A Kiss In The Pouring Rain

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May 12, 2012

A Kiss In The Pouring Rain (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 63 times)

Hi everyone! This is my third story and I am dedicating it to everyone who read my first two stories and liked them. I hope you enjoy this one too! I will first explain the situation.

Akash and Payal are married. After their marriage, Arnav went to the Guptas' house and asked for Khushi's hand in marriage. They got married one month later and are a very happy couple. The Guptas live in Lucknow and Anjali is not pregnant. Khushi gave birth to a baby boy named Aahan Singh Raizad who is now 6 months old. Khushi is planning on telling Arnav the truth about Sham because he is still bothering her. Everyone is happy for the beautiful couple and their little bundle of joy (except Sham).

It was a bright Saturday morning. The alarm clock started going off and Khushi lazily reached out a hand and pressed the snooze button. Surprisingly, it wouldn't stop ringing. She hit it again and again but it still wouldn't stop. At last, Khushi got up and picked the alarm clock up and threw it on the ground. IT STILL WOULDN'T STOP RINGING! Khushi looked at it confused.

Khushi: What the...

Arnav stepped out of the bathroom wearing a black suit.

Arnav: Hey, that's my line.

Khushi: Arnavji, the alarm clock wont stop ringing.

Arnav: I know. I hid another one in the closet so you wouldn't go around sleeping until 10:00.

Khushi: WHAT? It's the weekend!

Arnav: Yeah but you stay asleep until 10:00 on week days too.

Khushi: Arnavji stop teasing me!

Arnav: I'm not teasing you, I'm just trying to keep my son from starving to death. He has to wait for his lazy Mommy to get up and get him something to eat. Poor baby!

Khushi: ARNAVJI!

Khushi threw a pillow at him but he caught it in the air.

Arnav: I'm just joking! Now get up my sleeping beauty.

Arnav placed the pillow on the bed and kissed Khushi on the lips. Her pout instantly changed to a smile. She kissed him back and then got up and went to freshen up. She came out wearing a simple red sari but she still looked beautiful. Arnav was already downstairs at the table, waiting for Khushi to come and make him his back coffee. Khushi went to the blue crib and picked up baby Aahan. He was wide awake. Aahan was a quiet baby and he never cried except when Sham held him. Khushi kissed him and Aahan let out a bubbly laugh. She tickled his stomach and then changed his clothes. Now he was wearing a blue baby suit that had a small hood. He looked adorable. Khushi kissed him again. Both of them then went downstairs for breakfast where Arnav was eagerly waiting for his wife and baby. This is how Aahan looks:

May 12, 2012

A Kiss In The Pouring Rain (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 31 times)

Khushi handed Aahan to Arnav and went into the kitchen to prepare Arnav's black coffee and Aahan's baby food. Arnav kissed Aahan and tickled him on his stomach. Arnav lifted up his shirt a little and kissed Aahan's soft stomach. Aahan let out another bubbly laugh. He clasped his chubby hands in happiness.

Arnav: Awww... My little baby. Daddy loves you so much. My little angel.

Anjali: Chote, if your done, can I hold my nephew too?

Arnav: Di, he's my darling little baby. I'm spending some bonding time with him.

Anjali: Chote let me just give him a kiss and hold him.

Arnav: All right. But only for one minute. Daddy doesn't want to part with his baby.

Arnav carefully gave Aahan to Anjali. Anjali kissed Aahan and hugged him. Aahan was the apple of everyone's eyes. After Anjali held him for a while, Nani took him. Nani showered a lot of love on him too. Arnav was getting impatient because he wanted to hold Aahan. After all, he's MY baby, Arnav thought. But the Raizadas weren't done there. Payal held Aahan and then Akash did. Even Mamaji held him.

Mamiji held him for the longest time. Arnav was really impatient now.

Arnav: Mamiji, can I have my son back now?

Mamiji: Arnav Bituwa, what a while. Can'ts yous see I holding him?

Akash: Mom, it's not what, it's wait.

Mamiji: Whatsever. Don't correction my English.

Arnav: Mamiji please give me Aahan now.

Nani: Manorma, give Aahan to Chote. You've held him long enough.

Mamiji reluctantly gave Aahan to Arnav. Arnav smiled at his little angel and started playing with him again. Khushi came back with Arnav's black coffee and Aahan's baby food.

Khushi: Arnavji, here's your coffee. I'll feed Aahan so you can eat you breakfast in peace.

Arnav: No Khushi. I want to feed my little baby.

Khushi: But wont it be a bit hard. And your coffee will get cold too.

Arnav: No, no. It's fine, I'll do it.

Khushi let out a sigh. Arnav was way too protective of Aahan. Khushi decided to drop the matter and she sat down next to Arnav and started eating her breakfast. Arnav lovingly fed Aahan. He took a spoon of baby food and brought it near Aahan's mouth. Aahan would lean forward and slip his mouth over the spoon. After he ate the food, he would clap and laugh a little and eat the next spoonful. Arnav would kiss Aahan after every other minute. After Aahan ate his food, Arnav picked him up and took him into the bathroom to clean his hands and face. When he returned, Khushi shook her head.

Khushi: It seems like your the mother.

Arnav: Well, you get him for the whole day on week days. I go to work.

Khushi: Yes but on week ends, you don't let anyone come near him. He's my baby too. I want to hold him.

Khushi made a sad face and turned away. Arnav felt guilty.

Arnav: All right. You can have him for now.

Arnav handed Aahan to Khushi and she hugged him. Aahan clutched Khushi and gave her a sloppy kiss on the cheek. Khushi let out a small squeal.

Khushi: He kissed me! My little angel! I love you, give mommy another kiss.

Khushi kissed and hugged him again. Aahan just clutched Khushi tighter. Arnav smiled and opened his arms to take Aahan back. Aahan opened his small arms too and Arnav took him and held him.

May 12, 2012

A Kiss In The Pouring Rain (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 32 times)

Hey everyone! Thanks for the awesome comments. I plan to show Arnav caring and loving Aahan throughout the whole story. I will bring Sham in the story but only for a while. After he's gone, I'm going to continue with the story as a sweet family story of Arnav, Khushi and baby Aahan. There are going to be romance scenes of Arshi too. Enjoy!

Arnav held Aahan close to his chest. Arnav could feel Aahan's little heart beating. It sounded so cute. Arnav kissed Aahan on his chubby little cheeks. Anjali smiled at Arnav.

Akash: Who could have guessed that the mighty ASR would turn out to be such a caring father?

Anjali: My chote is the perfect father.

Arnav: I want my baby to never be alone. I want him to have us with him always. I don't want him to go through what I went through. My angel deserves happiness and love. I will always be there for him no matter what.

Khushi: Arnavji, we will never let him lose us. He's ours and always will be. Don't worry.

Arnav: Thanks Khushi.

Arnav kissed Khushi on the cheek. Nani smiled at the three of them. They formed a perfect, caring family.

Nani: I'm so happy to know that my grandchild has found his happiness.

Arnav gave Aahan to Khushi and went to Nani. He hugged her and wiped away her tears.

Arnav: Nani thank you. It's all because of your prayers.

Nani: Stay happy, Chote.

They hugged again and everyone else smiled at them. Anjali hugged Arnav too. After a while, Akash cleared his throat.

Akash: Bhai, we have plans for today remember?

Arnav: Oh yeah. I nearly forgot. Nani, Akash and I were planning on going to a water park. Can we go?

Nani: What are you both going to do alone in a water park?

Arnav: No no Nani. Payal, Khushi and Aahan are going to go with us.

Nani: All right. I have no problem. Go enjoy yourselves.

Arnav: Di would you like to come?

Anjali: No thank you Chote. Sham is about to come home soon.

Khushi cringes when she hears his name. No one notices except Payal.

Arnav: Okay then, we're leaving now.

Khushi: But Arnavji we haven't packed swim suits and stuff.

Arnav: They're already in the car. I had them packed already. Now come on let's go.

The five of them leave to the water park. Aahan senses that they are going somewhere and he is smiling and laughing. After a while they reach the water park. When they step out of the car, Payal takes Khushi aside.

Payal: Khushi I thinks it's time to tell Jijaji and Akashji about Sham.

Khushi: You're right. We'll tell them tonight at the restaurant. Sham is dangerous, I don't want him to harm my baby.

May 13, 2012

A Kiss In The Pouring Rain (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 29 times)

Khushi and Payal catch up to Arnav, Akash and Aahan. Arnav is clutching Aahan tightly. Aahan's eyes is wide and his chubby hands are clasped together.

Arnav: My little baby is going to have so much fun today. I'm going to go on all of the rides with my little angel. Daddy's little angel.

Arnav kissed Aahan and he giggled in happiness. Aahan was excited. All of them went to the bathrooms and changed. Arnav and Akash were wearing blue shorts and Payal and Khushi were wearing one piece bathing suits which were purple (Payal) and red (Khushi). Aahan had a small pair of green shorts on. His cute little stomach was so soft under Arnav's hands that he couldn't resist nuzzling against it. The life guards warned Arnav that Aahan could only go to the Kiddie Park because the Adult Park was too dangerous for him. All four of them decided to go to the Kiddie Park and play with Aahan in the water. The Kiddie Park had small different shaped slides and the water wasn't too deep. Khushi was holding Aahan now. Arnav led them to a small pool which had looped slides and straight slides as well. They played in the park the whole day. Arnav was the most enthusiastic. They all took turns pushing Aahan lightly down the slide and then having him slide into their arms at the bottom. Whenever Aahan landed in Arnav's arms, he would pick him up and twirl him in the air and then kiss him. Aahan had a lot of fun. At 6:00, they all decided that it was time to go home. Aahan was turning a bit blueish and Arnav was scared that he'd catch a cold. They changed back to their normal clothes. Aahan was clinging to Arnav and Arnav was holding him tightly too. Arnav tried to cover Aahan's full body with his own so that the cold wouldn't get to his little baby. Aahan was shivering a little bit now. Khushi was getting worried so she took Aahan from Arnav and ran to the car. She quickly took the baby blanket out of the trunk and wrapped Aahan into it. He let out a small sigh and Khushi smiled. She kissed him on the forehead. The rest of them reached the car.

Arnav: Oh my God is my baby okay? Did he catch a cold? Is he fine? Do you...

Khushi: Don't worry Arnavji, our baby is warm now. He's all right. You can hold him.

Khushi knew Arnav had a point when he said that Khushi had him the whole week so she tried to have Aahan spend the most time with Arnav. Arnav nodded and took Aahan. Aahan cuddled closer to Arnav and Arnav held him closer too. They sat in the car and drove off to the restaurant. When they arrived, Akash had the waiter take them to a table in a separate room which was the warmest in the whole restaurant. Arnav took Aahan's blanket off and made him sit in his lap. Arnav then spread the blanket around him. Aahan looked up at his father and smiled with his mouth slightly open. He looked down at Arnav's chest and patted it. Aahan then put his forehead next to it and sat there. Arnav bent down and kissed the top of Aahan's head. They ordered the food and waited for it to arrive.

Payal: Jijaji, Akashji, Khushi and I have something to tell you.

Akash: Payal what is it?

Payal: Khushi would you like to start or should I?

Arnav watched as Khushi hesitated. He knew something was bothering her. He put his hand on hers.

Arnav: Khushi you can tell me anything. Don't worry I will always believe and trust you.

Khushi: Arnavji, I hope you believe what I'm about to tell you.

Khushi had gained confidence and she told Arnav and Akash everything. Starting from the beginning until the end.

May 13, 2012

A Kiss In The Pouring Rain (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 29 times)

Khushi realized that when she was done talking, there was dead silence. The only noise was the clattering of a fork and a spoon which Aahan was playing with.

Khushi: Please say something. I'm telling the truth, please believe me.

Arnav: Khushi of course we believe you... It's just hard to... to absorb.

Akash: How could Sham do such a thing?

Arnav: I'm going to kill him for betraying my Di. He doesn't know who he's messing with.

Khushi: We can't take action now. It will break Di.

Payal: We need to take this one step at a time.

Akash: I think we should first make Di know how much we care and love for her.

Arnav: Yeah and then we'll make Di stop trusting Sham so much. Damn him.

Payal: I think that's a great idea. Let's go with it.

Khushi: Thank God, Arnavji you believe me. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before.

Arnav: It's okay. It must have been hard on you. I'm glad you told me now.

Arnav kissed Khushi and Payal hugged Akash. Khushi and Payal were glad they had such great husbands.

Khushi: Arnavji, I'm scared for our angel. Sham left on a 'client meeting' in Australia before our baby was born and he didn't return for six months but today he came back.

Arnav froze when he heard this. He narrowed his eyes.

Arnav: If that thing comes near my baby, I'm going to kill him. Don't worry, I'll take extra care of our little baby.

Arnav pulled Aahan closer and kissed him. Just the thought of Sham harming Aahan made Arnav's blood boil. Sham wouldn't even dare looking at my son, Arnav thought. The food arrived a while later and everyone forgot about Sham for a while and enjoyed dinner. Aahan had spaghetti sauce all over his chubby face. He looked cute and funny at the same time. Arnav lifted Aahan up and took him to the bathroom and cleaned him up. Akash payed the bill and they left for the RM.

May 13, 2012

A Kiss In The Pouring Rain (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 31 times)

The lights were off in the RM except for the living room light. When the five of them entered the living room, they stopped dead in their tracks. Sham was sitting in front of them and Anjali was sitting next to him. In the past six months, Sham hadn't changed at all. He just looked slimier and slicker then ever.

Arnav: Sha... I mean Jijaji, you're here?

Sham: Yes Saali Sahab, I came here this evening.

Khushi was holding Arnav's hands and Payal was holding Akash's. Akash could sense the tension in the air and he decided to say something.

Akash: Well... Uh why don't we have some tea?

Sham: Rani Sahiba I think you should go to sleep now. You need to rest while I quickly have a talk with Saali Sahab.

Anjali: Thank you for caring so much. I am tired so I will go to sleep. Good night.

Anjali left the room and Sham sat down on the sofa.

Sham: Let's have that talk Arnav. You have something of mine.

Arnav: What are you damn talking about Sham?

Sham: I can tell that Khushi has told you the truth about me and her. Now I advise you to give her back to me.

Arnav: She was never yours to begin with and she never will be.

Sham: Oh really? What do you plan on doing Arnav? Your sister's life is in my hands.

Arnav: Try laying a finger on her. I'll kill you.

Sham: You know Arnav, you're really vulnerable. You have 3 simple keys to your heart. Your sister, Khushi and that bastard son, Aahan.

Khushi got mad that Sham would say something like that to her baby.

Khushi: Don't you dare say our baby's name with your filthy tongue.

Sham: He's not your son Khushi. He's Arnav's son only.

Khushi: Are you crazy? I'm the one who was pregnant with him. He's my baby too.

Arnav: If you so much as look at our baby, I'll beat the pulp out of you. Don't ever come near him.

Aahan was sleeping in Arnav's arms. Arnav held him tightly as if to protect him from Sham's evil looks. Sham looked at Aahan and grimaced. He could see how cute and peaceful Aahan looked and Sham hated it. Sham wanted Khushi's child to be his too. Sham was about to say something when Anjali called him. Sham left giving Arnav an evil glare.

Akash: Bhai, I think we should go to sleep now. We had a long day today.

Arnav: You're right. Let's go.

All of them left to their rooms. Since it was Saturday, Arnav was going to sleep with Aahan. Arnav gave Aahan to Khushi who carefully changed his clothes. He was now wearing tiny blue pajamas. Khushi changed into her night gown and Arnav changed into his night suit too. Arnav took Aahan and placed him gently on the middle of the bed. Aahan was sleeping with his small mouth slightly open. His chest was heaving up and down. Arnav kissed Khushi and lay down on Aahan's right side. Khushi slept on his left side. Arnav pulled Aahan closer until he was snuggling next to him. Aahan was holding Arnav's fore finger tightly. Khushi put her arms on Arnav's waist and snuggled closer too. Arnav's forehead touched Khushi's forehead and they formed a heart shape with Aahan in the middle. That night, the three of them slept peacefully, forgetting about everything except their love for each other.

May 13, 2012

A Kiss In The Pouring Rain (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 29 times)

The next morning, Aahan was the first to wake. He opened his big eyes and saw Arnav's face a few inches away. Aahan put his small hand on Arnav's hair and pulled lightly. Arnav woke up feeling a light tug on his hair. He saw Aahan looking at him with a smile. Arnav took Aahan's small hands in his own and brought them to his lips and kissed them. Aahan let out his bubbly laugh. Arnav picked Aahan up and placed him on his chest. Aahan chubby little hands clutched Arnav's shirt and he placed his little head on Arnav's neck. Arnav rubbed Aahan's back lovingly. Aahan closed his eyes and pretty soon his breathing was heavy. Arnav looked down and saw that Aahan had fallen asleep. Arnav turned and looked at Khushi. She had woken up too and was looking at Arnav and Aahan. Arnav slid closer to Khushi and kissed her lips.

Arnav: Good morning, love.

Khushi: Good morning.

Khushi kissed Arnav's forehead and then she kissed Aahan too.

Khushi: He looks like an angel when he's asleep.

Arnav: He is an angel. He's our angel.

Aahan opened his eyes again and saw his parents looking at him. Aahan lifted his head slightly. Khushi smiled and held her arms open. Aahan crawled off of Arnav's chest and went into Khushi's arms. Khushi hugged him and kissed him again. She sat up and placed Aahan in her lap. Khushi took the blanket and covered her face. After a minute, she took it down suddenly and said BOO! Aahan clapped his chubby hands and giggled in happiness. Khushi played with him and then Arnav tried the same game. For two hours Arnav and Khushi bonded with their angel. They were disturbed with a knock on the door. Arnav got out of bed and opened the door. Anjali was standing there.

Anjali: Chote is everything all right? It's 10:45 and we're all waiting for you three to come down for breakfast.

Arnav: What the... It's 10:45? We didn't realize. Khushi and I were playing with our little baby.

Anjali: Hurry up and get fresh, I want to play with Aahan too.

Arnav: All right Di.

Anjali left and Arnav went into the bathroom. After he came out, Khushi went in and came out wearing a white sari. Khushi changed Aahan's clothes and now he was wearing a white coverall with attached feet. The three of them went downstairs. Arnav entered the dining room holding Aahan and Khushi went into the kitchen to prepare the baby food and coffee and came back after a while. Sham grimaced when he saw Arnav and Aahan.

Payal: Finally you came. I was waiting for my darling nephew.

Arnav: Payal I'm holding him currently.

Payal: But that's not fair! I want to hold him too!

Arnav: Yes well, I'm his father and I decide who holds Aahan and right now I'm holding him.

Payal: That's mean! I'm complaining to his mother!

Payal turned to Khushi and made a puppy face.

Payal: Khushi can I please hold my dear nephew?

Khushi: Arnavji, please let Jiji hold Aahan for a while.

Arnav: No way. He's my baby! Payal can wait until tomorrow to hold him while I'm in the office.


Payal grabbed Aahan from Arnav. Arnav was shocked and he grabbed him back. Payal grabbed him again and Arnav took him back again. Khushi let out a shriek and took Aahan from both of them.


Arnav bent his head and looked down. Payal looked away too. Khushi had tears in her eyes. Khushi got up from her chair and left the room. Arnav followed her into their room.

Arnav: Khushi I'm sorry. We shouldn't have done that.

Khushi: Arnavji I was just so scared our baby would get hurt. I was afraid he'd drop.

Arnav: Payal and I were being careful you know. We weren't pulling him.

Khushi: I know, I'm sorry for reacting like that. I was so...

Arnav turned her towards him and kissed her. He took Aahan from her and smiled.

Arnav: Don't worry I wont let anything happen to our little bundle of joy.

May 13, 2012

A Kiss In The Pouring Rain (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 33 times)

Thanks for all of the great comments. I hope you guys are getting the full effect of the love Arnav and Khushi have for their little baby!

Arnav took Aahan and went downstairs and Khushi followed. Everyone was eating. Payal stood up when she saw Khushi and she hugged her.

Payal: I'm sorry Khushi. I shouldn't have grabbed Aahan like that.

Khushi: It's okay Jiji. I was just scared that my baby would get hurt. It's not your fault.

Arnav: Payal why don't you eat breakfast first and then you can hold Aahan.

Payal: All right! I get him for the next hour.

Arnav: No way! Only for ten minutes.

Payal: Ten minutes? That's not fair.

Arnav: Fine. Fifteen minutes, then.

Payal: KHUSHI!

Khushi: Arnavji, Jiji, why don't you play with Aahan together?

Arnav: All right. Fine.

Payal: That's great.

Khushi let out a sigh of relief. The three of them sat down on their chairs and resumed breakfast. After they were done, Sham left to attend a client and Anjali, Khushi, Arnav, Payal and Akash started playing with Aahan in the living room. Nani and Mamiji were sitting in the living room too. Everyone spent the whole day with Aahan. They played various games with the ball and then Khushi took out Aahan's plush toys and everyone held an animal and did a little puppet show for Aahan. Aahan enjoyed himself a lot and after the puppet show was over, he clapped his chubby hands and laughed a bubbly laugh. Arnav swooped Aahan up and twirled him in the air. He brought him down and pressed his face on Aahan's soft little stomach and blew raspberries. Aahan laughed and patted Arnav's head. Arnav kissed Aahan's cheeks and pretended to bite them with his lips. Aahan giggled again. He was very ticklish. Everyone smiled at Arnav playing with his little baby. They played some more and only took breaks for lunch and dinner. After dinner, Khushi changed Aahan into his pajamas and then they sat in the living room and took turns holding Aahan and telling him stories. When it was Akash's turn, he cleared his throat and started his story. Suddenly he stopped.

Arnav: Akash, what's wrong? Continue your story.

Akash: Shhhhhhh. Be quiet.

Arnav: What the...

Akash: Bhai, look.

Akash pointed to Aahan. Arnav looked at Aahan and smiled. Aahan had his head on Akash's chest and he was fast asleep clutching Akash's arm.

Anjali: Awwww... He looks so cute.

Khushi: Jijaji was your story that boring that you put my baby to sleep?

Everyone laughed. Payal let out a small yawn.

Payal: Well, I'm going to sleep. Good night.

Everyone agreed that they were tired so they all went to their rooms. Akash handed Aahan to Arnav and left too. Arnav went to his room and placed Aahan in his crib. Khushi was already in bed.

Arnav: Good night my little angel.

Arnav kissed Aahan and then went to the bathroom to change and then he got into bed too. Khushi was waiting for him. Arnav kissed her and lay down next to her.

Arnav: I hate week days.

Khushi: Why? What's wrong?

Arnav: Nothing's wrong it's just that I don't get to spend the whole day with my beautiful wife and my sweet baby.

Khushi: I didn't know the mighty ASR hated work.

Arnav: I don't hate work, I miss you two.

Khushi: All right then. From now on, in lunch break, Jiji and I will come with Aahan.

Arnav: That's perfect. I'll wait the whole day for lunch break. Especially for my little cute baby.

Khushi: Okay! I'm glad you like my idea. Aahan hates it when you go to work too.

Arnav: I love you Khushi. I love our angel too.

Khushi: I love you too. And I love our baby as well.

May 14, 2012

A Kiss In The Pouring Rain (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 29 times)

The next morning when Khushi woke up, she saw that Arnav had already left. She sighed. He always left so early in the morning on week days. Khushi was lost in her thoughts when she heard a low whimpering sound. It seemed as if someone was crying softly. Her eyes fell on Aahan's crib and she jumped out of bed and ran to it. Aahan was crying! He had his hands in front of him as if he was reaching for something. His face had a lot of tears running down. Khushi gasped when she saw him. He had a big bruise on his soft chubby cheek.

Khushi: Oh my God! My baby! What happened?

She picked Aahan up and rocked him. Aahan's crying didn't stop. Khushi rubbed Aahan's cheek softly and kissed it repeatedly. After a while, Aahan stopped crying but he clung to Khushi. Khushi rocked him in her arms and held him close. Suddenly she saw a piece of paper sticking to the side of the crib. She picked it up and unfolded it. After she read it, her eyes widened and tears fell down her cheeks. This is what it said:

Come with me and leave Arnav or else worse harm will come to Aahan.

Someone knocked on the door and Khushi quickly wiped her tears. She went and opened the door. Payal was standing there.

Payal: Khushi how long will you take? Your not even ready yet? Don't you...

She stopped when she saw Khushi's tear stained face.

Payal: Khushi are you all right? What happened? Why are you crying?

Khushi started to cry again. She was holding Aahan tightly and rubbing his bruised cheek.

Khushi: He hurt my angel! My baby is in pain because of that devil.

Payal: Khushi what are you saying?

Khushi told her everything. Payal's mouth dropped open and her eyes widened in shock.

Payal: How dare he? Doesn't he know what a low cheap snake he is? He doesn't know who's nephew he's messing with. I'll teach him a few things. I think it's a good thing that we're going to lunch with Jijaji and Akashji. We'll tell them then.

Khushi nodded and kissed her baby. Payal took Aahan from Khushi and kissed his cheek.

Payal: Khushi you go change and freshen up while I'll change Aahan's clothes.

Khushi: All right. There's some cream in the cupboard. Please apply some on Aahan's cheek.

Payal nodded and Khushi handed her Aahan's clothes. She went into the bathroom to freshen up. Afterwards, Khushi took Aahan and pampered him. Aahan was still a bit sad and one could tell his cheek was hurting. Khushi tried her best to make the pain go away. At lunch time, Payal and Khushi left the house and headed for AR's office. When they arrived, Aahan was all smiles. He could sense his father was near.

Khushi: Yes, sweetie. We're going to visit Daddy.

Aahan smiled and clapped his hands. Khushi kissed his forehead. Payal, Khushi and Aahan entered the building. As soon as everyone saw Aahan, their eyes widened and they all started whispering.

Staff #1: OMG! Is that ASR's baby?

Staff #2: No way man! He's too cute!

Staff #3: Yeah but ASR is hot too.

Staff #1: God! I want to hold him.

Staff #4: ASR is going to kill you if you mess around. But I want to hold him too.

Staff #3: I want to kiss him. ASR is SO lucky. He's rich, famous, good looking and has the cutest baby in the world.

Khushi smiled when she heard. Aahan was playing with his pacifier and talking to himself in baby speak. Suddenly Arnav came out of no where. He must have heard the whispering because he was smirking.


The staff quieted down and went back to work even though most of them were still staring at Aahan. Arnav smiled cutely at Khushi and gestured them to come inside of his office. Khushi and Payal went inside his office and Arnav closed the door. Arnav hugged Khushi and kissed her forehead. Aahan's bruised cheek was hidden by Khushi's sari's pallu so Arnav didn't notice it. He was about to pick him up.

Khushi: Wait! No don't pick him up yet.

Arnav: What the...

Khushi removed her sari pallu and showed Arnav Aahan's cheek. Arnav turned red in anger.


Payal came to Khushi's side and told Akash and Arnav everything. She showed them the note too. Arnav slammed his fist on his table.


Akash: I can't believe it. How dare he hurt a baby?

Akash was burning in rage too. Arnav calmed down after a minute and he took Aahan from Khushi.

Arnav: Oh my angel. Don't worry, Daddy's here to take care of you.

Aahan felt a sudden pain in his cheek and his big eyes filled with tears. Arnav noticed and he hugged Aahan tightly and kissed him. He rubbed Aahan's cheek gently.

Arnav: I love you my little baby. Daddy's here for you always.

Khushi smiled at Arnav and wiped away her own tears. Arnav rocked Aahan and slowly, Aahan fell asleep in his arms. Arnav wrapped his small body with his own and kissed his forehead. Aahan clutched Arnav's waist coat and drifted off into dream land. Inside of Arnav's mind, hatred's flare burned and he devised a plan to make Sham suffer. After all, no one harmed his baby and got away with it.

May 15, 2012

A Kiss In The Pouring Rain (By Rosemaple) (Thanked: 29 times)

Everyone had lunch and when Aahan woke up, Arnav fed him too. After lunch, Akash cleared his throat.

Akash: Okay, we have gifts for all of you.

Khushi: What? Really?

Arnav: Yep we got you all presents.

Akash handed Payal a box and she found a diamond necklace with matching earrings in it. She smiled and hugged Akash. Arnav gave Khushi a box and when she opened it, she saw a line of silver bracelet with crushed diamonds on it. 'Arnav and Khushi Forever' was engraved on it. Khushi kissed Arnav on the cheek and thanked him. Last but not least, Arnav brought out a huge box. It was humongous. Khushi opened it and found a BIG and fluffy bear in it. It was the length of Arnav and the fatness of an elephant. Aahan's eyes grew wide when he saw it. He clapped his hands and let out a bubbly laugh. Arnav swooped Aahan up and hugged him.

Arnav: Does my baby like his gift? Daddy got it especially for his little angel.

Aahan: Da... dy. Daa... Dy

Everyone's eyes widened. Khushi's mouth dropped open.

Arnav: Did he just say Daddy?

Khushi: Oh my God! His first word!

Aahan sensed that everyone was proud of him.

Aahan: Da... dy. Da...dyy.

Arnav kissed Aahan and twirled him in the air.

Arnav: My baby!

Khushi kissed Aahan too. Payal and Akash smiled. After a while of smothering Aahan with kisses, Arnav placed Aahan on the HUGE bear's stomach. Aahan loved it and he bobbed himself up and down. He was laughing too and patting the bear's stomach. Khushi and Payal sat near him and held him so he wouldn't fall.

Khushi: Thanks for the great presents and now it's our turn.

Arnav: What? You got us presents too?

Payal: Yeah. For our dear husbands.

Khushi took out a box and gave it to Arnav. Inside it was a new laptop. Arnav smiled at Khushi and hugged her. Then he frowned.

Arnav: How did you know I've wanted this laptop?

Khushi: I didn't, Aahan knew. When I went to the store, Aahan was with me. I was trying to choose a laptop when Aahan started to pat this one with his hands. He looked at me as if to tell me that this is the one. So, I bought it. It's from both of us.

Arnav: Thank you. Seems like my baby knows me inside out.

Arnav kissed Aahan too. Payal was now blushing because it was her turn to give her present to Akash.

Payal: Um... Well... Uh... Khushi can you tell?

Khushi: All right. Everyone, my dear Jiji is... Pregnant!

Akash's and Arnav's jaw dropped to the floor.

Akash: Wh... What?

Khushi: Yep, Jijaji you're going to be a father.

Akash: Oh my God! I can't believe it!

Akash hugged Payal and kissed her. Arnav smiled at Khushi and she winked.

Arnav: Why didn't you tell us before?

Payal: It was a surprise.

Akash: This is the best surprise ever.

Arnav: I guess Akash you turned out to be pretty sly yourself.

Akash: Bhai! Stop teasing me!

Arnav: What? I'm just saying a fact.

Arnav picked Aahan up and kissed his bruised cheek softly.

Arnav: My little angel is about to become a cousin! Isn't that exciting? Daddy's happy that his little baby is going to have a new friend to play with.

Aahan: Da..Dy.

Arnav smiled and kissed Aahan again.

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