Melting Point

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Apr 20, 2012

Melting Point (By Romantica) (Thanked: 68 times)

Khushi shifted her gaze from the stars above to the flower pots around. She remembered the time of Anjali's third anniversary party when Arnav had inquired about the reason for her return from Lucknow. That was the first time he implied that she was a gold digger and would do anything for money. It was also the first time she noticed something in his eyes other than hatred. Was it anger? Frustration? Did she see a glimpse of a broken dream that was yet to come? Or was it something else? She told him that if she had a choice she would never come to his house. Little did she know what the future held for her. Khushi sighed and looked around the pool again. This is where it all started. The insults, the pain, the heart beats ... Khushi closed her eyes and remembered the day before Diwali when she got herself entangled with fiery lights. She reminisced how gently Arnav took those lights off her, yet pulled her into an emotional predicament. Fleeting memories of their closeness on diwali night, their confrontation on Payal and Akash's wedding ceremony, their countless encounters before and after marriage rushed through her mind when she suddenly opened her eyes. This is the very place where her dreams were shattered five months ago...

Five months earlier

Khushi was waiting for Arnav to return home with jitters in her stomach. Things had been going unusually well since their return from the Gupta house. Khushi still continued her shenanigans to irk Arnav. Arnav, on the other hand, had not only refrained from any spiteful discourse, but also toned down his ill-natured demeanor towards Khushi quite a bit. At times Khushi got a little apprehensive, but would brush it off the next minute as she was enjoying Arnav's new Avatar. She started planning her next antic and remembered how she put the 'tika' on Arnav's forehead with hers the other day, and how Arnav called her name in that choked voice. Her heart started pounding at the thought of him. Khushi quickly got a hold of herself and resumed thinking about her plan. She decided once Arnav returns from work, she will intentionally bump into him, and when he would start his trademark 'what the....' she will simply stop him by putting her finger on his lips. She immediately blushed realizing how most of her recent antics involved touching him one way or the other. The next minute she started imagining how her fingers will feel against his lips ... Stop! Khushi gave herself a mental kick. Khushi was so engulfed in her own little world that she almost jumped when there was a knock on the door. Since when did the mighty Emperor need permission to enter his own room, thought Khushi smiling to herself and proceeded to the door, only to find out that the person standing in front of her with a cunning smile was none other than Shyam ...

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Apr 21, 2012

Melting Point: part 2 (By Romantica) (Thanked: 61 times)

"What do you want, jeeja ji?" Khushi didn't even try to hide the annoyance in her voice.

Shyam: I'm guessing you're not happy to see me Khushi ji

Khushi: Your assumption is right

She was going to close the door on him when he pleaded with his most endearing voice, "Khushi ji please! I know I have not been the ideal person, but I really need to tell you something. It is very important"

Khushi: I really don't want to hear anything from you

Shyam: I know, it will take only two minutes

Khushi thought the best way to get rid of him was to listen to whatever he had to say

Khushi: Talk as quickly as possible and get out of my sight, and don't come near my room again

Shyam: Your room huh? Last I heard you were forced into this, and you will be happy to know your play marriage is soon coming to an end

Khushi was flabbergasted. Was he talking about the six month contract? How did Shyam know about it? Also, the way things were progressing between her and Arnav for the last few days, she almost forgot about that contract, and wasn't even keeping track of the days anymore. However, Shyam's comment jolted her back to the reality of her marriage.

Shyam: I know how hard it is for a girl like you to go through this ...

Khushi: Is this what you wanted to tell me? For your information, I already know this

Shyam: Of course you do. What you don't know is why he forced you to marry him

Khushi: And you do?

Shyam: Yes Khushi ji. He married you because he thought you were having an illicit relationship with me. He thought you were a home wrecker. He married you because he hated you

The fact that their marriage started off with intense hatred from Arnav's side wasn't news to Khushi. Moreover, she had already sensed that the reason may be somewhat related to Shyam. However, she was still taken aback at what Shyam had just said

Khushi: If you're done talking you may leave

Shyam: One more thing, your divorce papers are in your cupboard inside the safe. Here is the key. Arnav had already signed it with today's date. Don't ask me how I got the key; I was always keeping an eye on both of you for your sake. Have a good night Khushi ji.

With that, off he went leaving a shocked and devastated Khushi behind.

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Apr 24, 2012

Melting Point: Part 3 (By Romantica) (Thanked: 71 times)

Khushi slowly sat down on the recliner after Shyam left. She looked at the key and deliberated for a moment. She couldn't believe Shyam and didn't want to go near the safe, but curiosity got the better of her and she finally opened it almost knowing Shyam was wrong. What she saw instead reinforced Shyam's statement, and her nightmare. There it was, the infamous piece of paper that demonstrated in formal terms the termination of their marriage, there is the lawyer's name, and there .... Khushi's eyes started to moisten when she saw Arnav's signature at the end. How could he? Is this why he had been so gracious around her lately, because he was going to get rid of her soon? Khushi tried to console herself thinking this is what she wanted as well. Wasn't the whole point behind annoying the living daylights out of him was to have a way out of the RM Mansion before the 6 month period? Why does it hurt so bad to see those papers then?

Khushi sat back on the recliner and thought about what Shyam had said earlier. If his statement about the reason behind their forced marriage was true, she can straighten things out. However, since Arnav had already signed the divorce papers, after one month into their marriage, it only means that the truth doesn't really matter to him and he was going to abandon her anyhow. Khushi started contemplating about all her encounters with Arnav. Every time she thought she understood him, he proved her wrong. Was this man simply beyond her comprehension? Khushi was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't hear the wind chime when Arnav entered the room.

Arnav: What the ... what are you doing in the dark? I thought you are afraid of darkness.

He could not help being a little sarcastic.

Khushi was absorbed in her own murkiness to notice the apparent dusk. She jumped off the recliner the moment Arnav turned the lights on, and went to the pool side. Arnav followed, slightly irritated.

Arnav: How many times do I have to tell you not to walk away when I'm talking?

Khushi: *mute*

Arnav: Khushi, can you hear me?

Khushi: *mute*

Arnav was going to yell at her again when he noticed Khushi staring at the stars facing away from him. Something in the manner she was standing told Arnav that she was not her usual self today. Arnav felt a pang of guilt. He was the reason for her melancholy. Off late, he got quite used to her antics, and started to actually look forward to it. He can't see her upset. He slowly walked towards her and put a hand on her shoulder, "Khushi... what's the matter?" he asked softly. Khushi stood still without replying. Since her conversation with Shyam, Khushi had been gathering strength to confront Arnav today. She was not going to make it easy for him. But why did he have to touch her? Why did he call her name in that voice? Khushi was melting inside without being consciously aware of it. Arnav slowly turned her around and was surprised to see tears in her eyes. "What happened? Did someone say something to you?", Arnav was worried. Khushi looked at him. This man had turned her world upside down. He had forced her into a marriage that came with an expiration date, mistrusted her, accused her of wrongdoing, and insulted her countless times. Now he was asking her if everything was ok. Is he faking his concern? He must be. What else could explain that decisive signature? Yet she couldn't despise him.

"Why do you hate me so much?" said Khushi in a voice that almost sounded like a plea. Khushi's sadness rubbed on to him. He stood there for a few seconds without knowing what to say. No matter what he said, there was nothing in the world this girl can ever do to have him hate her. Would she ever understand me? thought Arnav

"I don't hate you Khushi", he managed to say at last, gulping down his pain. He continued to hold his gaze towards her, trying to tell her with his eyes how much he cared for her and what she meant to him. He wasn't sure how efficacious he was at conveying his feelings but he couldn't stand there any longer, afraid he may give too much of himself away. Arnav abruptly removed his hand from her shoulder, turned around and walked away.

Apr 25, 2012

Melting point: Part 4 (By Romantica) (Thanked: 62 times)

Khushi: It must be very convenient to be Arnav Singh Raizada.

Khushi's voice was clear and cold. All her sadness had suddenly morphed into fury

Arnav: Excuse me?

He had turned around the moment he heard her speak, confused

Khushi: You can blackmail a girl into matrimony and never tell her the reason, all because you think you know everything and don't need to verify your facts

Arnav: What are you getting at?

Khushi: Why did you marry me?

Arnav: Didn't we go over this a number of times before? Let me reiterate, and listen carefully. I'm not answerable to you

Khushi: You must answer this time

Arnav: Oh yeah? Make me ..

The terrace scene flashed through his mind, and his countenance changed.

"I can't believe you are acting so nave, specially after what you've done," said Arnav through clenched teeth.

Khushi instantly knew what he was talking about and retorted, " I'm not having an affair with your jeeja ji"

Arnav: Good that you figured it out. What took you so long? Or are you tired of your 'good girl' faade?

Khushi: I don't put up any faade Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, that's your forte

Arnav: Whatever

Khushi: So, you prefer to believe everything Shyam says, and not a word from me

Arnav: I don't have to listen to anyone when I have my own eyes to rely on

Khushi: What is it you saw?

Arnav gave her an incredulous look and was about to leave. He had already said more than he intended to. Khushi wasn't in a mood to give up so easily. With a few quick steps, she stood in front of him blocking his way.

Khushi: You have to tell me what you saw

Arnav: *stares at her, rage imminent in his eyes*

Khushi: I can't let you go until you tell me, or else ...

Arnav: Or else what?

Khushi: I'm going to tell Di right now why you married me

Arnav was furious now. How dare she drag his pregnant Di into this mess? He grabbed her shoulders and pinned her to the wall, "You are not going to do anything like this, do you hear me?"

Khushi was intimidated, but not enough to hold her tongue. She needs to get to the bottom of this.

"I don't know what you saw" Khushi started, "But I can assure you it's not the whole picture"

Arnav gave her an incredulous look and was about to leave. He had already said more than he intended to. Khushi wasn't in a mood to give up so easily. With a few quick steps, she stood in front of him blocking his way.

Khushi: You have to tell me what you saw

Arnav: *stares at her, rage imminent in his eyes*

Khushi: I can't let you go until you tell me, or else ...

Arnav: Or else what?

Khushi: I'm going to tell Di right now why you married me

Arnav was furious now. How dare she drag his pregnant Di into this mess? He grabbed her shoulders and pinned her to the wall, "You are not going to do anything like this, do you hear me?" Khushi was intimidated, but not enough to hold her tongue. She needs to get to the bottom of this. "I don't know what you saw" Khushi started, "But I can assure you it's not the whole picture"

Arnav: Don't try your dirty tricks on me. You have already fooled Di and Nani. I'm not to be taken for a ride

Khushi: Shyam was after me since ...

Arnav: Shut up! I don't need to hear your disgusting love story

He cut her off

Khushi: But I never liked him. It's him who ...

Arnav: I said stop talking!

Arnav raised his voice up a notch

Khushi: I won't! You can't blame me for something I haven't done. He came after me ...

She yelled back

Arnav: If you were so innocent, why didn't you tell anyone about it?

Khushi: Because I promised Di that nothing bad will happen to her married life

Arnav: Oh! The great Khushi Kumari Gupta! Promising and lying to people, giving them false hopes.

He had inched a little closer to her. "And why didn't you tell me?" he asked in an indignant tone, lowering his voice

Why did he think she can trust him when he clearly didn't, thought Khushi. But his proximity was starting to mess up her reasoning. She looked into his eyes, " I didn't want to hurt you" said Khushi slowly.

Apr 25, 2012

Melting Point: PS (By Romantica) (Thanked: 51 times)

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Apr 26, 2012

Melting Point: Part 5 (By Romantica) (Thanked: 58 times)

Arnav stared back at her, bewildered. This wasn't the kind of response he was expecting. Is she for real? Arnav tried to gauge the truthfulness in her eyes and leaned in even closer, there faces now merely an inch apart.

"Since when did you care so much about me?" he said almost whispering, his eyes reflecting curiosity and anticipation.

Khushi felt numb inside with Arnav's face so dangerously close to hers. She could feel his warm breath on her face. She lowered her eyes in an attempt to control her rapid heartbeats. That's when Arnav caught on to the almost non-existent space between them. He didn't move. He looked at her quivering lips and started to feel light headed. Khushi looked up and saw Arnav's gaze on her lips before their eyes met again. Arnav suddenly felt a bit embarrassed and looked down. He was about to take his hands off her shoulders when he felt Khushi's hand on his left arm. He looked up at her, surprised. Did she...? Could she possibly ...?

Arnav's self control and pride suddenly started crushing down on him. He momentarily forgot what his goal was, or what brought them here. The facts, the reasons, the consequences all seemed irrelevant at this moment. For once, he wanted to become the man he was hiding deep inside. For once, he forgot his stone hearted Avatar and touched her lips with his.

Arnav paused for a second to stabilize her from trembling. Khushi had immediately closed her eyes at his contact. She felt like her heart was going to explode. She gasped before Arnav pressed his lips on to hers, taking hers in.

When he released her, she was flushed a rosy shade of red. He touched her cheeks,

"Khushi", he breathed her name.

"Hmm..." responded Khushi with eyes half closed. She was still reeling in the moment when her world appeared to be a complete bliss.

Apr 27, 2012

Melting Point: Part 6 (By Romantica) (Thanked: 51 times)

Arnav looked at her closely, taking in her beauty. Her hair, her eyes, her lips; all were tailor made just for him. How did he ever manage to stay away from her allure? He instinctively leaned towards her again.

Arnav kissed her right cheek, making her blush even more. He then slowly moved his lips towards her mouth without loosing any contact and kissed the corner of it.

"Do you ...?" Khushi murmured under her breath before he could reach to her lips

Arnav froze. Is she going to ask him the obvious question he had been avoiding all along?

Khushi looked up at him and tried again, "Do you ... believe me?"

He stood still. This wasn't the question he was preparing himself for; it was a harder one, nonetheless.

Arnav took a deep breath and stepped back. He didn't have the answers right now. What just happened between them was preventing him from looking at things from a logical perspective. In fact, he couldn't think of anything else. All he wanted at the moment was to touch her, hold her, and kiss her to the point of madness.

"I am going to change" was all he could say after a while, forcing himself to look away. It was getting hard for him to control his feelings and he was afraid of what may happen if he let himself get carried away. Besides, he didn't want Khushi to see through his vulnerability.

Khushi stood there for a while. Arnav not answering her question gave her all the answers. She went back in to the room long after Arnav had gone and saw him fast asleep on the recliner. She quietly turned the lights off and went to bed, knowing full well she couldn't sleep tonight.

Arnav had only pretended to be sleeping. He was too unsettled inside, was she speaking the truth? Could this be one of her games to derail him? But she appeared so innocent! Arnav let out a sigh. He would talk to her in the morning when he's calmer. Let him face the reality tomorrow. Let tonight be all about that kiss, about the dream.

When Arnav woke up, it was already 9am. He couldn't believe he had slept through the alarm, but then remembered he couldn't fall asleep until very late last night. He had a smile on his face when he remembered why.

But where is Khushi? She must be in the kitchen or busy with her 'dabba' business.

Arnav got ready and was going to leave for work. He reached for his laptop when he noticed a hand written note on a piece of paper. Is that in Hindi? He grabbed it and started reading ..

Apr 28, 2012

Melting Point: Part 7 (By Romantica) (Thanked: 47 times)

Arnav ji,

I can't be with you knowing you don't trust me, especially after last night. You not only accused me of an illegitimate relationship and nearly destroyed my life, but also didn't believe me when I tried to explain. Moreover, you have signed that paper when just a few days ago you called yourself the 'son-in-law' of our house in front of Amma and Buaji...

Arnav stopped reading at this point. What? Did she leave RM again? What kind of paper is she talking about?

He started searching his room, and finally spotted it underneath Khushi's pillow. What on earth is this? Could Khushi be somehow involved in it? Arnav's head started to spin. He quickly folded Khushi's letter in his pocket and took out his phone. The rest of the letter can wait for a bit, he needed to take care of some crucial things first.

Arnav (on the phone): Aman. Call our lawyer Mr. Roy right now and have him call me back ASAP! And cancel all my meetings for today

Aman (from the other side): Ok Sir. But what about the conference call with Mr. Brooks, our potential new Client from USA?

Arnav: Just do as I say damn it!

He cut off the phone and rushed out of the house.

Right after he hopped in his Brand new Bentley, he thought about how he had accused Khushi of stealing spare parts from his former SUV when his phone rang.

Arnav: Yes Mr. Roy. I need you to find the address of a certain Ajit Khurana. He is a lawyer of Delhi High court.

Mr. Roy *bemused that he's given such a petty task*: Ok Mr. Raizada, I will have my assistant dig into the info and ...

Arnav *cutting him off*: I don't want to waste time on third parties. I am expecting you to get on to it RIGHT NOW and call me back

Arnav ended the call without giving Mr. Roy a chance to answer back. Too many things were racing through his mind to remain calm. Is this a ploy against him so that Khushi can evade without any accountability? Where did she go anyway? Surely she's gone to the Gupta house. But what if she's not there? The phone rang right at that moment

Arnav: Khushi?

He was too eager to check the number before he answered

From the other side: This is Mr. Roy. I have some info for you

Arnav: Go ahead...

Mr. Roy: Ajit Khurana is not currently listed as a lawyer for Delhi High Court. However, I've checked with some of my colleagues and found out that his law practicing license had been suspended two years ago. Here is his last address, but I can't assure you that you will find him there now

Arnav: Leave that up to me. What's the address?

Arnav wrote it down and ordered his chauffeur to take him there.

Ajit Khurana was discussing a legal matter with one of his former clients when he saw the big black car in front of his house. Was that a movie star approaching his front door?

Arnav stormed into the room without knocking at the door which had already been half open. Ignoring three other people in the room who were now watching him with complete awe, Arnav threw the legal papers to Ajit's desk, missing his face by a few inches

"What the hell is this?" demanded Arnav

Ajit Khurana gave him a blank look, he didn't yet come out of the initial shock. He took a few seconds, and then looked at the papers.

Apr 30, 2012

Melting Point: Part 8 (By Romantica) (Thanked: 56 times)

Ajit Khurana: Where did you get this? Wait! Are you ..?

Arnav *taking off his sunglasses*: Arnav Singh Raizada

Ajit Khurana *getting alarmed*: Look, the person who asked me to have these papers made told me that he needed to help a girl realize how rough her life is. He promised me that you or anyone else would never see this.

Arnav: Did you copy my signature as well?

Ajit Khurana: I have nothing to do with that signature. I think the same person may have done it

Arnav: Who is that bloody person?

Ajit Khurana *fearful and looking around*

Arnav *raising his voice*: Answer me damn it!

Ajit Khurana: I can't give you the name.

He signaled the other man sitting in front of him to take a seat at the other corner of the room, and then spoke to Arnav in a voice others couldn't hear, "I took some money from that person, so I can't give you the name"

Arnav *loosing patience*: I don't bloody care! If you don't give me the name within the next 10 seconds, I swear you are going to regret it for a very long time. You have no idea who I am and what I'm capable of.

Ajit Khurana got scared now. He knew who Arnav Singh Raizada was and had also heard about his temperament.

Ajit Khurana: Ok ok. his name is Shyam Manohar Jha

Arnav wasn't surprised. In fact he already knew who it was, but needed the hard evidence to put his suspicious business tycoon mind to rest.

Arnav: Good that you complied. The Delhi police will be here any minute to arrest you for making fraudulent papers.

He put his sunglasses back on and added, "Messing with Arnav Singh Raizada is not something anyone can get away with"

With that, he stormed out of the room

May 1, 2012

Melting Point (Part 9) (By Romantica) (Thanked: 52 times)

As Arnav was about to get into his car, a middle aged woman rushed towards him

"I need to talk to you" she said

Arnav: who are you?

Woman: My name is Kamla. Are you related to Shyam Jha?

Arnav: why?

Kamla *hesitating*: I have done him some favors and he had promised me to look into my case, but I can't reach him. He doesn't answer my calls

Arnav: I don't have time for this

He is least bothered about Shyam's business

Kamla: There is something else I wanted to talk about

She remembered how Arnav had behaved with Ajit Khurana as she was in the same room. She didn't want to get on the wrong side of this man called Arnav Singh Raizada

Arnav: What?

Kamla: I think Shyam Jha is up to something. A few months ago he had me pretend to be a certain 'Rani Sahiba' over the phone a number of times

Arnav *getting curious*: Who were the calls from?

Kamla: Shyam never told me who he was, but I gathered some information on my own so that I can put pressure on him in case he backs out later from his legal commitment..

Arnav: Get to the point, would you?

He cut her off. He didn't have time for frivolous details

Kamla: His name is Shashi, he sounded like an older person ...

Arnav *hiding his astonishment*: I appreciate your information

With that he hopped into the car. What? Since when did Shashi know Shyam?

Arnav was now heading towards the Gupta house. He was going to go there anyway to look for Khushi.

Madhumati was a little surprised to see Arnav at the doorstep when he knocked.

Madhumati: Come in babua. Is everything ok?

Arnav looked around for a sign of Khushi when Buaji asked, "How's Khushi?"

So Khushi did not come here, thought Arnav. He was disappointed and worried.

Arnav: How is Babu ji? Can I see him?

Madhumati: Ofcourse, come with me

She led Arnav to Shashi's room.

Arnav: How are you feeling?

Shashi: *nodded, expressing he was good*

Arnav *pausing a little*: I need to know something. Did you happen to know my brother-in-law Shyam before?

Arnav noticed Shashi's expression had changed which led him to believe the answer should be in the positive

Arnav: How did you know him?

Arnav told him about his encounter with Kamla and how he got worried since this may involve his dear sister, Anjali

Shashi's expression started to change quite a bit now, and it appeared to Arnav that he wanted to say something. Shashi was getting anxious when Arnav realized he had probably pushed this poor guy too much

Arnav: I know I shouldn't have asked all these questions when I know your condition

He stood up and left the room.

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