Kaise Bataye?

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Apr 18, 2012

Kaise Bataye? (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 68 times)

Itna Sanata Kyun Hai?

So here I am back with a new story!!! As promised it is a crossover. I am going to weave together Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai (EHMMBH) and Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND). It is going to be one intricate fabric so please bear with me!


New story new beginning; so please don't compare Arnav and Khushi from DKDD with Arnav and Khushi in this story. I am soo happy my baby, Dilli Ki Dhak Dhak, was a hit! It even has its own abbreviation and people are talking about it!!! Wooohooo!!! I will not be continuing DKDD because I am happy with the end and I want to keep it like that. I had always intended it to end like that. In fact, I knew my last line even before I decided Khushi was going to be Maan's long last sister!

Anyways, I thought I would go underground for a month at least but I am such a pushover! With all those amazing comments, I couldn't even stay away from you guys for more than a day! Also, without my story I wasn't able to connect with you, I didn't even know where to chat with you all and I felt like I was losing my friends!

By the way, thanks to Pepper for bringing me back! She truly is the best Di! She was my "chopping" board for this story! Also, many of you have been enquiring about my age and where I am from. I am 20 years old, it's not an exciting age...and I am from Mumbai BUT I am currently in USA pursuing my bachelors.

It was sooo weird posting a new myview! I am soo used to going directly to DKDD!!!


Here you go! Round 2!

Wish me luck!


Kaise Bataye?

A white Aston Martin screeched to a halt in front of a huge mansion. The door opened and Arnav Singh Raizada ran into the house.

Anjali: "Chote? Chote?"

Arnav: "Where is she?"

Anjali: "She is in the room. The doctor is on his way and Viren is with her right now."

Arnav rushed to the room.

Arnav entered the room and sat down next to her. He held her hand in his: "Maanvi, what is this?? Are you okay?"

Maanvi sat up on the bed.

Maanvi: "Oh God! I am fine! Please everyone relax!"

Arnav angrily: "Is this a joke?"

Viren: "Bhai, don't listen to her. She fainted again today. She is taking everything lightly and I am getting worried."

Anjali came in with the doctor.

Anjali: "Dr. Sharma, Maanvi is having the same problems again. I..I don't understand. She has been taking the medicines regularly...so why did she faint again?"

Maanvi lowered her head.

Arnav whispered to Maanvi: "You didn't take your medicine."

Maanvi whispered back: "Did you?"

Arnav looked away.

The doctor checked her.

Dr. Sharma: "She shouldn't be having the problems if she has been taking the medicine. Anyways, she is fine now but I am going to have to do some tests. PLEASE make sure that she takes the medicines regularly and on time! Bring her to the hospital tomorrow for a checkup. I will write her a prescription for tonight just in case."

The doctor left after having written the prescription.

Maanvi: "Please don't listen to the doctor! He doesn't know what he is talking about!"

Viren: "And you do?!"

Arnav: "He wouldn't have to come here today if you had taken your medicines on time."

Anjali: "Oh please! Both of you shut up!"

She came forward with Maanvi's AND Arnav's medicine.

Anjali: "I know BOTH of you have been slacking! From now on you are going to take them in front of us, EVERYDAY! Viren, go and see if Maanvi has swallowed her tablets! You know how difficult BOTH of them can be! Both of you will drive us nuts!"

Arnav and Maanvi looked at each other but they complied, they had no other choice!

Maanvi opened her mouth: "Ahhh...there! Happy?"

Viren: "Good. I am going to check on you every time!"

Maanvi: "The solution to my problem is not these medicines."

Viren: "Then?"

Maanvi: "You see my brothers are useless! They are no fun! You, Viren Bhaiyya, are ok but too nice! You listen to everyone and are the ideal son vis. a vis. no fun! However, my eldest brother is the antithesis of fun!! He is never home! He never smiles, never laughs! He is such a robot! Work, work and work!"

She ran to Anjali: "In fact Di, are you sure he is even related to us? I mean the three of us at least smile once in a while...but this guy..."

Arnav: "What the? I don't have time for this nonsense...I have work to do!"

But Maanvi ran and stood before the door blocking his way.

Maanvi: "Bhaiyya, do you know who I am talking about?"

Arnav: "I don't know and I don't care!"

Anjali: "Hmmm...it sounds very much like ASR, doesn't it?"

Viren scratching his head and pretending to be clueless: "Uhhh I don't know..."

Maanvi: "YES!!! Arnav Bhaiyya, it is you! And WE care! When are you going to get married? You are running out of time!"

Arnav: "WHAT??? Please, I am only 28!"

Anjali: "And not getting any younger!"

Viren: "What has this got to do with your solution for why you keep falling sick?"

Arnav: "Thank you, Viren! Someone in this family has some brains apart from me!"

Maanvi: "Oh, I will tell you! I will not get well until there is a marriage in this house!"

Arnav: "What nonsense!"

Arnav walked out of the room.

Arnav was just about to close the doors to his room behind him when,

Viren: "Bhaiyya! Bhaiyya!"

Anjali: "Oh My God! Chote!"

Arnav ran back to Maanvi's room.

Maanvi had fainted again.

Viren had lifted her up and put her on the bed.

Arnav ran to her. He sprinkled some water on her face to awaken her.

Arnav: "Maanvi! Maanvi!"

But she wasn't waking up.

Arnav: "FINE! FINE! There will be a marriage in this house!"

Maanvi opened her eyes.

Maanvi: "Promise?"

Arnav: "Yesss!"

Maanvi started jumping on her bed.

Arnav: "What the?"

Anjali started laughing, too because she had realized that Maanvi was only acting this time.

Arnav: "You were acting?"

Maanvi: "By hook or by crook, a deal is a deal, isn't it ASR?"

Arnav got up and angrily left the room. But before he left he turned around.

Arnav: "Start looking for a suitable bride ASAP."

Anjali: "Really Chote?"

Arnav: "Really BUT for Viren. I promised there will be a marriage. I never said it would be mine."

He smiled at his siblings.

Arnav: "Here you go. I, too, can smile. If you can be shrewd, don't forget I am your elder brother."

He left the room.

But the smile was wiped off Viren's face.

Viren: "What the..."

Apr 19, 2012

Kaise Bataye? Part 2 (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 56 times)

Khushi: "When I fall in love, the stars in the night's sky will twinkle even more brilliantly...I will see him and only him everywhere...When I fall in love, flowers will shower us and all the shining stars will find their home in our shelter..."

Jeevika: "Khushi...Khushi....KHUSHI! Wake up!!! Khushi, WAKE UP!"

Khushi: "hmmmm....let me sleep some more...when I fall in love..."

Jeevika: "Wake up before Beeji or Buaji pull you out of the bed on their own!"

Khushi woke up with a start.

Jeevika started laughing.

Jeevika: "Good Morning, my sweet heart!"

Khushi: "Di!!! Grrrrrr!!!! I was having such an amazing dream!"

Jeevika: "I KNOW!!! So what else will happen when you fall in love?"

Khushi blushed: "You heard it? I was talking out loud in my sleep again, wasn't I?"

Jeevika started imitating Khushi: "When I fall in love the stars...."

Khushi: "OKAY!!"

Buaji: "Sanka Devi! Are you up??"

Khushi: "Oh my god!"

Jeevika: "Hurry up! Get ready!"

Jeevika: "Buaji! She is up...she is just getting ready..."


Maanvi: "This isn't fair Bhaiyya!"

Arnav: "Good Morning to you too."

Viren: "What did I ever do to you?"

Arnav: "Oh common you are 26 and what did they say? Yes! Not getting any younger!"

Nani: "CHOTE! I absolutely won't allow this!"

Arnav: "Fine. Maanvi, sorry I tried but now Nani won't allow it..."

Anjali: "Nani won't allow the younger brother to get married before the elder one."

Viren: "YOU have to get married before I do!"

Arnav: "Well then, that's too bad. I am not getting married any time soon! HP is the breakfast served?"

HP: "Arnav Saab..."

Viren: "One minute HP, Bhaiyya, what if I don't want to get married too?"

Arnav: "It's your choice... Do you like someone already?"

Viren: "Noo, it's not that..."

Arnav: "You don't want to get married now?"

Arnav: "No. I don't know..."

Arnav: "Maanvi, we will just find someone for you then. Problem solved! There will be a marriage in this house and we will be rid of you! HP, breakfast?"

HP: "Arnav Saab..."

Maanvi gasped: "One minute HP! BHAIYYA! OKAY, so none of you want to get married? FINE! One day I will leave you all and then you will..."

Viren, Anjali, Arnav: "MAANVI!"

Arnav: "SHUT UP Maanvi! Don't talk rubbish!"

Viren: "FINE! I will get married!"

Nani: "Fine! But Chote, you must get married before Maanvi does."


Arnav: "PERFECT! I have a sister who is one in million! She thinks just like me! HP, what happened to the breakfast?"

HP: "Arnav Saab..."

Anjali: "One minute HP! Fine, we will start looking for a suitable match for Viren. But you are next."

Arnav: "Di!"

Anjali just turned around and left.

Arnav: "HP? Where is he?"

Viren: "I don't know. Wasn't he just here?"

Maanvi: "He is sick of the two of you just like we all are! He left!"

Nani and Maanvi left.

Arnav and Viren looked at each other. They were standing alone by the door.

Viren: "At this very moment you are not my favorite, you know that?"

Arnav: "Oh don't worry, you will be fine. Just keep rejecting all the proposals! Let's go. I don't think we are going to get breakfast in this house today."

Viren: "I might. You definitely won't."

Patience my friends. I will explain the family and the setting soon. In fact, the two families will describe/introduce each other. Also, Payal and Aakash are not in this story because I already have too many couples to write about. It might end up getting too crowded. Virat is in this story obviously but he is not yet introduced.

Apr 19, 2012

Kaise Bataye? Part 3 (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 47 times)

Arnav: Whatever. I will grab something outside."

Arnav and Viren were just about to get into the car when,

Arnav: "Did you take the Khurana's file?"

Viren: "No. I will go get it. You go ahead. I need to make some changes in the portfolio; I will meet you directly in the office."

Arnav: "Okay."

Arnav drove off in his car.

Viren went back into the house.

Anjali: "Viren! You and Chote haven't had anything for breakfast! Go and eat something now! Where is Chote?"

Viren: "He already left."

Anjali: "What? But..."

Viren: "Don't worry! He said he will grab a bite outside. He was in a rush as usual."

Anjali: "Okay..."

Viren: "Di, I too will grab a bite outside. I am in a hurry and I have to make some changes in the presentation we are working on for the Khuranas."

Anjali: "Where do you think you are going?!"

Viren: "To my room now to get the file and then I am heading out too."

Maanvi came running towards them: "NO YOU ARE NOT!!!!!"

Maanvi was breathing heavily as she had run to them.

Viren: "Relax, Maanvi! You shouldn't be running around when you aren't feeling well!"

Maanvi: "Ok! But you are not going anywhere! You have to come with me now! Nani is calling everyone to her room now!"

Maanvi pulled Viren and Anjali with her to Nani's room.


Buaji on the phone: "What?! Are you sure?! You mean THE RAIZADAS? No...no don't worry we will be ready...in two hours? Oh my god! Okay, we will start preparing now!"

Buaji put the phone down.

Beeji: "Who was it?"

Buaji: "THE RAIZADAS are interested in our Jeevika!!!! They are coming to our place to see her in two hours!"

Beeji: "WHAT?? THE RAIZADAS! THE FAMOUS RAIZADAS!!! They are interested in our Jeevika?"

Buaji: "Why wouldn't they be? Jeevika is perfect!"

Beeji: "Yes but how will prepare everything in two hours?"

Khushi barged into the living room and hugged Beeji and Buaji.

Buaji to Beeji: "I know what needs to be done first! We need to keep this Sanka Devi far away if we want things to run smoothly that's for sure!"

Beeji: Yes, you are right."

Buaji: "Khushi bitia, I need you to do a big favor for me..."

Khushi: "Anything for you, my life!"

Buaji: "I need you to take these Chikan Kari samples to one of our clients. They want to go through them and they are very important clients of mine. I would have done it on my own but I am not feeling quite well..."

Khushi: "Say no more! Your wish is my command!"

Buaji told her the address.

Khushi: "Okay, I should be back in about three hours. I will show them the samples and I am sure they will love it..."

Jeevika: "Where are you going?"

Khushi: "I am going to show some of these samples to Buaji's clients."

Jeevika: "Oh...I will come along to help you."

Khushi: "That would be great!"

Beeji: "NO!"

Jeevika and Khushi looked at her puzzled.

Beeji: "I mean your Buaji isn't feeling well and there is soo much house work that needs to be taken care of...one of you should stay back. Khushi, you go ahead. Jeevika you stay here."

Khushi: "Okay! Anyways, I am getting late I will go ahead."

Khushi stepped out but turned back as she had forgotten to take her wallet with her.

Buaji: "Jeevika, hurry up! Get ready!"

Jeevika: "Get ready for what?"

Beeji: "There is a marriage proposal for you!"

Jeevika: "For me?"

Buaji: "No for the neighbor's daughter! Of course it is for you! And you know what it is from none other than the Raizadas of Delhi!"

Jeevika: "Who Raizadas?"

Beeji: "Jeevika!! They are one of the most influential families in the country! You know the famous fashion house AR Groups belongs to them! The eldest son, Arnav Singh Raizada, built the great fashion empire all on his own. Now they are famous not only in India but all over the world! They are two sisters and two brothers. The eldest and the youngest are the sisters and the middle two are the brothers Arnav Singh Raizada and Viren Singh Raizada."

Jeevika: "Okay but then why did you send Khushi away?"

Beeji: "You know how that Sanka Devi is! Whenever she is around something always goes wrong! It is the Raizadas! We didn't want to take any risk!"

Buaji: "Enough talking! Get ready they will be here in two hours!"

Jeevika: "Two hours!!"

Beeji: "Yes two hours! But don't complain! When it comes to Raizadas, you take what you get happily!"

Khushi had listened to everything. She hid behind the door.

Khushi to herself: "Oh I see Buaji and Beeji!!!! You don't want me to be around! I, too, want Jeevika Di to get married! But these Raizadas don't sound good! What do they think of themselves!? Two hours! Is this a joke! I don't care whether their clothes are famous all over the world! I don't care about this Arnav Singh Raizada! What just because the eldest son got up today morning and decided to get married, he thinks the whole world is going to bend over for him! Well, Buaji and Beeji are acting like chickens! But I am not chicken! Arnav Singh Raizada, just you wait! I will take your class!"

She snuck into the house, picked her wallet and left the house.

Khushi: "I will deliver these samples and be back home before the Raizadas show up but I will not tell Buaji and Beeji that I am back home. I will stay in our sweet shop and just when that Arnav Singh Raizada shows up I will take him to the sweet shop and teach him a lesson! My Jeevika Di is a goddess! A fool like him doesn't deserve her, not even in his dreams!"

Khushi rushed to show the clients the samples.


Viren, Maanvi and Anjali reached Nani's room.

Nani: "Good! Get ready; we will be leaving to see the first girl today. A very good friend of mine suggested this girl and she has spoken so highly of her that I want to go and see her for myself."

Viren: "What? Already!!!"

Maanvi: "YES! I want you to get married ASAP! I want to dance, sing, wear beautiful lehengas and jewelry!"

Viren: "But why do I have to get married for that? You can do that any other time!"

Maanvi: "Oh not again!"

Anjali: "We are only going to meet her Viren! You are not getting married to her right now!"

Maanvi: "Nani, tell me more about this family."

Nani: "Well they are from Lucknow, just like us, and the two girls live with their Buaji and Beeji in Chandani Chowk."

Anjali: "Two girls?"

Nani: "Yes. They are two sisters: Jeevika and Khushi. Khushi is of the same age as you, Maanvi. They lost their parents, too, and since then have stayed with their Buaji and Beeji."

Maanvi: "So, I am guessing Jeevika is the intended one for Viren Bhaiyya..." She playfully nudged him.

Viren was embarrassed.

Nani: "Yes. Jeevika is 23 years old and she is has finished her studies with distinction. She topped her class. She studied English literature and teaches in a school. My friend was saying that she is so beautiful and poised that if you spend even a few seconds with her, you forget all your worries!"

Maanvi: "WOW! I already like her! Our family will do better with someone like her! Our family is everything but calm!"

Anjali: "Exactly! I am already excited to meet her!"

Maanvi: "Common hurry up! Let's get ready!"

Viren tried calling Arnav to inform him about what had happened but Anjali snatched his phone and turned it off.

Viren: "Di! I just need to tell Bhaiyya..."

Anjali: "Tell him when we are on our way! Hurry up! I want to stop by the temple first."

Apr 19, 2012

Kaise Bataye? Part 4 (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 47 times)

The Raizadas (sans Arnav) left for the temple which was to be followed by their visit to the Gupta House.

Arnav tried calling Viren but his phone was switched off.

Arnav: "Damn it! Where is Viren? He must be at home! I will just go back to get the file from him!"


Khushi: "Was it Brindavan or Nandavan? Maybe Shantivan? Oh no! Why didn't I write down the address?"

Khushi to the watchman: "Bhaiyyaji, what is the name of this place?"

Watchman: "Shantivan."

Khushi: "I guess Shantivan it is! I have come here to meet the Madam to show her some samples."

Watchman: "What samples?"

Khushi: "They are special Chikan Kari samples from Lucknow!"

Watchman to the other guard: "Naniji must have called her. But everyone just left! No one is home."

Khushi: "What?! No one is home!? This is perfect!! I can reach home early!!! I will just leave these samples at their place and I will leave."

Watchman: "Okay...you can leave it here."

Khushi: "WHAT? NO! These are special samples! What if they get lost or stolen? I am not going to leave them anywhere just like that!"

Watchman: "FINE! Go ahead and give it to Hari Prakash ji."

Khushi went ahead and rang the doorbell.

HP opened the door.

Khushi: "Namaste. I am Khushi Kumari Gupta and I came here to show some Chikan Kari samples but the watchmanji outside informed me that no one is at home. So I will just leave my samples here and when they return they can check them and call me back. (She tore a piece of paper from her book) I will leave my number on this piece of paper in the bag."

HP: "Okay. Thank you. Would you like to have some water?"

Khushi: "Oh. Thank you!"

HP: "No problem. Please have a seat and I will be right back."

Khushi sat down on the sofa but it completely engulfed her. So she quickly got up.


Khushi: "This has to be real marble flooring! This house is so beautiful so huge!!!"

She started twirling around in the huge space. The white marble flooring had captivated her.


The white Aston Martin pulled up on the driveway and Arnav barged into the house.

HP came forward with the glass water he had brought for Khushi. He was just passing the passage to get to the living room where Khushi was waiting for him when Arnav grabbed the glass and drank the water which was meant for Khushi.

Arnav: "Thanks. But how did you know I was coming?"


Arnav turned around.

Arnav: "What is that noise? Sounds like...is there a rat in our house!!!???"

HP: "No! There is someone in the living room. She came here to visit Nani and Anjaliji."


Arnav: "What is she 5 years old? Is she dancing or something?"

HP: "No. Arnav Saab..."

Arnav: "Nevermind."

Arnav was just about to enter the living room to get to the stairs to his room when a gust of wind caught him off guard. Khushi felt it too and she immediately turned around. But she couldn't see him and nor could he see her.

Arnav stepped back. He thought he might have left the door open.

Arnav: "Where is everyone?"

HP: "They have gone to the temple."

Arnav: "Viren, too?"

HP: "Yes."

Arnav: "Damn it! No wonder his phone is switched off. He must have taken the file with him. I will just have to leave him a message..."

Arnav turned around and left the house.

Just as the door closed behind him, Khushi entered the passageway wanting to check if anyone had come in. She, too, had felt the gust of wind.

Khushi looked at HP and the glass he was holding in the tray. It was only half full.

Khushi: "Such a big house, and only half a glass of water to offer? I know that it is the season of hiked prices but water is free! Maybe you should save by switching off a couple of lights! Your electricity bill must be higher than the entire Chandani Chowk's electricity bill!"

Khushi had been mumbling to herself.

HP: "Huh? I am sorry I couldn't hear you..."

Khushi smiled at him: "It's not your fault! You are only doing what your master tells you to! I am not going to hurt your feelings after all you brought this glass of water for me with so much love..."

Khushi took the glass and drank the rest of the water in the glass.

HP: "But that was..."

Khushi: "Hari Prakashji thank you very much for the water but I am in a hurry! Next time I come we can talk much more...Bye!!"

Khushi ran out and took a rickshaw home.


Arnav finally got through to Viren on the phone.

Arnav: "Where the HELL are you?"

Viren: "Don't ask! This is all your fault! I am on my way to the temple and after that we are going to see the first girl."

Arnav: "What? So soon!"

Viren: "Didn't YOU say start looking for a bride ASAP? Well, they are YOUR sisters and ASAP means the next god damned breath!"

Arnav: "Okay! Don't worry! Just reject the proposal! That's it! Just say 'no'."

Viren: "Okay. I am going to say 'no'."

Arnav: "So where is the Khurana file?"

Viren: "Oh no! It is with me...I didn't realize..."

Arnav: "Don't worry about it...where are you going after the temple?"

Viren: "Chandani Chowk."

Arnav: "WHAT?"

Viren: "That's where she lives!"

Arnav: "I am sorry bro! Chandani Chowk! Tsk tsk! How long will you be there?"

Viren: "I don't know...a couple of hours...this is my first time you know, thanks to you!"

Arnav: "I can't wait that long. I have to go through that file today. I will meet you in Chandani Chowk to collect the file. BUT DON'T TELL ANYONE I AM GOING TO BE THERE OKAY? I have no interest in joining in today's festivities."

Viren: "Fine. (He give Arnav the address) They live by the sweet shop. 'Gupta Halwai' is the name. They own it. I will meet you there, okay? None of the family members should be in the shop because they will be home entertaining us I am sure. I will make some excuse and come outside the house to give you the file."

Arnav: "Sounds good. See you soon."

Apr 20, 2012

Kaise Bataye? Part 5 (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 37 times)

Khushi had reached their sweet shop. She called her friends meaning the little kids from the families around the shop for a meeting.

Khushi: "Okay, so the first thing we need to do is to find out what does this Arnav Singh Raizada look like...Aftab, log on to that computer and google him."

Aftab: "Is he that famous that he will show up if I google him?"

Khushi: "We will have to find out. Buaji did say that AR Groups is famous all over the world...type his name along with AR Groups."

Aftab gasped and Khushi and the kids gathered around him.

Aftab: "He is a white man!"

Khushi: "Oh no silly! That cant be! Oh look...he is the indian man right next to him...but he looks more than 60 years old!"

Aftab: "Jeevika di cannot marry a man more than twice her age!"

Pinky: "Both of you are soo silly! He is that good looking Indian man holding the award in his hand and talking on the phone, IN THE CENTER!"

Everyone looked at the man she was pointing on the screen.

Khushi's mouth went dry. She found him extremely attractive and...

Khushi: "So what if he is good looking!? Look at his attitude? He won the award and these two gentlemen (she pointed at the white man and the old Indian man) are standing to take a photograph with him...perhaps a smile is too precious for him to share BUT couldn't he at least keep the phone down for a second?"

Nasser: "Yes you are right! He is very anti-social and proud!"

Pinky: "But that is the award he won at the Forbes Most Influential..."

Khushi: "Pinky shhh!!! You are on our side, STOP praising him! I don't care if he won an award at Forbes or Star Parivaar...actually I would appreciate it if it were at the Star Parivaar awards because at least I get to vote...who know Forbes might have stuck up people just like him who only choose one amongst them!"

Aftab: "He is not an actor..."

Bubbly: "...he is good looking enough to be one! Look at him, I love his style, his aviators (she was looking at other pictures of him)...I think I am in love!"

Nasser: "What happened to Shah Rukh Khan?"

Pinky: "Shah Rukh Khan? Who Shah Rukh Khan?"

Everyone laughed.

Khushi: "Oh my god! Pinky and Bubbly, you are only 10!!! Is this the way to behave?"

Bubbly: "And you are 21...you are behaving like a 10 year old!"

Khushi: "Well, looks don't matter. I am pissed off because he decided to get married today and the Raizadas called our residence informing that they will be coming to see our Jeevika di in 2 hours! What do they think that Jeevika di has been waiting for them all this time! Two hours!? And then one look at these photos tells me that he is arrogant and snobbish and will expect Jeevika di to do everything just as he says! And Jeevika di will do just that! Of course, he is going to say yes to her because Jeevika di will never be rejected by anyone but I can't let this Laad Governor..."

Aftab: "Laad Governor?"

Khushi: "Yes! Laad Gorvernor. That is his code name, got it? We can't let this Laad Governor ruin our Jeevika Di's life! We have to make sure that he doesn't even last here more than half an hour. And the only word he remembers to say is 'no'! Thus, rejecting the proposal! Okay! Now let's plan our strategy!"


The whole of Chandani Chowk came to a standstill when they saw a lustrous white car drive by. They had never seen a car so glamorous, so magnificent ever before in their life!

The car stopped in front of Gupta Halwai and out came a man dressed in a sleek black Armani suit and aviators. Of course, the people had never heard of Armani or Aston Martin but that didn't matter. One look and everyone knew this man spoke nothing but money, power and status.

Arnav turned around and took his aviators off.

'Gupta Halwai'

He shook his head and started walking towards the sweet shop.

Nasser: "Khushi Di! I think he is here!!!"

Khushi: "So early?"

Khushi turned around and lost her breath. Whatever she thought about him, she couldn't deny one thing. He was definitely extremely good looking and just few steps in Chandani Chowk and he had already owned it. People moved out of his way to let him through...that NEVER happens in Chandani Chowk!

Khushi: "Nasser, is everything ready?"

Nasser: "Yes!"

Khushi: "Pinky and Aftab, as soon as he enters you go out to his car...you know what to do?"

Aftab: "Yes! Don't wory. Over and out!"

Apr 20, 2012

Kaise Bataye? Part 6 (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 56 times)

Khushi smiled an evil smile: “Just wait and watch Laad Governor…!”

She strained her neck as Arnav was going to enter the sweet shop. She was soo excited to see what was going to follow.

Arnav was just about to enter the sweet shop when his phone started ringing.

He instantly turned around.

Khushi’s smile was wiped off her face.

Another man entered the sweetshop.

Khushi and Nasser: “OH NO! STOP!”

Nasser had tied a string to trip Arnav and as soon as he would have tripped, the wire would have triggered the bucket of cold water…


The unlucky man: “What!!!??? Help!!!!!”

Khushi ran to him: “Sorry Bhai saab!!! It’s just that we are cleaning the shop and so the water…”

The man just left the place shouting angrily.

Arnav turned around because of the commotion but Khushi quickly hid behind the counter.

Arnav just shook his head.

Arnav to himself: "Downmarket people..."

Arnav (on the phone): “Yes, Aman. I think that file is in my car I will just check it…hang on.”

Khushi realized that Arnav was heading to his car.

Khushi: “Oh no! Aftab and Pinky are by the car!”

She quickly covered her face with her dupatta.

Khushi: “Bubbly, come with me!”

She rushed to him.

Khushi: “Suniye ji (Excuse me)”

Arnav turned around.

He couldn’t see her face and so he bend over to try to see her face but she kept avoiding him.

Arnav: “Yes?”

Khushi offered him a jalebee from the box she was carrying.

Arnav: “No thank you.”

Khushi: “Its free!”

Arnav just rolled his eyes.

Arnav: “No. Thank you!”

He tried to get to his car but Khushi just stood in his way and didn’t budge.

Khushi: “Arey! It is Bubbly’s birthday! (She pointed at Bubbly) You must have one piece at least otherwise you will break this poor girl’s heart!”

Bubbly: “But my birthday was in December!”

Khushi could feel he was glaring at her even though she couldn’t see him.

Khushi: “Uhh but that was LAST year! So have one piece in honor of the birthday that she will celebrate THIS year!”


Khushi saw from the side that Aftab and Pinky had run away from the car. She could hear them giggling which only meant one thing.

Khushi to herself: “Oh no!!! He is not in the shop yet!”

She quickly rushed past him and saw a lady approaching the next trap. They had placed little green marble beads on the floor so that he would trip again!

Khushi: “STOP!!!!!!”

Khushi practically flew to stop the lady. She successfully pushed the lady to the side but wasn’t as lucky herself. She tripped over the marble beads and was just about to fall smack on the floor when a strong set of hands broke her fall.

Khushi’s dupatta was still covering her hair but Arnav had finally got a glimpse of her face and his mouth went dry. He couldn’t take his eyes off her face. She had such gorgeous eyes, porcelain skin and rosey lips…her lips…

They stared at each other for a couple of seconds, none able to break the eye contact.

However, it was Khushi who snapped herself out of the trance first.

Khushi: “LET GO OFF ME!”

Arnav shrugged: “Okay.”

He let go off her and Khushi fell on the floor.

Khushi: “OUCH!!!”

Khushi got up and fixed her dupatta.

Arnav just turned around. He called Aman but this time started talking with him through the Bluetooth.

Arnav: “Aman, yes, sorry the phone got disconnected. Tell them no jalebees…no…I mean no compromise! They have signed the contract so they can’t back out now.”

Khushi was listening to him.

Khushi: “What??? Contract? He already signed a contract with Jeevika di! I knew this marriage will be just like any other business deal for him!”

Arnav: “Aman, I am fine…just a lot of disturbance around here. Some idiot was running around all over the place.”

Khushi gasped and turned him around.

Khushi: “Idiot?! You are calling ME an idiot when you are the one talking to yourself!!??”

Arnav pointed at his bluetooth: “I will call you back.”

Arnav: “Perhaps I should give you more credit, after all you figured out that it was you I was talking about on your own. Quite a feat for an idiot…”

Khushi was pissed off: “What contract were you talking about? I am Jeevika and I didn’t sign ANY contract!”

Arnav: “YOU are Jeevika?”

Khushi realized that it was a genuine question and so she heaved a sigh of relief. He didn’t know who Jeevika was that means he hadn’t signed any contract with her.

Arnav knew Jeevika was the name of the girl Viren was supposed to meet.

Arnav: “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at home?”

Khushi: “Arey! Just like your business is important to you, my business is important for me! Someone has to be here to handle the business! Just because the great Raizadas are coming over doesn’t mean the world should stop revolving! Besides, the rest of my family is upstairs to greet your family! Why are YOU here? Shouldn’t YOU be with your family?”

Arnav through gritted teeth: “Why will I be with them? Viren is there, I don’t know why, when you are here…YOU should be upstairs…couldn’t your younger sister, Kusum or Khushali, handle the shop?!”

Khushi: “Her name is KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA!”

Arnav: “Whatever! You know what I don’t have time for you!”

He turned around: “Where is this Viren stuck? He should have called me by now!”

Khushi: “He is YOUR younger brother! You should know!”

Arnav: “It was a rhetorical question! Oh God if I stay here one more second I will go crazy!”

Arnav was just about to leave when all of a sudden he felt like everything around him had started turning around. Had he gone crazy already? He collapsed to the floor.

Khushi turned around and was shocked to see him on the floor.

Khushi: “Oh my god! He wasn’t kidding was he? He really lost it!”

She quickly got down next to him. She immediately noticed that he had fainted.

Khushi: “Bubbly, hurry up, bring some water!”

She rested his head on her lap and sprinkled some water to wake him up.

Arnav: “Something sweet…hurry up…I am diabetic…”

Khushi gasped. She realized he had fainted because his blood sugar level had dropped. She knew all about Diabetes, her father had had it too!

Khushi: “Aftab, give me that box of Jalebees!”

She quickly fed him the Jalebee. He refused after the first bite to have anymore but she didn’t relent until he had eaten the whole piece. She knew this disease all too well. After a couple of seconds, Arnav slowly got up with the help of Khushi. He drank some of the water she offered.

Khushi: “I am sorry…I didn’t know…”

Arnav: “Thank you.”

He started walking to leave but Khushi stopped him.

Khushi: “Are you okay?”

Arnav nodded.

He left the shop.

Khushi had just about calmed down when she realized…but it was too late.

Arnav yelled: “WHAT THE…???!!!!”

Khushi: “Hey Devi Maiyya, save me!!!!!!!”

Khushi ran out with the kids.

Arnav: “YOU and YOUR friends did this!!!”

Khushi had done it but there had been no reason so far for him to come to that conclusion so quickly! That irked her!

Khushi: “Relax! Or else you will faint once again.”

The kids laughed and that made Arnav all the more angry!

Arnav: “Do you know how much this car costs?! And you spilt colored water on it!”

Khushi: “It’s just orange juice. Here, I will clean it.”

She looked around for something to wipe the car with but when she didn’t find anything fast enough and she could sense him getting agitated because of the delay, she removed her dupatta which had been covering her hair.

As soon as she removed her dupatta, her hair came loose cascading all over her shoulders.

And just like that Arnav forgot what he was thinking about. He was no longer angry; he didn’t even know why he had been angry in the first place.

Khushi: “There! All spic and span! I cleaned it with my dupatta and don’t worry my dupatta is clean! I only use the best detergent for my clothes!”

Arnav didn’t say anything because he was still lost in her hair. He slowly walked towards the driver’s seat to get into the car. He looked down and that was all it took for him to remember why he had been angry just a few seconds ago!

He glared at her.

Jeevika: “Khushi?”

Khushi turned around.

Jeevika and Viren were walking towards the shop together.

Viren: “Khushi?”

Jeevika: “Virenji, this is my younger sister, Khushi.”

Viren was soo lost in Jeevika. Anybody could see that he was already totally into her.

But before anyone could say anything…


Apr 20, 2012

Kaise Bataye? Part 7 (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 65 times)

Khushi turned around with wide eyes. He had figured it out and also the fact that his tire was punctured!


Viren: "Bhaiyya?"

Arnav: "BHAIYYA?! You were supposed to be here an hour ago!"

Viren: "Sorry...I was uhh with Jeevika..."

Jeevika: "Is this your elder brother?"

Viren: "Jeevika, yes, this is my elder brother, Arnav Singh Raizada. Bhaiyya , this is Jeevika Gupta."

Jeevika: "Namaste. I have already heard a lot about you."

Arnav nodded but he was not done with Khushi who was hiding behind his car.

Arnav pushed past them: "Khushi! KHUSHI! COME OUT! If you don't have the guts to face the consequences then don't..."

Khushi stormed towards him.

Khushi: "...I am not scared of anyone and especially not of you!"

Arnav: "My tire..."

Khushi: "...is flat! Deal with it!"

One could see the vein throbbing on Arnav's temple.

The kids gathered around her to protect her.

Arnav looked no scowled at each one of them. He didn't have to say anything...one by one they bundled behind her.

Arnav grunted satisfied with the effect he had on them.

Arnav to Khushi: "HOW?"

Khushi: "Simple...we just used this to puncture the tire. Actually, we were going to use this pin but look what your tire did to it! (She showed him the pin which was bent and destroyed) I must concede, that is one amazing tire...we practically had to use a knife!"

Arnav: "What the?! That is an ASTON MARTIN!"

Khushi: "Huh? I have heard of Maruti and I have heard of Tata...now what is this Aston whatever it is called..."

Aftab pulled her duppata.

Aftab: "Di! It is an Aston Martin! All the superheroes use this car!"

Nasser: "He has to be the only one who has this car in the country!"

Pinky: "It is imported from England..."

Bubbly: "...and now he is going to have to go all the way to England to fix the tire!"

Arnav was amazed by how much knowledge these little kids had. Given on any other day he would have loved to sit and talk to them about cars because he was very passionate about cars but not today. Today they had hurt his baby.

Khushi: "Oh look! Here is the prime example of what the British left behind. That is the most stupid thing to do! Why would you buy a car from another country when you have sooo many good cars in India!? What is the purpose of the car? Just to travel to and fro and my Dhanno does the same very well on her own!"

She walked to her pink scooty and petted the seat.

Arnav walked over to her scooty and snapped the rearview mirror.

Khushi gasped.

She couldn't believe what he had done but more than that she couldn't believe he had done it with his bare hands!

She picked up the rearview mirror which had fallen on the ground. Now she was really scared of him! He was a monster!

Khushi: "Why did you do that?!!!"

Arnav was soo pissed off he couldn't even formulate a sentence.

He turned around and in his eyes Khushi could see fire. She kept quiet before the devil lashed out against her.

She tied the dupatta to her side.

Khushi: "Oh God! Relax! I will change your tire and then we can courier the other one to England so that they can send you a new one! Aston Marcus or Tata, a tire is a tire and the process is the same!"

Arnav gritted his teeth: "ASTON MARTIN!"

Khushi: "Whatever. Open the trunk."

Arnav: "Stay away from my car. Don't touch it!"

Khushi: "No can do, Mr. Aston Martin. I have to touch it to change the tire! Besides, I have already touched it when I punctured the tire and ALSO when I wiped the orange juice off the hood. Common now, hurry up! I don't have a whole day to do this! I need the pry bar, lug wrench, the wheel lock key, jack..."

She bustled around placing the bricks as wheel chocks.

Arnav was just standing there dumbfounded. She was speaking 'cars'!

Khushi turned around and rolled her eyes. She noticed that the keys were in his hands. So, she went to him grabbed the keys from his hand and opened the trunk herself.

Now, Arnav was not the only one flabbergasted. Viren's jaw dropped to the floor. Arnav let no one, NO ONE, touch his cars and here this girl was not only changing the tire but had also grabbed the keys from his hands and he hadn't uttered a single word to stop her.

Khushi had to practically use her entire body weight to raise the car using the jack.

Arnav quickly regained control over his lost senses and bend down next to her to help her. He had never in his life met a girl who could change the tire of a car. The girls he was accustomed too didn't even know that it was possible to change the tire on their own.

Khushi and Arnav worked rhythmically and in the next few minutes the tire was changed and the car was good to go.

Khushi brushed her hands to get rid of the dust and undid her dupatta to set it straight.

Jeevika: "Khushi, what is this? Why is your dupatta so dirty? And what tricks have you played on Arnavji? Why were you troubling him?"

Khushi: "Nothing! Can't you see his car is so spotless!"

Arnav: "Does it even matter? Her shenanigans goes well with her role as the Joker of Chandani Chowk!"

Khushi: "How dare you call me a Joker?!"

Arnav: "How dare YOU call Arnav Singh Raizada whatever you just said!"

Khushi: "You know what, I am done with you! Forget saying thanks, you don't even have the decency to be civil with me after all I just helped you out with your car and inside in the sweet shop when you..."

Khushi was just about to mention that he had fainted but Arnav cut her off. He didn't want Viren to know what had happened.

Arnav: "Nothing happened in the sweet shop apart from, of course, you falling down and making a fool of yourself!"

Khushi: "I fell down?! YOU..."

Arnav: "Khushi Kumari Gupta, just shut up! This is the first and the last time I am meeting you so don't ruin your impression any more than it already is!"

Viren: "But Bhaiyya..."

Khushi realized that he didn't want to upset his brother over the little diabetes problem he had earlier. This Viren Singh Raizada looked like a nice man and so, she let it slide.

Khushi: "Wait one minute...what are you trying to say?"

Arnav: "You people never understand anything on the first go! One always has to explain everything again and again! Listen up, this the first and the last time I am repeating. You and me are never going to meet again! My family will NEVER have anything to do with your family! We are rejecting your proposal!"

Khushi: "Ahahahahha! YOU are rejecting the proposal!!??? Sorry, WE reject YOU! You were the one who called in the first place!"

Jeevika: "Why would we reject Arnavji..."

Khushi: "Di! Please, you are very nice and so don't get involved with people like this man! To think you were going to marry him!"

Viren: "What..."

Arnav: "WHAT? You don't even know what you are talking about!? Who the hell are you to reject anyone when you don't even know what is happening! I am not marrying anyone. It is my brother who is looking for a bride but I will save him the effort and say 'no' on behalf of my family!"

Viren: "BUT BHAIYYA! Both of us already agreed!"

Khushi and Arnav turned around: "WHAT THE...!?"

They looked at each other.

Khushi: "Jeevika Di, what is he saying?"

Jeevika turned red: "We both said yes and the elders are talking about the next step upstairs..."

Arnav: "No way, Jose!"

Khushi: "No way, Aston Martin!"

Both of them looked at each other and the same thought came across their mind.

It was like an imaginary count down had begun.

Three. Two. One.

And off they ran!

The race was on. Who would reject the proposal first?

Viren: "Funny...I have NEVER seen him like this...I am sorry Jeevika, he is always so calm, collected, poised...I don't know what has come over him today...I don't understand!"

Jeevika: "I am sorry about Khushi's behavior too...unfortunately, she is ALWAYS like this!"

Apr 21, 2012

Kaise Bataye? Part 8 (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 49 times)

Arnav and Khushi were racing each other to reach the Gupta House first. The Guptas lived in a chawl in Chandani Chowk. They reached the entrance to the chawl but it was too narrow for both of them to enter at the same time. They stood facing each other.

Khushi: "Let it be! People like you cannot make it all the way upstairs. We live on the fourth floor. By the time you reach upstairs you will pass out again!"

Khushi pushed past him but just as she raised her foot to start climbing the narrow staircase, Arnav lifted her up and put her down behind him.

Khushi: "Arey! This is cheating!"

But Arnav wasn't listening he had already started climbing upstairs.

Khushi screamed: "Where will you go!? It is my house! And I know another way to get there!"

Arnav turned around: "If it's on the fourth floor, you are going to have to get up stairs one way or the other! I doubt there is an elevator here!"

Khushi: "Yeah yeah! But there are 30 rooms on each floor! Good luck knocking on each door!"

Khushi ran to the staircase on the other end. The Gupta's "room" was right in the middle.

Arnav called Maanvi on the phone.

Arnav barked: "Maanvi, where are you?"

Maanvi: "I am with everyone in Chandani Chowk. We have come to meet the first girl..."

Arnav: "Are you in the house now?"

Maanvi: "Yes, but..."

Arnav: "Come out side and stand in front of their room."

Maanvi: "Okay, but..."

Arnav: "Just do as I say! And it's on the fourth floor right?"

Maanvi: "No. It's on the third floor."

Arnav: "I knew it! Come outside, NOW!"

Arnav cut the phone and ran all the way up.

Khushi and Arnav reached the third floor at the same time.

They couldn't see each other because they were on the opposite ends. They started running towards each other, towards the center.

Maanvi was in the center standing right in front of the room.

Khushi: "Hahaha! Poor guy must be knocking on all the doors on the fourth floor! Serves him right!"

Arnav felt like he was in an obstacle race. He jumped over the little kids playing outside the rooms, the piles of dried red chilies, piles or flowers...he bend over to dodge the sarees and bed sheets hung outside to dry in the passage. Arnav spotted Maanvi outside a room...and then he saw Khushi and she saw him too!

Khushi increased her pace when she saw him.

Khushi: "How in the world did he figure it out!?"

She ran like the crazy woman she was, her dupatta flying behind her and her hair flying loose, too.

Everyone in the passage noticed the two of them running like maniacs and moved out of their way. Maanvi who was standing in between looked to her left and right and realized that they were going to crash into her and stepped back instantly. Arnav hit the brakes but Khushi had lost control. She ran into him knocking both of them down. They fell into the pile of flowers, Khushi on top of him which was by the entrance of the Gupta House.


Their fall had had a domino effect and one after the other everything started falling down. The baskets of colorful flowers, fruits, chillies...

Everyone in the house came out

Anjali and Nani covered their mouths with their hands. Maanvi just started at her brother who was on the floor with her mouth wide open. Had he been racing that girl? What the...? Was Arnav Singh Raizada playing?

Beeji was shocked and Buaji grabbed her head because she felt like fainting. This Sanka Devi had done it again!

Viren and Jeevika came up stairs. Now a crowd had formed around them.

Arnav tried to get up but Khushi was trying to do the same at the same time and so she pushed him down, her hands on his chest, to lift herself up.

Buaji: "Titaliya! What is this!!!!????"

Beeji: "Khushi, what are you doing!!!???"

Khushi got up: "I will tell you what I am doing!"

She went and stood in front of Viren pushing Jeevika behind her.

Khushi: "Our answer to this proposal..."

Arnav: "...is a NO!"

Arnav stood in front of Khushi towering above her pushing Viren behind her.

Maanvi rushed and stood in between the two of them, well four of them; Khushi and Jeevika to her right and Arnav and Viren to her left.

Maanvi didnt know what to say so she just screamed.

Apr 21, 2012

Kaise Bataye? Part 9 (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 56 times)

Khushi and Jeevika covered their ears with their hands but Arnav and Viren were unaffected. They were used to such outbursts from Maanvi.

Arnav grabbed her by her shoulders: "MAANVI, SHUT UP!"

Maanvi shut up because Arnav had yelled so loudly that his voice had resonated even over her scream.


Arnav: "Di, Viren is not going to marry Jeevika. That is final!"

Nani: "But we all like her! Even Viren has said yes!"

Arnav looked at Viren: "You were supposed to reject all the proposals not say 'yes' to the very first girl!"

Viren: "Bhai, but..."

Arnav: "No buts! It is a 'no'. This is my decision and it is final!"

Arnav turned around and started leaving.

Khushi: "GO! JUST LEAVE! We, too, have no interest in giving away our Jeevika to your family!"

Buaji: "KHUSHI, KEEP QUIET! This is not your decision to make! The elders and Jeevika will decide! Keep quiet and go back inside the house."

Khushi: "But..."

Beeji: "RIGHT NOW!"

Buaji to Nani: "I am sorry for her behavior. Please forgive her! She is a very childish and innocent. Please don't change your mind because of her! I will, myself, make sure that she will never do anything to upset Arnavji. I know his decisions are the final ones in your family. They are binding to all but I please urge you to reconsider."

Buaji and Beeji joined their hands together before Arnav asking for his forgiveness.

Beeji: "Please, don't let it reflect on Jeevika. She is a very nice girl. She will keep Viren very happy."

Arnav hadn't noticed that they were standing before him with their hands joined begging for forgiveness because his eyes were only for Khushi who was peeping through the curtains. He smirked because he saw her shocked face. She had no say but he did and there was no way his brother was going to marry her sister.

But Khushi had seen what her Beeji and Buaji were doing and she hated him for that. What did he think of himself? How could he let women more than twice his age beg before him?! How heartless could he be?!

She couldn't stand it anymore and so she stormed outside again and lowered Buaji's hands. Maanvi had noticed it and she too came at the same time and lowered Beeji's hands. Both the girls looked at each other and smiled. They took an instant liking to each other.

Maanvi: "Buaji and Beeji please! You are embarrassing us! We are just like your grandchildren! Bhaiyya, let's go home. We will think over this calmly. Please forgive him! He tends to get worked up easily!"

Arnav had just realized what had happened. Had these two old women actually been begging for forgiveness!? How did he miss that? He was not that evil! He knew very well how to respect the elderly...He instantly felt bad for what he had failed to act upon. Of course, it was all her fault!

Maanvi: "Let's go. We are not saying no (Arnav glared at her) and we are not saying yes. We will get back to you in, uhhh, 7 days? How does that sound?"

Anjali exhaled: "That sounds good. It will also give all of you time to think over this. After all, it is a marriage and will join both the families together."

Maanvi pulled Arnav and Viren along with her. Anjali and Nani, too, said their good byes and the Raizadas left the place.

Buaji pulled Khushi inside the house and Jeevika and Beeji followed.

Beeji closed the door behind them and closed the windows, too. Everyone from the chawl who had gathered to watch the show dispersed.


Khushi: "But Buaji...

Beeji: "There is no use talk to her! Look she is still in the mood to argue. There is only one way! We should have done this a long time back but now she has gone out of our control!"

She turned Khushi around and was just about to slap her when Jeevika stopped her.

Jeevika: "Beeji! Please! You know how Khushi is! She does not know any better! Please don't do this! So what if this proposal gets rejected? There will always be a new one!"

Buaji: "You don't understand! The Raizadas are the best proposal you can get! There is nothing better than them! And they had liked you until this stupid girl came and ruined it!"

Khushi had started crying by now.

Jeevika: "I know but it is okay. Mistakes happen! So what if I don't marry Virenji (Jeevika was in tears too) I will find some other guy and I will be happy..."

Jeevika started crying too! She had really like Viren and knew that he had liked her too!

Khushi saw this. She never wanted to break her sister's heart.

Khushi: "Jeevika Di! Please, trust me! It was a genuine mistake! I have nothing against Virenji! But that man...it doesn't matter as long as you forgive me..."

Khushi touched her shoulder to comfort Jeevika but Jeevika pushed her hand away.

Jeevika: "Just because I stopped Beeji from slapping you doesn't mean I support you actions. What you did was reckless and stupid and not once did you think about others! Not once did you think about me! How selfish can you get? I will never forgive you! I am sure they are going to say 'no'!"

Beeji: "Don't say that Jeevika beta. They said they will think about this and get back to us in a week!"

Buaji: "Oh please! I wouldn't hold my breath over that! They only said that to run away from the situation and I don't blame them! Who would want to join ties with a family who has raised a selfish and reckless girl!"

Buaji and Beeji went to their room and closed the door behind them. Jeevika headed out.

Khushi: "Di...please...listen to me!"

Jeevika: "Leave me alone!"

Jeevika left leaving Khushi all alone.

Khushi sat down and started crying.

What had she done? She finally realized that Jeevika had really liked Viren!


At RM,

Anjali: "Chote? CHOTE!"

But Arnav didn't stop he was rushing to get to his room and slam the door behind him! He wanted to be alone! Even his car failed to offer him the breathing room he sought for and that was a new! She had been all over his car and all over him! She had violated his personal space the moment he had met her and it was pissing him off that he had been unable to set her straight from the get go!

But Maanvi cut him to the chase and blocked his way to his room.

He had decided to go through the pool side...why he didn't know and it had turned out to be a great mistake! But now he was trapped in the pool side room because Maanvi and Nani had blocked his way to his room and Anjali and Viren had blocked his way out!

Arnav growled like a captured lion that he was: "WHAT?"

Maanvi: "What just happened in Chandani Chowk?"

Arnav: "That what should have happened! We are Raizadas for crying out loud! Why are we arranging a marriage with someone from such a lower economic class!?"

Nani: "CHOTE! Money and status are not important when looking for a life partner! Jeevika is a perfect woman and the best match for Viren! That is why..."

Arnav: "Nani, please! Money is everything! We wouldn't have the say in the society we have today if it weren't for the money we have. Those Guptas would have never given you the time of the day if you weren't wealthy and of a higher status! If you weren't a Raizada! We all know that so best not pretend to be ignorant! Money runs the world, no wonder they were treating us like God!"

Maanvi: "Clearly, that is bull!"

Arnav: "Huh?"

Maanvi: "Bhaiyya, I don't know what world you live in but in this world we treat Gods differently..."

Arnav: "What do you mean?"

Maanvi folded her arms in front of her and started circling him.

Arnav rolled his eyes.

Arnav: "If you are done with your drama..."

Maanvi: "What I mean is that we don't shout in front of our God, we don't reject them and we definitely don't run into them pushing them to the floor!"

Viren got wind of who Maanvi was referring to.

Amongst all that had happened, he too had been dumbfounded with the way Arnav had behaved today with Khushi! He had behaved just like Maanvi! Reckless and childish! Whatever had happened to Arnav Singh Raizada?

Viren: "Yes and we definitely don't let ANYONE touch our car let alone change the tire and this is after she punctured it and spilled orange juice all over the trunk..."

Arnav gritted his teeth: "...the hood!"

Anjali and Maanvi gasped.

Maanvi: "WHAT???? And you didn't murder her?"

Viren: "NO! In fact, he helped her change the tire!"

Anjali touched Arnav's forehead.

Anjali: "Chote, are you alright? All this is because you haven't been taking your medicine on time! Now all that is left is for you to faint!"

Arnav immediately remembered that he had, in fact, fainted in Khushi's shop and that SHE had taken care of him. She had comforted him on her lap, feeding him the jalebee...

Arnav cleared his throat.

Arnav: "Exactly! Can't you see? She is bad for my health! Now let me go! I am tired."

He tried to push past them.

Maanvi: "I am not quite sure about that. I am going to have to investigate for myself. But from what I saw, this new Arnav is different; I am not quite sure whether I like him yet..."

Arnav: "Whatever..."

Viren: "Bhaiyya, you have a week to think about this. You already know our answer. It would be great if you agreed with us too...but in the end we will respect your decision like we always have."

Arnav: "Don't hold your breath over it. I have already made up mind and nothing in this world can change it!"

He shut the glass sliding door behind him and pulled the curtains closing them off.

Apr 22, 2012

Kaise Bataye? Part 10 (By Charmingsagi) (Thanked: 64 times)

The next day Khushi got up extra early and opened the sweet shop.

She was worried and she knew had to fix the mess she had created. What was she going to do?! She started making the Jalebees...Round and round the cone went and round and round the wheels of her mind worked.

After two large piles, she gave up. She knew there was only one thing she could do.

She looked at the piles of Jalebees and snorted. She had known this solution even before she had started making them! In fact, she had started making them in order to find any other solution but that! Even her Jalebees, today, didn't give her the breathing room she sought for! And that was a new!

Khushi: "I guess I am going to have to go see him after all! Hey Devi Maiyya, protect me."


Arnav stormed into the office, as usual, ready to take on the world all over again. She was out of sight, out of mind.

Arnav to himself: "THANK GOD FOR THAT!"

Arnav: "Aman, is the conference room ready?"

Aman: "Yes, and the clients have just arrived. I have already directed them towards the conference room."

Arnav: "Perfect. I will head there right away. This is going to be an arduous negotiation so I trust you to handle things outside. Of course, text or call me if there is a problem."

Aman: "Got it, Sir."

As soon as Arnav entered the conference room, Khushi entered the office.

A gust of wind blew alerting them.

Khushi looked around and Arnav, too, stepped back.

Aman: "Is there a problem, Sir? Do you need me to get anything for you?"

Arnav just shook his head and entered the conference room closing the door behind him.

Khushi stepped ahead. She went to the receptionist.

Khushi: "Hello, I would like to meet with Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada."

Receptionist looked at her and her attire: "Sure you would."

Khushi: "Huh?"

Receptionist: "Listen girl, you can't just walk into AR Groups expecting to meet with ASR..."

Khushi: "I don't want to meet ASR; I want to meet Arnav Singh Raizada!"

The receptionist rolled her eyes.

Receptionist: "ASR is Arnav Singh Raizada!"

Khushi: "Ohhhhh...A.S.R. Okay! So, when can I meet "ASR"?"

Receptionist: "Listen, if you are looking for a job, ASR doesn't deal with you people..."

Khushi: "When did I say I am looking for a job? I don't need a job! I have completed my engineering, automobile engineering, in 3 and half years instead of 4 and that too with honors! I am already working with Happyji to expand his business! Why would I want to sell clothes?"

Receptionist exasperated: "Then WHAT are you doing here?!"

Khushi: "I want to meet Arnav Singh Raizada! You people never understand anything on the first go..."

Khushi stopped. What was she saying...wasnt that what he had said...to her!?

Aman walked in.

Aman: "Pardon me, I am Aman, Arnav Singh Raizada's Personal Assistant. You are?"

Khushi smiled at him. He had asked her her name instead of judging her from her appearance.

Khushi: "I am Khushi Kumari Gupta. I wanted to meet Arnav Singh Raizada..."

Aman: "Regarding?"

Khushi looked around her. Many more than just the receptionist were eavesdropping.

She pulled him with her to a corner.

Khushi: "It's personal. I need to fix a problem I created BUT he only made it worse! In fact, if it werent for him, it would have never happened in the first place!"

Aman: "I see. But how do you know him?"

Khushi: "That's the thing! I don't know him and I am already comfortably seated on the top of is hit list! I know his car inside out more than I know him!"

Aman: "What? You know his car inside out?!"

Khushi: "Who wouldn't?! I knew it the moment I saw her. She is one sleek model. Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. The V12 DBS is the new model now which is spectacular in its own right but doesn't have the pure feline appeal. This man definitely knows his cars!"

Aman: "How do you know so much about cars?"

Khushi: "Looking at me one would guess the same. But cars are my passion! Anyways, why are we discussing this? When can I meet Arnav Singh Raizada?"

Aman: "I am sorry but you won't be able to meet him today. He is in a very important meeting right now..."

Khushi: "What about during his lunch break? The man eats, doesn't he?"

Aman: "Yes but he loves his work much more. He is going for another lunch meeting."

Khushi: "Okay. I only need few minutes. (To herself) He isn't going to give me any more than that anyways! (To Aman) I will wait for him. The time that he takes to walk from his office to his car is all I need!"

Aman: "Okkkaayyy but..."

Khushi: "I am not listening! I have come here and I am only going to leave once I talk to him!"

Khushi went and sat down on one of the sofas in the entrance lobby.

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