My Story of ARSHI Karwa Chaud... (ARSHI: Bond Beyond The Love)

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Apr 18, 2012

my story of arshi Karwa chauth.............(love and love only) (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 156 times)

Hi guys...

I am Tanu or u can say “Tanu_Rshi”!

I am going to write a story...... “ My Story Of ARSHI Karwa Chaud.....(ARSHI: Bond Beyond The Love)


Actually at the start of this story.... i have planned to put a small segment for the Festival of Karwa chaud....(this is the hindu festival when married women keep whole day fast without any food or anything.... not even a single drop of water....... until and unless they watch moon in sky that night! This is a festival for her husband’s long life and for having same husband for next 7 lives!)

This is a simply my imagination as I didn't like director's weird track in IPKKND, so I had been expecting something beautiful message from director in this show. This is not just a simple arshi love story... but it is the story of arshi couple where story starts from the moment when misunderstanding between arnav and khushi are cleared... and both have accepted their relationship, and love, care for each other... but devil shyam is staying at Raizada mansion (RM) and anjali is still under belief that her husband is world's best husband!

But  none other than arshi knows about true dark & devil face of shyam! All of the other family members are happy that they have best son-in-law!

Bubbli is small girl of 8yrs who has arrived as an guest in her school vacations!

But after the initial part of this story, this story starts to put the real meaning of every relationship (means about husband-wife relation, about mother-child, about sister-sister, about brother-brother, brother-sister, the true relationship of friend-friend and all the relations of in-laws)!

ARSHI” means..... ARNAV+ KHUSHI= ARSHI where true meaning of ARSHI came out with the BOND!


this fiction is full of love, emotions, true relations, pain, fun, anger that is the fully of every human emotion! and one thing... the strong bond of ARSHI is the result of all those twist and turns which are there in story to strengthen and boost relations! The whole credit of such a wonderful ARSHI bond goes to every that hurdle which has came in their way...... where arnav and khushi both have successfully protected and cared their relationship firmly!

I have a plan to discover a real definition of pure soul-to-soul, heart-to-heart, and person-to-person relationship!

This is purely imagination which is neither by any mean related to any person nor any thing. I hope you would enjoy it as much as IPKKND show!

This story is dedicated to my god blessed younger sister... Manu!

Apr 18, 2012

my story of arshi Karwa chauth.............(love and love only) (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 112 times)

CHAPTER 1: Karwa Chaud


(It is morning in RM)

khushi is standing by the arnav and knotting the tie of arnav and arnav is staring at khushi...!

khushi finishs the knotting...

" ok...! i have finished...!" Khushi speak out while looking at arnav's face after finishing to tie the knotting for arnav's tie...!

"Arnavji..." she speak out more loudly on finding he is staring at her without even a single blink...!

"what the?" he exclaimed while coming out of trans...!

"whats going on?"

"what you think?" he asked with smirk...!

"o... now i think you should leave for office..." she speak out while looking here and there...!

"no...not at all..." he speak out while playing with her hair lock and staring deeply at her crimson cheeks...!

"what will u cost to go to office?" she asks while staring into his eyes directly while trying to make him ready to go for office...!

he stares at her carefully for a moment and whispers something in her ear huskily while making her to blush hard...!

"what?" she shout with opened mouth due to shock...!

He stares at her face carefully with smirk... and while pulling her in his arm by her waist he speak out "what happened?" he speak out with amused gaze fixed on her eyes and feeling her heavily beating heart against his...!

"no...i have lots of works to finish...! I am going to make dabbas...!" she struggles to get free... but arnav tighten his grip around her waist with smirk...! 

he slowly move his face close to her  without breaking his glance from her face...!

she feels uncomfortable and staring to his lips which are feeling hungry deeply and slowly losing her control she closes her eyes  while feeling his lips on her...!

(some time goes on...)

and ringing of arnav's phone breaks the trans bringing them back to the sense...!

Immediately khushi pushs him away and runs to kitchen...!

arnav keeps staring at her running figure and turns into half smirk while answering the phone call...!


(in AR design office...)

it is afternoon...

Arnav is busy in his work and reading some file...!



in RM...

in kitchen...!

khushi is busy in packing dabbas while taking on her Bluetooth with sharmaji kantinwala...!

"yeah sharmaji ...! sub dabbe thik se pahuch gaye? ok...! then please don't give lunch to arnavji...! i am coming to office with his tiffin..."she speak out with rush...!

and cuts the phone call...!

khushi take the tiffin in her hand and head to living room to leave for AR office with tiffin...!


In living room...

all ladies are chatting with each other and discussing about Karwa chauth...

khushi come in living room and all are looking at her “naniji... i am going to AR office to give lunch to arnavji…! see you all of you…!”

“bye” all ladies replies.

bubbli is playing with her toys at the centre of living room near t-poy and looking at khush with smile...! khushi come close to bubbli and give kiss on her cheek with love and smile to her… bubbli also smile back “bye bubbli ...! see u...!”.


“bye bhabhi...! love u...!” Bubbli replies with smile…!

khushi head to door for going to office...!


in AR office,

all people are moving here and there and doing their work...!

khushi is entering in office…

to all employees of ARdesign she greets while entering door “Namaste...! all your’s lunch has arrived…! aap sab log canteen mein jake khaneka swad le sakate hein...!”

from the glass cabin at the second floor of ARD, arnav hears some known voice and so he come to watch near glass and notice that khushi is there at the entry side of ARD with beautiful saree on her enlarging her beauty...! 

she is talking to employees and while giving smile to those people, she is approaching toward his cabin ...!

“aa gayi meri chhammak challo...” He speaks to himself while smiling to himself and he walk towards door of cabin ...!

khushi is about to open the door of his cabin...!

suddenly door gets opened and she look surprisingly towards door and found the arnav standing in door… looking at her with love and smile on his face…!

“welcome Mrs. Rayzada…”

with smile she enters in cabin and while heading towards his table… “thank you…!”

Arnav closes the door and come close to khushi who is now opening his Tiffin and arranging it on his table…!

he hug her from behind and rests his chin on her shoulder…!

“what is this arnavji? I think u have forgotten that we are not in bed room ...! we are in office...! please leave me...! someone will look at us...!” she speaks out while trying to leave from his grip…!

“no… i know there is no privacy in my cabin...!”

“ no no...! it is in our cabin Mrs. Rayzada…!” he speaks out while pressing his lips on her cheek from behind…!

khushi smiles with shy…!

“but let me tell you… all of these people knows us…!” he puts her hair lock behind the ear and whispers in her ear “they know that you are my wife and i love u so much...”

“arnav… wo… mein…” she has turned red with shy… “i am feeling shy…”

“oh really...? but let me clear to you, there is none in office now except you and me...! all have already gone to canteen so don’t feel shy” slowly he move his hand to her tummy and then towards her navel and plant a kiss on her neck…!

she Immediately shivers and feels like electrifying signal is going through her whole body now… while her heart is beating doubled...!

she suddenly close her eyes while feeling his touch and loses her control while moans his name…!


“arnavji please...” she leaves the Tiffin in her hand on table and move her hand towards his hands on her tummy so that she can escape from his embrace...!

But he tightens his hug more making her difficult to escape “arnavji... please leave me…! i think you are not hungry today but i have done lot of work today and i have to go back to home early…! i haven’t taken my lunch so please finish your lunch quickly and let me go back to home so that i can take my lunch...!”

“ok madam...! i will leave you from my embrace but on one condition ...” he whispers while playing with her bangles…!

“which condition?”

“every day you have to come to office and you will feed me with taste of your delicious fingers…” he speaks out while squeezing her palm gently... “and every day you will have your lunch with me...”

“what?” she gulps down with totally opened mouth due to shock… “Everyday?”

“yes everyday…!” he speaks out firmly but on finding her surprised expressions “have u any problem?” he asks with mischievous smile playing on his lips…!

“arnavji… i am tired of catching the taxi everyday and come here…!”she twist her mouth with complaining tone “i will not come every day...!” she tries to escape out of his condition…!

“is this problem only?”

“yes...!” she speaks out genuine innocent gaze glued on his face “It is so tough to fuss with taxi drivers for forcing them to reduce taxi rents…!Day by day everything is going so expensive…!”

He stares at her innocent chirping with amu****t “then ok ...! Don’t worry...! today onwards, i will send a car for you, everyday to pick you from RM and to leave at RM...! now do you have still any problem to come here every day?” he speak out with still his gaze fixed on her face…!

“arnavji... now please leave me...! lunch is going cold...! come let’s have lunch otherwise your staff will come back to work and still you will haven’t done  with your lunch...! then how can i feed you with my own hand in front of them?” she speaks with protest…!

 (after some time…)

 “ok bye bye arnavji… I will wait for you at home at evening” and before he can realize she looks here and there and on finding none is looking at them… she quickly moves close to him and give kiss on his cheek making arnav’s eyes widen due to such unexpected surprise...!

But he can react, she has move out of cabin and smiles at him while stepping down the stairs…!

He keep staring at her disappearing figure from the ARD exit door with a smile on his lips while touching his cheek on which he is still feeling touch of her soft lips...!




Apr 18, 2012

my story of arshi Karwa chauth.............(love and love only) (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 101 times)


(during dinner...)

"chote there is karva chaud tomorrow..." anjali speaks...!

"so what?" arnav asks simply...!

"you are so duffer...It's khushi bhabhi's first karwa chaud...! so, you must take leave from office tomorrow...!"

"ok! fine! i will...!" arnav replies simply...!

"That's like the good boy...!" anjali compliments with smile...!

"But di...! what is purpose of this karwa chaudh?" he asks with curiosity...!

"Each wife loves her husband a lot chote...! she wishes that her husband must get long life...! she must be always SUHAGAN...! Her husband must be there with her whole life in every sad or happy moment and in next at least seven lives only he should be her husband...! and for this purpose each married women celebrate the day of karwa chaud...!" anjali smiles and continues... "she keeps fast whole day without any drop of water and any food and at night she wear all the ornaments of suhagan and then after watching the moon she watches her husband's face and breaks her fast by drinking water and eating sweet from her husband...!"

"oh...! so this is the matter...! That's great...! means tomorrow khushi will fast for me...!" he speaks out while staring at khushi for a minute and speaks out "khushi...!pet bharke khana khalo...nahi to kal bhuk lag jaye gi...!"

And all are burst into laugh...!

After sometime all finishes their dinner and all men go in living room... while payal and khushi clear all the table and both of them also go to the living room to join with family...!

(after some time...........)

(all members leave and head towards respective bedrooms...!)

arnav wraps his arm around the khushi's shoulders and both of them heads in the direction of their room...

"khushi...! I think i should keep fast tomorrow...!" he speaks out while thinking...!

"what?" khushi exclaims with surprised gaze..."But why?"

"for you of course...!" he smiles...!

"for me?"

"yes...!As you are fasting for me...! then i will be your husband in next seven lives... so if i will keep fast for you then you will be my wife for next seven lives after that...! Means we will be together for next total 14 lives...! Isn't it?" 

khushi bursts into laugh on hearing arnav's words...!

"arnavji...! you are too much...!"

"no...! I am serious khushi...! I am really willing to have only you as my wife in each and every life...! so i will fast tomorrow...!"

"No...! Not at all...! you will not at all fast...!" she says immediately...! 

"why? Why not?"

"because you have diabetic and i don't want that you should suffer due to any health problem due to fast...! There is no need to keep fast...! and even you and me are not different arnavji...! we are one...! So there is not different whether I am fasting or you are...!"

He smile at her on hearing her answer...!

"So, you will not fast and that's final...!" she speaks out with smile...!

"No...! That's not final...!"


"Means... I will not fast but there is a condition for you to accept...!" he speaks out with smile on his lips...!

"Condition? What the...!" she is totally surprised now... "condition... condition... condition... Every time you blackmail me by raising conditions...! on our wedding time there was condition...! today at office there was condition...! and now again condition...! What is this...?" she speaks out with irritated tone...!

He smiles and speaks "yes...! Condition...! and you must have to obey that...! otherwise i will neither eat nor drink anything tomorrow...!"

khushi looks at him with angry gaze... and feels pity on herself "hey devi mayya...! ke se laad gavarnar se pala pada hein...?" she speaks out while staring up at the direction of god... and with twisted mouth finally agrees with words "ok...! fine...! what is condition?"

"We will go for honeymoon a day after tomorrow...!" he speaks out with mischievous smile on his lips...!

Apr 19, 2012

my story of arshi Karwa chauth.............(love and love only) (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 94 times)


(At Arshi room...)

Arnav goes to washroom to become fresh...!

After some time...He comes out of washroom and notices that khushi is taking away the Salman Khan's poster from the wall...!

"khushi...! what are you doing?", arnav asks with surprised tone...!

"Removing the Salmanji's poster from wall...!"

"Yes...! I am watching it...!But why?"

She turns her face to look at Arnav and comes close to him... puts her both arms around his neck on his shoulders and while staring in to his eyes... she speaks out " I have taken away this poster because..." she stares into his eyes deeply with smile on her lips... "I don't want to see the face of anybody else except you every morning...!"

"What the...! but why?"

"because, Salmanji ke din gaye...!"


she stares into his eyes " Means... my husband is so handsome that I don't think even now Salmanji is able to impress me...!" and shyly smile spreads on her lips with lowered gaze...!

smile appearing on his lips...! He puts his hands around her waist and pulls her more close while staring in to her eyes he speaks out huskily "so you really think that i am more handsome than your salmanji?"

"Not my salmanji any more...!" she speaks out with smile... "and yes...i have such lovely husband... that i am now feeling that then why should i need another hero in my life when i have such handsome guy as my husband...?"

(and both burst into laugh...!)

Apr 19, 2012

my story of arshi Karwa chauth.............(love and love only) (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 79 times)


(Next day morning...!)

khushi wakes up first and look at Arnav who is in silent sleep...!

she stares at him for a while and move close to him and plants a kiss on his forehead and whispers gently so that his sleep will not be broken... " Good morning arnavji...!"

And she gets up and leaves to have a bath...!

(after sometime...)

The door of bathroom gets opened and khushi comes out...!

She is in red color dress with chudidar salwar and arnarkali type top and with red heavily worked with golden jardosi, bead work over it and ultimate golden pom poms on both sleeves.

As soon as she steps out of bathroom, notices that arnav has woken up and he is staring her from the bed...!

She gives him smile and turns to the dressing table with wet hair with towel wrapped around them...!

She starts to make her hairs...!

Arnav comes out of bed and stands beside khush...! he lifts the box of sindoor and takes a pinch of sindoor from that and fills it in her maang(center of her hair partition...!)

Slowly leans to her a little and press his lips on her forehead gently...! 

"You are so beautiful that moon at sky will be get embarrassed infront of my moon...! Then why are you waiting for the moon as you have already seen my moon in mirror...?" he now smiles at her  and continues "And btw, I am also here...! so i think your karwa chaud has completed khushi...! Now no need to keep fast for a day...!"

Both burst into laugh while staring at each other...!

after some time she turns to go out of room but arnav immediately holds her hand and pulls her back with jerk..."Won't you say me good morning?"

With surprised gaze she stares in his eyes... and in a moment she just pulls his face down to her level and gives peck on his cheek...!

But before he can realise she has immediately runs out of room with giggle...!

Arnav just keep staring at her disappearing image with smile...!


(At dining table...)

All men except arnav are at dining table...!

Nani is at her head of the family chair...! Anjali and bubli are beside her at left and right hand... while Akash is beside the Bubli and the chair infront of akash, beside the Anjali is empty...! There is mamaji beside the Akash and beside him there is Shyam...!

Payal and khushi are serving breakfast to all...!

Nani looks here and there and then asks "khushi bitiya, where is chotte?"

"Nani he is in room...! But he will come soon...!" She answers while filling the glass of juice for bubli...!

Suddenly, all hear the sound of arnav's shoe...! All stare in the direction of him...!

He is walking towards the dinning table and he has wore black suit but with red shirt which is matching with khushi's dress...!

He comes to the dinning table and fills the chair beside the anjali...!

"Good morning everybody...!" he greets...! 

All except shyam, khushi, payal replies with smile,"good morning...!"

khushi gives the glass of juice to the bubbli and comes beside Arnav's chair and serves him breakfast...!

Khushi starts to prepare sandwich for arnav..." I will come back soon..." shes speaks and heads to kitchen and immediately comes back with a big jar in her hand...!

"what is this bitiya?" Nani asks with questioning gaze...!

"It is Saffron-milk nani...!" khushi replies with smile...!

"Oh...! Thank you khushiji for caring us...!" shyam replies with smile immediately...!

But instead of smiling, khushi and arnav feels restless on hearing Shyam's words...!

"arey...? What you thinks that khushi bhabhi has made this Safron-milk is for you all?" all looks at anjali with confused gaze on hearing her words with mischievous smile playing on her lips..." No... no...!" in mood of kidding khushi and arnav she continues "ye to baas ek bahaana hein...! This milks is just specially made for chote...!"

Now khushi blushes hard on hearing anjali's words...! While others except shyam burst into laugh...!

“jo bhi ho anjali bitiya…! lekin aranv bitua ke karan aaj humein kesar-dhudh to mila…! Nahi to hamare bhag kaha? ki manu hamare liye aisa kesar-dhudh banaye...?” mamaji taunts with huge smile...!

all laughs…!

“but where is maa?” akaash asks with questioning glance roaming around to search mamiji…!

“she has gone to the parlor early in morning...!” anjali replies with smile…!

“But why so early?” Aakash fires another question…!

“are bitua... wo kya hein na ... humein to lagta hein ye payal bitiya aur khushi bitiya ki peheli karwa chaud nahi hein...! ye tumhari maa ki peheli karwa chaud hein...!tabhi to wo etni makeup karne gayi hein for evening function...!” mamaji completes the statement and all burst into laugh…!

“jo bhi ho...! I am happy that chotte has got such beautiful ,lovely and caretaking wife...!” nani speaks with smile and proud…!

“yes nani you are right...! I am also happy for chotte…! Finally god has listen my request…!” anjali speaks with genuine smile…!

“Are raani saheba...! what is this...? aap sab to salesaahab ki hi tariff mein hi lag gaye…!I think all of u have forgotten that today is karwa-chaud...!” shyam speaks with jealous…!

“Arey nahi nahi…! i cannot forget this day...! This is special day for me...! So listen everybody…! Today we have arranged the function in the pleasure of first karwa chaud of khushi and payal bhabhi…! so i have decides some work distribution...!” Anjali speaks with smile… “so payal bhabhi you have to take the responsibility for lunch and keep a look on the dinner food items for function...!”

“ok di” payal replies…!

“shyamji… you have to take the responsibility of house decoration and mamaji will help you…!”

“As you wish raani saheba…! I will...!” shyam replies with wide smile…!

“khushi bhabhi you have to go to market for shopping of all the necessary things for puja at evening…!”

“ok di”

“but di... khushi cannot go lonely at market for shopping...!” arnav takes objection…!

“Oh yes...! Don't worry chote...” while staring at aakash she replies “Aakash you must go with khushi bhabhi for shopping to help her as all of us know that chote is not at all interested in shopping…! so u must go with her…!”

On listening this arnav gets upset and looks at Aakash…!

“o… ” Aakash is just abt to say “ok” but before he completes his "ok " statement, he notices that arnav is shaking his head to say "no"...!

“o di, i cannot go with khushiji...!” Aakash replies finally…!

“why? What is problem?” Anjali raises question with confusion…!

“wo di… I think there should be somebody to help the payal in arranging the dinner for function and also if there is some another work then he must be here at home...!” arnav replies immediately…!

“chotte you can do that …! You can help payal bhabhi for arranging food and all that…!” anjali answers immediately…!

“Di, actually you know what? I don't have enough knowledge of these food items and also I cannot taste those dishes due to diabetic...! And as the problem to give the company to the khushi in shopping...!” Arnav replies…!

“Di… bhai is right...!” Aakash supports arnav…!

“Chote...! but he never goes for shopping...!”

“Di...! There is job of only holding the bags of shopping so that is not any problem for me...! I can give her company...!” Arnav tries to explain…!

Khushi smiles to herself, and while trying to control her smile and speaks out “jijaji…! But i want to tell you something special about jiji so, i think you should come with me and as the problem to taste the food jiji can taste it...!”

now arnav stares at khushi with anger while khushi is smiling while stealing the glances from him…!

“khushi ji...! What will you wear at puja?” anjali asks…!

“Di, Ii have not decided yet…! Even I don't have any good saree for function ...!” khushi speaks out with twisted lips…!

“Then, ok… no problem...! As you are going for shopping…! Then also purchase something special for you so that you can wear it at function…!” anjali speaks out with more explanation…!

“ok di...!”

Anjali now thinks for a moment and replies “khushiji,I think you should go with chote...! As this is big one function chote can help you in selection of whatever you will wear at function...!” now arnav feels relaxed “But while coming back at home, please pick up the Garimaji, buaji and babuji from gupta house…! As this is first karwa chaud of gupta daughters then i think all of them must be here to join this moment...!”

“Ok di…! Fine…!I will...!” Arnav speaks out with smile…!

“payal bhabhi what have you decided to wear?” anjali turns at payal now…!

“di Aakash has brought one saree for me from Banaras…! So, i will wear it...!”

“ok fine...”

all have finishes their breakfasts…!

After a long time arnav breaks the silence “Di, I have decided something…!”

“yes chote?”

“Di... khushi and I are going for honeymoon since tomorrow…!”

“what? Honeymoon? Tomorrow?” Anjali shouts with shock while other are also now totally shocked…! Shyam stares at arnav with disbelief…!

“yeah…! what is wrong in that?” Arnav asks with confusion…!

“Chote where will you go for honeymoon and it is so suddenly? How will do the packing…? And when will you do shopping for honeymoon then? There is no enough time … for...”

“Di ... it’s ok...! As now we are going for shopping… we will do some more shopping at the same time…!” arnav replies immediately before anjali can complete her statement…!

“But… chote, Where are you going for honeymoon?”  Nani asks…!

“Nani... It is surprise...!” arnav speaks with big smile on his lips…!

“Meine bola tha na Mr.Ar, that you have changed…!” Bubbly makes an immediate statement and all burst into laugh…!

Apr 23, 2012

my story of arshi Karwa chauth.............(love and love only) (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 79 times)


(after some time...)

at market, In mall...!

There is huge crowd in market…!

khushi and arnav does shopping of all puja material as mentioned in the list and after purchasing all the things as per requirement...!

They head towards the cloth shop…! khushi holds arnav’s arm and both are walking in direction of shop...!


(At cloth shop…)

There is one of the girl servant (GS) in shop who notices that the man entering is Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada…!

“hello sir…! may I help you?” GS asks arnav…!

“Oh yes, i want to purchase some special saris…!can you please show me?

GS smiles at arnav and replies with gentle tone “oh yes sir…! Sure...! Please follow me…!

arnav and khushi follows the GS...!

On the middle of way one another GS come over there she asks the first GS “sima, please come with me...! I need your help to sort those new saris…!”

But first girl in low volume speaks so that Arnav can not listen “arey geeta, I will help you but not now...! I will help you later on…! Now i am going to help Mr. Arnav singh rayzada…! try to understand...!”

though those girls are chatting in low volume but still khushi listens all their conversation and become gets furious…!

In very loud volume khushi shouts “shopkeeper...! shop keeper...!”

Arnav gets totally confused by khushi's out of control mind...!

Shopkeeper listens her voice and Immediately runs at her direction with hurry...!

With confused tone he speaks “yes mam? what happened? Is there any problem?”

Khushi glares at those sells girls and speaks out with anger “oh yeah…! Not only a problem, the huge mountain of problem is here in your shop...!

Shopkeeper stares at khushi with confused gaze “mam what happen? What is problem?”

“what sort of servants are in your shop? They are so...” she stares at servant girls…!

“I don't want any of the girl servant around neither me nor my husband…!” khushi speaks out with more anger now…!

arnav turns into deep shock on listening the reason of her anger and smiles on finding the jealous in khushi for those flirting GSs...!

Shopkeeper with totally surprised tone now speaks out “your husband?”

“oh yes…! my husband…!” she speaks out loudly with more clear tone…!

“Excuse me madam…! Can you please speak out more clearly?” shopkeeper speaks out with confused gaze…!

“What clear? Mr. Arnav singh raizada is my husband…!” now she speaks out while holding arnav's arm…!

All the people including those all GSs and even shopkeeper get shocked by her answer...!

all people are now chattering in low volume “this is Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada...! Delhi's top business tycoon and she is his wife...! But when have he got married to her?”

shopkeeper gets shocked and he trys to apologize “sorry mam...!” he turns to look at GS, and speaks out “all of you, go and do your duty...! Go…! Leave…!” then he again turns to arshi and in polite tone he speaks out “mam. Extremely sorry from the side of my servants...! please come on mam…! come on sir…! Let me show you New brands just arrived in our shop…!”

They all three heads in the direction of showcase counter…!

“mam, what do you want?” shopkeeper asks…!

“Saris…!” Arnav replies…!

“ok sir...!” and he goes to bring some saris…!

khushi is still angry and nonstop mumbling about those flirting girls in anger...!

“khushi...! calm down...! Don't lose your patience…! Those girls have left…!” arnav speaks out while resting his palm on her shoulder…!

But khushi grits her teeth with anger and burst out “oh yeah...! but how did she dare to call you… as… as…” she is shaking all over the body with anger “ as her dream boy...?”

“what the…!” arnav exclaims with shock…!

“Me? Her dream boy?” arnav speaks out with laugh…!

Khushi stares at arnav with confusion gaze… “hmm? Why are you laughing? I am serious and you are laughing?”

Arnav giggles and speaks out “khushi...! Leave it…!Why are you spoiling your mood?” he rests his both palms on her both shoulders now and speaks out “come on…! People have their rights to think as they want…!”

“what? But how can she dare to call my husband as...” she is still furious… “it’s so disgusting...!”

“khushi, people don't know that you are my wife and i have got married…!” arnav tries to calm down khushi… “Nobody except my office staff knows that now I am married...! So they are now confused...! Your reaction is surprise for them...! Try to understand dear...!”

She stares at arnav’s silent eyes and speaks out “hmm…! You are right…! It is surprising for them...! I had forgotten that our wedding was not the normal wedding…!” she speaks out with sad tone…” but if next time these GSs will behave in same manner then I swear, I will slap them…! Kasam devi mayya ki…!”

“hihihi… ok… ok…! just relax…!” he giggles…!

(after sometime…)

“khushi...! You are just impossible…! Please try to understand...!” arnav tries to make khushi understand…!

“no... no... no…! not at all...! condition is condition…! There are no excuses...! I want just answer will you wear this or not?” khushi speaks out with stubborn tone…!


“yes or no?”


“I said yes or no?”

“No...! Not at all...!”

“Then ok...! I am leavening...! Come on…! We are already late...! I think we should leave now...!” she then starts to walk in the direction of exit door...!

Arnav stares at her stubborn act and speaks out finally “ok...! ok...! I will wear...! Now ok? Come back now, khushi...!”

Khushi smiles and turns back...!

“That’s like a good husband...!” she replies with smile…!

“You are really impossible...!” He speaks out while nodding his head…!

“Oh yes…! I am really impossible…!” she speaks out with smirk… “After all I am Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada...!”

She turns to shopkeeper and speaks out “bhayyaji, please pack this sherwani and sharara…!”

Shopkeeper takes those dresses and orders his servant to pack those…!

“Sir, please come to the counter…! You can pay bill there...!” shopkeeper speaks politely…!

“Come on khushi…! Let’s go...!”

Arnav pays the bill and while holding shopping bags in hand, both starts to walk towards the exit door…!


Apr 23, 2012

my story of arshi Karwa chauth.............(love and love only) (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 108 times)


(at RM...!)

Bubbly is in front of the TV, watching some movie with Anjali…!

Payal is cutting the fruits and is busy in feeding those to bubbly…!

(after some time...!)

Nani comes to hall and notices that Bubbly, Payal, Anjali all are busy in watching TV…!

“Arre waah…! Bubbly bitiya, which movie are you watching?” Nani asks with smile…!

“Titanic…!” Bubbly replies while winking with smile…!

Nani giggles, and replies “oh…! come on then let me join you…!”

“But nani, movie has just finished…!” Bubby replies…!

Nani sits beside bubbly now and while running her palm on bubbly’s head speaks out “oh…! then leave it…! we will watch news…! I think there will be definitely some news related to karwa chaud…!”

Anjali sets the news channel with remote control and they start to watch the news…!


(On news channel…!)

A news reporter (NR) is delivering news with him:

NR: “So, hello everybody…! As there is festival of karwa chaud today, i am here in new delhi market now…! The market is full of goods for karwa chaud and there is huge crowd here in new-delhi market as u can see…! Women are busy in shopping of various necessary puja material and husbands are busy in helping their wives…! The whole atmosphere is fully of enthusiasm and joyful airs…!”

“Now come on we will meet some customers who are here for shopping of karwa chaud and we will ask them how are they feeling today…!” NR speaks with mike while walking in the direction of main market…!



(In cloth shop…!)

Arnav and khushi walks towards the exit door of cloth shopy…!

“What happened arnavji? Finally I have defeated you today…! What you think? That only you can hold on conditions? After all I am also your better half, so not much but atleast abc of business I also knows…!” khushi speaks with smirk now…!

“ok…! I accept that I have lost today…! Fine?” arnav replies…!

With a smile now khushi walks beside arnav while holding his arm…!

with smile on face he puts his one empty hand around her shoulder and they come out of door…!

News reporter, outside of shop, busy in speaking infront of cameraman with him…!

NR speaks while walking for news recordings “so come to the cloth shop…! There is huge crow here for shopping and as we have already met some of the ladies with their excitement for puja and shopping...! Now let’s see the how much enthusiasm of Karwa chaud, is impacting cloth market…”

But suddenly when he is now just abt to enter in cloth shop… he notices that arnav stepping out with one beautiful girl in his arm happily…!

“What is this?” NR shouts with surprised gaze… “Mr. Arnav singh rayzada? The owner of top fashion design company that is AR designs of Delhi… here? And that is with one beautiful girl? Who is she? His secrete girl friend to whom he has been keeping hiding from whole world? come on Let’s meet him…!” and NR quickly runs to the shop and comes infront to arshi…!

Just within a moment, news reporter and his team with news cameraman appears infront of arshi…!

khushi and aranv suddenly gets surrounded by those people and suddenly media start to capture photographs of them both…!

Due to an unexpected facing of camera mans and huge crowd of media reporters around them, khushi and aranv both gets confused…!

khushi gets scared of all of the flashes of cameras and crowd around them…! She feels unsafe so immediately hugs the arnav while trying to hide her face in his chest, so that she can feel safe…!

Arnav finds that khushi is totally scared of this unexpected media attack, so he immediately wraps his one arm which is free around khushi to secure her…! Khushi is not at all ready to take her face out from his chest…!

News reporter finally fires the confusion breaking question to Arnav “Sir, who is she? Is she your girlfriend? What is her name?”

Arnav looks at the news reporter with firing glance on hearing his question… “What the hell is this?”

News reporter pardons “Sir, our viewers are willing to know…! Is she your girlfriend?”

Arnav glares at news reporter with anger and replies firmly “No…! She is not my girl friend…! She is my wife…! Mrs. Khushi singh rayzada…!” and pin drop silence spread for a moment making everyone to go in deep shock…!

“what? Your wife?” News reporter whispers shockingly… “But sir, when did you get marry? And why she is trying to hide herself? Why she is hiding her face?”

Arnav shuts his eyes with anger for a moment to control himself from bursting out and speaks out finally after opening eyes “Excuse me…! Have you any sense or not? She has been get scared of your sudden action approach towards us…! Why have you surrounded us? Please move away…!”

But instead of leaving the way, NR fires a question again “sir, please tell us when have you got married?”

Arnav grits his teeth with anger and finally speaks out while trying to control his anger “Two Months ago…!”

“What? two months ago?” NR shouts back with shock… “But sir, then, why have you hided your wedding from public? Why none knows about your wedding? Have you done wedding secretly?”

Arnav grits his teeth inside but yet while trying to control his anger he replies “yes…! I have kept this wedding secrete…! None knows about my marriage except my family only…!”

But before arnav can complete his statement NR fires his next arrow “But sir, why have you done such a secrete marriage? Is there any special reason behind this?”

Finally now arnav loses his patience and with anger bursts out “When i get married…! What does and Why I got married…! It is none of your business...! understood? I have no need to answer those questions…! I am married and it is enough answer for you, I think…! Now please move away to give us way to leave…!”

“Sir, but why your wife is hiding her face?” News reporter asks with more curiosity to look at Arnav singh Rayzada’s wife’s face…!

“Just shut up” arnav shouts back with anger “I have already told you that my wife is totally scared of your sudden appearance over here…! she is not at habituated to face the cameras and reporters…! She is very simple…! now give us a way to leave otherwise I have to an action against your news agency…!” arnav threatens the news reporter…!

Arnav looks down to khushi in his embrace “ khushi? Khushi…! Are you ok?”

She slowly lift up her face to stare into his eyes, and then turns her face to the front to walk to reach to car immediately…!But as soon as cameras gets chance, the sequence of flashes illuminates the whole area of cloth shop door…!

“Mrs. Rayazda…! Have do you have love marriage or arranged marriage?” News reporter asks immediately without leaving an opportunity…!

Khushi gets panic totally under arnav’s arm, and arnav senses it, while bursting out with anger now he speaks out “ Just shut up…! Whether it was a love marriage or arrange one is none of your business…!”

and finally arnav rushes in the direction of car, with khushi in his one arm immediately making a way out of crowd as bodyguards finally succeeds in making a way for arnav and khushi…! But yet, reporters runs behind them while following them till car…!

Arnav immedialy opens the front door of car for khushi and as soon as khushi allocates her seat, he closes that door and runs to his driver seat beside her…!

Quickly, before reporters can reach up to car, he also fills his place, while locking the doors…!

Media, common people, surrounds the car within that time, but till that security guards of mall along with arnav’s bodyguards tries to control the media and other crowd…!

Immediately arnav turns the key, while igniting the engine and quickly turn the car on the way to leave the market...!



Apr 24, 2012

my story of arshi Karwa chauth.............(love and love only) (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 72 times)


(in RM...)

All family members are gathers in hall in front of TV and watching the live breaking news of arshi marriage...! All gets tensed on watching arnav and khushi’s situation…!

With worried tone nani speaks “hey bhagwan...! We had not thought that today due to festival News reporter could be around market…! And something like this could be happened…!”

Anjali speaks out “You are right nani...! We should not had to leave the chotte and khushiji to go at market…! Already chotte have been always the honey pot for media and today due to khushiji with him…!” she speaks anxiously… “Media had found the cherry on cake…! Till today nobody except office staff had been known that chotte has married; But now everyone knows about this and poor khushiji...! She has no experience of such any incidence yet…! She was looking so scared of sudden unexpected behavior and bombarding of questions from media...! I am so worried about her Nani…”


(On TV:…)

News reporter: “So, on the occasion of the karwa chaud we have hot news which will stop the heart beats of young girls of all over the delhi…! The famous fashion designer and most successful business tycoon who is the apple-of-eyes of young girl has got married with a most beautiful girl with name "khushi"…!” He speaks out with more enthusiasm and rising tone… “All of you can watch her in arm of Mr. Rayzada…! Mr. ASR has given shock to all of us by such secrete wedding news with Mrs. Khushi singh rayzada…! But remarkable thing is that, from his behavior with media, one thing is clear that he loves her very much and his wife is very simple girl with shyly nature a typical Hindustani girl…! She is not at all interested in coming infront of media in a high light…! Then why she married to him? Every girl wish to marry a man like ASR… just with the dream to come in high light…! But here according to ASR’s words… she is simple and scared of this entire glamour world…! Then isn’t it weird to see business tycoon’s wife and that is too shyly and simple? Btw we will think of this later, now let’s meet the shop keeper of this cloth shop from where Mr. and Mrs. Rayzada had stepped out…! We will try to get answers regarding questions running our audience’s mind...!”

“hello...!” News reports grits shop keeper…!

Shop keeper replies with smile while setting his shirt properly infront of camera “Ji Namaste…!”

News reporter smiles and speaks out “since how long had Mr. And Mrs. Rayzada been here?” And what have they shopped?”

“They had stepped in here since around 11.30 am and he purchase about 5 or 6 saris for his wife...!”

News reporter smiles at camera and speaks “5 to 6 saris…! Hmm…!” and he turns his attention to shop keeper and speaks “How was her nature? How is she? What have you noticed about her in that duration? Have you found something special or noticeable about their relationship? How does he interact with her?”

Shop keeper replies “She can’t tolerate if someone try to be closer to Mr. ASR...! Both have very good interaction with each other…! During whole shopping she was nonstop chatting with him…! He had selected dresses and saris for her…! I think both love each other very much...! During selection of one special dress for her, I came to know that there is some function at their house tonight and for that he has done selection of one beautiful dress for her…! But most noticeable thing is that he cares for her very much...! Both have excellent choice for each other...!”

News reporter: “can you please tell us, that whether they have love marriage or arrange marriage?”

Shop keeper thinks and replies “Sorry but i can’t say about that…! Infact I doesn’t notice anything about love marriage or arrange marriage about them…! But as per my guess, i come to know that both of them know each other's mind very well...! Even they have good understanding and trust for each other…! and I noticed one thing that Mrs. Rayzada knows very well that how to make him to do whatever she want...!” He speaks out with mischievous giggle “By over all analysis, I think in such short period of two months from marriage both have understood each other very well means, i guess they have love marriage…!”

New reporter smiles and replies “thank you…! So now there are some major questions infront of us, like why Mr. ASR did such secrete marriage? Is there some special reason behind this?and whether it is love or arrange marriage?”

He walks out of shop while facing camera and speaking with smile “I am shekhar meheta from star news…! with cameraman Rakesh and team from new delhi…!”



(in car, on the way of gupta house…!)

Arnav notices that khushi is still unstable and silent in car…!

He finally speaks out with husky voice while putting his palm on her…”khushi...! Don't worry…! I can understand that it was totally unexpected and unknown for you…!But now you have to be practiced of this…! It is daily for me…! And now as my wife, you have to also be ready for such a sort of facings with these media people…!”

Khushi smiles nervously within thought “Can’t we get to live normal?”

Arnav notice her state of mind and speaks out “No… nothing like that…! Actually,today is special day…! So It is obvious that media must be in market for getting live news…!” and he smiles mischievously and speaks out while squeezing her palm gently “and usually, media have been excited to chew news regarding my wedding and about my girlfriend …! So that is why, as soon as, they saw you in my embrace, they thought that you are my girlfriend…! So they were excited to know about you…!” and both giggles…!

“Have you notice arnavji? When you told them that i am your wife, they were totally bewildered…!” Khushi speaks out while making her walnut eyes more wide with laugh and excitement on her face…!

On watching her laugh, he also bursts into laugh...!

(After a while…)

“khushi call buaji and ask them all to be ready, we are going to pick up them...!” he speaks with his focus on the way ahead…!


(after some time in RM)

(During lunch...)

all men are enjoying the special lunch while, khushi and payal are serving them…!

“khushiji, are you ok?” anjali asks with concern…!

Khushi smiles and replies “yes di…! I am totally fine…!”

Shyam immediately interrupts and speaks out with a chance, “khushiji, you should not go with salesahaab for shopping from next time...!”

Arnav notice the colors in shyam’s eyes and he felt like to burn shyam on the same place…! But, while trying to control his anger in front of family, he speaks out sharply “jijaji, khushi is my wife…! And now she should be habituated of this…!”

Anjali smiles genuinely and speaks out “Oh yes chote is right…! She must now learn and gets habituated with such a sort of things…!”

Khushi smiles and replies “yes di…! You are right…! It is new for me, but I will learn to handle the situation since next time…!”

Bubbly smiles and replies while gulping down the morsel “That’s like the Mrs.Ar...!” and all burst into laugh…!


Apr 25, 2012

my story of arshi Karwa chauth.............(love and love only) (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 69 times)


(after some time, after lunch…)

shyam and mamaji are busy in decoration…!

Akash is busy in arrangement of dinner...!

garima, buaji, naniji are busy in making preparation of worship…!

khushi and payal are cleaning the dining table…!

mami, bubli and arnav are chatting in hall…!


anjali comes in dinning while wandering and looking after the whole preparations of evening function… “Bhabhi, Leave your work, hp will do this…! Both of you have to come with me now, Mehendi designers have arrived, to draw Mehendi…!”


(All three young ladies heads in hall, where bubbli and mami are beside each other on one sofa, while arnav is on lonely on another sofa…! and four mehendi designer girls are standing there at some distance in front of sofas...!)

anjali comes there and sits on a single chair, while payal beside the bubbli…!

Then immediately on hearing known gentle rhythm of anklets, Arnav immediately looks in the direction of sound, Khushi is entering in there…! He signals her to sit beside him, she looks here and there with blush for a moment…! But on finding, that none is looking at her, she walks across arnav’s but before she can cross over him, he pulls her immediately beside her before anybody can notice and rests his hand around her shoulder...!

Each girl comes next to each lady of Rayzada and sits on small stool respectively…! one is next to mami, 2nd next to anjali, third to payal while fourth infront of khushi…!

khushi takes one book of mehendi designs to select and rifles through it…!

“all designs are beautiful…! I am totally confused which should I select for me?” she speaks out with twisted lips and bewildered gaze…!

But nobody notices her words, due to their minds busy in selection of designs for themselves…!

“give me book” arnav immediately replies and he takes off book from her hand and points his index finger to one beautiful design…!

(after some time…)

Anjali walks in the middle and speaks out “ khushiji and payal bhabhi, i have brought some jewelerry for all of us…! so i think you must select something suitable for your dresses and makeup…!”

“ji di…!”payal replies with smile…!

“Please come with me then…!” she replies while heading to her room and khushi also gets up from her place and move to go, but arnav signals her to come back quickly at their room...!

bubli notices this while giggling secretly…!

Khushi disappears but still, arnav keep staring in the direction of anjali’s room…! bubbli notices this and mischievously speaks out in older tone “enough, Mr. AR…! Now come back to the sense…! She has left already…!”

By her statement he comes back to sense and gets up from his place and sit beside the bubbly while putting his arm around her shoulder…!

“what is going on to Miss. Bubbly’s intelligent head?” arnav asks smartly…!

She stares at him once carefully and speaks out seriously “I think you are going for honeymoon tomorrow…!”

Arnav looks at her with observing gaze and replies “yes…! But, Why are you keeping eyes on me?”

“where are you going for honeymoon?” bubbly asks while trying read his face…!

Arnav looks at her with confusion and speaks with frowned eyes “sorry...!”

Bubly hits her palm to forehead and speaks “ofo...! Mr. AR, let me tell you, that you can discuss this with me…! I will not tell to anyone…!”

“But, why are you so eager to know about this?” he asks with confusion…!

“Because i have planned something for your honeymoon…!” she replies…!

Arnav looks at her with confusion and shock “what the…! You means… you have decided something for my honeymoon? but what?”

“I have planned something which will make your honeymoon special…!” she replies sharply…!

“what the…!” arnav looks at girl of 7 to 9 years age with totally surprised gaze… “what have you decided?”

“no…! not like this…! first let me know what is your plan…! Then I will think that whether your plan is better or mine…!”

“unbelievable” he mutters underbreath while staring at her younger face… and whispers “to go to lucknow…!”

“Lukhnow?” Bubbly shouts with frown eyes… “It is old fashioned planning…! That prince takes his princes to the same place where they had meet for the first time…!”

Arnav looks at her with shocked gaze “what do you mean old fashioned planning? You don’t know joy of the moment to cheer up past memories…!”

“but there is nothing excited in this…! Same old memories…! Same house...! and same city and same atmosphere...! and even she has lived in lucknow for her whole childhood…!” bubbly replies with displeasure…!

“Then, what do you want?” arnav asks with confusion…!

“btw tell me one thing, have you seen any movie or not?” bubbly asks…!

“yes…! Obviously seen…!” arnav replies…!

“which movie have you seen last?” she asks…!

Arnav put pressure on his brain and immediately replies “sholey…! i have seen sholey last time, approximately 15/16 years ago when it had block **** hit on box office…!” and smile appears on his lips with the memories of those days…!

“what? Sholey…!” Bubbly shouts with shock…! “then now, only remix of sholey will be created…!” she mutters while hitting her index finger on her tiny chin…!

“what? What do you mean?” arnav asks with surprised gaze…!

“Yesss…! sholey ka remix…!” she speaks, “only difference will be that, on the place of veeru and basanti, jay-basanti’s pair will be here…! It’s so boring...!” and she twist mouth with frown gaze…!

“what the…! You means, me as jay and khushi as basanti…?” arnav asks with shock…!

“yes, what else one can expect from the man like you who had been 24/7 only with Laptop in ARD…! I means that, you are modern in fashion and still living in decade of sholey?

“I had not never got spare time to watch the movies after maa-papa's death…! I was too much busy in bringing my business up…!” arnav replies unknowingly… “that life had never given me time to think for myself…!”

“oh i see…!” Bubbly replies while squeezing his palm gently to make him relaxed “ok leave it...! Now listen to me carefully, i have one brilliant idea...!” (she whispers something in his ear)


Apr 30, 2012

my story of arshi Karwa chauth.............(love and love only) (By Tanu_Rshi) (Thanked: 70 times)


(in arshi room...)

arnav is busy in watching something in his mobile while khushi is infront of mirror…! arnav puts his mobile in pocket and comes to her and stands exactly behind her and stares at her from mirror with smile on his lips…! she gets up from her sit and come close to him, braces her both hands around his neck…!

He stares her closely and pulls her close by waist with his both hands around her tiny waist…!

“arnavji, i want to ask you something...”

“yes,why not?”

She takes a long pause, and whispers…“if... my beauty will lose due to any reason, then still will you love me in same way?”

“what the…” he whispers with quizzical gaze… “Don't say such evil words from your mouth…! I cannot imagine that...!”

She lowers her head and speaks “i know that you cannot even think about this but still please tell me arnavji… will u still love me?”

Arnav stares her lower head carefully… and while putting his fist below her chin and lifts up her face to stare into her eyes, he speaks out “Khushi, i love you...! I love your thinks, I love your innocence, i love your company, i love each and every antics, i love your truthfulness, i love your heart which is fully filled with love and care for each and everyone who is close to you...! I haven't seen only your physical beauty but i love your inner beauty...!” he rubs his thumb against her cheekbone, and continues “and it’s my luck that you are not only inner beauty-queen but also physically beautiful...!” and he pecks on cheek gently “so it doesn't mean that i only love to your beauty, i equally… no… no… more than that i love to your inner beauty…! and if that was the matter that i have loved your just face and figure, then i think there were lots of beautiful girl around me except you; maybe i could have selected one of them too...! But you know what? From my childhood till today i love uniqueness...!”

He stares at her with mischievous glint in his eyes…“And the same thing i notice in you too...! you are unique, you are unique in each and every thing, your thinking, your living style, your walking style, your speaking style, your smile and…” he nuzzles her nose and whispers “your anger, everything that belongs to you is unique…! Nothing in this world is comparable to you...! You are totally different than all other girls...!”

Her cheeks turns crimson red with blush on feeling his hot breath on her soft marble skin and she lowers her eyes with shyly smile… “There are many things that i have noticed about you khushi and after that i have realized that only you are the girl in this world who is made only for me...! You know khushi? only you have the power to change me which has never achieved by even di, not by nani, and not by lavanya too...!” He lowers his head and takes her palm into his and kiss it passionately with shut eyes and whispers “I had broken my engagement only because of you, because when i got engaged with her and you with… sh… shya… shyam…” he speaks out with shut eyes and gritting teeth, “ then i realized that something is going wrong…! I was so hurt on the day when i hear about your engagement with someone else that since same day i was trying to discover myself; that why i am feeling so restless due to your engagement? Why am i feeling lonely in this world though i have engaged with lavanya? Why am i feeling like i am losing something special in my life? why is my heart feeling like it has stopped beating?”

He opens his eyes and stares into her eyes with his forehead resting on her “And then i remembered di’s words which she had told me in past ‘There will be a girl, when she will come in your life; your heart and brain will fail to take decision at that time...! then You will listen to your heart…! And if you will neglect your heart, and will try to go away from that girl, then you will feel like suffocated…! You will not be able to live without her…! You will like to do anything for her, for her happiness...!’”

he closes his eyes while breathing in her fragrance he whispers “khushi, only you have given me this feeling on the day, when first time you fall in my arms at sheesh-mahal fashion show...! on that day first time, I felt like something strange is happening, something is trying to change, something like earthquake or volcano is going to erupt that time i felt like…” and he opens his eyes and stares into her eyes deeply and whispers huskily… “ that… your eyes are totally known...! that… i have very strong bonding with these eyes and after that each time when i was looking in these eyes, i was feeling that these eyes are pulling me towards you...!” he takes a pause and breaths briefly “but my ego was never allowing me to express my feelings for you,  my brain was not ready to listen my heart…! so i was unable to interpret my feelings, my behavior towards you, my emotions towards you...! Each time, whenever you was suffering from trouble, I was totally out of control and my heart was forcing me to appear to help you, to protect you...!”

Tear slips from her eyes unknowingly while staring into his eyes so closely “whenever i watch tears, sorrow in your eyes, it pains me…! My heart was wishing to protect you from any trouble and hide you in me…! But i was the egoist Mr. Arnav singh rayzada, who doesn't want to lose anything…! Not even heart for you...!” He smiles weirdly… “so i was always trying to protect my heart from losing...! I was trying to stay away from you and for that, the only way was to fight with you, which I had always preferred against you…!”

A fresh drop of tear slips from khushi’s eyes and she cups arnav’s face into her palms “But slowly… slowly… I came to realize that i feels happy while you stays around me, and when looks at your smiling face!”

She lowers her gaze...“But due to NK, slowly i realized that, this is nothing but the love for you I feels…! Because, when you had been spending time with nk, i was feeling jealous and anger for him...! so during the period payal-akash's wedding i came to know that i am in love with you…” he whispers with smile and she lifts up her gaze to look into shine in his eyes while confessing his feelings “But still,l i was hesitating to tell you about this…! but on the day of payal-akash's wedding again di's words promote me to tell you about this…” but now immediately colour in his eyes changes to red with anger “but when i came on terrace to confess my feelings for you…! And at that time, i met across worst moment of my life...! That day my heart was totally broken and my brain forced me to think that you are cheater and gold digger…! That moment converted me into beast and then i decided to put pressure on you for contract marriage with me, so that di can be safe...!” he pulls her immediately in his embrace and holds her tightly against his chest and completes “but khushi, you don't know that from that moment i was dying every single moment inside myself…!”

khushi burst into cry on finding the pain hidden deeply in his heart with the guilt for his own behavior with her…!

He presses his lips passionately on her head while holding her tightly against him in his embrace “khushi i really love you...! love you more than my life…! love you more than myself...! I cannot live without you, not for a moment…! Even the thought of life without you makes me suffocated…!”

Khushi cries loudly while letting her tear to flow away to make her little relaxed with comfort in his embrace…” sorry arnavji…!” and she lifts up her head and stares into his eyes for a moment, but on finding his glassy eyes due to the bitter memories of past she, she feels strong pain in her heart and at the next moment she clings against him tightly… “i never understood you...! I should had to trust my heart which was always trying to tell me that you are not wrong, that you love me... but due to your rough behavior towards me; had been forcing me to think that you don't love me, but you hate me…! but you know arnavji, this was our fate...! Our pair is made by god...! devi mayya was always willing to bring us together...! Whenever we tried to go away from each other, our fate bring us more close and close and even due to all of these misunderstanding our love become more pure, brighter and the trust become more and more and now bond of our relation is become so strong that nothing can break it at any cost…!” and she cups his face into her palms and speaks with smile “You know arnavji i was also in totally love with you… but due to your ego and my insult by you again and again was making me upset and had broken me and faith for you into pieces...! but the day when you told me the reason behind our sudden wedding, I came to realize that you was right as a brother…! Even if i would had been there in that place, then i would had done same as you did…!”

She hugs him tightly and within closed eyes she whispers within sobs “I am sorry for this question arnavji which has made you so disturbed that whether you love just to my beauty or my heart?”

He smiles on her statement, thinking…!

She breaks totally in his embrace and cried while burying her face into his chest “ I am really sorry that, i had hided shyam’s truth from you...! I should had to tell you…! but arnavji i… I was in love with you and was not even imagine you hurt due to that truth…! Because I was know that you loves di more than anything else and can’t tolerate that heart breaking truth if I would had told you at that moment…!”

“khushi, You was also right…! And I am not at all angry at you for that…!” he takes away khushi from him and wipe off her tears, both stare in eyes deeply and arnav cupped her face in his hands... “khushi, when did you come to know that you loves me?”

she smiles with blush “arnavji”, she lowers her gaze with shy and speaks out while biting her lower lip under teeth “wo… I had been always dreaming that when I will be in love then it would be storming, raining and I will find my dream-boy in each and everybody, I will found him everywhere and stars will burst on me…!”

Arnav smiles with amu****t on her answer…!

“and, one day, i found that, i am in love with you” she lifts up her gaze with her cheeks turned totally crimson red… “Because, that day, where I was watching, only you and you were there…!”

“what the…!” he whispers with surprised gaze within grin…!

She smiles on his expressions and with shyly smiles and speaks out “yes…! As auto rickshaw driver, as cloth washer man, as servants and even there was really huge storm and rain around that day” she speaks out within her amused smile while narrating the whole scene “and funny thing is that, i was also feeling that you were showering stars on me and I had been day dreaming that ‘after marriage, i had wore one of the sari and you had complemented that I was looking just like delhi’s auto rickshaw…!’”

And both burst into laugh… “and you know arnavji, on that day while thinking, I had made jalebi of your name too…!”

“pagal”[crazy] he whispers while staring at her within laugh…!

Again both burst into heavy laugh…!

After sometime…

“arnavji, I want to ask you a question…!” khushi speaks…!

“now what has left khushi?” he asks while playing with her hair lock…!

“Arnavji, You are the best fashion designer of delhi and one of the top most fashion designer of India…! Why you had not liked other modern girls? They were even beautiful and intelligent than me…! Had you ever felt atleast any sort of attraction towards anybody among them?”

Arnav turns khushi infront of mirror and he stands behind her with his arms around her waist and his chin resting on her shoulder, and both stares at their reflection in mirror “khushi, though i am top most fashion designer, i have designed so many western cloths too…! But i don’t know why i never felt any sort of attraction about any of the models or any other girl…! Though, lavanya was my girlfriend, she had been always trying to come close to me, but I never came to understand her feelings…! I was never interested in her, many times she tried to trap me in her romance but i never felt any sort of physical or emotional attraction for her…! I was totally isolated from the land of love and feelings for any girl till the day I had not met you…!”

“But, the day when i had seen you in red sari at photo shoot, and i was totally lost myself in your miserable beauty…! I was really unable to take off my eyes from you, even i have your same photograph in my mobile till today…!” he speaks while pressing his lips on her cheek from behind… “Your classical indian look in that red sari was so unique that I was staring at your photo in calendar for so long, forgetting everything else…!”

Khushi stare at him in mirror with widen gaze with surprise “really? Have you that photo?”

He notices her expression, and smiles at her “ yes, and hold his mobile infront of her eyes look”

Arnav notice her gaze glued to the photo on his mobile screen, and tickles…!

She gets angry on him and immedialy push him away with  strong jerk before he can realize and starts to run here and there as the moment arnav starts to chase her…!

“Arnavji please don’t follow me…” she requests…!

“no Mrs. Raizada…! Not at all…!” and he starts to follow her to catch her…!

The game of chasing goes on… and while running here and there, khushi reaches upto pool side of room but when she looks to run further there is no place for her to run away… and arnav is following her…! She looks back… the only pool of water is there…!

“arnavji… please don’t follow me…!” she requests…!

“I will…!” he whispers with smirk and starts to walk slowly forward in her direction…! She also moves back a little by little…!

But suddenly her feet slips at the edge of pool and just about to fall in water but get hold by arnav… by her wrist before she could fall…!

“please, don’tleave me” She whispers with closed eyes due to fear of fall…!

“Initially you was telling me ‘leave me, leave me’ and now you are telling me not to leave…! So what should i do khushi? I am confused…!” he whispers while making innocent face within his mischievous mood to tease her…!

“No, please don’t leave my hand…!” she speaks with closed eyes while requesting him…!

But before she can say anything further… he leaves her hand…

She falls in water… fully drench from head to toe…

Arnav stares at her from head to toe… and burst into laugh… Making her fume with anger

She gets up and stands up in pool while growling at him in anger…!

“haan haan… laugh…! Laugh more loudly…!” within anger she shouts at him… “i will show....”

But, before she could complete her statement, Suddenly arnav’s mobile starts ringing…! he takes off the mobile from his pocket and walks away from there while giving her final smirking glance… “see you soon baby…” he whispers and leaves…!

She fumes while staring at him and finally steps out of swimming pool and runs in the direction of bathroom to get changed out of wet cloths…!


arnav picks up the call…!

“Hello… yes babbly?” arnav speaks on mobile…!

“Have you done the job given by me?” bubbly fires a question…!

“Oh no…! I am sorry…! I have totally forgotten about that...! but don’t worry dear, I will do it soon…! bye see you…!” and he hangs up call…!

He come into room and, calls aman and gives some instruction…!

After some time...

Arnav’s mobile start ringing…!

“Hello…”Arnav speaks…!

“Sir, I have done…!” Aman speaks…!

“Ok…! Thank you aman…!” and he hangs up the call…!


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