Unforgettable you

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Apr 20, 2012

Unforgettable you (By Aishaa) (Thanked: 24 times)

I just thought of starting a new story! After reading loads of other stories, I came up with this. Though the starting will be normal it will turn out to be different as it goes. Hope you all like it!

Chapter 1:

It had been a long day for Khushi. And tomorrow would be the last day of her six-month contract with Arnav. Last day as a Raizaada daughter-in-law. She did not know whether to be happy or sad. Why did this always happen to her? Why was she the only one who always fell in these kinds of situations? She had always been a carefree girl, who cared only about others. Then why? Why did devi maiyya have to do this only to her! No! she thought. She shouldn't ask for help nor talk to devi maiyya. Not that Khushi had lost faith in her, she was just upset with her, but she always, somehow ended up talking to her Well it was almost like the way she felt for Arnav. How much ever she tried to dislike or hate him, she couldn't succeed. And not to mention Arnav and Devi maiyya actually did similar things to her. Both of them showed her lovely, wonderful dreams, but ended up shattering them, shattering her. But she wouldn't change! She wouldn't change a bit! Why should she change for a person who hates her. Yes, hate! He hated her! But she did not know why! Ever since he had forced her to marry him, she had been wondering, "why did he do this to me?". But whenever she would ask him he would just walk away or say "I don't owe you any explanation". But tomorrow she would go away. Go away from his family. Go away from him. Thinking about what she would do the next day, and how she would face the others, she fell asleep.

The sun shined brightly, and the birds chirped peacefully the next morning. Khushi got up from bed and looked around the room, but couldn't find him anywhere. Usually, when she got up he would have been sleeping in the recliner. So Khushi got up and walked towards the bathroom, expecting him to be there. But there was nobody there. So she went to her wardrobe, grabbed her clothes and towel, and went straight to the bathroom to take a shower. After taking a warm shower, Khushi quickly went down to help everybody with the morning pooja.

Soon the morning pooja was over, but Arnav was still nowhere to be seen. So Khushi decided to ask Anjali di.

Khushi: Di, did you see Arnav ji anywhere?

Anjali: Oh! He had a emergency meeting, so had to leave early. But didn't he tell you?

Khushi: No, he didn't. Anyways, Thanks di!

Saying that Khushi went back to their room and looked around for her phone. Once she found it, she started dialing Arnav's number. 'Maybe he forgot that today is my last day here' she mumbled. The phone kept ringing but no one picked up. A desperate Khushi, tried again and again but to no avail. Frustrated, she threw the phone on the bed. She sat on the bed, her head resting on her hands. Suddenly someone barged into the room. Immediately Khushi stood up but to her surprise, or should I say shock, it was not Arnav, it was Shyam! Shyam Manohar Jha!


Apr 21, 2012

Unforgettable you (Part 2) (By Aishaa) (Thanked: 27 times)

Thanks you so much for motivating me! It really makes a big difference!

Chapter 2:

Khushi did not know how to react! The person who she wanted to see the least now (or ever) was standing in front of her.

Khushi: What are you doing here?

Shyam: Khushi ji, I know today is the last day for you in Raizaada Mansion, I was just wondering..

Khushi: What the hell are you talking about? What do you mean today is the last for me in Raizaada mansion.

Shyam: Don't think I don't know anything about Arnav and your six-month marriage contract, Khushi ji.

Khushi: What nonsense are you talking about!!

Shyam: You can stop lying now. I love you Khushi ji, and I always will. Let's elope, I have stolen Arnav's locker key ...


But before he could say another word Khushi had slapped him hard across the face!!

Khushi: How can you? You better return all that you have stolen or else I will tell this to Arnav ji.. And I told you this on the night of jiji's marriage and I will repeat myself. I HATE YOU!! You are the cheapest person I have ever met!! I don't understand how you cannot love a person like Anjali ji! She is the sweetest person on earth! And you, like a moron are coming behind me, when I already have a husband whom I love a lot!! And you know what? You don't deserve a person like Anjali ji! I haven't told anybody the truth only because of her. But if you ever do this again I will be forced to do so!

Shyam: But Khushi ji, I love you!

Khushi: Don't you dare say that again!! Listen, I love only one person and that is Arnav ji!! Yes, I LOVE HIM AND ONLY HIM!

Shyam: How can you love him after all the pain he has given you?

Khushi: Who told you Arnav ji is giving me pain you idiot??

Shyam: Please stop lying Khushi ji. Arnav had seen us on the terrace the other day and when he came to ask me what it all mean,. I told him that you and I love each other very much, and the only person between us is Anjali!

Khushi: WHAT?

Shyam: Yes Khushi ji, and that's why Arnav forced you to marry


Khushi slapped him again. But harder this time. She felt a bigger wave of hatred toward him.

Khushi: HOW DARE YOU? How dare you do all this? How can a person stoop so low!! It's all my fault! If I had not given you a second chance, this would not have happened!! You don't even deserve to be talked to! Get out of my sight this SECOND!!

Shyam: Listen..

But before Shyam could say one more word Khushi ran out of the room, knowing that Shyam wouldn't budge. The next second her mind started thinking fast, as fast as she was running. So that's why Arnav had forced her to marry him, to protect his sister. But couldn't he have asked her once? At least tried to. After everything, didn't he even trust her a bit? But how could he, after seeing her hugging Shyam in the terrace, anybody would do that. And especially a person like Arnav who jumped to conclusions! He was bound to do this. Suddenly she came to a halt. She looked around and realized she was standing in the backyard of Raizaada mansion. Slowly she started walking, tears streaming down her cheeks. Now not only was she worried to confront the family but also him. She felt small drops of water fall on her hands, she looked up and saw dark gray clouds forming in the sky. She dropped to the ground and let herself get drenched.

After what seemed like hours, Khushi started walking back to their room. She quietly pushed open the doors, and to her relief, did not find anybody. After looking at the time, she realized that she had missed lunch. She quickly went to the bathroom, freshened up and sat down on the bed. She took out a pen and book out of the drawer and started writing something. After she had finished she tore that paper and placed it on top of the table. She slowly wiped off the tears rolling down her cheeks and got up, straightened herself and grabbed her suitcase and started dumping all her clothes in it. After she finished with that, she took all her jewelry and put them in the bag as well. She removed Arnav's mom's bangles and placed them above the paper. She caught hold of her phone and checked if there were any missed calls or messages, and to her disappointment she found none. She zipped up her bag and quietly tiptoed towards the backdoor. Once she reached there she hurriedly opened the door and slipped out of the house. And there she stood, on the stranded road, all alone.

Khushi Kumari Gupta was no more Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizaada!

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Apr 22, 2012

Unforgettable you (Part 3) (By Aishaa) (Thanked: 24 times)

I thought I would update tomorrow, but I guess I was wrong. Enjoy reading!

Chapter 3:

Arnav had been very busy the whole day. He had had an emergency meeting in the morning and it had gone on till the afternoon. After the meeting, he had started going through some files, and soon it was lunchtime. Arnav, expecting Khushi to bring his lunch did not bother to go down to the canteen. Even though at first, he had hated the fact that she herself came to give lunch for him, he got used to it and started liking it. He would be working and at sharp 2:30 she would come and give him his lunch. Arnav checked his watch and it was already 3:30, but Khushi still hadn't come. He was starving, as he didn't have his breakfast in the morning. So he decided to have his lunch from the canteen today. He went downstairs, and saw all his staff working. He started walking towards the canteen when two of his staff stopped him.

Staff 1: Sir, why didn't Khushi ma'am make the lunch today?

Stuff 2: Yes sir, Shukla ji served us food today.

Arnav: Um...She....she had some other work today

Stuff 1: Sir, please tell her that we missed her food today.

"Whatever" Arnav mumbled and walked away. He reached the canteen and saw a menu board. Arnav looked at the board and as he looked he saw the date. For a second Arnav didn't know how to react. And then he stood up with so much force that he dropped the chair behind him. He started running out, it was his Khushi's last day in Shantivan (RM)! His khushi?? What the hell was he saying!! But how could he forget such a important thing!! All sorts of stuff were running through Arnav's mind. He quickly took out his car keys from his pockets and rushed to his car. He opened the door and literally jumped into his seat and drove off.

After breaking about 10 or more traffic rules Arnav finally reached Shantivan. He quickly got out of the and rushed toward the door. As soon as he reached the door he started ringing the bell like a mad man. After a minute or so HP opened the door!

Arnav: What took you so long??

Arnav shouted as he was running towards their room, but did not get his reply. But Arnav was least bothered about that. All he was thinking about now was Khushi. He barged into the room to find it empty.

"KHUSHI!" Arnav shouted. "Khushi!" he tried once again, but there was no reply. He looked for her everywhere, every corner of the house. But couldn't find her. Irritated with himself, he went to his room. He picked up his phone to call her when his eyes landed on a piece of paper and his mother's bangles.

"Khushi" Arnav whispered.

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Apr 23, 2012

Unforgettable you (Part 4) (By Aishaa) (Thanked: 23 times)

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Chapter 4:

Arnav hurried toward the table and carefully picked up his mother's bangles and placed it aside and picked the piece of paper. A piece of paper with Khushi's handwriting.

Dear Arnav ji,

Today was the last day for me in your house. I guess you had forgotten. Because I had expected you to say "GET OUT" the very minute I woke up. But I couldn't find you. So I asked di, and she told me you had gone for an urgent meeting. I even tried to call you, but it was of no use. But before I tell you what happened after that, I would like to tell you that I had always (somehow) convinced myself that you just called my a gold digger for some reason which I didn't know, and that you did not mean it. But I guess I was wrong. You had meant every single bad thing you accused me of being. Because after this I realized what made you marry me. Shyam had barged in and I was yelling at him and he told me that he wanted to elope with me and also told me that you had seen me with him on the terrace and about you talking to him.

Before you rip this paper, let me tell you that what Shyam said is all false Arnav ji. I HATE HIM! I first met him in Lucknow. After....after you released the video clip of me falling in your arms, some goons started to rag me and Shyam saved me. And then when I came to live in Delhi he came and lived as a paying guest in our house saying that he was a bachelor. Soon he started convincing buaji that he and me should get married. I kept refusing the proposal until the day you decided to get married to Lavanya ji. And then one day, there was a pooja in Shantivan, after the pooja got over, Anjali ji told me to call Shyam from the terrace. He was facing his back to me. And when I saw who he was, I slapped him and threw the engagement ring on his face. And that's when I came running to you and started crying on your shoulder. The next day I decided I would tell Anjali ji the truth but then her mangalsutra fell and she got very emotional. So I decided that I wouldn't tell her as she would be heartbroken. So I gave Shyam one more chance.

And then came the night of jiji's wedding. I saw something written on the mirror. And when I read it, it said " Meet me on the terrace". Thinking it was you, I went up. I waited and then Shyam came. He started saying all sorts of rubbish and forcefully hugged me. I couldn't even move a bit, but at last I gathered all the power in me and pushed him away and said " Why don't you leave Anjali ji" I think that's what you saw. And you being you must have walked off without seeing what happened next. That night I had told Shyam to back off and that I HATE HIM!

Arnav ji, I don't know what made you think Shyam was going to be truthful if you asked him anything. I thought you trusted me. After all that happened between us, didn't you even trust me a bit. At least a bit. And one more thing, Shyam told me that he stole your locker key. Please do something about it before he misuses your money. And if you don't believe me than you can check if you have the key right now.

That's all I wanted to tell you Arnav ji. But please don't feel guilty. Any person in your place would have done the same thing. Even me. But just a bit more of trust would have solved the entire problem. I would like to inform you Arnav ji, that I am leaving your live forever, and will never return. Will always remember you Arnav ji!

Your ex-wife,

Khushi Kumari Gupta

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Apr 23, 2012

Unforgettable you (Part 5) (By Aishaa) (Thanked: 20 times)

Chapter 5:

Arnav did not know what to think. He just wished he passed out. He let the letter slip out of his hands and dropped to the bed wit a soft 'thud'. How could Khushi leave? But the letter, should he believe her? But why would Shyam lie? Why is everything so complicated? He thought. Arnav sat there for hours, sometimes lost in thoughts, sometimes he just sat there blankly. And then reality hit him! How would he face his family? He had been thinking about this ever since he married Khushi but never decided on what to do. He walked towards the door and heard someone shouting "HI DI!! HOW ARE YOU?" He recognized this voice. It was Lavanya's voice. He slowly opened the door to see his Lavanya hugging everybody and he did not miss the excited and happy expression on everyone's faces.

Lavanya: Where's ASR and Chamkili, I mean Khushi? She asked biting her tongue.

Anjali: They are in their room, you can meet them there.

Anjali replied, with a huge smile on her face

Lavanya thanked Anjali and started walking up the stairs towards Arnav's and no more Khushi's room.

Arnav turned back and stepped inside his room as he saw Lavanya approaching him.


Lavanya: ASR, it's me, Lavanya

Arnav opened the door and Lavanya immediately hugged him.

Lavanya: Congrats ASR!! Where's chamkili?

ASR: Thanks Lavanya, but I need to talk to you about something very important.

Arnav didn't know what hit him, but he decided to talk to Lavanya.

A few hours later:

Arnav and Lavanya went down and found all the family members sitting in the living room talking and eating. They all looked up to find only Lavanya and Arnav and no Khushi.

Anjali: Chotte, where is Khushi ji? She didn't even come for lunch. I thought she was in the room.

Arnav: I need to talk to you all.

Nani: What happened chotte? Did you and Khushi betiya have a fight again?

Arnav: Nani, it's not only about Khushi and me, it's also about Shyam.

Shyam half knowing what was going to happen, shifted uncomfortably in his seat, Anjali noticing this said,

Anjali: Chotte! He's elder to you and is my husband. Call him jeeja ji!

Arnav: Di, he doesn't deserve to be called that! He deserves to be called cheap a**, cause he is one!


Arnav: Sorry di! I don't want to hurt you,but this the truth. I want you all to know the actual reason to why I married Khushi.

Nani: What do you mean the ACTUAL REASON?

Arnav: I mean that, I did not marry Khushi out of love!!I...I married her because she and Shyam were having an affair!


Payal screamed. She had always respected Arnav, but he had accused her sister for no bloody reason. And because of this she even dropped out the ji from his name. But Arnav chose to completely ignore her.

And at this moment everyone who was still sitting decided to stand up.

Arnav: Di, please believe me. On the day of Akash and Payal's marriage I went to the terrace and found them both hugging...

Shyam: She forced herself one me, Rani Saiba I would never


Payal was shivering with fury She had never lost control like this, but today was different.

Payal: Don't you ever say that again!

She said in a deathly whisper. Everyone was stunned beyond words! They always thought Payal to be a soft spoken and calm girl, no one knew this side of her, not even Akash.

Arnav: Payal you stay out of this!

Payal: No I won't stay out of this! You, for your kind information, are accusing my sister for no reason! She would never do such thing! THIS BLOODY IDIOT is the one who came and lived as a PG in our house, saying he had no f****** family! He was the one who wanted to marry Khushi!! And if you think Khushi would force someone to love her then why would she break her engagement with him!! Because the day she got to know the truth she threw the ring at his face..

Arnav: ENOUGH!! I guess Mami was always right!! Both you and your sister had planned all of this! Both have the same story. Khushi already wrote it in her letter and I don't need a repeat telecast...

Akash: STOP IT BHAI!!!

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Apr 24, 2012

Unforgettable you (Part 6) (By Aishaa) (Thanked: 23 times)

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Chapter 6:

Akash: STOP IT BHAI!!! Think before you speak..

Arnav: Akash..

Akash: Bhai, Payal is my wife, and I love her! I already am tolerating ma insulting her, and now you! Even she is a human being bhai! And what evidence do you have that Khushi ji and jija, I mean Shyam were having an affair?

Arnav: Akash, I saw them both hug..

Akash: Enough bhai! I am sure there has been a misunderstanding! Ok, tell me bhai, when you asked Khushi ji to marry you, did she know the real reason?

Arnav: No...I...umm..blackmailed her with your and Payal's marriage. I said that if she doesn't marry me I would break both of your marriage. She didn't know the real reason till today...and I did not tell her, this Shyam did..

Akash: See! If you had asked her once, maybe she would have told you! And what did she write in the letter?

Arnav: She wrote, she hates Shyam and that he cheated on her and her family! All rubbish! And how the hell do you expect me to believe her, Akash?

Akash: How can you believe Shyam, bhai?

There was pin drop silence. Only Anjali and Payal's muffled cry's could be heard. Shyam did not know what to do! Nani, Mama and Mami looked shocked! And then Akash spoke again.

Akash: Bhai, If you still don't believe me, Khushi ji and Payal, then I and Payal are leaving this house!!

Arnav: Akash...

Akash: Stop it! Bhai, have I ever disobeyed you? At least once believe me!

Arnav: Sorry Akash, but I can't! I...

Akash: Then I also am sorry Bhai! We are leaving...Payal go pack our bags!

Payal nodded and left. But before anyone could say something, Nani spoke.

Nani: WAIT! Akash bitwa, can I also come with you?

Arnav: Nani...

Nani: Arnav, I have always trusted Khushi and Payal betiya. They both would never do such things. And especially Khushi, who valued the importance of marriage so much! She even married you for her sister's sake, her stepsister's sake. Why would she do that? Because she is a selfless girl! And, she would never do such a thing to hurt Anjali betiya or any of us!

Lavanya: But nani ji, how could you blindly trust her. She is a gold-dig....

Nani: Stop it Lavanya! Don't forget that, it's because of her we all started liking you! And for your kind information, this is a family matter so please STAY OUT OF THIS!

Nani, had completely lost her temper! Because of Khushi Lavanya earned all our respect! And look at her, Insulting Khushi. I had considered her as a family member, but not anymore, thought nani.

Lavanya: Well then, in front of you all I ask ASR to marry me! ASR will you marry me?

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Apr 25, 2012

Unforgettable Love (Part 7) (By Aishaa) (Thanked: 15 times)

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Chapter 7:

Lavanya: Well, then, in front of you all I ask ASR to marry me! ASR, will you marry me?

Lavanya always knew that Arnav and Khushi were meant together. But when she came to know that they were married, she felt a tinge of jealousy. Even when she went to London, she couldn't forget him. And now when Arnav told her the reason why he actually married Khushi and how she really was, Lavanya felt a bit of hope for Arnav and pure hatred for Khushi. She had always thought of Khushi as a true friend, but Khushi had broken all her trusts. Her chain of thoughts were broken when she heard Arnav speak.

Arnav: What? What are you saying Lavanya?

Anjali: She is right Chotte.

Anjali had been hearing everything. She just couldn't digest the fact that her "oh-so loving husband" could do this to her. And her chotte had gone through so much because of her. She would never forgive herself for that. But Khushi, she would never do such a thing. If she really loved Shyam, why didn't they elope? Should she believe Nani and Payal? But she shouldn't be crying right now, she should be strong. At least for all that Chotte had gone through because of her!

Anjali: But before we continue, I want this scoundrel out of my sight!

Shyam: Rani Saibaa...


Anjali had hit Shyam with so much force, that Shyam fell on the sofa right next him.

Shyam: You retarded woman! What are you doing?

Anjali: I AM DOING, WHAT YOU DESERVE! Actually, you deserve more than that! Get out of my sight, before I kill you! Chotte, call the police right now, I want this man behind the bars for the rest of his life!

Arnav: Yes di!

Arnav quickly replied and started calling the police. He had never seen his di so angry after the day he and she had been thrown out of the house because of his Mama. He never expected her to react like, he had expected her to cry, but he was so wrong. She had actually proved that she was strong woman, that she was Arnav Singh Raizaada's sister. And his thoughts were interrupted when he heard a deep hello from the other end of the phone.

Arnav; Hello, I am Arnav Singh Raizaada. Can you'll come here immediately!

............................................................................ .... ..........................................................

After a while the police came and arrested Shyam, he would get a life imprisonment. A lone tear escaped Anjali's eye. She quickly wiped it away thinking, Shyam isn't worth any of her tears. She wouldn't waste any on him. And then suddenly, Anjali's mind got diverted to her family.

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Precap: Akash, Payal, Nani, Mama and Mami leave the house. Anjali tries to convince Arnav to marry Lavanya.

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Apr 26, 2012

Unforgettable Love (Part 8) (By Aishaa) (Thanked: 15 times)

Before you all start reading, I would like to clarify somethings:

Firstly, many of you'll were confused that, Is Anjali supporting Khushi or not? Well she is very confused and heartbroken. She had always thought that Khushi believed that marriage is such an important bond, then how could she do what she did? And Nani and the others believe her (except Asr and La), then should she as well. But after reading this chapter, you'll will come to know if she does or doesn't.

Secondly, many of you are upset that, Arnav has still not believed Khushi. That's because Arnav needs evidence for everything. He doesn't trust anybody except for di and he, himself. And if Shyam can lie than why can't Khushi? That is Arnav's way of dealing with things.

Hope that helps.....Now, here comes the next chapter.

Chapter 8:

And then suddenly, Anjali's mind got diverted to her family. She looked around to see Nani, Akash and Payal ready to leave.

Anjali: Akash, Nani you don't need to leave just because of some gold-digger!

Akash: She is not any gold digger!!! She is my sister-in-law!!

Anjali: Akash, please don't go on the innocent looks, even Shyam looked innocent!

Akash: From which angle did he look innocent to you??

Arnav: Akash Raizaada, You are forgetting that she is your sister!

Akash: Arnav Singh Raizaada, You are forgetting who you are accusing, Payal Raizaada your bhabhi and Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizaada your

Lavanya: EX-WIFE!

Nani: ENOUGH! Akash beta let's go

Anjali: Nani, please don't leave us, you are the head of the family!

Nani: How am I the head of the family when no listens to me, Anjali? Manorama and Manohar, are you both coming with us?

Mama ji: Of course Ma.

Mami ji: But...

Mama ji: I am going Manorama. You do whatever you want!

Saying that Mama ji rushed towards his room with an irritated mami running behind. After few minutes, both Mama and Mami came back with 3 huge bags.

Akash: Bhai, di we are leaving.

Payal: And we are sure that one-day you'll will find out the truth.

They all left leaving a shattered Anjali and Arnav and a worked up Lavanya.

Lavanya; Di, ASR, I think you both should go have some rest. And please think about my proposal. I will come back tomorrow morning, have to meet some friends. Please Take care!

Saying that even Lavanya left. Both, Arnav and Anjali stood there completely shattered, exhausted and heartbroken.

Arnav: Di, are you ok?

Anjali: Chotte, I think you should say yes to Lavanya's proposal.

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So to make things clear: Anjali doesn't believe Khushi.

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Apr 28, 2012

Unforgettable Love (Part 9) (By Aishaa) (Thanked: 13 times)

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Chapter 9:

Anjali: Chotte, I think you should say yes to Lavanya's proposal.

Arnav: WHAT? No way di! I am already married to Khushi.

Anjali: Chotte, didn't you say it was a contract marriage?

Arnav: Whatever it was, I am married to Khushi! She is my wife, and only she will be!

Anjali: Chotte, you still love Khushi, don't you?

Arnav: What do you mean still, di?

Arnav had long ago accepted his feelings for Khushi, even before he found out the truth about Shyam. And even when he forced her to marry him, he could behave rudely only the first few weeks. And then he started softening up and started questioning himself. But then the image of her and Shyam hugging would flash across his mind and he would mentally curse himself for doubting himself. But whatever happened, he had loved her, still does and always will. He had tried to stop, but love is not something a person can stop doing!

Anjali: I mean, I knew you had a soft corner for Khushi ji ever since Akash and Payal's marriage.

Arnav: Di, I am not marrying Lavanya and that's final!

Saying that Arnav started walking away, thinking about nothing in particular.

Anjali: CHOTTE! Please listen to me.

Arnav suddenly remembered what Anjali had gone through today and immediately stopped walking.

Arnav: Di please, if Lavanya marries me it will spoil both our lives.

Anjali: Chotte, you need someone who will take care of you.

Arnav: Why do I need someone else when I have you?

Anjali: I will always be there for you chotte, but...but...

Arnav: But what di?

Anjali: Chotte, I just need some time to get over all this. Please chotte.

Arnav immediately walked over to her and held her hand in his and both of them sat down on the sofa.

Arnav: Di, take how much ever time you want. Why do you even ask me? But why do I need to marry Lavanya for that?

Anjali: You need someone who can take care of you.

Arnav: Di, I am not a baby. I can take care of myself.

Anjali: I know you aren't a baby chotte, but you never know, and most of the time you forget to take your medicines.

Arnav: Di, just because you want me to take my medicines on time I can't marry Lavanya, can I?

Anjali: I did not mean that chotte.

Arnav: Di, please can we talk about this tomorrow. I think you should rest now.

Anjali: Ok. But please do give it a thought overnight.

Arnav: I will. Good night di, sleep well.

Anjali: Good night chotte.

Just as they were walking towards their respective rooms Arnav spoke

Arnav: Di, do you want anything to eat? We had no dinner.

Anjali: No, I am not hungry. Do you?

Arnav: No di, do you want something else?

Anjali: No nothing else. Good night Chotte.

Arnav: Good night di.

After saying that, both Arnav and Anjali went directly to bed.

Hope you all enjoyed that chapter! Before I say anything else, I want some help from you all....I wanted to make a diary of my own, if anyone knows how to, please tell me!

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May 1, 2012

Unforgettable Love (Part 10) (By Aishaa) (Thanked: 16 times)

Extremely sorry for not updating for two long days! Sorry. I just couldn't get this chapter right. But at last, I am satisfied with it. And it is extra long, making up for updating late!

Chapter 10:

The next morning was very dull and cloudy. No sun shining, no birds chirping. Arnav slowly opened his eyes to find his room Khushi-less. Even though Khushi used wake up early, Arnav always used to wake up extra early to find her sleeping peacefully and then he used to go back to sleep. It was part of his daily routine. But not anymore, he thought and sighed heavily. He just lay there, not wanting to think about anything in particular. Why was life so complicated? He thought.

Son, he got up and went to the washroom to freshen up. Once he did so, he went downstairs to find no one around, except OP. He felt even more miserable after this. Even though, Di was there with him, all the other family members were special in their own way.

There was nani, who would show him the right way. Mami, who would comment and crack stupid jokes on each and everything. Mama who he could speak to about both business and family. Payal who helped everyone around. And most importantly, Akash, his brother. Even though he did not show, he loved his brother dearly. Akash was a great friend, even though he was not open with anybody, he also did not like it when people were open with him. But Akash was different. Arnav actually liked it when Akash shared his problems or feelings with Arnav.

Arnav was brought out of his thoughts when he heard somebody behind him. He turned around to find his sister Anjali, coming down the stairs. He noticed, well it was quite obvious, that Anjali did not wear sindoor, nor her mangalsutra and she was looking dull and exhausted. It was so not the bubbly, always smiling Anjali he knew. It was like someone sucked all her happiness away.

Anjali: Good morning Chotte.

Anjali greeted him with a smile that did not reach her eyes.

Arnav: Good morning Di.

Arnav greeted back. He was devastated seeing her like this. But knew he could do nothing about it.

Anjali who was watching him intently all this while, asked him if he was okay, her voice filled with concern for her brother.

Arnav: Di, I am the one who should be asking you this. And Yes I am fine.

After a few seconds of silence, both the sibling started walking towards the dinning table.

Anjali: Chotte, are you going to office today?

Arnav: No di, and I don't think I will be going this whole week.

Anjali: Hmmmm. Do you want more juice?

She asked him as she saw him empty his glass.

Arnav: No thanks di. I think you should also eat now.

Anjali: No, I am not hungry.

Arnav: Di, please stop lying. You didn't even have your dinner yesterday.

As soon as he said that he remembered his and di's conversation about Lavanya yesterday. And Anjali as if she could read his mind asked him if he thought about Lavanya.

Arnav: Di, my answer is still the same.

Anjali: But chotte, it'd be really nice if she was here to help you out.

Arnav: What do you mean help me out di?

Anjali: I mean, she can...umm..can

Arnav: Di, Lavanya and me are not meant to be and never will. She is just a friend, nothing more.

Anjali slowly started eating. Arnav immediately sensed her disappointment.

Arnav: Di, I don't want to hurt her once more, I have already done so. Look di, if you want her around then I will ask her to stay here, in our house and get her a job in AR or somewhere else if she wants.

Anjali: Chotte, it's not about me, it's about you. I just want you to be happy.

Arnav sighed. Honestly, somewhere deep down his heart, he knew that he would never be able to be happy without Khushi.

Arnav: I just need some time to get used to this.

Anjali nodded and said: And chotte, it would be nice if you did what you said, I mean it would be nice if you let Lavanya stay here and get her a job.

Arnav: Ok di, as you wish.

Anjali: But your fine with this, aren't you?

Arnav: If I wasn't, I would have never suggested it.

Anjali smiled at him and got up and asked OP to clear the table and spoke again

Anjali: Chotte, I was thinking how it would be if I started working?

Arnav: Di, why should you work when I am there. Do you need anything, just ask me Di, you...

Anjali: Chill Chotte! It's not because I need anything. It's just that...umm...there is nobody in the house and I..umm..will kind of het bored

Arnav: So you want to work?

Anjali grinned a bit and nodded.

Arnav: Di, go ahead! I don't mind a bit.

Arnav was extremely happy for his sister. He hadn't expected her to move on so quickly. It was quite shocking.

Arnav; But di, what are you going to do?

Anjali: Well, I was planning to..................................

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