Pyaar Kyun hua tere naal?

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Apr 23, 2012

Pyaar Kyun hua tere naal? (By Alishaluv) (Thanked: 22 times)

Hey guys! Im really excited because im going to write my first myView on IPKKND (i have wrote one on EHMMBH: Virman or Viaya? and it's been a hit (still going on)! Hopefully this one is too). This story is not starting from one of the points in the story; it is 100% original and new.

It had been 10 whole years since Arnav and Khushi had met. Khushi was 12 and Arnav 15 when they had last met. Khushi was very excited to meet her long lost friend after so long. She never knew what type of person he had become. Her sister and her were both going to Delhi from Lucknow especially for Arnav. Payal was going to meet her fiancee in Delhi.

Khushi: Hamari rakhsha karna devi mayya. (protect me devi mayya)

Payal: Khushi hurry up! We're going to miss the train!

Khushi grabbed Devi mayya's statue and put it in her suitcase.

Khushi: Hum aatay hai jiji! (i am coming sister). I dont know how Arnav will look now, im sure excited to meet him!

Garima: Khushi betiya!

Khushi runs outside her braid flinging side to side.

Payal: Chalay?

Khushi nods with a big smile on her face. They take their parents blessing and head out the door.

Payal: I dont know how he will be like.

Khushi: Arnav? He will be just like he was when he was a child. Totally mast and bindass. Why did he even have to move away from Lucknow?

Payal: Khushi tum pagal ho gayi ho (khushi you have gone stupid). I was talking about Rahul (Payal's fiancee). Ive only met him once, and this time alone without our parents?

Khushi: Jiji you are so scared. Buaji is in Delhi so dont worry.

They board the train.

In Delhi:

Arnav: Aakash, where is that file?

Aakash: Which one bhai?

Arnav: That huge deal that we just did with Khurana, that file.

Aakash hands him the file.

Aakash: Is today something special? You seem...

Arnav: No, there is nothing special. Why?

Aakash: Bhai you forgot again?

Arnav: Forgot what?

Aakash: Khushiji and Payalji are coming from Lucknow.

Arnav: Oh yeah, i almost forgot. You're just excited to meet Payal. That crush you had ten years ago still hasnt wiped of has it?

Aakash: What time is there train arriving?

Arnav: I don't know. I never even knew they were coming. I thought they talked to you.

Aakash: I never talked to them for many years now. All i know is that when we were children we decided this date to meet on ten years from then.

Arnav: Aakash, you are so messed up man. Now i have an meeting, you go wait at the train station for ten hours and wait for their train ride here in the sun.

Aakash sulks. He starts to leave.

Arnav: Aakash.

He chucks sunscreen at Aakash.

Arnav (smirking): Sunscreen.

I hope you liked my first update and that you will comment and read along till the very end. There is much to come so stay tuned! Don't forget to read my other story (if u watch EHMMBH) called Virman or Viaya!

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Apr 24, 2012

Pyaar Kyun Hua Tere Naal? (By Alishaluv) (Thanked: 18 times)

At the train station:

Khushi gets her bags and runs outside.

Payal: Can you see him?

Khushi: There's one problem.

Payal: Kya?

Khushi: Even if he's here i dont know how he looks like.

Khushi bites her tongue.

Payal: Khushi! Are we going to wait here for someone to come up to us asking if we are us?

Khushi: Sorry jiji, i was in a rush and i forgot-

Payal: Khushi tum bi na.

At the Raizada mansion:

Arnav enters the door.

Arnav: Mami, is Aakash back yet?

Mami: Arnav Bitwa, he came an hour ago.

Arnav: Where are Khushi and Payal?

Mami: Khushi and who?

Arnav: Oh god! What happened to him?

Mami: Woh Arnav bitwa-

But Arnav wasnt listening to her. He went straight to Aakash's room. There he saw a red Aakash.

Aakash: Bhai? It's so hot outside! I got a heatstroke followed by a sun burn!

Arnav: Sunscreen?

Aakash: I was putting it on but-

Arnav: Whatever, i dont care. Just figure out how to get them here. I have to wake up early tomorrow to meet Khurana.

Aakash: You could go bhai.

Arnav walks out his room not replying in an yes or no. But he headed to the train station anyway.

At the train station:

Khushi: Hai jiji, it's so sunny outside. And holding this bags i feel so tired. I wonder when he will come.

Payal: Khushi, he must already be here, you were just so stupid that you cared to find out how he looked like.

Khushi: That's for suspense jiji.

Payal: Kya suspense? Burning in the heat is better than no suspense right? I'm going to call buaji.

Khushi: Nahi jiji! She doesnt even have an car and we're staying over at Arnav's for at least a week.

Payal: Should i call Rahul? It will be so embrassing Khushi.

Khushi is getting dizzy with all the heat. Arnav walks up behind her. She faints in his arms.

Payal: Water! Someone please bring water.

Arnav: Is she ok?

Payal: She'll be fine. Just hand her over to me.

Khushi: Jiji?

Arnav leaves to find Khushi and Payal. Arnav and Khushi both stare each other in the eye while passing each other (khushi is going to get water she is holding her head). But they dont notice they are looking for each other. They both continue their way.

The update wasnt that long today but it's the best i could do because i need to continue my other story on EHMMBH (Virman or Viaya?). Please comment and keep on reading, many interesting moments to come in the future.

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Apr 24, 2012

Pyaar Kyun Hua Tere Naal? (By Alishaluv) (Thanked: 16 times)

Arnav: Oh god where can Khushi be? It's been one hour! Im sweating in all this heat!

Khushi: Hum bi na, we came to the wrong place. Who knew that we would be waiting for so many hours in the heat? Who knows where Arnav is.

Payal: Khushi you take care of yourself before you faint again. Just put the suitcase down and relax. Rahul should be coming soon, then he'll drop us of at buaji's.

Khushi slips but Payal catches her.

Payal: Khushi! You are so clumsy! Cant you watch out?

Arnav turns around when he hears Khushi's name.

Arnav: Khushi? Which one of you is Khushi?

Khushi: Hum hain. Kyun?

Arnav: Thank god! I've been looking for you for so long!

Khushi: A-aap kaun hai?

Arnav: Arnav.

Khushi: Aap Arnav hai? We've been going in circles for so long! Make your mouth sweet! I bought Jalebi's all the way from Lucknow!

Khushi stuffs a jalebi in Arnav's mouth but he spits it out.

Khushi (sad): Did you not like it? Amma says i make the best jalebi's.

Arnav: No, no, i like it.

Khushi (confused): Then why did you spit it out?

Arnav: I have diabetes, i cant have sugar. Im not aloud.

Khushi: Phir to aapna choot bola (then you lied). You were so honest when you were little.

Arnav: You're going to make me crazy. Let's just get in the car, im tired of waiting here.

Khushi: Aap tired ho? Me and Payal have been waiting for longer then you.

Arnav (to payal): Is she is always like this?

Payal smilies.

Payal: Khushi? For sure.

This was a shor update but i decided to update anyway since i felt like it. Please do read and comment. Keep on reading for interesting things to come up! I have many new tracks planned. If you want to chat you can feel free to email me at Also, if you watch EHMMBH then be sure to check out my story Virman or Viaya?!

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Apr 25, 2012

Pyaar Kyun Hua Tere Naal? (By Alishaluv) (Thanked: 17 times)

All three of them sit in the car. Khushi keeps on blabbering on and on about their past and Lucknow. Payal sits quietly in the back seat looking out the window. Really she is excited to meet Aakash.

Payal: Why didnt Aakash come?

Arnav: Aakash? Long story.

Payal: We have time.

Arnav is suprised by her response. Aakash would be happy she talked about him.

Arnav: In short, Aakash came to get you guys because i had a meeting but he came at 1pm, almost 5 hours ago, and he got a sun burn and heat stroke. Aakash bi kabi nahi badlay ga.

Payal giggled for a minute then cleared her throat.

Payal: Is he ok now? Khushi bi bohot pagal hai. She never told you what time we were coming and how we looked. I cant believe that we still came on the same day that we decided when we were kids. It's nice to know that you still remember.

I didnt remember: Arnav thinks in his head.

Arnav: Aakash is still in bed right now.

That was all that came out of his mouth.

Khushi: You guys are just weaklings. Me and my sister stood outside in the heat for so many hours! Did you know once me and amma were outside in Rajasthan! It was almost 45 degrees! Amma got dizzy but i didnt budge....

She kept on going on and on. But Arnav wasnt mad, instead he couldnt help smiling. Something about her make him felt him the best he had ever felt. Really happy and fun, just like olden times.

Arnav (smiling): We all know who fainted in who's arms. Payal is the actual heat resisting one.

Khushi: So? She's my sister.

Arnav shook his head.

Arnav: Do you guys want to eat anything before we get home?

Payal: We will eat at home Arnavji, it's fine.

Khushi: Are you kidding jiji? I want to go out for ice-cream! We are in Delhi anyways. And look at Arnav, he looks rich. Designer ice-cream ban ti hai yaar.

Arnav snorts and turns the car around.

Khushi: Where are you going?

Arnav: Designer ice-cream is near the train station, i need to go there to stuff your mouth. Some people cant be quiet otherwise.

Payal: Nahi Arnavji, Khushi is not like that. She never stays quiet, she talks with food in her mouth too.

Arnav is shocked. He wasnt like her at all.

Khushi: So? It doesnt matter which way you eat, all that does is if the food goes into your stomach.

She pats her stomach.

Khushi: But please Arnav, dont go to that store. Their ice-cream shop must have melted by now. It's so hot near the train station, it's like the sun is aiming for it. Na, na baba, im not going there.

Arnav: Don't worry, my treat, There's AC, it'll be cool.

Khushi: AC? I've never seen one, but ive heard they are cool. Lets go in that case!

At the ice-cream shop:

Everyone enters.

Arnav: Which flavour do you guys want?

Khushi: Pista kulfi!

Payal: Mango?

Arnav: Dont worry they have those flavours.

Khushi (shivering): It's so cold here! Delhi isnt straight, sometimes it's on fire and sometimes it's like snowing temperature!

Arnav takes gives his suit jacket to Khushi for her to put it on. They stare each other deeply in the eyes before Arnav moves his gaze.

Arnav: Payal? Are you ok, or should i grab a jacket from the car?

Payal: I'm fine Arnavji.

Arnav nods. They all sit down at a table there ice-cream in bowls.

Khushi: Array! I asked for a kulfi not a kauli (bowl)!

Arnav holds his forehead.

Arnav: Not again!

I hope you liked today's update and will comment, thank and keep on reading! You can email me for suggestions, requests, or just a casual chat at Please do continue reading we have some very romantic moments between our Arshi!

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Apr 26, 2012

Pyaar Kyun Hua Tere Naal? (By Alishaluv) (Thanked: 15 times)

Khushi: Aap ko pata hai hum kaun hai? Khushi Kumari Gupta! And Khushi Kumari Gupta does not eat a kufli from a kauli!

Arnav: Khushi just sit down. They serve all there ice-creams in bowls. Payal is eating normally, you can too.

Khushi: Array Arnav! Ok. I will not mind this time but next time you take me to eat ice-cream, i will not allow this!

Arnav: Who said im taking you for another ice-cream?

They both look each other in the eye.

Khushi (mumbling): Woh, hum na socha-

Arnav (smiling): Kya?

Khushi: I mean im your childhood friend and ive met you after so long and obviously i deserve an ice-cream.

Arnav: Eat fast, i have a project i have to do. It's very important for the business to move forward.

Khushi: Remember when we did that project together and were first? Our business of Jalebi's was so famous! (Khushi frowns) But now you cant even eat jalebi's or ice-cream. It's ok, ill make special jalebi for you.

Arnav is suprised.

Arnav: You would do that for me?

Khushi: Of course, you are my-

Khushi paused. The AC was right above her blowing her hair. She closed her eyes and let the air hit her face.

Payal: I'll put the bowl away Khushi.

Payal leaves the table.

Arnav: I'm your what?

Khushi (shivering): Dost, aur kya?

Arnav: Dost? We were friends, who knows if that relationship still remains.

Khushi holds his hand.

Khushi: Of course it does. Let's do our special handshake to see if you remember. If you do, we are still friends.

Arnav: Handshake?

Khushi: Zindagi mein paki dosti hai humari. Humaray dil kabhi na ho gay juda, pass rahay gay jitna bi door hai hum.

Khushi moves her hands around and suddenly Arnav has a flashback. Right after Arnav told Khushi that he was leaving Khushi made a pack. Arnav smilied, she was so pagal she still remembered. He looked at his hands which she was holding.

Arnav: You still remember?

Khushi: Of course yaar. How could i forget? You know i cried so much that day.

Arnav's smile wiped of his face and he had an urge to hold her face in his hands, but he didnt.

Arnav: Why?

Khushi: Array, if my best friend is leaving then why wouldnt i be sad?

Arnav: So who did you replace me with?

Khushi: No one. Why would you ask? I couldnt replace my best friends, but of course Khushi Kumari Gupta had other friends.

Payal comes back from putting the dishes away.

Payal: Chalay?

Arnav: Let's go.

Khushi is still holding Arnav's hand. She lets go. Arnav gets up and offers his hand to her. She grabs his hand and gets up. They get inside the car and turn on the radio. The song 'Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi' plays. Arnav and Khushi's eyes meet and dont leave each other's eyes.

I hope you liked today's update! Im going to add love moments, funny moments and tracks from their pasts and why Arnav left. If you have any suggestions, requests or just want to chat you can email me at Please keep on reading and comment below. I love that song 'Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi' from Ghajini. This is the link to the song:

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

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Apr 27, 2012

Pyaar Kyun Hua Tere Naal? (By Alishaluv) (Thanked: 15 times)

The song was playing at their eyes werent leaving each other. Soon the Raizada mansion arrived. Standing outside were Anjali, Aakash, Naniji, Mami and Mama. Anjali was the first to greet them.

Khushi: Anjaliji!

Khushi opens her arms wide to hug Anjali.

Payal on the other hand is looking at Aakash and Aakash at her.

Arnav: Dont squish dee.

Khushi: Kyun? I will hug her as much as i like. I've met her after so long too.

Arnav: God. She's pregnant Khushi, that's why.

Khushi backs away.

Khushi: Oh. She never even invited me to her wedding. Then im mad at her. I will just hug my best friend then!

Khushi wraps her arms around Arnav tightly. She doesnt seem to find it awkward at all. On the other hand Arnav was getting a bit annoyed of her. He was facing toward Anjali, where he could see everyone giggling. He was about to hug her waist to show everyone that he didnt care, but instead he pulled away.

Arnav: Enough Khushi. Im going to go work on Khurana's project dee.

Arnav turns around and leaves. Anjali hugs Payal and nani hug both of them.

Anjali: I will take you two to your room. It's near chote's so i hope you dont mind. But chote doesnt make a peep in his room so you'll be fine.

Anjali takes both of them to the guest room. They put their suitcases down.

Khushi: Wow Anjaliji! This is such a big house!

Anjali smilies.

Khushi: Anjaliji, im very sleepy so i dont think that i want anything to eat. You give jiji a tour and make her eat, i will eat with you tomorrow.

Anjali: Why?

Khushi: Woh Arnav took us to have ice-cream and that made me full.

Khushi patted her stomach.

Nani: Are you sure bitiya?

Khushi: Yes naniji, i am pucca sure.

They all exit the room. All but Khushi.

Khushi: Wow Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, you turned out to be very rich. But i like the masti Arnav more. Array wa! There is even a radio!

Khushi turned the radio on. The same song was playing 'Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi'.

Arnav's room:

Arnav: Yes PA (personal assistant). Why do i have to turn on the radio?

PA: It's to a business channel. There is a report you need to listen too. Call me after you listen to it.

Arnav: Ok, bye.

Arnav turns on the radio. It is on a music channel.

Arnav: Dee must have been here.

He is about to change the channel when he listens to the song carefully. It was the same song. The one that him and Khushi heard together in Delhi for the first time. Their song.

Arnav: Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi Khushi? Kismet pai aaya na yeken.

He smiles.

Arnav: What are you saying Arnav. That little Lucknow girl? No way.

Khushi's room:

Khushi: This song is soo good! It's very true though. But i know how you met me Arnav. Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi? Because I must have done a good deed in my last life to know such a person like you. What did i just say? A business man Khushi? No, no, no. You need someone who can eat every single one of your jalebi's.

She smiles then goes to bed. The whole family eats.

Arnav: Where is Khushi?

Anjali: She said that she was full by eating ice-cream.

Arnav: Khushi? No way.

They all chuckle and go to their rooms.

At night:

Khushi hears her stomach grumble.

Khushi: Array Devi Maaya, i should have ate. Maybe i should wake up jiji. But she wont know where the food is.

She sneaks out of the room. She knocks on Arnav's door.

Khushi (quietly): Arnav! Arnav open the door.

Arnav (sleepy): Kaun hai?

Arnav gets up to open the door.

Arnav: Khushi tum? What are you doing here?

Khushi: Actually, i was hungry.

Arnav laughs.

Arnav: I knew it. Follow me to the kitchen.

They both walk toward the kitchen. Arnav opens the fridge. Arnav gives Khushi a onion to hold.

Arnav: Khushi, onion.

Khushi: That's it? Is that all you have? Should i really-

Arnav: Yes Khushi.

Khushi bites into the onion.

Khushi: It's so spicy!

Arnav: What did you do?

Khushi: You said eat it so i did.

Arnav: I said hold it!

Khushi: Water! Arnav i need water!

Arnav (muttering): The only thing that is left in the Raizada house to eat are onions. We are that poor right?

Khushi: Water!

Arnav cups some water in his hand and puts it to her lips. In a rush, she sips it of of his hand. She drinks the water. Her lips are still on his hand. She is looking innocently at his eyes and he's looking at his hand.

I hope you liked the funny and romantic moments of today's update! Feel free to email me with suggestions, requests and just to casual chat at Please leave comments below and keep on reading! I love my fans!

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Apr 28, 2012

Pyaar Kyun Hua Tere Naal? (By Alishaluv) (Thanked: 19 times)

Arnav moves his hand from Khushi's lip. Khushi starts coughing because she drank the water too fast.

Arnav: Khushi are you ok?

Khushi: Yes i am totally fine, sitting on clouds right now.

Arnav: Thank god.

Khushi (coughing): Arnav you are sooo stupid! Dont you understand sarcasim? Im coughing so bad!

Arnav pats Khushi's back lightly.

Khushi: Touching me wont help. Do it harder so it works!

Arnav pats her harder and she almost falls but he catches her.

Khushi: You are just a weird as Delhi's temperature. It's like you're throwing flowers at me or beating me with a stick. Cant you do it properly.

Arnav: I am not a expert at this ok? I havent done this. You're the first person i actually cared enough to do it for.

He cares for me: Khushi thought.

Arnav: Look you stopped coughing.

Everyone comes running from upstairs.

Anjali: Is everything ok? I heard someone choking.

Arnav: Kuch nahi dee. Everyone go to bed right now.

Everyone leaves back to their rooms. Anjali looks worriedly at Khushi but doesnt say anything.

Payal: You could have ate before. You were being very stubborn. Now you woke the whole house. Is that nice? We are guests and we should behave like that.

Khushi: Humari kya galti hai? (what is my fault) I was just hungry.

Payal: Mama papa ko pata chal gaya tum pai bohot gusa karegay ( when mama and papa figure out they will be very mad at you) Now go to bed.

Khushi pulls that blanket towards herself and goes to sleep.

The in morning:

Khushi is still sleeping.

Arnav: What the...

Khushi gets up and screams.

Arnav: Why are you in my bed?

Khushi: Im not in your bed, you are in mine!

Arnav: Look at the poolside, your room doesnt have that.

Khushi: Array Devi Maaya. It started again!

Arnav: What started again?

Khushi: When i miss home, i start sleep walking and end up in someone's room. Usually the person who makes me feel at home.

Arnav: Sleep walking? Oh god! I dont make anyone feel at home, so your senses have gone wacky.

Khushi: Hum chalte hai.

Payal: Khushi!

Payal is outside Arnav's room.

Payal: Anjaliji, have you seen Khushi? She wasnt in the room in the morning.

Anjali: I dont know.

Anjali knocks on Arnav's room.

Anjali:Chote, have you seen Khushi?

Arnav: Nahi dee.

Arnav lies. He starts to whisper.

Arnav: Get out of here Khushi or else everyone else will think differently.

Khushi: Where do I go?

Arnav: Go from the poolside into the living room.

Khushi nods.

Anjali: Chote open the door!

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Apr 28, 2012

Pyaar Kyun Hua Tere Naal? (By Alishaluv) (Thanked: 22 times)

Anjali: Chote open the door!

Arnav: Get out!

Anjali: Kya? Im not even inside chote, are you sick or something.

Arnav: Nahi dee, im fine. I was shaving that's why im taking so long.

Khushi goes to the poolside and Arnav shuts the door. He lets Anjali in. He doesnt know that Khushi is still at the poolside.

Anjali: Khushiji? What are you doing in the poolside? And chote, you havent shaved at all.

Arnav: Woh dee-

Khushi: Actually i wanted to go swimming, but Arnav said it is too early and that he would come swimming with me at 11. And his shaving... he was shaving the pokey wood in the bathroom not his beard.

Khushi winks.

Anjali: Can it see how it looks now?

Arnav and Khushi: No!

Anjali: Ok, im going to get some breakfast.

Anjali leaves.

Arnav: What the hell did you do?

Khushi: I know, i dont know how to swim.

Arnav: No, you used the lamest excuse possible and now we have to go swimming at 11am which i cant because i have Khurana's second final meeting!

Khushi: Hum pay kyun gussa kar ray ho?

Arnav: Who else should i be mad at? The pool?

Khushi: Bilkol! (for sure) It it wasnt here i wouldnt have to say that we have to go swimming.

Arnav: Two things Khushi, one you could have easily went to the living room and two you could have said that you want to go swimming alone, not with me! Do you even have a bikini?

Khushi: Bikini? What is that? Im going to swim in my suit.

Arnav: Tum pagal ho.

At the table:

Anjali: It's 11am arent you going swimming now chote?

She giggles.

Khushi: Nahi dee, i meant 11pm.

Khushi winks again.

Arnav (muttering): God! Now i have to stay awake!

At night:

Arnav is in his shorts in the pool, Khushi comes on with her suit. She jumps in almost screaming.

Khushi: Help im sinking! Arnav im sinking!

Arnav wraps his arms around Khushi.

Arnav: Chill Khushi, i got you.

She presses her face against his bare chest.

Khushi: Promise you wont let me go?

Arnav: Promise. Oops!

He pretends to drop her but keeps on holding on tightly.

Khushi (squealing): Arnav!

He laughs.

Arnav: You know those two big stars?

He points at the biggest stars in the sky.

Arnav: Those are my parents. Sometimes i miss them you know? I sit outside and stare at the sky all night just looking at them, as if they would come back to me.

Khushi: What happened to them?

Arnav looked disturbed and never answered.

Khushi: I have my mom and dad but my real parents are those two stars.

She points to two small stars above their head.

Khushi: Mama told me when i was young, that she would be far away but always on top of me, blessing me every moment of my life.

Khushi smiled.

Khushi: We share a similar life Arnav. Except for the fact that you are all about money.

Arnav: Because money is the thing that killed my parents, and i want lots of it so that never happens again.

Khushi: What happens?

She grips onto his naked arm and holds on tight looping it around hers.

Khushi: You dont have to tell me if you feel uncomfortable. Array, everyone is asleep, we dont even have to be here!

Khushi gets out of Arnav's arms (which are still gripping her so she doesnt fall) and is about to leave when Arnav grabs her wrist.

Arnav: Please sit here with me. I havent had many people in my life to who i could really talk to and feel relaxed and comfortable at the same time. Especially something personal.

Khushi smiles.

Khushi: Of course Arnav. Im always here for you and always will be. Just promise me that you will keep on holding me?

Arnav: I promise. For sure this time.

He smirks with a little twinkle in his eye. Khushi knew that he was a great guy who was very sweet from inside, you just had to dig deeply into his heart and make a place for yourself.

So today's update was more romantic and emotional then funny but the best mix is when you do both not just one so i am trying to do that. I hope you like it and keep on reading/commenting. If you want to chat email me at, i reply every email so dont feel shy or anything :P

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Apr 29, 2012

Pyaar Kyun Hua Tere Naal? (By Alishaluv) (Thanked: 19 times)

They sat outside staring in the stars till 12am when Arnav decided to go and sleep. He picked Khushi up and put her where there was no water. She got up and gave Arnav her hand to help up.

Arnav: I dont take help from anyone.

Khushi: Aacha? You can talk to me about anything and you're afraid to ask for help. It's not a bad thing or a lowly thing. It just means that someone is there for you. You dont get anywhere Arnav living life alone. We should find you a girlfriend.

Arnav: No need, i already have one.

Khushi's heart tightened and she closed her hands into fists. Why did she care so much? Her innocent eyes became almost watery and they looked straight into Arnav's harsh, hard eyes.

Arnav: Kya hua?

Khushi quickly wiped her eyes.

Khushi: Nothing. Some water must have just got in.

Arnav slips and grabs onto Khushi's hand. They both fall into the pool with a big huge splash!

Khushi: Im sinking! Arnav!

Arnav: Khushi you are so stupid. I told you i got you. It's not just for one time in the pool, it's for everytime.

Khushi hugs Arnav and places her head to his chest almost breaking into tears.

Arnav: Look where your help went. We both fell back down. Help does bring you down. You just need yourself, no one else.

Khushi: Wrong! Look when we fell in we had fun right? And we became closer.

Arnav slowly lets go of her waist but she is still holding onto his neck with both her arms around him. He didnt want to get involved with anyone or anything. He didnt even like his girlfriend. Not Khushi.

Khushi: You wont leave me right? I already miss my family, to lose someone else... No, no, no. That's never going to happen.

Arnav: I promise i'll never leave you Khushi. Not until the day i die.

Arnav regrets saying that. I didnt want her to know that he was beginning to develop feelings for the pagal onion eater Khushi. He smiled. Khushi put her finger on his lips.

Khushi: Shubh, shubh bolo. May you live a life longer then mine, which is filled with happiness from all around.

She did care for him. Anjali walks in to see them hugging and with Khushi's finger on his lips.

Anjali: Array? It's over 12am and you are still in the pool? What are you doing?

Arnav lets go of Khushi as fast as he could.

Arnav: Woh dee, she was sinking so i was holding her.

Khushi is floating in the water. Arnav stares at her. She knew how to float all along! She winks at Arnav.

Khushi: Oh yeah. Help im sinking! Help!

Arnav places his hand on his forehead.

Arnav: Dee, you go to bed i'll sort this out.

Anjali smiles and leaves.

Arnav: You know how to stay afloat?

Khushi looks at him with her piercing eyes. What would she tell him? The truth that she just wanted to be close to him once more? That she missed him so much she needed him to touch her and say he would be there for her?

Khushi: Woh-

I know today wasnt a really long update but hopefully it was enough. I might not be able to update again today or i might be able too. Since we are moving, my computer keeps on getting unplugged and i cant go on :( I will see how today goes! Please comment and keep on reading. Tell me if you like it so far. Email me at if you want to chat.

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Apr 29, 2012

Pyaar Kyun Hua Tere Naal? (By Alishaluv) (Thanked: 17 times)

Khushi: Woh hum-

Arnav: Tell the truth Khushi. I wont mind.

Khushi: I havent seen you for awhile and I- I just wanted to be close to you and talk to you. How is it a bad thing? You're just my friend.

Arnav: Really Khushi? You were clamped onto me like you were something more.

Khushi: Then you go do this with your girlfriend, im sure she would wear a bakin too.

Arnav smiles.

Arnav: Bikini, not bakin Khushi.

Khushi: It doesnt matter. You can love your girlfriend all you want. After all im just someone who used to be your friend.

Arnav: It's not that.

Khushi: Dont forget to give me an invitation to your wedding. Just dont forget me.

Arnav: For god's sake Khushi! I dont even love Lavanya, of course im not going to marry her. I bet she doesnt love me either, we are just doing this for show.

Khushi: Kya? Is love just show for you? Is marriage just a joke?

Arnav: Marriage just leads to more problems. I dont believe in it.

Khushi: Im going to bed!

Arnav: So am I! And that to before you!

They both go seperately to their beds and fall asleep.

The next morning:

NK is coming from Australia today just to visit after many years. He is also here to meet Ridhika, a girl his parents picked for him.

This was a small update but its the best i could do! There is going to be some sizziling romance between all our couples, khushi, arnav, lavanya, payal, aakash, NK, Ridhika and Rahul. Stay tuned to see who ends up with who! Email me at to chat, and please do comment and keep on reading! There are many twists and turns i have planned for the future so stay tuned!

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