Arshi moments story no.10 (After marriage...but lots of rabba ve's!)

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Apr 16, 2012

Arshi moments story no.10 (After marriage...but lots of rabba ve's!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 50 times)

Arnav sat at his desk in his office, the glass walls around him making him feel exposed. For the first time since he'd bought the place, he wished that he'd had the walls opaque instead of clear so that everybody would stop staring at him. He didn't care if he couldn't see what they were doing; if he didn't have control. His wedding ring wrapped around his finger for the past month, it still burnt into his skin every day. He hated how they'd gotten married, he'd always wanted to have her but after what he He wouldn't let her distract him...but she always did. She always invaded his thoughts, leaving him perturbed. He clenched his fist and punched the table, angry at himself for not allowing his mind to be free of her. Squeezing his eyes shut, he tried to regain calm. 'Cling cling cling...'

'Oh no...' Arnav thought to himself.

Khushi walked into his office, a big smile on her face that slowly evaporated when she saw his look of anger. She supposed it was from the noise of her anklets that always seemed to frustrate him nowadays.

'I brought you lunch!' she said, feigning happiness and skipping to his desk. Without asking him, she pushed all of his things off of the desk and lay all of the dabba's in their place.

Arnav clenched his teeth. 'How many times have I told you not to disturb me? And how many times have I said that I dont want your foo-' Arnav was interrupted as Khushi shoved some food into his mouth.

'Enough of your talking, eat for once!' she said merrily, putting more into his mouth before he could object. 'Besides look at y-' she also stopped as she realised that Arnav had frozen whilst chewing. She looked up to see that she had subconsciously laid her hand on his cheek to turn his face towards her so that she could feed him, and she'd left it there. They looked into each other's eyes intently. Khushi reluctantly pulled her hand back and handed him the dabba. She turned away.

'I'm going to-' she started, but was whisked around by Arnav's force.

'I told you I don't want your food damn it! How many times before you get it into your head? When we're together in a room then you can stop acting as if we're happily married because to me, you're nothing! So don't touch me, don't feed me...don't even look at me when we're alone!' he yelled at her whilst grabbing onto her arms. Khushi looked up at him, her terrified eyes full of tears. Raising her hand, she was about to push his hands off of her arm but then remembered his words, telling her not to touch him. She stopped herself and stepped back. Arnav realised that she'd taken his words to heart and felt regret at telling her not to touch him. His heart ached when he saw how scared she was, how tears filled her eyes. Khushi stood there, trying to compose herself and then quickly ran out of his office. Arnav let out a sigh...his mind went back to when she stopped herself from touching him and the regret surged through him again.

'No...I won't let her get to me.' he thought, but he couldn't help himself from feeling the guilt and pain of making her so scared, making her cry. Especially since she had fed him, cared enough to see him eat. Arnav sat confused, if she truly loved Shyam then why would she be caring for him even when nobody could see? His mind went round in never-ending circles, anger sweeping over him as she bombarded his mind once more. He turned around in infuriation and looked down into the workplace through the glass windows. His eyes caught Khushi, distributing food boxes to everyone, smiling and being happy. He could see that she had cried even more once she'd left the office, the streak marks still lay on her face. He could also see that her smile wasn't true, that deep down there was a girl who was hurting. But then why would she have cheated?

A new story for you all, I know you dont want anymore MU but this is the realities of their wedding with their fights but that also has lots of Rabba Ve's and a lot less of Shyam involvement!

please do comment as it means a lot, and any Rabba Ve moments that you want then please request for and I will incorporate them all into my story :)

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Apr 16, 2012

Arshi moments story no.10 (After marriage...but lots of rabba ve's!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 45 times)

As the day went on, Arnav's anger mounted. He had watched Khushi secretly until she'd left to gone home. Before she left, she'd looked up into his office if wondering whether to say goodbye but had thought better of it and just left. Arnav was furious...was it because she'd left without telling him? Or was it because he secretly wanted her to stay in his office, spreading happiness and laughter to everybody? He pounded his fist again and angrily got hold of his glass of water and took a long sip. Slamming the glass on the table, he got out of his office and shut his door so hard that it made his windows rattle. Whilst driving home, flashbacks of when Khushi sat next to him in the passenger seat tormented his mind. He wrung the steering wheel in his hand, leaving imprints of his fingers in them because it was such a habit. As Hariprakash opened the door to him in the RM, he noticed himself scanning the surroundings for Khushi. He cursed himself for wondering where she was and headed for his room. He opened the door and heard the door chimes jingle, he shut his eyes in anger but his face relaxed when he sensed her in the room. He quickly looked up to see Khushi jump at the sound of him entering the room. She quicky advanced to the opposite side of the room, avoiding eye contact, and busied herself with folding clothes. Arnav banged the door close, making Khushi jump once more. He studied her body language, she looked tired and vulnerable. Tear marks were skidded down her cheeks and her eyes were red. Arnav felt disgusted in himself for making her feel scared of him, he wanted to run to her and hold her till she was scared no more. He resisted the temptation by clenching his fist and throwing his briefcase on the recliner. Khushi walked timidly to the recliner and picked his briefcase up to put it away, she didn't look at him. Arnav looked surprised at her gesture and almost said thank you to her, but stopped in the process. Khushi walked to the poolside to collect her dupatta's that were drying, Arnav could see that she was about to lose her footing and followed her out. Sure enough, Khushi's ankle twisted on her heel and she was about to go flying into the pull when Arnav pulled her towards him by her waist, the dupatta landing on top of them. Their surroundings turned pink as the dupatta's colour reflected off the light, and they gazed into each other's eyes deeply and intently, just like the old days. Khushi realised that she'd held on to Arnav for support and quickly retreated her hands. She looked down and mumbled a sorry.

'Khushi...' Arnav said gruffly, realising she still wouldn't touch him. She ignored him and quickly picked up the dupatta, walking back into the room. Anger welled inside of him once more.

'How many times have I told you not to walk away from me?' he shouted. Khushi continued to look down, her shoulders raised up as his shouting scared her. 'I'm talking to you!' he yelled, grabbing her by the arms. Khushi continuously looked down, tears welling in her eyes once again.

'Chote! Khushi! Come downstairs please!' Anjali called.

Khushi quickly moved back and ran out of the room, leaving an annoyed Arnav to dwell on how he had just treated her.

'Why do I care when I hurt her? Why do I care when she doesn't talk to me or touch me? It's better like that...atleast I thought it would be.' he thought.

'Chote!' Anjali called again, making him snap out of his reverie.

Downstairs, the whole Raizada family were assembled in the living area.

'What's going on Di?' Arnav questioned angrily.

'Me and Nani Ji have decided that we're all going to go on a picnic! And we'll set up a bonfire and all sit around the fire at night time together!' Anjali said. Everybody started to murmur in excitement, Khushi's eyes flickered up to look at Arnav, then she looked back down again.

'There will be no such thing.' Arnav said, silencing everyone.

'And why not?' Nani Ji said.

'Because you know I don't do things like that.' he retorted.

'Chote...please. You know i'll be upset if you don't come with us.' Anjali said.

Arnav stayed silent, while Anjali's face dropped and she was almost moved to tears.

'Fine...' he said giving in. Anjali squealed in delight and hugged Arnav, planting loads of kisses on his face. Arnav rolled his eyes, then smiled at her, hugging her back. Khushi looked at them wondering how somebody could have two completely different faces. She felt a pang of jealousy, then stopped herself, remembering that Anjali and Arnav shared a sibling connection like no other.

'Stop being silly Khushi! Your marriage is contractual.' she muttered to herself.

'What're you whispering to yourself Khushi bitia?' Nani Ji pondered. Arnav looked at Khushi on hearing her name. There eyes met.

Khushi: 'Kya? Mai? Nothing...I'm just...really excited.' she said, feigning happiness. Arnav could see the pain laced in her eyes.

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Apr 19, 2012

Arshi moments story no.10 (After marriage...but lots of rabba ve's!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 33 times)

'Okay, well I'm going to prepare some food for the picnic. All of you take some rest and get ready to go tomorrow morning, okay?' Anjali said brightly. Everybody nodded.

'I'll help you Di.' Khushi said quietly. Arnav's head shot up, studying her and wondering how she could be so two faced. Sneaking around behind everyone's back and being with Shyam, yet acting so caring to false.

'Arre, nahin nahin Khushi! There's no need!' Anjali objected. Khushi ignored her and walked into the kitchen, her mind still wondering how Arnav was so two faced. With Anjali he was so loving and with her he was false! Anjali shrugged her shoulders and went to work with Khushi.

Arnav went up to his room, mulling over Khushi's pretence. Shoving her thoughts to the back of his mind for the 100th time that day, he sat on his lounger and took out his book of boosting business and production levels, heavily engrossed and pleasured in what he read. Hours later, Arnav looked up at the clock and was surprised to find it was so late. Instinctively, he looked around the room for Khushi's whereabouts. He felt his heart dip a little as he realised she wasn't there, and then he threw his book across the room in anger. Anger that he cared about where she was. Feeling thirsty after his outburst, he went to his jug to get water and realised it was empty. He scrunched up his fist as he realised he'd have to go downstairs and see Khushi's face. Walking downstairs in a tirade, he approached the kitchen in a storm. He stopped as he saw Khushi and Anjali. Anjali yawned.

'Go to bed Di, i'll finish off the rest.' Khushi said with care.

'Nahin, its okay.' Anjali said.

'Go on, for me.' Khushi said, holding her by the shoulders and steering her out of the kitchen.

'You're so nice to me.' Anjali said, finally retiring to her room.

Khushi smiled to herself and busied herself in the kitchen. Flour was all over he hands and face. Arnav looked at her in disbelief, she had been so kind to his sister and for that he commended her. But he also observed how cute she looked, flour on her nose and all over her. He walked into the kitchen to get the water and pretended to ignore her. Khushi hadn't noticed his arrival. Accidentally, Arnav knocked the glass onto the table.

'Di...' Khushi said, her back turned to Arnav, 'I told you to go to be-' she turned around just then, flour in her hand when she bumped head first into Arnav. The flour flew everywhere, Arnav was covered in it.

'WHAT THE...' he yelled.

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Apr 19, 2012

Arshi moments story no.10 (After marriage...but lots of rabba ve's!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 45 times)

Khushi's mouth opened wide in shock. 'Arre Devi Maiyya...why have you cursed me with eternal bad luck?!' she muttered quickly to herself, chewing on her nails.

'Khushi...' Arnav said angrily.

Khushi's head jerked up and she registered Arnav's appearance. Khushi's mouth closed as she began to laugh at his covered in flour. Arnav glared at her, shutting her up. But once again, she started to laugh.

'KHUSHI!' Arnav shouted.

Khushi almost jumped out of her skin. 'I'm so just look so funny!' she said. Arnav gave her a furious look, scaring her. Khushi quickly got her hands and started to run them through Arnav's hair, trying to get the flour out of it. Arnav froze, not expecting her to react in such a way. He grabbed onto her wrist. Khushi stopped in the midst of what she was doing and slowly retreated.

'Sorry...I forgot I wasn't meant to touch you...' she said, looking at the floor.

Arnav rolled his eyes. 'I was going to say that it doesn't matter, I'll just go and clean up.' Khushi looked up at him, bewildered at his calm stature.

'...What?' Arnav said.

'Kuch...Kuch nahin...' she stammered. She turned away from him, about to walk away when Arnav pulled her back.

'Wait.' Arnav said. Khushi looked down at his hand holding onto her, then looked up at him.

'You have something there...' he said, and carefully got his index finger and wiped the excess flour off her nose. Khushi felt a shock in her body when she felt his touch, she almost craved it. Arnav looked down at the flour he'd wiped off and gave a little smile. He then looked back up at her, and let go of her arm. He turned to walk away.

'Thank you...' Khushi said quietly, mouselike. Arnav stopped in his tracks, his back still turned to her. He remembered her and Shyam and remembered how fake her politeness was. He turned his head to her.

'Don't think I care about you because of that.' he said, and walked away. Khushi felt her heart surge with pain. Tears brimmed her eyes as she fell out of her fairytale. Sighing to herself, she continued to finish the food.

As Arnav had gone to bed, he woke up several times during the night. He looked at the clock which stated '1.30 AM', and he looked at the bed. Khushi still wasn't there. He wondered what was keeping her up and subconsciously urged her to hurry up. Finally he heard the door open and her tiptoe in. SHe quietly closed the door, making an effort not to awaken a fully awake Arnav. He squinted in the darkness and saw streaks in the flour on her face, where the tears had washed away the flour in it's path down her cheeks. Anger infuriated him for making her cry once more. He heard her sniffle and she got changed in the bathroom. Once she'd finished, she went over to the recliner to look down at Arnav, and make sure he was okay. Seeing some flour on his forehead that he'd missed while washing up, she reached out a hand to gently brush it off. Remembering that she wasn't meant to touch him, she quickly withdrew her hand and sighing a little, stalked off to bed. In a matter of seconds, she was snoring. Arnav's eyes were wide awake as his forehead had heated up from her touch. He cursed himself once more for treating her like crap after she showed such care. Once again, his mind was in turmoil when he thought about why she would care about him even when nobody else could see, not even him, if she was so in love with Shyam.

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Apr 20, 2012

Arshi moments story no.10 (After marriage...but lots of rabba ve's!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 36 times)

The next morning, Arnav woke up early. He glanced at the clock which stated '6.30AM'. Instead of trying to get some more sleep, Arnav decided to take a shower and get changed so him and Khushi didn't quarrel again. He looked down at her angelic face while walking past her to go to the bathroom, almost knocking straight into the door as he was so lost in her beauty.

'At least when she's asleep she's not blabbering.' he muttered to himself. After having a bath and getting ready, Arnav saw that it was beginning to get late and Khushi still hadn't woken up. He thought that she must still be tired from staying up late that night. Knowing that she'd have to awaken soon, Arnav tried to wake her up.

'Khushi..' he said gruffly. 'Get up.' He received no response from her. He prodded her harshly in the shoulder, trying to arouse her. Khushi sighed and muttered angrily to herself. She was still half asleep.

'The first thing I have to hear is that laad governor being angry at me...what wrong can I do while I sleep?!'

Arnav rolled his eyes at her comment. 'I said get up. It's late.'

Khushi's heart ached as she yearned for her husband to be loving, caring and considerate. He was none of these things to her. She'd always dreamed of her husband to have these qualities, her temptation grew too strong.

'I'll only get up if you tell me to nicely.' she heard herself saying.

'What?' Arnav said surprised.

''re always so angry and it hurts my heart. You're my husband...can't you show any compassion towards your wife?'

Arnav's eyes softened and he let down his boundaries, unknowingly. He perched himself on the edge of the bed and took hold of Khushi's hand, then ran his hand through her hair.

'Wake up Khushi...for me?' he whispered.

Khushi's eyes shot open at Arnav's change in character and her head felt heavy as the light hit her suddenly. Whilst her eyes adjusted to the light, Arnav smiled slightly at how cute she looked. His face changed as ASR came back to power. He threw her hand away and got up out of bed. Khushi looked at him perplexed.

'...How...How can you just do that?' she asked bewildered.

Arnav snarled at her. 'Don't question me.'

Anger rose in Khushi as she realised how absurd he was. 'You arrogant arrogant man. You are so fickle, all you do is play with people's feelings. You never get stories straight, you just act on your own judgement. And I was asking you to show! Ha! Love is an inexistent word to you, it's not in your vocabulary. Unless, of course, it exists just to describe what you feel for you and yourself. For once in your life, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, stop messing with my feelings!' she yelled at him.

Arnav stood rooted to the spot, perplexed. 'Don't you dare talk to me like that.' he retorted, going to grab her arms. Khushi pushed him away abruptly and with a deathly whisper she said,

'Save it Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada...i'm through with listening to you.' and with that, she stormed off to the bathroom, fury radiating off of her. Arnav stood in the room, disbelieving what he had just witnessed. Somewhere in the back of his mind, a small voice said to him, 'You deserve it Arnav, you God damn deserve it.'

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Apr 20, 2012

Arshi moments story no.10 (After marriage...but lots of rabba ve's!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 40 times)

Khushi slammed the door of the bathroom shut, tears of anger welling up in her eyes. 'Stupid man...' she thought to herself. But deep down, she knew she loved him to pieces. She couldn't live without him. She just wanted to be loved back, to have him protect her and keep her safe from harm's way. Her heart felt sore and every time her mind wandered over the issue, her stomach did somersaults. She changed herself and got out of the room to apply her sindoor and dry her hair. Looking in the mirror, she saw how much weight she'd lost. How her eyes had lost their sparkle. How her smile was clearly false. She threw her hair downwards to towel dry it, and when she flicked it back up, the water droplets hit Arnav...she hadn't noticed him enter the room. They looked at each other through the mirror reflection, Khushi broke the eye contact coldly. Gathering her things, she moved away from him and went downstairs. Arnav sighed and followed her out.

'Is everybody ready?' Anjali said excitedly.

Every one murmured in agreement. They all picked up their things to put in the cars, making Hariprakash's job quicker. Khushi picked up a large bag.

'Here let me take it Khushi Ji.' Shyam said snidely. Khushi moved away from him automatically, catching Arnav's attention.

'Let me help you.' he said.

'I don't need your help, does that sound familiar to you?' Khushi said harshly. She advanced to the car, leaving Arnav to clench his teeth.

'We would have taken two cars for all of us but there's too much luggage and not enough we have to take three cars.' Nani ji said, sighing.

'Dont worry, i'll take my car too.' Arnav said.

'Han, thats perfect, and Khushi can go with you, teek hai?' Anjali said.

'Nahin nahin Di...' Khushi said, making Anjali frown. 'I mean...'

'Come on Khushi.' Arnav said impatiently wanting to move whether or not she came. Khushi got into the car quietly and put her seatbelt on. Arnav got in next to her and looked at her. Khushi could feel his eyes on her but she continued to look forward and ignore him. Arnav rolled his eyes and started to drive. Soon after they started to drive, Khushi began to sneeze profusely. Arnav who could see she needed a tissue, aided her.

'Tissues are in the glovebox.' he said, his voice deep.

Khushi reached out to open the compartment, and started to rummage through the contents. She froze. Carefully, she picked up a piece of a broken bangle. It was HER bangle...the one that she'd broken when Arnav had stopped in the middle of the street whilst dropping her to her parents. She gazed at it, wondering what it was doing there. She put it down to coincidence and rolled down the window to throw it out when Arnav hand restricted her from doing so.

'DON'T throw that out.' he shouted.

Khushi stared at him. 'Why not?'

'Because it's mine, and I wish to keep it there.' he retorted.

'No, it's MINE. Why do you keep it here anyway?' she asked, sarcasm in her voice.

'I don't need to answer your questions Khushi.' he said gruffly.

Khushi looked down at the piece of bangle in her hand. A few moments passed.

'I keep it there for good luck. To keep me safe when I drive. Because you're my wife.' he said quietly.

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Apr 21, 2012

Arshi moments story no.10 (After marriage...but lots of rabba ve's!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 40 times)

Khushi's head snapped up. 'Kya?!'

Arnav stayed silent, focusing on the road.

'What did you just say?' Khushi said slowly.

'Well you heard it, so what else do you need to know?' Arnav said, surprised he'd even said what he did.

This silenced Khushi, the quiet resounding in both of their ears.

'What did you just do Arnav?' he questioned himself, 'Don't let her break you down, keep your guard up.' He once again squeezed the steering wheel. The rest of the journey was silent as Khushi mulled over what he had just said.

'Does he actually care about me?...' Khushi thought. ' he can't. If he did, then i'd never even have to question myself about whether he does or not.' As they approached their destination, Khushi leaned her neck to see the beautiful sights of the trees, lake and large field that they were to sit in. There was a small rocky bridge that spilt two parts of the field up, a lake running underneath it. A smile of awe appeared on her face as she saw how beautiful it all looked.

'Wow....' Khushi whispered. Arnav looked at her and saw her craning her neck and smiled to himself. He put her window down a little for her to feel the breeze and to get a better view. Khushi turned her head to him slightly, to signify she knew what he'd done, and then looked back outside. She stuck her head right out of the window, closed her eyes and inhaled the air. The freedom.

'Be careful.' Arnav said to her. He realised what he just said and punched his leg, why did he care so much?

'Ha, i'm sure you'd love it if I fell out.' Khushi said, sarcastically.

Arnav, trying to redeem himself, turned back into ASR. 'Yeah, you're totally right. Then at least maybe some sense would be knocked into your head. Or better yet, I wouldn't have to see you ever again.' As the last sentence slipped through his lips, he realised he'd gone too far. Khushi's head swivelled towards him, as if she'd been burnt. Her eyes held pain and torment, the tears accumulating. Her face portrayed hurt, deep lines carved into her forehead. She shook her head slightly, and looked down to hide her tears. Arnav shut his eyes in anger. The silence became worse. Arnav stopped the car and as soon as Khushi saw Anjali get out, she leapt out of the car. Arnav watched her run over to Anjali, he saw Anjali's look of concern when she saw Khushi's red eyes and saw Anjali look over at him, and then Khushi shake her head to her and faking a smile. As soon as Anjali turned away from her, Khushi looked at the ground and her smile disappeared. Arnav got out of the car in frustration and slammed the door shut. 'Just stay away from her Arnav, that way you can't hurt her and you don't have to let your guard down.' He knew that, for some reason, he wouldn't be able to stick to this.

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Apr 23, 2012

Arshi moments story no.10 (After marriage...but lots of rabba ve's!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 41 times)

As everybody sat together in a circle for the picnic, Anjali, Khushi and Payal had set up a table where they had put all the food and drinks and were serving everybody. Payal had gone to give food to Akash.

'I'm just going to give this to Shyam Ji, okay Khushi?' Anjali said, and walked away. Khushi smiled and nodded. She looked down at the plate she was holding and watched a tear drop onto it. She quickly came to her senses and picked up a clean plate, dishing Arnav's food out, careful to not give him anything with sugar in it.

'Arnav Bitwa, can you get me some water?' Nani Ji asked. Arnav nodded and got up, walking to the table. He ignored Khushi's presence and reached for the jug of water.

'Whatever you said earlier was right.' Khushi said quietly looking down at the plate, as if Arnav wasn't there.. Arnav froze. 'But don't worry, just because I didn't fall out then doesn't mean you have to see me forever. I'll be gone in 6 months. Forever.' She turned away and walked to the circle, putting down Arnav's plate where he had been sitting. Arnav stood there, her words resounding in his ears. 6 months and he wouldn't see her again? Why did his heart skip a beat, as if he never wanted that day to come? He realised just how true her words were, he'd never thought of it like that. He'd never thought that he wouldn't see her again. Why would he after the way he'd treated her? She wouldn't want to come back, see him again. Ever.

'Arnav bitwa, are you coming?' Nani Ji called. Arnav looked up and strode to where she was, handing her the water. Khushi had gone to get her food, then took a seat between Payal and Anjali. She was directly opposite Arnav. He across the circle to see her sitting there, she barely had anything on her plate. He knew she was eating just to please everybody else. She picked up a bit of food and placed it in her mouth, chewing slowly. She turned to Anjali and tapped her arm, telling her how nice it was. Whilst she turned back, she caught Arnav's curious gaze, then looked back down again. Arnav continued to look at her, lines on his forehead. His mind swam as her words repeated in his mind. 'I'll be gone in 6 months. Forever.'

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Apr 24, 2012

Arshi moments story no.10 (After marriage...but lots of rabba ve's!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 32 times)

As the day went on, Khushi avoided Arnav at all costs. Arnav tried to approach her many times, explain to her that he hadn't meant what he'd said. He'd realised that he didn't want her to leave in 6 months, that he had to speak to her and sort through the Shyam situation as husband and wife. Besides, he could be taken aback by what she had to say...she always surprised him! But Arnav was unsuccessful in his plight to interact with her, she was so withdrawn from him. And he didn't blame her. As the sunset inflamed the sky,the family all gathered wood through the forest together. Arnav noticed Khushi wandering in the woods by herself and followed her.

'Don't go by yourself, you'll get hurt.' He said once he'd caught up to her.

Khushi ignored him and kept walking.

'Khushi....' he said, his temper rising.

'What I do or don't do, doesn't concern you.' she said sharply. Arnav quickened his pace and held onto her arm gently. Khushi looked down to where he had held onto her, then looked into his eyes.

'You forgot to press harder, in aim to bruise me.' she said harshly. Arnav frowned.

'You know I don't mean to do that.' he said quietly. Khushi snorted.

'Ha, yeah of course not.' Arnav sighed.

'Look, please just walk with me and collect the wood, I don't want you to get hu-' he began.

Khushi turned away before he'd finished and started picking up bits of dry wood. Arnav also started to pick some up, he had his back turned to her. A few moments later, he decided to help her carry her load so turned around to face her. His view was empty of Khushi...she'd disappeared. His eyes bulged.

'KHUSHI!' he yelled, his voice echoing in the distance. He ran madly, shoving branches out of his way as he looked for her. Far away, he heard a scream. Her scream.

'KHUSHI!' he yelled again. As he ran faster, he heard her.

'Arnav Ji....!' she said, her voice sounding strangled. Her voice sounded clear now but he couldn't see her. He stopped and scratched his head, wondering where to go.

'Up here!' she called. Arnav looked up and his cheeky smile split across his face, a smile he hadn't shown in years.

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Apr 24, 2012

Arshi moments story no.10 (After marriage...but lots of rabba ve's!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 33 times)

'Khushi...what the...?!' Arnav said, trying not to laugh.

'Stop smiling and help me!' Khushi said, also trying not to laugh. She was stuck in a tree, she'd climbed up to get some wood that she thought would be substantial and then realised that she couldn't get down.

'Okay okay!' Arnav said back. He propelled himself onto a branch and sat next to her, they both sat side by side as the wind hit them gently and their bodies shook together as they laughed. Khushi held her stomach, from laughing so hard while Arnav gazed at her in bemusement. They caught eye contact and their world seemed to freeze, nothing was apparent. Khushi's hair flew everywhere, including Arnav's face and cheeks. The wind was unsteady and Arnav reached out. He pushed her hair behind her ears, his touch so gentle.

'Khushi...' he whispered. Khushi looked on eagerly, her heart racing, yearning for this man's love. All that had happened before was forgotten. A slight cracking in the background didn't catch their attention. Arnav looked deeply into her eyes, knew that this was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He knew she was innocent...well, he didn't but he could FEEL it. Somebody so pure, so soft, could never do what he had accused her to do. The cracking in the background got louder making Khushi frown.

'What's that sou-?' Khushi stopped as the branch began to break.

'Khushi, watch out!' Arnav yelled, holding onto her waist as they both cascaded to the ground. A moment later, they both opened their eyes, Arnav's widening his sooner. He saw her was lying on top of Khushi, his hands on her waist. He looked at her as her face was full of pain, her forehead wrinkled.

'Ouch...' she whispered.

'Khushi...tum teek ho?' he said hurriedly, checking to see if she was okay. He rested his palm on the back of her head and raised it a little bit to see if she was bleeding. 'Thank God you're not bleeding...' Khushi looked up at him and smiled a little. Arnav rested his hand on her waist a little longer, then got up, offering his hand to Khushi who hesitated. She then wrapped her fingers into his and was pulled up.

' least I managed to get the wood down. Or rather...WE did.' she said, wiping her hands together. Arnav turned around and chuckled. 'WE did.' Now, he liked the sound of that.

Z <3 xxx

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