (and covered him back)

shyam left the venue, khushi and pari waited for two minutes to see when the ghost was clear but those two minutes' shook khushi's entire perspective on the situation she couldn't believe what she saw next,

precap: what happened in those two minutes that shocked khushi so much, whats happening is arnav really week, keeping reading to see what happens next

hey guys its a short update, sorry, but will update soon i promise

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May 18, 2012

untwisting the twisted (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 8 times)

shyam left the venue, khushi and pari waited for two minutes to see when the ghost was clear but those two minutes' shook khushi's entire perspective on the situation she couldn't believe what she saw next, the same man who had put the bag on his face and tied him up was removing the bag and untying the same arnav, what was happening khushi was shocked, pari and khushi looked at each other and khushi was confused, why was he helping him, it was good that he was but why ,wasn't he shyams man, and wasn't arnav the victim whats going on, suddenly the man spoke in a loud voice

man: u can come out, its fine shyams gone

pari and khushi looked at each other and then slowly they emerged from the side wall and saw arnav was standing right in front of them, khushi was in tears she didn't think of anything and she straight ran into his arms, and hugged him tightly, she cried and cried in his arms and arnav slowly wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, and reciprocated the hug, khushi had forgotten everything, she forgot that he was in a bad condition, and that he was angry at her, she forgot the misunderstanding the fact that he didn't believe her and how he separated from her the airport, those few days of separation from him felt like eternity for her, a few minutes later she looked up at him and saw him looking at her with those dark brown eyes, she slowly separated herself from him and said

khushi: (concerned) what happened, how did u reach here, and are u ok, have u had ur medicine (all in one breath)

arnav: (smiled at her looking at her in front of him, he slowly caressed the worried lines of her face while khushi closed her eyes as he touched her,) khushi... I am fine, don't worry

khushi: (opened her eyes to his voice) arnavji look at u, (she pointed at him with a hand gesture) u haven't been home for days, everyone is worried di , nani akash everyone is worried

arnav: (still smiling at her) and u? are u worried

khushi: off corse I am worried (she cried and her voice sounded shaky)

pari and the man who were looking at them decided to give them some privacy

pari: arnav bhaya, I think u 2 need some time, we will wait in the other room

arnav nodded and then pari and the man left

arnav wiped off the tears from her face and she looked at him,

khushi: arnavji believe me, please please believe me I beg u (she folded her hands and started to cry) I don't love shyam, I don't please believe me

arnav(couldn't see her like that , he held her hands and put them down)shhhh khushi, don't do that.... (he pleaded her)

Khushi: then what else should I do to make u believe that I am not wrong (she cried)

Arnav: khushi I believe (he said with a sigh in one breath)

Khushi: (looked stunned) u do!!

Arnav: I believed u from the beginning, the day u told me the truth I believed u

Khushi: (now shocked) but u didn't, u doubted me, I cried and I tried so hard to explain u refused to listen to me, (baffled)

Arnav: khushi it was all an act, I lied to u that I didn't believe u

Khushi: (eyes wide opened) what

Arnav: I believed on the same day, when u told me that ur family and u were cheated by shyam, that thought kept running through my mind, I couldn't believe it, I was torn and confused and so after I dropped u home I went b back to ur house to talk to buaji and ur parents,

Flash back

Arnav enters the gupta house,

Buaji: hai re nand kishore, arnav babua did u forget something

Arnav: no I didn't, buaji I need to talk to u and aunty

Buaji: garima, has gone to the market, but u can tell me what happened,

Arnav came and sat on the sofa next to shashee's wheel chair

Arnav: buaji, I am going to be very frank and honest with u please answered me with all honesty

Buaji and shashee looked worried,

Buaji: babua what do u want to ask

Arnav: buaji, tell me about shyam and khushi's relation

Buaji and shashee now very worried

Arnav: buaji u have to tell me, I am her husband I have the right to know, and that's not all my sisters life is at stake, please tell me what happened

Buaji started telling him about everything, about shyam, arnav was shocked he couldn't believe it

Arnav: that... means khushi was saying the truth (a tear trickled down his yes)

Buaji: babua, its not khushi's fault its my fault, I forced her to marry sham, she didn't want to, her heart always belonged to u, even when she was engaged she wasn't happy, (tears started to fall)

Arnav slowly bent down to shashee's feet and started to cry, he cried and cried

Arnav: I am sorry babuji, forgive me please, I have sinned, I forced her to marry me, because I thought she had an affair with shyam, I swear babuji I only did it for my sister, I love ur daughter, I love her more than anything in this world

Shashee, put his right hand slowly on a weeping arnav's head, arnav looked up at him and shashee slowly opened his mouth

Shashee: ar....ar....arnav...(trying to talk buaji and arnav looked shocked) paa... paa... paani...

Buaji ran to get water for him, and slowly made him drink the water

Shashee: i... I ha...ve som....ethi...ng to say,

Arnav and buaji looked concerned

Arnav what is it babuji tell me please

Shashee: sh...sham is res...ponsible for my hea...lth iss...ue,

Arnav and buaji now shocked, babuji slowly explained to them how shyam had hurt him, when he found out the truth, he was going to tell everyone but shyam tampered with his asthma problem leading to a heart attack, arnav was shocked, he couldn't believe how low shyam was, he assured them that he will not leave shyam, he also told shashee not to let anyone know that he can talk again, because if shyam found out he would try and harm him, buaji and shashee agreed to keep mum on the issue

End of flashback

Khushi was paralyzed, by what arnav just said, shyam responsible for babuji's health issue, its because of him babuji is in a state like this, arnav saw her reaction, he tried to snap her out of it by holding her shoulders lightly, and indeed she did, she looked at him with tears in her eyes,

Aarnav: khushi I know ur shocked but u have to be strong, please for babuji,... for me please

Khushi: (still looking at him) but arnav why didn't u tell me this before, I had the right to know, why did u not tell me

Arnav: I wanted to, I really did, but I couldn't it wasn't part of the plan

Khushi: (confused) plan, what plan

precap: A quite khushi listened to her husband as he revealed his plan to her, the ground beneath her legs had disappeared, she couldn't believe what she was hearing,

hey guys please let me know if u want me to continue, if so please comment and i will update the next part soon

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May 18, 2012

untwisting the twist (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 12 times)

Arnav: my plan, even though I knew the truth I had to pretend that I was upset with u,my original plan was to pretend that I was going to London, but I was actually going to stay back and watch what shyam was up to, i knew in my absence he would do something wrong I was just waiting to see what, i couldn't tell u all of this because I needed it to look real, if u knew the truth, the desired effect on shyam wouldn't have been triggered, when I came back I heard u tell shyam that he should tell me the truth, I heard him make a deal with u saying that he will only tell me the truth, if u made me sign some papers, at first u said no to him, but after him pestering u, u finally agreed, when u came to me with akash's set of papers I knew u would make me sign his as well without me knowing, because I wanted to see what shyam was upto I signed them quietly, I knew u had told him to come to the airport to talk to me, but he didn't show up, he tricked u, as per my plan I had to still be against u and so I was pretending to leave (he had a tear drop in his eye),when u were begging me at the air port, I fell week seeing u like this, but I had to behave cold hearted, it wasn't easy for me, at that time I wasn't only hurting u but I was hurting myself, seeing u like this, while walking towards the airport I was going to turn back because I had reached my level of saturation, I broke I was coming to tell u the truth, I turned around but suddenly some strange man who claimed he was air port security said that he needed to talk to me and so I followed him, he took me to a room and made me unconscious, after 24 hours I opened my eyes and saw that I was here, when I opened my eyes I saw shyam in front of me and he told me that I was kidnapped, for 4 days they whipped me and beat me up, shyam would visit off and on, my plan was failing and at this rate shyam was winning so I turned the tables around when shyam wasn't there I struck a deal with his men and told them that I would pay double if they would work for me instead, I got aman to transfer the money to their account winning their trust, and ever since then they have been pretending to kip nap me in front of shyam, things were going back on track, the next step was that I had to let u know that I wasn't in London and I was here, and that something is wrong so I made aman call u from a London number saying that I didn't come to London, I also knew that u wouldn't hide something like this from akash, and I knew he would tell the police, so I roped the police in as well and told them to follow a fake investigation, I needed only u to find me,so I could prove it to shyam that no matter how hard he tried u would u find me, but I knew your confidence was low because u thought I didn't believe u, that's where pari came in, I called her from austrailia and explained to her what she needs to do, and she did exactly, I knew u would feel lost in this situation and I knew that u needed some support, pari was ideal for this job because no one would suspect her, also with her around I felt closer to u, she made sure that u knew my feelings for u so ur confidence increases, and it did u found me khushi, my heart always told me that u would find me no matter what...

A quite khushi listened to her husband as he revealed his plan to her, the ground beneath her legs had disappeared, she couldn't believe what she was hearing, this was all arnav's plan, she thought arnav was week but he wasn't he was just acting and hurting himself, khushi slowly looked up at him, shocked she didn't know whether to be angry or happy,

Khushi: arnav, I cant believe this, do u know how worried we have been, di and I have been dead worried, di is pregnant, with great difficulty I had to take care of her, I understand that it was ur plan and that u did this to find out what shyam was up to, but u didn't think of us, what we have been through

Arnav: (held her waist) off corse I knew, come on khushi I knew leaving di in that state was not right but I had to, i knew, that no matter what happens u would take care of di, my heart told me that u were there, for the family to give them confidence, I was only worried that giving everyone else strenght u don't fall week and loose hope, and so that's why I sent pari to be ur strenght, khushi even though I wasn't physically there with u, mentally I was, I was with u through pari and was watching from a distance, I never left u and went away anywhere, I was always there, I told her to put my day planner in the cupboard which had ur picture, when she told me that u were not sleeping and praying to devi maya continuously I knew I had to do something to bring the strenght back in u, also when shyam told u that he wouldn't bring u to me, pari told me the amount u were crying, she put me on loud speaker and I heard shyams conversation with u, I heard u fight with him for me, at that time I knew the only thing that would spring back up was if u knew that i... (he paused, and she looked at him)

Khushi: that I what arnavji

Arnav: that i....i always imagined telling u this in a much better place and not here like this,

Khushi: its ok just tell me,

Arnav: khushi it was important for u to know that I feel the same thing that u feel for me

Khushi: (had a small smile on her face) what do I feel for u (she pretended not to know )

Arnav: (he understood what she wanted to hear and decided to fulfill her wishes) that I love u (he said with confidence and passion in his eyes)

Khushi: (couldn't believe it, he actually said it, he loves her, the little glint in her eyes, became visible) i... I love u too arnavji (she just said it without thinking)

They both stared at each other and then finally, khushi just fell into his arms and hugged him tightly he cuddled her up in his strong muscles, feeling her head on his heart, he just took her in, their eyes shut in a trance and he could feel his breath over her head, he inhaled her jasmine scented perfume, they stood like that for a long time and slowly khushi looked up at him, he opened his dark brown eyes saw her looking at him, she had a glow on her face and a small smile on her lips, with her cheeks changing her rouge to lushes red, slowly they separated and khushi stood in front of him, there was silence and arnav decided to break it

Arnav: khushi!! (he said with a husky voice)

Khushi: (looked at him dreamingly) is this all a dream, or is it real (she said softly)

Arnav: (chuckled) its real my love,

Khushi: (still new to the idea, after the confession) did u just call me ur love

Arnav: (this made arnav laughs loudly, something he rarely did) yeah I just called u my love, why u don't like it

Khushi: I don't like!!! I love it, I just can't believe that this is actually happening

Arnav: well then get use to it, because from now on its only going to be like this

She smiled at him, arnav realized that he hadn't asked for her forgiveness

Arnav: khushi there is just one thing I have to say and get off my chest

Khushi: now what arnavji

Arnav: (he looked into her eyes) I am sorry, (he said in a low tone with his head down) I am sorry that I didn't believe u, and fell for what shyam told me, I no that's its going to be difficult but if u can I will be very grateful to u

Khushi: (now absolutely shocked that the great arnav singh raizada just apologized to her said) ur saying sorry, are my ears deceiving me

Arnav: khushi jokes apart, seriously I am sorry, if I had believed u we wouldn't be in this mess

Khushi: (looked more serious now) arnavji, I felt very bad that u didn't believe me, and ask me the truth, I really genuinely wish u did, but what is done is done, I love u a lot and after so many days of separating from u I have figured out that I cannot live without u, because u mean the world to me, and I forgive u, but that doesn't mean ur off the hook

Arnav: (knew what he had to do, to remove the sourness from her mind)I understand khushi, but don't u worry, what ever pain I have given u, I wil take it all back I will replace all the pain with all my love for u, I promise from now on there is nothing that can come in between us and I promise u that,

Khushi was happy by what she was hearing from arnav, she smiled at him and hugged him tightly, and then slowly arnav broke the hug and she separated from him, and looked down and the floor, with sad expressions, arnav noticed it and asked her what happened

Khushi: arnavji, but because of me u lost all your hard earned money, I made u sign those papers (she looked sad)

Arnav: (smiled and lifted her chin up with his hand) its not ur fault, its ok

Khushi: its not ok, I wish I hadn't listened to him, now what are we going to do

Arnav: khushi calm down, its fine, everything that belonged to me is still mine and will always be mine, including u

Khushi: (blushed but then asked)what do u mean

Arnav: I signed the papers but my signature was fake, when he goes to testify the documents with my signature he will find out its fake and the police will arrest him

Khushi: u did a fake signature, omg arnavji,

Arnav laughed, meanwhile it had been an hour that pari and the man were waiting outside, pari slowly entered in and said

Pari: so I presume u 2 crazzy love birds have sorted urselves out (she smiled)

Khushi and arnav smiled back as arnav nodded his head, pari was happy khushi thanked pari for helping her and arnav,

Pari: bhabhi, I think we should go home now

Khushi: ya I think so too, arnavji lets go home

Arnav: khushi... I cant come home now

Khushi: (shocked) what do u mean, I found u, and u are coming with me home

Arnav: (looked disappointed) khushi, jaan I can't, I have to wait her, u know the truth but the rest of the family doesn't, I have to wait, for 8 days

Khushi: (sad)but arnavji, if u wait here, shyam will kill u,

Arnav: (put his hand over her cheeks gently rubbing them) nothing will happen to me I promise

Khushi: but I don't understand, why do u have to wait

Arnav: (explained) khushi, the court has an appointment in 8 days with shyam, I have put aman onto the job to find out about shyams dirty nature, when I have proof I will come home and then with the help of that proof I will expose shyam in front of di and the rest of our family,

Khushi: (sad) but arnavji, I cant leave u here, I thought I would tell di that ur back

Arnav: no khushi, u cant tell anyone that u no, let this act go on, when the time is right I will come in front of him, u have to do as I say,

Khushi: ok... arnavji but...

Arnav: I no separating from u is difficult for me to, especially now that we know how much we love each other, but we have to, it's a question of 8 days, only after that I am yours and u are mine,

Khushi: (still sad but agreed) ok arnavji, as u say so, (she hugged him tightly and he hugged her to and kissed her fore head, then slowly he let go of her)

Pari: take care of urself bhaya, and don't worry, khushi bhabhi, is going to be fine

Arnav hugged pari and thanked her, and then khushi and pari left and went home.....

precap: sorry guys no precap, still constructing the next chapter, but now that the confession is done there will be a arshi moments ahead, i hope u enjoyed the confession and i hope arnav has prooven his worth to u all that he is not dumb and is actually very smart, will update soon bye for now

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May 24, 2012

untwisting the twist (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 12 times)

hey guys sorry for the late update my comp was spoiled anyway here is a long update for u, by the way i just had some thoughts on today's episode that i would like to share, i loved the romantic scene looking foward to more of them, this time in real and not a dream sequence, and i had tears in my eyes seeing our arnav on that chair struggling to get out, hope that khushi finds him soon, very interested in the current track and hope that cv's maintain this excitement and clean the misunderstanding soon, and off corse please barun come back soon we miss u, anyway with this i leave u to my update enjoy

They sat in the car and pari was driving khushi looked sad, but still her face was calm and she was relieved that her arnav was alright, pari noticed it and tried to talk to her

Pari: khushi bhabhi, I no it must be hard but don't worry the situation will soon heal (she smiled warmly)

Khushi: hmm ya pari I no, I am fine, at least now that tension of arnavji not being ok has gone, now that I no everything I am fine

Pari: hmm ya that's true, and finally what took forever actually happened on today

Khushi: what do u mean

Pari: finally u and bhaya confessed ur feeling, I thought in this life u guys would never confess, (she smiled)

Khushi blushed remembering the scene and now her sadness was replaced with the high voltage smile

Pari: u no he will miss u too

Khushi: y a I no, (blushing) btw pari I am angry with u

Pari: (eyes wide) why bhabhi what happened did I do something wrong

Khushi: ya u did, (smiled) u called me bhabhi

Pari: (confused) ya so, I mean ur bhaya's wife so ur my bhabhi na

Khushi: ya I am, but I don't want u to feel this way, I want u to consider jiji and me as ur older sisters, from now on call both us didi

Pari: (smiled) ok khushi didi

They reached home, pari and khushi entered the house and everyone was seated in the hall,

Nani: u are back

Pari: ya nani ma we are back

Khuhi nodded her head, when she had gone she looked depressed but when she came back she looked normal, anjili noticed it

Anjili: arey khushiji, u look normal,when u went u were sad now u are happy what happened

Khushi: (fumbled) uh..uh... woh... uh

Shyam (noticed it as well) ya khushiji, what happened, where did u go that made u so happy

Khushi looked at him annoyed,

Mami: hello hi bye bye, u went shopping na so where are ur shopping bags

Pari: oho, mami, ya we were suppose to go shopping but we didn't instead we went for a movie, and not just any movie a romantic movie, (she looked at khushi and smiled) I think the movie made her remember all the good times that she will have when bhaya comes back,(she was teasing khushi)

Khushi: (turned red) uh woh... uh no naniji she is just troubling me

Everyone started laughing, shyam was getting suspicious... later khushi went to the room she closed the door and sighed in relief, she turned around and to her surprise standing there was shyam, she looked in anger

Khushi: what are u doing here (she shouted)

Shyam: don't shout khushiji, I am here to ask u where had u gone that u look so happy

Khushi: that's none of your business

Shyam: it is my business after all I love u, everything that effects u effects me as well

Khushi: stop it, stop your nonsense, and go away

Shyam: not until u tell me whats going on

Khushi: (frustrated) nothing is going on, everyone in the house is trying to make me happy because I miss my husband, and for their sake I have put on a happy face understood

Shyam: oh so its all acting, (shyam smiled)

Khushi: u got ur answerer now leave (she opened the door and hand gestured him to leave)

Shyam truanted along, she shut the door and again took a sigh, and then she went to the wardrobe and removed her night dress to change,

It was around 11:00 khushi was staring at the ceiling blankly, lying on her side of the bed, suddenly a noise... beep beep, she turned to look at her mobile, it was a message, she pressed the ok button and the message opened up, the sender was arnav a smile broke on her face reading his name,

Arnav: ur missing me aren't u

Khushi: (pretending to be difficult typed back) no why would I miss u, I am missing someone else

Arnav: oh really and who is that unlucky soul

Khushi: (annoyed) unlucky!! He isnt unlucky And besides I have every right to miss him

Arnav: oh I see, so who is he

Khushi: u no he is a tall handsome man, who is very rich.. and has a hot temper but still he is my raj kumar and he loves me very much

Arnav: tall handsome man who has a temper, he sounds like a shaitaan more than a raj kumar

Khushi: that's the thing about him, he is both, he is 2 in one (she said proudly)

Arnav: hmm, he sounds interesting who is this man

Khushi: out of love I call him laad governor but his real name is....

Arnav: is...

Khushi: (blushed) arnav singh raizada

Arnav: (smiled) hmm, well ur laad governor misses his ladd governess too

Khushi: laad governess !!

Arnav: off corse if ur husband is laad governor then u will be his laad governess only na

Khushi: haha very funny

Arnav: by the way u look beautiful tonight

Khushi: (got up from the bed with a jerk) how do u know,

Arnav: cuz I can see u, u look beautiful in that white salwar kameez

Khushi: (looking around) u are here

Arnav: ya I am, (saying this he came out from behind the curtain to find khushi shocked)

Khushi ran towards him, and hugged him tightly, burying her head on his chest hearing his heart beat go dhak dhak... he wrapped his hands around her and took her in closer and settled his one hand on her back and the other on her head, with his eyes shut, the hug lasted for a few minutes, then khushi slowly peeped up and saw him and with a jerk came out of his embrace

Khushi: what are u doing here

Arnav: (smiled) I came to see my wife

Khushi: arnavji, what if some one sees u (worried)

Arnav: no one will see me, don't worry,

Khushi: (angry) how could u take such a big risk, what if shyam sees u

Arnav: (took her to the bed and made her sit down) khushi here I am risking my life to come and meet u and u are doing all this drama (looking away)

Khushi: (became calmer) arnavji, I am happy u are here, I am just scared that what if someone sees u that's it

Arnav: no one will I promise, don't worry pari let me in

Khushi sighed and then went back into his arms, arnav sat against the back rest of the bed, khushi sat on his lap, he put his arms around her belly keeping her tight and secure, they sat there for long, talking and chatting away, suddenly khushi jerked with happiness and turned around to see him

Khushi: (smiled) arnavji, I have an idea

Arnav: (curious) what idea

Khushi: lets play the question game

Arnav: what's the question game

Khushi: oho arnavji I'll ask u one question and u answerer it and then u ask me a question and I will answerer it ok

Arnav: (liking the idea) o..ok ,so u started first

May 24, 2012

untwisting the twist (By Sheenaloves) (Thanked: 18 times)

Khushi: (went back to sitting on his lap) when I first fell into your arms from the ramp what was your reaction I knew u were angry because I messed your fashion show but u held me in your arms for over a minute so what were your thoughts

Arnav: (smiled) I remember that day, when u fell into my arms, I was so upset at u because the media and the press were clicking photos and asking questions, and I was about to put you down when I had a closer look at u, u looked like an angel fallen from the sky, and it felt like u had fallen from haven and right into my lap, u were wearing that green lenga and u looked so beautiful that I didn't want to put u down and I just wanted to look at u forever,

Khushi blushed and then put her hand on his hand; he tightened his grip onto her

Khushi: ok now your turn

Arnav: khushi u remember when u bought so many plants for me and convince me to stop lavanya, when I was hugging lavanya, why were u crying,

Khushi: (she pouted as remembered) naturally off corse I was sad, even though I wasn't sure my feelings for u I was sad because the fact that u were going to be someone else's hurt me, I felt so low, even though lavanyaji was my friend I still didn't want to share u with anyone (she said in a possessive tone)

Arnav saw her and lightly placed a kiss on her cheek she blushed at his lips on her cheeks then he said

Arnav: (husky voice) remember this (remembering the time they kissed each other)

Khushi: (now beetroot red and smiling) arnavji stop

Arnav smiled

Khushi: ok now my turn, ur asking me about why I was so sad when u were with lavanya ji I want to ask u why were u so effected by nanheji

Arnav: the same reason what u feel, I didn't want to share u with anyone, even before i found out I loved u, I always felt that u were mine and only mine, whenever I would see u and nk I would hate it, it would annoy me to see you two together..

Khushi: (blushed) I am only yours, no one else's but yours,(she sunk into him and he welcomed her)

Khushi: ok... uh.. What do you love most about me?

Arnav: hmm whats there to love in u (he scuffled his beard pretending to think)

Khushi: (annoyed, by his tease, banged his hands that were wrapped around her belly) arnavji !! (she pouted )

Arnav: (smiled at her and chuckled) ok..ok uh I love most that u are brave, and u don't get scared easily, (he caressed her face) I love ur smile, and ur eyes, ur voice, I love that fact that u love jalebies so much I have never in my life come across someone who can be happy just by eating jalebies...

Khushi blushed as he spoke; arnav noticed the red color on her face and was happy to see her reaction

Arnav: hmm, from where the hell do u produce so much of blush from, we have been talking for an hour and more than 10 times u have blushed,

Khushi now deep red and smiling she turned around and hugged him tightly hiding her face into his chest, arnav chuckled, and put his hands on her shoulder

Khushi: (embarrassed) stop troubling me arnavji

Arnav laughed, ok its ur turn ask me what u want

Khushi promptly put her head out and thought of question and in a low voice and said

Khushi: arnavji... I don't know if I should ask you this but

Arnav: what is it my love ask me

Khushi: what happened to u on diwali, u almost....

She looked into arnav's eyes and looked into hers, he put his hand onto her face and caressed the hair which slid onto her face, he was about to speak when they heard a knock on the door, the trance broke and khushi looked worried, arnav calmed her down and told her that he was going to hide in the bathroom and that she should open the door, she obeyed him and went to open the door, as she unlatched the lock she saw anjili and shyam

Khushi: di what happened (worried)

Anjili: khushiji, I heard u talk so I came to check who u were talking to

Khushi a bit scared but trying to control her fear

Shyam: ya khushji, is someone here

He walked in to check and see if anyone was there, khushi still worried she was about to when pari walked in, with her blanket and pillow from the pool side entrance

Pari: hey di, hey jijaji, whats up, (yawning)

Anjili shyam and khushi shocked,

Shyam: were u here now

Pari: (innocently) ya off corse I was here, why is that a problem

Shyam: no.. no saali sahiba, that isnt, but how come ur here so late

Pari: oh uh.. actually di jijaji, khushi didi and I are watching a movie

Anjili: (smiling) oh movie, which movie

Khushi looked blank and pari smiled and brought a dvd case out

Pari: dabaang, didi told me that she likes salman khan, and I haven't seen dabang, I baught this movie today and I didn't want to watch it alone so I thought of khushi didi as company, she was also all alone in her room, as she is missing bhaya

Anjili: khushiji, I am very worried about chottey the police have still not given a response; I am so worried (as she remembered the tension in the house she slipped to the floor)

Khushi shyam and pari grabbed her by the hand and made her sit on the bed as anjili was crying away khushi bent down to her knees and faced her and wiped her tears

Khushi: di, don't cry we will find him I promise, I will find him,and when we do we both will tie him to a chair and shout at him for leaving us like this (tears streamed down her eyes) but for now u have to stay strong, for the baby and for him, please di

Anjili: (picked her up from the floor and hugged her tightly and both the women cried) khushiji, let him come in front of me, u are right we will tie him to a chair so he never leaves us and goes away anywhere,

Shyam: rani sahib and khushiji stop now by crying u aren't going to get anywhere, come on rani sahiba come to bed, (he pulled anjili out of khushis embrace and took her to the other room)

Pari shut the door and arnav came out, khushi had tears in her eyes, arnav came and hugged her tightly, khushi hugged him too and then she wiped her tears and looked at pari

Khushi: (sniffing) how did u know

Arnav: khushi I texted her, and she came from the pool side

Pari: thank god u did bhaya that was close

Khushi: see arnavji, di's condition is so bad,

Arnav: I know I was so upset seeing her like this, khushi don't worry it'll be fine, I promise, when di knows the truth she will understand everything

Pari: bhaya I think its late u should go,

Khushi: ya arnavji u should go, I am scared if anyone catches u

Arnav: ok khushi, (then he looked at pari because he wanted privacy to say good bye)

Pari: oh right, ok I am out do ur love dovey stuff (she went)

Arnav took khushi in a tight embrace and hugged her, she hugged him back, she left out a soft sob

Arnav: I don't want to leave u

Khushi: me neither

Arnav: I'll be back soon, I promise

Khushi: please take care of yourself

Arnav nodded

Khushi: have ur medicines on time,

Arnav (shook his head) it'll be fine I promise,(he kissed her for head)

And then he finally said bye and pari sneaked him out of the back gate and went back to khushi's room

precap: the raizada mansion is dark and dingey, there are two figures that walk into the house, shocking shyam to no extent,

stay tuned to findout what happens next

love sheena

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