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May 14, 2012

pyaar inko khichey..takrar inko rokey (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 88 times)

hi friends...i have been a silent reader of this site and needless to say a crazy fan of integral part of my life these days.

i want to start from a point where arnav has told khushi why he has married her..khushi is trying to prove her innocence but has not been successful till now. Arnav is still in two minds about khushi's innocence but somewhere down the line he has also started believing that khushi is not guilty. The scene starts where nani wants arnav khushi akash and payal to go for a small outing as they have not gone out after marriage. Nani: Aap chaaro kal subah subah taiyar ho jaiyega

Arnav: nani mujhe bohot kaam hai..i can't go

Nani: hum kuch nehi sunna chahtey..aap ko jana hi parega

Anjali: haan chhotey koi bahana nehi chalega.

Next morning..all four of them are ready to go. Khushi is wearing a red saree, payal a green one..akash wearing a blue shirt and arnav a white shirt and blue jeans.

Let me know if I shoud continue..thankss

May 14, 2012

pyaar inko khichey..takrar inko rokey (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 60 times)

arnav takes the driver seat, khushi beside him...akash and payal take the back seat. arnav puts on his shades and starts the car. Khushi and Arnav just steal a glance. Payal and Akash are very comfortable with each other and absolutely lovy dovy..Khushi has kept her hand on her side and while changing the gear arnav touches her hand and rabba ve......

Arnav will try to move his hands away but will notice akash is seeing them frm behind so will hold khushi'd hand lovingly and smile at her...khushi will be shocked. Akash will show the same to Payal. Suddenly the car will take a sharp turn ...khushi will fall on arnav..and will try to move as quickly as possble..but he will whisper into her ears...akask aur payal dekh rahe

Khushi will now understand the reason why he held her hand..

Precap: arnav: khushi pls kapde change karlo..tumhe sardi lag jayegi

Khushi: hum yahaan change nehi kar saktey....

Lots of rabba ve moments coming up.........

will wait for your comments and feedback. let me know if I should continue or not

May 14, 2012

pyaar inko khichey..takrar inko rokey (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 56 times)

thanks Iloveipkknd

payal: akashji humey bohot bhook lagi hai

akash: bhai samne ek dhaba hai waha jaakey kuch kha lenge

arnav: alright

Khushi: haan jiji sach meiin humey bhi bohot bhook lagi thi

Arnav stops at the dhaba...all four of them get down

Akash and Payal will go and sit at one side and arnav and khushi on the other side.

Arnav will order all sorts of spicy food (khushi can't have spicy food)..she will noy be able to eat..and her eyes will be full of tears due to spice and she will get up and will be very upset. Akash and Payal will walk towards arnav and akash will say: bhai hum log zara aatey hai 10 min mein

Arnav will notice khushi upset and full of tears standing near the car

He will take a glass of lassi and walk towards her..

arnav: khushi yeh lassi pee lo

Khushi; humey nehi chahiye

arnav: khushi zid mat karo..bohot lamba rasta hai, bhook lag jayegi

khushi: issey aapko kya

arnav will hold her by her shoulders


they will see akash and payal coming

arnav; khushi akash aur payal aa rahe hai...drama mat karo..chupchap pee lo

khushi says nothing and drinks

akash: bhai chaley

arnav: yeah

they go and sit in the car...

Its evening already and suddenly it starts to rain very heavily and suddenly the car screeches to a halt

arnav: what the..

akash: kya hua bhai

arnav: dunno akash..start nehi ho raha hai

both the brothers come down and check

akash: bhai lagta hai aj humey yehi aas pass rukna parega..

arnav: have u lost it akash..yahaan kaha rukenge?

payal and khushi also come out of the is raining very heavily..

akash: bhai woh dur ek ghar nazar aa raha hai..waha chalke dekhtey hai

arnav: haan chalo

Next updates in few mins...

May 14, 2012

pyaar inko khichey..takrar inko rokey (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 62 times)

thank u all for your lovely comments

they will rush to a secluded house nearby and will see a man sitting outside.

aakash: bhaisaab yahaan kahi rukne ki jagah hai?

man:saab yeh ghar khali hai main yahaan ki chowkidaar hoon..aap log chahey to yahaan ruk saktey hai lekin yahaan bijli nehi hai

arnav: what the..

khushi: jiji humey andherey se bohot darr lagta hai

payal: hum sab hai na..tu darr mat

akash to arnav: bhai kya kaarey..aur koi option bhi nehi hai..aj raat yehi ruk jaatey hai

chowkidar: saab darwaza achhe se bandh kar lijiyega..kya hai na yeh jagah achhi nehi hai bohot sunsan hai

they get their bags from the car. khushi forgets hers.

payal and akash go to one room and arnav and khushi to the other.

arnav enters the room and locks it and lights a candle and sees that khushi is completely wet and has turned on the other side trying to dry her hair.

he can see her bare back and keeps on staring and starts to walk towards her... rabba ve...

suddenly a strong breeze comes in and the candle goes off..khushi gets scared and turns and is about to fall when arnav holds her...they keep on looking at other..lost in each others eyes.. arnav leans forwards and is about to kiss her when suddenly lightning flashes..and in that light they see each other and comes back to senses..arnav quickly moves away..khushi turns to the other side.

suddenly khushi starts to sneeze badly.

arnav: khushi kapde badal lo

khushi: hey devi maiyya hum to aapna bag gari mein hi bhul gaye

arnav: unbelievable

goes and takes out a white shirt from his bag and hands it over to khushi..isey pehen lo jaldi se nehio sardi lag jayegi

khushi: kya...hum isey nehi pehen saktey

arnav: kyun?

khushi: hum isey kaise pehen saktey hai?? (continues to sneeze)

arnav khushi yahaan koi nehi hai jaldi se change kar lo

khushi: par aap to ho na

arnav gets very angry ..holds khushi by her shoulders and says: hum pati patni hai damn it!!!

and then realises what he said and immediately leaves her

khushi startled by the whole situation says: thik hai fir aap us taraf dekhiye.......

May 14, 2012

pyaar inko khichey..takrar inko rokey (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 53 times)

arnav turns he other side..he has an extreme urge to look at khushi but somehow manages to control himself..khushi changes her clothes. she is wearing only the white shirt now and is extremely uncomfortable.

arnav now turns this side and is mermerised to see khushi wearing only his white shirt. his world stops there. his heart starts racing and he forgets time. khushi on the other hand is extremely uncomfortable more so by the way arnav is looking at her..she keeps on pulling the shirt down.

khushi goes to a corner of the room and sits there and constantly tries to pull the shirt to cover her bare legs. after sometime falls asleep sitting. arnav keeps on looking at her and relives all those moments of holi, teri meri dance, diwali. suddenly he sees khushi's head abt to hit the ground as she's totally asleep.

he rushes to her side and keeps her head on her shoulder. khushi hugs him in her sleep and sunggles to him and falls into a deeper sleep. arnav also falls asleep.

next morning arnav was the first to wake up..he sees khushi sleeping like that and smiles to himself..looking at her in the white shirt makes his heart go crazy the meantime khushi also wakes up and seeing herself like that gets absolutely shocked and quickly moves away..she is about to stand when she realises she is only wearing the shirt and becomea conscious again and starts pulling the shirt..arnav quickly gets up and gives her her saree without looking at her. khushi goes and changes.

they both come out of the room. akash and payal are already waiting for them. what arnav and khushi both didn't realise is as khushi was higging arnav and sleeping arnav's neck had some sindoor marks.

as soon as they come out akash and payal notice that and starts laughing,

arnav: what the.. akash..why r u laughing?

khushi looks at payal and she shows arnav's neck

khushi puts both her hands on her mouth and says hey devi maiyaa ab hum in he laise bataye..aur jiji aur jija bhi pata nehi kya soch rahey hai.

in the meantime they arrange for mechanics an gets the car ready.

all four of them start walking towards the car

khushi: ar..navji

arnav: yeah what

khushi: woh aapke aapke gardan..

arnav: looks at her..

khushi: mera matlab woh jijaji aapke gardan ko le kar has rahe they

arnav: WHAT?? khushi please subah subah stop eating my head and go and sit in the car

khushi: par arnavji

arnav: khushi go...

May 14, 2012

pyaar inko khichey..takrar inko rokey (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 54 times)

khushi talking to herself: laad governer kahin ke..humey to lagta hai galti se iss desh mein paida huye,,muh kholo to devi maiyaa ke badley what the!!

she is talking to herself and walking with her head down. arnav is standing infront of her with his arms crossed, listening to her...she didn't notice and goes and bangs into him

arnav: what the..dekh ke nehi chal sakti

khushi: firse what the...aap dekhiye...aap hamarey raastey mein khambe ki tarah kharey hai...lekin aap dekhenge kaise ....aapke ankhon mein to chashma hai woh bhi kala aapke dil ki tarah

arnav: khushiiiiii (angrily)

khushi: haan haan thik hai hum gari mein baithtey hai lekin aapka gardan....then looks at his angry eyes and goes and sits at the back of the car

akash: bhai aap ek ka kijiye aap pichhey baithiye, gari main chalata hoon

arnav: ok akash

and goes and sits beside khushi

and gives her an angry look. khushi also makes a face and looks out of the window and starts blabbering to herself

payal: khushi kya barbara rahi hai?

khushi: gardan (says out loudly)

akash, payal, arvav together: KYA??

khushi: woh jiji hum woh...then keeps quite

payal: tu bhi na khushi...buaji sahi kaheti hai..bilkul sanka devi hai tu

they reach the hotel and gets down of the car

At the reception..

Arnav: 2 rooms..Mr&Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada and Mr & Mrs Akash Raizada

the receptionist also looks at arnav's neck and smiles a little...arnav now realises there is something wrong

they go their respective rooms

arnav goes and stands infront of the mirror and looks at his neck

arnav: WHAT THE...khushi tumne pehele kyun nehi the way yeh kya laga hai

khushi: lo kar lo baat..hum to kab se aapse yeh kehe ki koshish kar rahe hai ki aapka gardan ..lekin aap to kabhi what the se agey baarte hi nehi...

arnav: lekin yeh hua kaise

khushi (while unpacking clothes): woh kal raat ko hum aapko pakad ke so gaye they na tabhi hamara sindoor lag gaya..aur jiji aur jijaji ko laga ki...(and will realise what she said and will stop) and look at arnav..

rabba ve......

khushi: to avoid situation: hum change karke aatey hai

arnav will turn towards the mirror and will touch his neck with a smile on his face...

thanks guys for the wonderful comments...will update again tomorrow...lots of love and good night and arshi dreams :)

May 14, 2012

pyaar inko khichey..takrar inko rokey (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 52 times)

In the meantime at Shantivan:

Shyam talking to a guy over phone: hamara kaam ho jana chahiye,arnav ka signature ki nakal to humne peheli hi karliye ab yeh kagzaat jaldi se taiyaar ho jana chahiye taki unke aaney se pehele yeh raizada empire hamara ho

(my job should be done, I have already forged arnav's the papers should be ready so that before he comes this raizada empire becomes mine)

But this time his luck did not favor him. Anjali heard the whole conversation

Anjali goes to her room and starts to cry recalling all the moments she has spent with shyaam. Suddenly she takes out her mom's photo and wipes her tears and says : humey chhotey ko is musibat se bachana hi hoga..hum aise kamzor nehi par saktey (I need to save chhotey from this problem, I cannot be weak)

She wipes of her tears and takes out some papers. She was actually 51% share holder of raizada industries and arnav was 49% and had all decision making powers. But she never used her powers and hence shyam was completely unaware of this.

She picked up the phone and called aman....

Back to arshi:

Khushi and Payal were busy shopping the entire day. They bought gifts for all, only khushi didn't buy anything for herself.

Payal: khushi tuney kuch nehi liya(khushi you didn't buy anything)

Khushi: jiji humey kuch nehi chahiye (jiji I don't want anything)

Arnav overhear this conversation .

He goes to a shop and looks at sarees and finally buys one for her and goes and keeps it in the car.

After a long day of shopping and outing they retire to the hotel as they would be going back the next day. After dinner they go back to their room.

Khushi: dekhiye arnavji yeh humne nani ke liye liya, aur yeh di ke liye..di ismein bohot achhi lagegi (see arnavji I took this for nani and this for di..she will look beautiful in this )..and continues talking..arnav in the meantime is thinking how to give that saree to her.

He almost makes up his mind and starts walking towards her and says: khushi

Khushi is a bit taken aback and looks at him and stands up

Arnav: khushi main tumse kuch... (khushi I want to..)

Just then khushi's phone rings..and the name flashes shyamji........!!!!!

Seeing this arnav goes back to his asr mode and throws away the phone out of the window and goes out of the room. Khushi all startled by the situation sits and starts crying.

They don't speak a word to each other and goes to sleep without even looking at each other.

The drive back home is the longest drive that they ever have and the silence is killing both of them.

In the meantime..anjali has started using her powers and when shyaam tries to process the papers finds that the real owner is anjali and not arnav!!

While talking to lawyers anjali finds out about arshi's 6 month contract marriage and she is quite taken aback and tries to think what could be the reason. She first thinks of calling arnav but then recalls khushi's father's reaction seeing her at gupta house.

She decides to find out herself and asks aman to get her information about shyam's whereabout's in the past. Aman tells her that he used to stay at the gupta's as a paying guest. Anjali goes to gupta house and asks buaji and garima the truth. Initially they are hesitant but anjali tells them that she is aware about shyam's fraudulence, they tell her everything starting from shyam staying as pg to engagement with khushi then break up.

Anjali is absolutely heart broken at this but she doesn't say anything about khushi and arnav's contract marriage to the guptas and goes back home. She could now understand that arnav khushi's marriage had something to do with shyam. She recalls khushi's pain after break up, her tears everything and feels miserable. She decides to talk to arnav once he is back.

Guys, couldnot resist myself from writing one more one will take some time :)

May 14, 2012

pyaar inko khichey..takrar inko rokey (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 48 times)

The two couples come back at Shantivan

Nani: kaisa raha aap logoka safar? (how was your trip?)

Payal: bohot hi achha naniji (it was great naniji). Khushi just smiles. Anjali could sense the tension between arnav and khushi and now she knows the reason.

As arnav starts walking towards his room, Anjali says: Chhote aap zara hamarey kamrey mein aaiye, humey aapse kuch baat karni hai (chhotey pls come to my room, I want to talk to you)

Arnav: ok Di

Anjali and arnav goes to anjali's room and anjali closes the door.

Anjali: chhotey humey aapse aisi ummeed nehi thi..aapne khushiji jaise larki ke sath aisa kaise kiya? (I didn't expect this from you. How could you do this with khushi?)

Arnav: (a bit confused and nervous): di what are you talking about?

Anjali shows him the contract marriage papers and says: yeh contract!! (this contract)..chhotey yeh koi mazak hai kya..aap aisa soch bhi kaise saktey hai (is this a joke, how could you think like this)..aur who bhi khuushiji jaisi larki ke sath (that also for khushi)

Arnav now fuming with anger: enough di..aur yeh jis khushi ki aap baat kar rahi , agar aap ko pata hota ki woh kaisi hai to aap aisa kabhi nehi kehete...woh aur ...who aur... (if you would have known how khushi is you would have never spoken like this..she and..she and..)

Anjali: who aur shyam..

Arnav: (shocked): Di aap..aap ko kaise...(Di..How do you)

Anjali: pata hai chhotey tum mein aur mujh mein fark kya hai?? Hum loko pe yakin kartey hai aur tum yakin karne se dartey ho...yeh baat to tum bhi achhi tarah se jantey ho ki khushiji kabhi aisa nehi kar sakti lekin yeh yakin karne se darte ho (you know the difference between you and me..i trust people and you are scared to trust people...even you know khushi cant do something like this..but you are scared to believe this)

Arnav: Di par aap itne yakin ke sath kaise kahey sakti hai... (how can you be so sure?)

Anjali then narrates the whole story........

Arnav (breaks down): di maine yeh kya kar diya...iska matlab khushi sahi kahe rahi thi..maine usko kitna kuch kaha...aur who barbar apne aap ko innocent prove karne ki koshish kar rahi thi...di ab main kya do I face her?? (what did I do..that means she was saying the truth...I told her so many mean things..but she was repeatedly trying to prove her innocence...di what do I do now??)

Anjali was also crying, goes and sits beside arnav who had now covered his face with his palms: chhotey dekhiye hamari taraf...abhi bhi der nehi hui hai...abhi bhi sab kuch sambhala ja sakta hai. (chhotey look at is still not very late..we can still save the situation)

Arnav hugs anjali and both of them share a very emotional moment. Arnav then says: di I will not leave shyam...I m gonna kill him.

Anjali: chhotey humey bohot hi soch samajh ke sab kuch karna hoga..aap pehele khushiji ko sambhaliye (chhotey we have to be very first protect khushiji)

In arnav's room:

Khushi has removed all her things, her stars, salman khan's poster , her dresses, the windchime and has packed in a bag. She is standing at the poolside looking at the stars.

Khushi(crying): amma, babuji humey pata hai ki aap humey dekh sakte hai...aapko to pata hai ki humne koi bhi galat kam nehi kiya..lekin hum arnavji ko yeh yakin nehi dila paye..hum har gaye...hum haar gaye..and she sobs.(mom, dad I know you can see me, you know that I have not done anything wrong..but I could not prove my innocence to arnavji..i lose..i lose)

Arnav in the meantime comes into the room and sees all her things missing and hears khushi talking to her parents and crying.

He clenches his fist in anger and pain and has tears in his eyes..he recalls telling her in that it is good that your parents are not alive to see you.

He runs and goes beside her and holds her hand: khushi..

Khushi looks up at him with tears in her eyes, removes his hand and goes inside the room

Arnav (in a very soft tone): khushi tumne yeh sab..i mean why did you remove all these?

Khushi: says nothing

Arnav: aur tumhara sara saman....what are you doing khushi..(khushi your things...)

Khushi is still silent

Arnav now frustrated and angry: answer me damnit!!


May 14, 2012

pyaar inko khichey..takrar inko rokey (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 50 times)

Arnav: khu..khushi tum aisa nehi kar sakti..khushi mujhe pata hai ki tum innocent ho...I am sorry khushi mujhe maaf kar do.. pls mat jao. (khushi u cant do this...khushi I know you are innocent..i am sorry khushi please forgive me ...please don't go.

Khushi: mubarak ho Mr. Raizada ki aapko sach pata chal gaya..ab hum yahaan se bina koi dil pe bojh liye ja saktey hai..(congrats Mr. Raizada that you know the truth now..i can now go from here without any burden in my heart)

Arnav: (holding her hand): pls khushi tum aise nehi ja sakti... tumhe jo saza deni hai mujhe do lekin pls mat jao..main tumhare bina...(khushi u cant go like this...punish me as u want..but I ..without u..)

Khushi: removes his hand, looks into his eyes with tears and says Enough Mr. Raizada...and walks away.

Arnav out of desperation to stop her says in asr mode: khushi tum bhul rahi ho ki tum chhaye mahine ke liye kahin nehi ja sakti (khushi u r forgetting u can't go anywhere for 6 months).

Khushi turns back and says: aur aap yeh bhul rahe hai Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada ki aj hamari who saza khatam ho rahi hai aur thik 2 ghantey baad yaani ki baara baje ke baad hum azad hai (and u are forgeting that today that punishment is ending for me..and just after 2 hrs after 12 midnight I am free).

Suddenly this realisation dawns on arnav that 6 months is over and sits with folded knees on the ground shattered...not knowing what do to do!!

Anjali in the meantime was coming down the stairs thinking of all those moments with shyaam, his betrayal everything. Though she was acting brave outside she was completely shaken inside. While thinking of all these she misses a step and falls from the stairs.

While arshi was having this conversation in their room...they hear nani shout...ANJALI BITIYA!!!!!

Hearing this both of them rush down and see anjali on the ground...badly bleeding.

All the raizadas are shaken by this . They rush anjali to a hospital and the doctor says she needs to be operated immediately.

May 14, 2012

pyaar inko khichey..takrar inko rokey (By Arnavkikhushiforever) (Thanked: 58 times)

Arnav goes and sits at one corner and completely breaks down crying..khushi too has tears in her eyes and goes and sits beside him and keeps her hand on his and says ar..navji..

Arnav needed this the most at this point of time. He hugs khushi tightly and starts crying like a child.. and says..'khushi yeh sab kya ho gaya..sab meri galti hai sab meri galti hai..mujhe di ko akela nehi chhorna chahiye tha... ' (khushi ..why did this happen..its all my fault, I shouldn't have left di alone).

Khushi is a bit confused what to do..she has never seen her laad governor in such a state...she didn't know what to say..slowly she lifted arnav's face and cupped with both her hands and said.. arnavji dekhiye hamari taraf..devi maiya pe bharosa rakkhiye...di ko kuch nehi hoga..agar aap aise toot jaiyenge to kaise chalega..di ko is waqt sabse zyada aapki zarurat hai...purey parivaar ko aapki zarurat hai. (arnavji look at me..if u cannot breakdown like this...di needs you the most, the whole family needs you.)

Arnav just looks into her eyes. Khushi gets a little uncomfortable when she realises she is cupping arnav's face. She quickly tries to get up and move. Arnav holds her hand and pleads her not to go. Khushi says..arnavji hum nani ko dekh ke aatey hai (I will go and see nani).

In the meantime doctor comes and tells Arnav...Mr. Raizada..your sister is out of danger but we could not save her baby.

Arnav: Can we see her?

Doc: aap log ek ghantey baad ja saktey hai par dhyaan rakkhiyega ki do se zyada members ek sath andar na jaye. (you can go in after 1 hr..but not more than 2 people should go in at a time)Aur haan kheyal rakkhiyega ki unhe kisi bhi tarah ka stress na ho..unke samne bilkul mat rona..unhe khush rakhne ki koshish kijiye..varna aise halath mein who depression mein bhi ja sakti hai.(please make sure she doesnot undergo any stress..dont cry infront of her and try to keep her happy or else she might go to depression)

Arnav: thank you doctor. We will take care.

Nani: still crying says..humse anjali bitiya ki yeh halath dekhi nehi jayegi..kahi unke samne hum ro parey to...hum se nehi hoga (I cannot see anjali like this..i cannot go what if I cannot control my emotions ...I cant )and she keeps on crying..payal holds her.

Khushi: jiji aap nani ko sambhaliye hum jaatey hai di ke pas..chaliye arnavji..(jiji u take care of nani..i will go and see di...come arnavji) arnav 's eyes are also full of tears..khushi turns towards him and wipes his tears..and nods and says no.

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