A imagination about new promo

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May 4, 2012

A imagination about new promo (By ranianjali)

Arnav :I saw u n shyam on the terrace on akash's wedding

Kushi is thunderstruck.just ten buaji enters their room.

Arnav: I know about ur illicit relationship with shyam.

Buaji hears it n she intervenes. No babwa.im at fault at this matter.n she explains everything.

All tis while kushi just stared at arnav with disbelief n pain.she was dumbstruck n broken. She could now understand everything that happened after their marriage his abuses,his anger,hatred everything was becoming crystal clear to her n the truth pained her.

Buaji:my shankadevi is not to be blamed.she never liked shyam and she loved anjali bitya very much.

Arnav after hearing everything realizes his big mistake n literally runs to wer kushi stud staring at him.but kushi stopes him.she asks buaji to leave them for some minutes.buaji leaves them.


Kushi:one minute mr.arnav singh raizada.today I will speak.even now u don't know the full picture.lemme fill in u.that day on the terrace I went to meet u and not ur jeejaji.u told me u hv to tell me something n ter was a msg on my mirror someone asking me to meet on the terrace.i tuk it to be u..but I found ur jeejaji ter.he was blurting out his ugly lust towards me n in ma anger I told him to leave Dii as he doesn't deserve her.u didn't hear that.

Arnav gulps.

Kushi: i told him that I'll never be his even if he was married or unmarried.u didn't hear that.

Arnav gulps.

Kushi: ten wat did u hear.n u rushed to assumptions.

Arnav: no......i..confronted shyam..he told me that you....both are in....love

Kushi:u didn't bother to rectify with me instead of dragging me into tis misery.u didn want to hear wat I had to say.oh wait!how can I forget that I'm a gold digger in ur eyes.

Arnav: no kushi....

Kushi:do u know U r the reason for everything that went wrong.if u hadn't released those video clips of mine I wudnt be abused in the street by goons n shyam wudnt have ended up saving me.i wudnt have hd to come to delhi.if u had not told me those hurtful words on the day of Deewali,no- mtter what I wudnt have said a yes for the marriage with shyam.only if I didn't care 4 u,I cud have told u the bitter truth.if uhad come on time on terrace i wudnt have been touched by that snake.so U R RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SNAKE LANDING IN MY LIFE.U R RESPONSIBLE.

Arnav couldn't utter a word.he stood ther rooted with every nrve in his body being strained.

Kushi:on r first meeting tto u misunderstood me.u didn't believe me then n it resulted in my family's n my diagrace n my sister's marriage broke.even tis time u didn't believe me and almost broke my sister's wedding.

Kushi:I just don't understand.u wer d reason for the breakup of my sister's marriage once,n maybe twice if I hadn't agreed to ur indecent contact marriage.u wer d reason my parents had to face humiliation.u wer d reason for me getting partially raped on the street,u always yelled at me for the things which I never did,u always humiliated me with my status and calling me a gold digger.u broke my heart tot the core.even after all this how did I end up loving u.

Arnav was about to open his mouth.

Kushi:we r leaving for shantivan rite now.i don't want my family to grieve on my fate.we'll leave rite now.

Kushi walked out leaving arnav to burn in his guilt.

To be continued if u people like it....or else tis is just a filler.

May 4, 2012

After Arnav comes to know the truth (By ranianjali)

After Arnav comes to know the truth

They leave for shantivan.after passing pleasantries with raizada family they retire to their room.as soon as they entered the room arnav tried to talk with kushi.

Arnav:kushi..i want to...

Kushi:don't u dare utter a word.

Arnav stood there thunderstruck with her rage. She was breathing heavily. Hot tears running down her cheeks.her eyes expressed to arnav that she was crestfallen and Ur the reason.

Kushi went out to the poolside.she had closed the door behind her. She broke into unending tears. Arnav seeing this came forward to open the glass door.but kushi threatened him "DON'T U DARE".

He stood the other side frozen. She cried out loudly in front of his very eyes and he couldn't do anything. It looked like a sound revenge.after their marriage whenever she shed tears he didn't give a heed to it,ulta abused her tears. Now he know the purity of those tears but couldn't do anything about it. he was torn inside. He turned away.his fury for himself burned inside him. His guilt was piercing his mind. All the moments after their marriage wen he hurted her came before his very eyes-his indecent n cruel proposal,how he pressed onto her bruise and forced her to accept,the way he dragged her out of the car into the temple, the way he tied the mangalsutra,how ridiculing her beliefs and crushing her dreams he applied the sindoor on her forehead,him telling her that inside this room u mean nothing to me,him telling her he wanted to see her suffer bz I hate u,d way he used to play lovey dovey before anjali n others hurting her more, d way he blackmailed her againt obring her back home by showing payash divorce papers,the way he screamed at her saying that u deserve what u r getting,d way she scremed back saying "isike layak heina hum .tho bardash karne dijiyena",d way he held her rudely during their dance on their honeymoon,the time wen he threw d necklace and exclaimed her as a gold digger again.

Allthrough tis time he began to throw things onto the ground.(sad Rabbave)the room turned out to be a mess.

Scene shifts to arnav sitting on the grond with his hand onto the couch n back to kushi.his eyes wer red.kushi enters the room.her face is cold.hearing the sound he turned n rushed to her .

Arnav:kushi,plz listen to me.

Wat do u think kushi will do?will he listen to him?

May 4, 2012

thank u frnds (By ranianjali)

hi frnds,thank u so much yaar.i was really nrevous before i started writing.one bz i didn hv a ful plan n didn knw how to continu aftr the first slot.i was really angry with arnav n cudnt wait for the cvs to punish him so decided to do on my own.secondly i didnt know how u ppl will respond.thank u so much 4 ur loving responses.i'll be updating today.i'll go on til im left with nothing,do help me with some hints then.n kalai,im a gr8 fan of ur story,really happy wen i saw ur comment.actually im new to this site and dont know how to comment etc,so cudnt leve a comment for u.anjali,im sorry.i type really fast that ends up in spelling mistakes.i apologize n will try best to keep mistakes off.thank u once again sruthi,zuhaira,shivvy,pravi,robinah.

yea guys i know this maynot be shown on screen.thts y i was compelled to write.but i like cvs.tey come up with gud things once they land on the storyline.now 4 d ipl sake tey r going thro this.lets hope cv's cm up with something gud.i'll be keeping shyam away 4 now.bz now am concentratg only on arshi n all others contribute only to tht.

May 4, 2012

the remorsal phase (By ranianjali)

Arnav: kushi,I know idont deserve forgiveness.i know I've done a big mistake.

Kushi:u r rite mr.raizada.u don't deserve forgiveness.but u r wrong that u've done a big mistake.

Arnav looks at her confused.

Kushi:it's not just a big mistake,U'VE SINNED MR.RAIZADA.

Arnav:but kushi I commited it out of my love.

Kushi:don't utter that word.there r many in this world who lives a beautiful life blessed of love.if u utter that word even they may seem pardonable.there is no other name for wat u've done other than selfishness.

Arnav:kushi when I thot u don't belong to me I wanted to make u mine by hook or crook.i wanted u in my life.

Kushi:that is what I've explained rite now.its just ur selfishness.if u truly loved meu wud never have been able to hurt me.ur heart wud have told u that I wont do such a thing. oh I forgot.arnav singh raizada don't have a heart only DIMAAG.

Arnav:no kushi...i...

Kushi:I what mr.raizada.see u don't have an explanatn.do u know something.if after seeing me on the terrace,if u had stabbed me to death,even then I wud hv been able 2 forgive u considering it out of ur love to ur sister.but what u made me undergo till now shows just the evidence of ur cheap possessiveness.wen u saw that I love someone else u still wanted me but wanted to destroy me for it.u destroyed everything dear to me on purpose.u crushed my dreams,beliefs,u made my family abandon me and made me an orphan again,u gained me d hatred of the ppl I love most,u made my life hell mr.raizada.

Arnav:kushi...but...I love u.

Kushi:but how can u arnavji.(now really sad). if u really misunderstood the situation even then u gave that filthy man a chance to make up but me none.u believd the words of the man whom u came to knw had cheated u n ur family.but u never thot abt me who has always been for u n ur family.i who gave u lectures on marriage,relations and feelings.how cud u believe so?how can u still tell me that u love me.

Arnav:but kushi u love me.

Kushi: no mr.raizada.i LOVED u.i don't n cant love u anymore.this time U'VE crossed all limits.


Kushi:ok mr.raizada.tell me one reason that I should forgive u

What do u think will happen?

May 4, 2012

agreement phase (By ranianjali)

Arnav looks down bent with guilt.

Kushi:no u cant.actually u n shyam r the same.

Arnav (angrily):what?

Kushi:yes,both of u wanted me and u both tried to gain me by hook or crook.one forced me n got engaged n the other forced me for marriage.both of u never thot of ME,what I desires.

Arnav is silent.he knows she is telling the truth.

Kushi:actually if it was not that I loved u,u r the one more evil than him to me.

Arnav:WHAT????HOW CAN U SAY THAT!!!!!!

Kushi: I agree that generally,he is THE VILLAIN of our lives.but for me u r the greatest villain.atleast shyamji hasn't hurt me physically while u've done it many times or mentally.except wen he broke ma trust n lusted behind me.but u hv hurt me mentally with ur abuses.so u've done both.n u rank first mr.raizada.

Arnav stares at her dumbstruck.all his nerves r bursting out at the stress of the truth.


Kushi:see mr.raizada,according to our contract I'm supposed to be here only for five months more.but ur six months contract doesn't make any sense to me.u cant give anjaliji a shock of r separation at the critical months of her pregnancy.so I'll be staying here for 9 more months till anjaliji's delivery.

Arnav is amused by her concern for his dii.how did I think she will....(he thot)

Kushi:this is the time period im givng shyam to change himself.as far as now I've not seen any change in him.i expect him to change wen he sees his baby's face.if he doesn't even then;I'll reveal everything to anjaliji. As she will have her child then she'll be able to cope up with the situation.i need ur support...no not support,help.bz I don't knw if she'll believe me as her own blood brother couldn't.


Kushi:so I wud need ur help to convince anjaliji.

Arnav:y r u calling her anjaliji all of a sudden.u call her dii rite.

Kushi:no mr.raizada.u've made it clear once that she is only ur dii.

Arnav remembers he yelling at kushi 'that she is only my dii'.

Arnav:but kushi...

Kushi:who said I've finished.

Arnav stares at her new found boldness.

Kushi:so I'll be calling her dii outside this room not in front of u.till the end of 9 months,according to the contract we will PRETEND brfore others.

Arnav felt a bit pained.but u r my wife.

Kushi:no mr.raizada.according to the terms u've made it clear that u wont consider me as ur wife nor wud give me the due respect.as it is a mutual contract I too owe the same.sorry that day I was not able to speak.but now im also making myself clear.nor do I consider u as my husband nor will I give u the due repect.

Arnav realized how she wud hv felt wen she heard the same words from him.

Kushi:so inside the room we'll be nothing more than 2 strangers.u mean nothing to me inside this room.

Arnav heard his own words when he had said the same to her and felt his heart pierced. (he thot)-did she feel the same pain that im enduring now then?

Kushi walked out of the room angrily n totally gloom


May 5, 2012

thank u frnds (By ranianjali)

hi frnds.once again hank u so much 4 ur lovely comments. i've 2 reply to some of u.so thot of writing.kalai,it's my pleasure.yea,i stand up with her character.if u've observed the serial u'll find that always arnav's actions like his anger,hatred,silence,flirting,jealousy everything has a meaning of its own.we cant blame him 4 anything.even for treating kushi so bz his shock was gr8.but i dont really think that bz f that terrace scene he can do anything with her bz he loves her too.now if u check kushi's char she is wierd n funny.she was so from beg.it was her childish antics that won r heart.the way she win over arnav at his office,how she made him do things at home tricking him which anjali n nani loved,her good mind etc.later how she reacted to shyam wen she came to knw d truth,tht slap,oh d best of her.i always wanted her 2 win arnav over except 4 d marriage days wen arnav was flirting.yea who wont want arnav to win ter.rite?but after marriage her character was exploited d max to extend d serial.her pathivratha act,fight 4 d room thinking less of her real problem,then now at her house her antics.it is getting on d nerves of audience.but those who say they hate kushi 4 tis lemme tell u it is cv's who make her do this.they r not doing justice 2 her char like they do 2 arnav's.that day wen shyam hugged her d scene showed she remaining in the embrace 4 a while wih irked us.again wen shyam held her hand she cudnt free herself,it was just to make arnav see that.also holi day she blurted out d truth 2 shyam all tese was cv's.tey now portray her as with no brain.earlier 2 she had done such antics.but it had a grace which made us glue 2 her.she was diffrent frm other actress in other serials who only know silence n crying.we loved her bz she retaliated.she single handedly managed her family like a son wud hv done.she went thro all kinds of abuses from asr at that time.she dealt with d truth of shyam,just imagine if u wer in her place hw wud u feel.ten her marriage wich was her gr8 dream.she survived that 2 withought atempting suicide.frankly speaking,i wud hv commited one if i was in her position.i love her bz she has not done it.tht's y i stand up with her char.but nowadays more than arnav cv's r treating her like trash.so i'v decided to come up with my story in which kushi wud hv her own space n stand.

no tania,i wnt be changing shyam into gud.i mean ter is no purpose in it.we wnt b abl 2 believe him if he does so.i'll be bringing arshi close sruthi,but i need some time.c i've heard about a new kidnapping track.if wat i heard was true arnav wnt believe her til he gets kidnapped and kushi wud save him n love again.but i dont finD it justified.wat all kushi went thro shud be repaid.i mean we've endured kushi's one month trash life 4 3 months.though I dnt want d paybck time 2 extend 2 3 months episode but I do want all her misery to be endured by arnav so that wen they live 2gtr finally tey'll be free frm everything else.arnav deserves d pain he has inflicted on her.so plz give me some time.i'll bring them closer at d rite time.have faith in me.im not planning to give any fake rabbaves lik in d serial nowadays.but will surely try 2 give once everything is settled.

shivalika,ur idea is gud.lemme c if i can include.but i feel that no matter how much anger she has kushi wnt be able to say that.bz she knows that shyam only lusts for her but arnav loves her deeply.she is only against his treatment to her n 4 all d pain she had 2 undergo meaninglessly.so lets c.i hope iv answered everybdy.do keep reading n encourage me.

May 5, 2012

a helping hand (By ranianjali)

A helping hand

Though kushi had given arnav such a wonderful lecture she wasn't feeling gud..she was broken inside.she still cudnt believe d man she loved thot so low of her.she was conflicting with her inner self like asr does with arnav.

Wiping d unending tears she was coming down when she saw everybody near d door crowded.she goes down only to meet oru cutie pie NK. She forced a smile seeing him,yet it wasn't d kushi kinda smile.she was really happy to see him but d state of affairs in her mind was not ready 4 pleasant things now.

Nk:hi kushiji wassup?i was luking 4 u.

Kushi:yea,im fine.how r u?came back so soon.

Nk:how can I stay away from d badboo of ur smile kushiji?(in a frndly manner he said it)

Kushi smiled wholeheartedly and corrected it as kushbu.

Arnav who was standing on d stairs saw kushi smiling.he was relieved to see her so. but how cud this girl smile despite all d things that happened.and if only I was d reason for that smile.(arnav inside him-how on earth cud u think u can make her smile,u can only give her pain rite?)

All of them gaithered for tea.after dtea nk asked her to come to his room.she followed him as all others retired to their rooms.as soon as they reached the room nk locked d door.

Nk:kushiji,how r u?

Kushi:wat is it nanheji,u asked me that a while b4.

Nk:I asked it as a pleasantry then,but now am asking as am concerned 4 ma frnd.tell me is everything okay with u.

Kushi cudnt answer so she diverted d topic.just then

Nk:is jeejaji misbehaving with u?

Kushi was shocked t ohear this.sensing her astonishment nk spoke.

Nk:don't lie 2 me kushiji.actually I came to know all of it accidentally.do u rem my camera.while I was decorating d terrace on akash's wedding I had left it on there and forgot to take it wen I left.yesterday I was going thro d video clips to make it into cd wen I saw urs n jeejaji's conversation.was that d reason u got married to nanav?tell me kushiji,im ur frnd.u can trust me and I trust only u not wat ive seen.

Kushi was so touched by his last line.only if arnav had said this.she burst into tears.

Nk:kushiji im really sorry if I hurted u.but I thot u may need a frnd.so I came bck so fast.i said badboo purposefully so that u wud laugh b4 correctg me.

Kushi smiled again thinking I nvr thot nk to be such a gud frnd.she trusted him n confided everything to him.nk was shocked n kushi was weeping loudly.

Nk:kushiji....control urself.i cant believe that u didn't attempt suicide after all this.i really appreciate u4 this.

Again kushi smile from within her tears.

Nk:I mean kushiji...I was thinkg tht u n nannav married for d purpose of changing jeejaji.i nvr thot nannav wud make things more tough 4 u.

Kushi looked away in pain.

Nk:relax kushiji.dont think abt anything.u've taken d rite decision.im with u.

He assured her wd a smile.kushi was feeling light.

Kushi:thank u nanheji.i cant tell u how relieved I feel.u came n gave me support wen I really wanted it.than k uso much.

Nk:see no thank u n sorry in frndship.i'll always be with u kushiji.now brighten up.i'll help u in ur mission with full loyalty.

Kushi smiled.ok nanheji.

May 5, 2012

continuation (By ranianjali)

Two weeks passed uneventfully.kushi avoided arnav totally.arnav made several attempts to talk to her,explain how sorry he was,to shower his love upon her.but kushi just walked out on him everytime. Arnav was deeply depressed.kushi spent d days performing her duties as the raizada bahu and d rest of the time she was with nk or the other family members.nk was able to ease out kushi's stress with his cool attitude and bad hindi.he cud make her laugh n merry.arnav cud see this.he desperately wanted to be in nk's place.he knew that kushi needs time.so he controlled his jealousy to d maximum.once he attempted to give kushi a bunch of roses.but kushi retaliated:asr how on earth do u think a gold digger would fall for ur roses.arnav was shattered.he cursed himself for calling her gold digger.

As days rolled by arnav's jealousy was beyond boundaries.he cudnt tolerate kushi being with nk. one day while he came home early he saw all d family members playing charames.kushi n nk was on one side n anjali payal on d other.althrough d game nk was staring lovingly at d bubbly face n expressions of kushi.arnav cudnt tolerate anybody looking at kushi.

Arnav:kushi can u bring me my coffee to our room?


Arnav:kushi can u bring it.i want to talk to u.

As anjali was there kushi didn't say anything.arnav went up.kushi went to the kitchen to make his coffee.

what do u think will happen????

May 5, 2012

a peircing pain (By ranianjali)

A piercing pain

Kushi was walking up the stairs when suddenly shyam came b4 her.she tried to move away.

Shyam:kushiji,now u don't hv time for me.i hardly get to see u after that stupid nk came.

That was true nk was always with kushi protecting her from shyam.he never gave shyam a chance to sneek around her.

Shyam:kushiji..i know arnav doesn't care for u.i was thinking that u'll realize that and come back to me.but now with this nk,again im feard of losing u.y u only don't consider me and my love.

Kushi:TO HELL WITH UR LOVE. it is not love,it is just lust.as soon as u realize anjaliji is ur happiness d better for u,JEEJAJI. and don't u dare think that I'll leave MY arnavji for ANYTHING in this world.he is d ONLY reason for my existence.

Shyam's face was reddening with anger.

Kushi:and one more thing,nanheji is a gud frnd of mine,not like d one u had been once, he is a True frnd of mine.

Leaving a flabbergast shyamkushi heads for arnav's room.arnav was fuming inside thinking nk glancing at kushi.(his situation was just like on d mehendi day wen he had been jealousy of kushi's n nk's proximity.) .kushi enters.

Kushi:ur coffee.

Arnav:kushi,what d hell was happening down?


Arnav:kushi,u don't know.that nk was...he was....staring at u.

Kushi:so what?

Arnav:so what!!!!

Kushi:yea,what is wrong in that?

Arnav:kushi u don't understand...

He cudnt complete the sentence.what will I tell her.she'll think im doubting her.no,but that nk.i know she is just cmg back to normal with his presence.thts d reason y I suppressed my jealousy so far.but iknw tht nk had feelings for her.

Kushi:I understand arnavji.and for ur kind information nanheji know everything.


Kushi:I didn tell him.it was his camera.

She revealed her conversation with nk.

Kushi:somehow he didn run to conclusions n thot of rectifying with me.

Arnav felt a needle pricking his heart.y didn I show that faith in her.afterall I loved her.he didn't hv any answer.but kushi knew he was blindfolded n he only cared for his dii's security.also not to lose her.but only if he had asked me.....she sighed.

Arnav:tht's ok kushi.but I want u 2 knw that nk had some feelings for u.so...

Before he cud complete

Kushi:I know.


Kushi:yea,nanheji had told me wen he came this time.infact 4 ur info he still has.



Arnav:kushi...how can u....u r ...a ...married woman.

Kushi:so what?my marriage is not valid and it s only for some more months.what I share with u is not a marriage,it is only a hate relationship.and after these 9 months I 2 hv to move on.

Arnav was taken aback.he had thot he'll make kushi forgive him within these 9 months.but kushi is now talking abt leaving him.he cudnt tolerate it.he was now in full anger.he came forward n held her arms lightly.

Arnav:so after 9 months u'll leave me?

Kushi:of course.r contract ends once anjaliji knws d truth n shyam's fate is decided.

Arnav:but what do u plan to do aftr tht?

He cudnt ask this qtn directly-whether u'll be someone else's?

Kushi:I hv many plans-to work,to study along with tht,protect my family,leave delhi etc.but wat do u hv to do wit hit?

Arnav:kushi will u accept if nk propose to u then?

Kushi:well...I don't know.

Arnav?he expected a 'no' reponse)U DON'T KNOW.

Kushi:see,I wnt be able to think abt a married life soon.i'll need time.i've to settle many things and stand on my own legs.aftr tht mayb I may think of a new life.it is not tht ter is one arnav singh raizada who ruined my life n beliefs so I end up with nothing.

Arnav left her arms.kushi continued.

Kushi:I'll also hv to move on.there is a long life ahead n I'll need a companion who values me.

Arnav:n y do u think nk can be that n not me?kushi I love u deeply.

Kushi:excuse me.how can u ask such a qtn.u want u n nk compared?ok rite.lets see it.

Difference bwn u 2.

1-u didn't believe me but wat u saw,he believed me n not wat he saw

2-u didn ask me abt d truth as u thot I'll lie,he asked me bz he knew I'll tel d truth

3-u left me wen I needed ur support.u ran up n closed ur door like a coward n left me 2 answer ur n my family.i needed ur support as a husband then which u denied.nanheji came n gv me d support a frnd shud giv at a time wen I needed it most.

4-u cared 4 ur sister n urself,while nanheji thot of me b4 him always.

Now is tht enough or u need more.

Arnav couldn't utter a word.he was crestfallen.but he was not angry at kushi but at his own failures.

Kushi:so maybe ifi think of a life partner later n if nanheji offers me one I may accept.

Arnav felt like he was blown by a hurricane.he wished if he had. bz he cudnt stand kushi's words.he turned back n in his fury n agony began to chop down d plants.

Kushi looked at him from behind with a cold face.suddenly her face changed.she broke into tears.she ran n hugged arnav frm behind.she had her head on his back.arnav was shoced n kushi was crying.

Kushi:im sorry arnavji.i cant take it anymore.

May 6, 2012

the heightening phase (By ranianjali)

The heightening phase

Arnav froze t othe spot.kushi continued.

Kushi:arnavji, I know I've been gvg u pain.but I cudnt forgiv u so easily.but each time I pierced u i was d one who was more hurt.

Arnav's eyes became moist.he turned.

Kushi:I forgive u arnavji.u r my life.i cant live without u.nor cud I live torturing u.yea,I can torture u with my antics maybe,but not with cruel words.

Arnav smiled n cupped her face.

Kushi:plz forgive me arnavji.

Arnav:no kushi.u dnt hv to apologise.it is I who have to do that.i was wrong t ou always.i made ur life hell.i made u g othro so much.plz forgive me kushi.

Both of them hugged.both of them had tears in their eyes.arnav was still surprised but happy.he was happy that kushi forgave him so easily.

Arnav:im so happy that u forgave me kushi.

Just then kushi pushed him back.arnav was taken aback by her reaction.

Kushi:im sorry mr.raizada.ur jeejaji was standing there(wer mami had stud while spyng over them) and watching us.

{flashback-when arnav went to cut d plants in fury,kushi looked up n saw shyam gnarling at them.but he didn't see kushi looking at him.so kushi decided fast n acted so.wen they hugged he left fumingly.}

Kushi:he knew that nothing was fine bwn us.i cudnt convince him though I tried.but i think witnessing this conversation bwn us he wud be convinced.

Arnav was in full rage.he came frantically to kushi n held her shoulders tightly.

Arnav:so u wer acting so far?

Kushi:I hope u've guessed it out of my explanation. Do u want me to spill it out of my mouth.

Arnav was red with anger.

Arnav:how dare u kushi?u played with my emotions?

Kushi:y?then wat did u think I wud feel wen u played wit hmy emotions similarly to please ur maami n dii.

Arnav was shocked from head to toe.he let go of her shoulders.yes I had done this t oher twice.did she endure so much pain then.

Kushi:the pain kills u rite.fake concern n love kills one rite.i agree tht u did it 4 other's happiness.but did u think how it wud affect me?

Arnav was lost for words.kushi wipes her tears n moves out.arnav gazes back.

Kushi:and for ur peace of mind,nanheji doesn't love me.he loved me b4 my marriage.now he is my best frnd n nothg else.

Arnav gulped down.

Kushi:and ur doubt abt his stare,well that he did on purpose on my request.

Arnav was surprised n confused:but y?

Kushi:to know,if u have faith in me now.but alas!and I dnt get it u n shyam both think d same way.he too had d same doubt.

Arnav was flabbergast.kushi left the room.

Guys,I guess u wnt kill me.i'll be bringing arshi together soon.

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